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Cea) SoS Tyee ml “They've taken the west ving, Chancllor We have or Lord Gitmore turns slowly towards his side, pein ee eee an as ose ea rea ns eae eee ees dreadnought, speckled vith the tiny silver ships of her esses nn ae car ea eta os “What of the consors we sem xo the Tower? Have Rome al “The Tower has fallen, my Lord The consrs were Ce sae aS a His leader draws along, shuddering breath, and the * Eevee teen tl lueaa ceo ” ‘return from the defense of the Chantry coiling inwards ES eee ed ee ‘Beneath them the defenders turn, sensing the change, & Cy ence “Open the poral, James.” lacunae nae! ieee ee na eee ee een ‘through the dor befor him, and leaves his home forever. Wet) a Cet ' TE Cnet ee ae eee Ce Ck eee Seer Meee CO Eu ee eet eee terre remains Be Ree uae perenne ete nano) Soy, one by one, the survivors crep back tmosigh children Steet tee phir eae nese teins Pana) ee a eee ed PERT A Lee ren See ee a ea eae ee ts ed ea ae eee ne ‘blood, and her hands drip with fast-cooling crimson. ‘The boy takes one last, rattling breath — her own lungs seem to Mo ee ue er a ‘his body. Dimly she feels another join them, and the black-clad stranger's. ‘hands begin last rites for the dead. The soul-light changes, and she sees, ‘Vike the folds of 2 veil: the earth beneath them, the body, the hands of the priest, the spirit of her son staring at the heavens, and an angel behind Se forwardand vanishes from sight Mercedes rales her eyes tothote of he orl Nar vi piglet bases Bas) econ a cere ore) Peet ea eee nec eis Se a te eu eae tutors. Laughter fills the central courtyard, and the master of the Chantry (though he neither asks nor needs a title — he i simply the Cuno te Sots ida arched windows ofthe room, he can see the dun-colored walls and pale sandstones of his castle: can see the dull, blood-red masonry of the gatehouse nearby; the bone-white desert tha stretches to the herizon; ae eee ena) Pee ee Pee eee ere ete POC eo ere ee ce Re need P Pec eet] y De ead Ce ee) ee ene rafters; the aged, white plaster; the Spar- tam trestle tables: and the two walls of CO ee oe en ae ee Pee aes Re ae Pe ie keer en) are none. This is part of her respect for im. (ne new thing she notices — a low, Po er aon! Se Cann en eas oe eens Good afternoon” the Old Man says. re "You were late to lecture this morning (Not disapproving, not questioning) eee eer Generated Dea neater ea ed SO PEO RCRecce cca una! De eC ek ne etc col aee We finishes, and sets the pitcher down. It scrapes slightly against Sens ad Senex leans over the table and blows upon the surface of the Une ete eee) collide with the new, and every second more appear to change the pattern He stops, and the motion dies out. Moving slowly, he dips a Finger in the water and stirs its creates Peet eae one eee ed We takes his Finger outs and waits, The surface is quickly calm again. Without warning, he strikes the surface with his fist, Water DO eo eee Ce a eee Lt ans ee ee ee ees ‘isthe magic of hedge wizards, of vampires and the Garou. Do not See en ca eed strong vind can knock you down, A strong wind cam create waves eee arene Se a a ee shape and flow of water greatly, ye disturb it Inte f the mage ‘is skilled tt isthe course of safety, should magick be necessary — Pea se ee ee ers ean) ea en eee ares pee es ens or ee Pes eC ad oe Ue a aes Roe en ents rd Sa ec Sree Seated ce tonite eee er Snr ectg eee se 2 any Technocrator hedge Crocs Loa os ern era macy os Peace ee Re eRe oy ee ea Peat a ere teres inthe air around them —the scenery changes: the gatehouse walls ee ee eee eet cee et eons eo ee (Some in robes, some in smeakers and denim) i waiting, Many of De an and Pe a ee eee ee ott Iolding desperately to dignity. The mam im the center speaks SOL tease ed ‘the deep-cut lines transforming themselves into a something like ees Ste a aes voice 1s biter, self-macking, *You show your charity beyond doubt, granting sanctuary Yo an old beggar man and his ragetag Pan ‘The master of Cerberus shakes his head, and embraces the Ihermetic mage. *No, my Friend. The Traditions owe you too much for you ever to go begging — and 1 am older still than yo. Pree Cc ud (Chantry, call ours home.” He turns to the Adept on watch (2 oubtful-locking teenage boy yet to leave the bell-rope) and the Peet ec sts Og vee Gaslt, ma private dining room, in a glittering brass-and-siTk, ee Un re Reise na ns and her companions stand to join her. cL a o ay aera Og ea eel ea reed rinks, and her companions dain their glasses. ‘Alexander Gericalt, resplendent in the ltest evening costune, Ce ae er een af “To my own, nconceivably good lock in inding such compan- Renee cn tite nt beac SO em tie een ae ea ect plans and Tuck would have been worthless tody.” ‘They drink again, and Mercedes Iooks to Senex as Ger Pees re nares A Coe on ee Oe Ur a meena rer mn ed conscience, and overpatd bodyguards, Through dessert they the possibility of discovery —a maid who should have Been elsewhere St eet eee etd a ae) Pee ce eee en ay eae Prone er ee of them quietly, They meet his ees withoot hesitation, and without pride, Mercy smiles a Tittle at her old friend and teacher ad turns See ee ee ere ts Syren arent eur Sen et oer aay es ome a er eee ns Pe mien ee ke ketene baggage we carry with ws, the easier wil be our task” Mercy lacks wp and catches Gericaul’s ned out af the corner of Cor ORR eR aa Sn eer Ls Sonn ee See Cae ie Leuk em e d her right gently, and her left hand rests lightly onthe smooth silk of his jacket. He is an excellent dancer, and they glide along the float eer ‘She can feel his glance on her face; she avoids it to provoke him. “You look very beautiful tonight,” he says, and her eyebrows lift ‘imsatirical surprise. “That dres is most becoming.” Mercy turns her Ihead towards him briefly, watching his mouth. His teeth are very white, the bristles on his upper lip amber in the light of the chandeliers. He leans close, and his cheek seratches the side of her forehead, “Tell me, though... why on earth are you wearing a corset? ee eee Ree ean en sy SAL Le eu cd Itavay blooded. I know you're trying tobe respectable. I just don't es "Do you like corsets? Perhaps the whalebone makes it easier to conceal those knives." He looks down at her again, then away, sucking on his wounded lip. *No, can see you keep your daggers in pone SCA eee oe a A mee ee eR Se ee a ae cia ed ener chor i charge, darling, not our keepers, not our peers.” His voice drops to eee eee eney cach Oe Con ee ae Do aoe cnt ras Soe oe nee Coe aD ac stops, polite applause fills the air, and when the next dance begins parts She aU ees Ne ae eee esa See cet Se ee ele aad oan ed eed a ars eee ad ea cae Cece eRe eR ed tovard the dining rooms. One steel-pinned heel catches in her ST eer ene ee eres) down heavily om hs patent-leather shoe. She picks up her skirs ina savage gesture and strides on. The gentlewomen in the corner follow Pe ee cen Much later he finds her inthe garden, wearing Senex’ overcoat Pe ee ee eee) crore) SOR CR omy Acre ca ie seen) "are you doing this? Why make it more difficult?” Gericavlt regards his shoes, and the wet gravel beneath the creas cor Pe Rae ee fied Se Ce ee ey recovers he speaks again (emboldened by the respite), swallowing hard and stammering. Roe ee ec CO ae et en atte hile ale) ‘The Great Hall of Cerberus is crowded os seldom before, and still ‘the residents and refugees trickle in. Chairs and tables scavenged from ‘every room are scattered throughout, and even an elderly dresser from the stables has been impressed into service. AL one end, a longs Aa ene tn nS ‘The last apprentice scurries insets her platter and bowls hastily Ce steer ore acon valk through, talking quietly, and the room fall silent. ln twos and DO eee politely, the residents of Cerberus guiding their companions to their coy Suddenly, the peace is broker. At the second tale, nearest the Dr ergs Sa ee Ree eee ead Peet et ade tes De eee POD a are sd ‘san Adept of anything a all | shall be much surprised" ‘The Old Man raises one patient eyebrow, and turns to Lerd more om his right. The Hermetic leader shrugs with one hand and Dee ere cn aa ts Se ae ee ea Ce ent Se an na BO ae ec aod Cea a ea re iti straightens im her char. *Uf we have offended you, sir.” eee ee cae een ee ean ee Se ee ee ary Sane te SO a ee ad entropic cloud that hovers a split second over the empty chair oe Master Dritb pushes his way up the crowded aisles to the dai Ce ra eee enc ec el Ce naa eet ee Ce eee Tene cm Ae Rue ok ne oes ngs out in raucous, cascading peas of laughter. Dee en ea ee ees ea a ead Selb Ts See oe ee Ser eet ee Sones ‘The Hermetic mage fixes a look of pure hatred upon her, and Cn ea een oGticg aetna eee Sear rU ar area mers Cea er ae a consis Ce as A ee ard ead ate econ ne eee ‘No dueling” repeats the Old Man, and he picks vp his fork. oe ed 26°.41'52" 9G 71° 32'3" Mercedes reveres her knife slowly careful wo keep her des from PEL Er ead Caretta ec etna rend Putian eae Tet et en eee hermes eee erent nent Pte Seo ed et ean | ese the bie, cave in hae “ring them dove, Gerical.