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Over Farming (Cows) In Texas

By: Guillermo Jaimes-Arroyo

Speech Class

What is Cattle Over farming?

Over farming cattle or cows is the process in which cows are jam
packed together in little to no space. These cows live in a space of
land with thousands of other cows.
Why, you might ask: well thats what I like to call the meat industry.(A
large scale of meat production) to feed the demand of the public.

What Problems Can it cause?

Over farming of cattle can cause many problems. Cows when
breathing release a gas called methane gas. Methane Gas or CH4 is
23 times more affective on the environment than Carbon Dioxide CO2
in global warming terms.
Agriculture methane output can increase by 60% by the year 2030/
According to The Times Science.

How many cow farms are in The State Of Texas?

Many people believe that Texas has around 5,000-10,000 Farms, when
you think about it thats a lot of farms.
But the reality is much scarier, Texas leads the Nation with 248,000
thousand farms that measure 130.2 million acres.
To put that in prospective an acre is the size of 43,560 square Feet

In 2012 cattle finished first in the top 10 commodities in terms in cash receipts, with a
staggering 10.5 Billion Dollars in the State of Texas out beating Cotton, Milk, Eggs etc.
Cows do not only produce meat, but also other products like crme, cheese, Milk, and
also Ice Cream!!
Texas Ranks #1 in Cattle and calves, out racing the competition with over 5 million
cattle & Caves ahead of its competitors in 2015. According to Beef USA

1. Texas - 11.7 million

2. Nebraska - 6.45
3. Kansas -6.25 million
4. California - 5.2
Cows & Caves
5. Oklahoma
- 4.85

What diseases can be cause from to much beef


Problems like cholesterol are common when consuming to much meat.

To much meat consumption can also cause other problems like heart disease, kidney
disease, osteoporosis and cancer. Studies show that people who eat too much meat
are 20 percent more likely to develop cancer.
The average American eats 67 pounds of beef each year. And the state that has the
most beef consumers is, you guessed it Texas!!!

Why Does over farming exist?

Well as you have learned so far Texans love their meat. And Cow Beef is such an
important culture in Texas.
But why millions of jam packed cows in Texas farms? Well the state of Texas
continues to grow each year, more and more.
There are approximately 27,469,114 Million people living in the state of Texas in
2015, according to Wikipedia. And it is safe to say that most Texas residents love
their meat.
As the population in Texas grows, so will the demand for meat. And thats how we
end up with thousands upon thousands of cows pilled together in a small piece of

The life of a cow in Texas Farms

Value of cow- 800-1500 dollars on average
How do cows get big in rapid speeds ? Cows can grow at rapid speeds
because of antibiotics and other drugs and steroids that boost their muscles
in growing. These antibiotics can cause diseases to humans that can be
deadly over time .
Life Span- Most cows are slaughtered at 18 months old, dairy cows live 4-5
years thats a little bit more than regular cattle but its nothing compared to
what they would live, if they werent killed for meat, cows would live 18-25
plus years.

Why I choose the topic?

I believe that over farming of cattle is not a good thing for our society.
It paints a bad image on the state of Texas, and makes us look like
bad people. It also pollutes the world in ways that can not be
Eating to much meat is never good it gives much disease and can
cause cancer. Lowering your meat consumption decreases your
chances of getting cancer by 20%.
I believed that getting the word out of over farming cattle is
important, I believe that everyone deserves a chance at a healthy
life, and the key to a healthy life is knowledge.
So next time you take a bite out of a burger, think about your future.