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What? The airplane was a machine that uses
wings and a motor to generate lift. This process
brings the entire craft off the ground.
How was it revolutionary? When the airplane
was first invented people thought that it would
never have a wartime application. By the onset
of WWI the technology had advanced far
enough that airplanes could be used for photo
reconnaissance. As the war went on airplanes
became more sophisticated, and were armed
with guns and bombs. Although airplanes would
not show their full range of abilities until
WWIII, in WWI they began to do tasks which
would resemble their later applications.
Who used it first? The airplane was invented far
enough before the war that it was us3ed by all
sides by the onset of WWI.

World War One Modern Warfare

By: Joe Schurer

Poison Gas
What? Gas ranged from the non-lethal tear gas and mustard gas, to deadly
phosgene and chlorine gas. The slow moving gas could fill the trenches, and
the effects of the gas had a terrifying effect on soldiers.
How was it revolutionary? Due to the state of the war and the conditions of
trench warfare, generals were searching for a way to break the stalemate.
Although the impact of gas on the war is still heavily debated, the impact of
gas on the soldiers is widely agreed upon. It was a source of fear for many of
the soldiers and is responsible for PTSD in many survivors of the war.

What? A U-boat was short for undersea boats. These boats were thei first attempts of the use of submarines in warfare.
How was it revolutionary? In addition to being the first implementation of submarine warfare, it had a large effect on naval warfare as a whole. Germany sunk
thousands of Allied ships during the war, which especially hurt Britain who
depended on shipping from its allies.
Who used it first? Germany was the first to use the U-boat in WWI.

Who used it first? Germany was the first to use gas in war, and they first used
it on April 22, 1915 against Allied soldiers on the western front.



What? Zeppelins were a type of rigid airship that was pioneered by the GerWhat? Convoys are a system where a group of merchant ships are able to travel
man Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. The zeppelins became common for their
to other countries in wartime while protected by a group of ships from their
commercial use before the war, but during WWI they saw extensive use by the countries navy.
German military.

How was it revolutionary? The direct impact of zeppelins to the war effort was
actually small, but their indirect impact was much larger. It introduced the
concept of bombarding civilian centers from the air. Germanys large zeppelin fleet was also a large source of fear for the British, who thought they could
be a tool for the Germans to turn the war around.
Who used it first? Germany was the first to use the zeppelin in war and
bombarded English cities with them.

How was it revolutionary? The German use of submarines was crippling Allied
shipping. The use of convoys allowed Britain to receive badly needed supplies
from their dominions and allies. Their implementation destroyed the German
submarine campaign.
Who used it first? Britain was the first to use convoys to protect their shipping.

Automatic Machine Gun

What? Automatic Machine guns were an innovation
upon the earlier Gatling gun. These automatic machine guns were capable of firing hundreds of
rounds per minute.
How was it revolutionary? The machine gun had a
huge effect on the way that war was thought. The
machine gun contributed to the extremely large causality numbers in WWI and the wars that would follow. In the Napoleonic wars 6,000,000 people died,
but in WWI upwards of 20,000,000 died. The machine gun also had a large effect on tactics in WWI.
One of the differentiating factors of WWI was the
lack of effective cavalry. The machine gun made
traditional horse mounted cavalry almost completely ineffective. But at the same time the tanks and
armored personnel carriers that would replace cavalry were not yet invented. The machine gun would
go on to become one of the most common images of
Who used it first? The machine gun was invented
before the start of WWI, so by the time it began all
sides in the war were using it.