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Be Not Afraid 3ased on Is 43:2-3 and Lk 6:20 ff Bob Dufford, 8.5. INTRO: Slow, andante (d=80) VERSE 1: G Geust G Gsusi G cia G iy 1, You shall a Gsus4 G Gsus4 G Gsus4 = G_D/FE 1. cross the bar-ren des-ert,___but you shall not die of thirst. You shall c cB Am Am/G DIFE c Csus2 though you do not know the way. You shall 1. wan-der far in safe-ty. 1. speak your words in for-eign lands and all will un-der- stand. $ Em ores A mot - DU vie to Antiphon 1. You shall see the face of God and_ive. ANTIPHON: Say G Gsus4 c D Am? D Ge 1 Melody « tempo Sf Be not. Harmony Be not______ a - fraid.___ I go be-fore you al~ ways. Tost and Music © 1875 by Robert J. Duford, S.J. and North American Liuay Resources. Al ght served, Used wit peission. 2 ‘BE NOT AFRAID, cont. @) c GB Bm Em Am D G Gsus¢ G Gsus4 decres Come fol-low me, and I will give you rest. Come fol - low me, I will give you rest 1,2 Pee Gq ciG G toVerses 2,311 G C/G rit, G Fine! VERSE 2: nf G Gsus4 a Gsus4 G__ Gsus4 2. 1f you pass through rag-ing wa-ters in you shall not G DIFt ¢ Cous2 © cB ft Soe 2. drown. If you walk a-mid the ‘burn-ing flames, Am Am/G DIFE BT 2. you shall not be harmed. If you stand be-fore _—the Em Am c D G 2.pow'r of hell and death is at your side, know that Em Am Am/G D Dt if =——_ a. Ds. 2.1 am with you_________through it all, _______ B ws [BE NOT AFRAID, cont. @) "ERSE 3: G Gsus4 G Gsus4 G Gsus4 mf (Melody) 3. Bless-ed for the King-dom shall 3. Ovo Ltiarmony), King-dom shall be G DIF} c Ceus2 c cre oo 3. theirs, Blest are you — that weep = and mourn, _—for 3. theirs. Bless - ed are the Am Am/G DFE day you shall laugh. And if wick-ed tongues in- ———— 3. ones who mourn. If they be- cause 3. hate you all be- cause of me, Yo Em Am Am/G D DY sit, DS, al Fine 3. bless-ed,. Sf bless-ed_ are you! y 3. bless-ed, wr 84 bless-ed______ are you! —___