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Presidential Race Heats Up as Conventions Approach

New York will be a crucial proving ground for front-runners Clinton and Trump

Hi-Tide Video

Experience the first San Diego rally of the 2016

presidential election. Visit:
By Sara Espinosa
On Tuesday March 22nd, 2016,
Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential candidate, conducted a
rally at the San Diego Convention
Center. More than 9000 people
were let in Halls D & E while other supporters were directed to an
overflow room equipped with a
live recording of the podium.
It took us four hours to get in,
said Chris Chavez, a senior at Otay
Ranch High School. Indeed, the

line for the general public snaked

around the Convention Center all
the way to Seaport Village. Chris
was one of the thousands of high
school and college students attending the rally. I think seeing
a great political figure in real life
is something I really wanted to do
and look forward to so thats why
Im here.
Rosario Dawson, known for
her role in Daredevil, introduced
Sanders to the roaring crowd. She
praised Sanders supporters for

their unity and devotion. You

are not here because of the media,
youre here because you talk to
each other, Ms. Dawson said.
Following Ms. Dawsons introduction, Mr. Sanders stepped
onto the podium amidst deafening cheers. We are doing something very different in American
politics; we are telling the truth,
Sanders said.
He also called on corruption
that undermines American democracy. We cannot go forward
unless we are ready to confront
the real issues in our nation.
Standing next to an ASL translator, the Vermont senator went
on to speak about the many aspects of his political campaign,
such as his support for the Latino
community. We will fight for a
comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship, Sanders said. Our immigration policy should be able to
unite families, not divide them,
and we will stop the deportations
of our country. His statements
came forth after Republican presi-

See SANDERS, page 18

Obama Names Merrick Garland as Supreme

Court Nominee; Republicans object
By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer
After the untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February,
it was up to President Obama to
nominate the nations 113th Supreme Court justice.
Justice Scalia died on February
13th at a ranch in Shafter, Texas.
The conservative-leaning justice
was known for trademark decisions that often broke with his
colleagues party lines.
Despite long-simmering liberal opposition to Mr. Scalia, President Obama described him as
one of the most consequential
judges and thinkers to serve on
the Supreme Court.
On March 16th, the President
made a decision for a replacement
and appointed Merrick B. Garland. Mr. Garland was described
by the New York Times as a centrist appellate judge who could reshape the court for a generation.
In his speech, Mr. Obama stated, Ive selected a nominee who
is widely recognized not only as
one of Americas sharpest legal
minds, but someone who brings

to his work a spirit of decency,

modesty, integrity, even-handedness, and excellence. Presidents
do not stop working in the final
year of their term; neither should
a senator.
Judge Garland, 63, is a wellknown figure in Washington legal
circles, and has drawn praise from
members of both parties.
Republicans, however, would
rather not fill an ex-conservative
seat with a liberal appointee.
Practicing obstructionism in
the Senate, Republicans pledged
not to consider any nominee until
after the next president was chosen.
GOP party leaders said they
wanted the next president to make
the nomination so that the American people would have a voice in
filling the vacancy left by the late
Mr. Scalia.
Conservatives fear that Mr.
Merrick will be a more liberal justice than Mr. Obama lets on, but
waiting for the election cycle to
pass also poses a danger if a liberal
candidate is elected.
In fact, shortly after the Presi-

dents public appointment, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky,

the Republican majority leader,
appeared on the Senate floor to
declare an end to Judge Garlands
nomination. He even went so far
as to call Mr. Garland personally
and inform him that he wouldnt
be receiving him in his Capitol office, nor taking any action on his
Despite Mr. McConnells stonewalling, two Republican senators
- Susan Collins (Maine) and John
Boozman (Arkansas) - have met
with the nominee privately.
For now, the battle over the
nomination continues, as the
ideological balance of the nations
highest court will be tipped by the
Impacts are already being felt,
according to a Wall Street Journal
The court split 4-4 over a case
that had the potential to overturn
a 1970s decision, Abood v. Detroit
Board of Education.
Instead, this statement: The
judgment is affirmed by an equally divided Court.


1,237 total needed for nomination





Rubio, 171
DEMOCRATIC DELEGATES* (4,765 total at stake)


2,383 total needed for nomination



Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; data via Google as of 4/11/2016. (*Democratic

delegate counts include superdelegates, who can change their choice before the convention.)

Photo courtesy of Sara Espinosa

Bernie Sanders hosts rally in Downtown S.D.

REPUBLICAN DELEGATES (2,472 total at stake)


G.O.P. contest shifts as Trumps

weaknesses are exposed
Impact of Cruz affair allegations is minimal;
New York is pivotal for sparring Democrats
By Ryan Robson
News Editor
Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie
Sanders both scored surprising
victories in the Wisconsin primary last Tuesday.
For Mr. Sanders, who also won
the Wyoming caucus on April 9,
New York will either make or
break his strong momentum and
determine how he fares in the
larger race for delegates.
In the GOP race, Donald
Trump lost in Wisconsin, taking
35.1%, compared to Mr. Cruzs
With support - albeit small
and subdued - from parts of the
Republican establishment, Mr.
Cruz is bringing together Evangelical voters and much of the
traditional conservative base.
The exit of Marco Rubio from
the race has greatly bolstered Mr.
Cruz, and he has been gaining
broader support in light of a series of fatal gaffes by Mr. Trump.
Mr. Trump first gave what has
been described as a disastrous
interview to conservative radio
host Charlie Sykes, who pressed
Mr. Trump to answer questions
about his liberal past and demanded specifics on the Trump
campaigns signature issues.
A growing anti-Trump coalition then seized upon Mr.

Trumps remarks on abortion.

