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Wilkinson 1

Breanna Wilkinson
Assessment, Staffing, and Law
Professor Trottier
One of the key components to running a business is having the proper staff to effectively
run/manage the company. In order to hire the best staff for the company it is best to conduct a job
analysis to figure out exactly what each job entails. In order to have the right people applying for
the job, a proper job description must be posted. The first part of the process is to conduct the job
analysis by interviewing employees on their jobs. Analysis questions include finding out job
duties and each of the tasks involved.
I started the analysis by interviewing Max Silverblade from Component, Repair, and
Supply out of Gorham Maine. He is a machinist for the company. Joshua Stultz who is the owner
of the company was also interviewed to make sure Max didnt forget any information. Josh was
also interviewed to find out about times when each of the job duties were done well, and when
they were done poorly. Everyone interviewed was told that their answers would not impact there
job in any way. Their answers would only be used to construct an updated job description. The
results from the interview were then compiled into different charts to help in really
understanding the job.
After the job analysis was complete, task statements were constructed. A job task is an
observable unit of work with a beginning and an end. Task statements are constructed so that
employers and human resource consulting forms can understand the type of knowledge used in
the job, decisions that are made, about the physical working conditions, and the amount of
supervision that a certain position holds and/or receives.

Wilkinson 2

To Whom/What

Metal Lathe
Bare Hands/ Basic Tools



Bare Hands/Basic Tools

Create smooth surface for seal to ride on
Obtain tight seal tolerances
Obtain original roundness and restore seal areas
Obtain original roundness
To find out what work needs to be done and what n
be fixed
To create final fixed cylinder for clients

Once the task statements were constructed, KSAOs were generated. These help
companies to identify job characteristics that workers need to have to even be considered
minimally qualified for the position. KSAO stands for knowledge, skill, ability, and other.
Knowledge is the procedural information that can be applied to a task. Skills are capabilities that
an individual has to accurately perform the job with ease. Abilities are a stable capability to
perform more variety of tasks than with just skills. The other section is for the worker
characteristics that do not fall into the other three categories but are essential to possess the job.
The KSAO characteristics need to be determined if it is important to know before being hired for
the job. Sometimes these characteristics can be something that is trained once hired, but
sometimes it is too costly and time ineffective to do so. Having knowledge of what these
essential characteristics are can help a company hire the most qualified workers.
Duty 1: Machine Hydraulic Parts
Knowledge on how to run a lathe to ensure accuracy, accident prevention, and money loss.
Skills to use both hands to custom machine features on rods because the rods need to have chamfers so the
seals can be put on the rod, to do that on a manual machine you have to use two hands.
Ability to thread and turn within tolerance to ensure proper part size and prevention of wasting materials.
Machining without ability to see because sometimes you have to strictly machine on the inside of a part
and only go by what the readout says cause you can't see what your machining.
Ability to machine tight grooves and features for seals in order to make the parts.
Ability to machine big parts since some of the rods don't fit in a typical chuck so a steady rest is needed,
and machining using a center.

Duty 2: Disassemble Cylinders

Wilkinson 3
Ability to lift over 50 pounds/ heavy objects to ensure no safety accidents.

Duty 3: Assemble Cylinders

Lift over 50 pounds to ensure there are no safety accidents.

Within each job duty there are tasks. The next step of the process it to form the job duty
and task groupings. Similar job duties are grouped together in this phase to reflect broader job
responsibilities. The main goal of this process is to create a shortened list of job responsibilities
that helps job analysts determine what tasks should be grouped together.
For the job of: Machinist
Job Duty: Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
Task Statements:
a. Effectively in a timely manner take a part cylinders taking note on the type and how it came apart
without causing more damage.
b. Machine Rods, Pistons, Tubes, and Glands meeting tolerance standards to prepare the parts for the
reassembly process.
c. Reassemble cylinders accurately to prepare them for customer pick up.