® te tete cet eked SE en ee et Prat eae ee mate ae Peers eth at | amensemanan find that inthe dares they carat cove the mans open tha ach canter flit ec ae eine te Lia sartet seearennenre Sing Peer bi ieenerene iets id Pade Sea ere ene ia Re heer Seen en Pe nee bane ene ae ‘hem Ce ee eee teed Todas Cote meldddametetua Se eee ere er De Oe Cer es pee ere eh acannon crete “Te tooghs rash forward, gnring the bullets tht lsh from See re as Foe [eecn Tec ton to ae a eet een arnt (Sear oc nes) eet ete Se hea eet ae cst Parke reece aaa nema arn Pe ees ee a eet Eee eae eens Sire taut teeta econ et Insec-thing= huge lat eps surmounted by pale green loving spas, Seer Laareturmes iekcintcten inn eee keer ee a Pe Ce ieee ea Peete nee ne eee treme Haag ene ae eae nan ies apnoea eh Se eee at eee ert Da aan nein war emeriren ty Paes Tin sor ee ac en tance. ee ee ea Coenen eles Por er Rees Se are arent aa niece cnet ee a ee rere bockpack Mercedes taker avamag of the Micke in concentration. She Peer ee ee ee een the tg Breaks ffm hs han, rtd throgh ad already crumbling ‘before he am gasp. She changes tactics while he stters, and he claps ina creamles sleep. ‘heirs around hr scorched res racing, and finds the fight as Deh alent ermal ‘uneechable conflict but Gericault is Tsing, slowly, to the four sill Ce ad See ee | Ce “The ome inthe dark glases — ow — reolized we'd cleared out the See hat einai chek oi Setback ketene leony cad Ue Ser akin Cea ake ainda ad See eae ee reba ue ontcusectoun ice) ‘is begogaled companion drops back, reaching ima canvas bag at his side, Sol Monee ade tel Detar tone tee wot Pa emenelmnnitcee mete Dd ata tee eed Pe ee cums dueling ties ee eee Lae a _hmost greasy, and the dm Tight sparkles weirdly onthe vanced devices of the foe. Tiny imposiilities are jamming their apparatus already, ‘breaking pieces ignored and overridden. The universe iscverbalanced here, Ce iene pen a Mercy doubles back, eper into the rows of bins and torbine, and MOLL toda from. Witha few quickgestres she heals is concussion ad ses him down eta a toe enti De ets OS ee ae eed pede ener Set eos Se culos eae ek at a Sees eo eng ‘wounded and distressed — and fins his courage. “There, there, miss I be all right" He loks out oftheir hiding ‘lace keeping his frightened eyes from the lay and ses. utter ca a rn tiedua etl surdeachoa uuu eal rolling straight tovards a gentleman in evening costume. The gentleman US ore lid tukereeeuhemite) ee ee inte a td Se ets Ty Wear ad one onthe mnt tee oe We steps back reling I don't believe i!" he exclaims, and Mercy smiles Retort coli anova reac Petit outta tei) ea et aed ote ee ae okt oN Sad ee asa Se SU have finished ‘The stoke sits down — dane, confused, and forgetfol — and wipes Doe hard atk SMU Cuenca ace ued See eeu meee) en tat ee ais SEPTEMBER 5, 1995. Re ae Cee Set asc ee Le ee ee ca ber last though, absent-mindedly knitting the bottle whole again SSE ner Rete ere ea aa eris ‘She lunges, nd behind her a tig breaks. Witovt stoppings SE a eer ear ent ee rw ergs ‘oman finches, caught between the krives and the awkward Seen is ee sR mn Seen the mek ee oats ee oc eee es oss eet ee a eens Pees al “For Nicodemus. Please don't think too badly of him — and Cees ene en en eras a te ae eee eo ‘with i nervously. *Nicodems.his wife went Marauder about 2 ee cee ee ees oe ees ae ee ca Still no excuse, but maybe you can understand why he's so angry ee as Sree nen ee erento pena poe orcad SC en eet rey Re Kn ee sce) Peer a ee Cn se ae Se oo ren Red SE CU ee ee ‘the older woman witha leaden sare, speaks in a tense monotone Sie ee eo td Pa ena ea ey Gate while | was on guard duty, We were hosting Doctor Bridges eee Ls “The ward patierns checked ou. started to lead him through the labyrinth The gatehouse wouldn't let vs through. He fed me a onsets ran) Sion eee ca Amanda's face and avay agai, and the flower im her hands is 3 en eon eee ee aed coo “Sure, And Ellen — be careful how you leave the garden — Ret tte eae ees Pee ee Tay 1889 Be Rad Gericaut, tea and sandviches in hand, sits down carefully on the edge ofan elegant white wicker chair. He places the ful tray atop the Pe ee en Veta eect al RC eae Rea ae cna) Dene ees Sr etal Demon leans forward purposefully, and Ce ees Be sokrar aa ea ‘nomechanical menand Reasoners.. Peres DC cae We accepts his cup without look- ing Soo ce! Sr ete ASS eed ee aCe kd Reon eae ier EUs “Would youlikeasandwicht™ Seer fully, Sa tal Rea Lee = Pa aS Ne ‘serious, and he stands as he speaks. ~ bes eter aun Sora "You cam tell me anything, Alec.” She rises, and takes his hand, Gericault looks at her, shaking his head taking her Fingers to kiss Dn a ae ae oad et Le thought you were one of us. Se en em ee a Reason so, or a Cust, as you are something ofa libertine, and you Peeerenn sina SR oe near eee "That doesn't matter to me, What Craft do you belong to? Or are Poe ad Sc Ce ee ee ee OE ees “Lam Fallen, Mercy." Neither moves. “l serve the Lords of Cora ‘She bites her lip, staring breathing shallowly, choking onthe sal. Her hands clench, turning white in the folds of her dress, kneading the fabric and reaching though it for her knives. As he looks avay, she flies eee an eee Sc Seat ice et ea) oe tom a tk er Sorte he oe neers 1F you were going to kill me you would have done it five seconds ago. Let me up Rerun el eet nee no Re Ce ec ee re eae as Pet de Sc Pe aa Raum eee eae) Pe ecg st Psa oo pee eke es oR Peed a eee Cue cs era ny neo Se ed fondly in memory, atleast. Se ea eas ee et Parr pe ree otra eget enone tt eae ee Ce oreme od ted or a ee es Sou) never left Earth No one from my Labyrinth vas powerful enough to Pe aoe ed Prd SOE! core ee ee A ea ead A eh en ee ‘the Traditions Lvas useful. didnt want to go.” Gericault frowns ne eet Rea Pee Se nea ee eed reat! acetone Ce en ee eee kt eed “1 am not asking you to become barrabi. 2m net asking you to Peat a eke a Pee ae ere endures — speaking quickly now, desperately, “ust please, please eee eee Lae mr a Corse ad 1s afternoon on Cerberus. Amanda pushes her vay through Peer a ere he cata aed ea eed at ead in joy, sorrow, and anger, but the eternal conversational drone 1 Se ea id Bee een ee ae) and vurn the corner that leads to Senex’ study. ‘Lord Gilmore, she see f just entering that still-quiet room, Pea ea ee eee os ee naught but aromer,of course butts disturbing my people eer ee ar eee oneal Sn eS See Ee re ee eet een ee) question Cee eee AC “De you, or do you not havea widderslintas an apprentice?” ‘Then Amanda hears nothing, and issue she mised the answer, Pen et eer he ee er ae ee Ll Papers ra “The woman in the corrhor straightens silently, clutches her Pe ear Pe eC ec pes Mercy followed me to the Cavls ‘She swerves around the sneering refugees. Your teacher hunted her down and he killed her She dedges her way dovm the East Stair ioe eee ee eae Sees een eed See eu aod ; Oe eee She pushes through the roses, teas her clothes onthe thorms. ora Ces aed eee a Mercy followed me to the Cals = , Dre eRe a eed Sa ete eee Oe Lk ed ce Cee uae uta cis doesn't understand A man on he et speaks to her, hs voice steady, Ss Seren steel eee a Mace ek et ta et ‘shoulder, and