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In 2004, at the age of 29, I returned from working for Airbus UK in Toulouse, France,
to my parents home near Glastonbury to start recovering from what was diagnosed
as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A still widely misunderstood condition that some
consider as simply a mental illness. I had progressively developed this illness after,
including other factors, taking a hair loss drug called 'Propecia' that gently
suppressed my testosterone system and affected my ability to refresh properly
through sleep and my general energy levels. Men, if you are thinking about taking
Propecia, please seriously reconsider. I stopped taking the drug, but my natural
sleeping system remained affected. I had considerable work stress with a highly
reactive job, couldn't sleep properly and over months I became mentally exhausted,
unable to concentrate when someone was talking to me. After six months of this, I
effectively collapsed, sleeping for 14 hours at a time and unable to work any more. I
had done my best under the circumstances and I felt like a total wreck. And my
mental health was somewhat affected too. When I returned to Glastonbury,
something incredible happened. I heard a voice that seemed like no voice in my
mind at all, but external, that said ''Nick, this is God here, you are perfect, even
more so than Jesus''. The split second I heard that shocking voice, someone on the
TV said ''Good God ! Bloody hell !''. That was a 'synchronicity' or 'meaningful
coincidence' in Carl Jung's definition and I will talk about and give my explanation of
how such things happen in this book. This was so meaningful I was aware it wasn't a
coincidence at all. And now I realize it wasn't an 'intervention' as such. To continue, I
was shocked and frightened by that voice and had to go into the garden for fresh
air. Jesus, for me, is the most significant human in history, all other religious and
spiritual figures being perfectly valid in my view, but to my mind he had the most
impact. And I was just a person who had had a modicum of 'success' and a very
silly, chaotic young adult life. How much time, frankly, had I spent staring at myself
in the mirror in my Tarzan underpants, for example ? Way too much time. But that
voice was amazing and I was convinced of a 'greater scheme' over me. And even
now, over a decade later and after resultant spiritual transformation, my life will
always be somewhat challenged by the impact the illness had on my abilities. As
the expression goes, 'he giveth and he taketh'.
The next day after that first experience, whilst sitting in front of the TV, I was half

expecting something else astonishing to happen to confirm the first experience, and
a coherent, clear message flew out of the TV at me as a 'Scottish Widows' advert
came on. The message said ''you have a lot to learn from the Scottish''. That was
even more astounding as not only had I become aware of some greater scheme
around me but now I perceived an INSTRUCTION. I felt a magical sense of purpose,
right to be, and worthiness without feeling superior or different and I pertinently
sensed an uplift in my heart the next day as a result of the effect on my mind.
'Miracles' appeared possible, after all. I thought this must be some really important
'mission' where I had to further unify the Scottish with the English or that Gordon
Brown must become Prime Minister or something ! And actually, I had always had
very good associations with Scotland anyway. How trivial or unimportant this, now I
realize, self induced message which was also coordinated with a precise moment on
TV, would turn out. But it did. Several years later, whilst still unwell, I became aware
of Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle, finding his sense of humor highly appealing,
and I began to research all his material on the Internet, longing to have a sense of
humor even very vaguely like his. I wrote down everything I found, memorized it
and started reproducing it in banter with my friends over Facebook, with my own
slant. Eventually I had formulated my own sort of sense of humor and now I have a
job keeping up with my father and brother humor wise as they are actually uniquely
amusing people. So, if we assume the original 'instruction' to be valid, I guess it's
significant in some way, though by no means major, for me to have a bit of humor.
And this self induced message showed me the future was already known, but not by
me ! I do now enjoy banter with friends and people, and when I try to be humorful
they generally start howling like distraught dogs or punching themselves repeatedly
in the face, but that doesn't stop me. Oh no, it encourages me more. Humor is
certainly fun, but pleasantness is my own real currency, like most of us. And again, I
will try to explain in this book how 'synchronicities', like these initial two, and the
second one proving to have meaning as I only realized years after coming across
Frankie Boyle, are possible. They were not interventions, there is no such thing. This
revealed predetermination, as I would finally figure out after a decade of mystery.
Synchronicities are really part of all our lives ; they are the experiences that really
enhance us on our paths. The magical hand of the caring universe for special us,
revealing the truth behind everything in the physical universe as I will fully detail in
chapter 5 of this book.
The fantastic didn't end here. A few years after falling ill I tried to work again for a
while, but I wasn't healthy enough. I returned once again to my parents to continue
recovering. One evening I saw a program on the Turin Shroud in which an American
woman called 'Susan Benford', who had provided in conjunction with her life partner
and ex Benedictine monk 'Joe Marino', the first and only credible argument to show
that the 1988 carbon dating on the Shroud had been conducted erroneously. Susan
said on the documentary she had had extraordinary experiences guiding her whilst
doing this and I emailed Joe Marino, explaining I had had incredible experiences too,
and Joe was very kind and interested, asking me to detail them and sharing his own

remarkable occurrences. He was well aware of 'synchronicities' too. He told me to

buy Susan's book about her general story ( Sue sadly had passed away owing to
cancer by that time, and Joe was in mourning ), and I did. And I was amazed by her
story ; she had been guided by messages and information given her in her
meditations into providing the evidence and arguments backing her outstanding
theory. The only accepted theory to this day arguing the invalidity of the 1988
carbon dating. Sue had seen Jesus's face in her meditations and it turned out to be
exactly the same image on the Turin Shroud that she then saw on the TV. She was
blown away. I became even more convinced there was a greater scheme and I now
know that my initial experiences plus this had impacted on my mind and
harmonized it, similar to very strong 'faith' for your idea. Very soon after reading
Sue's book, my half sister Georgina came to our home before Christmas 2010 and
told us she had the latest version of 'A Christmas Carol', written by Charles Dickens
to watch the next day. I 'woke up' the next morning in more sense than one, with an
immediate and dramatic clarity in my mind I had never had before ; 'A Christmas
Carol' was about a spiritual awakening ! And there was a fundament within us and
all things that was part of the fundament of the physical universe, and it was
spiritual. There was one universal spiritual 'truth'. And religions, spiritual traditions
and science had all been grasping at this, I was sure. Then when I watched the
video, as Scrooge said joyously ''now I have ears to hear and eyes to see !'', taken
from the Second Testament, I knew EXACTLY what he meant ; a mind's ability to
perceive the abstract 'truth' underlying us and everything. I think this novel by
Charles Dickens is a real work of genius and I now know that whole little episode
was another charming 'synchronicity' to send me on my way.
I spent the next few years with a mind that was now thinking in terms of unity,
wholeness and succinctness, rationalizing and trying to understand what is within us
that is at one with everything and underlies the physical universe. Love ? I became
aware that Albert Einstein had written some great quotes with insights into
spirituality and I read a bit about Quantum Physics and it its attempt to account for
the invisible universe. I became aware that Quantum Physics has pointed towards a
fundamental order or nature. As did the ancient Greeks 2,500 years ago,
incidentally. And then I read a book in 2013 that really moved me further forward by
the brilliant world famous spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, now helping millions, who
had identified a fundament in as far as he could given his spiritual awakening and
his own inner experience ; consciousness, an aware nature that sees everything we
experience. But still I only had knowledge of this major awakening and I needed
more as I had had no inner experience myself.
Two years later, Christmas came early, so to speak. Yet another 'synchronicity' as I
now realize. I had subscribed to a website with spiritual teaching on it called
'Sounds True', and it had collected 34 accounts from the world's top spiritual
teachers detailing their definitions & accounts of their inner experiences and their
understandings. I listened to all of them twice, took notes trying to get a picture of a

fundamental 'truth' from their varied accounts, all with common elements, but also
individually different. Everything cogitated on my mind for about two weeks and
then I started having insights, thoughts. The day this started I had my own first
inner experience where for about an hour I had no thoughts and no sense of time,
just constantly in the present moment with gentle peace and relaxation inside me.
And then, straight away after this, my thinking ability soared and I started unifying
all I had learned from the 34 accounts and I realized I now had a global
comprehension of the subject and could start a book, which I did immediately.
After this inner experience the next came a week later following a weight training
session and I just felt a beautiful sensation of sameness or oneness with everyone
and everything and no more pressure to be anything more. Not to be a spiritual
teacher or anything. I realized this corresponded with one of the 34 accounts by a
teacher called 'Adyashanti' . So I kept writing and developing insights. Followed very
soon by another inner spiritual experience after exercising, deeper than the last,
where I literally felt like I was gently surrendering my life force into perfect stable
peace or harmony. But fuller this time. And then over the next few days, this 'true
perfection' as I will identify in this book started to 'heal' me, first in body and then in
mind. It took away all energetic feelings, surprisingly even love and compassion, but
also all stress, negativity, ego, nervousness, leaving me perfectly full, free, sound,
harmonious and relaxed and at one with myself and everything. I still loved of
course, I just didn't feel it or need to feel it. I was completely full. I literally felt like I
needed nothing more at all, just to enjoy being in total freedom with absolutely
nothing to worry about. A freedom and peace that was joyous, magical. A day or so
later, I went jogging, and I really felt the 'true perfection' completely consume my
mind as well as my body. I had no sense of time at all, I was totally relaxed and
harmonious in body and mind and I had this impression I was jogging pretty quickly
but when I finished I realized this was by far the slowest jog I had ever done up to
that point. I had been in a time warp and there was no correlation between the
speed I perceived and the time it took. In that harmony and timelessness I also had
no sense of experiences changing, they all seemed like one. I felt like I was a kind of
fluid form passing through a surrounding ocean of fluidity, of which I felt part. The
general gentle 'healing' lasted for about four or five days in total during which I
literally felt I was in total relaxed harmony beneath life force and 'drive' which I then
I felt gently return, but this was all.
This is pretty much where I am today, and I have consequent insights into mind
body relationship beyond spiritual awakening including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
mental illness, testosterone with wellbeing, ego creation & also extreme negativity,
and feeling close to suicidally poorly as a result of chronic testosterone depletion.
All that 'adversity' has actually served as the greatest learning. I realize all of this,
on top of spiritual awakening, has been given to me and I will it use to contribute to
knowledge of mind / body relationship.
So, not bad for me it finally turns out, though it hasn't been too pleasant at times.

And now it is time to share with you, the one who I wish to benefit from this, what I
have learned. And please be aware, I am in no way promoting mental or physical
illness or for spiritual awakening, the opposite. Mentally ill people sadly feel far from
wonderfully harmonious and the same as everyone and everything. Nor am I
suggesting the need for amazing synchronicities ; you can find your own 'magic'
without these. Plus I never want to imply that spirituality is obligatory for decency or
happiness in humanity, though I will maintain its principles can truly help all in their
lives and gently advance the human race to optimality. There are many atheists I
know, for example, who are really lovely, independent-minded people and the
absence of a belief in a greater scheme seems to make them feel more compelled
to project their own sense of goodness and order into the world. We humans are
better designed than we might realize.
Finally, before we start, this short book does not read like a kind of 'happy rainbow
story'. It is a carefully organized rich stream of positive information aimed at
offering you the opportunity to find more understanding, fulfilment and efficacity in
life. And it is a shame for me that this author / reader relationship has such a
separation ; I would be happy to know you a bit, share things and maybe enjoy a bit
of light banter together, but I'll just share this. So kick back, relax and see what you
think of what I have to say. And please, challenge my observations and see what
you come up with.


I have realized the universe is comprised of the physical universe and a wonderful,
fantastic spiritual source underlying it. The physical universe is made up of forms ;
material and non material. Living forms and lifeless forms including energy forms.
Some forms are time bound ; they have a beginning and an end. Some forms are
timeless in that they only have a beginning and no end. At the source of or
underlying all forms is a formless, timeless spiritual essence. This essence is a
conscious or aware nature that sees everything in every forms experience. I have
understood this is the primary reason for all forms comprising the physical
universe ; to have experiences as forms in space and time, for the benefit of the
formless, timeless, conscious underlying spiritual universe. So we humans are
having experiences as forms in the physical universe and we have a conscious,
spiritual essence that captures all this. Our forms are time bound, they eventually
expire, and in life we see ourselves as separated from other forms. We all have this
in common but no form's experience is the same ; they are all unique and different.
This is because the universe wishes to capture as much as is possible through forms
in space and time. If experiences were the same, this would limit such phenomenal
range. And as there is a spiritual essence underlying all forms, there is really
conscious oneness or unity underneath everything .Oneness is harmony ;

alignment, togetherness, union. With no disharmony resulting from the constriction

of being separate, individual and so limited. Oneness or harmony is freedom ; no
constriction. Constriction is limitation and disharmony. Oneness is also reflected in
the fact that all forms are here to have experiences, albeit individual, in space and
Max Planck, the Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist who originated quantum
theory said I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative
from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk
about, everything that we regard as existing, postulating consciousness. And, as
consciousness is our essence as I maintain, we can experience it within us. German
born spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, for example, who is now helping millions
worldwide with his insights into consciousness within us, underwent a
transformative experience in his twenties, finding deep and lasting peace out of
extreme worry, and has since identified its nature of being conscious and at one
with everything. Most significantly, he has become aware of a timeless fundament
to us and all things that exists forever in constant present moments. He has
discovered that peace and harmony, our true underlying nature, is to be found in
life in the present moment and so in our harmony with and therefore absorption in
the present we can appreciate life more as it is happening for us. As opposed to
being in the past or future in our minds so much. In fact, past and future only really
exist in our minds and all there really is the present time.
Also, awareness of living more absorbed in the present can lead to discovery of our
true, underlying essence which equally exists in the constant passage of the present
time. And I wish to clarify this ; consciousness is one whole nature with
characteristics ; it is unified, harmonious and it exists in the passage of the present
time, timelessly, unendingly. Timeless in the sense of not being time bound or finite.
To elaborate, it is actually true perfection and everything humans can ever aspire to
and all we have ever really aspired for, blindly. Of course we have aspired for true
perfection ! I will detail how this is real perfection in this chapter. Experience of our
underlying nature is called 'spiritual awakening' and it can just be a kind of quiet
inner experience that can last for differing durations. Every inner experience is
unique as all experiences necessarily are, involving different circumstances,
durations and aspects of this one whole nature. We can even be permanently gently
transformed in mind and body by such an experience, as I have. And when we have
such experiences, we become aware of a deeper 'truth' underlying the physical
'reality' we have observed around us up to that time. Our view of everything is
simply never the same afterwards.
It might sound a bit meaningless that we are just here to have experiences.
Consider there is this purpose, this 'yes', which can only be done individually, and
actually true perfection in all its completeness in consciousness is underlying us and
all in the physical universe and this is something humans will gradually become
aware of. We will reflect its optimal nature and enhance our lives, and eventually we

will activate and realize this nature underlying ourselves to gain true meaning. We
will sense it and be it. Plus, the human race is generally moving towards optimality,
to which we can contribute if we choose, and I will illustrate this advancement.
Forms also interact with each other to build systems on top of having simple
experiences. Everything has a function which contributes to a bigger picture for the
conscious underlying universe, whether simple experience or an experience of
positive growth in humanity or the world, for example. Humans can truly learn from
experiences. All experience is valid, no matter how seemingly inane, and has
So-called 'negative' experiences or 'adversity' contribute to the necessary variety
of experience but are also fundamental to humankind's true advancement as I will
expand upon. Humans truly learn positive lessons from 'negativity' and this is also
why we are here ; the underlying universe wishes to experience this advancement.
And anyway, you are just having a special experience in your essential perfection
for the underlying universe, of which you are vital part, WHATEVER you are thinking,
feeling and doing ! The evolution in our awareness of what we truly are within is the
underlying universe becoming aware of itself through forms in their experience of
space and time and is also part of the diverse range of experience through
consciousness wishes to capture. But remember ; we are not truly our experiences
though that is why I say we are here primarily. We are really an absolute, unlimited,
constant, complete, perfect fundament at the source of everything. You may ask
that if the underlying universe is perfect and complete, then why does it need to
have experiences ? The simple answer is that it is perfect in its essence but it seeks
to have experiences in the physical universe through forms.
So I maintain varied things happen to us in life to give us the unique experience we
have come to Earth to have in order to contribute the underlying universes vast
picture of experiences through forms in space and time. And also to help humanity
advance, as I will detail. I will state to you that experiences, whatever they are and
involve, and however we act, think and feel, were predetermined by a limitless
planning capability of consciousness in its entirety. Predetermined prior to the
beginning of time ( or the supposed 'Big 'Bang' ) in the physical universe of forms by
a truly perfect nature that underlies and unifies everything. And so consciousness
has a precise goal through everything. I have become aware of architecture and
predetermination, to which I will dedicate a chapter explaining, prior to the
existence of all things or forms as a result of seemingly 'miraculous'
'synchronicities'. These include situations in my life as mentioned in the forward of
this book and which I will expand upon in chapter 5.
The predeterminatory capability I have become aware of is part of an 'ultimate',
let's call it, externally revealed to me blindly ( without understanding it ) in a
moment in my life with the effect of this impact on my awareness and harmonizing
my thinking mind. And then eventually through building understanding including
present moment awareness I became persuaded by the existence of a spiritual

fundament underlying everything including my own form. This persuasion increased

my thinking mind's harmony and lead to inner bodily experiences of aspects of our
conscious harmonious spiritual nature. Firstly in present moment harmony and
timelessness. My thinking mind which was 'unconscious' then became conscious of
the underlying spiritual nature. Then, days afterwards I had an inner sense of
'beautiful, relaxed, harmonious ordinary' for a few hours. These experiences very
considerably increased my now 'conscious' thinking mind's persuasion and
harmony. I then became completely focused on the 'ultimate' or 'true perfect' within
me, in accordance with my original external 'synchronicity' revealing the 'ultimate'.
Very swiftly I then became completely spiritually transformed inside by the whole
nature, firstly in the inner body and then in mind. The very first inner experience or
activation was 'spiritual awakening'. Followed soon after by total spiritual
transformation ; ultimate self realization.
In short, what lead to inner experiences and then complete spiritual transformation
was my mind's harmony and persuasion of what lies within. Mind impacted on body.
Mind focusing on body. The reason the spiritual nature activates in the inner body
first is because the inner body less chaotic than the unconscious thinking mind. And
you simply do not need an 'ultimate synchronicity' to achieve full self realization.
You need good explanation of what really lies within for your awareness, mind
harmonization and focus. We all have synchronicities really and I hope to make you
aware of them. They can help us to have an awareness of ''magical us'' under a
''magical God'' that can help lead to focus on our ''magical true perfect everything
within''. A magically special sense of ourselves can truly uplift us in our hearts and
lives anyway. My primary focus for you is to detail the underlying ''magical true
perfect everything'', explaining why it is so, for your awareness, persuasion and
unconscious thinking mind harmony. Leading to potential inner bodily experiences
and then complete spiritual transformation. Also, I maintain that the characteristics
of this nature are optimal and so just reflecting them in our lives can make them
more optimal. I will illustrate these characteristics clearly in this chapter.
We are now entering a whole new era where we will make great advances in
learning about mind/body relationship. Jesus allegedly perceived a voice saying
''This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.". This would probably have
been a predetermined powerful audio-hallucination. Jesus seemingly harmonized
with the largest realization of underlying spiritual perfection of any human so far.
But I maintain anyone has the potential to transform inside completely spiritually
with the right information. And from my own initial experience of hearing this
'ultimate', I am well aware of the impact it can have on the mind. An ultimate that
has been perceived externally which is really fundamental to everything and
everyone. It is rational persuasion of the unconscious thinking mind and the
resultant harmony that is most powerful for alignment with our perfectly
harmonious true nature and spiritual awakening. Leading to potential spiritual

