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Ten Plagues of Exodus 7:8-11:10 Based on WT reprint 3993

Symbol of Jannes &
Divine Possible Jambres (2
Plague Scripture Power Warning Pharoah's Reaction Time Possible Egyptian God(ess) Explanation Who Affected Tim. 3:8)
Khnum: guardian of Nile, Hapi:
spirit of Nile, Osiris: Nile
1. Water to Blood Ex. 7:14-25 Aaron's rod Full June bloodstream Algae All Imitated
Heqt: form of frog; god of
resurrection (forbidden to kill
2. Frogs Ex. 8:1-15 Aaron's rod Less them) All Imitated
Declare God's
3. Lice, fleas, sandfly, gnats Ex. 8:16-19 Aaron's rod None False promise All finger
4. Flies or beetles Ex. 8:20-32 Full Only Egyptians
Hatho: mother-goddess; form of
cow, Apis: bull of god Ptah;
symbol of fertility, Mnevis: scared
5. Livestock killed Ex. 9:1-7 Less bull of Heliopolis Only Egyptians
6. Boils Ex. 9:8-12 None Only Egyptians
7. Hail Ex. 9:13-35 Moses' rod Full False promise Only Egyptians

Repented, confessed
8. Locusts Ex. 10:1-20 Moses' rod Less sin, changed mind Only Egyptians

9. Darkness Ex. 10:21-29 Moses' rod None Sand storm Only Egyptians
Ex. 11:1- provision for
10. Death of Firstborn 12:36 April Hebrews
9 months
Types Type Antitype
Shadows of things to come Pharoah Satan
Heb. 9:9; 10:1 Egypt World
Israelites God's people
Plagues Time of trouble
First born Church of the first born
Later born World in Millennium
Lamb Christ
Blood around door Christ's blood
Unleavened bread Flesh of Jesus
Servants of Pharoah Fallen angels & Satan's helpers
Liberation of Hebrews Liberation of humanity
Slavery Humanity in slavery