touches, lightly, her hair, “We have all been praying, ‘every night, for years, that you would someday join us... and now, thank ert Ee aren ec et eer it ee ete at ‘bones rub together. “Even now, | know, you may have doubts, but after PU ee ee ed Ca ee eon re or er none eto ae ee Nn “atai daring?” he whispers softly. *You can sil change your Se ete eens rae aincee raed ‘60. Love you.” And she turns away fiercely, with her jaw set and square, Lee pet cater! COR eee beta bes Se er ae amet eet lovers to the strange curtain that seems to cover that wall, Gericault a ROE ev ae eee atch ser The Fist singer bein a srange, emotionless tne. The teeter eat par ee canes “Do you come here willing?” Petts Be eo ne ees Se Cn tae eee er een es en cerns drawing back in fleshy ridges tothe floor, sliding past each other slickly, at eae arena i Sd Gericaut feels he breathing quicken and grow sharp. His lover a Se Stn eco ren ede et een tea att rec ke eect Gericault, and her hand goes to her throat. The inner membranes draw ee Lc eect Soa a ace td f AC es eed ‘shudder vith the force ofthe splattering blod within. The hed heer, the outer folds cloe, and Gericault sinks tothe ground in blissful, , r = ‘Amanda stands, sure now of where her missing memories are. Plo is higher in the sky than when she came here, and the sound and smell of dinner waft out fom the Great Hall. She looks up thee stories to Senex's darkened window, and sneaks to che enn Te sr en Jknocking lies down on the bare floor in the ight ofthe planet, Berea Pee ee os ee er ann ee em ee ‘breae on her arms go away, and she looks once aguin on the ieee eae eee et Her wings are fit, her dress white and mst-like, her form a Poor Poe eee ee » Ree kena ec heer cea Perens “Pleas, you have only to ask.” ea er Se een a aa Pore eh eee en Snore os Anis poses “No, we sure as hell aren” She grabs her Avatar bythe arm and pulls her along, half the direction of her forgetfulness, into the darkest areas. There is dust on the flor, smooth and unbroken, and she charges acrosi, looking forthe place she knows. They come to a set of track, faint and unclear, that fade out into the distance, and Amanda speeds on along rons . She looks back at her Avatar and comhands: “Light.” Oa Me ee the shadows of two figures racing at them. Amanda recognizes thet reflections, looks for the edge ofthe mirror, and nearly faints from a eee ‘mirror, higher than the Avatar’ light can reach, extending beyond Ce er etree ‘Amanda pulls her forward, neatly knocking her off her fet, and touches the wall, She turns on the wondering angel, and demands Peni Set a “I don't know.” Staggering, stunned, whispering, the gel hiding within her wings, repeating, "I don’t now. I don't know. It Pag ‘Amanda steps back, staring up to the vertical horizon. Sie ee rt a eect Cee eee es tse Beet c cee Dea en etc pe eer eeeee Las oe ‘She swings, and the mirror shatters — shining cracks racing ee er eee est een the floor. Slabs of glas fall between the tiny figures, and a million Pe En thaw Cet er the angel in the splintering mess, and dodges across the lines of Peete erat) Peemn ins 4 Deere Cond Se cee ee Senex gesturing at Gercault as ifto push him back, the Old Man's hand in mid-ewst, ee ee ee ees Gericaul’sface caught in anguish; half rage half despair His arms are outstretched in cos ‘Mercedes is nearest, dressed as flapper, limbs bent in mid-motion. She isrunning, he Sete canst oe There are no walls, no sky, only ewlight and afloor of cinders. Amanda takes one step Se en een ee ee era) eee ee er ead for her teacher, and he watches her come without raking his hand from Geriault. The Frenchman i forced back by the power of Senex’ wll and space thickens around him unt freee ames tt Senex’ eyes flicker briefly towards his prisoner, and he sidesteps Mercy without seeing her. ‘They tur to face each other. “Let him go, old man," she shrieks, diving into slash him. The master says nothing. His weaponless hands begin to move, Mercy lps back her eft knife, trying toevade hismagicks buthe spell he wsesis new toher, and she guesses wrong. Now, surprised to find herself yet fee, she tries again to come under his guard ‘Senex darts forward, taking a cut wo the arm with a grimace. He grab si for her head, holds Pe i ee he eee eyes His hard, sad eyes gae into hers, andthe voice that guided her for a hundred years commands: cro He turns her away toa dark place in the twilight around them. There sa blacker thing in the ashes ofthe floor, clearer to her as her mentor forces her to stare, Her Avatar is crouching chere. The ange’ shining wings are broken, father-chared husks. “The white robes ate gone, and ribbons and patches of lead — some lke fabric, some running ed Cee ee ac ry of grey-cooked skin and muscle, The angel's eyes are maddened and dying; eyes like Mercy’ as ‘The vision fades. Mercedes recovers ses Sere coming for her with ‘scare and deliberately, she drops her guard the split second he needs. She Sereda nomen ee De Doe a ea ee OL ea eed Sa ee ‘on her left the bloody handed angel is screaming s drifting helplessly Seam ate eCatalog ere galas Ce et et as aerate cote a oie tte inden ertuncledadinte tacerdrans boroned straight Her hands reach for Amando, then the Old Man, and as she steps es ‘They stand fora longtime without talking, Sen ae ees Sess Decal "Not everything She ins herself staring at his arm, looking forthe Preah kate ae ee nd La oa a ‘The two begin to walk back, amd the ghitering glass dost crunches Ped Sal Se eed aed Gea Se cnr te mc ona CO aA ad ‘Avatar — well tvorked” eos Roane id Reese Aaa a co Rn ee ecg el “Ln ees Re cn a Rear enone eee oe mdi cetera Des oho oe’ eon dsc Cyd panier Serato od Rey Pet ee THE MAGE. Pride. Power. Paradox. A Storytelling Game of Reality on the Brink by Phil Brucato and Stewart Wieck Second Edition Credits Original Concept and Desi Stewart Wieck, with Stephan Wieck, Chris Early, Bill Bridges, Andrew Gr Mark Reine Hagen, and Travis Williams Second Edition Design and Development: Phil Brucato Storyteller System by: Mark Rein Hagen Weitten by: Phil Brucato, Brian Carapbell, Deena MeKinney Kevin A. Murphy, Nicky Rea, John R, Robey, Kathleen Ryan, Allen Varney, and Teeuwynn Woodruff Additional Contributions by: Ethan Skemp, JamesEstes, Cynthia Summers, Fred Yelk, and Richard Dansky Laura Perkinson, Editings Cynthia Summer Design Contributors: Kevin A. Murphy, Kathleen Ryan, and special chanks to Christopher Kuask for inspiration Art Director: Richard Thomas Artists: Ash Amett, Mike Chaney, John Cobb, Michael Scott Cohen, Robert Dixon, Daryl Elliott, Matk Jackson, Lief Jones, Michael William Kaluta, Matt Milberger Paul, Phillips, Michelle Prahler, Dan Smith, Lawrence Snelly, Alex Shetkman, Joshua Sabriel Timbrook, and Andrew Trabbold Cover Design: Ash Amett Typesetting and Layout: Kathleen Ryan Playtesters: Deena McKinney, Wayne Peacock, Stewart MacWilliams,Keith Martin, Darrell Autrey, Bob Asselin, Ti Capler, Jef Bary, Cael Capler, Jay Brown, Jamie Johnston, Ryan Casper, Christina Harkinson, Phil Brucato, Wendy Blacksin, Nicky Rea, Jackie Cassada, Shadow Lied, Judy MeLaughlin, and Ehik Winters 780 PARK NORTH BLYD. Sure 100 CLARKSTON, GA 30021 USA CANE STUDIO © 1995 White Wolf Game Studio. All rights re served. Reproduction with publisher is expressly denied, except for the purpose of reviews. Mage: The Ascension and all elated Storyteller frames are trademarks of White Wolf Game Studio, All contents are copyrighted by White Wolf unless otherwise noted. The Character Sheet and the Magick Cheat Sheet may be reproduced for personal use Hermetic Houses Bonisagus, Tytalus, Quacsitor and Diedne, and the Chantry Seasons and covenant concepts, are from the Ars Magica game, copyrighted by Wisards of the Coast and used with permission “The mention oF reference to any companies or prod: isnot a challenge to the trademarks or rncerned. mature themes and subject mat discretion is advised. PRINTED IN CANADA. Mage: The Ascension Dedications Thecefold thanks to: * Harlan Ellison, whose visions and wisdom have haunted, inspired and incensed countless readers And oust me that you can do