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~&&~iit*1itmiRJiC English-Chinese ChineseEnglishWushu Glossary

M't At .:f: x.:l: iAit Compiled and Translated by Xie Shoude and Li Wenyiny

A. ~ f*1J tl:Hfi ~±

Published by China People's Sports Publishing House

~~~*~*~#~~*~*«~~, ~~~*fm~ ~»,~~~ •• a~.~.t.,**~~ •• ~~.~ ~;to

.~.~*~~~.~k., .~.~~*~*~~ _. ~f**~*~~**~~*~ .• ~*~.lo+ ~,~~*k~*~~A.~, ~m ••• ~-*«.~, ~~~*.m~~», ~.*.~., +A*.o~.~*

«~~» ~~.'*~~*, .~.~*-t*=**.~ ~~f*~«o~~~' ~~*~*~.~mk*~~, ~ * ~ x. * ;te r - hi ~Uii Ne iff ft1 ~HfL '

~+*~~*~-~mA~*~~ •••• ~.~~~ ~, .~*OO.A •••• o~m.~~+~.~~~n. ~*~, *m~~~ •• ~~~.~*~~o~*.f~ 00, .f-*J., I§Im~~00~~~*ltJ:.1~H£o ~~~et _, ~~.~~~ •• ~~*~~.~**~~~~*.m ~.*~M~ ~.t*~*~r~.~*~#~mmo~ *«~~».~.~ •••• ~~ .•• ~*~*~M*. m~, *.w*.~~ •• ~~i~~~~~a.~*o

~~~., ~~~~.~m*~.~*~~.~ •• ~o.,~,**~.~~#t.~.*~*~.*&, B ~.~*.~I~~~o~mmf#.~*~Tft1m~.~

$, ~.~~ •• x~~., •• *t~*~~**,.~ Vt ~ if tfJ Jt /!iC~ if, .lU ~ ilL, :jt ;t PI :ft, .It fr iif * t ~'~ I~t! «.~~*OO~~tfJ~ft~, ~*~~ •• ~*$~*~~ *~£, ~:jt.~~OO~*x~~~ •• I .• " •. ~~ J.~**~~OO*~, ~~~*~.~~.roft~*~ ~h~*~.~~.~~~~-I, ~**-.~~*~~ t!t~,. hOO~:t1ttfJ~$lE~-7f-jJ, ~->lul(;o

~lIit*tJJ.~.£. ~Eiilit*i)f~~~*


I am very happy to recommend" A Common EnglishChinese Chinese-English Wushu (Martial Arts) Glossary" to Chinese and foreign Wushu (martial arts) enthusiasts. At the same time, I would like to extend my gratitude to -the two young authors, Xie Shoude and Li Wenying, for

-their conscientious efforts.

Very few accounts are to be found in historical records concerning the exchange of Wushu in Sino-foreign cultural interflow. It is therefore naturally somewhat difficult to "find English-Chinese of. Chinese-English bilingual boob -on Wushu.

Today, when more and more Chinese and foreigners Are showing a greater and greater interest in Wushu, tho apperance of such a glossary is truly exciting. Although . not free of imperfections, this dictionary will certainly brin • .a great deal of convenience to Wushu experts and practitioners both at home and abroad. It might be said that this book is a bridge spanning the wide river which hal flown through history between China's Wushu and tho rest of the world.

In this contemporary world of frequent cultural int.

flow and message transmi~iQlh a wave of foreign language study is sweeping across the ~o1)e. . Booksand dictionaries of different kinds now finda~eater market, especially .those polyglot dictionaries concerningdifferent specialities.

Wushu has its roots in China but belongs to the world.

As China opens its doors wider.and wider, Wushu is becoming more and more well-known.· We are therefore presented with an urgent need of books and dictionaires on Wushu in various languages in order that Chinese and foreign Wushu enthusiasts are able to correctly convey their thoughts.

"A Common English-Chinese Chinese-English Wushu Glossary", I believe, serves this purpose well and would definitely be the number one choice for teaching and studying Wushu. Suggestions of the reader for additions, deletions or revisions of the glossary would be very helpful as wei(S:s sincerely appreciated ..

I would aiso like to include something more about. this book's two authors - Xie Shoude and Li Wenying. Both are graduates of the Beijing Institute of Physical Culture where they specialized in Wushu. Since, they' haver done much editing work in the field of WuSbu. Out of tho strong sense of responsibility to introduce Wushu to Chinese and foreign friends, these two have worked hand in hand, selecting a vast amount of Wushu vocabulary materials in their spare time. They translated and edited

the.' material from both English to 'Chinese as well" as from Chinese to English; It should be-said that their ideals. are lofty and their diligence praiseworthy.

1 wlID1eheartedly hope' that this glossary will be of help to Chinese and foreign Wushu enthusiasts in mastering the essential vocabulary of Wushu, and I especially hope that Chinese Wushu coaches, judges, referees and athletes study foreign languages in order to assist the teaching, study and popularization of Wushu, I, personally, have decided to join those of China's Wushu circle who study foreign language and will do my best in the popularization of Wushu among its : enthusiasts throughout the world.

Xu Cai

Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the International W~sllU (Martial Arts) Federation;

Chairman of the Asian W!lshu Federation;

. , ,

Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association; President of the Chinese Wushu Rerearch Institute. December 1983

~~*~~.OO.~~B.M~t#~.~.~~~. ~--~*~~~~*~*, *~T~.Ao a~A~~.~., .*E~.~~.~~*~~.o 1985£f. :aOO:a:W:tc-ilt.# r:¥-",OOIij;~*:l.t~~, ~~:t

, '

*181' 00 *~~ B fig~*g,\;,!ill at ~3: r IE lW'. *J11Ht%~

~'fHl~o 1986£f:a:7'Uf:, :aoo~.#r~=-JiloolW'~;iuW!* ,f., ~~lJA,lt:€27-,}OO*~~BJ IiilR, l!tmi.*~~%Ji. 3£., #-~ff r ~- JiliIX mi. * t.t #~ 0 1987 &jS.'9 J3, :a: a *~~~ff r ~-~ 3UJil Jit*~#~, n-t- 00 *~:4!di4fu io-rf¢.* r "'~J' f,i] ~3£. rjf,~.*ll*1r*o ~~:tli~ .. ~r .*~~t1:likJtJf;]*~o '

~W, :a:.*kJf;]*~~~~~, m~.*m~*~~ m"±*~"_.~-*~OOA ••• M, WOO~~.Wx*.** ••• ~xA •• foH., ~-a~E~ ••• *~.R.~.¥oi.#~-~~, ~1n#~ifr:i!*(~Vt • Vt~.*'t JfJ -WJ i:> (1fJ* (~ i:> ), m 1!lJj!i 00 i*J ~~*t:;r.~1IffRJ~~.W it * m -iHI~~:f ..

*(-wJL>~-iJl;rlJHtT m litrOO ~!+- ~ * * ~ * ~ ~~47fIJ, j41a ~00.*;;F~,*~~ ~:Jtr.#(ii\:*). <1986~ 00 lW'. *tt~ ~ VI) ~ J}Itt#>. ~ oo.;;It tiJ.*!AiPI fig

(1987&f00IJf.iit*~~J ~ i)11~JtI.#>, J~.utff~Jt!!.g{ll*OO- . 1i!~~(IfOO~;lelJll~*) .. (~J!.*,) .. (k~*) .. <,If> (Black Belt).. (~;Ie) (Inside Kung-Fu) ~ 0 W T J! * ~;f: ~, ~f*,.1i!.1'~.*, ~~, .~*~ ••• a. _.~.fil •• o~-.~ .•.. ~{IlOO*=*M~~ t! P.J, Jt ~ * ~iii~f~ f& JiH'O til if: ~ 0 13 it # 11 if: '7 'It lfJ ~ ..

•• ~~.~*~,~~~ •• , -~~.if:o-~~ ~ ( :kP I ~ $: Zha Style Boxing) , Jt!!..t ( j(p, j;- * * Shaolin Boxing), A ff.i\ 1ftjt ~ii ~lr ifU M ~ _ -wJ ( j(p,

* ~ Taiji) lfJ •• 0

*.~.~~, -~-wJ~J **" .M, ~., .tt. 13 ••• ~.J 'lfJAff..1ft, &.~i\1ft.t., ~tJ# ~.o~1«~~~, K •• ~ •• ~.~~ ••• M~. ~o.K.~R ...•. ~~.~o.~ ... M.~. ;a- w it;jf 00 ~ i- #, *it f!I ~ if,ff, Ji;jf" "~I.fT:t j!~ 11 ilt.#ti"o

*<-wJ~) 1I •• :i:t«~, *~1 :hP**~~ ~$1%5t!£ (Mr:' Warren Fischer) ~*"" it fll1l1, #-'it1 fJQ T ~ •• 1:, -it JIl:.,!lftt.,q~W.o

(.~)~ •• :i:t$., -t!!.)t.fJ.J}f~ .. ~~~:i:t«o &tl$ ~~~, .~~*~~*~, ~~, .~~~~~~OON~ it~:f1f:mjfo


In today's world, more and more foreign friends are taking greater .interest in Wushu, China's cultural gem. During recent years, Wushu has been developing around the globe at flying speed. In 1985" eighteen Wushu teams from other countries and regions participated in the First International Wushu Invitational Tournament in Xi'an, China. At the same time, the Preparatory Committee for the International Wushu Federation was founded. -In 1986, the Second International Wushu Invitational Tournamem was held in" Tianjiri, China, the teams inyolved, in ."tbi8 event adding-up to twenty seven countries

.and regions. During the samemeath, the European Wushu, Federation was established, and the First European Wushu oChampionahip;s were held. In September of last year, the Asian Wushu Federation' was established, and the First Asian Wushu Championships held in Y okohama, Japan. Ten teams from eleven countries and regionsatsended the competition. Wushu is truly developing on a world'Wide scale in leaps and bounds. '

During the course of deveolpment of wushu, however, those characteristics which make Chinese, Wushu

somewhat of a "special, local product" also make it very difficult for foreigners to understand what Wushu actually is, as wellu as causing. difficulty for interpreters at

. -, I

home in translating Wushu terms. Lack of a reference

book on Wushu is a hindrance to its continued rapid development. .

In order to fill this 'blank, we have translated and compiled. -the "English-Chinese Chinese-English Wnshu Glossary". This glossary is meant as a reference guide for Wushu enthusiasts as well as for translating purposes both at home and abroad.

One part of this Wushu Glossary has drawn its mate- . rial from wushu books and magazines in Eglish published at home, such as' "Wushu" (teaching material), "International Wushu Instructors Seminar Course, 1986", "International Wushu Judges Seminar Course, the year 1987", edited by the Chinese Wushu Association and the Chinese Wushu Research Institute, as wen as from those published in Hong Kong and ~oad, such as "Chinese .Kung-Fu Trainiag: j, Methods", "Self-defence" ~ "Taiji Quan", "Black Belt" and "Inside Kung-Fu". Many terms have already been interpreted and trarislated in different ways, therefore, during our compilation, only those terms with the most accurate meaning were selected,

The remaining terms have been translated through interchange between us and foreign friends during our

experience teaching Wushu. in English. The terms of tbc Glossary include single words, word groups and sh~ phrases and total more .than 3,000 entries,

Terms were translated in, two ways:

1) According, to Chinese romanization (Mandarinj; which includes family names (l!I,*, "Zha Quan" or, "Zha" Style Boxing), place names <&***1 "Shaolin" Boxing), acupuncture points (a~, "baihui") and those' terms which have no corresponding concept in" English. (:;t t1l: "Taiji")

2) According to meaning. For example: "Zhengtitui (.iEm .m)" is translated as Front Kick.

The contents of the Glossary include general words. boxing names and terms, Wushu weapon terms, set sparring terms, free-fighting event terms, training and teaching terms, competition terms, names of parts of the body, names, of acupuncture channels .and acupoints in common use. The Chinese-English section-of the glossary is arranged in alphabetical order according to the above categories. The English-Chinese section is simply arranged in alphabetical order. After each term are given the international phonetic symbols. Words and phrases which are not followed by the international phonetic symbols but have the" " marks are Chinese romanizatlon (Mandarin).

We would like to extend our thanks to Mr. WatTen

Fischer, our Wushu friend from Canada, who gave us a great deal of help in proofreading the Glossary during our compiling and translating process.

The process of compilation of the Glossary is also a process of study-and research on our part. We are certain that the Glossary is not free or faults, . therefore, we sincerely hope to receive comments and suggestions from our readers in order that it" may be ,improved to meet the growing needs of the worldwide advancement of Wushu.

Xie Sboude n Wenying

.DtIt*.lfiiilfC Dt.ii*.J8~;C -,-lItiiliL =,tJ,ft.



CDf$ JiiHi;bfF






<!l5flJi ®JYU~;bf'F ®~tHjiO @'M'Jtlij1]fF.t;~ 2.M;(t$ 3.!\.#~ 4.m*


®i17iI! s:.xfl*

.~ .


English-Chinese Wusbu Glossary ..... ·1 Chinese-English Wusbu .. Glossary "·153

(General Words) •........ '" ·155

(Boxing) 164

(Basic TeclIDiques) · .. · · .. · .. ·164

(LOng Boxing / Chang Quan) '" 164

(Extending Movements) ~ "164

(lfand Forms) ·165

(Hand Techniques) ·· :: ·· ·166

.. ,' .....) .

(Stances) ·· .. ·· .. ·16!}

(FootwcWks) ' : '," ~':~ : '''11(}

(Leg Techniques) "'111

(Balances) ; .. · .. ··· .. · .. · .. · .. : .. ·· .. · .. · ·173

(Jumping MoYements) 174

(Tumbling) .. , '" '" '" ".'''' 17Jj.

. ."

(Names of MQvements .n Cou.mon Use) . "177

(Form and WiD Boxing) 18(}

(Eight D~ Palm) ~ · .. 181

. (Southern 'Sty" Boxing / Nan Quan) ... 183

(B:~ge ~cclmicjues) ·· .. 183-

(Stances) ..... · .. ·: .. · .. · · .. ·· · .. · .. · .. · .. ·IS4

(''Taiji'' Boxing i Taiji QiJan) • ........ l8i)

(=.) *~.fIJ~m~f$ (Schools and Names of Routines) ······192

;:., (Wushu Weapons) ···203

(_) B~W&~~ (Names of Parts of Weapons) ············203

( ::. ) Bilj'j~ (Weapen T~iques) 205

1.JJ~ 2.~g~ 3.~~

(Brotldswo~.:reclmiques) 205

(Sword Techniques) 207

(Spear Techniques) · • .. · ·208

(Cudgel Techniques) ~'.' .. ~ : .. .. 209

(Nine-Seetion Whip) :.: : 211

-5. Jt.l'f~ . 6.1;;;!11~&:tlWJf''"~f$ (Names of Weapon Movements in COI!ll-

mon Use) ·· .. 213

( =. ) r.~~]k1tmilf$ {Weapons and Names of Weapoa Rou-

tines) : 214

(Set Sparring) 220

(. ~.: " '

(Combat Even~) :· .. · .. · .. · •• .. · 222

(Free Sparring) .. :: : s ; 222

'; (= ) nH~ (Short Weapon) : ,.: .. 241

-, ~

( :::.') llFf (Push-Hand) · .. · .. · .. · .. " ;·· ·243

, .. '" ,,,

"'. ~~!jiJQ!$(T~~lling and Traipi~g) .. ·· .. ·· .... ••· .. ·245

-t;,~. (Competiti~)w .. ;·····.~· .. • ...... ······· .. · .. · .... 281 )\, .lftAf*tJCll&M*CC.'· (Names of Parts of the

Body, Names of Ac1ipunctiu'e' Cbaonels and Acupoints

in Common Use) ·:· .. ' .. : .. ·: · .. ;· · .. · 289

(- ) Af*fliHli~f$ ~ o'fP".rts of the Bod.1) .: l!89

(= HH~]k1\{\L~~ <Names 'Of A~,.mcture Channels and

AeUPoints) ; 293

1D,J;tt:$ $.,J;tfJt1ll8 ( .. )Wctr

:II. •• -e (Others) : , ·300

English-Chinese Wushu Glossary


:abdomen ['rebd~menJ 1M ( .~ )

.abdominal breathing [seb'dominl 'bri :oilJ] 1llAPfIll#?

ability [a'biliti] ~,f!Mj]

abruptly [~b'rAptli] ~~, l±IJt~~

abstention [seb'stenjcn] ~til.

accurate and clear ['rekjurit rend klio] fr!flltJHfHfij accumulated softness becomes hardness

[okju rmjuleitid 'softnis bi'kxmz 'hcidnis] m*P.lGmU accurate and' quick t;rekjurit rend kwik] #ba\if£J~ achieve maximum result .. with minimum effort

'[~'tfi':v'mreksim~n ri;z~1t W'i6~~ink;;n"ef;;ltj~/j"'1IIIJ* action-in-the-air [' rekJ on-in-ei :-g~] ~ If! i;/} fF

active arid diverse ['rektiv rend dai'vo.s] ~m~::4e. actual combat ['rektjudl 'kcmbot] ~~

acupuncture points ['rekjupAlJktJ~ ,p;>~ntsJ 1fU 1\.

additional movement [a'diianl 'murvmant] m:JJp~fF additional support [a'diJanl sc'po it] Il(t1Jil~~ ( adjust one's position [a'd3Ast WAllZ p;;J'ziJanJ lAI.~y} admonition Lredm~'niJanl .~

advance [cd'vcrns] '..t;!f1

advantageous position Lredv~n'teid3JS PJ'ziJ~n] 115f11&11 adverse twining ['redv;):s 'twainin] ~~

aerial cartwheel (,E;)ri;)l 'ka:thwi:l] iJ!!I=¥@J

aerobic training ['scroubik 'treinin] fl.iJll~

again and again [O}'gein rend ;)'gein] .ocjl:l&

aggregate score ['regrigeit skot] JUJU1-

agile and changeable ['red3ail rend 'tIeind3;)bl] JR.m~1e all-out attack [etl-aut ;)'trek] 1::JJi!l:~

all-round [a.l-raund] i:~

all-round Champion [otl-raund 'tJmpjJn] i:~~7Cf¥ all-round title [orl-raund 'taitl]

all-round training [:> :l-raund 'treinilJ] i: ifij ilil ~ " alternate right and left [o :I't;) :nit rait rend left] :tr:;£i 3{ fI alternating left "and right [:>:I't;):nitilJ left rend rait] tr.;(;;


alternating training [,,:I't.,:nitilJ] 'treinin] ~~iJlI~ amateur. ['remJtO}:]~~!tjf~

An Eagle Waiting for a Rabbit" [ren'i:gl weitin fa: ;) 'rrebitl

•• ~*

anaerobic training [a.nelo'rcbik 'treinilJ] 7G"iJiI~ ancient weapon ['einJ:mt'wepJn] i!i ~H

angle of attack' ('rel)gl JV J'trek] i!l:~~1l

ankle ('rel)kl] R

ankle joint flexed ['regkl dscint flekst] ~~~ announce scores [a'nauns skotz] 1Il~

announcement of results [o'naunsmcnt JV ri'zxlts] .5JG.~



announcer [c'naunso] 1l1!r:Yl, Miif 17\

Apparent close-up [~lprer~nt klouz-xp] !4t~{J;(m. apparent inconformity with specifications,

[o'preront .inken'fa.miti wio .spesifi'keijaoz] ~~)~IHf ~r-t

appeals committee [o'pi.lz ko'miti] $iJf~pt~J 1~~~m


apply an appropriate force [c'plai ren o'prouprieit fees] ~


apply force [o'plai .c:s] m~, 'Jl.tJ

apply power as if .drawing silk from a cocoon, and walk the steps oJ a cat. .

