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10 CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Words and Music by BOB CREWE and BOB GAUDIO. Moderate Tempo FED Fm7b5/Eb FED Fm75/Eb Eb os = Eb —— %*# eg You're just too good to be true, way that I stare, —I— —I— Cog 1267 Satur ae Sex Fong Msi ‘onal Copy Secured. "Al Right Herrved a —_, # love has ar - rived, and I thank God I'm a - live. feel like I feel, please let me know that it’s real. —I— FI/Eb Abm6/E Tt Can't Take My —s. FoF re Par-don the Eyes Off of you. —JI— —I— FS 2 By BG Ebt BG Ebt Eb6 Abm Abo bm Ab b+ Eb6 Ebt BAG cn Q att Fm? BT a - by, and if it’s quite all right, I need you, ba - by, to warm the