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A Career in Government

National Security Agency

"We have a huge need for computer scientists, electrical engineers and mathematicians," said
Lori Weltmann, the agency's recruitment manager.
Available jobs, however, are not all on the math-science side. The agency's investigator jobs are
more likely to draw on students with a liberal arts background.
Central Intelligence Agency
About 60 percent of the CIA's new hires are at the entry-level, according to Patty Brandmaier,
chief of the agency's recruitment center. In-demand jobs at the agency include military and
economic analysts, engineers and foreign language instructors.
Smithsonian Institution
While the Smithsonian typically hires higher-level employees, the institution is actively trying to
recruit more students for entry-level jobs, said Patty Lee Evans, the recruitment manager. The
institution is most aggressively seeking information technology specialists and accountants, Ms.
Evans said.