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FRIDAY, 22.04.

Hall: Atlantic I
Moderators: F.Doguet (France), M.Vranes (Serbia)
Key Note Lecture:Minimal invasive aortic valve replacement is there enough evidence to
support it?
M. Vola (France)
1. C220 - Technical tips and tricks for the heart valve surgery through a ministernotomy approach
P. Kovacevic, L. Velicki, A. Redzek, M. Majin, M. Fabri, S. Susak, D. Nikolic, M. Todic
Institute of cardiovascular diseases Vojvodina, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia

2. C401 - Predictive factors of 12-year survivalin octogenarians following aortic valve
replacement: a retrospective comparison with same-aged general population
F. Terrieri, S. Ferrarese, P. Borsani, M. Matteucci, M. Sella, V. Mantovani, C. Beghi
Department of Cardiac Surgery, Varese, Italy

3. C462 - Our experiences of aortic valvular reconstruction (carvar technique)
M, Djordjevic, M. Zorc, D. Petrovic, R. Zorc Pleskovic, N. Cernic Suligoj, A. Pleskovic, M. Gun
International Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases MC MEDICOR, Isola, Slovenia

4. C471 - Excellent results of minimally invasive aortic valve replacement through jsternotomy: single-center experience with over 400 cases
M. Kaczmarczyk, M. Zembela, I. Mokryk, W. Karolak, K. Filipiak, J. Wojarski, R. Przybylski, M.
Silesian Center for Heart Disease, Zabrze, Poland

5. C473 - Surgical treatment of poststenotic aneurysms of ascending aortaduring
V. Popov
National Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, Kyiv, Ukraine

6. C513 - Automatic planning and simulation for minimally invasive approach to the
aortic valve
V. G. Ruggieri, H. Li, R. B. Soulami, A. Anselmi, M. Castro, A. Lucas, H. Corbineau, P. Haigron,
JP Verhoye
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Pontchaillou University Hospital, Rennes, France

8. 58-9.06
7. C562 - Development of a novel autologous bioprosthesis
Y. Takewa1, Y. Nakayama2, H. Sumikura1, N. Naito1, H. Sumikura1, E. Tatsumi1

Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Research Institute, Department of Artificial Organs,

Osaka, Japan
2National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Research Institute, Department of Biomedical
Engineering, Osaka, Japan

8. C571 - In which low- or intermediate-risk patient redo-aortic valve surgery is futile?
indications for transcatheter procedures from a multicenter European record (redo
cardiac operation research database) initiative

F. Onorati, F. Biancari, M. De Feo, G. Mariscalco, A. Messina, G. Santarpino, C. Beghi, G. Nappi,

G. Troise, T. Fischlein, J. Heikkinen, G. Faggian, F. Santini
RECORD Investigators from Italy, Germany, Finland

9. C595 - The development of a new physiological flow chamber for the investigation of
artificial aortic valves
D. Dohle1, W.Kowalczyk2, K. Tsagakis1, H. Jakob1 Daniel Wendt1

Hospital Essen, Westgerman Heart and Vascular Center, Essen, Germany

of Duisburg-Essen, Chair of mechanics and robotics, Duisburg, Germany

09.22 09.30
10. C624- The place for homografts in aortic valve replacement surgery
V. Podpalov, S. Spirydonau, M. Shchatsinka,V. Adzintsou, S. Kurganovich, Y. Ostrovsky
Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Cardiology/Laboratory of Cardiac Surgery, Minsk, The
Republic of Belarus

Hall: Mediterranean
08.00-09.30 - C2: MITRAL VALVE SURGERY
Moderators: T. Folliguet (France), I. Stojanovic (Serbia)
Key Note Lecture: Transapical Neochords early experience
A. Colli (Italy)
1. C26 - Preserved posterior valve prevents to embed the catheter during transapical
peripreosthetic mitral leakage closure
F. Cingoz, C. Gunay, T. Celik, A. Iyisoy
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Ankara, Turkey

2. C119 - Midterm outcomes of chordal cutting in combination with downsized ring
annuloplasty for mitral regurgitation
I. Erkengel1, O.F. Cicek1, E. Kadirogullari1, S. Mola1, E. Gunertem1, A.B. Budak2, E. Yasar1, A.
Yalcinkaya3, G. Lafci1, S. Gunaydin2, K. Cagli1,2,2

of Cardiovascular Sugery,Yuksek Ihtisas Training & Research Hospital, Ankara,Turkey

Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


University-Corum, Turkey

3. C284 - Comparative assessment of mitral valve repair with rigid ring and synthetic
strip. Whether it is possible to unify procedure?
G. Antipov, A. Mikheyev, M. Isayan, E. Sozinova
Federal center of high medical technologies, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation

4. C422 - Severe intravascular hemolysis and acute renal failure following a valve
S.Gksel, .Korkmaz, U.Yetkin, .Berkan
Department of CVS, Cumhuriyet University, Medical Faculty, Sivas, Turkey

5. C424 - Mitrofix Restoration Concept for ischemic mitral valve regurgitation
T.Adademir, A.A. Dnmez, F. Bykbayrak, G. Kahveci, A. Agavey, M. Alp
Kartal Kosuyolu Heart and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

