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The Gnostic Medicine Wheel

Wielding stones of power in the realms of suffering

Grid found in search thanks to unknown artist

The work here is an inception moment. It can and will be expanded upon further.
Here is the intro...
There are two essential terminations to modern workings with Stones of Power.
That of Gnosis and that of Duality.
We can state here that the Gnosis is of clarity and extending of the core between all things.
This includes even depth tempered to balance, which is an important statement.
So much of balance gets removed from depth to its own detriment in eventual contradiction.
It's a meta-double standard that completely hooks back up into the Duality prison,
only now even less self aware than before,
or just as much with a touch of delusion about transcendence.
Much of this comes from a recent social media post:
The Law transcending the laws we are currently experiencing pain, loss, and oppression under,
the emanating being of the authentically sacred that can't be verified by all the checks and balances
and empirical statistics - only in touch with via the subtle core or life force of the heart in all things - is
interpersonal and attracting. Transcending IS the Law, rather than this being or that being,or current
prisons of Doing My Will [dominating] vs. Servitude [slavery to the corpse called Law of Only The
Strong]. Harshly outdated modes keeping us from evolving, advancing..well, Transcending on the
It is a hoop, yet non-cyclical, having no starting or end, free of ties of fear, already being transcendent
of the pyramid scheme. Displacement of authority via Machiavellian treachery.
Even tormenting one's own family members/tribe/friends with ongoing eternal torture for rejecting
what clearly doesn't work and only reinforces our torture here and now, as a species. As the majority
of the world has not equipped themselves directly of choice and the work to Transcend, they seem
inescapably immanent and driven by fear to escape through the next false promise of radiant faces
cutting out their shadows..holding daggers behind their back till you sign the symbolic dotted line.
Most are not immanent because they aren't IN and WITH anything, but desperately looking for and
manipulated with endless baiting techniques.
[This hoop is not a traditional Euclidian geometric shape compounded on to a sacred specific
form. The hoop or circle mentioned here is really your own Truth. It is your radial or radiating Self.
Any shape is refined within your scope, and is extension of your personal sacred radiance. Yes, even
pyramids are accessible to you, just not the scheming]
So, even the sacred hoop or web of Infinite needs a cause, a prime, a beginning party and an ending
polarity. So, it is never recognized. Law becomes not only a thing to fear, but the thing we have all
been subjected to is to remove your presence that the law is your self. You are Infinite in expression,
and integrally so..not a faceless, nameless unit of service on an unfathomable wave of energy certain
privileged beings with certain karma codes that loyal, unquestioning servitude grants you increments
of access to. 'Age of Pisces' to Aquarius then so on etc.

Most are cut off from KNOWING how to serve themselves. So self serving is used as a term
that helps parties who want to further bind us from Being Wholly Transcendental. Accusing of
'betrayal of a group mind voluntary unit'..whether you say coven, brotherhood, fraternal order, cult,
school, university...
All too few are now stressing going against that nameless wave to restore us to the Ocean of Self
Loyalty. Godhood recognition in the sense that of no beginning or end, YOU are that Divine, and
were a cut off cause or prime once, but now becoming the nondualistic law-body that what struggled
to win your own mind is seeing, hearing, touching, fully intercoursing with, blended to and totally
present as the embodiment of your designs untaxed.
You are integral. Again, not as a servitude unit till you pass, but now and here as truth in
motion and whole divine being rather than god seeking, good seeking. No longer refugees of the
'masters' of space and time.
You are the reclaiming of your perfectly restored/restoring total self in harmony with the crisp reality,
the clear resolution of inhabited mind and full light environment without the snap-back nightmare of
projected lies about oceans of karmic life forms trapping your soul back under the pyramid scheme.
It really is a wave..just a wave, also trying to get back to the Source. Do not fear, do not fret, do not
give in to all the subtle manipulations.
Inhabit the sacred hoop, sphere, web of the clear life.
Reclaim at the core and emanate Transcendent.
Resistance does occur, but in this knowing, you are prepared.
You cannot be accountable for all members of the species.
You must be ready to inhabit yourself at the cost of mainly those detaching from you in a guilt
trip when you decide to stop relaying the lesser defunct source they feed on through you. In fact they
are trying to eat themselves to escape realms of feedback loop existence with misunderstandings
about the Law, Love, and Transcendental Being over the duality in exerting Will upon external
realities and the outer source that will grant them the powers to echo being powerful to vainly grant
their own tribe entry with fees, taxation, and so ego driven battles to protect it, and an entropic
narcissism that the only truth is being subject to the will of the external perfection we need to loyally
subjugate to, by any name or image we are lied about being created in its form.
It is a gross disgusting violation you do not reflect at all.
You are in this reminder of freedom and beauty, and you generate of the core divinity rather than
reflect the hierarchy.
Welcome to your Soul. Truth is in the palm of your hand. Your subtle attracting hand that is
in all things, and moving an entire world, galaxy, and universal scenario to ascend as the restoration of
this full knowledge of your brilliant being.
Potentiality is your Thought Form.
Manifesting Truth is indivisible from Love circulating with the clear mind in constant opening.
Opening is Reunion here.
The tribe, family, cosmic wave rejoins you in recognition, not the other way around through
appeasing ancient embodiments that know your coming and going better than you.
Nobody possibly can, as you begin to attain. Attain to even that attaining is without beginning or end,
as you align fully.