something. You ae not as helpless, asmucha pawn, as they would have you believe. Each of ws can eet change... You can move the world. You can be Zor. An Edee in My Voice, Installment #10 * Miriam *Seathawk” Simos, whose wo offer a balanced yetoptimistic perspective onthe troubling sue of magicand post ‘modern faith Bue the final price of freedom i he willness to face that most, frightening ofall ings, one's oun self The Spiral Dance ‘and Joseph Campbell, who would understand why these thrce diverse talents should be included i a single deviation, Truth has many masks The myths the publ your private myth, your dream, ha cond with yo Is the private myth ce with that ofthe lack forest ahead of you folks, this isa game. Though based in real-life beliefs and practices, Mage isa fietional entertainment, not a work of occult lore, Satanic propaganda or New-Age shetoric. That being said, we warn you that there are a good «in this book that will offend ‘many word, images and id and distur che sensitive reader Sorry, thats the game. Real lifes aloe worse. Mage is intended for mature audiences, Ie requires an ‘open mind and common sense MAGE The Ascension DL. WOH Introduction 5 Book One: The Flesh Chapter One: The Tellurian 15 Chapter Two: The Mystick Path 29 Chapter Three: Mage Society 37 Chapter Four: The Ways of Magick 59 Book Two: The Spirit Chapter Five: Basic Rules 77 Chapter Six: Character Creation 85 Chapter Seven: Storytelling 41 Book Three: The Machine Chapter Eight: Magick Rules 159 Chapter Nine: Setting Systems 225 Chapter Ten: Drama 247 Appendix 272 Contents 3 TS ZN Introduction Heaven and hell are within Joseph Campbell, 7 and all she gas ae within ws wer of Myth The Tree Reality is up for grabs. Magick isth es came Eger meetatoes hom Magick isn dead, no matter what we may think, Ie beneath the weight of disbelief Inthemis worldsand theshadewsofhidsen sanctums, inthe labor Awakened and the sacred is alive shining om thet faces, blasoms flutering intuit Caria ran he slender hands over the rank of Humanity sleeps; our fale minds an shackled imagina th seal i 20 be * she sions have pu the divine spark within us intoa deep shimber. To suits." Pe shrugged as he passed Avatar, and accepts True Magic, the Art which shapes relity gronnsagobe.Alldrankisfierycniensthenjined By Awakening to mayck’strath, each mage unlocks vision, hands, ctcling the eee. They danced in a whi of madness, faster and pach dane ketene Peak fase. Just asthe frenzy reaches peak, the cath began co remble. In Path vision lead co.a Path ade or, ribbons of eneray ipl The de against herself, her fellows and fixed reality itselt. A war is being fought in the shadows. Magick s the roo, che prize and the vision, ado, the backlash om the to ofthe rt their own souls, Only new, ths tine wth The world ef Mage i dark when al he sreamers wer epane theflowing bands ofe faded, th ler fantasy where realty is and out byt commanded with a thought and hopelessness poisons the ver att, Storie told in this mystick World of Darkness be quests, journeys of self-discovery that step beyond y covering the apple ree from wp wo eur binding ico one esence te p When the mo ves. Mage sa game, tue, buta game of tales told, not winners and hey losers. Like campers around afte, players in a Sl swig hed the fces ofthe fv, telling game layin sleep about th roots ofa slovious young listiny create shared folklore and have damned good time doing it. An green leaves glowing with renewed Ie, fresh blossoms brushing the ideal Mage tory mixes mystery and wonder with ation, suspense contented faces atts fe temor and a bie of humor. Such tales are modern mythology, roetwise yet enigmatic. Like the mages themselves, Sorytell Introduction = 5 NG Ail Concepts of the Game All evolution in thought and conduet must ae fist ‘appear as heresy and misconduct. jorge Ber Mage operates on many levels and ranges from cerebral concepts ta flat-out violence, Mod 1 Shaw Js cross into Otherworlds, gather into alled Chansries, or fight ther dif. ences out in the streets. Several concepts, however are important road signs to this magickal world The Modern Mage Mages are enlightened bein heart, mind, body and soul — the ruth behind eality and their stronghold town place init. Through innate sense, hard-earned knowledge andashard ofthe divineself (the Avatar), am. ve force for change. Though cds) may tamper with the learns to rework reality tits core and becomes an ae lesser sorcerers (often called hedge wis Tapestry’s threads, Tee Mages direct the fires of destiny. Such change is rarely pleasant, but itis necessary “The Awakened have always been with us; time and disbelief, however, have whitled away their power or channeled i into less ‘obvious forms of magick. As the houndaris berween the possible and among us dwindle in number impossible grow more rigid, the mi but increase in importance. Such sorcerers are heroes in the clase sens; with their power and insight they cannot help bt affect the em. Tod scendtheirown limits nd those of the word around them. All mages, then, even the rigid Technomancers, are threats ra the established world around so, however, they muse continually tra order. Dynamic tothe core, True Mages ate the harbinger of change cause Awakening isuniversal, mages come fromall nations, cultures, orientations and age groups. Many find their Awakenings in theirlate tensor 20s, busome findenligh ‘ageorevenintheirdeeliningyeat. Though thei visionspansglebal reality, mages are very much the products oftheir environments Some are re hassh of crude ‘Magick snot imi “anyone can be a mage The Factions of the War Despite the infinite variety of Awakened souls, four large factions dominate magickal society. Alchou (often mnced an to scholarly fe called *Orphans") do not follow any set Path, these four ma ‘groups wage an Ascension War in the name oftheir chosen gonls * The Traditions, a rough Council of nine mystick styles of ick. The wiards of the Nine Teadivions strive to maintain a balance of sorts while returning wonder to humanity. Although these sorcerers hold to diferent philosophies and practices, all csed to the static reality espoused by their Teehnoeratie foes andthe chaos ofthe darker * The Technocracy, a seemingly monolithic Union dedi ‘cated ¢o reining in supernatural “random elements" and saving humanity from the dangersitisnot ft toface. By the Technocracy dectee, aystick magick is not posible only science is allowed to alter natural laws. Because the majority of “Sleepers.” (those un- Awakened to their mystick potential) ‘Technomancers have an edge over the other factions when it comes to getting things done 6 Mage: The Ascension * The Marauders are the Technocrt state cof mind than a confederation, these chaotic mages embody mented extreme. An ideal world, to polaropposites: More dynamic change raken to them, would be one in which every person er petsonal ality or lived inasingle Marauder’s dementia. Maraud- crs are rare, unpredictable and often deadly # The Nephandi have chosen to follow the absolute Pi darkness and corruption. They deem themselves a mirror which wll citherrefletor absorb alight, Though the most terribleofthem have heen cast oucof the material world, these Fallen Oneswork behind the scenes to further the miseryand damnation of the World of Darkness. Reality, Paradox and Ascension Re universe alive. Magick isthe most dynamic example ofehange the alteration of reality by enlightened force of wll. As humanity ity & a work in progress; constant change keeps the settles into # mundane ru, however, magick seems out of place or ‘even impossible. When realities clash, when the possible and impossible collide, the result is a paradox. In the mose violent ‘conflicts, this Paradox effect becomes manifest, striking back in any number of ways. A mage — any mage — who causes change juickly can invoke Paradox, and gods help him then, The vision that comesso naturally with magick’ Awakening Inspires most mages to some greater goal, an ultimate end 10 reality’ shaping. The Traditions refer to this ax Ascension, but dleagree as to what form such Ascension would