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Joseph Stalin

( 1878-1953)
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Who was Joseph Stalin?

He Was born on December 18 in 1878 in Gori,Georgia

His birth name was Losif Jughashvili, stalin parents were poor and he had a rough childhood, at age of 7 he got a
disease called smallpox in which his skin remained scared for the rest of his life, and other children cruelly called
him pocky.

He was the fourth child, but the first three died and as Joseph was also in a bad health condition, his mother feared
that he was also going to die.

Josephs father was a cobbler and a alcoholic , and his mother dedicated in homemade stuff, he suffered with
poverty that almost peasants had to endure in Russia at the end of the 19th century.

Stalin's mother official language was Georgian and was very strong in the Georgian accent. After many years,Stalin
could speak Georgian in a perfect accent. He studied basic education, at Gori Church School, where every child,
the Tsar Alexander IIIs policy it was forced to speak Russian only.

In the year 1894,he received a scholarship to the Tiflis Theological seminary in georgia capital.

stalin instead of devoting his time in studies he suspended himself against the Russian monarchy and secretly
joined a secret revolutionary organization called messame Dassy were demanding independent georgia from the
clutches of Russian monarch.

He died on march 5 in 1953 at age 74 in Kuntsevo Dacha near Moscow.

What does Joseph Stalin did?

Stalin had wanted collectivization farming where the farms combined one giant farm that was ran by the country.

He also thought that Russia needed to be able to feed itself and that this was the only way to feed workers to
complete his Five Years Plan.

In June 1941 Germany had launched an attack on the Soviet Union but Stalin ignored many warnings that Hitler go
against him.

Stalin demanded assistance from the allied nations which they gave bitterly.

Stalin had planned Operation Bagration which was the biggest Soviet victory and a major loss of the german army.

He was the dictator who transformed the Soviet Union into a world superpower.

He was well known by being the communist revolutionary and ruler of former USSR.

Joseph stalin first came into contact with the ideas of Karl Marx and Engels, when his allegiance to revolutionary
activities were discovered, stalin's was expelled from the seminary.

when he was expelled from the seminary he started to make lesson to middle class children's, and also another job
he had was to motivate workers and peasants in organizing strikes and shutdowns.

Joseph wrote many provocative articles to enlighten peasants and workers for a Georgian newspaper, called
Brdzola Khma Vladimir.

the five years plan but complete control on industry each plan was 5 years long that lasted between the years 1928
to 1941, the plans focused on the industry like: coal,oil,iron,steel and electricity.

Were do he contributed?
Russian Revolution of 1917 he took position in favor of supporting Alexander Kerenskys provisional
Russian Civil War 1917 - 1919, Stalin was appointed People's Commissar for Nationalities' Affairs.
Soviet War 1919 - 1921 He was determined to take then Polish city of Lwow.
non-aggression pact in 1939- stalin would pact with Nazi-soviet plans.

Achievements of Joseph Stalin

one of stalin's achievements was that he brought the
Soviet Union to modernize and industrialize, and they
became an important industrial country.
Another was made by himself in which stalin created a
new kind of government, a dictator government in
which it had all the power.
One important achievement is when stalin accredited
for winning the war against Germany, and getting the
Soviet Union to emerge as a world power.

Russian Revolution in 1917

was a series of events that led to the throwing of Tsar nicholas II
Russia held a government in which there was one leader.
The Bolsheviks gained power and Vladimir Lenin became under control.
the main cause of russian revolution included the cruel treatment of peasants, poor working
conditions,democracy,food storages and military failures.
the civil war was ended with a victory for the Bolsheviks, in where millions were killed.

with this the bolsheviks renamed itself,to the communist party, and renamed russia to the union
of soviet socialist republic. at this time joseph stalin was given the position of secretary general.

joseph abused with having the power as secretary general he remove those who opposed him
and promote those who sided him.

Cold War
He was the most influence who had an affect on the Cold War.
He served in the military and rose to power after he beated Leon Trotsky.
he brutally murdered people that he suspected by not being 100 percent loyal
to him it was called purges.

What did Joseph Stalin do?

He owned his own secret police named the NKVD, or the people's commissariat of
international affairs.

The NKVD obtained regular police force of the USSR, but best known for the activities
of the Gulag.

The gulag was the soviet union government agency, the agency ran the soviet forced
labor camps were people who were purged but not killed.

The great purges were a series of events where millions of people who opposed stalin
were killed, including people with such power.

many high ranking people in the army were purged.

This purged occurred from 1936 to 1939

During this purged, a man named nikola who figured the NKVD that helped stalin in
completing many purges including himself.

The Five Year Plan

Stalin wanted collectivization farming since he believed the the agricultural
activity in soviet union was horrible and it was the only way to fix it.
Joseph also though the russian needed to feed itself,and it was one way to
feed themselves with this plan.
Farmers were against this since the five year plan doesn`t enables them to do
what they want or make their labors like they want.
Many farmers reset to stalin's changes this lead to starvation for millions of
Russian people.

The non-aggression pact

In the year 1939, the nongressive pact also known as Nazi-soviet plans,was signed
between germany and the USSR.
This pact declared the soviet union would not attack germany.
The soviet union would have some of the land germany acquires.
This pact benefit both sides
Germany attack the soviet union on june,1941 germany launched an attack to the
soviet union called as operation barbarossa. in which has devastating loss for the
Because stalin's purges his army,he did not have many generals that know what to
do,joseph plan to purify the country had backfired him.
In only six month the union suffered a loss of 4.3 million casualties,and 3 million on
Stalin has taken control of the military and fought with germany pushing them to
The USSR,received a bruted impact from germany,stalin demanded assistance for

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