- [~'plai fors oz if 'dr;,:ilJ silkfrom cko'kum, rend week

oa steps av a kret] @i;I).!mMlM, iQ$-ffiUilrr,,~ _ apply power smoothly [~'pla{.lpaua '~mu:oJjJ ~jJJii! arc palm [a:k pa:m] !Ct.,

.arch lower back [0 :t1 louo brek] mlll arch of foot [act] dV fut] JJ1.V~

MeJIa [a' ri :n;)] tt.:ijJ j&

.arge and vertical ~nnels'[a:d3 rend 'va:tik~l'tjrenlz] ~ Arhat Boxing [' a .hat. 'b"ksilJl :J 1X* '

.arm circling and, writs rotation

, [a:m 'saklilJ rend rist rou'teijen] ..... arm-feint ['a:m-feint] ;pffllJ!

.arm power [a:m paue] "13

arm swingover [o:m 'swinouvo] ~ft armed combat [a:md'bmb;)t), ftM~~ armedroutine [a:md ru:'tin] U~ •• armpit ['a:mpit) _R, ,

arms akimbo' [crmz e'kimbou] ~~Jtg arms move in flowing circles

[a:mz mu:v in'flouin 's::l:,klz] ~.itm armswing ['a:mswilJ] m.

art [o.:t] 2:*, fJt*, fJt2:

art of attack and defence [a:t ~v ::l'trek rend di'fens] :J1c1!li


as high as. . • • • • . [cz hai ::lZ ..•.•• ] ~ ...... liiJiftj

as high as shoulder [~Z hai oz 'Iould;;,] ~~~iftj

Asian "Wushu" Federation ['eiI~n "wushu" .fedo'reijan]


at-eye level [etai "levl] ~lIll3Jl

at nose level [ot mouz'levl] !S IJ.1J1'

at the same time [;;,t lSd seim taim] liiJ 1ft' attack [;;,\ta:k] 18:lk .

attack and, defence techniques

[~'1rek rend di'fens tek'ni:ks] J.tfj11e7ft attack bridge r:r'trek bridx]: lktIf

attack position I,. [~'trek p;;,'ziIdn] m:l:&~~

Attack Twice ,With Forearm [;;,'trek twais wi~ 'f~:ra:m] :q


attacking ability [d'ta:kig d'biliti] :l!$cIe1J


attacking method [d'trekilJ'me~d) ~*.:f-fJ! attacking skin [d'trekig skil] ttilt, 1!I:lJ!c:Jslit5

. ."l

auxiHiary exercise [~:g'zilj;:jri i'eks~z] $iUfJ!t)}

award [;)'w~:d] ft~

award (points) [;)'w~:d G.>~ints)] t€t~ awarding of points [;)'wodilJ;)\t pelnts] ~J~ awareness [;)'w8;)nis] .iR··

awareness training [;)'w8;)nis 'fteinilJ] ~t.qiJ!l~ axe ['reksi] ~

axilla [rek'siI;)] _"

axis of movement ['eksis ~v 'mu:vm;)nt] ~.-

back [brek] 'It .

back arc kick [brek a:k kik] ~UtIJl back '~rched [brek . 'a :tIt] Ej ~

back cross-legged balance [brek kros-'Jegd 'brel;)ns] ma


back cross-step ['brek kra.s-step] fii~ back Cl"OSS step and side sole kick

[bek krers step rend said soul kik] fj~ftU back cross step and swing palms

[brek krets step cndswin P<l:mz] 1m;!:li~m* back kick with heel [brek kik wi6 hirl] ~mm back legpress ~'brekleg pres}. ~It,."

back (leg) stretch [bek (leg) 'stretI) ~.ffi,m

back of broadsword [brek ~V 'bracdsord] lJ~ back of foot [beek ~v fut] JV4I1i'

back of hand [bek cv hrend] *'Ii

back of head [brek dV hed], J§~

!back of knee [brek dV ni:] BM ~

back step [brek step] 1Rl~f$~

back.straight [bak streit l. m ( II ) 'Ii

back sweep [brek swi:p] ~ t.3

back swing [brek swig] 1RlJ§.i;1]

backbone ['brekboun] f:f~

backhand swing ['brekhren,~ swig] 1;_t$1i'iUA backhanded blow ['brekhrendid blou] ~$1r*A backing broadsword ['brekig 'braid so :d] if lJ backing cudgel . ['brekig 'kA<l3dl] -WfM·.;, backward ['brekwdd] IRlJl§i

" ~

backward jump step ['~~wdd;,d3ADl,p step] ~ilt~

backward ro~~ ['brekwddrpul] IS$JjJ

backward roli dive and press ['brekwdd roul daiv rend pres]

JjJ :!it 1~ JR;

'backward step ['brekw~$~p] .~ backward tri~k ['~kwdd trik] ISm badge [bred3] jB~~



bag gloves [breg gL\Vz] ~33=¥.'

"baihui" [Hbaihui"] a ~ ,,' i", ,

"Bajiquan" ["bajiquan"] }\.fl* . "

balance [ibtel;ms]3j!~ ", ;

balance exercise ['brel:ms "eksasaiz] ljZ.~S3 ball of foot [ba.l ov fut] Jmir.J* ", bantamweight ['brent~mweit] iUHt~

Bare Hand vs. Dagger [bsa hrend' "v~:s;)s 'dreg;)] ~=¥:;(f


bare-handed duel ['bEd-'hrendid. idju(:);)l] tE=¥~~ bare harnds ['bE;) hendz] tE::f-

barehand exercise ['bEdhrend 'eksosaiz] tE=¥!*S3 barehanded against. . . . . . ['b&;)hrendid:l geinst .••••• J

~=¥~ ......

barehanded and weapon duels

[,b&;)hrendid rend 'wepon ;'dju(:pJz] ~=¥-.!* barehanded fighting ['b&;)hrendid 'faith),] =¥., t1!!f-tr&Jf. harehanded fight against......'

['bE;) hrendid fait CI' geinst l ~:r-~ .•....


barehanded routine ['bE;)hrendid rur'tin] ~=¥~U&

Barehanded VS. Barehanded

['bEdhrendid 'V;):SdS 'bsobendidl tE=¥~~ Barehanded versus Shield and Broadsword

['b&;)hrendid 'V;):S;)S Ii:ld rend 'bro:dsl):d] ~=¥XfJ8'~ JJ

Barehanded and Weapon Duels

['be;hrendid rend 'wepen 'dju(:)~Iz] ~Ef-~~U~x-~~ base of palm [beis cv pa:mJ .• ,

base-section [beis-'sekIm]t!{i3·

basic defence movements ['beisik di'fens "mu.v ments]


basic exercise ['beisik 'eks~saiz]~*~

basic fist techniques {'beisik fist tek'ni .ks] i1!i*$~ basic footwork ['beis!k 'futwcrk] l&*~~

basic posture ['beisik 'post]a] ~*~Jf}

basic skills ['beisik skiJz] ~*~

basic stances ['beisik s'trensis] ~*~~ basic techniques ['beisik tek'ni:ks] l&*tl~ basic theory fbeisik 'Bi~ri] ~*:flI!ie

basics exercise ['beisiks 'eksosaiz] ~*W~>.J battle-axe ['bretl-'reksi] ~

Beast Head Pose (bi:st hed pouzl {l;'*~ beat lbi:t1. Pitr

Beat Left Foot [bi:t left fut] :ti:~JIt4l Beat Right Foot· [bitt rait fut]. ;t;~.Il14I beat step [bi:t step] m!P

belly ['beJi] JJl.

belly out ['beli aut] d

belly pulled in ['bell pukt in] i& JJl belt jbelt] 1If'ltr,!lim

bend [bend] ~Jm

bend body forward and backward and at waist


[bend 'bodi 'f,,:w;;d rend 'b~kw;;d ot weist] JiIfJ bend elbow ~nd' elbou] .til.llt

Bend Elbow in Horse Step [bend 'elbou in hers step] 1i


bend forward [bend 'f,,:w~d] m:!it

bend forward in defence


bend joint backwards [bend d3"int'brekw;;dzl_ Jj{~ll

bend knee [bend ni:] JBU~·,

bend knees slightly [bend ni:z s'laitli] JiB ~~M bend leg [bend leg] i:31!

bend the opponent's arm backwards

[bend 'f":w~d in di'fens] llU

[bend 5i: o'pouncnts a:m 'brekw~z] .xt1i~=f-. bend trunk backwards into bridge

[bend tr AD.k 'beekwcdz intu brids] Til

bend trunk' f~rward [beod~/fa~w~l .t.f*ft'«f'~. bending backwards balance {'bendit.J 'bzkw~dz 'baa~) 1QJ5tlfLfti

bending sideways balance ('bendi9: 'saidweiz 'drel~ns] ..


Big Frame (''Taijiquan'') [big freim ("taijquan")] *_

(*f&*). ~

biological '€nergy [bai~/I:xi3ik~1 'en:xl3iJ ·sc

block [bl*l m~,.~

Black Dragon Boxing (b~k 'drreg~n 'b"ksiIJl 1l~. Black-Dragon Coil -up [blrek-'dneg~n koil-Ap] 4~~~


Blac:k Dragon Comes Out of Water

[blek 'drreg;'lD kxmz aut ;:iv. 'w.,:td'J :,.:tili7J( .' Black· Dragon Reaches Out Its Claws .

[blek 'drreg~ 'ri :tJis aut its klotz] 1ijM*JR

Black Dragon Soars Up [blrek' drreg;m sotz xp] 1i:t"1


Black Dragon Turns Its Head [bkek 'drreg;m tornz its hed]

.. W~;g1t

Black Tiger Comes Out of Lair [blek 'taig~ kxmz aut aV lea]

~Jtlli7ij blade [bleid] YJJ

(blade) shovel [(bleid) 'Ji-vl] va blocking bridge [blekin bridx] ~;f:Jf. blocking drill ['bl.,kiU' drill !Vi !iT ~·33 blow' [bIou]; trifj

blow with palm [blou wi:<S pa:m] m=¥~fJiIi blows and kicks [blouz rend kiks] *rrJ1lillJl bluff [bIJ] 1lI~

board of judges [b.,:d QV 'd3Ad3zJ .~~1il~ bobbing ['b.,biU] {J£:!kPil.

body and weapon not to coordinate ~; .. ~

['booi rend 'wepon net tu kou'crdineit] ~~;>J'tlJ.W

body and weapon become one

['b):di rend 'wepon bi'kxm WAD] :!t~1tbody bag ['bOOi breg]· 1*'1 ~

body balance [/bOOi '4d~nsl :!If*.3Jl1i


body erect ['bOKii i'rekt]. :tf*qf.

body feint eOOdi feint]:tf*.IlIJ! . (body) fitnefs' [('00di) 'fitnis] ~f*.mt body ferm 'T~i fo :m] ;:!ifM

body-hold sit-back throw [~bodi-hould 'sit-bmk arou] *


body like a bow ['btXii laik ~ bou] ~~l~ body lock ['blXli 10k] 4811

Body-Mill palm ['bodi-mil perm] .~.

body technique ['bodi tek'rii:k] :!it~

Body-Turn Palm ['bodi-t~:n pa:m] ":!it* Body-Turnover Palm ['bodi-t~:n 'ouv~ pa:m] .~. body slam ['bodi slem] Mil~

(body) tuck [('bodi) txk] Iti:!it

body work ['bod: w~:k] :t~

boom-boom [butm-butm] ·tr::«*.ti~.

borrow rival's force and use it against him

['berou 'raivalz fo:s rendju:s it ~'geiiut himJi'M~:I1 both fists hitting like a string of firecrackers'

[bous fists 'hitiIj laik ;) strin -';)V 'fai;)'krrek;)z] ()OC4iJ!: m).Ib!~-t£f(f

both fists hitting like rain [bouO fists ~hiti9 laik rein] lit ,*\!mm

both bard and soft [bous haid rend soft] ftU~*1Jur both hands as if embracing' a ball

[bous hrendz ~z· if im'breisit) ;) bad] llt=¥Mil.


bow-and-arrow play [bou-end-rercu plei) i:!fi*

, ,. .

bow stance [bou stens] -, i:S~

bow step [bou step] i:3~"-

Bow Step Push Palm [bou.step puSw:m) i5~tt~ B~w Step-Separate Palm~ _ [boustep 'sepont pa:mz] i:3~


Bow Step With E.~ing [bou step wHS '4)lbouiVl ~1J;1JtJt

bonus point ['boun~s point] -JJJJ~

bout [baut] IElft

box scores [boks skerz] It.iC~~ boxer ['b"ks~]~$1!f

boxing match ': ['b"ksil) mretI] ~. Boxing Society ['b"ksil) sa'sai~ti] M brake [breik] itilj i;JJ

brandish [,brrendiJ) W,* (~U )

brave and swift-[Qreiv rend swift] JU'~"

'" ... ,",' .

breast [brest 1, 'Ii .: ,

br~ ['bri :lSl ",J.a,

breathing exercise ['bri :6iV 'eks::lsaiz] _EtJ1J brea~ng foUo. movement

['bri:lSil) 'folouiIJ 'mu:vm::lnt] *§llfl!l_ breathing rh~ ,{'pri,:lSiV,'ri&lm] llfll&$?j bridge of nose [bridg ~v nouz] .~


bridgo,"~~qu~ ,. Jb,:i~b:,.tek'ni:ks] tlftn

',' • j.. ~ ..

Bring Feet Together ancf{_~Jock; )Vith Palm

[b.rioJ~~t;~'gt6i~ ~ndJ)l1)k~lS pctm] #iP'~.

'! .. ~ • .. ~ •


broadsword ['bro:ds.,:d] ]J

broadsword banner [bro :dso>:d iba!nd] . lJ ~ broadsword blade ['bn):d's.,:d bleid] lJ ~ broadsword .dance ['br., tdse .d, 9,(1 :as] lJ Jt

broadsword envelopment [b'rordsotd in'velopmont] t?tJJ broadsword reverse figure-S . ['b~O>:d,sp;d ri'vd:s 'figd-eit]


broadsword reverse grip ['bro:ds<>:d ri'vors grip] ~]J broadsword silk ['bro>:dso:d silk] lJ ~

broadsword straight-arm raise ['bro;ds<>:d streit-crm reiz]


broadsword tassel {'bro :dso:d 'tres::ll] lJ ~

broadsword techniques ['bro>:dso:d tek'ni:ks] ]JtR (broadsword) twining head [('bro .dse :d) "twainin hed] •


Broadsword vs. Broadsword

['bro> :dso:d 'v» :SO)& 'bre rdse :d] ~ Jf]J

Broadsword vs. Shield ['bro;dso>:d 'Vd:SdS Ii:ld] ]J~m. (broadsword) wrapping head [('bro>:dso>:d) 'rrepiu hed] • Mi]J

broadswordplay ['bro :dso :dplei] 7J * broadsword play like a fierce tiger

['bro>:dso:d plei laik d f'ios 'taigd] J.1~!:~ broken weapon ['brouken 'wepon] D;lfili bronze medal [bronz 'medl] tRJIIJ

brush [br ... 1] ~

brush hand ['brA! hrend] !~"t

Brush Knee and Twist Step lb6.f 01: rend twist step] fl.


