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‘asefafarererdistoai/KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN (Min. of HRD, Deptt. of Education, Govt. of India) 18 -8eUTTa &F/18-Institutional Area eswai atmanmane” aga afta fais ant /Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg Acie aae aft feeet- 110016 /NEW DELHI - 110016 eh Pree er Tel ; 26858566-260, 294, Fax No.26514179 WWW. KVSANGATHAN.NIC.IN No. F, 110331-01/2016/KVS(HQ)/Acad. Dated: 15.01.2016 The Deputy Commisioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, All Regional Offices/ZIETs Subject: Admission Schedule 2016-17 regarding. Madam/Sir, Please find enclosed Admission Schedule for the session 2016-17. You are requested to circulate the same to all Kendriya Vidyalaya under your jurisdiction for information and necessary action at their end. Encl: As stated above Yours faithfully, ae Dr. V.Vijayblakshmi Joint Commissioner (Acad) Copy to: for information PS to Commissioner, KVS(HQ), New Delhi. PS to Addl. Commissioner(Admn) and (Acad), KVS (HQ) New Delhi. PS to Joint Commissioner (Personnel, Admn and Finance). DC (EDP) with the request to upload the same on KVS website. aye weer & foe war-aoh SCHEDULE FOR ADMISSION BA 2016-17 AF Ta Fee AIAN Ferrera eA: The Admission Schedule for the Session 2016-17 will be as under:- | fawu-zeg, fruifta fafear CONTENTS ‘SCHEDULED DATES 1 | anrafrer apratereredncier Ferrera eran weer a fare feast | 01/02/2016 Advertisement for admission by Regional office/ Kendriya Vidyalaya. 2 | aofrercor-so fetstaret Ue aanr-I ar Gsfteneor . 08-02-2016 onwards Issue of Forms & Registration for Class-I. 3 | aparr-1 & fore coftencor ar sift AAA. 10-03-2016 Last date of Registration for Class-I. 4 | eman-nt rer apt Bt aenaih ar Uaftercor-sra favtarer va | 04-04-2016 ‘USM * GHAT-XI BY BIST « Issue of Forms & Registration for Class-II onwards* (except Class XI). Wherever new Schools/Sections are opened registration may start from 08/02/2016 5 HEN AAT sey eT Hast a coftercor ahr fear FAA | 18-04-2016 (@RT-XI HY BIBHD. Last date of registration for Class-II onwards* (except Class XI). 6 | wane fore oat aah ort acer wd water. 18-03-2016 on wards. Declaration of selected list for Class I & admission for | Class-I. 7 | aie Pram a arftrenre & orate & siete vale srdaet we seems (if sufficient applications at that fetta afta rere). not received under RTE Extended date for Second Notification admissions to be | Provisions) made under RTE Provisions (Clas 8 | aie dottercor Ht wert areca a ava at & cate | May to June 2016. aac A cstreneor a, aaa HATA ST AY ST TerH 1 In case sufficient number of registrations for SC/ST not received in Ist Phase, second notification may be issued. 9) emear Pachter cram arty aperrait a fare alt ae area | 25-04-2016 Declaration of list of class II onwards, 10 | apaar Recher aren arch er anarraHt & Fare weer, | 26-04-2016 to 05-05-2016 |__| Admission for class Il onwards* | 11 | aearxI ar ister | Within” 20° “days after | Registration for class XI* ee of Board | 12 | apan-xr & Fore ae saat ae Ua TAT. Within 30 days after | Display of list & admission for Class-XI. declaration of | Board | results | 13 | watt awanait H weer aifera FAB. 31-07-2016 | Last date of Admission for all Classes. soper-facte a fefirat stat er Rafer a / Subject to availability of vacanci particular class. Feccroh/Note: fra & qaarace wx wafer ara & afar, dsheper geet fr aah, weezer weal ft ah, weer & fore sifetar wafer seat At Fela ah, Wena a Sataclt afta ar dafeua data ravers ft dterage oF det srferard 81 List of children registered, list of eligible children, category-wise list of provisionally selected children, waiting list and subsequent lists to be compulsorily displayed on the web-site of the Kendriya Vidyalayas concerned, in addition to display on School’s Notice Board.