We can experience our truly perfect spiritual nature underlying ourselves as

something called 'conscious perfect oneness'. I have already stated consciousness
is oneness which is harmony and freedom. Consciousness is actually perfect
oneness or perfect harmony and freedom owing to the added feature of
timelessness in the continuity of the present time. This moves on forever and has
no pressure ( disharmony ) of being time bound and inconstant ; limited. It is
harmonious, unconstricted, free, 'timeless time', where this underlying awareness
has no sense of time. Sense of time only results from timeboundness or finiteness.
Conscious oneness moving through harmonious timelessness making conscious
perfect oneness ( harmony). We are truly not as we experience ourselves in the
world as slightly disharmonious, separate, individual, time-limited forms. Although
you can only be aware of this slight disharmony when you experience perfect
Conscious perfect oneness underlying us and everything is deathless, unlike the
physical body, a finite form. There is ultimately no death of the absolute. This is THE
absolute. Death and absoluteness are opposites ; death is limitation and
nothingness. Upon 'death', really just the end of being a limited, finite, individual
form in body and mind, we just become the absolute, limitless, everlasting
conscious perfect oneness we truly are ( I will elaborate upon this in chapter 7 ).
Death or 'nothing' simply does not exist ; time NEVER really ends because conscious
experience never ends. When finite, time bound forms expire, they just become
conscious perfect oneness in the experience of the never ending passage of the
constant present. Consciousness or awareness, in its nature, exists forever and is
the absolute underlying the physical universe. Absoluteness, with no limitations
through form or time is of course true freedom and power.
Conscious perfect oneness or harmony is absolutely masterfully powerful in no
effort or force, rather in effortlessness, and I will illustrate this in as far as I can. And
this is of course a real paradox. Harmony powerful ? Absolutely. I have realized
conscious perfect oneness ( consciousness ) in its entirety predetermined
everything in the physical universe of forms with masterful architecture, providing
all thoughts, feelings and experiences as has been revealed to me in my life about
all forms as I will illustrate in chapter 5. Obviously some forms don't have thoughts
and feelings but I maintain all forms have experiences ; they have underlying
consciousness or awareness. If you are skeptical about my claims of
predetermination, please continue for now to read about I will now call in my own
definition 'true perfect fundamental consciousness' ( or conscious perfect oneness )
anyway ; mine and others experience of it or aspects of it, our 'being' it and proof of
its benefit and my account of its nature as I am identifying and why this makes it
truly perfect. This is my primary concern for you.
To return to diverse range of experience in life, with this there is also a change,
growth and progression towards optimization of the human race. The deep nature
underlying the physical universe is absolutely perfect and this is reflected in the

advancement of humankind, the ability we uniquely have owing to our thinking

minds. It is true perfection currently moving slowly through the world, I maintain all
under predetermination. Gradually so far because humans have purposefully been
doing this unconsciously of the nature of the real underlying perfection. In our
struggle for true betterment and our dawning realizations of the virtues of
wonderful love, freedom, individuality and empowerment, we have mirrored to an
extent the principles of this absolute essential perfection. And this slow progression
has been deliberate, ALL things having purpose, in order to capture the greater
range of experience. This movement towards 'finding the true perfect' will
accelerate as we develop consciousness of it in us and the universe and we will
merge into a greater, more harmonious, unified, liberated, caring awareness of true
perfect fundamental consciousness with less chaos whilst each having our own
experiences, celebrating our individuality and bearing our individual gifts. As well as
our fundamental, true oneness. This is also what the underlying universe wishes to
experience on top of simple experiences of forms. And this is how the underlying
universe, in its nature, builds up its bigger picture ; oneness through individual
contributions. Just as an example, in order for me, as part of the universe, to form
my own mind's picture and definition of true perfect fundamental consciousness, I
needed to listen to many of the world's leading spiritual teachers, many of whom
are rather academically qualified. I analyzed their accounts of individual
experiences of their underlying, inner selves. Then I unified the common elements
and, following my own subsequent experiences, evolved what I had learned from
them. And only through my friends and people, I am constantly learning about how
this fundamental 'truth' can answer our dilemmas, help us understand ourselves ;
our likes/dislikes, values, psychology and behavior because everything we seek to
some degree reflects the nature of this ' true perfect everything'. And they also help
give me an understanding of how I am in the world, as opposed to the underlying
'ultimate me'. So the bigger picture always grows and enrichens through individual
contributions. Individuality is always necessary.
Although the human race is slowly moving towards optimality, reflecting the
underlying nature of the universe, diverse things will always happen to us to
capture the vast range of experience on its behalf, and also to experience and help
humanity advance as I will show. You may ask that if we and our actions,
interactions, thoughts and feelings and environment are just the underlying
universe having an experience, and that we don't create our own experiences then
are we really ever free as humans ? The answer is yes, because the ultimate
freedom already exists essentially within us, in the empowerment and liberating
ultimate harmony of conscious perfect oneness. Through belonging to everything
and the timelessness or everlastingness of this deep nature. And not ultimately in
being or trying to be a 'something', or even a 'free will'. Both of these have their
virtues and certainly very few of us want to feel controlled or suppressed, but they
are not true completeness as they are just individual 'things' and therefore limited.
We just need to become aware of this. And we will never feel controlled, this is the

important thing. We should of course be free to feel we are having our own wishes.
What I state is that the underlying universe has predetermined these wishes ( as
with all thoughts ), even if they aren't realized. In accordance with our necessary
worldly uniqueness it is only our individual selves that can self discover and self
realize through a truly personal process as I will detail. We must all have our own
You may wonder that if indeed the underlying universe has predetermined
everything we do, think, feel and experience generally, are we ever responsible for
our actions ? My answer is ultimately no, but it is up to us to decide how we want to
be in the world, especially with a consideration that the underlying universe has
planned to move humanity to being optimal. I maintain through the perfect
principles of harmony and oneness at this stage in humankind whilst preserving our
individuality. We can choose whether we have principles or ethics and wish to be, as
instances ; decent, caring, sharing, appreciating, understanding, non judgmental
people. These examples are really human reflections our underlying truly perfect
nature which I will continue to describe. Those who commit criminal acts should be
held accountable by judicial systems in the interest of organizing society. Once
more, the perspective I wish to cast is that whatever we decide to do, ultimately this
is the predetermination of the underlying universe foremostly to create scope of
experience, but also to experience humanity moving generally in the direction of
optimality should we choose. If we do, this will be what was planned for us all along.
Also, whatever we decide to do, I have realized the same fate awaits us all after our
time bound lives as forms on Earth as I have detailed.
Due to the principle of uniqueness and diversity in experiences, some entities in the
world will be having better ones than others and everyone will have some more
challenging experiences. You might think this is unfair and that you personally will
have to make concessions and be disappointed and feel incomplete. As I will
illustrate, adversity, 'things going wrong' and obstacles are vital for our true
advancement. Plus, I would like to repeat, where would be range of experience for
the underlying universe if everything were the same ? And our general direction will
be a greater awareness of and consequent harmonization of our 'unconscious'
thinking minds with and then potentially transformation by our true perfect
fundamental consciousness, giving us the solution of peace with our varied
experiences. After all, it is the thinking minds condition and also interpretation of
experiences that counts when they happen. Apparently 'negative' and challenging
experiences can very frequently have a profoundly positive impact on humans
whether their thinking minds are 'unconscious' or 'conscious' and they can have this
purpose beyond just giving us a simple experience which I will discuss in chapter 8.
And once again, everything is, at its deepest level truly perfect and complete. In
developing awareness of this, we have the potential to harmonize with, reflect and
potentially even activate its gentle power and nature that can allow us to live and
deal with our experiences, whatever they are, with harmony, effortless effectiveness

and true objectivity. By being in 'God', a word which I will use cautiously for the
benefit of some. By 'God' I mean by being harmonized with and transformed by the
conscious, limitless, light, gentle, sound, full, free, 'cool' nature of true perfection at
the source of us and the whole universe. As Jesus is recorded saying, ''The Kingdom
of God is within you''. Jesus, despite his apparent spiritual transformation, reputedly
still had to go through torture and crucifixion as part of his experience. Now those
were much harder times and, as stated, transformation by true perfect fundamental
consciousness can change the way we are through any the experience that comes.
We can recognize ourselves as we all really are ; deeply perfect children of the
universe and be in harmony with all experiences as they have been orchestrated for
us in their diversity.
Accepting our experiences doesn't mean 'giving up' on life. It means helping to give
us the best chance of harmonizing with and reflecting the optimality of and
potentially even activating the nature of ultimate gentle peace within us to live
them, to be, think and do things in our lives as majestically, effortlessly and
objectively as we can. To find the solution to all of life, as it will come for us, through
perfect harmony or simply harmony. The most we can do as humans in the universe
of unique and varied experiences is to try to make our own journeys as truly optimal
as they can be, hopefully with the pathway mentioned below, which can provide
ultimate fulfilment, liberation, empowerment and harmony and then use our gifts to
help other entities on their journeys in as much as we can. This in turn enhances our
own journey, and it is how we can try to deal with the principle of 'unequal'
experiences, again showing another purpose in different experiences. HOWEVER WE
CHOOSE, AS EFFECTIVELY AS WE CAN. And this coming together in the external
world, whilst preserving our necessary uniqueness, just reflects the perfect
underlying principle of oneness which is destined to play out in pursuit of true
betterment with a growing awareness of our spiritual nature. So, again, experiences
will increasingly merge towards being as optimal as they can be whilst preserving
their individuality.
You may wish for more detail on examples where the mirrored perfection already is
in the world. Examples are love and compassion, some the most beautiful human
reflections of true perfection so far ; the process of experiencing oneness with other
things, or ourselves in the instance of self-love. But even beautiful love and
compassion, in the form of 'energetic feelings', are ultimately limited and very
subtly disharmonious as they are individual things and finite in our experience of
them. And we can become attached to them and they can be painful. In fact we can
become attached to all internal body and brain stimuli and how is that freedom and
harmony ? But of course, they are to be enjoyed. Unconditional love is a perfect
acceptance of others, not necessarily always involving the actual energetic FEELING
of love, but still we can be hurt when we don't receive what we demand of them.
Not with the fullness of self realization, however. And I will state later that through

self realization we can actually feel fuller than experiencing energetic love and
become more liberated in our ability to distribute love in our actions. Another
example of mirrored perfection is the fact that humans can thrive when doing things
for other entities ( especially humans ). Some may say that there is selfish
gratification in this, but the paradox and near perfection is that the more selfless it
is the more fulfilling it can be, although it is again finite, individual and we can
become attached to that gratified feeling. Still, it is movement away from the
unconscious thinking mind's created 'ego' or 'individual mind sense and image of
self' into oneness. Caring for others has been part of our nature throughout the
course of our evolution and is clearly evident in The Animal Kingdom too. It is
natural and reflects the underlying spiritual universe in being invested in a greater
world beyond the individual. And incidentally, playfulness is observed amongst
animals too ; are you telling me this is some kind of survival mechanism ?
Appreciating, caring for and so being invested in helping the situation of others or
other things is, in my view, as far as we can ever go as a species and awareness of
this is the solution to the thriving of humanity. And again we can do this as optimally
as possible with the fullness of self realization through caring for ourselves. A
further illustration of mirrored perfection is the human pursuit of freedom in the
world throughout history and recently demonstrated in the Arab Spring democratic
uprisings in 2011. I once heard the constitutional historian, David Starkey, say ''
people don't like to be freed, they like to do their own liberating''. This historical
truth shows the human desire to feel empowered through ones own liberation. A
desire so strong and inherent that a nation can come together in oneness to achieve
it. A oneness reflecting our true nature and the happy, empowered destiny of
humankind to come.
Freedom is empowerment ; the throwing off of limitations and restrictions. True
liberation and empowerment is conscious oneness and timelessness ( conscious
perfect oneness ). But note ; only INDIVIDUALLY can we really realize ''I am truly
conscious oneness and timelessness ! '' via our own minds on our necessarily
unique journeys as a result our own inner experiences. Empowerment is also the
harmony in true fullness ( completeness ) that results from conscious perfect
oneness which I will explain.
To be concise about the underlying true perfect everything, it exists through gentle
perfect harmony and liberation owing to conscious oneness beneath all forms
existing in the infinite, free, harmonious continuity of the present time, timelessly.
Existing in the present time is not to say stuck in the same moment, rather
conscious oneness 'flowing' smoothly through the continuity of harmonious, free
'timeless time'. Perfect timelessness, with no sense of time at all. Making conscious
perfect oneness. A spiritual nature that is perfect gentle, smoothly fluid or 'flowing'
harmony resulting from true freedom and no disharmonious constrictions in forms
or time.
When we are not being transformed by true perfect fundamental consciousness,

experiences through time are subtly disharmonious to an extent. Added to the

subtle disharmony with space around us from in which our forms seem separated.
Our perception of time is influenced by our life force which is finite and inconstant ;
when we are tired, experiences through time seem longer and so on. So when we
are in the process of being transformed by our underlying nature in our forms, we
no longer experience ourselves as a slightly disharmonious separate, time bound
form. Our experiences though time seem in harmony with each other, or as 'one',
with no sense of time at all. We feel like we are flowing in time and space without
any sense of time and unified with everything around us. We also feel perfectly 'full'
because our being or form is now harmoniously unified, and 'together' with
everything and concentrated completely in or in perfect alignment with the
harmonious, absolute continuity of the present time. This is perfect being in time.
True 'presence' and therefore power in the present time. Ultimate, full, sound
composure in the present. We now feel absolute . Absoluteness in being ; true
empowerment. This fullness in the present time is also 'empty' and light, owing to
an aware nature that has no physical substance or 'form'. This would make it limited
! Power in true harmony ; fullness in emptiness. Behold once more the paradox.
Through my own inner experience, I can restate this conscious spiritual nature is
really true power in sound, harmonious, unified composure. And with my
understanding of 'synchronicities' in our lives, I have become aware of its limitless
capability and sophistication in predeterminatory power in its entirety. Absolutely
masterful with effortlessness. Energetic efforts come and go. When this essence
impacts on our tiny, limited, yet capable human minds, affecting our thinking ability
with its nature, you get just a glimpse of what makes it so capable ; you start
thinking widely with organization, unity and succinctness, essentialness. (We can
become more creative, for example, assimilating many ideas and then boiling them
down into one evolved concept ). That is perfection ! That is 'God' ! True perfect
fundamental consciousness is the sound, composed and gently fluid order or nature
beneath everything ; all forms, including all energy forms, energetic feelings,
internal body and brain stimuli. These are just individual things and therefore
limited and also finite in our experience of them, so disharmonious to a point.
Examples being joy, excitement, love and life force itself (which are all great and to
be enjoyed don't get me wrong, just not absolutely perfect in my logic ) in its
wonderful, free, fluid, light, gentle, constant harmony and perfect fullness.
Realization of true perfect fundamental consciousness or perfect conscious oneness
is ultimate liberation and empowerment ; you are aware you are truly infinite
awareness, unity and fullness. Ultimate fullness is also really how we experience
ultimate purpose and worth inside of us ; completeness. This is true deathless
being, true ''I AM''. ''I am absoluteness in conscious oneness and timelessness''.
Absolute being in true power in the present time. With a freedom, peace, fullness
and lightness so perfect that it is magical and joyous. This is the 'true perfect