Buddha's Warrior Attendant' [budcz : 'weric ~'tend;mtl


Buddhist School Boxing [,budist sku:l 'boksin] ftHl* bump [bxmp] •

butt [bAt] l»i ...

butt of cudgel [bxt'ov kAd3al] mre butt of spear [bst ~v spio] - fft1e butterfly ['b~t;:flajl Mi-f-

butterfly hand ['bAtaflai hrend] .=¥buttock ['b.d<)k] fI

buttocks in ['bAtciks in] lit" buttocks raised (,bAdtks reizd] ••


calculation of results Lkrelkju:'lejJ;:}n ~v ri'zxlts]: . J«.eJC


calf [ka;fj I~JM! calmness ['ko:mnis] fit

Cannon Boxing ['krendn 'b"ksiIJ] ~. cannon fist ['kren~n fist] ~*


Cannon Out of .the Bosom [!kren~Daut;v 3;) 'buzcrn]


Cannons in Series [/kren~ns in ~si~rl:z] itll~ Carp Kip-Up [kcrpkip-xp] ~~.

Carry Whip Obliquely on Back

rkreri hwip o'bli :kli on brek] ~Httt.

Cast-Off-Handcuffs Boxing

[ko :8t-O( :)f-'hrendkAfs 'baksin] Jllt~* catapult [ikret~pAlt] ~ E3

catch [~retJ]. J1t~. ~

catch and hold [keet] rendhould} 1a*

catch (oncoming fist) [kret] (on'kxmin fist)] ~*~~*


cause opponent leaning (to one side)

[ko iz o'pounont 'li:nil) (tu WAD said)} 1'!~Aag:!tff;:f!J!

~ , I

cause opponent's attack to be ineffective

[katz :::>'poun;mts :::>'trek tu bi: ini'fektiv]. (Y!M~i!Jjcti ~

cede [si :d] Ii§

ceding parry ['si:dilJ 'preri] 1iiJ'W centre line ['sent:::> lain) I:j:t~ centre splits ['sent:::> splits] fjlJt

centre of balance [,sent:::>;;lv 'beloas] ::!it-U:1I:t\ centre of gravity ['sent;:) ~v g'rreiviti] tit, ,champion ['tJrempj~n] Jlf¥.


championship ['tSmmpj;mIip] t.tfffifi, ~¥Jf "chan-tou-guo-nao" ["chan-tou-guo-nao"] .:!k •• change breath [tfeind3 bres] .~

change direction of force [tIeid3 di'rekjon ~v fa :s] ~$e~


change feet >(tjemd3 fi:t] ~tI1 change grip [tSeind3 grip] ~re

Change Palms Three Times [tIeind3 pc rmz sri = taimz]


changeover method ['tJeind3'ouv~ 'me9~d] ~~j'j~

changing palm technique ['tJeind3ilJ perm tek'ni.k] ~~


"Changqiang" ["Chang qiang"] *31 "Changquan" ["changquan"] ** channels ['tSmnlzl t6!~

characteristic [,krerikt~'ristik] *' ia

"Chen" Style "Taijiquan" ["chen" stail "taijiquan")


"chengguang" cheek [tSi :k]

["cheng guang"] ~1t I&~

"chengjiang" ["chengjiang"JjJi:.~

"Chenjiaguo" Village ["chenjiaguo" 'vilidg] I!f-~jq

o chest [tjest] ~

chest blow. [tIest bloul i1i"~P9. chest-pad [tjest-ped] I ~ft·

chest out [tjest aut] ~Jft


chest-protector [tfest-pro'tekta] :.jJ\M,.,,:' t

chest (thrust) out [tfest (.9r<ist) aut} ~;.PI '.

chest (thrust) out and waist ereet .

[tfest (Or xst) aut rend' weist i'rekt]fiftIi:!I·

chestplate ['tfestpleit] tpR "-

chief clerk of tournament [Ui:f kla:k av 'tu~m~nt) tidt

.' .,'

chief judge [tIi:f d3Ad3] _"* ,!

chin [tIin] -rE.~'

chin blow ·[tfin -blou] 'ttrfE.~~.·· ' .. " \ ~.~ .,

chin dropped slightly [tfin 'dropt 'slaitli] -r~~Jft-

chin (tuched) in [tjin (tAtIt) in}' "F •• !& . ,- ,

Chinese "Wushu" ['tSai'niz /'wushu"], *~Jt* -'

"chize" ["chize"] R 1*, .",. .: . 1 ;

"chong" channel '["chong'" 'trttnl] _~Mt" _ .. "chcmgmen"E"chongbieo?1 ,·ti4tfl~;- -! r: 'I' -;'

chop [U.,p] §!, ~ .,.,

chop bridge, [tJ~ brici3] ~~. '-.'; . -r)::.. •

chop palm [tS.,p pa:m] , ~*,

chop at arm with sidestep [tS~p ret a:m wi6· 'saidstep]


chop at chest [tS"P ret tjest] !JJ.IJ!j

~ .

chop at face [tS"P ret fels] ~iiii ( ~ )

chop (at) head [tI:>p (ret) hed] ~~ chop at wrist [tS"P ret rist] !JJfB


chop with broadsword [tI"p wi<S 'br:>:ds.,:dJ M7J


chop with broadswotd in 'bow,';step , - ,,'"

[tI.,p wi6 'tir~,Ws.,:d' in':boU step] gZf1~Jl '''Chuojiao'' Boxing ["clmjioot' ,lxlksiU] ,_Jt4I { * )" " circle [/s~~kll ;;:tU!Il .

circle bridge ['s~:kl bridg] lUff

tirde hold with both wrists ['s~:kl hould wi6 boua rists] 50ClDBilUa

circle horizontally with cudgel

['~:kl .h.,ri'z.,ntli wi6 'kAd3~1] 3Jl:lt:fl

circle left (right) arm I's:J:kl ~ft;(rait) a:m] .s: (;;(:;) 'f-tJ .i

circle spear'['s::I:kJ., spie] II~ circle tAmk;with arms .sweeping .. '

['s~:kl trxnk wi6 o:mz 'swi:pigl M. circle up ['s~:k1 "Ap] lRJ±tlJWIl- -c, ,"

circle whip with both hands rs.t:kl hwip wi6 bcus ha:odz]


circle with cudgel ['s;):kl'wi6 'k;(li3~I] , ~. '

circuit training {'s::I:kit '~gl.! .$'V~flfi

circular movement ['s~:kju~ '~:vin~nt] iH~i;1)fF, ~~


circular parries ['s;):kj~ 'pauizJ ~$Wi!iT

circular walking step ['~:kjul~ 'w.,:kilj step] !JlfjZf1 clap hands [klep hsendz] iii.

clash [kJreI] nr~jlf ( IUUDiIi~ )

clasp ,[kla:sp] ~{t


claw [kla:] (i;I)4'kJttl) JI\ clean [kli:n] =f,*~j. clear [klia] tJf Ibl, tJf IIBi

clench [klent]] . i1ii€ ( *~ ) . " '

clench fist [klent] fiSt J ,if*,

clench fist tightly [klent] fist 'taitli] .~*~ .. "

cl~se contact fighting [klous 'k;>J1t~k~ '(aitil}l iff~ . close in on opponent. [ en :)'pGun;mt] ili!I)(;j'1i closing ceremony ['klouzig "serimani] I~r~~

closing date for entries ['k\ouzilJ de it fa: 'entriz] *~ • .J1:..


aM d

closing form ['klouzig farm] I&~

., .

cloud broadsword [klaud "bratdsc :d] Zi\ JJ cloud cudgel [klaud ' dM13al] Zi\m

cloud end [klaud end} Zi\fE

cloud sword [klaud sw.a:d] .~~Q

coach [koutj]. .. ~i*

coil [keil] i1i, tit

: t

collarbone ['k"l;}boun] ~ it

collect whip [ko'lekt hwip] 1&. collecting. power [~:)'lekti9 'pauo] fl9JJ combat ['kamb~t] m.4, m······~4 combat skill ['kambat skil] m.4* combination [,kombi'neiI:m] mft

combination exercises, ['kombi'nejJ"n 'eksasaiziz] i;1Jf1i ..

" '


combination movement l.kcmbi'neijen 'mu.vmcnt] 1;f;fF nHr

combine internal and external

[kerrr'bain in'to :nl rend eks'tocnl] pg ~"fff it

combine mind and-body [1C'em'bain maind rend 'bedi] ~%:ft1i-. '

combine movement and stillness

[kem'bain 'mutvmont rend 'stilnis] iilJmt~it combined events [kembaind i'vents] ~f!gJlii § combined force [kem'baind fo:s] itfJ

combined training [kem'baind 'treinin] ~itiJlI~ come to nothing [kxm tu 'nAeiIJ] r.g~

commencing form [ko'mensin faim] 7tQ~ commencing position [ka'mensin- pc'zijon] 1f11{f~* common error ['kam~n' ero] .~ n~

common fault ['kam;:m forlt] .1it JU:H~


common mistake [koman mis'teik] 1it~m~

compact [kcm'pekt] ~~

competition [,k;)mpi'tjJ::m] It.

competition board [,bmpi'tiJ~n·b.,:d] jl;~~M~ competition committee . Lbmpi'tiJ~n ko'miti] ~. ~ Yl ~ competition date and time Lbmpi'tiJ;)n deit rend taim]

~~aM~~~ ~

competition event Lkampi/tiJ;)n i'vent] tt~J.]jt 13

competition office· Lkonipi/tiJ:m "ofls] ~Jf!f.J-i~~ competition rules Lkampi'tiJ;)n ru:lz] jl;. ~UtU


competition site {,brnpi'tiJ;n sait] , tt.JUta£,· competition time [kempi'tijcn taim] tt~ I};j"raj competitor [kcm'petitor] ~Jf¥f9.M·

complete at the same time [k~mp'li,:t- dtO~ seim taim] lR1at

'. )

completely relax one's muscles .». ;. ;

[komp'littli ii'treks' ~mAS1r4}' -'fit!1l1L ~ %~1it;¥~ completely relaxed [kcm'plittli ri'hekst] %~1&~ Composite Boxing '['bm~zit 'boksi1)].:r1a:$ composure [kom'pouzo] ••

Compulsory Boxing [kom'pxlsori 'boksin] nY,)k* Compulsory routine [kom'pxlscri ru:'ti:n] n%~~~ concentrate ['kensentreit] ~".Ifl, ~:fiIIJttE concentrate force. at' base of palm

. ['konsentreit fo:s ot beis ov.pcrm], biti*;fti,

concentrate farce at toes ekonsentrejtf~:s ~ttouzl.jJ;iti.

~ ,j' . . ; e v ,

concentrate (one's) attention {'konsentreit (WADZ) ~'tenJ':lD] ~Ifltt.b

concentrate power at . • • • •• ['k:msenfreit pau;;> dt •• - ••.• _ .J

b i:li ...... ms .flL

concentration Lkons;;n'treir~n] ~:f$~Ifl, ~:J!I!1Jtt£ conclusion [kan'klu :3')n] 1&*

concept of actual combat ['konsept ~v 'rektj~) 'kembot]


confused footwork [kcn'fjutzd 'futwezk] ~~~i.


connect [kd'nekt1 ~.1f

conscious fkonsju;;sj- ff;ftiJl~' consecutive jumping front kicks

[bn'sekjutiv 'd3A1ftPUJ' frAJltkiks). llt~lt$"1. consecutive movement [kcn'sekjutiv /mu.vmont] lt~f;I}fF constant changes of direction"

.j'konstont 'tJeihd3iz :av di'rekjon] ~{t~~ ( m1iiRl ) contender [kcn'tendo] JrS.~

content of routine ('bntent evrurti:n] ~~~$ contest [kon'test] ~tfi, JE.

contestant [kc'testcnt] . , .Jl;Jf~ "

continue [k~n'tinju( :)] ~*H¥C, ~~.

continuing from previous movement

Lk~n"tinju:ilJ from ~pri:yj~s "murvmant] ~_t~ continuity [,kIlnti'nju( :~ti] " i!11t

continuous and quick [ken.tinjucsjend kwik] ~i$~1Jt continuous attack [kcn'tinjucs ~'trek] ~~l!!:$c

'contralateral Lk;:mtrd'lret~r:l11 )ij:1)!HI~J coordinate [kou'a.dinit] ii!! .•.... ~!5c correct posture; {k~'rekt 'pt>stI~] . ~~JE.fQ counter ['kauntd] iEit-

counter-attack ['kauntJ-;)'trek] IX iii counter blow ['kaunto blou] iEm counter-hold ['kauntd-hould] IX~ counter-parry ['kauntd 'peri] IXYi~ counter return ['kauntd ri'ta.n] 1X.iEiIi


cover ['kAV~) ~iP, ~

Coven. Head ana Push-Mountain ' ,

['kAV~ hed rendpuI /mauntin} 'ml-!kffhlJ Cover Hands and Strike with ..ArID',

['kAV::l heendz rend straik wi6 'd:m] ~"¥M.:.' cover with cudgel ['kAV~ wi6 'hd3~ll ~m

Crane Exercise [krein 'eksesaiz] MM

Crane Style Boxing [krein stail 'l»ksiiJ] .~ Crane's-beak Hand !. [kreinz-bi.k hrend] ~~f cranial vault [' .reinjal ve :It] PJiIiit

create attacking condition [kri( :)'eit ~'tre'kiiJ kon'dijon].


crescent moon shovel ['kresnt muss 'IAvl}. }) 3ff'L

Crocodile Exericse ['kl'3k~iI 'eksi3saiz] .• ~ , " ',( ,

cross [kr~~)s r ' 'lfI! iii, 3'e .x. ;, ' t;

.cross counter [kro( :)s 'katmb] . ia!$ , r, .. ; 1"" ") cross-cut to wrist, ['kro(:)S-kAL1U rist] .JB' ri' ,,' .-) cross-cut with sword ['kro( :)s-kAt s~~d1 AU1

cross flying-foot kick [kro(:)s ilaiilJ-fut kik] '~~." . cross forearms ' [kro(:)s 'f.,:ra:mz] ,m~

cross forearms diagonally [kro(:) 'fo :ra:mz dai' reg~nli]

ru .. ~~X

cross hands' [kro(:) hsendz] +*"¥ cross kick [kros kik] +*m,rm

cross-legged drop [kres-leqd drop] 3'iJlilU!k '

cross-legged resting stance [kros-leqd restin stens] ~



cross-legged sitting stance [kr~d sitin steens] ~A:. cross-legged step [kros-legd step) at2li:

cross palms [kres pc :mz] , X~

cross parry [kres :-pmri}. *!f:i . . -

cross-slap [kr.,s-slrep . kik.l til- t ( 18 ) I!II cross step [kro:s step] ~X~

cross step outside bent-elbow whip lashing

[kros step 'aut' said bent-'elbou whip 'lceIig} M2li:M-~JMft

cross sword tkr.,s setd] ~ .. crossbow ['kresboul ~ crosscut ['~;)skAt] at ,

crosscut palm _. ['kr.,skAtpa nn]. ~i7J *

crosscut with broadsword ['kr3SkAt wi6'br.,:ds3:d] .71, crotch hold [krot] hould] :!mlll! .

crotch lift [kret] lift] 1Bl.~; -r.,

crouch [krautj] TBI, . ;,:.: I

crouch stance. [kraut! stltnsj ,. f~2P

crouch stance pierce palm [krtt&steens p~s .pa:m] {rZitg

jjt - '-::

crouch stance stretch [kretjstens stret]'] irZit ffiJm

crouch step block palm [hot! step. blek po:m] {I- ~ ~ 1t crutch [kr AtIl 17l

cudgel ['kAd3~1] m

cudgel: block ['d"d3~1 blok] ~.


cudgel enveMPment . 'l'hd3~lmr~pm~nt} :' '.'~;{i')' ,U

cudgel parry ['kAd3") 'p~ri] '~.r· ,'j ; ',,_' "

cudgel play.- [/kAd3~1 pJoi] :;r:m~A::J::~';' . :i:' , . "~, "i;:_;

cudgel play lite a',crazedspirjt:F •. iH9~".1 ,r' " , '

['kAd3GI plei laika ,::reizdl/s:pltitr'.~:1t(.':" cudgel shuttle ['kAd3al' J Atll~-:' ~~ IItBf,'" .

cudgel sweep ['kA~1 sWi;p,lll :am''»} ., "

cudgel techniques" ['kAtI3;'l1' 'Wk'ni :ksJ: "' .. ~ cudgel vault ['kAd3;:l) vorlt] 11:1&m', ",

cuff [kAfJ m*~~, iP)J)i";

culture gem ['kAtJ;'l d3em] Jtftf.t3r

curved [ka.vd] :tIJJl


... .,. -,

curved arm [korvd a:m] Jf~1i!~ltJ~:-:, '; 'J Curved Bow Shoots Tiger [korvd bou:lu:ts' 'taigal_~

MIt i .,'J:,

-curved walking step , [k~~vd' ~w.,:kilJ ;&tepJ «~~ ,

cut [kAtr~':i\:;:"['; .i.. 0:: :C" :':V';;

·cut bridge [:"t brid3) W*l'V:7!r;" ;,' " ,.'~. " cut (chop) with both . palm ' [kAt (ijO)l»;;wi6boue pa.~m~

:&ltW~ '.~ ': ,,' r'O 1; "1,";, ~

-cutlas ['kAilils] li~IJ, lin


"dabao" r'dabao"] *-fg


"Dabei", .»oxing ·:;H'da~"/,~lc.~i~] '*~~""

dagger ['dregQ] t.1t:"r;·, ::,:( {;',-r:,U.; '~i:i"

