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Service Compliance and Asset Management

Software Fire Officer

Product Overview

SAM application
Cloud-based solution non premise based
iOS device support (iPad and iPhone)
Service Portal interface via web-browser app
Asset Management, Testing, Inspection, Reporting, Servicing, Compliance

Fire Officer

Peace of Mind


License Model
License Management


FAQ - knowledgebase

Proprietary and Confidential

2015 Scott Safety

What is SAM?
SAM is a simple-to-use , customizable app that simplifies a firefighters daily
equipment inspections, keeps a permanent digital inspection record and
allows for direct communication between the station and the Service Center
How will SAM help me better manage my business?
Smarter Solutions
Receive real-time notifications from your customers so you can
schedule pickup/delivery in a more cost-effective manner
Reports give you greater visibility into your resource utilization and help
you make better revenue and cost projections
Electronic service orders mean no more deciphering difficult-to-read
Notes and photos attached to the service order provide a complete
overview of your customers requirements
Peace of Mind
Dashboards give you a complete overview of all outstanding work
orders and ensure you always have accurate customer information at
your fingertips

Fire Officer Compliance

SAM provides a robust and real-time record keeping experience, keeps a digital audit trail
NFPA 1852 (Standard for Selection, Care, and Maintenance of SCBA)
Inspect SCBA before each duty period
Flow testing shall be conducted annually
Maintain records to document inspections, tests, and repairs of SCBA

OSHA 1910.134 (Respiratory Protection Standard for Personal Protective Equipment)

Inspect SCBA before each use
Remove from service upon failure of inspection
Fit Testing shall be conducted annually

Fire Officer Compliance

Customizable Testing Protocol
Adapt to follow customer SOPs
Assurance testing of equipment and notification of results

Fire Officer Simplicity

Turn-key solution to provide an easier and more effective way to manage equipment assets
Cloud-based solution to store all data records
No on-premise hosting with minimal IT requirements

Digital records eliminate the need to file and manage paper copies
Reduce your carbon footprint Environmentally friendly

Real time data information on equipment status

Notification window provides a real time view of equipment status
Dashboard module provides a graphical representation of equipment status based on a
user defined time interval.
Reports module provides full visibility into equipment data and can be exported to PDF
for email/print

Fire Officer Budgeting/Forecasting

On-Demand Solution improves productivity over traditional systems
Forecast monthly/annual spend in order to more efficiently allocate funds and resources
What is my spend going to be for the various types of testing coming up
Planning for budgets for aging equipment
Estimating maintenance expenses

Saves time versus manual reporting leaving my staff more time for other urgent tasks
Up to a 50% improvement over traditional paper method (observed during field trial)
Clerical function is reduced -- data entry

Visibility into the service needs of equipment makes maintenance easier and more
Out-of-Service report provides a holistic view of equipment maintenance issues and

Fire Officer Peace of Mind

Ensuring the safety of your firefighters and readiness of equipment
Notification window provides a real time view of equipment status
Dashboard module provides a graphical representation of equipment status based on a user
defined time interval.
Service Center receives immediate notification of equipment test/inspection failure

Fire Officer Reports

Real time reports and notifications help keep me informed
Inventory provides a complete list of all equipment
Compliance All provides the result of all Test and
Inspections performed within specified time interval
Compliance Inspection provides the result of all
Inspections performed within specified time interval
Compliance Test provides the result of all Tests
performed within specified time interval
Out-of-Service provides information when an
equipment was taken out of service and duration
Service History provide information on Service
Providers performance and cost attributed to


Yearly subscription pay only for what you need

One time charge setup and training fee (optional)
Share resource bundles with other Scott products (Imperium)

8000371 Scott Connect Resources Bundle (50 Firefighters) - 1 Year
8000372 Scott Connect Resources Bundle (50 Firefighters) - 2 Year
8000373 Scott Connect Resources Bundle (50 Firefighters) - 3 Year
8000374 Scott Connect Resources Bundle (50 Firefighters) - 4 Year
8000375 Scott Connect Resources Bundle (50 Firefighters) - 5 Year

Net Price

8000760 SAM Application Module (Unlimited Stations) - 1 Year


8000770 Product asset:

8000771 Product asset:
8000772 Product asset:
8000773 Product asset:
8000774 Product asset:



Asset License


Scott Connect

Service & Asset Management - Software Net Pricing

Scott SCBA, Cylinder, Facepiece (Up to 100) - 1 Year

Scott SCBA, Cylinder, Facepiece (101 to 500) - 1 Year
Scott SCBA, Cylinder, Facepiece (501 to 1,000) - 1 Year
Scott SCBA, Cylinder, Facepiece (1,001 to 2,000) - 1 Year
Scott SCBA, Cylinder, Facepiece (2,001+) - 1 Year

License Management

View and track licenses issued to department

Activate/De-activate individual user license
View total, used and available licenses
Logs all user action(s)
Export and Report to PDF/CSV format


How-to-videos guide you step by step:

Perform Inspection
Perform Test
Batch Test/Inspection
Track Equipment
Run Reports
FAQ knowledgebase
Get answers to most asked questions
Collaborate with other SAM users
See examples from training library

Customer Testimonials

Kevin Fox Deputy Chief at Minnetonka "Scott Safetys Service &
Asset Management app gives me real time access to key data such
as how my Service Provider is performing. For our department it is
important to monitor the average time an equipment is out for
service, know specifically what failed (regulator, pass device), and
how long did it take Clarey to fix it (based on SLA)."

Customer Testimonials

John Wolf Deputy Chief at St. Louis Park, MN Fire Department
Compliance and peace of mind that equipment assets are fully
operational are important for our department. SAM gives us
meaningful information related to actionable items such as a failed
inspection or out of hydro date.

Customer Testimonials

Hemby Bridge
Keith Starnes Deputy Chief at Hemby Bridge, NC
"The value that SAM provides to our department is directly related
to accountability. SAM provides clarity with no ambiguity as to who
performed the inspection, what was observed during the inspection,
and tags it appropriately. Performing inspection using SAM is
approximately twice as fast compared to our paper method
currently used.

Service Compliance & Asset Management

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