True being or 'presence' in the present time is surely the optimal place to appreciate
life and do things in it. Accordingly, when we are more in the 'moment', all there
really is, we are more in harmony as our time bound life force is quietened and we
are more aligned with the absolute present time. In this harmony we appreciate life
more as it is happening and we can be more composed to do things effectively. If
you dont accept the present time is absolute, consider simply life is much more
simple and effective when we are 'in the moment'.
I hope you now have a clear picture of true perfect fundamental consciousness, but
to describe metaphorically how it feels when we are transformed by it, I will liken it
to being in your 'true, comfortable, cosy, home' deep inside. It is like surrendering
and 'letting go' into the gentle embrace of a vastly peaceful, full, gently flowing
ocean of absoluteness. In this true home you find your true belonging. Humans
have really sought this since they developed the thinking mind and became
deliberately separated from their 'true comfortable original home'. From the 'true
perfect everything', basically. Through the resultant 'unconsciousness'. In life our
closest approximation to this sense is our parents and their unconditional embrace
of us though unlimited acceptance, support, caring and knowing we are loved
unconditionally. Through being our 'rock'. Unconditional love is the highest
acceptance but caring is the most powerful ACTION to put us and anything in
Being in true comfort is all 'unconscious' humans have ever really aspired to. We
strive to achieve things to feel more comfortable or complete within ourselves. And
so putting people in comfort through caring, including ourselves, generally
speaking, is the most powerful action. Appreciation and understanding are the best
tools for true caring. And how better to administer care than in composed
gentleness, understanding and precision ? Look at the caring power of a surgeon.
Appreciation, making people feel special, valued, happy and comfortable as they
are is also key to the thriving of humanity. It is the true 'magic' or human nectar. As
we feel more appreciated, we feel freer to care and to give of ourselves. And it helps
us to find our self appreciation and self-value, the most significant thing. But to truly
do this we need to really understand ourselves as we are and in our underlying
nature. We should go gently on ourselves as hopefully with others. Gentleness is
really true power and it comes from harmony. A power to which people respond
because it is our true, optimal nature. The paradoxical power of harmony again. If
you don't feel like being harmonious or gentle, can I suggest you shout your head
off in an isolated field somewhere until you are blue in the face and have found
more harmony ? That is satisfying in my experience. Where self appreciation is
concerned, true fulfilment is transformation by the spiritual nature, but we can
improve our lives greatly just by reflecting it. This is what I'm also trying to help
with. I will expand upon my description of our underlying nature through this book.
With what I have explained so far, I am not trying to give you a 'belief system' or
brainwash you. I am principally offering you my account for all experiences,

including their diversity and all thoughts and feelings, and of the 'truth' of true
perfect fundamental consciousness I have learned about & rationalized,
understanding why its nature makes it truly perfect, and activated, experienced
inside and realized in myself. This is for your consideration and investigation into
yourselves ; it is a 'truth' which I know in as far as I possibly can ; actual experience.
And I am giving you the most I can, on top of the tools I will later outline, to help
guide you into harmonizing your 'unconscious' thinking minds, which are
'unconscious' for the primary reason of your unique experience of this, ALL things
having purpose, with your inner true perfection and the source of everything. Even
if you don't realize my ultimate goal for you, spiritual awakening and potential
transformation, I hope you will find the optimal principles of this absolute perfection
I have identified helpful by reflecting them and enhancing your already special
journey. And anyway, these are just thoughts I am giving you and one of the points I
will strongly emphasize is that thoughts are just 'things' we are meant to have, but
truly we are the unlimited, absolute, constant and complete perfection underlying
us. You can be aware of what I'm saying, but only YOU can decide whether YOU see
a logic. Only you can make profound realizations for yourselves on your unique
journey via your own mind as a result of your own potential inner experiences.
These then expand your minds awareness and also increase harmony as you
become 'conscious', furthering the process, alignment and potential transformation.
It is inherently only an individual, truly personal process that can lead to the real
certainty through experience of gentle, truly liberating, fulfilling and empowering
harmony of true perfect fundamental consciousness.


The key to this, I have found, is to have real self understanding. Self understanding
is liberating. Liberation takes us closer to our true underlying nature. I maintain all
humans are fundamentally the same, seek the same true perfection which actually
already lies within and we have deliberate obstacles in the way. Obstacles
distancing us from activating this true perfection or just reflecting it to enhance
ourselves for our lives.
'Unconscious' thinking humans very often look for 'things' or to be or become
'something' in their minds idea of themselves, their feelings or their life
arrangements to feel more complete. Therefore we feel incomplete as we are. We
can lack self value and feel lost in the world. We seek things such as partners, sex,
love, being loved, children, material possessions, vocations, wealth, success, being
attractive, or just happier and simply having a purpose and sense of worth. Much of
this is to do with the way our minds, which are unconscious of our spiritual nature,
have been conditioned by our 'unconscious' societies and cultures. They tell us we
must ''become'' things to thrive. It is also to do with the nature of the unconscious

thinking mind as it has evolved since developing thinking and the 'mind's idea or
sense of self' it establishes. This is called the 'ego' and I will discuss this in detail
later in chapter 4. Our unconscious thinking minds all have a 'voice', which we tend
to believe is us, as with all our thoughts.
At our most basic, we are looking to be a 'life force', just a finite individual thing.
And we can enjoy a sense of control for our peace and fulfilment, but this feeling, as
with all energetic feelings, brain senses, inner stimuli, and thoughts is just a finite,
limited, individual thing. Although admittedly striving to control can help us to
manage things, though not optimally, as I will maintain. And many of us are
engaging in a mental and internal 'striving', constantly driving ourselves to do
things, wanting to become things in the future and living in the future in our minds.
And we can regularly try to be 'on top' of life and our own minds to feel more
complete as opposed to just relaxing, being in harmony with and flowing in life and
in ourselves. Our drive and all efforts are individual, finite and limited. They come
and they go.
Certainly cultivating sense of purpose and worth are fundamentally important and I
will expand upon this in chapter 7. With purpose, a 'thing' and idea of ourselves we
establish in our minds, we feel a reason for being and so we are more empowered,
validated and complete inside. We often strive for our sense of purpose in the world
through the roles we take on and these are affirming and can make us work with
greater efficacity and focus. The opposite of purpose is feeling no reason for being
and this equates to nothingness, akin to our notion of being dead. Nothingness does
not exist. In our challenges and struggles we often fight to avoid being
overwhelmed and having this feeling. Failure, self negation. Or rejection when we no
longer feel loved, liked or wanted for example. What can be more empowering in
terms of purpose than realizing you really are, always have been and always will be
absolute through wonderful conscious fullness, harmony and timelessness ? We
need to have inner experience of this to truly realize it.
Consider that the inner completeness or fullness we are seeking through any 'thing'
is but a tiny reflection of the conscious perfect oneness that we might already be in
our essence. That I say you already are this in the present moment though you are
not yet aware of it through sensing it inside. This requires a gently harmonized
unconscious thinking mind with it, which then has the potential to activate and
sense it first in the less chaotic inner body, then becoming really aware of it and
possibly even completely transformed by the whole nature in body and then the
more chaotic mind. Ultimate freedom, fullness, purpose, worth, empowerment and
identity. 'I am conscious oneness and timelessness'. A spiritual nature. A nature
from which, when we are harmonized with and just reflecting it, not necessarily
activating it inside, we can be and do things in our lives as well as we can,
objectively, calmly, effortlessly.
Now, many humans will openly vouch for the fact that they feel more peace and

wellbeing when they quiet their brains, are still, relax inside and harmonize with the
present moment, all that truly exists. Or simply they feel better able to function and
appreciate life 'in the moment'. Our minds are quietened and we become immersed
in what actually IS. This optimality corresponds with the harmony of absolute,
constant present moment power in the nature of true perfect fundamental
consciousness. Actually, great sportspeople often have the ability to play at their
very best absorbed in the moment and in harmony. But, they strive to be in control
until this inner and mental fighting turbulence and disharmony with the present
moment diminishes and then they find themselves at their most optimal, relaxed
and absorbed in harmony in the present and with a quiet mind. Increased
composure, immersion and harmony in the present moment. Optimality with
So, it is important to really consider that thoughts, feelings and who we think and
constantly tell ourselves we are in our unconscious thinking minds are not who we
are absolutely. These are just forms and figments of our minds where our spiritual
nature and the continual present are absolute. This is where true power lies. We are
meant to be having our thoughts as with all experiences on our special journey. But
our thoughts are so often repetitive and circular. Basically a lot of chatter and jibber
that doesn't really contribute to our lives. We can believe we are who we think we
are in our minds, we can live in our heads and actually our unconscious thinking
minds, out of their incompleteness, are trying to be the 'controller on top'. Consider
that we are the true perfect fundamental consciousness underlying us and
everything. Conscious perfect harmony and fullness that is relaxed and unified with
everything, with nothing 'being on top'. It watches everything we experience
including our thoughts, as you can indeed watch your thoughts in steady practice.
Watching or following your thoughts is not a thought itself ; it comes from a space
behind. Just being really aware of your thoughts, feelings, inner body harmony and
ceasing to 'live in your head', realizing that you are more than just your thoughts,
especially those about yourself, that you also have a body and switching awareness
to your inner body in the present moment can help in itself. Especially when
negative and disharmonious.
Independently from our 'unconscious thinking minds', consider that we can
eventually 'know' this true nature through experience inside by building our
awareness and persuasion of it and harmonizing with it. And then, if we do
experience it within, we have the potential with the increased resultant mind
persuasion to activate it fully and harmonize and 'heal' or free firstly our inner
bodies from all negativity, all energetic feelings and inner stimuli. Then the thinking
mind too becomes transformed and 'healed' from negativity, sense of
incompleteness, worry, stress, anxiety, nervousness, panic, anger, ego and brain
stimuli. Basically, all real disharmony disappears in our entirety. Only the very subtle
disharmony of life force returns. As we become gently 'healed' by this relief, we feel
completely full, free, light, harmonious and sound.


Firstly, it is necessary to become aware of at least the possibility of the deep
spiritual nature through reasoning. That is what I did and that is what you are now
doing. And it is ultimately our unconscious thinking minds awareness and
persuasion, as we develop it, and its harmonization with our underlying spiritual
nature that then activates it. I will outline the best means I know, already detailing
its nature and power and building your awareness of it, to try and help you
harmonize yourself with it for your own experience. But I will also simply explain to
you how to best reflect its truly perfect nature, also harmonizing and aligning you
with it, in the hope of making your already special individual journey all the more
optimal anyway. To initiate a guide to showing you how to realize or reflect true
perfect fundamental consciousness, you must be made fully aware of the obstacles
deliberately in the way.
OK, so a premise that I would like to establish initially is that the thinking mind,
when it is not conscious through inner experience of our spiritual nature, is
'unconscious' and in disharmony with it. Divorced and estranged from it. So is our
inner body but to a lesser extent. Call it a 'disharmonious unconscious thinking
mind'. We are separated from its true oneness, fullness and harmony. But it is also
the unconscious thinking mind that is the real tool we have been given to activate it
and appreciate it, as I will explain. It may still have a reasonable degree of harmony
at times, but it is not aware of the constant true perfect gentle oneness and
completeness I am talking about. We therefore need to start tackling
'unconsciousness' .The unconscious thinking mind has a major and deliberate
obstacle to overcome in harmonizing with and potentially activating our inner
nature of conscious perfect oneness due to the 'ego'.
As we grow up the unconscious thinking mind, out of its incompleteness, seeks to
find an identity. The 'ego' is our minds created 'self image and sense'. An identity is
only individual ; it is limited and not truly complete. The ego tries to thrive on
making us 'something', an identity. When we are young, this sense of identity can
be weak, and as we grow up, it can become a lot stronger and it can affirm us. But
no matter how strong an individual thing or sense is, it is still limited and incomplete
and so disharmonious to a degree. And we can become so attached to feeling we
are that 'something', that identity, that to lose it seems like the annihilation of us.
The 'nothingness' of us .We must clutch onto the identity we establish at all costs,
out of fear. We can tell ourselves a constant 'story' of who we are in our unconscious
minds. Our own 'ego boosts', as with any positive thoughts, do boost our minds but
only temporarily. There is subtle disharmony in this stimulus. We are really
underlying, peaceful, cool absoluteness ; permanency, full unity with everything and
unlimited, even though we may not sense it yet. To enter into oneness with our
perfect essence is the DEATH of this separate, individual 'mind sense and image of

self' and it FEARS this. So your ego fears spiritual transformation and will try to
conflict with it. You just need to be aware of this. 'Letting go' of the need to be
something in the mind, when we feel comfortable, and to which I will lead you to in
my synchronization guide in chapter 9, is certainly not the death of us ; it is
liberating. The unconscious thinking mind, with its incompleteness, no longer has to
be striving to be 'on top' by establishing we are 'something', and we can relax in
more harmony, soundness and completeness. We are more aligned with our inner
spiritual nature.
I know, through my own life and illness involving chronic testosterone depletion,
that this hormone, vital for male wellbeing, is certainly very involved in a gradual
impact on the mind and the development of the ego in men. My ego was shattered
as a result of this depletion but still remained present ; I had a very negative selfimage. Bearing in mind women have much lesser testosterone levels too. I have
become aware that this hormone literally communicates with male brains which feel
stimulated, and can give strong senses of identity such as 'I am fantastic', 'I am
strong', 'I am man'. Again, no matter how strong this sense is, again it is only
individual and finite. It is not unlimited conscious perfect oneness. It is not true
completeness and it is not who we really are. We can just be aware of this. As we
get much older, male testosterone diminishes gradually and so correspondingly
does the ego. And generally, when the individual, finite inner life drive quietens, the
ego quietens. And we can become more peaceful and balanced, without that finite
individual invigoration. But why not enjoy invigoration while we can with just a
consideration it might not be truly perfect and that we can live in fullness without
attachments to inner stimuli ? We need to be aware of our inner life drive, its
relationship with the unconscious thinking mind and its ego
I would like to applaud Eckhart Tolle, on his book 'The Power of Now', in which he
brilliantly illustrates the problems of the nature of the ego which I will now talk
about, unconscious thinking and conditioning, and the 'painbody'. The painbody is
basically a negative field he is aware we carry in mind and consequently in body as
a result of our mental negativity from our unconscious thinking minds and our egos
which are incomplete. All mental negativity comes from these three elements. The
painbody is the other obstacle that distances us from our spiritual nature. The ego
and the painbody work in parallel and they 'feed' or fuel each other in their
incomplete, negative nature. The painbody tries to self sustain through flare up of
negativity, triggering consequent negative thoughts and then feelings. These then
in turn fuel the painbody somewhat, and then the unconscious thinking mind and so
on in cycles. When the painbody flares up, it can produce somber mood, depression,
irritation, impatience, a need to have some drama in your relationship, anger, rage,
emotional or physical violence. Many of these are basically mechanisms to
invigorate the sense of lack, feeding off negativity as its nature is negative, until we
are temporarily as satisfied as we can be. Somber mood and depression caused by
the painbody are just the unconscious thinking mind and its ego in its grip and

caught in negative cycles feeding each other as explained. 'Painbody attacks' can
flare up in people in such ways that they are frightening as they seem so out of
character. The ego can formulate its sense of identity from the negative painbody,
become consumed by it for long periods and we identify ourselves as a suffering
victim or a perpetrator. And so we can become attached to that negativity and
those identities ; cultivating it, clutching onto it and indulging in it. Sometimes this
doesn't happen and the painbody's grip over the unconscious thinking mind is so
strong the host can be driven to suicide. All this results as a disharmony with the
underlying spiritual nature and its perfect, positive, full, free, peaceful nature in
conscious perfect oneness.
When transformed by the underlying spiritual nature, you feel the relief of the
density of the 'painbody' in our bodies and minds which become harmonized, light
and full and free. And the ego dissolves ; the mind no longer constantly tells you
who you are in an attempt to feel on top. And you no longer need to boost your
mind's idea of yourself or your mind generally. All that effective disharmony is
replaced by harmony, fullness and clarity.
So the ego, however strong, is inherently incomplete and disharmonious to a
degree. And we can become lost in negative thinking relating to our incomplete
egoic image of ourselves ; 'I'm not enough', 'I lack', 'I'm not good enough','I'm
worthless', 'my life is wrong', 'I'm not happy with what is' ,' I have no purpose in a
world of no purpose' and in resistance to life as it is in the present moment, where
harmony lies. And holding resistance in ourselves, where we are constricted inside,
instead of relaxed and harmonious and closer to our spiritual nature. Negative and
even despairing thoughts of incompleteness can be triggered by the flare up of the
painbody, poor life drive which affects our already incomplete unconscious thinking
minds and their egos. Or any factor that pulls down our physical wellbeing. Under
these circumstances we can often dwell on our notion of the past in our mind's story
of ourselves, again without awareness of the greater harmony in the present.
'Lacking' thoughts can just result from a 'weak ego' and therefore a 'weak mind's
sense of self' and we can constantly scrutinize ourselves, resisting ourselves, not
accepting ourselves as we are in the present. Our inner life drive, as I will further
discuss, can also propel us into wanting to become or do more, project our minds
into our notion of the future and make us in disharmony in ourselves in the present.
We can have thoughts such as ' I need more ', 'I want respect, self respect,
admiration, love, power, feeling special' and so on.
As the ego we form when growing up naturally lacks harmonious fullness and
oneness, we try to identify and label ourselves to strengthen it, and with this habit
we label and identify others. We can try to find groups to belong to reinforce this
incomplete sense of ourselves, and though humans do thrive in collectives when we
make them our identity we also establishes differences from others. Or through our
labelling of ourselves in our egos we can NEED to feel individual and singular for our
notion of completeness, not that there's anything wrong with our individuality, it is

necessary, but needing to feel it is limited and being individual is ultimately limited.
Again, establishing differences due to the ego nature of labelling.
So we generally label and categorize ; 'I categorize myself for my egoic individual
sense of identity and therefore I must categorize others / other things'. 'I limit
myself to a 'category' and so therefore I limit others too'. A limiting mindset. With
everything so often different and separate. Out of our egoic incompleteness, our
desire to label and in our habit of establishing differences we can scrutinize or judge
others to feel more empowered. And in our ego's natural insecurity, we can feel
threatened by and inferior to others. So then we judge them in order to try feel a bit
better. We can need to feel somehow superior to others to compensate for the
incompleteness of our egos.
Labelling, categorizing and most significantly judging distances ourselves from
others when we are all truly the same. Making observations about others and
ourselves is important ; it helps us to understand our worldly selves and others. We
are all necessarily unique, but only in forms. This is not who we truly are. We are all
fundamentally the same and seek the same real completeness. Our self labelling
and especially self judgement only really establishes incompleteness and distances
us from our unlimited, perfect, peaceful, complete underlying nature. And we form
our view of the world out of the habit of labelling ; a world that can only seem full of
differences and separateness in which we are not really 'at home' and truly in
harmony with. The way we view the world, our 'Earthly home', affects how we feel
in our minds and bodies and thus how we are in the world. The same goes for the
way we view our lives and life generally speaking.
Judgmentalness frequently arises when our mind's egoic sense of 'me' feels
threatened, inferior, offended or violated, as it can easily be, owing to its insecure
nature. When this happens we can feel powerless or hurt in our minds and so we
judge to try make ourselves feel a bit better. We can become judgmental simply out
of feeling inner pain, suffering or compassion, again basically to try to feel better.
Our judgementalness does not really make us feel better ; we establish 'something
wrong' and we distance ourselves from others. We see a picture that is 'wrong' and
to which we are in resistance. And so we hold a resistance in ourselves. As opposed
to a picture we can understand, accept and be in harmony with as well as being in
more harmony in ourselves
In our desire to establish a 'positive' ego identity for fulfilment, which is never truly
can be, we can be frightened of scrutinizing ourselves and we can assume in our
egos we are 'impeccable' to protect ourselves from our fears of our 'failings' and the
annihilation of this ego image. The 'death' of us, as we perceive it. This kind of
'impeccable' sense is a 'strong ego image', but ultimately incomplete and somewhat
deluded. And so in this egoic unsoundness we can scrutinize others, looking
outwards to try to boost this incomplete ego idea of ourselves. And of course we
can assume we are beyond criticism ; we are attached to our 'impeccability' at all