The KSAOS that are associated with the job duties need to be linked together to
understand how the characteristics directly correlate with the duties. This stage of the process is
where employers can learn if the KSAOs that they have thought of/listed are important in being
able to do the job. Essential characteristics to doing the job hold a much greater weight than ones
that can be taught and can be exchanged for accommodations.
Job Duty
Machining Hydraulic Parts

Disassembling Cylinders
Reassembling Cylinders

1. Knowledge on how to run a lathe
2. Skills to use both hands to custom machine features on rods
3. Ability to thread and turn within tolerance
4. Machining without ability to see
5. Ability to machine tight grooves and features for seals
6. Ability to machine big parts
1. Ability to lift over 50 pounds/heavy objects
1. Lift over 50 pounds

Wilkinson 4
Critical Incident statements are collected to identify behaviors that are attributed with
good and bad behavior while doing the job. This can help employers get a better idea about what
kind of people they are looking for to fill the open position. The process helps to identify the
behaviors, competencies, and skills that distinguish good job performers. At Component Repair
and Supply a good machinist is measured by the time and accuracy it takes to complete a task.
The processes of this company build on each other so if mistakes happen in the beginning phase,
it messes up the other phases.
Job Duty 1: Machine Hydraulic Parts
Example of good work performance: The job gets completed in the quoted time. The employee was
able to machine the necessary parts under the quoted time and completely in tolerance. Since the work
was done correctly and in a timely manner, more profit was made. The employee gets commended for
this type of work and has a better chance of getting out of work on time.
Example of bad work performance: While the employee was working on machining/ fixing the rod,
the rod was cut too short in length making the rod junk. The part had to be made again wasting time
and money. The employee had to stay late to finish their project.
Job Duty 2: Disassemble Cylinders
Example of good work performance: The employee quick and efficiently took the cylinder apart. The
cylinder was taken apart ahead of schedule and there was no additional damage. This allowed for work
to continue at a faster pace than expected and we all got to go home half an hour early.
Example of bad work performance: The employee used the wrong tools to disassemble the cylinder,
which caused more damage to the parts. The cylinder was then delayed in being completed and more
work had to be done than what was supposed to. This cost the company time and less of a profit
Job Duty 3: Assemble Cylinders
Example of good work performance: The cylinder was put back together ahead of schedule and with
no errors. This allowed for us to make more money on the job. We had the cylinder ready before the
customer needed it which allowed for a happier customer and a return of business.
Example of bad work performance: A cylinder part was misplaced and more work was made. When

Wilkinson 5
the employee was putting the cylinder back together a part was misplaced, and therefore was put
together without it. That delayed time. The cylinder wasnt ready in time for the customer. The cylinder
then had to be disassembled and reassembled for a second time. This resulted in a loss of time and
money on the job.

After the job duties, task statements, and KSAOs have been completed, the job duties
need to be weighted. It is important to know the job duties relative importance to the job.
Something that hold a greater weight is more important and can hold a Bona Fide Occupational
Qualification, making job candidates have to hold these essential functions to get the job.
Something with a lower weighted level will not hold a BFOQ and accommodations can be made
to the job to support job candidates. At this company, all the machinist jobs hold about an equal
weighting. The employee must be able to complete the three duties to do the job.
Relative Importance


Job Duty
Disassemble Cylinders. Taking apart the cylinders to determine
further work that needs to be completed, remembering how the
cylinder came apart
Machining Hydraulic Parts. Machining rods, glands, pistons and
tubes using a lathe according to company policy
Reassemble Cylinders: Reassemble cylinders to create the final
fixed product

Relative Time Spent



The next phase of the assignment is to construct a job requirement matrix. The matrix
summarizes all the information that has been collected from Component Repair and Supply. It
lists the job duty, the tasks, relative important of the job duty, relative time spent on the job,
KSAOs, and the importance level of the KSAOs. This can help when writing the job description
since all the information is mapped out into one chart. See the job requirement matrix on the next

Wilkinson 6
Job Requirement Matrix for a Machinist
Characteristics of the Job
of Job Duty

Job Duty


Hydraulic Parts

1. Machine Rods to create a

smooth surface for seal to
ride on.
2. Machine Glands to obtain
tight seal tolerances.
3. Machine Pistons to
obtain original roundness
and restore seal areas.
4. Machine Tubes to obtain
original roundness.

Relative Time
Spent (%)









Characteristics of the Worker

Competency or KSAO
Importance or
Competency to Task
(1=Low, 10=High)
1. Knowledge on how to run a lathe
10 E