',~ " .

dagger-axe ['dregQ-'~ksj.l ~;~ :"~(' t .. ~ .. , _i t ,-,

; .. ~..x.i .. ..; ...... (.wl\..; ; .. ,

"Dahongquan", ["dahon~'Il'\; ;~*tt~. , "

"d '" h ..I (CC..l.. ." 'H <Dft 11 .MI;: !Ii- '

at c ann'!J_\~" ;~l ;:·'1J~J;':'ell11lg1')i~,< .. :';;" , ,;-I , 1 1

"dai ." ["da' ""1 A!Ii-'

armai '11llat·:rlt:\'!RlI'.I'iUt' l':tb,,::'; :i:1:J;;

dance practice [dacns ·'pnl.~l ; ,"if- '

.. ,' l; '_,,:.

dancing flower hands _f4<ttJ)lIiu!f1a\J:') hsendz]. n:re~

"danshu" ["danshu"] Jlij 1ilr .:

"dantian" ["drntian"l f} Eij

dart [do :t] ~ . I
. \.1
dart-head [dutt-hed] .~ ,,' -.
date [deit] l3Mi.'!, :~.: .... 1 "
'~da2}rdi'~ :' 1"dazhui"1 ,*$, ~~ _..; ~ .: ' "
... " ,.;~.:. ; ...
deduct [di'dAkt) 'm~ deduct points for missed movement

[di'dxkt points fa: mist 'mu.vmont] iI~t1H)-i deductisn [di'dAkIQn) m~:: ;:' , " , deduction .of point; [di'dAkI:')n Q\q,,,jots) .m~' .: ,

deep and natural breathing ..[ki:p'send 'nretIQrnl- 'bri:Oil)}

EI ~i*p;y.19l h '.,' .:, ' ",f'

deep breathing [di:p 'hri :lSiuJ i¥11¥1!t

default (forgo) [di'farlt (fo:'gou)] ~;&

defeat [di'fi.:t] lllalJ'!, ilHi:

defend effectively [di'fend i'fektivli] fl~J&Wiq:o: defender [di'fendQ] §ljJ!~


defense [di'fens]. Yi~ , if

defense ability, .[di'f~s a'biliti] , ~~tBtI defense .action [di'fens '~kI'lD) !W'i)Sf;}Jf'F

defence and return [di'fens ~nd ri'ta:n-J. Wi'tTOCili defense drill [di'fens dril]: §fj~tf,:s:J '/ .;

defence methods [di'fens :mee:xiz).' JUj~:;Q7* defense movement [di'fens 'mu:vm~ntk:'Wi'tTf;}JfF defense position [di'fens p~'ziJ9l1] I?(jqt~'!I}' defence skill [di'fens skil] WS9rtJ5;'"

defense techniques [di'fens tek'nirks] ' ~'tT~*

deflect [di'flekt] ffl ' ..

deflect through back [ki'flekt sru: bek] fj;J)i~ deflect witharm ' [di'flekt, wi6 c.m] IA13i.Jr, deflect with cudgel [di'~kt wi/), 'kAd331] fl. deflecting force [di'flektin fats] ~~

de Iecting form [di'flektil] fo:m} ~lt, deflecting movement '{di'Qektil]:.IJlUiYIXl~nt] ~ demonstrate [/dem~nstrei~} 7.f;1i! .: demonstration ['dem~lDs'tr~iI;)n] 7i\i!,

demonstration of the movement

Ldem~ns'treiJ;m ov , 6;} 'murvmont] iibf'F7i\1B describe a circle [dis'kraib o ',SQ:kl] tUiI

diagram ['dai;}grrem] 00, iii. '_,

4'Diao"-School Boxing ["diao", skull "boksin] ;:r*tt

"dicang" ["dicang"] :1& ft ,,'

different classes ['difdr~nt 'kla:sis] ~JiiU~»Q'!' ,,";,

, .

different in style ['dif~r~nt in stall] J5ij.Ht~1ij different styles rdifdfdnt stailz] _'~'I&1:Ji(.~i· difficult to ward off [' difik;)lt tu wa :d;,£r • J;.t om M

diploma [di'ploumo] . ~:jR:, liE -is ' 'I; d. . ; I

direct attack [di'rekt ;)'trek] 1l~JltJjc

direct chop (di'tekt t[;,pF :«~~

direct thrust ·[di'retct erAst] :«~$t

disabled [di'Seibld) ~~ttJH,~jJ discontinue ['disbn'tinju.{:)] W.ll:

display poiats fdis'plei points] ~~

disqualify [dis'kwolifai] ~71lf It" ~~

distinct [dis'tinkt]. ~~t19

distinctive feature [dis'tiqktiv fi~tI;)] ~:JJ.4\l @. distribution of prizes [tlistri'bju~:fdn ;)v: praiziz] ·~i1t&~

"Ditangquan" ["ditangquan"] :f&~~

dive and press [daiv rend presj" 1'rVl dive like a fish [daiv jai~ :) fin itt ~

diverse fist techniques [dai'v~:s fist tek'ni.ks] $~~~ Diving Swallow ['daivilJ 'sw;)loulm€Tt9*

division [di'vixon] ~t& '(1*Ji:')

dizzy ['dizi] ~$it*J8t6:fl:~~

Do tis repeatedly /alternattl¥

{du: (Sis ·ri'pf:tidti 1 'I ;, :l't~ rnitli] mY JltR!{, ~~fIt

dodge [dOO3] ~VJ

dodge to the left ldoo:r·tU'·'o~ left] tr:~


dodge to the right [<1003 tu (0) rait] ;fi~ dodging and riposte methods

['cWdlilJ rend ri'poust "mescdz] f,gJidf!wi* Dog Style Boxing [doq staiJ 'baksig]~*.

·1·' - .

double arms circle ['dAbl a:mz 'sd:kl] ~Jf~~

double attack [' dsbl ::I'trek] 1[ iii. iiili .. '

Double Battle-axes ['dAbl 'bretl-'.reksis] .:r-!ij:lIUltit double bow stance ['dAbl bou snens] ~~tp

double broadswords [' dxbl 'bra .dse :dz 1 YJ. n

Double Broadswords Versus Spear

['dAbl 'brctdsetdz 'Vd:SdS spio] Xlln:iltft!

double butterfly stance ['dAbl 'bxtcflai stens] ~!IJ!It~ double changing palm ['dAbl'tJeind3io pa:m] Xll~* double crutches ['dAbl 'krAtJiz] ~m

double daggers ('dAbl 'dreg;;lz) XR ~ tr .

double daggers vs. spear ['dAbl'dreg;;lz 'Vd:&dS spi»] ~ ~


double-finger hand-stand ['dAbl-'figgd hend-stsend] .=.m


double fold stance ['dAhl fould stsens] ~.~

double forks ['dAbl ferks] ~)t

double grip ['dAbl gripl ~Uf-:JJlt1!

double-halberd dance ['dAbl-'hrelb~(:)d da:ns] ~f.tdouble halberds ['dAbl 'hrelbd(:)dz) ~.

double handed broadswords ('dAbl '~~ndjd 'brardsordz]


<1ouble-hand«t' exercise in fixed; Steps

['dAbl-hrendid 'ekscsaiz infikst steps] }EZf;~ft=f. -double banded sword (play) ('dAbl'llreridid seed (plei)]


-double:handtd whip figure-S

['dAbl-'hrendid hwip 'figa-eit] ~~~:re@ .double hits ['dAbl hits] ~*

double-hooks-' [,dAbl-husk} ~~'

double jumping front kick ['dAbI'd3mpiiJ frxnt kik] 1Jff~


double-leg drop ['dAbl-leg drop] M!l~Jb1H$

double-leg hotdpick-up [,dAbl-Ieg hould pik-xp] M!l:mJm1* double-leg ,tackle ['dAbl-leg 'trekl] M!l3OCJlI1$

double long-eared swords ['dAbl l;)l)-'igd si>:dZ} *.3OC~U -double maces [' dxbl meisis 1 ~ tal

double rapiers ['dAbl 'reipicz] 3OC~O

double staffs ['dAbl sto:fsJ 3OC:fm -double swords l'dxbl serdz] :mi~';

double two-headed spears ['dAbl tu:-'hedid spioz] ~~~T(t . double:-headeclstatT(/dvbl-/hedidsta~fJ . ~~m

double weapons ['dAbl 'wep~nzl-;Xltft~

double whips ['dAbl hwips] ~.', "

double wrist-lock ~'d,.,bl 'ristlok] ~!f-~Inft

down [daun]" Irilr

downward {'daultw.?d] '~r, 'ta'J""F1f.J downward chop ['daunw~d tjop] "F M


downward chop in bow step" fdaun\,gpior.'bou srep~

E3if1r~ )'I.! ! . ..,::',' :{;;~); .u : .. i; ,;,' ,;.

downward parry with sword('daurfW~ ~~i wio.:~~a}."f")

t!~tl ~, , ,',", "".' "',. ,,;, ",,'

downward plunge fist .['daUll:W~ plAndj Jist}: ..J~. l>; downward plunge puncb,ifdaunwdd pI.~ndtLPldltn; _* downward slice with spe8" fdaun' wod ,slais; wta spio] ~'


downward strike cudgel ['daunw~d 'straik 'kAd31)11 ". drag' [dneg] *, Mi ' ? '

drag broadsword [drreg "brardsotd] Min:' ,

drag spear; [drreg spi" J ' MIi tit . " .. ',' ,

dragging step ['drcegig step] t&2f1'; t s , l·.'n;··, ,

Dragon Dives to the Ground ,if" ,';, "';\

"[!dneg.m daivz tu (5~~}tratmd] iih d; "

Dragon Exercise ['drreg:m 'ek8~saizJ :1G~' ,','

Dragon Pulls in Its Tail ['c:lrreg~n pulz'i~lts'teil''''!lf;t.

m' !';'

dragon-riding 'stance ['drreg~-'raidig strens) -' M;t~ dragon-riding step ['drreg~n-raidig step] M;Ie~

Dragon Rises and FaUs Form '. • "::

['drreg~n 'raiziz rend'fo:lz f,,:m] ~fft~ft;:t':'

Dragon .Sabre Play '['dneg01n 'seib;) 'Ptei}1e~Jl

)' Dragon Style Boxing ['drreg~n stail""ooksifJ) ;t~. Dragon Sword Play ['drreg:m seed plei] jt~ttJ

draw [drcc] til, 1ft, tdJ . ' ;.. ,


<Jr&W, ~~ii (d4J: t.bcekl.L~,mii~.: ~W·

draw-chest in [dro: tlest in] *" '.~

\ ,.~. , ... . ~.

dJq~1 rupst,m :[dn:?: 1lliJll814n1 'JI1(JJt'.. ',.; ':"~,

draw (in) [dro: (in)] i'i~~1a51~~:JjtlW~ draw ~1bel\y ~ [d~a: .in 'beli]:· ,tttJJl

draw left (right) .fist back to'.:Waist-side '"

[dro: left (tait) fist. bek, tu weiss-said]. s: ( ;(:; ) $Jl5c1Bl 1lI~

draw lots : [dro: lots] Ml~

drawing circles ['dr:>:il) 'sa.klz] I!!llli-f ( )t~ "1it'I!9"¥'~ ),

drill fist [dril fist]lti¥fo ' ~L

drive with rear leg [draivoo rid leg] ~JBHt{f*· " drop-away [drep-o'wei]. ~1*~IlIr,q."

drop elbow [dr:>p 'elbou] .§,M, !ItM:.

drop head in ~ff?~e .[<kop.,aoo,in di'feas] ' f~~Yi~ drop hips [drop ~ips} ilLJit

drop ~hi~i·{dr,pIift] 5U~ZF~#~:!tf*./C.\', drop shoulders [drop " [ouldoz] iIL.lA

drop .sho1}!det:S and elbows [drop '.Jould~z:~ 'elbouz] ilL


drop waist [drop weist] jill, "', .'7' dropping;intojh.~ ~lits ·.['qr"pie"i.udS9.Splits] lkX drunk ill., .appearaeee jnn not~itt!:.ttuth

[drAfjk in d~pmrensbAt n:»tJin ~:e] {Uft$~~D Drunken Boxing ,['drAIJk3D '~ksil)] 1$* .Drunken Cudgelplay ['drAlJk:m 'kAd3d}plei] Mm


iOrlM4en; Swordplay'; ['d!:AlJkdn"s..,:dpleiJr6$~j

"du" channel ["du" 'tJrenl] 'liMe " '

duck [dxk] r~v1~ ""I

Duck Style Boxing [dxk stail ,'bi)ksi1'J]~:m.~ duel ['dju(lP}} xt~

,'j I-


~~dushu'" D'sudhu"] 'lfrfu dynamic and static, fast and slow

, [dai'nemikend. 'streak; fu ist rend slou] 2i'JJti~~

" t

. ~ l


~ ..'

, '4'

Eagle Claw Boxing ['i :gl -kla: ',ooksil)), lfIJK;f; eagle-claw exercise, ['i :gl-~;): ~eks~saizl .JK~

eagle's.claw, ['i:glz klos] .m "

~gJe's-claw hWnd '['i:gJz..kl" :hrendl' , ., JK

ear [id) :Ej:

ease of movement [i:z cv 'mu.vmcnt] f;f)f'FI~HI1 edge of blade [ed3 tiV bleid] JJ1J.

edge of sword [ed3 dV seed] ~1171

eight diagrams [eit 'dai~grremzJ At!- .:

Eight-diagrams Broadswordplay " [eit-tdaicqrarnz 'braxlsc.dpiei] . Att-JJ Eight Diagrams Free Fighting (combat art)

[eit 'daicqreemz fri: 'faitin ('k.,mbdt o:t)] Att-ItiJl;-

Eight Diagrams Llnked.Palm [eit '<iait}grzmz lil)kt pa:m1 /\~~~lit

Eight Diagrams Palm (Bo~ing)

[eit 'dai~gr..emz pa:m ('b;)ksitj)1 . /\.!EI-.'{ '* r :) _ Eight Directions Boxing [eit di'rekJ~nz'b;;ksiti] ' .. J\..jj$ . eight extraordinary channels [eit iks'tre-dinori tJ~nlzl .~.


Eight Extremes Boxing [eit iks' 'b;,ksilJt'l/\.f}l;~ eight extremities [eit iks'trernitiz] J\f&

Eight-Gate Boxing ('eit-geit 'boksin] J\n*

Eight Immortals Swordplay (eit i'me :tlz 's" :dplei] J\ flu ~II eight techniques [eit tek'ni:ks] /\~

eight trigrams {eit 'traigrremz] /\~

Eight Trigrams Broadswordplay

[eit 'traigrremz 'br0Ids;):dfJ1ei] J\*JJ

Eight Trigram Palm [eit 'traiqnemz palm]' /\.a+1it Eighteen-arhat Boxing (ei'ti :I)-a :h:;t 'b"ksilJ] + /\j1&. elasticity Lel~s'tisiti] iJ¥!f:,. ~m!f:

elbow ['elbou] JJt

elbow bent ['elbou bent] JiBff elbow block ['elbou b13k1 !f!ff elbow blow ['elbou blou] Milr elbow butt ('elbou bxt] llJJt

elbow down ('elbou daun] !I!.t-r' . 1,,,1

elbow guard [' elbou go:d] tF JJt

elbo~ lock ('elbu l"k]~Jf


~lbow-Iock strangle hold throat ' . ~

[elbou-lak 'strrel)gl hould srout] UiJJt!f~ ., elbow out. [' elbou aut] fa.lM'

elbow pad f'elbou pred] t?1M' ..

elastic-shaking force· [i'lestik 'JeikilJ fats] . ~~WI·.11 elbow slightly bent ['elbou "slaitli bentllJ;j~Jffi elbow strike [' elbou straik] • .IM'

elbow techniques ['elbou tekni :ks] Jill;lR elbow to the side ['elbou tu 0,;) said] iJlHiif.iJt elbow to the heart [' elbou tu O~ ho rt I '~ J[,\jtelbowing [' elbouin] . .IM';lR

element (of movement) ['ellmcnt (ov 'mu.vmentj] . .tfl1- ~fF.

elementary tactics [eli'mentori 'trektiks). eliminate [i'limineit] iAi it

elude [i'lu.d] f}J ~

.• ~ i

"emei" daggers ["emei". 'Qreg~zl 1rftlJl!lflJ ' ..,

"Emei" Mountains' ['§emei" <mauntinz]' ~_t.b "Emei" Power Boxing _e'emei" pane 'b"ksil)) tftlMm;IJ1fo

. ,

"Emei" School ["emei" sku:l] tftll~,',

"Emei" School Boxingr'emei'~- sku:l 'baksiU] *ft ~$ , "Emei" Six Comformities Boxing

["emei" siks kcn'fa.rnitiz 'be>ksig] emptiness I' emptinis] I1f:'

empty ['empti] T1l

empty step ['empti step] T1l211

empty step blcck palm ['empu step blok perm] lifl~1tr


empty step snap palm ['empti step snep pa:m] 1I$-~*"

end coil [end hill ~re

end of cudgel' [end 'dV 'kAd3dIl mre end of spear [end av spio] ~fI:!f end smash [end sme]] ~re

end tilt [end tilt] tJEre

endurance training [in'djuarcns "treinin] W:t.::biJll~ energy consumption ['en~d3i kcn'sxmpjon] ~:lUilf~ energy stream ['en~d3i stri:m] pg~

energy stream flows to "dantian"

[' encdsi stri:m flouz tu "dantian"] ~Vifl-III enter eourt (,ent;)k;):tJ l:BnJ,1:~

enter in (for) ['ent;) in (f~:)] 1l~~hP

entrance [' entrons J i!I:nJ, A rr

entry blank ['entri blrenk] *~~

envelopment with spear [in'velopmont wiespio] ~ft envelopment with sword [in'velopmont wi6 serd] ~~ error [' era] m~·

essential exercises [i'senjol 'eks;)saiziz] J}J~>J

European "Wushu" ·Federation .