take were it Ad made safe happen. To the Technoctacy, Ascension isthe w purged of random elements anu fil under their control. The extreme Paths, to, haveultimare goals, buc thie ideals leave litele The World of Darkness The secret thoughts of man ren overall dings, holy, profane clean, obscene, gave ad lght, without shame or Blame n for compromise or survival Thomas Hobbes Compromise is dangerous in the realm of the mage, and survival runs ar premium rates. Nighe gliters here like blood stained glass, and the world scems caught between a madegal and a scream, The woods are dark and monstrous, the cities labyrinths of stcel and pavement. In the shadows, beings out of nightmares plotand bicker, Welcome tothe World of Darkness adsilation ‘of modern twih Here, the landmarks ae familia, but the shadows are longer and peoples’ glances are more wary. It's a place where hope is fading, where superstitions carry more weight than reason. The hic-Punk, where the flowing black and towering stone of Gothic ide battered leather. Alehou! aesthetic of this world is meets pierced flesh and rtals ever see the shadow: cultures around them, everyone feels ther influence A spirit world surrounds che moral one, cu off from material reality by mystick barriers, Ghosts and other spirits wander thes snysterious lands, andbeings attuned o them —werewolves, mages al enlightened mortal — travel into the Three Worlds of dhis Umibta. Although few mortals are aware of them, these realms — the lands ofthe mind, nature and death — cast a living reflection of the mundane world, The features and cultures we know are much the same, but an otherworldly aura pervades the mortal architecture, clothing, mu sic and religion of the Word of Darkness. People here are even mote fascinated with their own mortality than we are. Ar the same eK time, the possibilities of imagination have been limited by a worldwide denial of what no one wants tosce. Thisdenial confines theonce fluid power of magick, buco cloaks the ativities ofthe supernaruralsocieties Inthe shadows, vampires ghosts, werewolves, sorcerers and changelings conspire, and their intrigues surpass anything flklore might suggest. This World of Darkness i myth incamate, and that myth is equally dark This fantasy world shows us how far we can fall fom grace mages, then, play 2 key role in the future. All this despait and violence is leading up to something big, some final judgment or destruction. The Ascension War may wel determine whether the World of Darkness trans cor self-destructs The Meaning of Mage Never bead 0 rik, tvs! I've told you about Equus haven't 1 Thac doewor, Dr. Dysart, with whom I greatly identify, saw tha it twas better orsk madness and to bind horses with a meta spike, chan to be safe and conventional and du ‘Christopher Durang, Beyond Therapy Acts core, Mage is about giving a damn, about caring and believing in something so deeply chat your beliefs can change reality. The wool is noc shaped by pasivity or acceptance. Ie is moved forvmnd by the deeds of those who reject the old ways and carve new ones, without regard for obstacles or enemies. Such dynamism is risky, however. Too much too quickly without insight or responsibility can spiral a person into madness and take everyone around herdown fortheride.A wise mage seeks a balance between constant change and stagnancy, between wisdom and power. The Ascension War is a battle between ‘extremes, with the Traditions walking the delicate Path through the middle. A misstep — overwhelming pride, carelesiness of doubs — can he fatal to « mage, and tothe world in general. The pride that comes with magick’ vision is both blessing and curse. ‘Wichout confidence, no mage can command her will: Without balance, chat will grows out of control, dominating all within reach. The great sin of the Technoeraey isnot science, or even under — iti oppression under one vision. Most mortals are rightly called Sleepers by the Awakened. They exist (or pethaps we exist) in a pasive state of blindness, shying away from tre insight, avoiding the symbolic death th leads to greater rebirth, We miss the wonders and possibilities around us. Our mundane lives have conditioned uso accept what is offered, rom lying politicians to MTV, and we complain but do litle ro change it. Mages cannot be passive; they either progress or they stagnate. In stagnation lies eventual corruption, fr stasis can only decay ‘There can be as many themes in a Mage chronicle as you care to include — fate, faith, tragedy, romance, despair, revenge ot whatever else you want. The esence of change, however, of progress against al odds, can never be far from the game Mage sa game, albeit an interactive one with an epi scope. Like mages themselves, Storytelling gamesare active; we offer you utthecake yourmakeoutof them will follow your private recipe. There are no winners or losers in these games, only Introduction CY A\\ How to Use this Book Mage contains awealth of information. Foreasyaccess, we've divided it up into three Books * Book One: ‘The Flesh: These four “setting” chapters, Lescribe the concepts, cosmology and society of the Awakened, ‘The ules themselves can be found in later sections. Chapter One ‘examines the various worlds chat mages know. Chapter Two explains how Truc Mages differ fom mere “magic users," Chapter ‘Three shows us history asthe mysticks understand it, and exam ‘nes the four factions ofthe Ascension War, and Chapter Four details the beliefs and metaphysics that guide and govern True Magick * Book Two: The Spirit: These three chapters describe the Mage chronicle. Chapter Five explains the base rolls used in all Storyteller games. Chapter Six tells you step-by-step how tocteate your Mage characte, while Chapter Seven explores the fine points of Storytelling and running a game. + Book Three: The Machine: These rule systems govern the world ofthe mage in grater detail. Chapter Eight offers the game mechanics for magick within the game. Chapter Nine goes into the non-magickal systems important to the Mage world: experi- ‘ence, sprit rues, Realms, other supernatural creatures and more. Rounding it all out, Chapter Ten: Drama covers many overall rules pertaining to the World of Darkness — combat and injury, roll for various actions and the progression of time inthe game ( ‘ Finally, the Appendix section offer a wealth of background details for the Mage Storyteller. Enjoy! Other Mage Sourcebooks ‘The following books offer you a range of the basic rules. Others, such as Beyond the Barriers, Horizon: Stronghold of Hope, The Insider’s Guide to the Technoeracy, and the other Tradition and Technocracy: books, are on the way. ssbilites beyond “Most sourcebooks also include lists of recommended reading (real books) to enjoy after the game is do * Core Soureehooks: These important supplements det specific aspects, groups or places in the Mage universe. Many feature additional rules and all contain background information, ‘The Book of Chantries offers 10 detailedstrongholds, plus the ins and outs of Chantry cretion, polities and ecology. The Book of “Madness presents an in-depth look atthe Marauders, Nephanl, ‘Umbrood, Paradox forces and Infernal powers, Wheee! The Book of Shadows is a far-ranging guide for players and Suorytelle. featuring additional Traits, optional rules, background and fie~ tion, and Digital Web explores virual reality, Mage style + Background Books: These books expand the range of your Mage game beyond the obviows, Most include rules for variant games, crosovers, oraltemative settings Ascension’s Right Hand is an invaluable sourcebook for the nor-magickal companions mentioned in Chapter Thice. Destiny's Price presents grim adults-onlylook atthe Gothic-Punkstreetscene, while Halls ofthe ‘Arcanum examines the academic hunters described in the Appen- dix, The Fragile Path is litle red (or purple, depending on the print run) book presenting the history of the Council's formation through the eyes of thase who were there. Finally, The Mage Tarot offers beautfal boxed setof cards based on the World of Darkness. * Tradition and Technocracy Books: