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Abubakar Muhammad / 1701339011


1. What is googles pay level? How do define and measure its pay
Google memberikan tingkatan pay level berdasarkan pay performance
dan pay person key karena google memberikan upah berdasarkan
tingkat kualitas dan kuantitas kerja
2. Does your answer to the above qetion depend on what
point in time it is answered? for example , what was Google's
pay level the day before it repriced employee stock options? what
was google's level the day after it repriced employee stock option?
Google selalu memberikan key label dengan cara yang sama melalui dua
cara tersebut, yaitu: Pay for performance dan Pay for Key person
3. Why did Google reprice its stock options and also give a 10
percent salary increase (in an era when 2 to 3 percent annual salary
increase budgets are the norm)? Is it because its business strategy
and/or product life cycle changed? Is it because it was concerned
that employees' perceived valu of compensation did not match what
Google was spending?
Google menaikkan 10% gaji sesuai dengan komitmennya untuk pay level
atas dasar pay performance. Jadi, Google melihat peningkatan kinerja dan
merasa pantas meningkatkan gaji.
4. Do you think Google has made the right choices in caging in
compensation strategy? How much do these costs compare to
Google's total costs and operating income? Are these increased
compensation costs likely to be a good investment? In other words,
will they pay for themselves (and more)? Explain.

Google telah menetapkan strategi kompensasi yang tetap yaitu pay for
performance and key person yang memberikan kompensasi berdasarkan
kinerja dan manfaat yang telah diberikan perusahaan