The candidate told Chris Matthews during an MSNBC town
hall that he believed - hypo-

Ted Cruz also held a rally in

San Diego on April 11, 2016.
Photo courtesy of Michael Vadon

thetically, he later revised - that

women should be punished for
having an abortion if the procedure were to become illegal.
Democrats and pro-life conservatives quickly seized upon
the remarks as misogynistic.
(Pro-life advocates say doctors
and healthcare institutions carrying out abortions should be
punished, not the woman.) Mr.
Trump has seen his approval ratings with female voters plummet
in recent months.
These remarks have dogged
the Trump campaign in the recent contests, and Mr. Trumps

See ANALYSIS, page 18


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How the GOP Candidates Views of a Nation Are Skewed

By Mingze Yu
Staff Writer
If there is one thing Donald
Trump seems sure of, it is this:
he believes that China is killing us.
Mr. Trumps obsession with
China is stronger than any candidates in this election. Its a
simple and effective pitch. The
rhetoric of China as a cheater
and abuser strikes an emotional punch, especially for the unemployed and underemployed
working class. But Americans
have no idea that the Chinese
economy status quo is actually
quite in contrast to his campaign slogans.
Jeffrey Rothfeder, the former
editor-in-chief of International Business Times, published
an article in The New Yorker
that pointed out that China
is actually not stealing manufacturing jobs from the U.S.
anymore. Despite what the
rhetoric would have us believe, global manufacturing is
trending in a positive direction for the U.S. Factory jobs
are on the rise here, and many
of these new jobs are coming
back to North America from
China, which is struggling to
maintain its manufacturing
capacity... Meanwhile, according to Quanton Data, which
tracks global job postings by
industry, open manufacturing
positions in China have been

dropping consistently since

2012, down nearly 6% in that
time. For anyone who has had
a glance at todays Chinese society, they see China is shifting from being producers to
becoming consumers. But Mr.
Trump and the other candidates seem unaware of this.
Chinas economy is no longer heavily dependent on exports but shifting towards private consumption. According
to National Bureau of Statistics
of China, the service based
sector contributed 49 percent
to China's GDP in 2015 with
8.3 % of growth, surpassing
the combined 41.9 % share of
manufacturing and construction with just 6.0 % of growth.
Such a shift, makes China
seem much more likely to give
up manufacturing jobs than
stealing them.
More importantly, Mr.
Trump is wrong on the present
position of America and China in the international manufacturing market. His position
will do nothing good for us in
the future. Since China is shifting to a more consumer-based
economy, it is very likely that
China will become the largest
exporter of goods for international trade. To have a bad economic relationship with a large
market is not a good idea.
So, Mr. Trump, do you still
want to put a 45% tariff on

April 15, 2016

Wherever somebodys struggling to be free...
Springsteen voices protest and cancels his show
in response to North Carolinas LGBT Bill

By Andrea Albanez
Opinions Editor
North Carolinas governor
Pat McCrory signed a controversial bill on March 23rd that
has caused quite a stir across
the country. According to The
New York Times, House Bill
2, the Public Facilities Privacy
& Security Act, puts in place
a statewide policy that bans
individuals from using public
bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex.
Many protests have ensued
in North Carolina because
of this, along with legendary
singer Bruce Springsteen canceling his concert in Greensboro, North Carolina, to address and protest against the
The scheduled event on
April 10th at the Greensboro
Coliseum was a part of the
River Tour, but Springsteen
and the E Street Band canceled
their performance. Officials
told local media outlets that
the cancellation would cost
the Greensboro Coliseum as
much as $100,000, according
to The Washington Post. In
a statement made April 8th,

Springsteen stated, To my
mind, its an attempt by people
who cannot stand the progress
our country has made in recognizing the human rights of
all of our citizens to overturn
that progress. Right now, there
are many groups, businesses,
and individuals in North Carolina working to oppose and
overcome these negative developments. Taking all of this
into account, I feel that this is
a time for me and the band to
show solidarity for those freedom fighters.
The bill passed in North Carolina comes at a time when our
country and state have gone
through monumental change
in accepting transgender individuals more openly and
allowing more rights for transgender citizens. Over spring
break, going through the San
Diego International Airport, I
saw a bathroom sign with the
traditional man and woman
symbol, along with the transgender symbol accompanying
it. These are evolving times,
North Carolina, and myself,
Bruce Springsteen and others
are going to progress whether
you like it or not.
Some things are more important
than a rock show and this fight
against prejudice and bigotry
which is happening as I write
is one of them. It is the strongest
means I have for raising my voice
in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of
- Bruce Springsteen on April 8th;
Photo courtesy of Wikicommons

Has the UC System Kept Their Promise to the State of California?

The Answer, Contrary to Belief: Yes

By Andrea Albanez
Opinions Editor

Countless hours of studying for classes, playing sports,

volunteering, taking classes
for SAT and ACT prep, and
keeping your sanity all add
up to one pivotal moment in
a persons high school career:
getting accepted into college.
From the Ivy League universities to the smaller liberal arts
colleges to our own California
State schools, the daunting
process of applying and waiting for an acceptance or rejection can be gruesome. But
living in California, many of
us hope to get into at least one
of the University of California
schools: Berkeley, Los Angles,
San Diego, Santa Barbara, Davis, Irvine, Santa Cruz, Riverside, or Merced. Seeing how
UC schools are supposed to
allow a majority of California
state residents to attend their
institutions, the UC system
went under fire in March for
allowing more out of state students into campuses than students living right next door.