Thisseries oflow-cost books looks ateach individual group from an insider's perspective. Each one includes histories, characters, and magickal details Lexicon Pty Mages have a language all their own, adopted Be EA ox inverted wo describe thei world and concepts The next four sections list the most frequently wed terms (Common Parlance), common ranks and names (Titles), the vocabulary of ancient wages (OMd Form) and the ever-evolving slang of the younger generations (Vulgar Argo). Common Parlance Acolyte: A non-Awakened servitor of a mage. ‘Arete: The measure ofa mage’s magickal enlightenment and will. Ascension: The enlightened state of being «o which all mages aspire. Ascension War, The: An ongoing conflict between mage factions, with the future of reality as the prize. Actually a series of conflicts, ranging from subtle maneuvering to appalling violence. ‘Arcane: A mystickal veil erected by mages to guard their ‘Avatar: A sou said by some tbe afragment ofthe Pure Ones ‘who originally inhabited the Tellurian. An Awakened Avatar bles a mage to perform magick. Mage: The Ascension Awakened, The: True Mages: also applied to other super: ‘natural creatures —werecreatures, ghosts, changelings mummies and vampites, Awakening, The: The buy, hear and soul, the reality of ms yment in which one realizes, mind, ickand one’s own destiny Branding: A punishment in which a mage has her Avatar marked c ‘8 common purpose al A group of mages bound to cach ather by loyalty and er: A Node controlled by werwolves. Censure: A common mild simile to parole, CChantey: The stronghold of mage or cabal. On Earth, this ‘may be a normal building ora magickally fortified and enhanced structure. These mundane places ae often located on Nodes and connected ostrongholdsin the Urnbra. Technomancer Chantries are called Constructs, while Nephandi refer to their strongholds as Labyrinth Coincidental Magick: Magick performed in such a fashion that itis effectively indistinguishable from a mundane event. Convention: One of five groups of mages chat form the its polices. The Conventions are Order and the Void Engineers Council; Council of Nine: The collective name for the Nine Mystick Traditions and the federation they have formed) The Technoctatic equivalent isthe Union. Craft: When used as. ttle, this denotes mystick societies who play no part in the Ascension War. They rarely refer to themselves as such, Custos: A nion-mage who works for or with a cabal as a servant or warrior. A modern custo may be anything fom arent ‘-cop to @ gang member toa mythical creature Deep Umbra: The aspect ofthe Umbra found beyond the Horizon, far from Earth. The Shard Realmsarescatered through fout the’ Deep Umbra. Called the Deep Universe by the Technocracy Demon: Enigmatic beings ofevil intent and disputed origin Dream Realms: Worlds created ourofolddreamskepralive by the Oneira, the Dream Lords. Also called Maya Dynamic Reality: Reality in flux Itmaybechanged quickly through vulgar magick, slowly chrough coincidental magick, of sradually through the normal low of workdly events. Epiphany: A. magickal revelations tons; thought to derive from aterm for faerie enchantment Famili with a mage: Focus: An object, action of gesture required to perform ken of by the Trad spiritthathastaken on flesh through compact magick. Foci vary with belie, from mage to mage and paradigen toparadigm. A Technomancer focus soften calledan apparatus for the Earth Mother; alo used by some nature-conscious mysticks to personify the Earth and its Near Umbra Gate: A temporary magickal “brid Frequently created at Nodes. See Portal. antl, The: A mytickal barier beween the Earth and the Near Umbra, Gilgul: The destruction ofa mage's ability to work magick by removing or destroying his Avatar. This is the most horible crime or punishment possible, as it essentially takes away the rmage's soul Hedge Magician, Hedge W who uses a static craft to affect minor changes in reality. See Magi Hollow Ones: An Orphan group that embraces post-mod- ‘em deeay and Gothic romanticism in response to the apparent failure of both. Though they often work with Tradition mages, they are not, as of yet, taken very seriously Gaia: A common nan hhetween two places. Horizon, The: The magickal ba Umbra from the Deep Umbra separating the Near Horizon Realms: Small pockets of custom-made reality atificial Realms on the border between the Near Umbra and Deep Umbra. Unibral Chantries are buile within them, and earthly C Hubei leads mages into overconfidence or exces. Monumental hubris jpuidesthe Technocracy an lies ar the heart ofthe Ascension Wa. Tnearna: Greater spirits the se al incenes and purposes, demigods Initiation: A combined test and ceremony that marks a prion’ transition from apprentice romage amonythe Traditions. wanries connect to them by way of Portals and Gates. ‘The overwhelming (and often fatal) pride which ants of the Celestines. For Mage, True Mage: An Awakened person whose actions and beliefs dramatically alter the reality around her. Used commonly to eer to followers of the Mystick Traditions this rerm properly applies to all users of True Magick. Also called willworkers, fr thei command of reality through will; magi, after the old foem; nd mysticks, for their command of magick Magic: Stage tricks, illusions, ec. Also refers to static magic, which works with the momentum of reality ratherthan working reality by foree of will. Magick, True Magick: The act of dynamically altering reality through force of will, knowledge and Awakened Avatar. Marauder: Arn usterly unpredictable mage so given over eternal change that he i esentally a magickal psychotic ‘Metaphysic Trinity: A Council view ofthe three forces of change — Stasis, Dynamism and Entropy. Also known by some as the Triat — Weaver, Wyld and Wyrm, Methodology: A sub-group of a Technocratic Convention, which specializes in a certain function. Myaticks Those things which involve the orcesof True Magick: Near Umbra: The part of the spirit world that exists around ‘each Realm. Most often used to describe the area of the Umbra that surrounds the Earth, Nephandus, Nephandi: A mage who follows the Path of Descent, choosing darkness over light. Many Nephandi work closely with demons. Node: A highly mystickal place. Nodes collect and store ‘Quintessence, and the Gauntlet in their vicinity sthinner- Many Chantries, Gates and Portals are built on these sites. Oracle: Oneofthe legendary mages whohasattained mystick perfection, ‘Orphans: Sleepers who have Awakened spontaneously with- cout the assistance or guidance of other mages. They have taught themselves magick, and are often considered dangerous wild cars COstracism: A punishment that completely divorces a mage foom Tradition seiety Otherworlds: Collective term for the realms outside the Gauncler Paradox: An anomalous state of reality caused when a mage disrupts the momentum of reality with her own magickal acts, Paradox Realm: A small Realm creaced by Paradox spirits to ‘entrap a mage and thus prevent any further disruptions of reality. Paradox Spirit A sire formed from the collective belief of humanity. Mages who are careless or unlucky with theie magick in foont of Sleepers will find themselves hunted by these spirit. Path: A general term for a mage’s chosen destiny. Pattern: The mystical composition of an object, entity, place or idea Procedures: What Technocracy mages call theit magickal Bffeers ure Ones: The legendary primordial beings ofthe Tellurian. Many mages believe thatall souls are fragments of these shattered Pogrom, The: The systematic purge ofall oppo dom elements") by the Technocrac. Portal: A permanent Cate. Portals are usually guarded by ‘powerful spirits that require a task to be performed or a puzale to bbe solved before chey wll allow safe passage, n ("ane Introduction 9 ISS 2 Prime: The orginal unified force that composes the univers Al ching low fom ths primordial energy. Protocols, The: A code of honor established by the Tad tionstoprevent aber ofpower, Vielaconofthiscode punishable by censire, branding ostaciom, death or Gilg ‘Quiet: A state of insanity caused by the