['ju;;r;/pi( :}~n "wushu" ,fed;)'rei!;)n] evade [i'veid] i!it,~.

event [i'vent] JJ{ Ia




evaluation standards [i,vre~u'eiI~n 'strendcdz] i¥:Sf~lit exchange meeting [iks'tjeindg vrni :tig] 5C lIrf ~ exchangeofexperience [iks'tJeind3';'v iks'picrians] ~.


exchange of techniques [iks'tIeind3 ~v tek'ni:ks] tt*3'elrtE exercise in fixed steps [eksesaiz in fikst steps] ~~~ >3 exercise in locomotion ['eks~saiz in .louko'moujcn] fi~

. fa}~ 3J

exert force [ig'z~:t fets] ffljJ exhale [eks'heil] II¥'=('

exhale forcefully [eks'heil fo :sfuli] ffl jJ II¥~ exhibition competition [eks'bijcn kompi'tijon] ~il'{. exhibition event [eks'bijcn i'vent] ~l1f{ljifJa

exit '['eksit] i!~

expert Ievel-bexing ['eksp~:t 'levi "beksin] - I¥!.fl.

explain [iksp'lein] itf:ft¥" . "

explain and demonstrate ·[iksp'lein rend 'demcnstreit] vt:


explosive breathing [iks'plousiv 'bri:6hj] .~~1Jl explosive force [iks'plousiv fl>:s] V~, lI~jJ extend [iks'tend] f!tt ~

extend shoulder (forward) [iks'tend 'Iould;:) ('f;):wGd)] I[

IJ 'i)

extended balance [iks'tendid 'brel;:)us] #iAM:~. extensive training [iks'tensiv 'treinil)] ('"tzVlf* external exercise [eks'toznl 'eks~saiz] *~

external three comformities .[eks't~ :nl sri: kon'fa :mitizJ

~r.::: {it

extra movement ['eksU'd /muivmont]. MtjJp~fF -eye [ail Htim

eye of fist [ fist] $Oil

eye .technique . [ai tek'ni ik] Htt~ eye work [ai wa.k] Htt~

eyes follow both palms [aiz 'folou bous pa:mz} 1Ill1IFY~:ml


eyes follow sword [aiz 'folou setd] Hti~~Ure .

eyes like lightening [~\Z laik 'Iaitnin] ntHWJ;J It! ,)

eyes look at . . . . . . [aiz look .~t ..... ' ~] . ~ :ml .. ··r~ eyes look stnu.gbt forward [aiz luk streit 'f;';W~Q] H!l'IR.IJro


eyes look to ~ .... , [aiz Iuk tu·~ ..•.•. ],,' Ila:fi··· .. ·:!iltil eyes looking at opponent [aiz 'lukilJ ct d'P,oJ,lD.;,1ftt] , Ott •

. ,: xt/j· f ,

eyes on opponent [aiz en d'poundnt] IIllfi~1i ,-, Eyeb~o~~~lStaff P1ay' ['a!brau:,'Jevl ,~tQ :Lplei], 1f IHI

.. "I .•


i., . -',.

I •

face rfC,i.sJ: ~ . ,:. ,i .f

face. mask (fep ~a::sk] 00.


face of fi~t [feis ~v fist] *00

_. J

:1 ::_


face to face [fe~s tu feis] iIii~Yilili',~' I "" ,.·i, ~ '",,! ,: •

. (acing ·eauh0ther,·:t~mgl'i:ff: ' ..,6t)}ri jfij~iih: ~~, ... '111 Fair Lady Works at the Shuttle '

[fee 'leidi works :~t 6~:'] 3S*~:t£i

fake [feik] flf;1]'f'F, ,-",

fake blow [feik blou] I1fl1i I """;'j;"" i,: "','

falchion f'f3:1U~] #:JG~; lIJPl.' " ,)

fall (down) [,f,,:l'(daun)] , : fiiJ:tI!!

fall onto the ground ['f,,:l ontu 6a graund] '~ff!J:a::ltIt false attack. [fit:ls 'd'Uek1' 1i':!t'

Fan Through the Back [fren, '~ru: ~ btek] Jlijil"lit "Fanzi" Boxing ["fami" b'oksin] ".Ff*· "

fat, sid~. ,[fo,:. said} : ~~ , ,

favourable position [feivorobl piziI~n] fl~JEL.' feathe~gb:t-: ('fe6dweit) '~Qtm""; i.

feel of the movement [:fi:l;v l);r'mU':vm:.nlt] ~fF.i6.'

feeler {'fi:b] :tr:1!. " ,

feet apart and parallel [fi:t d'po:t ren,d 'prerdld],' MJU~fj


feet shoulder-width apart [fi:t 'Iouldd·wide a'pa.;t} ',jJ1jW

'~7f!:jtt fRllt

feign a,tt~k [feina'tek]: fP~

feint {feint] iNf;I)'f'F

feint to the east and punch from the west

[feint tu 6i: i:st zoo pAlltI from 63 west], rr*-ttiW



· femur [fi.m»] fJJ!:),ij-

fend off [fend of] ffltf' l.!li l"iii+ ,~""J

fend oft' opponent's blow. [ftrid;_Ofi1f''''orm~Bts -blou]' 'r:t;Jf

X>t1JilrtT "ll;:'fL. '!!H '8 ; /~ 1'--

"fengchi" . [rfe,ngcbi"] I JS(1& ;', :' I, .• '

"'fengfu" ["fengfu"] ]5IJ.1I'f " ,-;.;,

'''fengmen'' ["fengmen"] .J1l.f1

Ferocious Tiger Races Down. the Mountai h

[fc'roujcs 'taiqa 'reisis daun ~;) -mauetinl j'i~~tlr iibuJa,!~,['fibjul:;] mF1t

field of "Wushu" [fi.dlov "wushu"] Jit;f,:~~, 'fifth p;la~. [fifS pleisJ ~:n:~.

fight against an imaginary opponent

['fait o'geinst en i'mred3in~ri~'poummt]: ~~M:#f4

~~ "::r..;~

fight hand to hand [fait hrend tu hrend] m'~~ •. l .,!

fighting arts rfaitilJ u.ts] '#f4# . d! '.

fighting distance ['faitilJ,,'distGns] ~le

'~fighting skill [faitinskil] ~4~J5;(*)'

fighitng tactics instruction [faitin 'teektiks ins'tr AkI~m]

" If:lt*,m~

fighting tactics training ['faitilJ <tsektiks "treinin] ~*iJll~ figure-S with cudgel ['fig;l~t;)vi~.'-k-Ad3;;1] ~~m

fill in [fil in] !}l~

'final placings ['fainl'pleisilJz] O'c~'~f* final results ['fainl ri'ZAltsi ~.PX:.


finals' t fainlz] '11C.

finals' $alification . ['fainlz Ikwhlifi'keif~Al *~11C.« finger ['filJg~] ~m'

finger tediniqUt'; ("fiijg~ 'tek'ni:k] mi1!!"'~X)

finger tip {'filJga'tip] m~; t.· ',,"

finger work ['fi1.Jg~ wa:k] mu:

finish ai the same time '['furl! ~taa:Seilti taim] .1~1I\t~J;lt finishing form 'ffiiiifilJ ferm] ,lItit

Fire-Dragon Boxing [faia-'drregan 'OOksilJ] 1<~* firm [fcrm] ~.

firn{andstable [fa:mamd 'steibl] RtJflvUA· first category [fa:st 'kretigari] .-~

first class judge [fa:st klo:s d3ACi]' - •• 1IIM·

. .

first class routines [fa:st'ti:nz] .ijlift. ••

first closing [fa:st 'lkouzin] tur& first court . [fa:it kO'!t} .-$:1& first plaee [fa :st pi$} .-4;

fist [fist] $ , ~- "

fist and shoulder in a Straight Jiae

[fist rend 'Ioulda in a streit lain] $~tfHE-~1U!U: fist-fighting methods [fisht'faitil) 'IiWOadzl *u:

fist form ~ [fist farm] *§B~,""

fist of defence [fist cv di'fens] :JtE:!tm

fist techniques [fist tek'ni :ftsJ *~

fist under elbow [fist' xnda 'elbou] Mil ••

fist with palm facing downward .. ",


[fist wi6 pa:m 'feisin 'daunwod] 1 -""*; : ' .. !

fist with thumb side up [fist WHS\~Mn said Ap] $;." ,

'. .

fistfight ['fistfait] =¥~ ,; _ :' .,~

<~Hi fistfighting exerciS!i d'fistfaitig:;~c:ks,saizltE~~ ;' ,

fists hitting like . meteors [fists/hiti'l) ),a~k 'mi:tj~zll *J~


Five. Elem~ts:Boxing.[faiv 'e~nts J??ksit)] 3i~.', Five Elements LinkedBoxing [favi 'el4n~nts ijI)~l 'bwigl

.lift:i!~*,' " .... f , .~.'

. ~

five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) ;.' .: . , [faiv 'elimcnts ('metl, WQd,'W.~:t;l. faio remlQ:~)J Jifj (1ii:, *,]j<, :k,±)

Five Stances-Boxing [faiv 'strensis 'b~ksig] . ~~*,; . Five-Star' Hammer 'Boxing ; [faiv-stc: 'breJllQ 'b~ksi1Jl. lim.

~ .<. , •• e ,

Five-Tiger Boxing [faiv-'taig;). 'b;)ksiJJl Jil!fJ1j;" Five-Tiger Spearplay [faiv-itaiqa" s~leil 1i .: Lt tt;· . fixed method ['fikst 'mesad] 1iM)i!:1itR

fixed position ['fikst p~'ziI:ml, )1!fi

flash ['Hren ' . .I. ...

flail [fieil] ¥fUT,_

flail fist [fleil fist] ••

flail hand [fleil hrend],_., flash palm ['firet pcan] *_

flash palm in 'high empty step [fireS pa:m in hai 'empti step]


flasbpalm in seated step [fire! pa:m in 'si:tid step] lt~*


flash.the arm [fief tH: a:tn] PJ ••

flash through back [tire! sru: bek] ~." flat-footed [firet-'futid] m¥-~:&

tIex foot [fleks fut] ~ JJt4I

ftexibillty , LtIeks~'bilitil 'j!fflf!, ~.@I:> flexible bodY', and light footwork

['fleks~bl 'bodi rend lait 'futw~:k:]' :!it Jt;81'Q ' . flexible leg ['tIeks~bl leg] rlltJlm

.exible swift body and footwork

[ leksobl. swift 'b.xii rend 'futw~:k] :!t j!~m flexion and extension leg techniques

['tIek!~n end iks'ten!~ leg tek'ni:ks] 1il{lllf!I!tJ: flick [tlik] m

Fling Sleeves Against Wmd, Ifli1J:sti:vz ~'geinst wind] i!l


flip [flip] ~ ID

flipo' back Ifli:p 'ouve brekl-::W!* tIoatup [flout Ap] J:~

tIoor-skill Lfll1:-skil] :t&r4~~

Floor-Skill Boxing (1~:-ski1 'b;>ksig] '-:l&M. Flower Boxing ['flaoo /baksin] :ft. '_

flowing movement ('floui!) 'mu:m;mt] ~~~IU$Jf:. fluid movements ['tIu(:)id 'murvmonts]' ~~~fi

flying double front kick ['flaiiIJ 'dxbl frsnt kik] lIt~fQJ.


',i ........

l1ying double kick ['Baiil) 'dAbl kik] ~~JI!Il

.. flying double kick to the side tfa.iilJ 'd.,b) kiktu 6., said}

11t~~". _ .. r" :t.

flying foot kick ['BaiilJ.Jut kik] ~I$.


flying fork ['Baiil) fa.k] ~J(

flying hook [[~i.lJ -huk] ~~~ ., .

flying lotus kick ['BaHI) "loutcs kik) . M3!.~· ' .. ' .

. Flying qbliqUtf> ['fla,ijl) ~'b1i:k] i4 ""1;~" .,

Flying-rainbow Swordplay ['BaiilJ-'reinbOili tso :qplei] ""l

!U~U · .x.

flying scissor-legs ['B.aiil) 'siza.legz]·.:)Jtf ~~ JJI focus of power ('fouk;;)s';N "pauo] . 71 ~ .

fold :like' a bow. (fcMld . Jaik ~ -bolt)· . iIr~ Pi folding force [fouldin fa.s] t1T:I!WJ

·:Fohanquan" ~ ["fohanquan"] '_iJ? •.. follow me [felou mi:] lU:l(;{Mc

.... , ~ ~ I : '-i

follow (opponent's) oncoming force . 'T

[Tolou (~'poun~nts)'on'Lmi1J fa.s] IUt1itl9*f1- following-the-punch hold ['f;,louiIJ""6~-pAfltS. hould] IiEJi


foot pivot (fut 'pivot] ~.,.,tIII":!l

foot-shift [fut-Iift] ~~

foot 1u.rn.ed inward {fut tamd 'inwod] JI!IlrJg~ foot turned outward [fut tamd '~utwdd] BItI;~Ji footwork ['fu(wd :k} ~ ~



Footwork Exercise Boxing [Tutwark 'eksssaiz 'boksin] ~


force heavy like iron [fats 'hevi laik 'aion] lI!:tmi'k

force is focussed at ..• !.o • [foes iz 'foukost ~t .••• ~. ]

jJ i5 ...... illS {ll.

force point [fo:s point] jJ,~

force of inertia [fo:s· ~v i'nd,:Jj~] 1:lJt~,13

force originates in back, flows through shoulders and elbows

and reaches hands. ' "

[fo:s o'ridgineits in bek, flouz ~ru: 'rould~z rend 'ellbowz rend 'ri itjiz hrendz] jJJA1r!t.; ii"f,fJ, 1M, i;kT~o

forceful [fa.sful] IXJH)J1ijj~

forceful and accurate ['f»:sful rend 'rekjurit]IfUl1iJJ forearm [forrcrm] tu.

forearm block [ rm blok] ll!IWm~

forefinger ['fa :fiI)9;)] itm . 'I

forehead [forid] 00. ,#

forget [f~'getli17i!;;.

Form-and-Will Boxing [fo.m-rend-wil "beksin] ~.* fork [fa :k] J(.'

Forty-Eight-Form "Taijiquan"

['fa .ti-eit-fa.m "taijiquan"] Jl9 + J\;:tj:t&* forward [forwcd] [RJOO

(forward) cross-legged balance [('f.,:w~) kros-leqd 'brel;)ns) 1lJm3JZ~

forward giant leap ['fa:w~ 'd38i~nt li:p] *~tJ1llt!i' .,

forward jump step' f'f~:w;d d3hmp step] lNA __ forward-left [farwcd-left] ti:Iit1i

forward-right l {'fo :~d"rait I . ~iU1.r'

forward roll {tfo:w~d roul] DO"~lDj"

forward step [fo rwcd step] .i1J:Zf1

. , ~ ~ .

forward thrust to chest ['fa:w;d Orhst tu tJest} forward trick ff.,:w;,d trik] DO"fB

foul [faul] ~B»l'

foul blow [faul blou] mm* (foul-proof) cup ((faul"pru:f) kxp] .U'-t§ founder [faundo] . ftl1.M1 A

four blows [fa: blouz] Mili

four 'strikes [f.,: straiks] . 29i1i

four-to-six stance [fo:-tu-siks stens] llYi\tP fourth category' (C.,:t) 'kretig~ri] '. ~29~

fourth place [f.,:9 pleis] ~29~J' free combat [fri: "kombst] . ~ Eb¥JiIi ( It=¥-)

free fighting [fri: 'faitig] ~ mfJUi. ( Ii=¥- ) free-hand [fri :-hrendl it=¥-

free-hand exercise [frir-hrend 'eks~iz]" ftt=:f~:sj free moving steps [fri: /mu :vig steps 1 m 2ft (free) sparring ((fei:) 'spa :riollUr

friendship match [frendjip mretIJ .t(i1lJf

from relaxation to softness {from ,rilrek'sejJ"n tu "softnis]


from simple to complicated (fram 'simpl tu "kemplikeitid]



front cross kick [frxnt kros kik] +*mlm front cross-step [frxnt kt:~s-step] ~;;V front cross-step jump [frxnt kros-step d3Amp] front kick [frxnt kik] iEmm

front-left ('fr Ant-left] tr:'OO:n

; r,

front leg press [fr xnt leg pres] .iE ••

front (leg) stretch [fr Ant (leg) stretJ] iESI! front(leg) sweep [frxnt (leg) swi:p] HU1:31m front-right [fr xnt-rait] ;(:iOU:n)

front slap kick [frxnt sleep kik] .t¥itEJJ$ front splits [fr .... nt splits] :nq 3t

front ... straight body drop [fr xnt streit 'bodi. drop] •• front. sweep [frmtswitp] out:!