costs. How dare you criticize me ! Scrutinizing others when you choose not to
OBSERVE your worldly self can be crazily distorted and unsound. And sometimes,
you just have to laugh when you observe this in others or yourself. No single human
has an impeccable path in being a force on top of life in behavior or actions.
Deliberately. This includes being in control of life. When we recognize and accept
the truth we relax, become more humble and in harmony with ourselves, life and
people. 'At home'. And people can help us to realize we have 'imperfections',
hopefully through their observations and not criticisms. We can be self-acceptant,
humble, authentic, free and more optimal. Life will purposefully continue to remind
us regularly we cannot really be 'on top'. And we can also learn other real lessons
from our 'shortfalls'. Observing (not judging) and accepting our 'failings' is not the
'death' of us ; it is just stepping away from the unsound, deluded positive ego image
we can establish. And it enables us to relax and be more free and comfortable and
'cool' with what we recognize as our real worldly selves. This is liberating.
Our egos fear of 'failing or weakness', meaning the death of the positive ego also
includes the values we are conditioned into thinking we need to be impeccable
forces on top of life. And so our fear of sense of 'nothingness' is induced by our
inabilities, physical incapacities, 'errors', 'misfortunes' and so on. We do sometimes
recognize these as opposed to blocking them out and being frightened by them. We
can be forced into recognizing them ; they are too obvious and cannot be ''hidden
away''. And in recognizing them we can become attached to them and give them
importance as our new identity ; ''I love the weak one'', ''I love the precious
suffering one'', ''I love the precious victim''. Observing and accepting our full,
worldly self is important as discussed, as is being kind to ourselves, realizing our
'failings' are deliberate for experience, teaching us no one is really an impeccable
force on top of life. And also other valuable lessons from supposed 'imperfections'.
But in our ego love for the 'lacking one', it is not necessary to further try to
empower this ego incompleteness by establishing in our minds an external world
that is nasty and doesn't care. Creating a kind of drama. This only makes us feel
more separate in the world and effects the way we feel and are in the world.
The naturally insecure ego can become attached to our sense of ourselves 'being on
top' in terms of controlling things as well as 'always being right' and base its self
value, which can never be truly found, on these things. This falls into the same
fields as the egoic 'impeccable' identity and attachment. The unconscious thinking
mind, out of basic incompleteness, striving to feel 'on top'. Fear of losing this value
again is like fear of death. But none of this is really possible, deliberately. True
power is not ''being on top''. It is relaxing within and being in cool harmony in
ourselves and with life. Letting go of these attachments, as with all, when we feel
ready and sound enough inside, allows us to do this ; it is a liberation. My
synchronization guide in chapter 9 is aimed at leading you to feeling comfortable
and ready to do this, which also leads us much closer to activating our underlying
spiritual nature.

With our natural egoic insecurity, no matter how outwardly confident we are, we can
feel threatened. Threatened by others, sometimes making us feel inferior as
mentioned or even threatened by our notion of the future, making us fearful and
anxious. In reality all that exists is the present time and it exists
absolutely. Past and future are only figments of our minds. Absorption in the
present is where we find greater harmony owing to its absoluteness. With the real
fullness and harmony of our spiritual nature, when transformed by it, we simply no
longer feel incomplete, inferior and fearful. True completeness really lies within and
we get closer to this with a quiet mind, immersed and relaxed in the present
We can compete with others out of ego insecurity and through strong ego need to
be more, a bit more common to men, as we do not feel we are already perfectly full
and complete. We can try to dominate and control out of a need to feel self
affirmation through superiority and again, this is really due to basic incompleteness.
And the resultant feeling of power is only a finite individual mind sense and
resultant feeling which is actually disharmonious and limited. We can strive for
power as a result of not feeling truly free, full and therefore empowered ourselves.
When we relax and let go of this striving, we become more harmonious and so
optimal in being and to do things.
As the ego nature is incomplete, it can get bored, feel insecure and threatened. It
can create dramas to try and invigorate it and empower it through creating sense of
importance, often in a 'fight mode', sometimes creating enemies, until it is
temporarily as satisfied as it can be. If we have enemies we must be important. So
try not to feed the dramas if you become aware of them ; harmony in the present
moment will dissipate this chaotic energy.
In our ego minds story which we can constantly tell ourselves for our sense of
identity we say we are our roles or purposes, capabilities, achievements,
characteristics, likes, dislikes, values, past history, 'failings', misfortune, problems,
sufferings and so on, and again, this is not who we truly are. What we really are lies
within in harmony with the present moment, so does out true appreciation of life.
But our self affirming in our minds does boost them temporarily. And I will maintain
gentle boosts ie. not superior or judgmental, are important until, hopefully with the
guide I'll give you, you will no longer need them. Just be aware of what the ego is
doing. And it is important, often with the help of others, to sense how we do come
across in the world and to know and try to understand our worldly unique selves,
but not self-criticize. Again, this is only our worldly impression of who we are ; not
who we are truly and absolutely.
We can be lost in considerations of the past or future of our 'life story' which we
constantly tell ourselves relating to our minds ego sense and image of ourselves.
We can be regretting the past and want more in the future as examples, or we can
be simply lost in a world of thought itself. Life, as it is in the present, is not enough.

We 'lack'. Past and future are just figments of our minds. All that really
exists is the present moment, I maintain absolutely. The present is where
optimality lies in life, just as with our spiritual nature. Proximity with our true
being, greater appreciation of life and optimality lie in absorption in the present
moment, when possible. How can we realize this when our egos can insist our
identity lies in our past ? Or that we are attached to the past, preferring it to the
present ? And when we are so often preoccupied with the future ? Striving to
become something in the future ? Living for the future ? Wanting to be more than
we are ?
The drive to be more to feel complete is a result of our incompleteness frequently
owes to our inner drive communicating with our already incomplete unconscious
thinking minds. Unconscious minds that have also been conditioned into thinking we
must ''become''. Our inner drive communicating with our egos and unconscious
thinking minds creates disharmony and projects us out of the harmony of the
present moment, all that really exists. We are propelled into our notion of the future,
thinking in our minds that we need to be or do more to be complete. We already are
; in harmony in the present moment ; more so in our lives and in perfection in our
spiritual nature which we can activate. Awareness that you are already more
complete in harmony in the present moment and enjoying this when our inner life
drive quietens can help.
The inner life drive is effectively the third obstacle in the way of spiritual awakening
and reflecting the optimality of the spiritual nature in life. True perfect fundamental
consciousness lies beneath life force, not that we may properly sense it yet. And not
that we should 'fight' it or be in resistance to our drive ; this only creates more
disharmony, further distancing ourselves from our spiritual nature. Just be very
aware of it and enjoy the quietening of it and therefore our minds when we feel
more relaxed and in harmony in the present moment. We are more optimal and
more aligned with our underlying spiritual nature. There are of course methods for
quietening the inner life drive.
Out of our unconscious minds absence of full oneness, so we tend to label and then
accentuate our thinking of 'things being wrong'. And thus we become in disharmony
with life. Everything in our minds should be 'right' as we perceive it and need to feel
for security, owing to the insecure ego. Again, we can expect of ourselves to be
impeccable controllers on top of life, failing to realize this is simply not possible to
maintain. Strong desire to control is the ego seeking power as mentioned. When we
become more harmonious with and relaxed and flow in life, as opposed to seeking
to be on top of it or being at odds with it, actually then we are more optimal to do
things. Reflecting the power of our underlying spiritual nature. So the condition of
our unconscious thinking minds makes things problematic. We see 'obstructions' to
which we are in resistance and so we are 'obstructed' and in resistance inside.
Instead of free, harmonious, relaxed and flowing. And indeed our egos can become
identified with and attached to our problems. Our problems can become who we

are. This general negative mindset only makes us more likely to make our lives
worse in our being and in our actions. And our In fact, it is we who allow these
things to beat us down ; we have the power to create space and harmony in
ourselves and our minds and simply not allow these things to have this power over
us. Sometimes, finding space outside of ourselves helps us to find space inside.
Again, 'things going wrong' shows us that we cannot be really 'on top' and
nor is optimality. And we can learn other valuable lessons on top of the
simple experience.
Now, consider that everything you really need for completeness, ' true perfect
everything already and always lies within' IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, even though
you may not sense it yet. And it is with this and its effect on the unconscious
thinking mind that that you stop judging yourself, your life and others. Oneness in
being, oneness in outlook. Just awareness and practice of this can help in itself,
making you more 'at one' and it can align you more with our optimal underlying
nature. Inner experience and then potential transformation can transmute all
negative thinking and the dense painbody, all energetic feelings, all egoic mind
created sense of yourself and brain and body stimuli, and being regularly lost
outside the present moment. You can become harmonious, sound, full and free in
body and mind. It is a 'healing' sensation of light relief. My guide for synchronization
with our spiritual nature comes in chapter 9.
Because of obstacles of the ego and painbody in our unconscious thinking minds
and bodies, of which you are now aware and can create certain space from, our
awareness of the benefits of our spiritual nature, when we are affected by it,
become all the greater or expanded. This effect on the mind enhances the
transformation process. You see ? Nothing is really 'wrong' as I will continue to
argue. Everything has purpose. And how can we learn things to any greater extent
than FEELING the difference inside created through these opposites ? Although true
perfect fundamental consciousness is not an energetic feeling, just the beautiful
perfect formless nature, and we truly know and learn the difference through
personal experience of change within us, which we can SENSE through our inner
sensory system. How can we learn freedom to any greater extent than overcoming
obstacles inside and experiencing it within us ? How can we learn positivity more
truly without overcoming negativity within us and sensing it ? How do we learn
lessons more truly than sensing them deeply inside ? With this kind of learning
comes GROWTH in resultant expanded awareness and this is also what the
underling universe wishes to experience on top of simple experiences through the
supporting conditions of forms in space and time. And this corresponds with
GROWTH of humanity in terms of positive progression as we change the way we
ARE inside and with people and everything. All of this boils down to changes in
forms, space and time. But not always, some forms don't experience change, they
just experience being forms.
True human growth or advancement both internally and externally speaking comes

through opposites and change, this is also the aim of the underlying universe, not
just the actual experience of it. For example, in many parts of the external world we
have really learned the value of freedom, empowerment and free thinking in
opposition to and overcoming suppression, tyranny and indoctrination.
Finally, I would quickly like to re emphasize that it is the unconscious thinking mind
which as it evolved over the millennia has become disharmonized from the
completeness of our spiritual nature, that can actually now take us to a greater level
of awareness when understand, harmonize with, activate and overcome our
'unconscious' obstacles. We can become fully 'conscious' of true perfect
fundamental consciousness and on a greater level than much earlier in our
evolution when the thinking mind was far more simplistic, but it was aligned to it to
a certain extent. The purpose again, as with the purpose in all things, in the
underlying universe at work to create greater range of experience through certain
alignment with our spiritual nature, unconsciousness of it and then the much
greater consciousness of it. The unconscious thinking mind IS the real tool that we
have developed through evolution, including its characteristic obstacles, that can
initially build an awareness of our underlying nature like never before, and then
potentially experience, through overcoming those necessary obstacles, a much
greater expansion in awareness. Obstacles I have tried to make you aware of ; the
second stage to spiritual transformation or best reflection.
Right, I'm sure I'm not the first to make this observation, but there's something I'd
just like to initially open your minds to. Where you, the reader are at this very
moment has a precise, critical pathway. A pathway built up out of genetics, nurture,
learning, thinking and feeling, life choices, general experiences, life arrangements,
bio-rhythms, spatial journey ( navigation through space on Earth ), perhaps
technology, perhaps medicine etc. And all your thoughts and feelings which
participated in moments and then possibly influenced the next passage of
moments. And all thoughts too, influential as they can be and producing consequent
feelings or vice versa have critical pathways. Take one moment out of the sequence
and obviously you are not in the same moment now. And the critical spatial pathway
; if for example you had taken another direction to work today, that would have
changed the timing sequence that otherwise lead you to where you are in this
moment, and you would not be in this exact moment. All of these building blocks
have put you precisely where you are now. And be mindful of the critical timing and
full passage of all this ; where you are now, as you are, is ultimately down to your
genetics which is dependent upon the exact moment you were conceived.
Ultimately down to the genetics of your parents and the moment they were
conceived and so on and so forth all the way through the evolutionary line back to
where science now points as bacteria on the planet, the common start of all life.
And this, critically, was dependent on the timing of the supposed 'Big Bang', and so

therefore is the moment you are experiencing now.

Some of us can identify real critical moments on our journeys that influence the
rest of of our lives. My father, Jonah Barrington, only became a great squash player
because of a phone call he received from a member of The Squash Rackets
Association who wanted to play his brother. His brother was out, and so my father
then played him, and he was then told by his opponent about a job availability with
the organization in London. He took the job, started playing seriously and the rest is
history. Dad's whole life course was determined by that little 'coincidence'. Think of
the exact timing of that call when my father just happened to be there and his
brother not. And 'coincidentally', my father had the potential lurking within him,
totally unbeknown to him then as he only played for fun in Cornwall, to become one
of the greatest squash players of all time. In my own life and rather ridiculously
compared with my father, my current situation all hinged on a rhinoplasty operation
I had at 24 years old, owing to a problem I had with having a long nose ( I was not
very self-acceptant back then ) and because of the consequent surgical 'error' made
in an exact moment, leaving me looking somewhat like a primate, I started taking a
hairloss pill called 'Propecia' to keep my hair as I didn't want to look like a bald
primate. That hairloss medication gradually suppressed my testosterone system
and was very significant with other factors in destroying my health for over ten
years and I had to return initially to my parents in Glastonbury where the whole
spiritual process immediately began by no intention of mine. And it only started
because of the effect the illness had on my mind, not that I'm promoting that in any
way at all for spiritual awakening. And me deciding to have a rhinoplasty operation
had a critical pathway too, leading all the way back to the supposed Big Bang. Some
may not be able to identify such crucial moments, but there is always a critical path
leading to where you are now. And
This vital, completely unique path for each thing to the present moment is
interesting, but it becomes seriously interesting when you become 100 % that a
moment, which can play out into a general, more complex situation or even a life
arrangement has been provided for you to show the working of a greater scheme
behind it. Such moments are termed 'synchronicities' or 'meaningful coincidences'
as Carl Jung defined, and they can be so meaningful or amazing that you know they
are not a coincidence at all. I must have experienced 10 to 15 of them now since
the start of my spiritual journey in 2004, some are already detailed and I will
capture them all in a book I will write about my life. Now simple synchronicities, say
for example hearing something on the TV or radio or reading something in a book
that corresponds with a thought on your mind in that exact moment can initially
suggest some kind of greater 'intervention'. But when the synchronicities become
more complex, you realize it is just not possible to 'conjure' these situations in the
moment by some kind of 'intervention'. Say for example, the time when 2 hours
after I determined harmony was the nature of true perfect fundamental
consciousness, I went down to the local library to print off a form and at the

reception desk, and my old chemistry teacher, Mr Leighton, with whom I have a
special connection because I gained a chemistry prize under his tutelage and with
whom I had recently had a great conversation on Glastonbury Tor about our
spirituality and the joys of oneness, orally gave me the password, 'harmony', for the
computer. Now I knew this was a synchronicity in line with others since my
transformation in 2004, and I knew this hadn't been 'conjured'. Mr Leighton has
been working in the local library for years and the passageway leading to that is
exactly as extensive and critical as detailed in the beginning of this chapter leading
right back to The Big Bang. And so the person who created that particular password
in that moment for his own reason came to it through a critical path right from The
Big Bang.
Another example of a complex synchronicity was when I had my first internal
spiritual experience, being in a complete state of inner harmony and
thoughtlessness, timelessness in the constant present, right at the exact time I was
passing Stonehenge from Glastonbury, where I live, both the major spiritual
landmarks in our country. And then on the continued journey I suddenly found my
thinking ability soared in my mind and I realized I had a global understanding that
would enable me to write a book on spirituality. As soon as I reached London, I told
my friend, James Samson who is very interested in spirituality like me, about all this,
and he became persuaded. Our connection is special for many reasons from the
beginning ; he was the first to ever suggest I was a bit different at university, he
was the first to take my initial 'revelation', which was not an 'intervention' either,
seriously, and he was the first ever to introduce me to people at the following
barbecue he hosted in London as 'the spiritual man'. And his friends were interested
in me. Now, Stonehenge wasn't 'conjured', neither was Glastonbury, where I have
lived since I was 10, and if you saw exactly where I live you'd really know what I
mean here, and neither was James Samson nor his barbecue. All of these elements
have their own critical path leading back to The Big Bang. What these complex
synchronicities reveal is 'architecture', and foreknowledge of ALL building blocks in
the critical paths to lead there to bring you exactly those meaningful moments and
situations. The constituent elements in those meaningful moments come about for
their own purposes through critical pathways but also to impact upon you
An example of a less complex but still elaborate synchronicity was one time when I
was wondering if I would ever meet another woman with the same kind of rapport I
have with another friend, 'Frith'. Moments after thinking this I walked into our
kitchen and my father said ''Frith called you''. I looked immediately at the note he
left on the table saying ''Frith telephoned'' and straight away on the radio was an
advert saying ''Frith's choice''. Now Frith is an extraordinarily unusual name and I
knew without question this was another elaborate synchronicity, yet again revealing
a greater scheme at hand. My mind's question had been answered ; no, I will never
meet another woman with whom I will have such a rapport. And the person who

