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The Christian and The Scotsman

(Examining The No True Scotsman

By Christian Anarchist

Here is a common argument I hear in

objection to when Christians call out when
false gospel preaching Christians preach
about another gospel:
P1: Angus (Scotsman) puts sugar on his
P2: No (true) Scotsman puts sugar on his
Therefore: Angus is not a (true) Scotsman.
Conclusion: Angus is not a counterexample to the claim that no Scotsman
puts sugar on his porridge.

This argument is used by skeptics who claim

that we cant accuse somebody like Mormons
or Jehovah Witnesses as being non-Christians
for the same reason we cant call Angus a
true Scotsman. While this can be a good
argument in certain situations, it cannot be
applied in this particular situation.
Now why do I find this argument to be
fallacious against the perspective of a
Christian and what it means to be one?
Simply put that there are perspectives to
identifying what a Christian is in the same
way we can identify what perspectives make
and doesnt make a patriot or scotsman. If
one is a Scotsman, he must fit the basic
criteria as a Scotsman by simply filling up to
what the name applies. A Scotsman being
somebody who is born in Scotland. He would
not be a Scotsman if he was Italian or
German. How do we simply define a patriot? A
patriot is somebody who loves and has great
respect for his country. He isnt a patriot if he
wishes to do harm to his country and fellow
countrymen. This can also apply to a Christian
when we examine what makes up a Christian.

One definition from Merriam-Websters

Dictionary is cited as the following: one who
professes belief in the teachings of Jesus
Christ (1). However, this is way too simple and
doesnt explain what it means for one who
believes in Christianity. So what is Christianity
when it comes to the Christian? A definition I
would agree with is something I found on where it explains the main basic
beliefs of the Christian and its importance.
The article states: Christianity teaches the
following: there is only one God in all
existence, God is a Trinity, Jesus Christ is God
in flesh, salvation is by grace alone through
faith alone, Jesus died on the cross, and Jesus
rose from the dead in a glorified, physical
body. The religion that contradicts any of
these teachings is not Christian (2). I find this
interesting with the clarifications and qualities
laid out.
Now what would disqualify certain groups
from this basic set of beliefs? Well Modalists,
Jehovah Witnesses and Unitarians are
examples of supposed Christian groups that
deny the trinity and focus on a false view of

how God is represented as a being throughout

the Old and New Testament. What about
salvation being by grace alone through faith
alone? Well some Roman Catholics will believe
that it is by grace alone through faith and
works that we are saved. Mormons would
even be in this list according to 2 Nephi 25:23
in their scriptures which state: For we labor
diligently to write, to persuade our children,
and also our brethren, to believe in Christ,
and to be reconciled to God; for we know that
it is by grace that we are saved, after all we
can do. Emphasis is mine of course
concerning the passage, but I think you get
the point.
So what about Christians who go around
killing or spreading the message of hate? Well
to reference the Merriam-Websters definition,
A Christian would have to follow the teachings
of Jesus. When it comes to a message of no
killing, not only does the Old Testament give
out the Ten Commandments including thou
shall not kill, but Jesus mentions this
teaching in Matthew 19:18. In 1 John 3:15, we
have a phrase from John, a follower of Christ,

explaining something interesting about hate

and murder: Whosoever hateth his brother is
a murderer: and ye know that no murderer
hath eternal life abiding in him. So already
we have a bit of Christian scriptures that
reveal early characteristics of peace and love.
So that is it when it comes to a Christian. It
is simple and easy to understand when we
look at the biblical teachings of both New and
Old Testament wise. Plus, if one disregards the
essential teachings of Jesus, yet claim to be a
Christian, then you may as well be a Russian
trying to claim that hes a Scotsman. I can
guarantee you that rather youre Christian,
Non-Christian, and Russian or Scottish, you
should still be able to eat sugar on your
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