excessive use of magick. Quintessence: The suf of magick; the rw substance of the mires in condeed fc Seo Tas Realm The worlds of “sold” reality that ext within che Tellaian Resonances The mystick races that actions leave behing Rote: Acie and true magickal Efet, pased down as. rol eevee Seeking: A mage’s Avatar guided quest for elightenment. Shade Realm: The Umbra “shadow” of «Shard Real Shard Realm: One of nine Realms said to have ben part of Gain in ages past. They roughly corespond tothe other planets {including Luna) and the nine Spheres of magick. Each is ruled by a Celestine Sleeper: A person pote ofits existenc ly capable of magick, but not yet Sphere: A particularelementof reality manipulated by mages. Static Realty: The foreword momentum of reality, often guided by the deeds and belief of humanity. Magick, by its dynamic nature, disrupts static reality to some degree. The param eters of static reality have, in recent centuries, become more 10 Mage: The Ascension restrictivedue toasin by the Technocracy Symposia these meeti lobal paradigm (belie A monthly meeting of the Technocracy. At ss members of the Conventions her to: make “Tass: Quintessence stored in physical form. Ievendstocollect, in Nodes and takes various forms based on its sur dings —ie ‘mushrooms at a wooded caern, water from a specific spring or magickal garbage mold at an urban Node. Talisman: An object that stores Quintessence and uses it ro createaspecific magckaleffect — i.e, magick carpets, wishing wells ‘or etherie iy guns, Technocrate Talismans ae called Devices. ‘Tapestry, The: A metaphor for reality ‘Technocraey, The: A ruthless and powerful group of mages that seeks to eliminate the harmful elements of reality, thus making it safe humanity. Their magick, based on scientific principle, conforms and shapes modern reality —o a point. This ‘group will not be satisfied until all possiblities lie within is ‘control (See Pogrom). Also called the Technocratie Union. Tellurian: The whole of realty ‘Tradition: One of the Nine Mystick Traditions, a Couneil formed inthe 1400S to changes of racy esis the radical Marauders and fy il of the Nephandi ‘These are the Akashic Brotherhood, Celestial Chorus, Cult of Ecstasy, Dreamepeakers, Euthansatos, Order of Hermes, Sons of Ether, Verbena and Virtual Adepts. jppose the Techn the Tribunal: A gathering of Council mages to discuss matters ually held in times of serif {important to the Traditions Unbea: The spirit world (actually a series of worlds) outside of the marerial one ‘Umbrood: Any non-human not born or created on Barth This includes both the spitts that roam the Umbra and the tnhabitants of other Realms. Vulgar Magick: This i the fireball and-lightning kind of magick, visible as such to normal observers. Vulgar magick cakes stati realy and teas it out by the roots, Wyek: A common name for the original magi, supposedly descended from the Pure Ones. Titles Adept: A mage with a fair degre of aptitude and power. Apprentice: A mage who has not yet been initiated into a Tradition. Not typically applied to Orphans Bani: A Council honorific meaning “Of the House of Used in formal titles, like “Nightshade bani Verbena,” Not in Barabbis A mage who renounces her former loyalties to follow the dark Path of the Nephandi Bygone: A mythicheast that hsabandonedits physical form for an Otherworldly one. Celestine: The greatest ofthe spirits, equal in power to the ‘ancient gous said to rule che Shard Realms. Consor: A mage’ powerful ally: nota mage, bu of compa rable ability Deacon: A common name forthe founding memberofa well- established Chancry Disciple: The lowest rank among the Tradition mages. Dis- sda Tradition ciples can perform magick and have Errant:A vengeful mage whose Chantry and cabal havebeen destroyed. Errants are frequently shunned by other ma Fellow: A full member of a Chantry, but not a founding smetnber and therefore of lower status than its Deacons. Garou: The term that werewolves use for themselves (also used by mages who want thei respect). Guardian: A term some Council mages use to indicate the allenging” aspect of the Avatar, who pits a Seeking mage herself ro advance her Arete Kindred: The term that vampires use for themselves. Lord An Unbrood sirit less powerful than an Incarna but receptors ot Minions more powedful than ether Master: A mage of great power and ability Mentor: One mage who teaches another. Minion: One ofthe least powerful Unnbrood spirits Pedagogue: A Hermetic tutor of great fame, usually quite powerful and surrounded by students Preceptor: An Umbrood spirit chat i less powerful than a J, but sill more powerful than a Minion. Primus L wed to refer to the founders of the esentatives at the ‘Fiest One? living used to indicave Chantry founders. Traditions and the: Council. Also Rogue: A renegade mage turned mercen (it, ardian mages of lange Chantry; not ntinel: One ofthe typically a member hersel “Technomancer: A mage whose magick revlvesaroundsome ple, Often used to deseribe mages ofthe Techno sly applies to Virtual Adeprsand Sonsof Ether acy, the term poy aswell. Tutor: Mages who have become known as proficient reach ers. They are highly regarded by other mages. Old Form en: A magickal, non-lethal duel between Council ers believes theCurtain Curtain, The: The reality in which most Slee when a Sleeperis Awakened, she i brought “through and sees that things are not truly as they Fallen One: A Nephandus Grog: A familiar form of eustos. Magus: A mage Postulant: admittance to thei ranks Turb: A group of C lions ora “murder” of eras Vis: Quintessence. Vulgar Argot lack Hats & Mirrorshaes: The Technocracy, taken om tena ufo ch efor fhe Terry of eft ar volves kt ie wd le. Alo, Verbena magick wge who serves the Oracles, trying to gain Copperfield: Slang for a mage adept at performing vulgar ‘magick in plain sigh CCeystal Wavers: ‘New Agers* who have no id charlacans. Occasionally a what true magick is, but capitalize on i anya used aan insult co the Dreamspeakers Doxed: A mage who accumulates lor of Paradox dred Dram: One Tass of Quintessence Faust: A mage who bargains excessively with spirits, espe. cially dangerous ones. Freak: A dangerously insane mages often applied to Maraud cers and Nephandi Fry: To sphere of Forces. Goin’ Satan A Technomancer, taken from the Pri Discordia, Describes any mage o scientist who focuses on confor. rack someone with magick, specifically with the oining the Nephandi Greyface Juice: Quintessence Merlin: Aun old mage, especially one who very rarely visits Earth anymore Mundane: A normal human; a Sleeper. Nuke: What Paradox spirits do to those they attack Pit Bulls: Werewolves; considered derogatory Technobabble: A derogatory tem forthe propaganda and inflexible magick used by the Conventions yl & Fried: Ay insane mage; often applied to Marauders Induction IL XN WO es The Fallen One Seinen! ff lingering like sour Foote ato tc Reet Pence hits erm ete ear Pera ten Verret tees ened it she'd cried out, the sound was lost in the room'sthick darkness. Rubbingathereyes, she fumbled for the Camel pack beside the deskand absently flicked her fingerstolightthe re acts Seen en een a oa ts polished panel walls, then receded to a whisper. New smoke mingled with still air as Monique willed herselfto breathe slower, easier, and tofocus eS ce sec eet ‘once have called obscene now offered familiarity, a weleome break from past horrors See ee cn en eee ear eae ea Jacob's squalling face, painting it deep red, inspiring screams, Though she felt somesmall regret for the pi ee geae ece es ma eentcs een ee Thedull plopof ash on the page broke her reverie. The sound broughtherback to the present. Best not to dwell on hard choices. The arcane seravl beckoned, Sere ek nen eee ce esse eee \ | Rater titer erence tat ac times, louder, more voluptuous Pron rentces Ri eraarl eer Ut Pere en ined? sehen ane ea Bier reel ane. econ cane ROR on nT ore ae ya o 50s TV Americana to me Inthe five minutes they'd sae there, she'd told him her name. Hl haan’ asked anything else ID. WD, ID Www Chapter One: The Tellurian Humans think they know think they know because