programmed that advert into the radio which had a meaningful impact on me did so
for their own reasons with a critical pathway leading back to the Big Bang. And so
the architecture involved in that meaningful moment again showed foreknowledge
of all building blocks involved. Foreknowledge of all that and the other situations
illustrated means foreknowledge of all our critical pathways leading to every
moment we experience in our lives. Critical pathways including our thoughts,
feelings and experiences amongst all the other factors mentioned, and of course the
critical timing of all this. But it's only to a few so far that meaningful architecture
has actually been revealed or suggested through elaborate synchronicities and their
architecture which really represents everything in every experience in the physical
universe of forms. And now I can reveal to you the architecture involved in every
moment you are experiencing in its composition. That every moment including
every thought, feeling, environment and occurrence we experience is perfectly
predictable, predicted and intended through building blocks or causes and effects as
identified if you assume a capability so vast as to know and organize everything. As
stated, some thoughts and feelings seem entirely random and inane and don't
participate in our life's critical pathway leading to where we are, but they still have
their own precise, critical pathways back to the Big Bang. They are still experiences.
EVERYTHING we experience is knowable, known and intended, no matter how
random it seems. And this, as I stated at the beginning of this book, is our common
essential purpose ; experiences through forms in space and time. For all things in
the universe throughout their entire course. And I wish to be clear ; the underlying
universe has predetermined all experiences through forms in space and time to
create a vast picture with a precise goal. And awareness of the capacity for
foreknowledge and masterful architecture of all of that is frankly just an awesome
consideration, but the underlying universe is limitless in this exercise !
It is a difficult notion for the tiny, limited, yet capable human brain to imagine, even
when you get a glimpse of the power of true perfect fundamental consciousness
when the thinking mind is impacted by it. I can only suggest imagining something
so free, unlimited and vast and capable, unlike the miniscule human mind that not
only is it masterfully capable of all this, but it is actually effortless !
I spent YEARS thinking I had effectively destroyed my whole life through my
rhinoplasty operation and taking those hair loss pills, and yet they were critical to
my spiritual awakening and writing this for you in this moment. And they gave me
insight into testosterone and body/mind relationship and ego creation, and the
problems of overpreoccupation with our appearance. How much I have truly learned
and gained from those 'mistakes' as well as other pertinent mistakes ; how
appreciative I am for them and how I anticipate 'mistakes' as they will come for me
to learn. And I later realized that Id NEVER really been responsible for those
'mistakes' anyway ; this was the predetermination of the underlying universe, as for
ALL experiences. We are not really authors of any of our actions ; just conduits of
predetermined experience through which we can learn and this learning is

The 'mistakes' you may dwell on in your illusory mind's story of yourself have
contributed to YOU reading this in this moment. And those 'mistakes' all have
critical pathways back to The Big Bang too. They are predictable. Don't get me
wrong, you may have come across this book otherwise, but not in this exact
moment. And you can consider reading this to be YOUR first 'spiritual synchronicity',
and that your reading this was intended for you, as I insist. Start to think of the
pathway that lead you to purchasing this book. But it may only be that if you
become persuaded by me and decide to embark upon a spiritual path and then at
some point become aware of another synchronicity, such as a conversation or some
event or reading something that moves you on forward, that you really appreciate
this. Don't need or seek synchronicities ; this will enhance your sense of
incompleteness and further distance you from your underlying nature when you
already are truly complete and magically 'special' in your true nature, though you
may not feel it yet. The only reason elaborate synchronicities happen to
some people, like myself, is so that we can help open others minds to
consider what we realize is the reality behind everything. We simply are
not more 'special' in any way. In fact, the more hidden your synchronicities
are, the greater the challenge that has been set for you and the more
rewarding it can be. But, I am not saying anyone is compelled to do this ; I
maintain we are all truly as 'special' as each other anyway.
If you don't decide to embark upon a spiritual path, try not to worry at all, as I say
this is intended for you and you are obviously just as 'special'. But maybe still be
mindful of what I say that things that enhance your life journey ; nurturing, learning,
friends, experiences, as examples are subtle synchronicities. Realize how special
your friends are for special you, now ? There may be 'negative occurrences' that
eventually add to your life journey ; these are subtle synchronicities and yet, as I
will state, they can be our greatest furtherance and learning. All this is the guiding
hand of the caring underlying universe for 'special' you. I state all experiences are
predetermined and orchestrated but I broadly categorize the enhancing experiences
as synchronicities. Experiences where we can become aware of constructiveness for
us on our individual paths.
I would like to just expand upon the extent and sophistication of the
predeterminatory architecture I have become aware of in everything ; I am now
watching a program with comedian and spiritually affected man, Russell Brand, so
he is featuring in my current moment's experience as, I maintain, designed all the
way prior to The Big Bang. He doesn't have to have any particular progressive role
in my path, he's just there, as intended for this unique experience. I may remember
a funny joke of his and use it sometime, impacting on someone else's experience
( probably badly ) all as intended. And Russell has been intended to be in HIS
moment, also impacting on the experiences of millions watching him, all this being
intended. And they, similarly, may gain something from Russell and impact on

others experiences, all intended. Are you getting a feel for the capacity of this
predetermination ? This is nothing, it is limitless. And you may go for a walk in
nature after reading this, not meeting anyone, and everything you see around you,
greenery, animals etc, every raindrop ( in Britain obviously ) was intended for your
experiences in those moments. And those elements have the purpose of their
individual experiences, with their own critical paths, as well as being intended for all
who experience them. Limitless ! And this vast world we experience of apparent
random happenings or chaos in fact involves nothing unintended whatsoever, not
that we frequently find clear meaning. But meaning can be found in absolutely
everything, as I will continue to illustrate, even if some experiences are just part of
our accumulation of experiences, there is this meaning. As already explained, the
essential purpose for all things is simply varied experiences in space and time as
forms, so let's try to embrace this first, in the knowledge that apparent 'negativity'
is fundamental to our advancement as I will continue to explain in chapter 8.
With what I have detailed in this chapter, I hope you may be opening your mind to
the living, breathing, thinking, feeling miracle, YOU, I maintain, really are. And the
miracle of absolutely everything that has been predetermined for YOUR experience
in you and around you in every moment of your life, whatever that has been. A
miracle that is EXPLAINABLE and comprehensible if you imagine a capacity vast
enough to organize all that through building blocks. Effortlessly and masterfully. I
state our paths through life, no matter how inane they may regularly seem are
critical in every moment of experience, with whatever comprises them. And your
sense of you being your own living miracle underneath and in everything you think
feel and experience, whatever it is something I hope you keep the firmest sight of, if
you decide you are persuaded by me, until you potentially become so complete you
will no longer need to FEEL or THINK you are any 'thing', as I will further detail true
perfect fundamental consciousness's unlimited nature for you now. Albert Einstein
wrote '' There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a
miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. You are so miraculous you
can abound in the freedom and fullness of a 'wonderfully ordinary' nature where
there is true magic. The most significant thing for you of all for spiritual awakening
is your minds persuasion of your knowable and explainable 'miracle' and 'ultimate'
WITHIN you. My own mind eventually became focused on ' underlying true perfect
everything' (as I have and will continue to identify for you) which then became
activated within and I will continue to detail. And so now I can recommend to you to
focus on 'underlying true perfect everything' from the start.
For those who are unaware, the omnipotence paradox is a very interesting thought
someone had at a point in history, imaging a situation where 'God' is asked whether
it can create a stone so heavy that it cannot lift it. If 'God' can, 'God' is not
omnipotent because of not being able to lift the stone. If 'God' can't, then this shows
'God' is not omnipotent either. The clear fact is that, if you start to imagine

situations out of anything other than a predeterminatory nature that created

everything in the physical universe for its entire duration in an act prior to time as
we know it in the universe of forms then, you can demonstrate that omnipotence is
not possible. For example, when you start to examine supposed 'interventions' in
time ; why have to intervene if there is an omnipotent nature ? Or, if an intervention
were to occur, what if the supposed omnipotent nature decided it had made a
mistake ? It cannot change what has happened in time and therefore it is not
omnipotent. And if there were an omnipotent nature that wasn't the controller of all
things but had the ability to 'intervene' how is that omnipotence anyway ? The
nature is clearly separate from the course of all things in that there are things it
doesn't control. Omnipotence is only really conceivable if you assume a power that
is present in everything, always, which has the power of knowing the course of all
things ( omniscience ), and this can only be achieved if all things in their entire
duration were predetermined in an act prior to time as we know it in the physical
universe of forms. Precisely the realization I have come to through elaborate
synchronicities showing architecture and predetermination of everything ; for all
things in every moment of experience. Think of 'omnipotence' as ' effortless
mastery', if you like.



The significance of these elements for spiritual awakening and just enhancing life.
The initial components that lead eventually to my own awakening gave me magical,
non superior, sense of 'specialness', purpose, worthiness and external 'universal
scheme' in my life. Through the two initial 'miraculous' experiences or
synchronicities mentioned in the forward. We all have synchronicities as I have
mentioned and I hope you are considering this 'magic' of the caring underlying
universe for you and the universal predetermination I state everything is. In my
mind and so in my being I felt like a wonderfully special, vital child of a magical
universe. I realize now I was given a gentle and yet magical 'ego boost'. A magical
mind sense of purpose, worthiness and empowerment that made my heart feel
pertinently lighter. A delivery of the 'ultimate' into me, in effect. Perhaps the heavy
painbody includes the heart and a certain heaviness was lifted ( in the heart only ).
This gentle ego boost and awareness of universal scheme in my life harmonized my
mind and then I had an intellectual or thinking awakening where I became aware of
a whole spiritual truth within that was part of the invisible universe. And so I started
to focus and concentrate on what was within, this was the crucial part. I am
detailing for your awareness what I have realized is within. I think my initial sense of
the magical ultimate behind the universe, revealed to me externally, harmonized
and unified my mind. This aligned me with our underlying nature to an extent and

so my thinking ability and nature became affected by it, musing over the universe in
terms of wholeness and succinctness or essentialness. Incidentally, Albert Einstein
wrote ''If you want your children to be intelligent, read them more fairytales''.
My 'thinking awakening' and focus on my underlying true nature lead me to spiritual
awakening with inner experiences and then complete transformation. Mind-focus on
what lies within or underneath was the real key. Mind impacted on body. With this
came the realization that 'specialness' , in just a magical and non superior sense, is
only egoic and a consequent feeling. Our underlying nature, as we sense it within,
as opposed to experiencing an energetic feeling, is actually 'wonderfully ordinary'
( as Adyashanti coined )because everything seems the same. Sameness with
everything around and sameness with each passing experience. Wonderful harmony
and soundness in space and time. Relief from the pressure of inner force and drive.
And there is magic in this. No more drive or pressure and so no need to be anything
particular or special or just more than you are for your unconscious thinking mind ;
just in full harmony with everything always. You sense a wonderful, cool humility
within. This is the true 'I am' ; oneness, soundness, fullness, permanency, unlimited
freedom in being. What could be more 'special' than realizing through inner
experience you ARE ultimate ? Have you ever felt 'enjoyably ordinary' ? If not, don't
worry, I can help guide you there.
People frequently find their most contented thoughts lie in true simplicity,
sometimes involving nature, and you can replace your gentle ego mind boosts with
these when you feel ready and complete enough as I will state in my
synchronization guide next for you. And this is what you TRULY are inside beneath
all energies, thoughts, feelings, things ; beautiful simple perfection. These thoughts
reflect this and guide you closer. But they are just thoughts or 'tools', not who we
truly are. You may become complete enough not to need any 'booster thoughts' and
ego attachments as you become much more closely aligned to your spiritual nature.
So, it is initially significant for awakening and just for feeling good in ourselves and
to be in life to have gentle, yet magical 'special' ego mind boosts. We appreciate
ourselves more and appreciation of ourselves and others, making others feel
'special' and valued is key to humans thriving. We do this in an awareness that we
can eventually be truly contented in wonderfully ordinary, cool, fullness within. In a
'great soundness'. Where we simply no longer need to feel any particular thing any
more. All feelings, mind boosts and attachments to them are relieved by wonderful
freedom, fullness and soundness. Basically, you feel special in this sense with
awareness of our true nature, which you can potentially activate and experience,
until you no longer need to because you are more complete within. You are so
special you can eventually feel truly contented with this deep, sound coolness. My
guide for this comes next.
The most powerful, yet gentle ego boost is as above. ''I am a wonderfully special,
vital child of the magical universe ''. But gentle ego boosts can be anything like '' I

am lovely'', ''I am wise'', ''I am free thinker'', ''I am hero'' , ''I am kind'' ''I am
wealthy, successful''. You get my drift. And ego boosts or attachment thoughts can
include future dreams such as romantic, vocational, holidaying, money earning. But
be mindful you are projecting yourself out of the present time with these. Away from
the present moment power of your spiritual nature. Again, you feel special until you
simply no longer need to have any feeling, but just be aware of what you are doing
with your gentle ego boosts. And you can make fun of your ego, realizing for
example the habit of needing to feel special is a bit silly ''what, you think you're a
superhero ? Where's your medal mate ? ''. Our spiritual nature's great power in its
'cool', mellow, sound composure. Human 'humility' is really a reflection of this. We
can always be mindful of humility with our ego boosts. As I will state, when you feel
ready with the guide I'll give you, you will need to eventually drop all boosting /
attachment thoughts in order to align yourself as closely as possible to your simple
spiritual nature within to activate it. But you never drop sight of your ultimate true
perfectly full being within in the present time.
There are spiritual awakenings that occur without consideration of universal
predetermination and the 'true perfect' within us through simple intellectual holding
of the possibility of the ' spiritual truth' within and meditation and present moment
awareness. What I wish to offer is the most extensive package I can, having realized
and analyzed full spiritual transformation. In describing what I have discovered to
be the optimal 'truth' underlying everything. This for your for consideration,
potential persuasion and harmonization with your true perfect fundamental
consciousness to enhance yourselves for your lives on your special individual
journey's. And for your own potential spiritual awakening and self transformation.
I am acutely aware of the danger of 'specialness' and sense of universal
empowerment or similarly 'God' allied to 'unconscious' strong ego hatred, (I will
elaborate upon hatred in chapter 12 desire to control, dominate, be superior, go to
war and negative egoic intentions generally ( all largely testosterone linked ). We
can see this in some of the most shocking happenings ever witnessed and still being
witnessed on Earth, namely killing 'in the name of God'. Although I maintain these
experiences were and are actually intended to occur for now for experience and
also experience of / purpose of 'growth', criminal acts should be prosecuted in the
interests of organizing society. People have the liberty of envisaging the society
they would like to see and as mentioned earlier, this came to fruition in the Arab
Spring uprising in 2011. Societies, people, can only really approach true
empowerment through freedom by coming together in oneness to overcome their
suppressors or their 'obstacles', and then there is real learning. The process of
attaining real empowerment in the external world mirrors the internal process of
spiritual self realization ; both are liberation through true positive change with
oneness, overcoming obstacles, and both result in real learning.
Please note that I wish to attach 'specialness', not to egoic need to feel superior,
different or to anything negative, just a magical ego mind sense of purpose and of

your underlying perfection, in the knowledge that true specialness is a wonderfully

ordinary, peaceful humble nature. And that I wish to offer for consideration that
harmony and oneness are the general direction in which the universe has planned
to move through humanity as it becomes ready now, via individual experiences and
contributions. Though none of us are obliged to do this. We can decide whether we
see sense and wish to act accordingly, though I maintain this will just be what the
underlying universe has planned for you.


