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This Agreement is executed by and between:

SPOUSES ALEX MERLIN, Filipino, both of legal age with address at #33 Mabait St.
Veterans Village East, Quezon City, Philippines, represented herein by Atty. Isabel
Dinamita (hereinafter referred to as the plaintiff).
-andJESS DE GUZMAN, Filipino, of legal age with address at #24 Espana Grand
Residences Tolentino St., Espana, Manila, represented herein by Atty. Donita
Gumamela (hereinafter referred to as the defendant).
WITNESSETH: That WHEREAS, the plaintiff SPOUSES MERLIN had instituted a criminal action for
reckless imprudence resulting to homicide against defendant JESS DE GUZMAN for the
death of Angelica Merlin due to the recent collision in Marikina.
WHEREAS, several years have already passed but no development whatsoever
regarding the criminal case instituted against defendant was obtained.
WHEREAS, plaintiffs decided to accept the offer to settle made by respondent JES
DE GUZMAN in order to attain justice on the death of the plaintiffs daughter.
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and the further covenant share
in after set forth, the parties agree as follows:
1. The total obligation of JESS DE GUZMAN in favor of SPOUSES MERLIN is ONE
MILLION PESOS (P1,000,000.00);

2. That upon signing this compromise agreement, JESS DE GUZMAN will pay
SPOUSES MERLIN the sum of P500,000.00;
3. The balance of defendant JESS DE GUZMANs obligation shall be payable in 10
equal monthly installments beginning on the month immediately following the
signing of the Compromise Agreement;

4. The initial payment by defendant JESS DE GUZMAN shall be made in cash. The
monthly installments shall be covered by post-dated checks drawn by
defendant JESS DE GUZMAN as payable to petitioner SPOUSES MERLIN;
5. Upon delivery of the initial payment and the post-dated checks drawn by
defendant JESS DE GUZMAN, the parties shall seek Court approval of this
Compromise Agreement and the dismissal of the complaint filed by petitioner

6. Upon signing of the Compromise Agreement, the parties shall jointly move for
the dismissal of all pending cases;
7. Upon full, prompt, and faithful performance by Jess and Harvey of their
obligations under the Compromise Agreement, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin shall release
them from any and all obligations in relation to or arising out of the accident
resulting in Angelicas death;

8. Failure by either or both Jess and/or Harvey to promptly and faithfully

perform any of their obligations under the Compromise Agreement shall
entitle Mr. and Mrs. Merlin to an automatic award for damages corresponding
to the unpaid balance of the sums due under the Compromise Agreement, and
immediately executable by court order; and

9. The foregoing covenants are not contrary to law, morals, or public policy and
the parties bind themselves to comply strictly with their undertakings.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, parties herein affixed their signatures this 20th day of
March, 2018 at Quezon City, Metro Manila.






Signed in the presence of:

Annie Del Rosario

Procorpio Almario