6. C467 - Starting a robotic mitral valve surgery program: early experience and current
knowledge on the topic
N. F. Bayard, F. Bouchart, C. Nafet-Bizet, A. Gay, V. Le Guillou, A. Abriou, J.P. Bessou, F.
Cardiac surgery department, Rouen University Hospital, Rouen, France

7. C531 - Early and mid term outcome in patients undergoing redo mitral valve surgery.
A single center experience
E. Prifti, D. Pellumbi, A. Veshti, K. Krakulli, A. Baboci
Division of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Center of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

8. C566 - Predictors of hospital mortality in a European multicenter redo mitral surgical
experience: inferences for future transcatheter mitral procedures

F. Onorati, D. Reichart, A. Perrotti, G. Mariscalco, G. Gatti, E. Della Ratta, A. Rubino, G.

Santarpino, F. Biancari, C. Detter, S. Chocron, C. Beghi, A. Pappalardo, M. De Feo, C. Mignosa,
T. Fischlein, G. Faggian, F. Santini
RECORD Investigators from Italy, Germany, France, UK, Finland

9. C635 - Supraanular implantation of mechanical arteficialmitral valve in case of
R. Ilic, V.Mandaric, Z. Markovic, Z. Trifunovic, S. Tisma,P. Vukicevic, V. Neskovic, L. Babic
Clinic for cardiosurgery, Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, Serbia

Hall: Baltic
Moderators: M. Thielmann (Germany), M. Peric (Serbia)
Key Note Lecture: Overview of current practice
M. Thielmann (Germany)
1. C97 - Impact of trans-catheter aortic valve implantation on mitral regurgitation at
mid-term follow-up
E. Senanayake, A. Panayiotou, M. Matuszewski, S. Khogali, H. Luckraz
New Cross Hospital, United Kingdom

2. C98 - Does trans-catheter aortic valve implantation improve LV function at shortterm follow-up?
E. Senanayake, M. Matuszewski, S. Khogali, H. Luckraz
New Cross Hospital, United Kingdom

3. C196 - Sutureless-AVR versus TAVI: clinical outcome and costs matching
G. Santarpino, J. M. Kalisnik, T. Fischlein
Cardiac Surgery Department, Paracelsus Medical University Nuremberg, Germany

4. C321 - Anesthesia for TAVI
Z. Valuh, I. Job, E. Bednrov, M. Hudec, P. Poliacikov
Institute for cardiovascular diseases, Department of anesthesiology and intensive care,
BanskBystrica, Slovakia

5. C499 - Impact of previous coronary artery bypass grafting in patients undergoing
transcatheter aortic valve implantation
S.E. Shehada, Y. Elhmidi2, N. Puluca2, . ztrk3, D. Wendt1, E. Demircioglu1, H.G. Jakob1, M.
Department of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, West-German Heart and Vascular Center Essen,
University Hospital Essen, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany

6. C507 - Imaging in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement The role of radiologist
A. Petkovic1, N. Menkovic1, M. Tesic2, M. Vuckovic1, N. Janeski1, D. Zoric1, M. Ilic1, D. Cosic1,
Milan Nedeljkovic2, E.Nestorovic2, D. Masulovic1

for radiology and magnetic resonance, Serbian Clinical Center, Belgrade, Serbia
for cardiology, Serbian Clinical Center, Belgrade, Serbia

7. C592 - Infectious complications after transcatheter aortic valve implantation or
surgical aortic valve replacement
D. Wendt, D. Peters, P. Kahlert, F. Al-Rashid, A. Janosi, M. Thoenes, K. Tsagakis, H. Jakob, M.
University Hospital Essen, Westgerman Heart and Vascular Center, Essen, Germany

8. C598 - Transapical Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation in Pure Aortic
Regurgitation: Mid-Term Outcomes
D. Wendt, P. Kahlert, K. Tsagakis, T. Schlosser, D. Dohle, J. Schelhorn, H- Jakob, M. Thielmann
University Hospital Essen, Westgerman Heart and Vascular Center, Essen, Germany

9. C619 - Access Site Vascular Complicationsin Patients Undergoing Transfemoral
Transcatheter Aortic Valve ImplantationVia Open Versus Percutaneous Approaches
R. Walas, T. Jawiec, M. Zembala, M. Gska, M. Zembala
Silesian Center for Heart Disease, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Department, Poland

10. C636 - Effect of anti-embolic filter protection on brain injury during transcatheter
aortic valve implantation
S. Knipp, S. Schweter, D. Wendt, M. Schlamann, P. Kahlert, C. Weimar, H. Jakob, M. Thielmann
University Hospital Essen/ Clinic for thoracal and cardiovascular surgery /Westgerman Heart and
Vascular Center

09.30-10.00 - Coffee Break

Hall: Danube + Tisa
08. 00-11.00h. Workshop: Measuring and seizing for endovascular aortic procedures
Course director: M. Matsagkas (Greece)
Course secretary: I. Banzic(Serbia)
Moderators: P. Lerut (Belgium), M. Menegolo (Italy), T.Katsargyris (Germany), G.Kouvelos
Hall: Atlantic II
08.00-09.30 - V 3: VEINS
Moderators: A. Giannoukas (Greece), Z.Maksimovic (Serbia)
08. 00-08.10
Key Note Lecture: The recent guidelines on DVT &PE.
K. Ozisik (Turkey)