This needs no special sign off confirming by specific entities or the currents they represent.
The message is from my recognition emanating of the core of my total being.
Don't look for approving a representation.
Be it yourselves in your own life.
My best to you in your journeys through and as the Greater Cosmos.
This is actually all common info everyone should have and does, but is out of touch with.
It's hard to accept and comprehend. As simple as it is advanced.
One reason people break down is it isn't being passed through a chartered priesthood, respected guru,
your pastor your favorite people in life praise the charisma of, nor a bookstore owner burning incense as
you walk in with chai tea being served and yoga mats in the corner.
Just a person like me. All the frustrations and wants every layman or moody artist is subject to.
Starting in the foremost pragmatic; you are here because the title of the work interested you, and kept
reading if the photos at the beginning didn't chase you off and resonates on some level.
Working with stones is crucial to at least my life, and by experience, the worldwide populace.
I want to state first of all, these stones are an extension your Earth-body. Your own consciousness.
If you don't work with the stones these way, you are likely already in the Duality mode & methods of
working with your stones, and lots of great can and will still come to you. Yet, you are also not doing your
best or taking care of yourself. You are serving an agenda and funneling both your own energy and crucial
aspects of Self to thin Think Tank committees who have worked their own thought forms all agendas
included into your stones to adjudicate and domineer anything you procure through opening your
lower or grosser condensed I self up to it.
In the essential nature of it, the parasitic battalions of the Demiurge who is not in your radial core
emanating light body yet, but needing to latch on, are far more likely to commandeer your individual
stones you are holding as well as definitely 100% then your grids or medicine wheels, wherever possible.
If you are doing this, you may be experiencing a more constant need to 'clear your stones'.
Everyone does and should clear, but above all else, you must be able to Clear Your Self.
Then, add in your assisting stones. As the extensions of your own Earth-body...
What is joined from without your usual or cyclically bound limited perceptions has been calling
from within your spectacular or immaculate perceptions. Simple statement that makes a big difference.
Right from the start, many will either have an attachment on the stone itself, and it has the crafty
intelligence to cull a food source by...did you guess it?...promising to save you from negative
attachments. Only you can you save yourselves from dualistic attachments.
You must be thinking of the stance of the clear self of the radiant core self as stated here, fully
connected to the divine within. It is not the kind of connection that requires a starting point with a certain
being making promises to get you there.
The entire issue with modes of thinking that no longer work is a cyclical bait to get you there from
a lesser place where you needed to achieve a ridiculous strain of unquestioning loyalty that betrays
yourself to glorify an entity attachment as your savior embodiment.