Now you are becoming aware possibly, of just how 'special' you really are, you can
begin to face any ego / painbody 'negative baggage' that most of us carry,
sometimes from childhood and most significantly ; 'I hurt', 'I'm angry', ' I resent', 'I
don't like myself', 'I'm not enough', 'I'm not good enough', 'I lack', 'I'm not satisfied',
'I need more', 'it's my fault', 'my life is wrong', 'I've made errors', 'I'm scarred'. Think
deeply about past 'scars', or rather varying levels of psychological trauma right
back into your childhood ; we often hide this negativity deep down in order to self
protect. Realize that you have really been beautiful and truly complete underneath
all along, even though you haven't sensed it, and you don't really need anything
else from anyone or in any way. Please be kind to yourself and appreciate yourself.
Some Eastern spiritual traditions call this 'baggage' 'karma' and it tries to self
perpetuate through negative cycles as explained. And these 'negative' things were
provided for you all along for the purpose of experience, sometimes learning, and
also as resultant obstacles in your mind ( and body ) to drive you into finding your
truth, empowerment and fulfilment inside and not through something or someone
on the exterior. Obstacles which, when they are overcome, can make your
awareness of this truth all the greater. I also maintain that in terms of your past, you
were never really the author or controller of your own actions anyway. We are really
conduits of experience for the underlying universe. And in fact, all our 'errors',
'things going wrong' and suffering can serve as true learning for our furtherance as I
will continue to outline. With these realizations, you can begin to release ( and not
fight or hate ) your 'negative baggage' which purposefully distance you from the
perfect harmony and fullness of your spiritual nature, that who you truly are.
Sometimes we try to 'hide away' from aspects we identify in ourselves that make us
feel uncomfortable, in order to self-protect. And so we are not really reconciled to
and free and flowing in ourselves. This has the effect of us not being free in
ourselves when we are around others ; they might 'find us out'. We are guarded. It is
worthwhile considering whether you do this and looking deeply into yourself. To help
accept yourself for better and 'worse', again consider how 'special' you really are
and this 'hiding away from your worldly self' is happening for you to face and accept
yourself in your entirety. This self-recognition can make us free, humble, authentic
and sound and this is true power. When we are self acceptant and humble, we have

nothing to prove and nothing to lose. We are no longer uncomfortable with

ourselves as we see ourselves and so how can others make us uncomfortable about
ourselves ? We are free to be authentic as we recognize ourselves. We can share
our innermost selves with others without fear or being on our guard ; how liberating
and enjoyable is that ? Again, you feel 'special' in your mind for as long as you need
to ; in a recognition that ultimately true power is in a wonderfully ordinary nature
within that is beautifully humble, composed and sound to sense. In looking into
yourself and your past history, there are always things for every human to show
them no one is an impeccable force on top of everything. And when we recognize
this, we become more in free harmony with everything and so more optimal ! So our
'imperfections' serve to teach us this, and we can often truly learn other things from
them. As we truly learn things from history generally. Everything has purpose. In
looking into yourself and your past, remember this is your worldly impression of you
; not who you truly are in your spiritual nature which only ever exists in the present
time. In facing and accepting ourselves we are also showing real courage.
So, if you are seriously prepared to consider that a truly perfect spiritual nature
underlies us, with which our unconscious thinking minds are in disharmony, a nature
which is conscious perfect oneness existing in the present, then you are already
taking your first step towards harmonizing and aligning with it and reflecting its
optimality. By considering that you are not truly your thoughts in your mind and
feelings and your constant story telling of yourself, the constant voice in your head,
though you are meant to be doing this. Again, become aware of this and all
repetitive thoughts, establish a certain space from it and be especially conscious of
the state of your inner body and its harmony, disharmony and negativity. Pay real
attention to these things generally in your life, taking the best care of yourself, and
really 'listen' to your less chaotic inner body.
When you find yourself in past and future reflections or lost in thought and also
negative thinking and feelings try to remember about being fully in the present
moment with your awareness in your less chaotic inner body and that you are not
truly just these. Feel the mental energy literally drain away for a while. YOU ARE NO
LONGER LIVING IN YOUR HEAD. Quiet your mind when you need to this way and be
aware of the inner body, relaxed harmony being the goal. Try to be aware of self
judgmentalness, again create space from it and be aware this fades when you are
more in harmony and oneness in the present moment. And don't hate disharmony
in mind and body, you are meant to be feeling this, just see it as an opportunity to
find greater harmony.
Be conscious of wanting to be more and thinking you are not enough as you are.
Living for the future and wanting to become. The inner life drive communicating
with the incomplete ego disrupting the harmony of the present. You are already
truly full inside in harmony in the present moment ; more so in life and completely

when spiritually transformed. This peaceful fullness equates to true purpose,

identity, worth and it is true being. Remember the 'true perfect everything' to
complete you is already and always within in the present moment underneath life
force and drive, even though you may not sense it. It is wonderfully ordinary, sound,
cool and free. When your inner life drive quietens, enjoy the present moment
harmony and optimality that results. You are more aligned with your underlying
spiritual nature.
Be aware of preferring the past or regretting the past in your mind's story of
yourself and refusing to accept the present. Be mindful of accepting yourself as you
are and embracing your life as it is in the present time, all that really exists. Greater
appreciation, effectiveness and even true perfect fullness really lie here and you can
potentially sense this fullness. Appreciate yourself and be kind and gentle with
yourself as you are. Kind and gentle inside. don't build resistance to yourself inside ;
open up inside and 'flow' gently in harmony in the present time. As stated, you can
'take breaks' from disharmony through mind quieting and awareness in the body in
the present moment.
Think of trying to find as much satisfaction as you can in what you already have
around you in your life, as opposed to wishing for more. Identify the aspects that
give you satisfaction and focus on those. Try gently to become in harmony with your
life as it is ; the essentials, and you are more aligned with your optimal essential
nature. In this harmony, you are also more optimal to be and do things. Be aware
that you can gradually become so complete within that you no longer need to focus
on anything externally to ''keep you going''. You can become free from attachments.
Take into real consideration that feeling ordinary and the same as everyone else
you consider 'normal', when you are no longer striving inside to be more, is close to
the most peaceful fulfilment that you can have. All the pressure of the finite inner
drive projecting you out of the harmony of the present has subsided. It is sometimes
when experiencing or being possibly transformed by our harmoniously time-free
spiritual nature existing in the continual present that 'peaceful ordinary' becomes
wonderful. Where there is oneness with everything around and each passing
When you feel ready, try to replace your egoic attachment and boosting thoughts
including future dreams with other simpler, peaceful 'contentment thoughts'. These
are helpful for mind harmonization and aligning yourself with your simple spiritual
nature until you no longer need them and potentially experience and even become
transformed by it. You can think about very simplistic ideas of your happiness and
contentment such as, for example, being in nature, walking around a park, chatting
to a friend, enjoying a meal, tasting foods, or even being elderly and peaceful and
pottering around enjoying life. Floating in a serene ocean, waves lapping against the
shore, majestic sunsets, fluffy clouds, tickling squirrels, whatever. Of course our
thoughts influence our feelings.

Your thoughts of simple contentment, if you become ready to introduce them, mirror
and guide you closer to your simple, wonderfully ordinary perfection too. But these
are just thoughts to take you closer to harmonizing your mind with your spiritual
nature, they are not who you are ultimately. As I will state for the practice I will give
you, you will need to gently try and drop all boosting attachments, including those
to who you think you are in your mind and your future dreams, and just your minds
idea of who you are for meditation. Or if you become sufficiently harmonized and
complete in your life by what I have given you including the following meditation
practice. Then you can consider introducing gentle' internal surrender' of the inner
force in life as I will discuss, and operate and be more frequently out of present
moment absorption, harmony and effortlessness. But never drop sight of your
ultimate, 'true perfectly full you' lying within.
Another aspect is constantly feeling the need to be in or 'fighting' for control or just
believing that you control yourself, thoughts, feelings and experiences. Consider
what I have discovered that we don't ; this is actually all the underlying universes
plan for you in every moment and everything happening within you and without
you. You may certainly feel you are in control at times, but ultimately you are not. I
state YOUR FATE IS ALREADY DETERMINED FOR YOU, though you will never feel
controlled, and there is nothing you can do about it. You don't really need to 'fight'
for your future, just try to relax inside and operate more out of harmony. Don't 'fight'
the inner drive ; enjoy the quietening of it when it subsides and the greater
appreciation of and optimality in the present time. Be aware of gentle inner
surrender when you feel ready.
In the quieting of the disharmonious force and pressure of our finite inner drive,
pressure resulting from timeboundness, we feel better ; we become more optimal to
be and do. We are no longer projected out of the harmony of the absolute present
time. We feel more in relaxed, harmonious timelessness in the present. We are more
aligned with our absolute spiritual nature and can flow more with the 'cool infinite
ocean' which really underlies us. In our 'fight' for control in life and in our efforts, we
accentuate this natural pressure and disharmony, and we distance ourselves from
our spiritual nature. Certainly we strive to do and manage things, though this in only
the plan of the underlying universe for us up to this time, but this force is individual
and it comes. In our bursts of striving for control can we not consider that spreading
ourselves more evenly might enable us to manage things with better balance,
composure and efficacy ? That in doing this we are doing ourselves a favour ? When
we are relaxed in our bodies, we find more harmony and 'flow' inside' ; we become
more optimal. We feel as if we are flowing through life as it is actually happening in
the present more.
Beneath energy forms including life force and all things is the constant, relaxed
harmony of conscious perfect oneness in its soundness, fullness, gentle fluidity and
absolute power. And you can potentially sense and activate this and awareness of
its nature and reflecting its optimal principles ( present moment, harmony, inner

flow and when you feel complete enough in your life, gentle inner surrender ) is the
ideal place to do things from ; calmly, objectively, effortlessly. In gentle flow and
harmony in inner being and in harmony with life. Instead of striving to be an
impeccable master and controller on top of it, or resisting it or resisting yourself. In
trying to be on top of things and indeed others ! Optimality comes through harmony
and letting go of this. 'Things going wrong' and even our daily minor 'errors',
deliberately serve to remind us optimality is not in 'trying to be on top'. Relax inside,
accept, flow in being and employ gentle inner surrender when you feel ready and
complete enough.
Try not to allow situations to beat you down in your mind and overwhelm you. Try
not to let your own mind beat you down. Be aware of calming the pressure. Create
space from this in your mind and in yourself. You will find more harmony. Finding
space outside can help bring it about inside. Life, as experiences play out for you
according to the underlying universal plan, will flow more easily, as you indeed flow
more inside ; in more harmony in yourself and so with life. In alignment with your
optimal spiritual nature. After all, it is really our mind-body condition that dictates
our experience of life, whatever happens, and we really hold the power to influence
When you are 'out of control' in the sense of erupting into disharmony, chaos,
negative thinking and feelings or a racing worried mind, I am not saying don't try to
control this. Consider I say that the underlying universe has planned this for you
and don't hate this feeling ; just see it an opportunity to manage the pressure ; calm
down, create space from this in your mind, transfer your awareness to your less
chaotic inner body and find greater harmony. Flow. You will become more optimal.
But you are not really controlling this ! As I state, this will just be the underlying
universes plan playing out for you. If you are chaotic and disharmonious as a result
of 'errors', 'loss of control' and 'things going wrong' again, I state this happens for us
for experience, sometimes to learn valuable lessons from, and to remind us that we
cannot be masters on top of life. Accepting this and then in relaxing or even gently
surrendering inside, we become more optimal. When we make life problematic, we
build resistance and we are constricted inside ; our mindset is negative and we are
less effective. Accept things, be more in relaxed harmony in the present, flow inside
and through life. In the case of negativity eruptions, just remember these
principles ; mind quieting, inner body awareness, present moment,
harmony, inner flow. With gentle internal surrender, when you feel
complete enough and ready in your life.

Meditation practice.
Now, for the purpose of this exercise I am giving you which you can try as regularly
as you want, firstly, give up your attachment thoughts before you try this. Your

simple pleasure thoughts and attachments, as discussed ; your future romantic,

vocational, moneymaking, general dreams and your minds idea, story of and
attachments to who you are. But do not, and never, give up your sense of your true
perfect being and fullness within. Accept your life and and yourself as you are with
gratitude and accept this present time. Accept this moment. Move your awareness
so that you are the space behind your thoughts, observing them for a while. You are
now the witnesser of your thoughts as indeed your underlying nature is the
witnesser of all experience. Now move your awareness inside your body. In doing so,
try to turn your full attention towards this space, perhaps observing your breathing
or your heartbeat and you will stop thinking. Gently surrender in your inner body in
the present moment, literally as if you are gently giving up your life force. You are
really a majestically serene, endless, gently flowing ocean inside that you can
completely release yourself into. Don't think this and don't seek it or 'look' for it. No
striving or effort. You are truly already and always this. Just gently harmonize and let
go into the beauty. Flow. Try this exercise for a few minutes at most.
'Enlightenment' is often described as this realization through inner experience ;
that it has always been and forever will be there and it is absoluteness in a nature of
timelessness and oneness, and not a 'thing' or a state.
I also actually find that exercising can help harmonize and quiet the mind and inner
drive for this practice. Notice how your mind is more harmonious and you feel 'at
one' after exercise ? I had all my own inner spiritual experiences after exercising. So
this practice is most suited when you feel 'quiet' inside ; perhaps early morning or
after endeavor / a long day or before sleep. But, it can obviously help you if you just
want to and can take brief time away in the day to refocus, calm down, and make
yourself more optimal for the rest of the day.
As you are now aware of gently giving up your attachments prior to quiet practice ;
future dreams and who you think you are, so you can drop them in your life if you
become ready and sufficiently aligned with your underlying nature with the guide
given. And just be aware of these attachments and what the ego is doing in order to
try to boost its incomplete nature. Don't become frustrated with your ego ; as
already explained it is there for a reason.
Surrendering gently in the inner body in the present moment when you are
practicing and in life when you feel you are comfortable is key to spiritual
awakening and can make you more effective in life. When you become ready in life
you gently give up your egos idea of yourself including attachments to this and to
your dreams. Then employ gentle surrender. I had my romantic and moneymaking
dreams taken away from me by circumstances prior to my first inner experience. All
attachments went, but I never lost hope and persuasion of the spiritual nature

within. The spiritual nature being 'everything' to complete me. And then after this
first experience I became focused on ''underlying true perfect everything '', which I
propose as your starting point, as discussed.
When we no longer have to feel we are something in our egos, trying to be 'on top'
in our minds and trying to be on top of life, to which I have tried to guide you, we
can mirror more the sound, cool, relaxed absoluteness underlying and so we can be
more humble. And we can be aware of surrender of our inner drive which
communicates with our incomplete unconscious minds that strive to be on top to
feel more complete ; this can free us from needing to feel we are anything, be
anything or prove anything. With none of this 'in the way', and in this quiet, we are
in a more optimal composed, sound, objective place to be and to do in the present
time. This is real power and it can lead to spiritual awakening and potential
transformation, during which we experience ultimate being.
When transformed by the spiritual nature, you are not in continual surrender ; only
when you are having inner experiences and being transformed. The life drive
returns, but you are aware of gentle surrender and relaxation being optimal in
pressured situations. And interestingly, when you meet people you admire ( caring
or authentically nice people for me ), you are always humbled. You feel a gentle
surrender inside. And you know you have true power when you can be humbled like
this ; you are genuinely 'meek' and respecting. You trust yourself to be
automatically humble and so you know others can trust you, which is very liberating
and affirming. Your nature is sound and all you need to do is freely be it without
your mind getting in the way and having to think how you are and trying to 'be on
top'. And so this is true authenticity in being.
Jesus is recorded as saying ''blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth''
( Matthew 5:5 ). Consider that inner gentleness, kindness and relaxation is actually
the optimal source of being and doing things, effortlessly, calmly, coolly, objectively.
And when we are comfortable in finding our inner humility or 'coolness', no longer
needing our ego mind boosts / attachment thoughts, then we can become even
more optimal and get closer to spiritual awakening. And of course, those 'meek'
with less 'fight' , less dreams and often more developed satisfaction with simpler
things still have their challenges and diverse experiences. Incidentally humans can
really love when 'meekness' is present ; it can register with our deeper nature and
our egos disappear and we experience an energetic oneness. This can take the from
of compassion.
'Death', only the cessation of being a form and a life force releases us in our
powerful, gentle, conscious absoluteness and perfection. It is in this nature that we
are all in 'heaven' and in 'God' ; our 'perfect, comfortable, cosy, relaxed home'. If
we don't harmonize with, experience, activate and realize 'heaven' on our spiritual
journey on Earth, we will all find it soon enough, through release of our true perfect
fundamental consciousness following the ultimate surrender. We are conduits of

experience for the underlying universe on Earth and we are really cared for
unconditionally and this continues when we all finally reunite with our true 'home'.
Surrender is also often the basis of what we call 'true love' or 'falling for someone'
because it is the total acceptance of and offering of yourself internally to another as
you feel your inner drive gently collapse. It is a lovely, freeing sensation in the inner
body and stomach. We enter more into the embrace of the deep ocean of
absoluteness . See the paradoxical power of gentle surrender ? When you go to
sleep, try to apply this gentle sense of surrender with your simple, pleasant
thoughts which reflect this nature and make your harmony all the deeper. That is
why the vast majority of us all love sleep ! ( but yes, our minds are not conscious
and true perfect fundamental consciousness is ). We often have fear of being
elderly, but consider that as our life drive diminishes, actually we become closer in
mind and body to the peaceful and constant underlying nature as our egos and life
force quieten.
The spiritual journey can make you feel empowered in your mind's sense of
yourself, if it is not yet transformed by your underlying nature, experiencing 'the
ultimate self', ' the ultimate purpose' and the understandings that come with it. But
still this is just a mind sense and consequent feeling, and true empowerment or 'I
am' is beautiful ordinariness beneath all feelings and things, which you may
discover if you then activate your true perfect essence. And you can only arrive at
one final conclusion as you comprehend the world around you ; the intelligence and
capability in true perfect fundamental consciousness at the source of everything
that planned and orchestrated every experience of the universe of time, space and
forms is awe inspiring to the tiny yet capable human mind, which is just a form. And
yet, we can accept it, know and comprehend its nature and become full, one with it
in us and everything in being and not inferior. And we can understand its absolute
mastery in effortlessness. And we enjoy being in awe of our ' true home' whilst not
inferior and in true comfort ! This kind of life journey, all journeys being equally
valid, only has surrender as its beautiful final conclusion, and that's the perfection in
the process. And where, of course, true power lies in its paradoxical nature.
So, I maintain there is a Godly nature who experiences what we experience, but
that nature is always in perfect comfort and humans have been especially
separated from this on Earth since the thinking mind evolved. Humans have frankly
had to be somewhat gladiatorial in the arena of life and with this you realize just
how unique humans really are, and yet all things are truly one and equal. And as
awareness of true perfect fundamental consciousness advances, we will realize we
can harmonize with and possibly be transformed by a nature where we simply don't
have to feel like 'gladiators of life' or anything other than a sense of wonderfully
ordinary. Our true underlying nature and that of all forms is certainly not
'gladiatorial'. And we can always remember and understand just what our
'unconscious' ancestors went through, thus becoming one with them as well as each
other in our full human picture as I will further detail.