It was back in March when Napolitano, stated in a press residents coming in? With the
a state audit, requested by release, Admissions offers to amount of California resident
Assemblyman Mike Gipson, California high school seniors students being admitted and
accused the UC System of ad- jumped nearly 15 percent over actually attending a UC school
mitting too many out-of-state last year for students hoping still being higher than the
students on to their campuses, to enroll at a University of amount of enrolled students
hurting the chances of Califor- California campus this fall. from out-of-state, it still seems
nia resident students in admit- In addition, the press release the UC system is doing its job.
tance. Requesting the audit last stated that admission of Lati- Though the algorithm of how
year, Gipson was dumbfound- nos/Chicanos went up 2.2% the UC system decides on who
ed when he saw the enrollment and African Americans by is admitted remains unsolved,
of students from other states 32%. Though the statistic is the University of California
and countries grew to 15.5% promising, the admittance of schools, being ranked as some
of UC's total undergraduate out-of-state students also rose, of the top public universities
in the country, still havent waenrollment, up from about 5% increasing by 8.9%.
revered from their promise to be
eight years ago, according to
mains: are California students universities for and by CaliforThe Los Angles Times.
The lengthy report recom- really affected by out-of-state nia.
mended stricter entrance requirements for nonresident
students, a cap on their enrollment and more focus on
recruiting Californians particularly African Americans,
Latinos and other underrepresented minorities.
With the serious accusation,
it wasnt until preliminary data
published by the UC system
that the heart of the problem seemed to settle. The UC
Office of the President, Janet Graph displaying the amount of students accepted and enrolling into the
UC system from 2005-201. Photo Courtesy of The Los Angles Times


April 15, 2016

Look, Ma! No Hands!

Analyzing the Road Readiness of Driverless Cars
By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
Autonomous vehicles are capable of sensing their environment and navigating through
traffic without any human input. The first truly driverless
car was made through Carnegie Mellon University in the
Since then, technology has
moved forward incredibly, and
in 2014, Googles self-driving
car, named Stanley, was beginning to use maps that allow the
car to see its environment. In
2015, Tesla Motors created a
frenzy in the industry by creating autopilot technology in
their vehicles, which enables
the driver to let go of the wheel
for periods of time.
The driverless cars bring
many advantages to the roads,
one being their ability to be
rendered as perfect. Without a
human driver, errors including
reaction time, tail gating, rubbernecking, or even aggressive
driving can be avoided.
As a result of guaranteed
safety, driverless cars can operate at higher speeds, which
will reduce traffic flow. It also
allows for a broader range of
people to operate a vehicle,
such as elderly, underage, disabled, or intoxicated. It could
also cause a reduction in the
need for traffic cops, physical road signage (cars are
equipped with electric communication devices), and a
reduction in car theft, due to

the cars hypersensitivity to its

While many of these advantages could solve many problems with our roadway system,
there are still some problems
manufacturers need to work
out. The software implemented in each car may not always
be reliable, and in some situations, the car would need to
make a choice between two
harmful courses of action. In
some cases, driverless cars require manual intervention in
complex situations, so the disabled, underage, or intoxicated
inhabitants may not be able to
provide the correct assistance.
The cars software could be
hacked and compromised, as
well as a loss of privacy from
sharing information between
all autonomous vehicles. Many
driving-related jobs would also
disappear, causing resistance
from unions who perceive
potential unemployment. The

By Ariana Dennis
Staff Writer

is a luxury that should be taxed

is absolutely ridiculous. Some
states, such as Alabama, have
tax holidays over summer
where everyday items normally subject to sales tax are then
relieved for the day or weekend; feminine hygiene products, however, are still taxed
on these days.
What other option do the state
governments expect women to
take? Many insurance companies, such as Medicare and
other private insurers, cover
Viagra and other medications
and devices that help men with
erectile dysfunction. Because
apparently helping a man who
has trouble maintaining is
more of a necessity than helping women with hygiene when
they must deal with bleeding
every single month.
Unfortunately, only five states
have made the decision to exempt all taxes on tampons:
Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and
New Jersey. The states of New
Hampshire, Montana, and
Oregon dont have a sales tax
while all other states dont con-

Fords Autonomous Test Vehicle showcased at the Techonomy Conference November

2015 in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

transition from driver to driverless would also be difficult,

as many families cannot afford
a brand new car with expensive software. The government
would have to establish a set
of regulations for the driverless cars, as well as a change in
infrastructure of the roads for
optimal functionality.
The driverless car seems to
be the gateway to the future of
the automobile, however, the
issues found in the software
create too much of a gamble
with human safety to be liable
enough for major companies
to release.
In my personal opinion, I
believe that the problems presented in the technology of
these driverless vehicles far
outweigh their advancements.
To me, it seems that by creating these self-driving cars,
companies have complicated
the roads far more than they
have to be. It would also create
a big shift in culture, as driving is seen as a rite of passage
for many young Americans.
Without the incentive to learn
to drive and accept the responsibility of operating a large
vehicle, teens everywhere, especially in America, would be
missing out on a vital part of
growing up.
The driverless car has a long
way to go before it can be accepted on the roads. Even
then, the public may resist using it due to all of the concerns
it raises.

Tampon Tax: The Outrage of Paying Extra

for Our Time of the Month

The least pleasant time of the

month for women is not only
met with cramps and mood
swings but also with taxes telling women that their feminine
hygiene products are a luxury
rather than necessity. The majority of the states here in the
US have a tax on tampons,
meaning women are paying
extra for something that is out
of their control.
Tampons are rarely considered a necessity by state governments while any woman
who has ever gotten their period is well aware that using
these sanitary products is not
a choice.
The continuous necessary
purchase of these items adds
up, which can be a very real
problem for many low-income
women and families. The cost,
however, is hardly the part of
most concern but rather the
principal of the matter.
The concept that a state government is telling women that
taking care of her own period

sider it a necessity, including

our very own state of California.
The high cost of a product
that more than half the population must use multiple times a
day, every month, for approximately thirty years is unbelievable. Both the United Nations
and the Human Rights Watch
have linked menstrual hygiene
to human rights. Chief of UN
Human Rights Office on Economics Jyoti Sanghera called
the stigma around menstrual
hygiene a violation of several
human rights, most importantly the right to human dignity.
Many girls in developing
countries miss school, work,
and get vaginal infections because of unsanitary feminine
products. This only furthermore proves how ridiculous it
is to label tampons and pads as
luxury items.
The governments need to
stop taxing womens periods
and realize menstruation is far
from being anything close to a


