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Chapter 1
Lord where do I start. Remembering when they were all very young children and how
they practically drove me crazy. They were between the ages of five andhmmm maybe
fourteen years old. Yep, my house was always full on the weekends. They would call me
early on Friday mornings and say Momma Kaye, dont forget to come pick us up after
school today, ok. They couldnt wait to get there little busy selves over to the
neighborhood, so they can run up and down the street and play with the other kids that
lived there. Most of those kids were afraid of them, simply because they have never heard
the language that came out of their mouths, spoken out of the mouths of children. (Yep,
they were lil foreigners).
Let me tell you about Johnny, now she was a darling sweet child. She was always kind
and nice to everyone. She was quiet too and a little sneaky sometimes, but all in fun. She
loves to eat everything. She always made sure that I went to the supermarket to buy
lots of food before she got there. Momma Kaye, Im hungry and Im ready to eat.
Thats all she ever said. And she was fascinated with trying out new recipes in the
kitchen. Every time Im in there cooking, shed be licking her lips talking about Oooh I
cant wait til thats done. Shes the greedy one and I love her.
Her little sister Noonie, was probably the worst kid anybody has ever met. She was not
nice to anyone at all. She just loved slapping people in their faces. She would take the
kids toys and break them, for absolutely no reason. And she always went around pinching
folks too. She criticized everything everyone ever did, and was always fighting. She ruled
the neighborhood so much so that when the kids saw that she came over for a visit, they
stayed inside of their houses. Shes the bad one and I love her.
Now about Neisha, she was the star of the bunch. All she wanted to do was sing. She
would greet you with a song. She talked very loud all the time, and was always dragging
the cat through the house by its tail. She liked looking at herself in the mirror, and every
night (even though she wanted to be there) she always cried for her mom to come and get
her. She was sensitive, emotional and a loving child. Shes the theatrical one and I love
Her brother Ronnie was shy and soft spoken. He didnt ask for much of anything. He
was always telling jokes and was the only one to laugh at his own jokes (because no one
understood anything he said). He was well behaved all the time. Everyone always picked
on him. He was fascinated with electronic toys and could play with them for hours. He
also was very well mannered. Hes the angelic one and I love him.
T.T. needs no introduction; she was the prettiest little girl Ive ever seen. She has big
beautiful eyes that changes color. She has gorgeous hair and skin and a friendly smile and
she sucked her thumb all the time. She liked participating in everything that was going on
at the school. She was well beyond her years, full of wisdom and knowledge at such a
young age. She watched everything and everyone all the time and always stepped up
when the other kids needed to be chastised. She didnt play, not at all. She gave orders to
the little ones and she expected them to do them quickly. She is the bossy one and I love

Her youngest brother Fat was a big flirt. All he did was talk about the girls, and referred
to them as broads. He liked sitting at home alone (sipping on something in that cup) in his
bathrobe by the fire. He couldnt wait to grow up. He was charming and smooth. He
always got spiffy in the evenings and wore cologne just to take a slow walk through the
neighborhood. Hes the romantic one and I love him.
The older brother Terry didnt talk much and was always playing around with music.
He could listen to it all day. He just loved blowing his horn and sometimes would start
playing it two blocks away (the moment he steps off the bus) from the house. He
mesmerized the neighborhood with his lovely tunes. He was a very neat kid and always
was proud of looking his best. He shined his horn and his shoes regularly. He is the
talented one and I love him.

Chapter 2

And there you have it! Johnny, Noonie, Neisha, Ronnie, T.T., Fat and Terry. If you say
it really fast, it sounds like a sound byte. They are the most wonderful nieces and
nephews in the world. Well theyre all grown up now and have families of their own. I
hope that their little ones are returning the favor too, and are driving them crazy, hah! I
remember when those brats called me grandma out loud in the supermarket,
(conspiring to keep me single) just because a nice guy spoke to me. And he was cute too.
I was thirty something at the time. There was never a dull moment when they were
around. They entertained me continuously and have given me joy when I really needed it.
I am blessed to be their auntie.
I took them to church every Sunday for years. I was determined that they were going to
know that Jesus is Lord, and wanted them all to experience the blessing of giving to the
storehouse. They would sit there listening to the Pastor preach his sermon and
occasionally they verbally joined in their Praise the Lord and Amen agreement with the
rest of the congregation. Looking like little angels dressed so very nicely, but I knew
better. They didnt fool me or God at all.
The moment the service ended and were heading out of the door on our way to the
parking lot, that little Johnny wants something to eat, and her sister Noonie tries to pick a
fight with the children there. Neisha, shes still singing the songs the choir just sang and
her brother Ronnie, hes laughing and telling jokes about the preacher (and nobody
understands a word hes saying). The other three T.T., Fat and Terry, were always quiet,
they never said nothing about anything.
Anyhow, I am thankful that I have this crazy funny window of memories that I can sit
at and think back to all the wonderful times we shared. If I had to do it over again, I
would do it exactly the same, because every minute, second and hour of it was pertinent.
It keeps me laughing.
Today Johnny works as a phlebotomist in the medical field and she is successfully
happy with her life.

Today Noonie works as a nurse and is elated with her career choice. She is also doing
well in life.
Today Neisha works as a nurse also and is content with her profession. Her life is good.
Today Ronnie works, Im not sure what hes doing, but I could almost bet that hes
laughing while doing it.
Today T.T. works as an attorney and is very good at it. Shes still the boss.
Today Fat works and owns a dump truck company. Hes comfortable with his
Today Terry works as a music producer and owns a recording studio. Hes relaxed and
enjoying the sounds of money.

Chapter 3

If you want fun in politics
Throw a businessman in the mix.

I dedicate this little book to my sisters children. Jonherika, Norquariell , Roneisha,

Ronnie, Terquelicua, Terren, and Terry. Of whom I love dearly as if they were my very
own. They better not try and sue me for using their real names either I already paid.

To all my readers
God Bless and prosper,