In non-dualism, you don't have one. You are that-this, here-there without entry point because there
is no exit point of your Clear Mind. Clear Mind is Absolute, so regardless of coming and going, here[s]
and there[s], it is Same or Uniform in relation to your motion of the grosser condensations of being that
seem, feel, and have subconsciously agreed to be pulled out. Then only way you can seemingly be
divided from the greater indivisible Wholeness is to give it to anything or ultra holy outside space-time as
benevolent party promising to restore you to what you are too deficient to access without their far more
glowing and immaculate 'mastery over these subjects'.
It's why I got out of the whole Points Chaud [masonic degrees of initiation] or Hot Points [pwen
cho] mess and cleared myself.
That's exactly what these entities are, and so I speak on it. I have earned the right to. I have direct
personal experience, and as an integral divine Self who is sovereign and having absolute being as
extension of Infinite Consciousness being in dynamic expression in the phenomenal, I exercise my own
designs to assist the liberation free of fear in this incarnation.
I've retrained my own self from within my core radiant clear mind to live the decision that these
belong to the senders, and I refuse to receive and have broken the deception that once they are installed,
they will require loyalty and servitude under any set of circumstances, or you will be torn apart by them.
Getting back to the GMW [Gnostic Medicine Wheel].
I highly, highly, highly recommend that in the fewer times you need to clear your stones of power,
and it will be fewer as you are clearing your own radial space and rejoining the Divine Self, your own
advanced and if you want to say 'bigger' version of you who is cosmically/galactic being aware; use sound.
My personal experience, a copper bell works better than anything else. Combine with your own
recognition of who you really are as an integral Earth-body healing/mending, cosmic total energetic and
ascending consciousness vessel. The vessel can be transformed, be allowed to grow dynamically in the
sense of coming 'n going key to state here as depth tempered to your balance and a major issue is the
arrogant attachments of parasitic values [devaluing] try to get you to perceive in open light form
vulnerability that your grosser self perceptions would be inanimate and are powerless without their
intervention to steer/direct the Ineffable Itself. Except that they can't even call it the Ineffable. A certain
term is needed to displace your non-cyclical fullness of being to agree that the ineffable can be fathomed
by then as an outer absolute god emanation only they have codes to sanction increments of.
If you have erred enough to give their erring power over you.
All spiral work is the bridge with earth and the galactic center.
Just look at the EM field habits along the surface of the planet, then search online for photos of the
Milky Way, Andromeda, etc. Many are under a spell that if you are looking at stars and galaxies 'out
there', that you are a space case sci-fi junkie attached to something far out of reach. In exploring the
subjects as full as possible, you are really rooting in the recall of your cosmic self. Earth-body is not
floating around on a breeze dustball residual existence. Earth-body is Total Recall in the Open Source
participation and reigniting your trapped spark self as you are perceiving again who you are.
You are galactic empowered interpersonal transforming souls realigning to your sacred being as
emanating of True Source that has no entry point and doesn't force lies about entry points of your grosser
residual body under its higher advanced light refinement. You are not created by it.

You break through it of your own clarity to claim your emanation[s] as a return to Being.
The Being is your Core. You can't separate your Core to fathom the Being.
There is beneficial separating and then the Demiurge forced separating to get you to agree that your
Core is worthless in comparison relation to its perfect Being, and often accompanying: That it/He is so
strong that you could not handle its presence, so can only communicate through loving, beautiful, pure
beings that are closer to it so can't lie, but also aren't It/He, and so prone to mistakes or falling and e
separate from Its/His Truth - that is outer-introduced with certain apocalyptic commandeered
beginnings and ends projected and reinforced through fear, coercion, deception of desperate ultimatums
even while proclaim unconditional love in the other hand.
It can be mind-boggling to think all that can go on via a fairly small, memory stick of the earth called
a Clear Quartz point. It goes on inside you way before. That's just it; the parasitic representations of being
light forms of galactic go-between parties want to get the energy from you, and feed on you, and at the
same time find the human condition repulsive as an understatement. You are not even a cute family pet,
but a cattle unit among the corporately benumbed wave of a cold, calculating high tech desperation.
Again, stressing sound [bell, tuning fork, blasting music on your stereo] and what it is going on within
you directly participated in as a whole, total being in your Truth of living your sacred, centered radiant
being; especially who is able to live directly in a way you can transform according to your willpower and
develop by your design.
You are more aligned to perceiving the sacred hoop correctly if your willpower itself is not a
construct to create an opposite reaction to force exerted against other wills.
All religion virtually does this and traps you in this way beyond and in bondage to doing it. It is
based in waves of powerfully deluded belief systems feeding a pyramid scheme deceptive god-head. So,
doing it for survival as with an animal having to eat another animal to survive switches into psychotic
sport-decapitation mode.
A best way to work with your stones confirming this info so far and reinforcing:
Don't call 'outer-advanced' or attaching over-soul life forms into it [your grid] or individual pieces.
If you have been, for your own sake, stop it.
The astral and subtle realms are jam-packed with all manner of life being expressed, and all many of
hungry life attempting to express at face value that it is this other life you might usually trust in. \
An ancestor, a totem vibration [again not an external separate agent needing to get off you], you get
where I'm going with that. I'm not one of those, all elementals and every other astral/subtle being is out
to get you people. Yet, they are so prevalent and already everywhere, you are better off to take care of
yourself and a clear mind connection with the Earth and have confidence or even peace in yourself that
they are there rather than try to make pals or even more 'train-wreck', decide you have the power that you
can cull them and start deceiving them to start serving your whims.
Even then, you are still a contract holder, and those tables will turn because you have agreed to
enforce the earning of power through cyclical/karmic points systems.
This pretty much is the GWM, it isn't a certain more powerful novelty lay-out, as you might see with
'synergy 12 crystals' to attain to being taught by angelic-parasitic hierarchies. That might surprise some, as
that has been warped into what doing magically is, rather Being Divine is the Nature we are attaining to
the boundless reality that you are Absolute as greater cosmic extension; attaining itself not cyclically