A Historic Visit to Cuba by

President Obama Created
More Controversy Than Peace
By Ariana Dennis and Andrea
Staff Writer and Opinions Editor

In a historic trip this March,

President Barack Obama visited Cuba being the first sitting president to visit Havana in nearly 90 years. Calvin
Coolidge was the last to visit
in 1928.
The visit marked potential
significant progress in US-Cuban relations and the connection between US and Cuban
relations. Obama confirmed
his trip over Twitter with the
tweet, "Next month, I'll travel
to Cuba to advance our progress and efforts that can improve the lives of the Cuban
One would think his visit
would be one of admiration.
The deputy national security
adviser Ben Rhodes told the
media, I think it has the potential benefit of making our
government and the Cuban
government do as much as
we can to make normalization
move forward. Many believe
Obamas initiatives and popularity in Cuba will help bring
change to a country still stuck
with communism.
With all this taken into consideration, it is a mystery as to
why some still find the need
to complain of Obamas actions. The GOP, no surprise,
were quickly to share their
thoughts and concerns. Many
republicans labeled Obamas
meet with Raul Castro appalling. Republican congressional
leaders are resisting a formal
lifting of the embargo and
pledging to block an ambassador to Cuba. These steps could
cut off ties with the island nation once again, which is a step
This wasnt the only thing
republicans had to complain
about regarding Obamas visit.
During his trip, the Brussels
attack occurred, leaving many

to say that Obama should have

immediately left Cuba and returned to the States in order
to address the attack more directly. The peculiar thing is,
when other horrific attacks
occur around the world everyday, people do not blow up the
media with their remorse or
demand President Obama to
immediately address the tragedies.
Republicans have just been
trying to find a way to complain about Obama. They go
out of their way to seek flaws
and to correct his actions and
state what he should have
done. Not one of them considered the amount of progress
he was potentially achieving
through his visit.
Attending the baseball game
in Cuba helped to diffuse and
rid any remaining tensions between the two countries. Furthermore, in reality, the Presidents whereabouts after the
attacks would have brought
little change. The morning
after, he was briefed on the
events, he called the Belgian
prime minister offering his
condolences and assistance in
the investigation of the terrorists. In addition, he addressed
the tragedy at the start of his
speech in Cuba after continuing on with his pre-planned
Obama defended his actions
by saying that had he disrupted his original plan, he would
be feeding into the terrorists
mindset of wanting to unsettle
everyday life.
According to CNN, he stated,
"What they can do is scare, and
make people afraid and disrupt our daily lives and divide
us. And as long as we don't allow that to happen, we're gonna be okay. Obamas actions
should be met with applause
and respect, not with criticism,
selective sympathy, and scorn.

U.S. President Barack Obama, Cuban President Raul Castro, and

the rest of the crowd bow their heads for a moment of silence at
the Estadio Latinoamericano in Havana, Cuba to pay their respects
to the victims of a terrorist attack in Belgium before an exhibition
baseball game on March 22, 2016.
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



April 15, 2016

We Have a Buzzer Beater

Photos Courtesy of Wikimedia

By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
March Madness lived up to
its name this year, and didnt
fall sort of being a bracket buster either. Just 1.6% of
brackets entered in the ESPN
Tournament Challenge had
North Carolina and Villanova in the championship game,
and only 2.6% of brackets had
Villanova winning the title. As
for celebrity brackets, Scott
Van Pelt, Sports Center anchor
predicted UNC to win, making him the highest scoring
celebrity in the Tournament
Challenge. Ms. Piggy of the
Muppets came in 10th place,
also picking UNC to win the
It was one of the craziest
tournaments in history, with
historic upsets and bracket
busters, like No. 12 Yale beat-

ing No. 5 Baylor in the Round

of 64. After the first week of
games, only one Pac- 12 team
remained, #1 ranked Oregon.
In day one of the tournament,
last years champion, Duke
pulled off a close game against
University of North Carolina
Wilmington, and in the round
of 32 were almost beaten by
Yale, another game which they
barely survived. No. 15 Middle Tennessee State Universitys upset over No. 2 Michigan
State is being considered the
greatest tournament upset of
all time, with more money in
Vegas bet on them than any
other team in the tournament,
22.3% of all 13 million brackets in the Tournament Challenge picking MSU to win it
all, and the fact that State had
the best college player in the
country, according to the As-

sociated Press (and most other

professional sports analysts),
and a Hall of Fame coach who,
early in the season, reached
500 career wins at MSU. One
of the most shocking stories in
the tournament though, was
Northern Iowas finishes. In
their Round of 64 game against
Texas, which most people had
selected Texas, Northern Iowa
stunned with a half court
buzzer beater. They didnt have
such good luck in their game
against Texas A&M, in which
they blew a 12 point lead in 35
seconds, allowing A&M to win
in double overtime. This was
the biggest comeback in all of
College Basketball history.
So what did it take for Villanova to become the champion? First, they smashed
UNC Asheville, Iowa in round
2, Miami in round 4, No. 1