"Fujian" Southern Style Boxing:

["fujian" 'sAa~n stail 'b~ksilJ]lIM!m$

full points [ful points] .~ . full score [ful skor] ~*

fuU squat [ful skwet] ~jf

• ~ , f

fully extended [ful] iks'tendid] 1t:*fItI Jil

fundamental fist techniques [fxnda "mentl fist tek'ni :ks] ~


fundamental position [fxndo'rnentl po'zijcn] ~*~.§

fundamental stance [fxndo'mentl steens] ~*'~:n:~* fundamentals' - [;fAri.d~'mentlz) ~*Jj]



"ganshu" ["ganshu"JIJft.J gasp [go:spJ Pifi~

general fitness training ['d3endr~I"fitnis 'trainilJ) -llt.m

iJlJ tf,

gentle arm [' d3entl a:m J ..tJIt~*. "geshu" {"geshu"l JJ1.hftr

giant leap ['d~idot li:pJ 7dt~~'OO~

give a straight blow forward with left fist

[giv d streit blou 'f.,:w~d wHS leftfistJ t;$~'OO'Mtm give up [giv AP J 1P:&

glide [glaid] ntJ£1ktli

go down [gou daun] ~*1frJ gold medal [gould 'medl) ~M!

Golden Cock Crows at Dawn ['gouldan kokkrouz at dam] -£~lrxa~

Golden Cock Mounts Perch ('gouldan kek maunts pd:tli


Golden Cock Pecks at Rice ['gould~n kok peks at rais) ~


Golden Cock Ruffles Feathers ['goulddn k.,k'rAfiz 'fe631



Golden Cock Stands on One Leg

['gould;:)n kok stendz en WAn leg] ~~~:n: "gong-fu" ["gong-fu"] JJJ:*

good timing [gud 'taimin] .&at

grab [grreb] ~,mt, ~

grab hands [qreeb hrendz] ~¥ graggy ['gr;:)gi] gdffSi!l*J:j:tJ§1li:ll:.iF~ grapevine leg [' greipvain leg] ~JJ1 grapple [' grrepl] 1JIt,:fE, ~¥

grasp [gro:sp] mt, m1

Grasp the Peacock's Tail [gro :sp 6;:) 'pi rkeks teil] tlliJit grasping the ground with toes

['gro:spilJ 6;:) graund wi6 touz] Ji!i:mUIil

grip fingers and break wrist [grip 'fi1)g;:)~ and bre.ik ristl


groin [gr"ilJ] ¥-i~, ~~

Ground Boxing [graund 'ooksilJ]. :l& •• group event [gru:p i'vent] t!f*lJ{~ group exercise [gru:p "eksosaiz] .f*~~ "Guangdong" Southern Style Boxing "

["guangdong" 'sA6;>n stall 'boksi9l j*ifi4l "guanyuan" ["guanyan"] :*:7C

guard [ga:d] 1fIjra:

guard of broadsword [ga:d ~v 'bratdsetd] nf.t (~¥) Gun-Hammer Boxing [gAfi-'luem<l 'b"ksilJl Mil.



lJack [hrek) iX

hack palm [luek perm] ~ 1;

.hack sword in bow step [hrek serd in bou step} Egzt;~];~ 'hack with broadsword [brek wi6 'brotdsard] ~JJ

hack with sword [hek wi6 sord] ~];g

hair [hso] 1-'b.'

'halberd / halbert rhrelb~(:)d / 'hreJb;,( :)t] ¥l !half-kneeling step [ho:f-'niIilJ step] :m~

half squat [ha:f skwet] .'"*,,,

halt [ho :It] f11

.hammer strike (smash) ['hrem~ straik (smreJ)] _*

.hamrnerlock f'brem~J.,k J U!"

band clap [hrend khep] jjtiU .hand form [hrend form] =¥m

.hand form and hand technique exercise

[hrend form rend hrend' tek'ni rk 'eksosaiz] ¥~flE


'hand guard [hrend go :dJ :JP=¥tl hand stand [hrend stand] =¥ffrJ s:

.Hand Strums the Lute [hrend strxmz 6;, Iju:t] !f-1:fFe~ 'i1and techniques [hrend tek'ni :ks] =¥lE


handJe of sword '{'hrendl ~v sa :d] . ~~fi handle of whip ['hrendl ~v hwip] t(ue

hands like arrows [hendz laik 'rerou~]. =ffllft

hands like eagle's talons [heendz laik 'I :glz 'trel;mz] ~{G.t .)1\

hands on hips [hendz on hips] ~'¥)t~

Hands protecting oneself like two doors.vrelying entirely 011 one's leg to beat the opponent.

[hrendz prc'tekitn wxn'self laik tu: dotz, ri'laiin in'taicli on wxnz leg tu bi:t 6i: o'pouncnt] ~~JjfJjJf>l

n. ::ldtIDUT A 0

handshake-and-circle hold ['hrendJeik~rend-'s~:kl hould],


handshake hold ['hendjeik hould] §~~* handstand ['hrendstrend] ~ff~:fl:

hard exercise [ha:d 'eksosaiz] i.!I!~

Hard School Boxing [ha:d sku.:L~baksi,g] i!!I!fV> hard whip [ha:d hwipl i.J!@

hardness and softness moving in harmony

['ha:dnis rend "softnis /mutvin in "hcrmani] MU*;f:Silfhardness and softness, solidity and emptiness

['ha :dnis rend 'softnis, so'liditi rend, 'emptinis] Ji!lU*" ~

harmonious and smooth [hc rrnouajos rend smu.e] tlJ.W:


harmony rho rmoni] tIJ.-ura

barmony of movement [/hQ:m~ni ':Jv 'mutvmcnt] f;f]f¥1:lTW

lharmony of inside and outside

['ho:m':Jni ~v 'insaid rend 'aut'said] pg;l-tlJ.i14 !harrow ['hrerou] m

:hatchet ['hretIit] ~

head [hed]'*

head butt [hed bxt] *_

head ercet [hed i'rekt] *.iE1£ .head 'judge [bed d3Ad31 ,~,~:1!Il head lock [hed lok] ~*

head-lock flip [hed-lok flip] leI'~Hyi1t$ bead of whip [hed ov hwip] ~*

'head upright [bed' xprait] *.iE1i

head stand [bed strend] *'f-ffllJi:

.head straight [bed 'streit] *.iEB: 'health-building [hele-'bildilJ] .!t

'heart of fist [ho:t ~v fist] * It,

'heavenly palace comb ['hevnli 'prelis koum] -g7C~ .heavy bag ['hevi breg], ~33~

'heavy blow ['bevi blou] _*

:heavy training load method

['hevi "treinin loud 'mescd] :killi;J]:l:iJllt%7*

heavy training load phase ['hevi 'treinil) loud feiz] :kill f;f] It iJll tt JSJt I3t

dleavy weapon ['hey; 'wepon] IUUi


.heavyweight ['heviweit] •• flti theel [hi :1] B1Vm

heel kick [hi:1 kik] mlm

J1eeJ of hand [hi:1 ~v hrend] #tR

'heel of rear foot off fl.oor [hi: I ;)v rio fut (: ).,f fl..,:) m- SUI


heel raised [hi:1 reizd] !liN .heel-up [hi:l-Ap] tlm, ••

'heels pushed out [hi:lz 'pujt aut] B1VlHHI heels outward [hi :Iz 'autwcd] JmJ~lUHi

'~'hegu" ["hegu"] ~~

. .,. .

.helmet ['helmit] "ikii

hide broadsword [haid 'brctdsetd] "11 'hide broadsword in empty stance

[haid 'brotdsacd in 'empti stens] liI~~JJ Hidden Traces Boxing ['hidn 'treisis 'boksin] ~~$ Biding Tiger Boxing ['haidig 'taiqo 'boksin] ik.!l't:$ .high and low attack [hai rend lou ;)'trek] _t r~ili .high and low attack alternately

[hai rend lou ;)'trek erl'tomitli] J:r~ff~* .high empty stop [hai 'empti step] jtj.ra~

high leg stretch [hai leg stretI] it( Him

highest score ['haiist sker] .it5~

.hilt [hilt] ( n, ~Ij ~ tf(J ) :wi

;hip [hip] .atS

.hip (knee, ankle) joint [hip (ni:, 'regkl) d3.,intl • ( ~, • .



hlp-roll throw [hip-roul Brou] MJJlU* hip-sabre [hip 'seib~] JjJlJ

hips in [hips in] J&f!

hips lowered [hips "louad] tiff. ViR hips relaxed [hips ri'lakst] ;f'~~

hips pushed forward [hips pujt 'fa:w~] , ~R hips thrust out [hips SrAst aut] i1!t1t

hit received [hit ri'si .vd] '* r:f::t

hit target [hit 'to :gitj' '* Ifl

hit with elbow [l-it wi3 'elbou] H,* hitting power [hitin 'pauo] tT,*fJ:Iit hold [hould] ~,~, Ki'

hold ball with both palms,

[hould bc.l wi6 bous pa:mz] ~ffgjJ: hold-breaking methods [hould-rbreikin 'mescdz]


hold broadsword [hould 'bretdse.d] $71

hold cudgel [hould 'kAd3~1] ~m

hold elbow in [hould 'elbou in] .~M

hold fists on hips [hould fists on 'hips] 1Bl* hold knee in front [hould ni: in frxnt] lEifiitBlB* hold leg in defeHce [hould leg in di'fens] tBllml?J.j hold loosely ['hould 'Iu tsli] f~1m

hold on to [sould an tu] M{j:· .. ···~nt hold spear [houl spio] *fft, 1Blfl!


bold spear horizontally in semi-horse stance

[hould spio heri'zentli in 'semi-lm:s stams] "li~. ~lt

hold stomach in [hould 'stAm~k in] J&JlI hold sword [hould ~:d] m~

hold weight on left (right) foot

Ihould weit on left (rait) fUt] :!I>r.,1**tE:tc: ( ;ti ) • hold wrist [hould rist] *Ji

holding a ball ['houldil) ~ be :1] Mil~ Holding-and-Catching Sparring

['houdliI)-rend-'kretIil) 'spa:ril)] ~.* holding-fist salute ['houldil)-fist s~'lju:t] ffY;$:M. houlding method fhouldiU 'meedd] Mi1R, *~1il1i holding technique [houldiI) tek'ni :k] *tR

home team (houm ti:m 1 ~1R'

hook [huk] ~, ~.

hook elbow [huk 'elbow] f.t.lM' hook foot [huk fut] ~~~ hook grasp [huk gra :sp] ==1 f hook hand [huk hrend] ~f hook hand and blcok with palm

[huk hrend rend blok wi~ perm] ~=f1t. hook in defence [huk in di'fens) 1;] ~Jj

hook kick [huk kikl_.~m

hook leg [huk leg] tflll!

1I0ok moving like waves [huk 'mu :vil) laik weivz] ~~



hook pointing ap [huk 'p6intig ,All1 ~~IRJJ: hopping step, ['h0pig step] t'J.;!J1


horizontal chop palm . [heri'zcntl Jlop perm] ~*

horizontal circle [hori'zentl '~:kl] -¥-1I horizontal cut with broadsword

[heri'zentl kst wi6 "bretdsord] $Tn

horizontal cut with sword [heri'zentl kAt wi6 said] $T~IJ. horizontal force [hori'zontl fats] 7.J(:5Jl-b

horizantal force can break vertical force ' ,

[hori'zontl fg:s kren breik 'v~:tik~l fats] ~fJUlt1[: horizontal horse-riding stance ,

[,h;)ri'tantl h;):s-raidiQ strens] ,_,...*~~

horizontal leg stretch [,hori'z,,_' leg strem" ,.lIZ ffiJm ; horizontal punch [heri'zentl PADtS] ~*

horizontal slice [,h"ri'z"ntl slais] $f,

horizontal slice in bow step [,h"ri'z;ootl~lais in bou step)


horizontal slice at chest [heri'zontl slaisret tjest] *'fR, horizontal slice at head [hori'zontl slais at hed] *'f~ horizontal strike with end of cudgel

[heri'zontl straik wi6 end av 'kAd3a1] tttilHfl horse step punch fist [fors step pADtI fist] .q,~lJ:I:I* horse step push palm [ho:s step pu] pa:m] .q,~m* Horse Exercise [h;):s "ekscsaiz] .q,~

hose-riding step [h,,:s-'raidig step] .q,~


-However powerful a 'strike;, it: tUw·be held. off with just a tip of the finger ..

[hau'evo tpaucful ~ straik, ·it ben hi: held O<:)f witS ci3Ast ~ tip ~v tS~ 'fil)g.:) {£ffiH~:!:jj*tr~, *i;J]ImWH~ =rITo

'<CHua" Boxing ["bua" 'boksin] ~* "<'huagai" ["huagai"] ~i£ "'huantiao" ["buantiao"] 3;f-R

bug [hxq] :IE!{±, ~M3!

hug knee [hAg ni:] M3!Jlt

,hugging ['hAgiIJ] :IE! {±~1i

'''huiyang'' ['huiyang"] ~m '''huiyin'' ["huiyin"] ~WJ

"~HlInyuan" Palm ["hunyuan" pa:m] iffi5Ct


If 'Opponent attacks quickly react quickly, if slowly then jfo))ow him slowly.

1if ~'poun:nt o'ueks 'kwikli ri( :yrekt 'kwikli, if'slouti oen 'folou him 'slouli] i;J]~J!U~&, i;J]~]j!Ijf&1li 0

imitate ['imiteit] mfJJ

Imitation Boxing [fmi'teijon 'boksin] ;tJ~* immediate riposte [i'mirdjct ri'poust] '&If;j"~*


(important) points [(im'tr.>:t:nt) peints] ~~, ~_Q;. imposing manner [mipouzin .: /mren~J 4=(~ improper timing [im'prepo 'taimin] JI'&It-j'

in a low (high) position [in ~ lou(hai) p~/ziI~n] ~T~


in an arc [in en Q :k] WlUfH!

in an inferior position [in en in'ficrio p~'ziI;;nl ~T;fJtJ;/J) in flight [in flait] a~, ~T~'2:fj(~

in front of [in frxnt cv] fE······i1Utlfi

in front of body [in frxnt ;,v 'bodi] fE1*H~

in good condition [in gud kcn'dijcn] Jtt.:k::U(~3I-1 in (good) time [in (gud) taim] &ltj, ifElft

in line with. . . . . . [in lain wio I ~ .. · .. ·-·ft ..

~:J ...... {£ -1'i~.l:

in supine position [in sju'pain P~'ziJdnl ~=f' fCf.Jf:!~~~ inch force [int] fats] 'tWJ

inch punch [int] pxntj] iW ~

inch punch fist [int] PAtHI fist] ijil ~ .incline [inklain] ~ji l.+. Jffi5:t, 1~*

incomplete body turn [Inkcmp'Ii it 'bodi tarn] ~1*JI'1t:1tincomplete routine Lmkompli a ru :'ti :n] &1f jCJ&~~

inconformity [Inkan'fatmiti] /f~-l&

incoordination [Inkou'ordi'neijcn] Jl'EiJW index finger ['indeks 'fil)g.;;) ~m

indirc-ct attack [indi'rekt ~'trekl ra]~:llI:~

mdividual champion [,indi'vidju~l 'tIrempj~.nJ l' }..~~ 60

individual coaching [Indi'vidjuel 'koutjiu] 1'§3Utm~ 'ineffective [ini'fektiv] }i~

lnertia [i'nd:Jid] 1:!:t~, mtt

inferior [in'ficrio] "WY;

inferior position [in'ficrio p;}'ziIdn] 1i'!Jj infighting· [Tnfaitin] ilr~

inhale [in'heil] I!& '=\

initiative [ini'[ictiv] :±$]t5{, :±$] inner ankle ['ind' relJkl] I*l ~

inner power ['Ino 'paua] ~~}J, ~11

inner side ['ind said) ~ mg

inner strength and sensitivity ['ind strens rend ,sensi'tiviti]


inner thigh ['in~ sail :kJIM ~ 001

Inquiring Bixing [in'kwaiorin 'b~ksiIJ] fPli$* insert [in'sort] t~A

insert leg behind (opponent)

[in'so it leg bi'haind (c'pounontl] ~. insert.leg in defence [in'sa.t leg in di'fens] .1IlI!1rIJ~

inside ['in' said] ri'JfJltl

inside crescent kick [rin'sald 'kresnt kik] m~Ji! inside crotch hold ['in'said krot] houldJ pgfJ!H'8lJII

inside kick ['in'said kik] m~Jb!

iinside parry ['in' said 'preri] P-l fJ!~:Nftli

inside slap crescent kick ['in'said sleep 'kresnt kik] m ~ m~



inspector [in'spekt~] *.M

instep ['instep] JJtlJ ~ tl!I

Institute of "Taijiquan" ['institju:t ~v "taijiquan"] ;;t


instruction methods [in'strAkI"n 'mee~] t!ci* instructional materials [in'str AkI"n~1 me'tierielz] t!ctf instructor [ins'tr xkto] iJ:i:!frIi , ~~

integration of elbows and knees

r)nti'greiJ~n ;.v 'elbouz rend ni:z] M!:j~~ integration of hands and feet

[jnti'qreijr n ,-v hrendz rend fi:t] ¥-!:jJJtlJ~ integration of mind and will [.inti 'greiJ~n ';Jv maind rend willl Jt\E3~iI

integration of shoulders and hips

Linti'greiI~n cv 'Iould;lz rend hips] JFiP;~~ integration of vital energy and strength

Linti'greiI~n ';JV 'vaitl 'encdsi rend strena] ~!jjJ1!t integration of will and vital energy

[,inti'greiIan ~v wit rend 'vaitl renodgi] ~!j~~ intense concentration [in/tens .kenson'treijan] ~:pfI!ftE intensive training [in'tensiv ~treinig] 5j{t-UlI~ ( jc5jJjf

illI~ )

intention [in'tonjcn] :i:m intercept Lint~( :)'sept] .•

intercept (block) with end of cudgel

[,int;( :),sept (blok) wi6 end ;,v 'kAd3~11 .re


intercept bridge Lint;;( :)'sept "bridj] iltff

intercept with broadsword [,int~( :)'sept wi6 'braidso.d];


intercept with sword [,int;)(:),sept wi6 sord] 'Ud intercostal space Lint;;( : )'kC>stl speis] .IJb ra:J i't Intermediate (class) Routine

[,int;(:)'mi:dj~t (kla:s) ru:'ti:n] z:.m~~ intermission [,int;(:)'mjJ;;nl 1'aJ.m

internal exercise [in' 'eksosaiz] I*J~

internal three conformities [in' Sri: kan'farmitiz] Pf' =:.6-


International "Wushu" Federation

Ljnt~:) 'nreJ~nl "wushu" .fedo'reijon] m~Jiit*1f*iI~

Interntional "Wushu" Organization

[,int~:) 'nreJanl "wushu" ,t>:g;;nai'zeiJan] m~JiitJlt


intertwining leg [,int;;( :)'twainilJ leg] ~OO interval training ['intav~1 'treinin] ra:J~l)II~ invalid hit [in'veelid hit] iii $JG9X invitation [jnvi'teijcn] i!&51, ~~

: invitational tournament [,invi'teiJanl 'tuenomant] ;~mff invite [in'vait] 1.I&51,:m 1ft

inviteness [in'vaitnis] 51~, 11&51

inviting [irrvaitin] 51~, i!&51

inward ['inw;;d] [i!ijpg, pgtEa9

;'inwardartd outward bent-elbow whip lashing

. ['inw;::d rend '~utw;::d bent-'elbou hwip'lreJiJ)] !lBH~


'-inward parry [mwcd 'preri] lEt!

