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Deus Vult ‘And the angel spoke unto me, ina strong voice, crying, Many are the children of the Dragon, the Serpent, the great Satan, and they are among you now. I tell you, Servant of Christ, that the Parousia is near, that the Second Coming comet soom. Stronger still row the children of the Dragon, and they mutply, and they area wound nto the earth. And we ar the balm for this wound, we must cleanse it with fre, and purify it, and then the earth shall be ready forthe Parousia, and we shal be judged worthy. — Leopold of Murnau, The Testament of Leopold ‘The Inquisition has been accused of cruelty, fanaticism and worse, but its members shrug off the charges. They know that horrors walk the Earth, stalking mortals and slaying humans for their own pleasure. That, however, is not their worst evil. These beings threaten more than just the human body — their target is nothing less than the human soul. To battle them. requires the Inquisition use every tool, no matter how repulsive or offensive, Itis God's will by James Estes eet et ee Le Cowrents Credits: Written By: Jim Estes Developed By: Andrew Greenberg Euited By: Ethan Skemp Ast Director: Richard Thomas Layout and Typesetting: Aileen E. Miles Art: Mike Chaney, James Daly, Nick Ruskin, Ron Spencer Front Cover: William O'Connor Back Cover: Ash Arnett ‘Author's Acknowledgements & Dedication 1 would like to thank many people, including anyone who helped, advised, or put up with me during the writing of this book, chief among them: Andrew Greenberg, for showing such Faith, Hope, and Charity in his ole as developer; The cats, for staying up late with me; Jonathan Spangler, for his assistance with Latin phras- ing (blame him if its wrong!) and for The Mission; Thomas Walker, forall that cannot be said in words Dedicated to everyone whohas kept their Faith in spite of call Fae SUITE IO cy Ne 780 PARK NORTH BLYD. 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Laura “Bemused Il” Perkinson, for the same. Ben “Chinatown” Monk, for showing me just how ‘much we have in common. Christian “Smooches” Naberhaus, fr all his partying sg00d Eli, Brad, Josh, Wes, Christian, Diane, Sarah, Rob, Fred, Emory, Quintessential Merey, Blue Blood and ev eryone else at the final bash, And especially, Kelly “Winnebago Warrior” Norwood, for everything. ‘Word fromthe White Wolf Game St By the time you read these words (or iit “this Word”) Pl no longer be with White Wolf. Yes, an actual human being writes these words, and for the Vampire line it has been me, Andrew Greenberg. That's only one part of a developer's job — and usually the most painless. Not this time. I've been developing this game since 1991, back when the company was Stewart, Mark and myself. Now it’s what itis and I'm off to new frontiers. Goodbye and thanks forall the leters. You can now send them to Jennifer Hartshorn, the new Vampire developer — especially the ones about yourcharacters. [PLLGET YOU FOR THIS, ANDREW!!! —Jen) Contents Introduction Chapter One: The Way ofthe Martyr ChapterTwo:Catechism Chapter Three: Character Creation Chapter Four: Storyteller’s Aids Chapter Five: Inquisitor Personalities Appendix: Cenaculum Construction ‘A dream isa scripture, and many scriptures are nothing but dreams. —Unnberto Eco, The Name of the Rose So often the supernatural inhabitants of the World of Darkness view mortals as being of only secondary, or even tertiary importance. To the Kindred, mortals are food or a night’s entertainment. The Garou tend to view mortals as litele more than a plague infesting Gaia. To many mages, humans range from children in need of guidance to cows in need of a cowherd. Always, the humans are something less, something weaker; rarely a factor worth much serious con- sideration, Not so with the Inquisition. For more than. 700 years, the Inquisition — or, more properly, the Society of Leopold —has weathered the storm of the World of Darkness. Founded by a “mere mortal,” the Society has been a constant thom in the side of the Kindred and other denizens of the World of Darkness; a thorn that seems ever-resistant to being pulled once and for all. The Society has had centuries to learn and grow, and while these centuries may mean little o some Cainites, the Society has profited from this time. ‘True, humans are weak creatures at best when com- pared to the might of an ancient Kindred or a frenzying Garou. But these creatures face more than justhumans: they face the power of Heaven. Whatis the Inquisiti The Inquisition is, loosely put, the organisation of mortals dedicated (typically in the name of God) to the ‘eradication of supernaturals from the earth. More techni cally, the Inquisition refers to the Society of Leopold, an ‘organisation not known about by most other mortals, and not fully appreciated by supernatural. The Society of Leopold believes that the supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness are all children of the Enemy, the Antichrist, and serve ashis army. The Society is preparing forthe Parousi, the Second Coming, when the final battle between the children of God and the children of the Enemy will rage. Theme The theme of The Inquisition is the crusader. The Society of Leopold seesitselfas humanity’slaststand against the encroaching hordes of the World of Darkness. Inguis tors are the new Crusaders all the Earth is their Holy Land. But theirs isa lonely strugze, bereft of the support of those whom they would save. The general populace does not know of the struggle, and would most likely think the Inquisitors are mad. Inquisitors are holy knights, alienated from theiefellow mortalsby their knowledge of what awaits, Some within the Inquisition are zealots, iis true; but itis better to err on the side of caution than to let slip the defenses of humanity Even when the Enemy is notel is a war the series of battles is endless, but the true war has ar, never forget that this not yet come. When all hel breaks loose on Earth, when the forcesof he Enemy spill across the land, and the blood of the innocent is shed, then shall the true battle begin. ‘And the Inquisition will be ready. The mood of The Inquisition is one of apocalyptic frenzy. The Society is concerned with nothing less than the salvation ofthe Earth, and has constantly been preparing for the Parousia. It matters not that it has been waiting for the Parousia for over seven centuriesll time's imminent inthe mind of God. What is important is thac the Society is ever- vigilant and always prepared ‘The Society knows it will win thisbattle, tit does not rest easy in this knowledge. Much blood will be shed, many innocent lives lost —butall shall bedone in the name of the Lord. When the Savior returns, the Society will be ready, sword in hand. Of course, not every story within chronicle should bea Gétterdmening; coo many Ragnarokscandeaden the players and the effectiveness ofa story. But there should be an apocalyptic feling behind icall: every auto-da-fé has its role in the final battle, which comes closer every day TuE utsion Mortal Characters The role ofthe mortal witch-hunter in Vampire (and all the Storytelling games of the World of Darks frequently of interest to both player and Storyteller. With thisbook, each will be able toadd depth and breadth totheir witch-hunters, particularly those of the Society of Leopold and the Inquisition. Ic is meant to give you a glimpse of the varying and often conflicting beliefs of the members of the Society of Leopold as well as other allied stalkers of the supernatural. It intends to add greater character to witch- hunters, ensure that theyare used asmore than simply armed religiouszealots, and see that the Inquisitor, in spite of their ‘many failings, get a fair evaluation. ) is one ‘This sourcebook details the Society's history and cur- Iecontainsguidelinesfor creating Inquisitors,includingnew Backgrounds, Secondary Abilities, Merits and Flaws. Fi nally, for those who fear that morta characters are hopelesly ‘outgunned in the World of Darkness, this work discusses the weapons of the faithful, from True Faith itself through ‘Theurgy, the calling of magical power from heaven, to the use of toreure ‘The Inquisition is also meant to broaden the horizons cof your chronicle, adding score of nuances to your Inquisi- tor antagonists. Although this book focuses on the Society's