Kansas, and in the final four,

beat Oklahoma and Buddy
Hield, the Naismith Player of
the Year, by 44 points, securing their spot in the National
Championship. In the championship game, both teams were
nervous and sloppy at the start,
but soon were able to find their
rhythm, and the scoring and
defense both became intense.
Villanova ran into some foul
trouble late in the game, but
recovered quickly. Around 2
minutes, the Wildcats led by
10, but the lead was soon reduced by a 10-3 run on the
part of the Tar Heels. The game
was close at the very end, with
Nova leading by 3 at the 5 second mark, which was tied up
by an incredible 3 by UNCs
Marcus Paige. With just under 5 seconds to go, Villanovas Ryan Arcidiacono raced

the ball up the court, where

Kris Jenkins received the ball,
and took the shot of his life.
Jenkins 3 pushed Nova to its
2nd National Title, the last one
was in 1985. The most amazing part of Jenkins story isnt
his remarkable shot, its how
he learned to take that shot.
Jenkins was adopted by UNCs
Nate Britts parents when he
was young when his life with
his mother became complicated. Britt and Jenkins played
youth basketball together, and
eventually high school basketball, and this year, a National
Championship against each
other. The Britts decided to
have seats in both the Villanova and North Carolina sections
during the game, and switch at
the half. Hopefully, they were
sitting in the Villanova section
for the second half.

Photos Courtesy of Karla Quevedo

Vikings Track
and Field, Race
Towards the
in Front of
the Stars
By Mitchell Itkin
Staff Writer
Certain dance competitions
like the one I competed in
April 10th, in Philadelphia, fill
with stars known nationwide,
creating a unique atmosphere.
Espen Salberg a fairly new
but esteemed fashion designer came to the event, creating
tension and anxiety that was
surreal for some of the competitors.
I love feeling the tension surrounding around me because
I thrive on that energy. The
most amazing part of the competition was definitely having
people like Karina Smirnoff
and Derek Hough, from Dancing with the Stars, sitting in the
front row, cheering me on.
People think Derek and
Karina can be seen as super
humans, but in reality they
are like any other dancer trying every day to improve their
The whole competition was
surreal, with the live band
playing incredible, upbeat melodies and having well- known
stars cheering on all the fellow
dancers. It was an event like no

Photos Courtesy of Wikicommons

Photos Courtesy of Erin Love

Faculty Won...
But We Get to Leave
in Two Months
By Jenna Cunningham
Staff Writer
The Senior vs. Faculty Basketball Game has been a long
standing tradition within the
halls of La Jolla High for years.
Each year Seniors are given the
opportunity to sign up and be
drafted to face off against faculty members and coaches on
the court, with the hopes of
finally ending the faculty winning streak.
This year's game however,
unfortunately ended in heartbreak once again as the senior
class carried the lead for most
of the game, only to watch the
faculty make a comeback and
take the win in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.
The senior class came out
strong and spirited as they
ended the first quarter with a
high lead against the faculty,

and remained close in score

until the very end. In the final
few minutes, that were added onto the board, the faculty
brought in their best players to
take the lead and win the game
Despite the loss, both the
faculty and the senior players
provided the always-loved entertainment for the spectators
in the stands. This years fans
watched as both teams grew
more and more eager to win
which led to some unexpected
slipping and sliding as well as
Coach Atwell finally facing off
against his daughter Lexi.
This ongoing tradition at La
Jolla High School is not only a
right of passage for the seniors,
but a spectacle for all grades
to watch as they approach the
end of the 2015-2016 school

April 15, 2016

Banned From Tennis

Maria Sharapova Admits to Taking Meldonium

By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
After losing to Serena Williams at the Australia Open,
Maria Sharapovas drug test
The Tennis Antidoping Program released the results that
confirmed use of the newly
banned drug meldonium. The
five-time Grand Slam champion and highest-paid female
athlete has not only been the
most prominent figure to be
barred for meldonium, but has
also been suspended from her
sponsorship with Nike. Said
sponsorship includes an eightyear extension and Sharapovas own clothing line, totaling
around $70 million.
Sharapova reported not
knowing of the recent ban
on meldonium, even before
receiving her positive test results. After a conference with
her management group, IMG
Tennis, there was widespread
speculation about Sharapovas
After having her test results
announced, Sharapova came
clean. She admitted that her
doctor first began prescribing
the drug mildronate (meldonium) in 2006, after Sharapovas health continued to
decline. She had been suffering frequent cases of the flu,
a deficiency in magnesium,
irregular EKG results, as well
of symptoms and a family history of diabetes. Her lawyer,
John Haggerty, confirmed that
the conditions of her health
had been solved by meldonium. Sharapova herself even

confirmed that she had continuously checked the list of

banned drugs, only missing
the very latest email update
sent out from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
Although not available in
the United States, meldonium is used in other countries
to treat chest pains and heart
disease, according to Dr. Steven Nissen, from the Cleveland Health Clinic. Nissen
explained that the drug had
no business being distributed
to a healthy, 28 year old athlete. Regardless, Sharpova has
a lot of support for her claim
that she simply missed the
memo. Even then, she takes
full responsibility. In an interview with The New York Times,
she says, I think its very important to have a great team
around you with coaches and
doctors, but at the end of the
day, everything you do is on
This scandal has only been
one of Russias many recent
doping problems, including
the track and field athletes
suspended from national competition, and maybe even the
2016 Olympic games. Sharapova continues to represent
Russia, taking medication for
a decade, even though she has
been based in the United States
since age 7.
Her case still lacks a final decision, but it is predicted that
because of her health concerns
that were addressed by meldonium, Sharapovas sentence
may not be as harsh as other

By Jessica Penner
Staff Writer
The 2016 Olympics are
planned to be hosted in Rio
de Janeiro, Brazil. There were
already overshadowing problems of high crime and major
political crisis making people
worried, but now thats not
even the main concern. Recently, the Zika virus has stolen the spotlight of much of
the news worldwide, turning
off many people from the prospect of buying tickets to the
games. Just a couple of months
before the August 5 opening
ceremony, only half of tickets
have been sold. Not only is this
bad for business, but it would
be an embarrassment to Brazil having tons of empty seats
during the games. According
to Brazilian newspaper, Folha,
the government may purchase
tickets and give free tickets to
public schools as a way to fill
the seats. The sports minister
is trying to use this opportunity to stir up some excitement
among local Brazilians.