'Iron-Arm Exercise ['ai~n-a:m "eksasaiz] ~";b

iron rule ['ai~n 'ru:l~] ~.R

iron-sand palm ['ai~n-srend pa :m] ~tp*


-jab [d3reb] m*~* jackknife [' d3reknaif] lN$

Jade Girl Works at Shuttles [d:;eid g~:lw~:ks '~t 'JAtlZJ 3i3c~~

-jaw [d3~:] @{

"jiandao" (sword school) ["jiandao" (sord sku:l)] ~Ull "Jiangxi" Southern Style Boxing

["jiangxi" 'SAO~ stail 'b~ksiJ)] iIi!!fm$ "jianjing" ["jianjing"] Jf4 #

"jianliao" ["jianliao"] Jf4 U

"jianwaishu" ["jianwaishu"] Jf4 ~~'lftr

. "jianyu" ["jianyu"] ffiJ M

'''jianzhongshu'' ["jianzhongshu"] 14 ift'lftr -'~jiaobang" (staff fight) ["jiaobang" (sta:f fait)] ~.,

"jiaodi" exercise ["jiaodj" 'eks. saiz] niJU:·

"jiaoli" (trial of strength) ["jiaoli" (traicl sv strege)} :ffl1J, "jijian" (fencing) ["jijian" (Tensi jj] *~U

"jingrmng" ["jingming"] IPrfH)J

"jiuwei" ["jiuwei"] ~~

"jizhong' ["jizhong"J' 'Yf t:J:1

joint [djoint] ;k~

joint open [doint 'oupcn] *~:f'a3f judge [d3Ad3J t&!}!IllJ:!

jump [d3Amp] itt Bj~~

Jump a Step and Twist Elbow

[d3Amp ;, step rend twist 'elbou] ""t~WJ~M

jump and kick with heel [d3Amp <end kik wi3 hi :11 lit" t~mJll

jump and spin lotus kick fd3Amp rend spin 'Ioutcs kik] JIl-


jump backward {d3Amp 'beekwcd] ~~J~ZP jump backward and chop downward

[d3Amp 'brekw~d rend tJ"P 'daunwcd] fr:i2#t "F ~ jump backward, spin weapon and chop

/ (d3Amp 'bakwcd, spin /wepcn rend tjop] J§RlH~9l

jump forward [d3mAP 'forwcd] ~JilfJtk~

jump high and kick to side with sole leading

[d3Amp hai rend kik tu said wio soul 'Ii :dil)] .Il1f~mHiiij:jump into somersault [d3Amp 'intu '] JItf~lfJ~~ ~IJ


Jump, Roll Backward, Dive and Press

[d3Amp, roul 'bekwcd, daiv. end pres] IH1HI-Ilt jump up and chop downward

[d3A1l1P xp rend tjop 'daunwad] WE78lt!@

jumping ability ['d3AIDpit) ;)'bliiti] ~WEjJ

-Jumping Carp ['d3AIDpit) ka:p] M!l!.tr~

.jumping cross kick ['d3Ampit) kros kik] Sf~f4 ~~ jumping double front kick ['d3AmpilJ 'dAbl frxnt kik] Sf


jumping from the splits ('d3AIDPilJ from O~ splits] ~X .jumping front kick ['d3AIDpit) frxnt kik] .~~JlW .jumping heel kick ['d3AIDpig hi:l kik] .~mM jumping movements ['d3AIDpilJ "mu.vmonts] ~~i9Jf'p jumping movement exercise

['d3AmpilJ 'mu:vm;)nt 'eksosaizl ~~~f'p~:5J jumping side sole kick ['d3AIDpit) said soul kik] lIt~~UM jumping snap kick ['d3A1D.pig, snrep kik] .~1fu~ .jumping spinning inside kick.

['d3AIDPilJ /spinin 'in'said kik] , ME)5ij.J1t41 jumping step ['d3AIDpilJ step] ~iV

jumping up from lying position ('d3AIDpil) AP from 'laiiq pc'zijsn] M! fa trm

"juque" ["juque") aM·

jury of appeal ['d3U;)ri;)v o'pirl] {!fta~B\~

keep [ki :p] i*¥f

keep (body) balance [ki:p 'bodi 'belons] 1~iH<1~f*3f!flj keep buttocks in [ki:p 'bAtGks in] i&fi

'keep buttocks tucked in [ki:p 'bAt~ks 'txkt in] 1&. keep stable position [ki:p "steibl p~'ziIdn] ~¥f~Ji:::~. keep stationary [ki:p 'steiJGnGril~ttf;;f'Wl

key points [ki: points] ~®(

'key to the movement [kirtu 6d 'murvmont] WlfFM lock [kik 1 BJb

kick according to opponent's posture

[kik G'k;):diI) tu ~pounants '~strd] Ii§JI kick in defence [kik in di~fens]S.mWi

kick (leg) [kik (leg)] JIm

kick sky with sole [kik skai wi6 soul] ~~m kick step [kik step] *~

kick up [kik AP 1 .

kick up with heel [kik AP wi6 hi :1] .f11~m

kick with back of foot [kik wi6 beek GV fut] ffl.l!1il'Wll! kick with heel [kik wi6 hi:l] mJm, m-m (*:t&1fo ) kick with heel leading [kik wi6 hi:l 'Ii :diI)] iiJitU

kick with left (right) leg [kik wi6 left (rait) leg] tx.. ( ;t:; ) .m.


kick with right heel [kik wi3 rait hi :1] il·m-;jR ( :tt&~ » kick with straightleg [kik wi() streit leglfH!Jlttffi!!~ kicking, striking; 'throwing and grasping

['kikil), 'straikin, urouin rend 'gra:spilJ] Hib1T$* kinesthetic sensation Lkaini( :)s'getik sen'seijcn] M~illi;J}


knee [ni:) ~

knee-hollow hold throw [ni r-tholou bould 9rou] =f~~ knee-lift balance [ni :·Iift 'brel;ms] il!MPIl.ftij

knee lock (ni: lok] mIg

knee opponent's groin [ni: o'pounents gr~jIJ] ~lI*ti~ knee-raising lni:-'reizi1JJ fI~

kneecap .('ni :kAp] .it

kneel [ni :1] Ii

kneeling stance ['ni :lilJ sirens] .~ kneeling step ['ni :li1) step] .~

knees turned inward [ni:z 'tamd "inwcd] •• knock down [nek daun] tlifjll

knuckle ['nAkl] lli.*'ij

"Kong" Style Boxing ["'kon9" stail 'be>ksil)j ~Ul~ "kung-fu" ("kung-fu"J :r)Jx


lack of coordination [lek ov kou.atdl'neijen] /FtlJW 6S

tack of speed and force [lekcv spied rend f~:slfJl'fI~'1J

Iacking force ['lrekilJ fats] £b jJ ~ Je. .. -:'.,

"lan-na-zha" ["lan-na-zba"] ~.. * ~..JL

land at. .. [lend ret ... ] !PJ ••• "'-&11 fiil1 ~oo~~~~~~OO&~~~~D'

!(i:lt!! -,

"laogong" ["Iaogong"] 'Jj'iir

large deflecting movements with moving steps

[10:d3 di'flektin 'mu.vmcnts wio ' steps] :kf~ Large Frame Eight Extremes Boxing

[10 :d3 freim eit iks'tri :mz 'boksin] :kJ\.Wt._ Large-Frame Red Boxing [10 :d3-freiin red 'boksin] :ktu!~ large-twining bold [lo:d3-'twainilJ hould] :ktJm

latent force (,leit;)nt fo:s] 1!£b

Lazily Belting Clothes ['Jeizili 'beltitj "kloueiz] -NUL« Lazy About Tying Robe ('Jeizi ;)'baut 'taiilJ roub] 'HL

« '~

lean [Ii .n] fl:.9!~4

lean and break with back [Ii:n rend breik wio brek] 1tffl'3 Jean back [Ii:n brek] ~#H$

Jean backwards [li.n 'bekwodz] EllVi lean forward [Ii:n '] 'iWM leaning force ['li:niIJ fo.s] S.£b

leap [Ji:p] l!!!E,J1.7dv

leap in curved steps [Ji:p in korvd steps] ~fj~J:. leaping step ['Ii :pi IJ step J ik iV


left brush knee and twist step [left br AI ni: rend twist step J


left horizontal hcok [left .heri'zontl huk] tc:3Jl~~ left (right) hook (left (rait) huk] s: ( ;(:; ) ~~

left (right) hook kick [left (rait) huk kik] tc: ( ;(:; ) ~8! left (right) leg straightened [left (rait) leg 'streitnd] tc: ( ti


left (right) lumbar region [left (rait) 'IAmbC) 'ri :d3C)n] tr:

( :t:I ) Jf1HflS .

left (right) uppercut [left (rait).' Ap::>kAt] z: ( ti ) ...t 1.J~ left side [left said] tc: 1l!U

left (side) defence [left (said) di'fens] Wiii. left-side defence riposte methods

[left-said di'fens ri'poust 'mescdz] Witc:ifili* left sidestep (left' saidstep] 1£.1AJ ~

left straight followed by right hook .

[left streit 'foloud bai rait huk] 1£~¥~;{:;1;J$: left style [left stail] 1r.. fj)

leftward [,leftwC)d]:(EiL Jtl.

leg [leg} 00

leg exercise [leg 'eks::lsaiz) lJi!HfIS~ 53 leg grip [leg grip] ~m

leg-hold throw [leg hould urou] ~I!$ leg lock [leg lok] ~m

leg movement [leg 'mu:vm~nt] OO$f;lJft: leg presses [leg p'resis] .&


leg protector [leg pr;{tekt~)!p1m

leg-raise balance [leq-reiz 'bleelons] ~IP¥-Ii leg-swing speed [leq-swin spi :d] mlm~It leg technique [leg tek'ni :k] .m~

legs apart [legz o'purt] ~tm

legs crossed [leqz-rkrost] M 1m 3'e )t legs together [legz t~' ge~~] # 1m

lie face down [lai feis daun] {l(fG!~

lie fiat on the ... [lai tlret en 6~ ... ] ~~······W&ti:lt!! lie flat on the belly [lai tlret en ~~ 'bell] III nlti:lt!!.

lie on back and sweep whip under body

[Iai on brek rend swi:p hwip , xndo 'bodi] fCP~ii5~"F tHtt

lie on side [Iai on said] ~Jl C!~

lie on stomach ['Iai on 'stxmak] {I(f~

lift and hold knee [tift rend hould ni:] ~~!§B! lift and trip [lift rend trip] f'¥!$

lift elbow [lift 'elbou] tant

lift left knee [lift left ni:] mtr:~

lift foot in defence [lift fut in di'fens] tl!D1$!W lift head [lift hed] :t€i*

lift knee and chop downward [lift ni: rend tJ;,P /daunwod]


lift knee and chop forward [lift ni: rend tJ.,p 'f;,:w::;d] ••


lift knee and return kick [lift ni: rend ri'tom kik] iIU!!.BtJl


lift knee and stab head [lift ni: rend stab hed] m~ *IJ-* lift leg [lift elg l ~ Jhl!

lift leg for lower defence [lift leg fa: 'I~u;) di'fens] m~lVJ"F lift right knee [lift mit ni.] .JI1:i ~

Iifting hold ['liftil) houldJ 1§jj:Q

light and steady [lait rend 'stedi] ~ ~iJUf light blow [Iait blou] ~* light-heavyweight [Iait-'heviweit] litU&.

I ight-middleweight [Iait-'midlweit] r:p:ll~

light, swift and forceful [Iait swift rend 'fa.sful] $.?tk1rJJ light weapon [lait 'wepcn] ~lm~i!(.

lightweight flaitweit] ~.~

like flying clouds and flowing water

[Iaik 'flaiin klaudz rend 'flouin 'wo ito] fCJfi~w:* likeness in both appearance and spirit

['Iaiknis in bous ~'pi~r;;lns rend 'spirit] %~Xi:A

limber [Timbo] ~*tt

limber up ['limbJ xp] $1kmi;/)

line of attack [lain ~v ;)'trek] l!I:~~~ link [link] ~~

Linked Cannons [linkt 'kren~nz] ~:;f~

linked up smoothly [linkt AP "smucoli] ~mnrom Lion Holds Bull [Tair n houldz b:>;11 tt:pyfeJ~ Lion Rolls Ball [Taion roulz ba.l] ~£~.:y:~ij(

list of competitors [list ov kcm'petitoz] t5~~ i'ilfL little finger ['litI 'fil)g;ll 'hm


lock [lok] 4el, ~ loins [leinz] III

Long Boxing [I;)TJ· 'boksin] .~* long distance [l<>ry 'distcns] ~llli~

Long-Eared Sword Play (,1:)IJ-kd sord pleil*fJ!\~g long-handle broadsword [I"IJ-'hrendl 'brordsord] *71 long-handle spear [lon-hrendl spia] :fdfr

long-hil: broadsword [Ion-hit 'bro rdso :d} t~ 71

long-hilt broadsword with rings [len-hilt 'bro .dscrd wi6 rinz]


long-~ilt scimitar [Ian-hilt 'sirnito] ~fX*n long-tassel sword 1I:)1J-'tres~1 said] .~f,I!1~lj long weapon [I:)f) 'wepon] .~;m f1Il

look ahead and behind [luk :J'hed rend bi'haind] IIfRrrIjji~ look-at-moon balance [luk-ot-mum ' lrel;ms1 ~JJ l}tflj look forward nuk)ft>:w~d)' Bt{itnU'1i

look straight ahead [1 uk streit ;j'hed1 riillW3{ltlt· loosen ['Iu :sn) 1&t'~

loosen grip [lu:sn grip] tw-mt·

lose balance [lu:z 'brelcns] 3{lftj~=E

lose correct posture [lu:z ko'rekt 'PtlstJd] ~~ lose on points [lu.z on points] ~~J&fiJj'fim*=§tt

lose one thing for another [lu:z WAn Oil) fa: ~'nA6dJ §!Jft


Jose resistance ability [lu:z ri'zistcns ~'bilitil !k4?&tit't


lotus kick [Toutcs kik] 1iHiJill

loud and clear [laud rend kli.)]m me: ~~ ~ low blow [Iou blou] m:M:1JIJ\J1I.I;rFifIS&


. Jow flight [lou flait] »t~~iWi

low leg stretch [Iou leg stretj] . 1l£.ffiJm low position [lou po'zijan] 1f£~

low posture [lou 'P;)stJ ~ J 11£ ~

lew-pressure workout [lou-pre]o 'wotkaut] 1f£51JJt1JII~ lew-stance press spear [lou-steens pres spio] 1H~ lower [Touc 1 Il$-{f£

lower back [Touo bek] ,Ill

lower-front [Touc-frxnt] -gtr"fjJ

lower-left [Touc-left] iLrjJ

lower-left defence ['lou~-left di'fens] Witr:r lower-left defence riposte methods

[Iouc-left di'fens ri'poust 'mescdz] Witr:r iE *~ tower lim~ ['low lim] r~

Iower-rear [Toua-ria] ftir:1J

lower-right r'lou~-rait] ;t:ir:1J

lower-right defence [Touc-rait di'fens] Wi;t:ir lower-right defence riposte methods

[Touc-rait di'fens ri'poust 'rneacdz] W;t:ir if *~ lower-section [Touc-rsekjon] Ffl!

lowered head and bent waist prove one's skill is not high l'~u;:d bed rend bent weist pru:v wxnz sikl iz n.,t hai] 1l£:>'dtl/J!, ~2::~~o


lowest score [louist sk;):] .1ft;~ lunge [IAnd3] ~J, ~

"Luohan" Boxing ["Luohan""boksiI)] JJtlt;f; lure (in) [ljue (in)] sli1S,~.