2. Skills to use both hands to custom machine

features on rods
3. Ability to thread and turn within tolerance


4. Machining without ability to see

5. Ability to machine tight grooves and features

for seals

6. Ability to machine big parts


10 E


1. Disassemble cylinders to
find the work needed to
complete/ fix according to
company standards



1. Ability to lift over 50 pounds/ heavy objects

10 E


1. Assemble cylinders to
create final fixed product
for customers



1. Lift over 50 pounds

10 E

Wilkinson 7
Identify and describe the organization
Component Repair and Supply was started in 1991 by Dave Stultz. Dave Stultz started
the business in Berry Mills, New Brunswick Canada. A second location of the business was
eventually opened in Westbrook, Maine in 2002. When Daves son (Joshua) was in high school
he found that he was not a college student. After graduation he went to work for the family
business and soon took over owner of the Westbrook, Maine location. He would travel Sunday
nights to work all week only to return to Berry Mills on Friday. With support of returning
customers the company was able to expand to double their size to a location in Gorham, Maine
in 2007. Joshua now resides in Gorham, Maine and has three men working underneath him.
While the companies have the same name, they are independently operated. On average the
company repairs over 325 mobile and industrial cylinders
The Gorham, Maine location offers a few different services to their customers. The most
used service is the repair of hydraulic cylinders. Some of the services that the company offers

Supply and repair of Hydraulic cylinder, Pumps, Motors, and Valve.

Pins and bushings made.
Machining and Welding.
Spray Welding
Test Bench

The company has contracts with several of the big name construction companies in Southern
Maine. They have a contact with Shaw Brothers which is a company known throughout the state
of Maine. Having contracts with companies such as Shaw Brothers allows for them to have
constant work to be completed, which ensures job stability for workers.

Wilkinson 8
Component Repair and Supply is part of the hydraulics industry. The hydraulics repair
industry in Maine is rather small. There are not many shops. Hydraulic companies are slowly
starting to pop up in Maine as entrepreneurs are seeing the need. Cylinders are used to operate
lots of machinery but there are not many places to fix them when they break. Companies have
been buying new cylinders until repair shops started appearing. It is a growing industry in Maine.
This company has one primary competitor in close comparison. There competitor is
Hydraulic Hose and Assembly, and are located just a couple minutes away. The biggest
difference between the two companies is that Component Repaid and Supply focus more on the
hydraulic cylinders, and Hydraulic Hose and Assembly focuses more on hydraulic hoses. Overall
there is only one other company in the state of Maine that does similar work. Their other
competitor is Complete Hydraulic Services & Sales Inc. out of Plymouth, Maine 109 minutes
away. This competitor has a mobile unit to do the repairs on site. Since there is such a distance
between the two companies they are not a direct threat. Component, Repair, and Supply has
contracts with the leading construction, waste management, and crane services. Smaller
companies, and individuals also choose Component, Repair, and Supply to fix their cylinders.
Component Repair and Supply has a low turnover rate. There currently are four guys
working for the company including the owner. The last employee to leave was one year ago, but
he had been with the company for a while before he left. The fourth guy was recently hired to
help in the disassembling, reassembling, and cleaning processes. The owner has an expectation
that if he is going to train you that you will stay with the company for a long time. The company
has been doing more business and the owner is considering expanding which would allow for
him to hire more workers. This is a good job for someone looking for job security/stability.

Wilkinson 9
The position that was analyzed was the machinist position. I believe that this is a strategic
position because the machinist position in this company does all the labor work. Employees with
this job title are involved in the entire process of cylinder repair from start to finish. These
employees must have preexisting knowledge about how to run/operate machines. Not all workers
have access to working with the machines. If one of the machinist is out for the day, then there is
only one other person in the shop that can do the work. Information about hydraulics can be
picked up from training and from working with it every day. The machinist are crucial to the
business. Without these skilled workers the fixing of the cylinders would not be able to happen.
Overall I believe that I had success in conducting the job analysis. I was able to get the
information that I needed including arranging for my group to meet with Max Silverblade and
Joshua Stultz. I was able to ask the right questions or get clarifying answers on things I did not
understand. My success is shown through my different exhibits shown throughout the paper.
Without having a successful interview, it would not be possible to complete all necessary
requirements for this part of the project. In order to create the exhibits I had to have an
understanding on the information that I gathered and on the course material. My understanding
on the company has improved and I now have a grasp on exactly what a machinist in the
company does for work.
When looking to hire new employees one of the things to consider are the job rewards.
The job rewards alone can be what attract potential employees to the job. Having the right
benefits to meet the needs of the people with those skills is important. If an employee doesnt
quite like their job, but has the proper pay and raise system it might make the job more tolerable
to stay. These rewards can be what makes an employee choose one company over another. The
benefits are not great compared to a corporate company, but they are enough for the workers to