A huge part of deception is an 'Aha!' moment, as that is so often used to pit you against others who
reflected a space time grossness as a wave of 'bad frequency' to your mistaken ascension identity.
Fear is rife at the core of that, and so is the desperate division.
A huge ploy how it manifests is that it is your reason for being born to go wake others up, because
the Democrat is asleep to your Republican, vice versa, only now, it's moved into the realm of worth the
light that sets out to beat the children of darkness/devil worship. On and on that cycle tosses you about in
a toy ship. The end game at your expense is that the toy vessel tossed around doesn't even belong to you,
but a pyramid scheme collection and you are only integral in it, aty which point transformative powers are
allowed to trickle through by your superiors.
It really is Self-disrespecting above all.
I recently moved my own self away from something called Satyaloka Quartz, a gift from the Azez
people, as it's stated. I went with stones of power, and I found Libyan Desert Glass/Tibetan Tektite,
amber, citrine calcite, sunstone feldspar, and larimar. I'm sure the Azeztulite itself is great, but rather than
the stone itself, but the motive associated to it tends toward the parasitic by my deep and unfortunate
experiences turned into your opportunity and mending and getting your own mind back in these crucial
subjects and your own life as a Whole.
My frame of mind in doing this was that these 'Azez beings' fit in with all the other archontic parasite
hierarchical deceptive structures and are even fully cross-wire compatible with the compartmentalization
pervading of all the Points Chaud/masonic degrees anguish addressed at length in detail throughout the
Sad but funny, I'm sure those neck deep in all that errant, painful, debilitating self-harm gnosis
inflicted interpersonally will be on the hunt for Satyaloka Quartz now.
You could incorporate the advice here with sound and everything else, but you could do that with
clear quartz and I've also written a full project on the nature of gnostic Clear Quartz, funny enough, as
opposed to Dualism-bound utilizing that dedicates what could help you to middle-men and selfproclaimed morally advanced third party superiors. That's just it, there is a duality about the duality, yet in
the paradox, we achieve full arrays to transcendence underlying all that meta. It is a core issue.
So, it tightens up to a screen that can't handle your own Truth, and the feedback cancels its own
mistaken identities out as Clear Mind and Earth-body or World-Soul at the Heart of your All-connected
realigning with full Divine Being as emanating in equal partnership of return on the Web of Life,
boundless as Infinite Consciousness expressing in you very range of light condensations brought about by
thought forming.
Thoughts can form ascending and return, or thoughts can form domineering and desperate
separation via power displacement. You have to even subconsciously agree to that, though. Stop...
Regain your footing in corrective exercise from dimension of Heart, Mind, Body, Soul.
Spirit is not a compartmentalization facet by beings who know how to handle it all over you.
Not now or ever...