Lying Boxing ['laiig 'b~ksilJ]_ ••


mace [meis 1 tIiJ

major schools ['meid3:) skU:lz] .:lH~~~ make a fist' [meik ~ fist] Il,*

make a sound [meik ~ saund] 'jj:'f1!I

Mandarin Duck Boxing ['mrend~rin dAk 'boksigl ••• Mantis Style Boxing ['mrentis stail 'b.,ksig] ••• marshal calling ['ma:!;;,1 'k0:ligl :fi~

martial [,ma:$;;,l] $*~, tl6iit~

martial artist ['ma:!;;,l 'o:tist] iit7lt~

martial arts ['mo:!~l o:ts] iit7lt

martial arts master ['o:f;;,1 a:ts "mcrste] iit** mat roll [met roul] ·9MpM:mU

match [mretJ) Im~ .. ~

matwork ['mretw;;,:k] ~_t~~

means of attack {mi mz ov a'trek] 1Xm=¥-f3t meanwhile ['mi:n'hwaiJ] ~Rt


n.edal awards ceremony I'medl cwa.dzsenmcm] ~~aJ:t meet Imi:t] ~f¥

meeting place [imi:tilJ pleis] .1t:itl!,Q

"rncichong' r"meichongJ" JmlfP

men's mdividual all-round title

.menz .mdividjuol etl-raund 'taitl] ~.:r~~~JEt~ 'Men's Intermediate Class Boxing

'rrenz mt;(:) 'mi.diat klo:s 'boksin] !J3.:rz:.mi'J; ~' (~sy footwork ['mesi 'futwa.k] #i~UlliL

n ercor hammer ['mi :tj~ 'ho nns] ~Lij! ftl!

rr cteor slake exercise ['mi :~i;l steik 'eksesaiz] i1rL~ . .ftt method of attack .f'me9::ld av ;{trek] JJkitt*~

r crhod of delivering a blow, ['mefl,-cd;\v,di'livailJ ;l blou]


'l1~eThods of applying force ['meHadz ~v~p'laiiIJ fa.s] ffl~


n.ethods of defence ['mesedz ov di'fensj §1.i!if1J;'ti

n eihod of ordering events ['meo~ ov ';):d~ig i'vents] tJ,i


mid-section [mid-rsekj-n] middle finger ['midi 'fiIJ9;,J t:pm middle-section ['mldl-sekJ;,nl t:p1l n.iddlewerght ['mid:weI!J (J(:!1HltI

~1i!1 Around and Kick lmii C)'raund rend kik] lfHtWMJ Mmd and Will Boxing [mamd rend wil 'bO>ksigl ('\;lil;$ Mmd and Will Six-Conformities Jinxing


"mingmen" . ["nlingmen"] 1fIr fl. minute ['minit] ~

misjudge ['mis'd3Ad3] m~


miss (movement) [mis ('mu:vm;)nt)] lftlS

mistake [mis'teik] ~~

Monkey Broadword Play ['mAuki 'br;,:ds;,:d plei} ~JJ Monkey Climbs Branch ['mAulG klaimz bra :ntJ1 ~~


Monkey Climbs Rope ['mAuki klaimz roup] ~~~WHIl Monkey Climb Pole ['mAuki klaimz poul] ~~Jjt@~ Monkey Cudgelplay ['mAuki 'kAd3;)lplei] ~~m

Monkey Exercises ['mAuki /eksasaiziz] ~W

Monkey Hangs Seal ('mAUki 'hreuz si :1] ~~tEfIl Monkey Pulls Down Branches ['mAIJki pulz 'dauB

bra mtjiz] i\

Monkey Style Boxing ['mAlJki stall 'boksin] ~:$ mouth [maus] 'fiE.

mouth-guard [maua-qc id] ~t5i .

move down [mu:v daun] r~

move fast like a gust of wind [mu:v fa:st laik o gASt::JV wind} ~jlllJ)Q.

move like an ocean wave [mu:v laik on 'oulon weiv] i;1)jlp~ move slowly like a soaring eagle

[mu:v 'slouli laik d 'sa:riu 'i:gl} ~jlpJl1l move up [mu:v xp] .1:#


movement ['mu rvment ) Z;f} ~

movement analysis ['mu:vm~nt· J'n~l~sisJ Z;f}fF5HJf movement at tips, control at waist

I'mu :v~rint at tips, kcn'troul ~ weist] iEi;1}tEffl, m~~w

movement difficulty ['mu:vm~nt 'difik~Jti) i;1}f1:1f1~ movement in the body; wiH in the heart

['rnu:vm~nt in a~ 'bodi; wil in a~ hurt] iEi;1}tE;!1t, m#~Jc.\o

movement sequence ['mu rvmcnt 'si .kwons] i;1}~~J¥ movement specification ['mu .vmant .spesifi'keifon] ~.


movement standard ['mu:vment 'steendad] i;:I]fp};ffittf moving p<>sr,ton f'mu:vilJ p;)'ziJ~n} Z;f}~ multiple-edge weapon ['rnAltipl-e::J3 'wepon] ~ JJ~ilI muscular strength ['mllskjul;) strenu] Jl1i.~jJ:i: muscle control ['mAsl kcn'troul] JIfL~~1IJIJ

muscle relaxation ['mAsl ,ri :lrek'seiJ~nj JJ1L~ht~ muscle tension ['mAsl 'tenJ.mJ JJ1L~"~

mutual attack ['mju :tju~J ~' :ek) .Ii '*


name [neim] 1t4S 18

"'naohu" ["naohu") B j!J

mape of neck [neip ~v nek} ~Jt'( lJIl )

lIlational cultural heritage ('nreImJ<'k~lfJ~r~I/heritid3) It


eatural breathing ('nretI~r~1 'bri :(Si1j] '~~"IJI Ilational judge ['nreI~nl d3Ad3j mt~~tt¥tJm' Natural School ['riretI;:)ral sku :1) ~ ~ n - National "Wushu" Competition'

['nreI:ml "wushu" kempi'tijon] ~EilJt*tt" naturally relaxed and calm ['nretIdF~li ri'lekst rend ko:m)


navel ['neivdl) ~ .

near [ni;:)) ~jff, ~jff near end- [nio end)jff~ near side [nio said] iff. 1leck [nek] ~

neck.guard [nek gd:d] fFtj{ Needle at the Bottom of the Sea

['ni:dl et lS~ "betom av 6~ si:] lfjJi1tt negative element ['neg~tiv 'elimcnt] M ··'neiguan" ["neiguan"] ~*

""Neijia" Boxing l"neUia" 'b:>ksil)l r'i** ·neither separate nor make forcible contact

['nailS;:) 'sepcrit ne: meik 'f:>:~bl 'kontrekt] /F~~lJ( neutralize ['nju:tr;;)laiz) {tW

Ileutralize opponent's force point


['nju:tr;llaiz ~'poun;lnts fa.s.point] ~xf1JtJ{JjJ .Qfi:!! neutralizing force {'nju :trdaizig facs] ft~

New-Form ("Chen" Style "Taijiquan")

[nju :-f,,:m ("chen" Stail "taijiquan")] m~(lt-ltj:t&*)

Night Fighting Broadsord Play

[nait 'faitin 'bro:ds:>:d plei] ~~JJ Night walking Broadsord Play

[nait 'wo :kil) 'bro rdsord plei] ~ fj JJ

nimble and swift ('nimbI rend swift] ~~ltti1! nine-section whip [nain-sekjon hwipJ iLT.i@ nine-segment whip [nain-rsegmont hwip) iLT.i~ ninety degrees body turns

[,nainti di'gri:z 'bodi tarnz] ~f*90It no separation [nou sepc'reijon] ~~ nob~dy knows me, while I know everybody

['nou bodi nouz mi, hwail ai nou 'evribcdi] A~~ fIG, fIG~!hmA 0

norm of movement -{n:>:m ",v ~mu:vm;lntl i;l]fFJ;I.i!~ ( :w.


nose [nouz] ~

not lose opponent [not lu:z ""poun~nt] ~~

Novice Class Boxing ['n~vis klo:s "boksig] tJJ~!ji* number ['nAIl1h::l] .J5'i'i

number of matches (completed)

[nxmba ",v 'mretIiz (k",mp'li:tid)] It''~J&



oblique [;J'bli :k) *4 ~

Oblique Brush Knee and Twist Step

[o'bli.k brx] ni: rend twist step] ~lH~~~zP oblique forward step [o'bli.k 'farwod step] ~+-.t2V oblique kick [~'bli:k kik] ~4jjlliI!

oblique stab with sword [o'bli.k steb wio sotd] ~'-l-~IJ~tl ·oblique thrust [o'bli.k OrAstl ~'}iliIJ

-offense and defense techniques' ,

[o'fens rend di'fens tek'ni:ks] lkWit..t# offensive action [;l'fensiv ;JrekJ~n] i!tJ.&i}fJiF ( $~) Old-Form ("Chen" -Style "Taijiquan")


[ould fc.m ("chen" stail "taijiquan'tj] ~~ ( ,*J:t ::tfl<f;)

-old "wushu" master [ould "wushu" 'mc rsto] ~*JliIi on-guard position [on-quzd po'zijcn] ~I!il~ ~ oncoming force [on' :Amil) fa.s] .*~

oncoming force strikes emptiness

[on'kxmn; Ia.s straiks 'emptinis] ijli!l:l*~

one-arm cartwheel [wxn-o rm 'ko:thwi:lJ ·~WOOl¥-1ti -one-foot upright spin [wxn-fut I xprait spin] 1(!M1fI:lL$'i



one hundred and eighty degrees body turns in the air [w ... n 'h ... ndrod rend 'eiti di' gri:z 'b:>di t;):DZ in lSi: eo] ~ 1=J:t~f*180Iff

one-two [WAD-tu] ft:~ii~Jjcm

only after punching one thousand punches will body work be natural

['ounli 'a:fb 'p ... ntIilJ WAD 9auz;)nd p ... ntjiz wil "bcdi work bi 'nretJ~r~I] *tr=flS, ~i* ~ ~

Open Door Eight Extremes Boxing

['oupcn do: eit iks'tri:mz 'boksin] 7frl/\:tl

ope,n on-guard position ['o,up~n :>n-ga:d po'zijon] ~m open up [oupon ... p] fIOClI7;fjf'F~P.lG~:lii.i~

opening ['oup~nilJ] ~f:i ( Wi;r~Fiffi~P.lG~ )

Opening Boxing [' ouponin 'b.,ksilJ] 7F*

opening ceremony ['oup;:milJ 'seri1)l~n~l **A

opening march [' ouponin ma :tIJ A~ A

<. . ~ ':~': ,,',. "',', .. _.:" -: - .~. '

opponent [~'poun~ntl ~¥-,.~:Ii

opposite direction [,.,p~zit di'rekjon] Bt:liIRJ opposite (side) [,.,p~zit (said)] ~iJIIJ ~ opposition [ epa'zijon] ~Vt:

Optional Boxing ['C)pI~n~l "boksin] ~ ~*

Optional Routine (set) ['e>pI~n~l ru:'ti:n (set)] ~~~Sl order of events ['ede ov i'vents] Jl ffl ~f4~

order of finish ['.,:d~:Jv 'finiIl 4Hxf4F11J

organizin~ committee ['e>:g;JnaizilJ ko'miti] ~IUR~M~ originate from [~'rid3ineit from] j{§lJ.:r


other boxing'stytes ['~Aa~ 'bDksi1), &tailz] ';Jt.~** . other weapotts' rA6~ 'wep;Juzl ," ;Jt'aO

oust [aust] tn& ,::" _ ' , ... "

outclass ['autkla:sJ iliJltltj), *11:'

outer ankle' ['aut;} 'renkl1 ~~. .

outer thigh ['aut;} sai] :idilHHIIl

outpoint '['aut'p~intl ~5tilii:t~=¥'

outscore ['autsb:] ~J!UJB'e

outside ['aut'said] ~HM

Outside Bent-Elbow Over Head Whip Lashing ['aut'said bent-relbou 'OUV;} hed hwip 'IreIilJ] i:t~~H§ M@

outside boundary ('aut'said "baundari] fiiJit outside circle ['aut'said 's;}:kl] IIHr

outside crotch-hold ['aut~id kretj-hould] *iJ!IJ~.m. outside kick ['aut' said kikl ~HIJJi!

outside of right (left) elbow

['aut'Said~v rait-(left) 'elbou} ;!;i (1£.) 1t.f9HJlL. outside earry ['aut'said 'preri] 9riJl!l m-m. __ outstanding style ['autstamdilJllltail] J5lm-~tI:t outward ['autw~d] lRJ~r, 9r$B{J

outward grab ['autw~d g.rreb] m=¥,

outward parry ['autw~ 'preri} 9rm-

over and over ['OUV;} rend 'OUV;}] Bi!i:lt.

over-head bleok with broadsword

[' ouvc-hed blek wi6 'bre edse-d] JJ •

-overcome J\ 'weighJ,of; 1,9OQ:ppuuQswith fQ~ r ounces ['ouv;;kAlll ~weit dV WiJl.~9Q.uZdn4 pfl.u*.wHS

fo: 'aunsisl gg~~=fJT

.overhead ['ouv~h~l~.t.troi;ff*I~hb .:

.overhead block with cudgel [' ouvahed blek wi<s 'k~<i3:x]

.1Cfm ." .,'

overhead block with spear vj'ouvohed blek wit') spio] ~~ .overhead block with sword l'OUVOlhed blek wit') satd] ~~ overreach ['ouvori :tJ] !k:tiJJZfIi

overtense ['ouvctens]: rJ:1fl~~

.overtrain f'ouvdtreinJ 1JJ1~rJ:m:'

-ox-heart crutch [oks-hc tt kr I\tI] lj::. ~\m


'PairedLong Boxing Practice .Ipssd lal) 'b~.k,sil) 'prrektis]


-paired practice [p~~"prrektisl ;:~i$

palm [po:m] ~

palm block [po:m blok] .:t: palm chop [perm tjep] « ~jjt

palm downward [po:m 'daunwcd] -crt. palm facing in (up, down, out)

[po im 'fcisiO in (."p,daun~ aut)] *1e.\!RJ~ (L, r ...

palm form [pa:m f:):m] .. m' '",

palm method [po:m 'mesod] *n: palm-pusnlng: [po:m: 'pufh)1 ft.' ~ palm slice [po:m slais] $T-=¥

palm techniques [po:m tek'ni:ks] #:Hi"

pant [pent 1 !fdij SC ' , '

"Paochui" Boxing' ["paochlW' 'b:)ksii.JI M!it ('. ) parry ['preri] f6m-

," ,~ ~ I . - •

• " '1;

parry a blow ['preri;} blou] ilHftrifi

parry and riposte ['preri rend ri/poust]' Wi~!§ffim parry and strike ['preri rend straik] . ~tr

parry in defence ['preri in di'fens] **Wi

parry inward with spear['preri,linw~d wi6'spi~' *tt parry outward with spear' ypren "autWM wi6 -spi~Y: ~ft: parry with broadsword '['preri wi6 'brc :dso :d] ,'tt71" ' parry with cudgel [/preri wi6 'kAd3;}1} ~m"· . . , parry with elbow [' )reri wi~ 'eJbou] M~

parry with end of cudgel ['preri 'wiO endov 'kAd3;}}] ,{Em parry with spear ['preri wi6 spio] :fltt

parry-upward ['peri 'APWadJ ~ E**'=:i .

part [pact] *fi, It, $7)-

Part-Time "Wushu" School [pti:t-taitrl "wushu" -skutl]'

.f. a fljfJJit*~t!!

Parting the Wild· Horse's Mane

['po:til) O;} waild 'h~:siz ·D1einPIf~*.

partner ['po .tno] ~~11

pass [po :s] ~i1, jiM, lit.,: l:lUl pass on [po:s an] ~fi

; ....

passing to the inside of, • ~ ['po.:sig tu Oi: 'insaid ~v • , , ]

, , .


passing to the outside of, ,'.

['po:sig tu Oi: 'aut'said ~v .. ,] ~"'~HJlt

pat high on the horse [pret hai a.nO~ hots] ~~111 Patting to Striking Exercise ['pretilJ tu 'straikin "eksesaiz]


pay attention to [pei ;)'tei£;)~~] &.

penalize ['pi malaiz] m ~


penalty ['penlti) .1J:l5t"

penetrate opPQ.n~fs defence

'. . " .. i

('~niU:eit ~'pounants di'feas], 2tP~~jjJjjti!(,

• . . __ I

perfec~!'['pa:fikt] ~~(f.J, ~~~ perfect timing ['pa:fikt 'taimin] ,.&P.t performance over allotted .time

[po'faanans 'ouvc ;)'latid,,~mJ ft\jra]mI±lWl~ .performance short, of alloued i time

[po'fannons $a:t av a'lotW. taim] ft\jra]~Je.ll~ performer [po'] ?&l)l(., l1il~1lf

Phoenix 'Spreads Its Win~ ['fi:niks spredz its winz] P6.&


physical fatigue [fizikol fa'ti:g] :!H~~l1 physical strain. r6zikoJ;strein] :!1tf*.11