By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
Padres Opening Day against
the Dodgers was one for the
books. The Los Angeles Dodgers completely shutout the Padres 15-0, making it the biggest
Opening Day shutout win in
the history of baseball. The Padres finally broke a record for
San Diegans, but it wasnt due
to their unmatched talents.
The Padres finished the three
game series with a total score
of 25-0. The Padres also became the first team to ever go
scoreless for the first 27 innings of a season. Hopefully,
the Padres will be able to prove
that you cant lose em all.

Mosquitoes, Sucking Padres Break Opening Day Record

Olympic Funds

Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons



Being Abled

The Inspiring True Story of Aaron Loy, College Athlete Competing Against All Odds
By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
10 weeks into his freshman
year at UC Santa Barbara,
Aaron Loy contracted bacterial meningitis, causing him to
miss the rest of his freshman
year, and have both legs amputated just below the knees.
Now, two years later, Aaron
is attending UCSB again, and
is a member of the San Diego
Ducks Sled Hockey team.
The short documentary
Abled follows Aaron Loy,
as he discusses his disability,
part in the
Sled Hockey
Team. When
director Brian Ducoffe
first attended practice,
he met Aarons mom,
and learned
about Aarons background, soon realizing it was
much like his own.
Both Aaron and Brian grew
up in North County, and were
serious athletes who had taken part in several high school
sports. Before Aaron contracted meningitis, he was a
member of the lacrosse team
at UCSB. Now, sled hockey allows Aaron to be competitive

and have the same feeling he

did playing lacrosse.
When Ducoffe first met Aaron, he said that he wasnt a disabled person to him- he does
everything that an able bodied
person can do, and there really
isnt anything Aaron cant do.
Ducoffe said, Its important to
learn from Aaron to not give
up- Aaron is a really determined guy- he doesnt let his
situation affect what he wants
to do. I want people to take out
of [the film] that there are people who are at a disadvantage

everything happening in the

moment. Aaron has taught
me that theres no reason why
I cant do anything, because
Aaron is able to do anything,
he does thing better than I can.
So theres no reason why I cant
do anything, Ducoffe commented, Aaron taught me that
everyone has a story. Abled
truly demonstrates its title, and
shows people in wheelchairs,
and people with other varying physical challenges overcoming their circumstances
and getting out on the ice. Loy
Photo Courtesy of Brian Ducoffe said
hope that]
having to
adapt for
ever yday
and things
that people take
for grantcompared to you, but theres ed, it just takes a little extra
no reason to not try and do time, but on the ice, the dissomething. Take what youre abilities go away, and its just
given and make the most out the excitement of playing- not
of it, because thats what Aar- having to worry about legs, or
ons doing.
chairs or anything, and just
Making the film, Ducoffe playing.
wasnt quite sure where the
Abled was featured online
story was going to take him, through NBC Sports, and was
and found that the film end- released earlier this month
ed up being very raw, with through Floodlight Collective.

New Thresholds
in the NFL

By Georgie Morris
Staff Writer
NFL players have wanted
the rules for marijuana use to
be updated and become more
lenient. Recently, commissioner Rodger Goodell stated
that the NFL would consider
allowing athletes to use marijuana to treat concussions and
other head injuries if medical
experts deemed it a legitimate
Marijuana remains a banned
substance in the NFL, although
the league slightly relaxed its
testing standards in its revised
Policy and Program on Substances for Abuse. The updated
policy increased the allowed
threshold from 15 nanograms
of carboxy THC per millimeter of urine to 35 nanograms.
Allen St. Pierre, executive
director of the National Organization for the Reform of
Marijuana Laws (NORML)
said that, "From a mathematical, forensic point of view, the
difference is incredibly slight.
Only lawyers and arbitrators
and mediators within the NFL
system are ever going to appreciate it."
The new updated thresh-

old is small in comparison to

other sports, such as the MLB,
which has a threshold of 50
nanograms, and the World
Anti-Doping Agency, which
does Olympic testing who has
a threshold of 150 nanograms.
Though the numbers might
seem mathematically small,
some players may benefit. Former Pro Bowl running back,
Ricky Williams said, "If that
was the threshold when I was
in the NFL, I never would have
been in the drug program,"
Williams has estimated that
around 40% of players use
marijuana for stress or pain.
He believes that the NFL by
testing once a year during the
off-season allows for players to
use marijuana.
Second hand smoke was taken into account when putting
the new threshold limits. In
a statement by the NFL, they
acknowledged that some places such as clubs people will be
smoking weed and thats inevitable.
There are no signs pointing
towards weed being legal in
the NFL due to the fact that it
could affect a player and their

UConn Women,
History in the
By Maia Pearl
Staff Writer
History was made on April
5th 2016. The UConn Womens basketball team conquered
March Madness for the 4th
consecutive year in a row. The
Huskies triumphed against
Syracuse, 82-51 to finish out
their 38-0 season. It was a 75game winning streak and a 6th
undefeated season.
Breanna Stewart, Moriah Jefferson and Morgan Tuck have
all been on the team since they
were freshman, and became
the only players in NCAA college basketball history to win
four titles. This championship
provides their coach, Geno
Auriemma, with his 11th successful year.
From the start of the game,
UConn dictated the tempo.
The three veterans took
control of the court and by
halftime led the match with a
27 point lead. The score was
50-23. This is only the second
time in tournament history for
a team to have scored 50 points
by halftime. The last time this
occurred was in 1998, when
Tennessee had score 55 points
by the second quarter.



April 15, 2016

Preparation for College.
Preparation for College.

Learning for Life.