As stated initially, suffering and adversity, all of which the underlying universe
wishes to experience, 'things going wrong', can very often have profoundly positive
impacts on humans. We can TRULY learn things, true lessons, find some
empowerment, become more compassionate and empathetic to others ( both forms
of oneness ) ; we can be reduced to searching for and finding a deeper self and
meaning. We can develop a greater appreciation of life itself, living more for the
moment, especially when suffering with serious illness and becoming aware of our
own 'mortality'.
'Errors' in our behavior or actions, when we recognize and often really learn from
them, can render us more humble by reducing our mind's sense or esteem of
ourselves, giving our egos a knock, and align us more with our underlying nature.
Humility really is the greatest lesson we learn through feeling as a result of our
'errors'. We are reminded we are no longer impeccable forces on top of life. This
maintaining of feeling that we are 'the force on top' simply is not really possible,
and when we acknowledge this and relax, surrender even, with more harmony we
become more optimal to do things ! Whilst accepting our 'errors' as necessary. We
can enter into more effective fluidity, harmony and oneness with life, as well as in
ourselves, instead of striving to be a master or controller on top of it and in our
minds. I know I will go on making 'errors' for the rest of my life and they will be
critical to my development ! And through our true learning via 'errors' we can also
help others through this, thus sharing ourselves with others for their benefit and
furthering optimality of oneness in the world. That is what I am certainly attempting
to do. And of course other people teach us with their learning too. I consider my
illness, for which I was partly responsible, the greatest synchronicity of all in terms
of furtherance and a true privilege given what I've learned, even though my general
abilities will always be reduced somewhat. But I had to get healthy enough to see
and feel this.
People are sometimes thrown onto the spiritual path through suffering and
adversity. Some awakenings, like my own, but not all, occur through deliberately
being beaten down, having things stripped away from you, including your mind's
egoic will of 'wanting to become', and forced into a kind of general 'surrender'. I
have explained how surrender is a principle behind awakening but I will always
promote the gentle, measured application of it, when you feel ready. And
awakenings will generally become less turbulent. But turbulent awakenings
involving greater 'negativity' do involve a wider learning and an increased
awareness in the positive change when you awaken.
All 'negativity' has purpose, whether a simple experience or opportunity to learn
and grow. We learn our most positive lessons from negativity. Even if negativity
ends our physical lives, there is usually always someone connected to us who has
the opportunity to grow from their suffering or learn from our lives and so the

furtherance goes on. The little 'mistakes' we make in our battle for control each day
can remind us that actually, managing things when we accept we are no longer
really a controlling force and relax is when we become more optimal to be and do
things. Some people aren't changed positively by suffering and adversity, they don't
learn and grow, not while on Earth at least ; they just endure it and that is their
unique experience as a form. But these elements are a fundamental and vital part
of our general progressive path.


Hatred. The most destructive force in the world and the complete opposite of true
perfect fundamental consciousness. If you have ever experienced it over prolonged
periods, as I have, and I am thankful for that learning experience and in being now
able to help raise others awareness, you know its effect. It comes from the insecure
ego and sometimes the parallel painbody, fuels extreme sense of separateness and
negativity. Hatred often results when our insecure egoic sense of 'me' feels seriously
threatened, undervalued, hurt, abused or violated and so we establish a 'fight
mode' to combat our threatened sense of 'me'. With this 'fight mode', the ego can
create dramas with enemies to create self importance in an attempt to further
empower the 'fight', which is really only incompleteness. And at a cost to our
wellbeing and humanity. Hatred can gradually alter the mind so potently that we
can become compassionless and dehumanized. At the most extreme, psychopathic,
antihuman. The ultimate sense of separateness. How lost we really are and how
heavy our hearts/painbodies are when we take to hate. It is tantamount to a mind
disease. We must be aware of its danger. The effect of collective hatred can be
seen, for example, in the Nazi holocaust, and we have learned about hatred and
supremacy from that shocking episode. Not that this in any way 'explaining it away'
in a blase fashion ; it really is to be remembered forever, as are all its poor victims.
Science is now showing that hatred is destructive to our health too, and it eats into
our immune system. DON'T HATE HATRED, that's just making things worse.
Anger, also an insecure ego and sometimes parallel painbody product, often results
from a threatened, upset, frightened, undervalued 'sense of me' in our minds. It
enhances sense of separateness and effects our bodies similarly. And acting out of
hatred and anger ruins our objectivity and breeds chaos. Panic similarly. For
example, if you shout angrily at a child, telling them not to do something, you are
negatively effecting yourself, acting out of chaos and likely to trigger more. Can we
not in our panics and anger attacks, these explosions of negative energy in our
'fight mode' which can often result from 'loss of control', consider that we are
affecting ourselves negatively and affecting our ability to be well and so do things
well thereafter ? That with a more measured, harmonious self-composure, spreading
ourselves more evenly, we are doing ourselves a favor to feel better and so do

things more optimally afterwards ? Instead of being temporarily invigorated in a

chaos by these explosions ? And if you come across partners or people who are
displaying egoic anger / drama, the best way to calm this down is your own self
composure and transmission of harmony in your voice, actions and being. And you
can grant them your calm attention if you are comfortable, temporarily reinforcing
their upset ego. Gandhi said ''be the change you want to see in the world'' and look
at his POWER through passivity ! How can we effect a true positive change if we
don't actually embody it first ? How can we transmit anything to others more
effectively than being it ? And of course we can become true positive change with
the power of influencing others ; true perfection is our common underlying nature
and so we respond to reflections of it when we sense it.
All mental negativity and consequent suffering stem from the unconscious thinking
mind, its ego and parallel painbody 'sense of lack', in opposition to the total
completeness of true perfect fundamental consciousness, also impact on the body
adversely over time. And all negativity is inherent incompleteness and 'sense of
lack' and the absence of the fullness of harmony. We can dissolve it through finding
harmony. Out of our incompleteness, we can become attached to our hatred, anger,
resentment and negativity in an attempt to 'feed' our incomplete selves with more
negativity until we are temporarily satisfied. We can indulge in it.
Some negativity and suffering is caused by physiological or mental illnesses and
physical or psychological traumas and inevitably also involve pain, unpleasantness
and a consequent mind/body, body/mind perpetuation or body/mind, mind/body
negativity perpetuation, translating into 'sense of lack'. But as previously stated, we
are designed to endure a lot, but know the adverse effect. When you experience
negativity, be mindful that I state the underlying universe has planned this through
you and try to find greater harmony. Don't hate it.
Forgiveness of others is not always easy, but it frees you from the negativity that
impacts on you and your wellbeing and allows you to get into closer proximity with
your true perfect spiritual nature. As does self forgiveness. By doing this, you are
taking better care of yourself. Forgiveness also obviously prevents you from taking
negative action against others. And once again, I maintain that those who you find
yourself to be at odds with are meant to be part of your experience, and this
negativity always offers you a learning opportunity to grow positively from it. These
realizations can also help you to forgive, in time.
Nelson Mandela faced his own hatred and rose above it, shaking hands with his
'enemies'. This is true courage in overcoming the obstacle of egoic hatred and
personal ill-feeling in the interest of a greater good. Certainly cultivating hatred,
anger, resent is really self indulgent and obviously not courageous.'' I am the hater
and I will indulge in it. I cannot be bigger than my hatred''. I have personally done
this. And so perpetrators of extreme hatred tend to commit atrocities on completely
helpless victims. This is not a judgement ; just an observation. It is hard to rise

above any extreme ill feeling, including serious illness and it shows true courage . It
shows even more courage to rise above it and try to make a positive difference, that
becomes inspirational. I don't wish to sound like I'm introducing macho talk of
'courage' and 'being inspirational'. True power is gently administering effective
caring ; it is also finding yourself in humility and harmony, our common perfect
underlying nature and 'home'. You have to be compassionate to those who are so
separated from it in a world in which they really feel lost.
When 'negative' things happen to us or around us, as I stated it is really our
unconscious thinking minds conditioning and interpretation that reacts, labelling
them 'bad'. And through self realization we can change the whole way our minds
react to such experiences. Even if we aren't self realized, we can be aware of the
typical negative reactive thought patterns of the conditioned unconscious thinking
mind which accentuate and worsen the whole effect of such encounters, which
adversely impact on mind and body and our future abilities and quality of life. We
can 'create space' in ourselves and consider a learning opportunity. And so we can
try to employ harmonization through calming and quieting the mind to mitigate this.
And in our more peaceful condition we are more optimal and can bring greater
peace into the world. Finally, once again be mindful that I state that all these
experiences are intended and have purpose. Even if they seem like completely
inane experiences, they are experiences.


In line with the principle of individual experience, and as already stated, no spiritual
awakening will be the same. They are all usually gradual discoveries of the same
fundamental 'truth', perhaps different aspects such as oneness, timelessness,
vastness, infinite consciousness or pleasant emptiness. You might experience the
peacefulness of the constant present for a prolonged period with a gentle inner
harmony and a quiet mind. You may experience flowing harmony and timelessness
as your whole body including your mind's time bound energy system is impacted by
true fundamental consciousness ( your mind therefore perceiving experiences
fluidly & completely timelessly ). If you have an inner experience, your minds
awareness and harmony will increase considerably and you can more strongly focus
on ''true perfect cool fullness already within'' with gentle surrender and dropping
attachment thoughts in mind. And give yourself the best chance of harmonizing for
( and not seeking ) spiritual transformation by the whole nature. In the awareness I
have already built up for you, you may even possibly go straight to activating the
transformation process by the whole spiritual nature instead of experiencing an
aspect of it first.
You can have your mind opened to the possibility of a source nature underlying
everything, a fundamental truth, and given principles that others have discovered

correspond with its nature for your awareness to then gently synchronize with it, if
you decide. But only you can truly sense it within and thus become properly aware
of it. Only you can then make YOUR understandings resulting from such
experiences, DO YOUR OWN THINKING & develop an awareness which can then
allow further and deeper harmonization with your true perfect essence, potentially
activating it. Only you can realize your truly complete self via your own mind
awareness and condition.
Please do not become preoccupied with other people's level of awakening, feeling
you 'fall short' ; you will lose your own sense of 'specialness'. You will create
incompleteness and distance yourself from the true perfect completeness you really
are and can sense. You go on your own personal journey, nurturing your own
personal 'precious baby', which is following its intended unique course, whatever
happens, & we're all the same truly. Your challenge is your challenge, as I say, as it
is intended. And whilst this is your 'baby', NO ONE person can possibly come up
with everything. We all help each other to further our own understanding and
others, and this is just a reflection of the fun and power of oneness. If one person
has all the answers, that makes them an individual force in this sense, and, as I
have maintained, this is limited. Humans in their contributions to each other reflect
the power of the nature underlying us all and everything. I know I am going to go on
learning with the help of people and the 'mistakes' I make for the rest of my life. But
I am now certain of a fundamental truth and of what I know generally spiritually.
Right, so major religions which say 'have faith in God' are hitting at something
accurate although they don't actually realize the connection to unconscious thinking
mind harmonization and inner spiritual awakening to fundamental 'truth'. I maintain
'God' is actually underlying all things equally in a nature of conscious perfect
oneness, and not some separate, superior entity. The notion of a separate, superior
entity has only ever inspired a kind of 'tribalism', that only individual 'tribes' can
discover and that is not reflecting the power of oneness. And of course the ego
identified a correspondingly individual 'God' and formed a tribe to try and empower
it. This has been empowerment of a kind, but only egoic with all its related problems
involving seeking further empowerment through control, domination, superiority,
victory in war and destructiveness, from which we have learned and are learning.
How has it ever achieved optimal, peaceful oneness in the world as a reflection of
our own underlying conscious perfect oneness ?
'Faith' has a similar unconscious thinking mind harmonizing effect to sense of
universal control, and it has helped many people who have needed it to be more
harmonious and contributing to the world. And faith or religious conviction allied to
values of peace, kindness and love has indeed given a lot to the world, but it has
been tempered by the egoic nature with its associated problems and so never been

a complete solution. The development of the ego has its purpose, as I have
Buddhism seem to be closer to inner discovery because it is about the realization of
the truth underlying all within. As with numerous Eastern spiritual traditions. All
these religions and traditions are grasping at one thing ; a power and fundament
behind the world. I maintain that spiritual awakening can actually deliver this
through consciousness of the inner, underlying 'truth' or nature . A 'truth' that we
sense is present in everything and that can transform us completely. I am aware
that when mentioning 'God' people may immediately be dismissive ; a ridiculous
concept of a white bearded man in the clouds, an all-righteous figure judging our
worthiness, a license for men to go to war, control, dominate and commit negative
acts, or simply an irrational, oversimplified, laughable notion. Again, these negative
aspects, still going on in the world as they are intended for now, are the products of
strong inherent ego imbalance allied to religious conviction. And those obstacles will
be overcome by the suppressed who will learn.
What I personally know is the harmonization effect on the mind that I have
experienced of awareness of masterful universal power in life and critically the
minds persuasion of true perfection underlying us and everything in its nature, and
how this can lead to spiritual awakening and self realization. This is my discovery of
'God'. But we are aware of diverse experiences and so what I state is that the
solution to life is how we change ourselves within for it, either through self
realization and or reflecting the spiritual nature's optimal principles. And by
understanding that experiences, whatever, they are, come for us simply for
experience and also often for learning.
I think it will come as little surprise to many that the wonderful experiences people
generally have in nature are mostly reflections of the true perfect underlying
spiritual nature, as indeed physical nature mirrors it. Harmony, beauty, majesty, the
essential, oneness, sense of perfection. And these elements shift us into present
moment absorption, harmony and appreciation, again reflecting part of the optimal
nature of true fundamental perfection. In the present moment our thinking minds
are stilled as we are just present in being, and our senses become heightened,
enhancing our appreciation. Whether it is gazing at the moon and stars, enjoying
landscapes, walking in the woods ( trees also give a sense of natural protection ), all
these experiences transmit aspects of the true perfect spiritual essence. I have a
friend who said he loves nothing more than swimming in the desolate sea ; we
discussed that the fluidity, vastness and infiniteness of the sea corresponds with
these aspects of true perfect fundamental consciousness.
Things that give us meaning and also move us are not spiritual experiences per se

but 'meaning' gives us sense of purpose, and we all know the importance of this,
bearing in mind that I state we already have the ultimate 'purpose' lying within us in
no energetic feeling or inner body or brain stimuli, even if we don't sense it, in its
wonderfully ordinary, harmonious, free, full, sound nature which we might seriously
consider. And things that give us meaning and move us, whatever they are ; helping
others, loving others, contributing to a cause, listening to music, looking at art all
give us a sense of a deeper, greater self. They are effectively experiences of being a
part of something greater. Some spiritual awakenings are energetic 'heart
awakenings' and give us this sense of deeper meaning, though the farthest
awakenings activate our full spiritual nature and so we become transformed. A
nature that is more complete, full, balanced than energetic love / energetic feelings
and inner stimuli, including feeling of meaning. This is NOT to say you don't care
any more ; you still care and you still love in your outlook, just freer and fuller to do
so even more effectively, looking and reaching outwards because you are free and
full within, needing nothing, and you are able to do this unconditionally, objectively,
less exclusively and with better organization and balance. To strike an analogy, you
can become somewhat akin to a 'surgeon of caring' ; administering your care and
love with objectivity, composure, organization, consideration and precision. As
humans often do anyway.

As previously mentioned, love will always be one of the greatest products of
humanity but the FEELING and stimulus is ultimately limited. This feeling is
energetic, individual, and comes and goes in our experience of it, so disharmonious
to a subtle degree. And we become attached to that 'good feeling'. And it can even
be painful and our pursuit of it upsetting. Romantic love or 'passionate romance' has
been identified as a kind of 'drug high' that eventually wanes. This is not to say
couples can't then find a more stable partnership. Feeling wonderful compassion,
though freeing, is only temporary and can be painful. We will always care, just more
expansively and freely, without hurt. Unconditional love is less about how we feel
energetically and more about unconditional acceptance. This really is the greatest
embrace of others, but again we will be able to do it less selectively and without
any energetic feeling, just a wonderful even fuller nature. And even if we behave
with people unconditionally in this way currently, we can still be expectant of them
for things and hurt when we feel we don't receive them, because we are not truly
complete and full. So we have the potential to be unconditional without being
hampered by ANYTHING !
Unconditional love does not necessarily mean unconditional support and care.
These require the willing to step out of our own world and invest in those of others.
This happens naturally in families and it is the greatest relationship that helps to put

us more in our ' comfortable home' ; what humans are really always seeking is what
we call 'being a rock' to someone. This relationship can exist in friendships and
partnerships, but unconditional support and care in relationships outside of families
takes a certain freedom and security within. We tend to think that partnership is the
highest self affirmation but actually true friendship is more fundamental ; true
friends are bonded basically just because of the common elements they find. We
simply find reflections of our worldly selves in others. This is wonderful. Partners
require partnership affirmation from each other and support each other in ways,
which is also a wonderful opportunity to grow and become affirmed as a human.
Ultimate purpose lies within in true fullness. The best partnerships have true caring
friendship as their base. Again, being a 'rock' to anyone is the most a human can do
for another.
Our friends and partners can provide a very positive sense of ourselves, make us
feel good and we love and appreciate and value ourselves more and this equates to
the 'specialness' already mentioned that is so vital for human thriving. True value
lies in appreciating what we really are within. In families, love is unconditional and
very important for the previously mentioned 'specialness', acceptance and
BELONGING ; we are usually loved for 'free', whatever, and this really reflects the
nature of our 'true underlying home'. But we don't get the same sense of being
loved for something particular about our worldly selves that we get from friends or
partners. However families and people can still tell each other what is loveable in
each other independently from unconditional love, compliment and transmit
'specialness' and help us understand how we come across the world. And we can
always say to each other we love one another with our reasons and just because we
are inherently special, simply for being.
In seeing the love and goodness in and the understandability of humanity, we can
find sense and purpose and this can also harmonize our minds similarly, making us
feel better to be more optimal in the world. A world we feel more 'at home' in and in
harmony with. Of course being more in harmony with humanity means being closer
to our harmonious underlying nature. And the way we see the world tends to
influence how we feel and are in the world. So we hold the power to see more or the
truth of the world and feel and be more optimal. Of course others then see how we
are and this influences them. We have all have the power to be the true positive
change we may seek. Power for true change, freedom and empowerment has
always been ours through coming together in oneness in accordance with our
common spiritual nature in our common desire to be free and empowered. True
individual freedom and empowerment is spiritual self realization.
Seeking love in partnerships or from friends can be troublesome. We become
attached to it and dependent upon it. And it can be conditional. When we no longer
feel loved and appreciated our insecure egos are hurt and we then can create
dramas, enemies and thought cycles in 'fight mode' in an attempt to invigorate this
incompleteness temporarily. And we stop giving of ourselves in the same way under