Wilkinson 10
stay with the company. There are two types of rewards/benefits that can be offered, intrinsic and
extrinsic. Intrinsic rewards are of nonmonetary value and are derived from the work itself.
Extrinsic rewards have monetary value or compare to monetary value. There are only a couple of
extrinsic awards for this company such as pay raises every six to twelve months, two weeks paid
vacation and having half of employees health insurance cost covered which are valued by most
working individuals. The intrinsic rewards are the ability to feel happy in having a variety in
their work, and for those who value working by themselves. Below are the job rewards for
Component, Repair, and Supply.
The Job Rewards Matrix for a Machinist




1. Pay Promotion

Average person has a

$2 pay increase every
6-12 months

Time frame may vary for

each worker

2. Benefits

Will cover half the

cost of any health
insurance of persons
choice, 2 week paid
Above average

All workers will have

half the costs covered.
Paid time off is based off
how long they work

Changes based on your

knowledge/skill in

Based on skills and job


Fairly Stable


The tasks will be

different for every

Fairly Stable

3. Having individual
responsibility for tasks
4. Doing different
tasks every day

Throughout the assignment I have gone through the steps of interviewing one of the
machinist at Component, Repair, and Supply and the owner. I was then able to take the
information that I got out of the interview to form exhibits and to get good understanding of the
job to then be able to write a proper job description for the position. The biggest part of the
process was asking the right questions, taking note of the responses, organizing the responses

To Whom the Rew

Might Appeal
Most workers

Most workers

To those who valu

completing tasks a
working on their o
Workers wanting
experience a varie
their work

Wilkinson 11
into proper categories, taking the information and forming it into exhibits that are quickly
understandable, and in an end result having a solid understanding of the position and what is
required to do that position. In doing it, I have a better understanding on how the process works.
After completing the job analysis and gathering all the key information about the job the
next step is to create the job description. The job description is a written description of the duties
and responsibilities that are associated with a particular job. They include aspects such as the
main duties and responsibilities that a person will do if they get hired for the job. It also includes
information about the job title, department, whom the employee will report to, and the location if
the company has multiple locations.
Job descriptions are recruiting tools used to inform potential candidates of the
requirements and duties of the job to try and get more qualified candidates. It is important to list
out essential functions, and requirements of the job. See last page to view the job description for
a machinist position at Component, Repair and Supply. It includes a job identifier section, key
responsibilities, knowledge and skills, physical requirements, and education/experience
Full/Part Time Status: Full-Time (Monday-Friday 7:30AM-5:00PM)
Supervisor: Joshua Stultz- Owner
Address: 59 Sanford Drive
City/State: Gorham, Maine

Person specifications are also important to figure out because it lays out what the ideal
candidate is. It summarizes the characteristics of someone able to perform the job well. It is
essential and desirable criteria. This section focuses on the personal skills, qualifications,
abilities, and experiences the organization needs to best evaluate potential candidates as they

Wilkinson 12
move through the hiring process. This section can be separated into essential criteria and
desirable criteria. Desirable criteria can be used to pick between those who hold the essential
criteria that the company is looking for in their hires. See person specifications for designated
position below.
Education, training and

Skills and knowledge

Personal attributes



None absolute required

Hydraulic knowledge and training

Knowledge on how to run a lathe

Skills to use both hands to custom machine
features on rods
Machining without ability to see

Knowledge about hydraulic cylinders

Knowledge of different seals and how
they work

At least two years machining experience

Advanced machining experience

Hard working

Skills and abilities

Ability to machine tight grooves and features

for seals
Ability to machine big parts
Ability to lift over 50 pounds

Other special requirements

Be able to work late nights on occasion

Have own tools and toolbox

When preparing the job description I worked closely with the exhibits and information
that was gathered in section A. The key responsibilities section of the description came out of
where I formed the job duty and task groupings. In that section it stated what the duties were and
why they were important because they reflect the broader range of responsibilities.
I referred to the KSAOs that were generated and incorporated them into the job
description. The generated KSAOs were put into the knowledge and skills section of the job
description. It was important that I included that to try and get the most qualified candidates to

