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UA-4566 LL. M. (Part - I) (Group B & C) (Annual Mode) Examination March / April — 2012 Law & Social Transformation In India Time : 3 Hours) [Total Marks : 60 aa : (a) TS aia g Fadia Pod Graal we sate anal, Fillup strictly the detalls of signs on your answer book Seat No. Name ofthe Examination (LL.M. (Part-1) (Group B & C) (Annual Mode) Name of the Subject Law & Social Transformation In India e-suneccodone [4 18 [6 |e] secorne (2. ME] Sten siarenre (2) was dead al (3) Xs wae oye am B, Ge) Grd arvleall Neral seread aA ateladl qaielad all, 2 MBLs eadact WA Pitaiversar” carats weasel al, ay aaat 1 media aA sie Marasel aall. ay 2 wMlaBasrer Will oadla sawed aA aL stl ay Aras wind. aaat 2 wrribss aedadu ayFAswi sawReu wA Geld YR a aidat sei ail. Saude HUtaUsta aad WA oumset Rae VL MLZ aw wa ugavad aeraded il. aaat SB ouedl oH AA BAIA aaa ade Hasdd alse allay we dsadl aaa, Basle ai david ail. ay maaL we mtradla BM Gur WA ARs dud Gur aeariaied! waa wend. 1a UA-4566] 1 [Contd... ENGLISH VERSION Instruetions : (1) As per the instruction no. 1 of page no. 1. (2) Do not change question numbers. 3) All questions carry equal marks. (4 Discuss appropriate law and case-law in support of answers. 1 "Religeous freedom and Secularism" Discuss constitutional 15 provisions. OR 1 Discuss language policy and constitutional provisions 15 2 — Explain constitutional provisions and provisions of other 15 Legislations to ensure empowerment of women. OR 2 Discuss laws relating to agrarian reforms and industrial 15 zeforms in modernisation of social instiutions through law. 3 Explain human rights of child and discuss provisions 15 relating to National Commission for Protection of Rights of Child. OR Discuss Rights of Property in context of Indian constitution 15 and socialistic governance. 4 Discuss decentralisation of democratic governance and 15 panchyati raj. OR 4 Explain the impacts of cotonisation on law and legal 15 institutions in India. UA-4566] 2 [300]