these circumstances. And basically, it is impossible to rely on someone else,

externally from yourself, for true fulfilment. And it is just not fair either. The ego
simply cannot be fully satisfied, though I appreciate there are many partnerships
who rise above conflict in a higher interest. But how much conflict with insecure
egos going into fight or drama mode, triggering the opposite's egoic fight and
drama mode until egos are temporarily as satisfied as they can be ? How many little
power games ? And how we can become insecure and possessive out of our egoic
incompleteness and place all our demands for fulfilment on a person external to
ourselves ; our identity and our self worth becomes attached to and dependent
upon that person. In conflict, peaceful, considerate, gentle communication
,listening, understanding of natural egoic insecurity that the opposite is enduring,
and reinforcing someone's sense of importance ( making them your center of
attention alone grants this ) and giving yourself and the opposite their space to be
and express are helpful measures for this, I have found. With anyone you find
yourself in conflict with, if possible. Only our spiritual nature can fulfil us completely
and reflecting its nature makes life much more easy. In spiritual fulfilment, we have
the potential to be unconditionally loving, caring, sharing and supporting without
being hampered by anything, and more expansively than simply in a family or
partnership context.
The movement of oneness destined to play out in society really starts with the mass
who consider themselves 'ordinary' or 'normal'. 'Ordinary' in society actually has a
real treasure as with the spiritual nature ; sameness. Common, sound, simple
'wavelength'. And the 'ordinary' state of life has an enduring harmony, does it not ?
'Ordinary' in society can become wonderful just through people becoming aware of
its virtue and abounding in it through connecting with those who consider
themselves the same. This is magical. As opposed to seeing wealth, fame, 'power'
and extraordinary 'success' as the 'treasure' ; society can still place its value on
these and so many of us want more and we often want to be more than 'ordinary'.
But how cool is it to know you fit in with the soundness of the great majority ? That
you are experiencing sound, ordinary life just like the vast majority ? The greatest
nectar or magic externally speaking is human appreciation. Transmission of
'specialness'. When you are properly appreciated, you appreciate and value yourself
more and feel freer to give and care. True self appreciation is to be found through
caring for yourself, understanding and realizing your spiritual nature, but
appreciation or 'magic' of the real power of 'ordinary' is the way forward for society.
So the ordinary majority can collectively become self aware and conscious of their
real treasure to be reveled in and simply say ''we value this ; in ourselves & others
'', appreciating each other. And with this liberation & fulfillment we can give and
care more. ''Look out'' for one another. We can gently form a 'beaming ordinary' .
And establish our true value system in appreciating, caring and understanding.
Knowing we need to care for and appreciate ourselves first. And this can be our true
'currency', not money. And when we are aware of appreciation and care, we can
show our real gratitude for this which is vital to help stimulate it all. Appreciation

and gratitude for this new value system in society is critical to stimulate it and
TRUST in it. The power to start all of this is the people's collectively, and it is
possible because we can become this because it is our true nature. It is really
natural when we feel free and trusting enough. Just as Gandhi saw and knew ; all we
need to do is BE it. Kind, gentle, appreciative, understanding, sound, caring and
peaceful with others if we choose. And transmitting the magic of 'specialness' when
we can, which hopefully we are appreciated for, making us feel more 'special' and
empowered. A 'special ordinary' which can be aware that humility makes it all the
more powerful and sound when we are comfortable with humility. And so in our
'looking out' for one another, humans can form a kind of 'team' effort where optimal
interaction in equality is all that matters, without judgement, of course. And those
who choose not to participate won't be judged either. How rewarding is a team
cause ? This is just a reflection of oneness.
'Ordinary' is not a limiting 'category' ; it is a self-acceptant, comfortable, sound,
humble nature, wavelength and attitude that is liberating and wonderful when we
connect . It allows us to be authentic and very embracing of others on the same
'wavelength'. We are cool with ourselves as we are and we have no agenda or need
to feel superior. And so this is where true power lies ; 'the meek shall inherit the
Earth''. This is the paradox again ; the 'meek' really have the sound power in unified
caring gentleness and humility. Just as to become optimal in ourselves and
potentially awaken to our true power, we need to be gentle, KIND and 'meek' within
ourselves. And the 'beaming ordinary' or 'normal' will reach out and care for those
who don't have the real treasure of feeling this way ; the vulnerable, the challenged
and the isolated, as examples. And those who have always wanted to be and
consider themselves extraordinary or just more will be attracted to it. Not that I'm
trying to make the 'powerful' and extraordinary, for example, feel bad about their
separateness ; they have usually taken care of themselves and can, if they choose,
use their kind of 'power' to help themselves and those with 'less' a bit. And perhaps
they may simply realize considering yourself 'ordinary' and getting along with those
who feel similarly is really where greater contentment lies. As many do ; our true
optimal nature is a perfectly unified ordinary. And thus we can see caring gentleness
softly breezing through ALL society, making it more optimal. A caring gentleness
that will become more and more humble, and so even more powerful in this
soundness, stability, AUTHENTICITY and likeability. Humility really reflects the 'cool'
soundness of our optimal underlying nature and we humans respond to it ; we trust
it and we love it.
Our new value system will flow into capitalism which will have a considerable
impact on society. 'Conscientious capitalism' where we take care of ourselves whilst
considering others. And in the corporate world and in small businesses we will know
we are caring for ourselves, providing things that add to the world and we are
participating in conscientious organizations. Of course in placing our collective value
on caring, we must truly value all those involved in professional caring ; nurses,

doctors, surgeons, social carers just as examples. Let's consider further appreciating
society's PROTECTORS and safety services, they care too. And our managers who
bring us care and organization and more efficiency where we feel in good hands as
opposed to feeling bossed about for their enjoyment of control or their own agenda.
This value system addresses all divides including female/male. Women, truly
recognized and appreciated for their critical power of nurturing and care as well as
taking on other roles they need for challenges can become empowered to help all
including men and the caring process feeds back ; men being just as wonderful
carers in their ways. Ways which expand the whole concept of caring and vitally
benefit our planet. But every man is born from a woman, out of the nurture of her
womb, and this is a fundamental principle
With our liberation in happy self-acceptance and trust in kindness to and
appreciation of one another, we will become free to be more authentic with one
another. And people will increasingly want to reveal and share themselves for others
knowledge and truly discover and understand others as this really is human
oneness and a world in which we feel more comfortable and 'at home', and the
never endingly fascinating exploration of our worldly individuality, building up our
bigger picture of comprehension. Comprehension through making observations, not
judgements, making us realize how understandable we all really are. We are all truly
the same, seeking the same, with obstacles in the way. We can build an
understanding which helps us to come together and also have fun in our growth of
understanding. And fun in our less judgmental, lighthearted coolness. None of us
are 'perfect', necessarily. So through building understanding we will feel we are in a
world that makes more sense and is more 'homely', where we are more
comfortable, empowered and better able to be. Judgmentalness may make us feel
temporarily better in our minds, but really we feel separate and not truly 'at home'.
People, friends have a vital value in contributing to each other with their idea and
understanding of how one another comes across in the world. How can we really be
aware of our worldly selves without this input ?
As people, realizing the virtue of self revealing ( liberation through sharing ourselves
), and understanding others, generally become more open with and caring about
each other, this will have a tremendously therapeutic effect on us. We can be each
others therapists if we so choose ! Sharing of troubles, problems, and release of our
hidden secrets. Of course this sharing often involves humility which is liberating for
us as we expose our 'weaknesses' and 'faults', admitting we are not masters and
impeccable forces on top of life and in the world. Humans really respond to this as it
reflects our humble and liberated underlying nature. Our admissions make us feel
better and help us into more surrender and harmony with life and people, where
true power lies. But facing and accepting our own 'weaknesses' and 'faults' is key to
true liberation, that is why we all have them. And we can share with others what we
also learn from our observations of ourselves. And so in our sharing of ourselves
with each other, we can analyze and advise on our notion of optimal direction.

Without pointing out 'faults', as there are really no 'faults', not by my book anyway.
But yes, there is a need to be aware of goodness, and whether we choose it, not
that I personally judge those who don't. Human therapy, understanding, liberation
and optimality ; oneness. In our willing to understand we can show interest and give
sense of importance and specialness through our pursuit of oneness with others. We
are here for each other on top of just having an experience ! Of course, non
judgmentalness ( non criticism ) will help encourage all of this, even though some
may be liberated enough not to care about judgement from others. And openness in
our sexuality, just as an example, an innermost part of ourselves will be therapeutic
through being self revealing and self sharing, and sex will become a lot less taboo.
We will have greater understanding of the fun and health therapy of sex ; all our
'therapies' and pleasures helping us to take care of ourselves and be more giving
towards others, if we choose. In the knowledge that we can become so full and free
that we are no longer attached to those pleasures or anything and can still enjoy
them, just freely.
There are of course people who aren't used to sharing their problems and their
innermost selves, who like to keep themselves to themselves and feel in control,
who don't want people to care for them. But as we realize the virtues of gently
surrendering into oneness with a trust encouraged by non judgmentalness, general
willing to understand and acceptance, instead of trying to be in control, unique and
singular, and the freeing and enhancing benefits of sharing ourselves, appreciating
and understanding others, we will become less inclined this way. And no matter how
spiritually fulfilled we become, we will always still benefit from each other through
learning about our worldly selves and others, formulating our bigger picture of
comprehension through individual contributions, and 'errors' and adversity of
As our real nature of oneness moves gradually through society, we will welcome
multiculturalism in celebrating the contributions that vitally enrichen it . But, some
people will need to be more secure and free inside in order to do this. And society
will become more cohesive and cooperative with more understanding and
appreciation of each other and general 'coolness', reflecting the relaxed harmony of
oneness with objectivity, tolerance, fairness, non judgmentalness. We will begin to
see less differences between us as we understand we are truly all one, whilst
recognizing and enjoying and learning from our necessary and fascinating
individuality. In our use of language, we will be less categoric at times in our
describing of differences and our notions of 'good' and 'bad' will become less
emphatic. I hope you find my own treatment of these notions in this book, for
example, unemphatic.
In education, which will be highly important, we can inform pupils of the virtues of
oneness. We can give COMPLIMENTS ( 'magic' ) and alert them as to how special
they all already truly are in their uniqueness and oneness and that this can be
realized if we choose, with awareness that finally, we don't need to feel special.

That true contentment is actually simple wonderful ordinariness. We can stop

conditioning them into thinking they must ''become'' for true fulfilment. We can
teach them that competition, whilst always necessary for achievement, is more of a
'game' than the measure of who we truly are. And we can tell them that there is no
optimality ( I don't use the word 'success' ), like taking proper care of yourself in
order to best share yourself with and care for others, and understand them, if you
so choose. And we will understand to an even greater extent how important it is for
children to feel unconditional acceptance, appreciation, caring, support and that
they truly BELONG in the world and universe. They are a vital part of it. As all
humans need to and do.
To conclude, we can come together GENTLY in the awareness of the treasure the
great majority already have and can enhance and start our true collective and
greater individual empowerment through oneness just with this ! In this happy
awareness, we can establish our value in caring for, appreciating and trying to
understand others, knowing we need to properly care for and appreciate ourselves
first. Not that we will judge others who aren't orientated this way. 'Look out' for one
another. And show our true appreciation for this in society which is so necessary.
The process of oneness can be truly born on our planet, aiming towards a
'wonderful ordinary' which is a nature, wavelength and attitude, and it should just
be a very gentle, sustainable and reliable breeze, where everyone is their own
leader with a wisdom they all already have in their true nature. This, in a knowledge
that ultimately, we can simply no longer need to feel 'special' or a 'leader', and in
the humility we can find we are all the more empowered, free and effective. True
fulfilment lies in the wonderfully ordinary and 'meek'. 'Ordinariness' or sameness
becomes more wonderful when we truly connect. In all this, humans will literally be
emulating the deep source of the universe. They will take on the nature of 'God'.
Just as in order to spiritually awaken inside us, the thinking mind emulates our
underlying nature. Oneness ; our true comfortable 'home' and belonging. And of
course oneness extends into harmony and care for the entire planet and all things in



True perfect fundamental consciousness is the definitive paradox. This definition

may sound lofty and about something supreme, but it is just the true power of the
perfectly cool and balanced beneath all things. Limitless predeterminatory power
and capability through conscious, perfect harmony. The effortless power of the
gentle in its composure, fluidity and organization. Total mastery in no energetic
controlling force. Fullness which is empty. Serenity which is joyous. It can be

'wonderfully ordinary' as we experience the beauty of ultimate oneness with its

nature of timelessness. It is experiences that don't seem like experiences, 'no
experiences' in the sense they all feel the same and in harmony, again owing to
oneness and timelessness. It is the limitless and absolute that we try to define as
clearly as we can through the limitations of language.


The spiritual path is really open to absolutely anyone to follow. If you become
convinced by the principles I have identified of true perfect fundamental
consciousness, perhaps adding your own insights, and make up your own mind, the
critical tool, to apply this, you will embark upon a spiritual journey for the underlying
universe. As previously stated, every journey is different involving various
experiences and realizations of the differing aspects of its nature explained.
Journeys reach varied points. Ultimate self realization, so far, corresponds with
ultimate external perception of revelation. The most powerful synchronicity and
thus external perception of 'ultimate'. An ultimate which is then discovered within
owing to mind persuasion and consequent harmonization with it. This persuasion
and consequent mind harmonization is most powerful through you seeing with your
own mind a logic, rather than blind persuasion. And I await with much enthusiasm
for others to achieve this without elaborate synchronicity and with the tools for
harmonization I have offered in this book and awareness of my own proof of what
YOU really are as I have detailed. Most relevantly your awareness of what I state
you are within, but also the living, breathing, thinking, feeling experiencing miracle
that your form and everything around you is. And I can say that when you truly
realize this essence is forever constant and never dies owing to inner experience,
that has a harmonizing impact on the mind too. You may become aware of
synchronicities for you in your past or as you go on your journey as mentioned, but
don't feel you need them or be disheartened if you aren't aware of them. I maintain
you are reading this book as intended and this may impact upon your journey. And
things can be taken away too, to 'strip you down' closer to the truth inside. These
are synchronicities as well. I read that Jeff Foster, an English spiritual teacher
became so fed up and depressed with not having an awakening experience, that it
was only when he was truly beaten down and in a kind of surrender that it occurred.
These kinds of awakenings all involve wrestling with your minds idea of yourself,
striving and fighting and wanting to be more and to become something in the future
until all this collapses or surrenders. And in the consequent internal and mental
'quiet' they find true completeness in harmony with their underlying nature which is
one with everything including all moments, timelessly, and always has been and
always will be in present moments. They become enlightened or awakened. But not
necessarily completely transformed, healed and full. That, as I am aware, then

requires focus and awareness of this being our underlying true perfection as I have
described it. Even if you are transformed by true perfect fundamental
consciousness, you will still have your life challenges, but you will be facing them in
your optimal nature.
I will always promote the gentle, harmonious approach for awakening, not striving
or turbulence. If you don't find you have awakening experiences, and the
passageway will always be clearer for some, not that they are any more special for
the underlying universe, then be mindful of the optimal principles identified anyway,
and the means I have given you for reflecting them. With this you have the best
tools I can offer to enhance yourself for your life. And this will be your unique,
equally special spiritual journey, if you choose.
Ultimately, you don't need to see yourself as belonging to a 'spiritual movement or
group' ; you realize you are everything and this is no ego mind identity. We are not
different from others. But have consideration for the fact that I state that the
gradual adoption of these principles generally in humanity will gently move us
forward in the direction of optimality. I've been spiritually transformed and I'm going
into caring for the sick. Spiritually-minded people should be aware of avoiding
'disturbing' others with their views ; oneness is not in any way about disturbance ;
people's views can be highly important for their mind's sake. But, as I said earlier,
we can transmit our common spiritual nature to others just in being. Everyone has
inherent wisdom and this nature underlies all, and people respond to optimality
when they sense it. We hold the power to be part of the future movement of
humility, caring, understanding and appreciating I have already detailed, without
being spiritually transformed.
Effective explainability of our truth. I have certainly attempted this in as far as I can.
ONE common language for all by which we can be persuaded and exploit this truth
as optimally as possible. And if we can't explain something, feeling it is beyond us,
how can we ever be in harmony with it ? This would place many of us in confusion
and inferiority or even feeling threatened. Of course, some people don't require
explainability, they find comfort and happiness in just believing there is more. A
greater magic. Which harmonizes their minds and makes them feel better. It
ultimately comes down to the individual. And I have tried to explain that there is no
superiority that is beyond us, only something we can marvel at and harmonize with
and rejoice in our belonging to. It cares for all of us and accepts us unconditionally.
It is our true ' comfortable home'. There are no 'interventions', dipping in of the
'magic hand' as we go along, just things that are achievable through forms in space
and time through predetermination. Via building blocks. No one, as I have tried to
illustrate, is fundamentally 'bad' ; there are reasons, critical pathways, that build up
to everything as intended, and all is valid for the underlying universe. And we can
understand this ; everything and everyone is potentially understandable ; we're all

truly the same. Therefore in trying to understand others we can better relate and
bond furthering our oneness and becoming more optimal instead of seeing a picture
of life that confuses our minds and makes us feel we are different, separated in a
world that is wrong with no sufficient purpose. When we overcome this through
effective explainability, we begin to realize where we are more 'at home' in our
external outlook as well as truly 'at home' when in harmony with and then possibly
transformed by our perfect underlying nature.

Recommended reading : 1/ ''The Power of Now'', by Eckhart Tolle. 2/ '' A Proof of

Heaven'', by Eben Alexander. A neuroscientist's / brain surgeon's account of a Near
Death Experience.