Wilkinson 13
apply for the job. It needed to be listed so that it was stated out in the open what is expected of
When creating the physical requirements section of the job description I referred back to
my original notes taken during the interview with Max Silver blade and Joshua Stultz about the
maximum weight expected to lift and the questions involving physical requirements that is done
on the job to get work done. Not being able to lift at least fifty pounds would restrict someone
from doing the machining part of the job because carrying parts of the cylinder is required for
that so it is necessary to state and make sure applicants are aware of. All of the items listed in
that category are important and can be considered Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications.
The educational/ experience section of the job description was based off my knowledge
of the industry and the job. Without any background with machining it is not possible for one to
do that job. Everyone in the machining world wants candidates with at least two years
experience. At Component, Repair and Supply there is more to the job than just machining.
Training is offered for all other aspects, but the owner does not have the knowledge or time to
train for something that requires so much precision. There are other jobs in the company that
candidates with no machining experience or schooling can do.
I believe that I was successful in gathering enough information to create a proper job
description for the machining position at Component, Repair and Supply. I asked lots of
questions when interviewing the employee beyond the sample packet questions that we were
given. I got information to fit the necessary sections included in a job description. When creating
the job description I was able to copy and paste from the exhibits that I created in section A, and
from my notes from the interview. Since I was able to simply find the information through past
work and apply it to a job description fairly painlessly, I feel as though I was successful in doing

Wilkinson 14
all my prep work. There is nothing that I would do differently. I feel as though I took the proper
steps, and time to prepare myself in the stages before this to make it simple for this stage.
Although I would make myself more aware on the differences between skills and knowledge,
and skills and abilities to better fill in the person specification section.

Wilkinson 15
Component Repair and Supply
Machinist- Job Description
Full/Part Time Status: Full-Time (Monday-Friday 7:30AM-5:00PM)
Supervisor: Joshua Stultz- Owner
Address: 59 Sanford Drive
City/State: Gorham, Maine

Effectively in a timely manner take a part cylinders taking note on the type and how it came apart
without causing more damage.
Machine Rods, Pistons, Tubes, and Glands meeting tolerance standards to prepare the parts for
the reassembly process.
Reassemble cylinders accurately to prepare them for customer pick up.


Knowledge on how to run a lathe to ensure accuracy, accident prevention, and money loss.
Skills to use both hands to custom machine features on rods because the rods need to have
chamfers so the seals can be put on the rod, to do that on a manual machine you have to use two
Ability to thread and turn within tolerance to ensure proper part size and prevention of wasting
Machining without ability to see because sometimes you have to strictly machine on the inside of
a part and only go by what the readout says cause you can't see what your machining.
Ability to machine tight grooves and features for seals in order to make the parts.
Ability to machine big parts since some of the rods don't fit in a typical chuck so a steady rest is
needed, and machining using a center.
Ability to lift over 50 pounds/ heavy objects to ensure no safety accidents.


Lift up to 50 lbs. regularly, including overhead lifting, and up to 150 lb. occasionally. Push/pull
up to 100 lb. regularly
Meet established volume and fixed activity standards
Stand or walk 100% of the time
Frequent reaching, grasping and lifting individual stock items below waist level or above
shoulder level
Frequent bending, climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, and crouching


High school shop class with experience with machines, associates degree in machining, or two
years machining experience in another shop.
Name of Preparer: Breanna Wilkinson
Authorizer: Professor Trottier

Job Title: Students

Date Prepared: 3/22/16
Job Title: Associate Professor
Date: 3/24/16

Wilkinson 16
There are no effective recruiting sources currently duo to the small size of the company,
and a small turnover rate. With a low turnover rate the company does not need to hire on a
frequent basis to put recruiting materials together. The general manager is the business owner
who does it all such as managing/running the business and is a laborer. Recruiting materials have
been made on a need be basis in the past. With the work I have been doing the company now has
recruiting materials that will work for their company as they work towards expanding.
One of the machinist currently working for Component, Repair, and Supply got his job
by meeting the owner at the Fryeburg Fair in Maine. Max Silverblade (as talked about in past
sections) went in to the companys booth that was set up because he was going to school for
machining and was curious. After the fair the owner and Max Silverblade communicated a few
times via email. When a job opened up Josh Stultz (owner) contacted Max to come work for him.
The system for this hire was just through a contact that Josh gained while trying to get business
from advertising at the fair.
Sourcing is locating qualified individuals and the labor markets from which to recruit
from. Part of the job is to analyze different possible sources to recruit from and to figure out the
most and least effective methods. There are two types of recruiting sources: Internal, and
External. Internal recruiting sources are to search from people who currently work for the
company who would be good recruits for other positions. External recruiting sources target
people from outside the firm.
Internal Recruiting Sources
Employee Referrals

External Recruiting
Written Advertisements
Job and Trade Fairs
Colleges- CMCC
Online Job Boards