they 6 Their atitude is ‘'m atthe top what's real and what's not. Wha perhaps, herd ts, what life's about. They ahi, there so get Or nigh up watching he e, thinking that's ow the world vally fs, They never look at the things throwing the shadows. Naney Collins, Jn the Blood by doesn’t exist, Esco, Awareness: sn Sie: Ne te a Kh wi wa Cre The Seduction Hesholthis head. "Baca Raton." He ook another dink, “So you dum her thot. He “Uh, yeah” She tard athe floor, embarassed wary the stray drops, His leather jacket creaked as he pulled ov her arm wound pad. Actually, a friend of mine's place. Sh ier ower her cin, wip @ them from his hand. F aey. "We'llgo.omy meake nl her shoulders as they sat on a sagging sofa cece ti ce tua ier oe gaa (Claris felt her breath sh rer smiled ashe pressed his mouth to her neck, his ong fg hing her eollarone, stoking “Clerssa Ryan,” he repeated. “Sounds kind of sliding dows her sweater, hs th the swell "You have to ask?” he whispered (Chapter One: The Tellurian Look at the world about you. Look and see it, with both mundane and Awakened sight See the endlesssky, the tres thick with life;see your own hand, each inch of flesh a mesh of miracles, Feel your blood, hear the wind, an real Welcome, friend. I've been expecting you. You heand the sound of my drum calling to you I see. Eknow what its that you tell me nothing magickal is ‘wish; you've come to ask me to show you the wonders to e found beyond chis world. will guide you in your quest. Before we move beyond physical reality, however, I must tell you of the Tellurian and the Tapestry. Have no feat. Ie will not take long. The Tellurian Mages rfer co all of reality asthe Tellarian. You have often Ireaed those around you speak of the universe. They believe that they are speak! that theres, a8 ftheuniverse were allencompassing. The universes but the physical part of reality the starsand planets, and the creatures and objects found therein, We also sce the world ofthe spirit which exists side by side with physical reality, overlapping itand oceupying the same space. We call the sum-total ofall earthly things the Tellurian, the physical and spiricual cogether — all the possible realms of existence, all that is natural and supernatural, all hopes, deans and possibili- ties. In short, llofeality hat ever was, that may be imagined, and that might someday be. Ic'sa complex concept, bu a simple one as well. This is the mages’ understanding of reality, the under standing that allows a willworker to bend reality her will, forall things are already possible, hing i easy to bring ‘This wasnoralway though not eve into beingin the mundane reality of our Ear S50, br that's another story The Tapestry Alls hing whichare apart ofthe Tellin ae threads in the mech wente we cll he Top Th Teptey loa metaphor forthe complex interweaving ofall lyse, spa Eelimellecualelemen Tegetherthey forma wens agi fifi whch sever changing and proving Mach ofthe bass of comes fom ths image ofa peat Topesty we cat peli Being oones,Wespeaket le ines bight sands of Quinte tence some call aro the rial ead that Tow across the tac of our Ea, We ecate Nod the meeting place where thesongknot that the bert ox Tapestry. Allthedi ferent threads are interwoven to make a whole. Our Tapestry is never finished, however, forthe weaving continues as we move toward Ascension. To our sorrow, the threads which make up the Tapestry are fragile ehings. Many spiritual threads that should have remained ong have been severed and left to attophy. Those of my adition, the Dreamspeakers, believe that just asa tapestry frays pare if the threade reality fall into nothingness should our foeseversuecced in wholly s and fal e cut or broken, s0 00 will all of separating our material world from the world of mind and spirit ‘The physical world both shapes the spiritual one and is shaped by iin return, like the warp and woof of any fabric. All things are a parcofboth worlds. Tadeny oneorthe other unravels the Tapestry and leads to our own unmaking. Mundane Reality ‘There are mone things in heaven and earth, Horatio, ‘Than are dream of in your philosophy William Shakespeare, Hamlet Now that you see how everything is apart of the whole, you'll understand why T begin your Ea journey by showing you the world you think you already know. Look around you at the city: the streets strecch away in fractured spiderweb pat terns, choked with refuse and twistn es impossibly all buildings bedecked with gar and litering with thousands of lights. The city’s glow bl the sky's candles, almost as if chey were veiled by a cloud of darkness. Even were we to turn offal the lights, the from our cars and factories would serve to do the same. Look at that woman scurrying down the street. She clutche ther purse and holds her coat together as though they were protec tive talismans. he's right tobe fearful; chere are many evil ching abroad in the city at night. Most of them exit in the day as well, but we ean pretend then that we're easier to see something theeatening at a distance and turn aside hokinggasses ger an less afraid; i's before we meet i. Do you see the derelits gathered around the trashean fre ‘hey've built in thealley? Some of them deaden their fear and pain with cheap wine or crack; others are too beaten dow 16 Mage: The Ascension Ah, here comes patrol car Its headlights illuminate the woman fora moment, and she flinches as though she were a deer ina hunters sights. The faces of the police officers inside are set and grim. They've spent too long ata job they cannot succesflly carry out, becoming cynical and almost as violent as those they once sought to control. The patrol car turns to move down the alley, and dhe men seatter away from thet fie. Perhaps they've been involved in a crime; pechaps not. It doesn't matter. They would surely be blamed for something if they were caught. ‘Come, walk with me to the club down the street. You can hear the pounding music even from here. The children who (0 get inside instinctively feel the darkness around them and embrace it in their deess and attitudes. They do not run from the fearbutseek co incorporate it, wearing theispidery black clothing andrryingt0 out-cool one another. They seek toundderstand while pretending noe cocare. They listen, and they wat! of them Awaken, Lets leave the more squalid parts of the city and look atthe sovemment buildings and high-rise apartments of the wealthy. anadsomefew Here, one mirrored glass edifice reflect eerily inside another in an infinity of warped selfimages. In that regard, they'e much like those who live and work inside them: each stands in silent, aloof isolation. For all their inhabitants, they are monuments not to hhumankind’s rationality and accomplishments, but t our greed and bitter pride. J. Where once there ith life and filled with Even the countryside has been ra stood deep old-growth forests, burst biedsong, there are now cheap trash pines, planted to keep the soil from washing away altogether. Strip mining tears gashes into earth, leveling hills and beating down mountains, Raw sewage othe sea. Nov returns the poisons tous in toxic shellfish and acid rain belches out from broken pipes una hat sea People are afaid, coned by Jerrments, corporations and ‘more honest criminals. They fear the unknown and the uncanny What they already know i bad enough; they refuse to face what might be even worse. This i the dream of the Technocracy, thi barre, lifeless, soulless world which they claim they made so that people would be Despite it all, there isan alluring grandeur to our world, a ‘and free, This is what the Sleepers see siren’scall which beckons uso search for hope and goodness in her corrupted cities and wilderness, And this the Sleepers alsa see Somme fewhavenot given up,and we of the Traditionshope toreach them. Some hecome our acolytes, guarding and helping us while theystrivew Awaken. Becausesuch peoplestilllbelieve, wecan stil change reality in small ways, weaving new pattems into the Tapes sxyand bringingold pattems othe fore again, Even they cannotsee everything we se, though they try to understand, Most Sleepers,