Since 1987.

our spring
spring a
Following Summa Educations closing, weve been inundated with phone calls and emails regarding our spring and
prep programs.
In of
of recent events,
we would
to invite
you to
test prep
In light
to invite
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to invite
you to
at Elite
in Pacific
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Why choose Elite? Well, aside from the extensive teaching experience of our faculty and the top-notch credentials o

Why choose
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the top-notch
our educational consultants, our team of 10+ curriculum developers has been aggressively developing our new
our educational
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Our curriculum
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While the
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The presence
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number of other significant qualitative differences. Such hybrid SAT/ACT programs may seem like an efficient solution,
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Trust, equal
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Trust, equal opportunity, and world-class academic instruction: they mean everything to us. Were here for your
thousands of students and parents reach their academic goals. We hope youll trust us with yours.
students, no matter how tests may change, no matter what storms may come. For the last 27 years, weve helped
Elite Educational Institute
thousands of students and parents reach their academic goals. We hope youll trust us with yours.
5969 Village Way, Suite E203
Elite Educational Institute
San Diego, CA 92130

5969 Village Way, Suite E203


San Diego, CA 92130

5969 Village Way, Suite E203

(858) 720-0808 |

San Diego, CA 92130

(858) 720-0808 |

April 15, 2016



Cars Take Over the

La Jolla Cove
By Ryan Robson
News Editor
Guests at the La Valencia Hotel
on Prospect awoke at dawn to the
rough rumble of classic engines
and the soft glimmer of chrome
down on the grass at the La Jolla
Cove last Sunday.
A colorful spread of Jaguars,
Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis overtook the lawn at
the twelfth annual La Jolla Concours dElegance.
The event featured more than
120 automobiles plus seventeen
Judges reviewed classic race
and rally cars, as well as vehicles ranging in condition from
all-original (1953 Maserati Gran
Sport) to fully restored (vintage


Rolls Royces).
Most of the cars were brought
by trailer from private collections,
but owners were required to unload, start, and drive their vehicles into the event - without being
towed or pushed - to ensure that
every vehicle on display was operational.
Event sponsors also provided
more modern experiences. OGara Coach offered the chance to
sit in new vehicles, such as the
$230,000 Bentley Bentayga SUV,
and BMW provided courtesy test
drives leaving from the Cove.
Outside the admit-only area,
individuals displayed their own
cars - Alfa Romeo Giulias, a BMW
Z8, some recent Ferrari models in a more low-key setting.



April 15, 2016




Photos 2, 3, & 8 courtesy of Oliver Dillard
Photos 5, 7, & 9 courtesy of Max Davey
Photos 1, 4, & 6 Mingze Yu


April 15, 2016


A Trip to Cuba

It is easy to drink a mojito in an air-conditioned restaurant

and forget about what occurs outside the front door.
By Viviana Bonomie
News Editor
Landing in Havana, Cuba is an
experience within itself. Standing
around the beaten-up luggage
belt, adventurous tourists from all
over the world are forced to wait
at least an hour for their suitcases
to begin to arrive.
Exiting the airport, the first
thing that hits you is the humidity. The second is the lines of people everywhere. Everyone is waiting for something; some for taxis,
some for currency exchange, or
some for lost luggage.
Havana at night is beautiful; the
lights illuminate the dark corners
of otherwise-frightening alleys
while important buildings shine
out against the dark contrasts
of the sky. In the day, it is even
more breathtaking. Townhouses
stacked next to each other create
a rainbow of color as one drives
down the famous Malecn. Newly painted homes stand bright
against the juxtaposing deterioration of their neighboring buildings. The crumbling faades imply abandonment, even though
the clothes hanging from lines on
the windows suggest otherwise.
Sitting on the lawn facing the
ocean on the back terrace of the
Hotel Nacional, it is easy to believe that life in Havana is luxuriously carefree. It is easy to drink
a mojito in an air-conditioned
restaurant and forget about what
occurs outside the front door.
Cuba has been in the spotlight
for the last couple of weeks as
rumors of change in the political
situation swirl throughout global
news sources. President Obamas
visit a few weeks ago caused a stir
among US and Cuban citizens as
the approaching end to the embargo established by John F. Kennedys presidency, approaches.
Within Cuba there is an economic system that follows the
laws of socialism established by
Fidel Castro in the revolution,
which took down Cubas previous

dictator, Fulgencio Batista, in the

late 1950s. This economic system
ensures that native Cubans earn
an approximately equal salary,
making it impossible for social
classes to form.
Due to the number of foreigners who visit Cuba, there are two
currencies in place: The Cuban
Convertible Peso (CUC) for foreigners, and the National Peso for
native Cubans. The latter cannot
be converted into any currency
besides CUC, as it is only for the
use of Cubans in their daily lives.
One CUC is currently exactly
equal with the US dollar.
It is hard to understand the fact
that there are very few wealthy
people in Cuba and that virtually everyone is of the same low
economic status. There are people who live their lives with clear
luxury in Havana, and these are
the foreigners, such as diplomats.
Because they are not native Cuban, they cannot be forced to live
under its economic policy and are
therefore free to live their lives
Currently, there is a sentiment
from a large number of Cubans to
want to reform the regime that is
in place. Fidel Castro, age 89, officially resigned from office in 2008
when his brother Raul stepped in
as president. Even though he has
not been president for a number
of years now, Fidel is still a huge
presence in Cuban politics. Re-

garding President Obamas visit,

Fidel wrote an essay in which he
stated, We dont need the empire
to give us any presents.
Even though this letter was
meant to be heard by the Cuban
people, it seemed that many disagreed with what Fidel had to
say. One taxi driver responded to
Fidels statement angrily, exclaiming that of course Fidel doesnt
need any help from the US; he is
a millionaire. The people, however, do need help from Obama and
the United States because they
have nothing.
While a couple of years ago it
was strictly unacceptable to speak
out against the government, it appears that more people have begun opening up about how they
truly feel about living in Cuba.
Another taxi driver explained to
us in further detail the economic
system, explaining that there is no
such thing as private property so
everything is owned by the state,
from tobacco plantations to cars.
Furthermore, the people are given booklets with rations of food
given to them by the state. They
go once a month to a bodega,
or grocery store, where they are
given their portions for the entire month for free. These portions include half of a fish, about
6.6 pounds of rice, and limited
amounts of oil and salt.
When the supplies run out,
they can find fruits and vegeta-