Wilkinson 17

Component, Repair, and Supply will mostly use external recruiting sources since the
company is small. Everyone in the company has the chance to learn how to do all the laborer
work if they want and are willing to do so. When recruiting the owner will look for employee
referrals, but mostly will use methods listed in the external recruiting sources section of the chart
above. Since there are only three workers other than the owner, the number of employee referrals
is reduced and will not be the best source of finding new workers.
The most common method of sourcing has been through written advertisements and
online job boards. It is a good way to attract active job seekers in the industry. For this industry,
workers actively look for companies hiring online. There are so many different companies that
deal with machining that it is helpful to do research to find all the places within your search area.
There are effective ways to use written job ads. When making an effective job ad it is important
that it is easy to read. It will stress information that is unique or desirable about the company or
job position, and captures the readers attention quickly.
Since the company is small, it is more time efficient to use these sources than to attend
job/trade fairs, and to go to colleges. It is more realistic to make an electronic job ad (see
example on last page) and post it so that time isnt taken away from doing the job at hand (fixing
broken cylinders). This job ad has the company logo at the top and makes the job ad stand out
because it makes it something more than a traditional job ad only written in a box. There is
company information directly on the top of the page so a reader can find it easily. The job
position is located in a colored box so that it stands out from the rest of the writing in the ad. The
job title is obviously stated with a sample description of the job and some physical requirements

Wilkinson 18
that the job entails. The bottom of the description includes how to get more information, how to
apply, and general contact information for the owner and company.
Component, Repair, and Supply can also go to job and trade fairs as a form of sourcing,
and recruiting. Job Fairs are an event where different employers and recruits can meet with each
other to discuss employment opportunities. People looking for work will go to these as a way to
find work or to find what interests them. The fairs can be targeted to a specific industry (such as
hydraulics, or machining), or can target a variety of industries. When talking to potential job
candidates at job fairs it is important to make sure those candidates are appropriately qualified
for the position. For this to be an effective recruiting method for this company, pictures of the
work that is done with the company should be brought, Josh Stultz has a hydraulic cylinder
display that should be brought as a way to get the attention of those walking by, job descriptions,
and business cards should also be brought to the event. Even if a direct candidate does not come
out of the event, contacts will be made that can better help find the right candidate.
Trade Fairs are events that gather people from an industry to learn about current topics
and products in their field. Component, Repair, and Supply goes to the Fryeburg Fair every year
in Fryeburg, Maine to try and get new customers. This has also served to be a recruiting tool for
the last machinist that the company hired. A contact was made at the fair, and when a position
opened up, this potential candidate individual was contacted and got the job. A booth is set up
with pictures of products, equipment the company has, a hydraulic cylinder display, a popcorn
machine to offer those who come visit a free snack, and business cards for potential customers.
You would not think that it would be an ideal way to look for employees, but it has worked out in
the past for this company. The employee hired from this event is still there a year later. For this
type of event the job seekers tend to have higher skill sets and interest levels.

Wilkinson 19
If the other recruiting/sourcing methods are not working it may be good for the company
to look for potential candidates at college programs of machining technology within a reasonable
distance of the shop. This can be good for recruiting individuals fresh out of schooling so you
know that they have the skills and that it is fresh in their heads. Most students do not know where
they are going after graduation so going to these programs to introduce the company to the
students can produce some candidate interest.
Component, Repair, and Supplys recruiting plan complies with EEO and other legal
requirements because the methods for recruiting does not single anyone or group out. It happens
to be that the company is comprised of all males but that is only because of the industry.
Machining and hydraulics is one of the trades that women traditionally do not go to. If a women
was to apply and was qualified she would be hired. The age ranges are from 18-45. One of the
workers is older than the owner so it shows that he would be willing to hire older workers if they
were qualified. The job ad has the letters EEO so that anyone looking at it can see that the
company is an equal employment opportunity employer. The physical requirements for this
position would not inversely single out any group. I am a twenty one year old female and could
meet those requirements. There are other positions in the company that are less strenuous that
individuals not meeting the physical requirement needs could obtain if the position was open.
The company is also a small company with under fifteen employees so according to table
3-2 in the textbook they would not apply to most laws or executive orders listed. While this is
true, Josh Stultz (Owner/ recruiter) follows the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and does not
discriminate based on sex, religious views, color, race, national origin, if someone has
disabilities or is a veteran. The emphasis for getting the job is a person who can do the job, and is

Wilkinson 20
a hard worker. The only think that Josh Stultz discriminates on is someone without the skills
necessary to do the job, and lazy workers.
One act that the company must follow is the Immigration Reform and Control Act of
1986. This act is for employers with at least four employees and they must verify employment
eligibility of everyone hired. This is to check that the employees are authorized to work in the
United States.

Wilkinson 21