Below: a lifeguard shack on a Cuban beach

bles for affordable prices in openair markets. However, if they ever

go into a grocery store meant for
foreigners, it is very unlikely they
will be able to afford anything.
The average salary for Cubans
is between 10-30 CUC per month.
According to Trading Economics,
in 2014 the average monthly salary increased from 471 National
Pesos ($18.84) to 584, which is
approximately $23.36. Meanwhile, three tourists ordering a
drink and a bottle of water each in
a hotel bar can cost up to 20 CUC,
the equivalent of 20 dollars.
The highest paid workers in
Cuba are doctors. According to
Fox News, At the high end, doctors with two specialties will see
their salary go from the equivalent of $26 a month to $67, while
an entry-level nurse will make
$25 in 2014. Even government
officials only make an average of
$20 per month.
Of course, the Cuban people
have markets with affordable
prices in their currency, however,
because the tourist currency is so
unattainable for them, it is very
rare that they get to enjoy the nicer restaurants and entertainment
in their own country. It is impossible for a family to spend 100
CUC on a nice dinner when their
average monthly income is so low.
The touristic aspects of Havana
are very beautiful, but they are
too expensive to be enjoyed by the
people who actually live there.
Another taxi driver told my
family, We dont have anything
and we were not born with anything, so we are just looking for
something better.
Almost every Cuban we spoke
to has family outside of the country, and most are also looking to
leave. In order to legally travel
out of the country, it is necessary
to obtain a permit from the government, a task that proves very
difficult due to the history of Cubans who are given permission to

travel and then never return. One

man we met told us his first request for permit was rejected.
He was looking forward to
trying again at his next appointment, however, which is currently
scheduled for 2018.
Besides the economic situation, it is clear that the people suffer from the way they are forced
to live. As a tourist, it is easy to
look at the multi-colored houses
and crumbling architecture and
think to only take a photograph.
The lack of development and infrastructure in Cuba for the last
50 years, however, has created an
environment that is very hard to
live in. Central Havana consists of
long streets that resemble alleys
with houses stacked next to each
other, completely deteriorated.
Walking by, the scent of sewage is
impossible to ignore, the people
continue on with their daily routines since they have gotten used
to the smell.
Peering through open doorways, each house is filled with an
obscene amount of people, while
the destroyed interior is ignored
in favor of the TV playing in the
middle of the room.
It is not surprising that the people want change. The inhumane
living conditions are enough to
cause anyone discomfort, not to
mention to the economic situation, which makes it impossible to
attain any sort of wealth.
The visit from Obama has been
perceived by many as a symbol
of hope for the Cuban people, a
symbol for the change that is to
come. As the embargo begins to
be lifted, Cubans hope the government will loosen its reign on
their forced way of life. Hopefully, these changes will eventually
grant them the right to own private property, travel, make a salary representative of the amount
of work they put in, and create a
decent living environment to raise
their children.



Interviews by Staff Writers

Jade Moujaes, Lucy Barton,
Rebecca Ryan, and Asha Alagari
Photos by Stu-Fo Editor Sophia


April 15, 2016


April 15, 2016






April 15, 2016


April 15, 2016

Courtesy of Tanner Ford



Courtesy of Tanner Ford

Free College


Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan

Courtesy of Tanner Ford

Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan

Courtesy of Mariana Aniban

Courtesy of Renee Yedidsion

Courtesy of Tanner Ford



Recipe of the Month:

By Julia Walton
Staff Writer
When your sweet tooth
is uncontrollable or even
when youre looking for a
tasty meal or snack, nicecream is the way to go.
For those of you who are
not familiar with the new
term, it refers to a frozen
treat almost like a smoothie
where frozen bananas are
blended with other ingredients to make an ice creamlike mixture.
The nice in nicecream
refers to the food as the
healthier, yet still incredibly
delicious alternative to ice
There are so many different ways to approach a
nicecream recipe so Im going to give you a fruity example, and another example that will cure any sweet
But ultimately, nicecream
is just like a smoothie, put
anything and everything
you so desire!

Blueberry Nicecream:
2 frozen banana (broken into
pieces for an easier blending
1 large handful of blueberries
1 splash of vanilla
1 splash of coconut milk
Throw all of the ingredients
into a high-powered blender
or food processor and blend
until smooth. The consistency should be thick and
creamy, just like ice cream!
Peanut Butter Mood:
2 frozen bananas
1 dollop of nut butter
1 tablespoon-ish of chocolate chips
1 Splash of coconut milk
For a sweeter taste, splash
in some maple syrup, follow the same process as the
blueberry nicecream. Pour
your nicecream into a bowl,
then top it off with melted
nut butter, melted chocolate
chips, coconut chips, or any
other toppings of your preference.

Photo Courtesy of Julia Walton

The Princess Project

By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
Spring is in the air, and for
many girls in their senior year
of high school, that means
prom. However, finding the
perfect dress is not the only
challenge. Paying for a dress
can mean lots of limitations
for many girls.
The Princess Project is entering its 14th
year in California, collecting new
and gently
used formal
dresses and
to distribute, free of
charge, to girls in San Diego,
San Francisco, Tracy, and Silicon Valley.
In 2015, the Princess Project San Diego provided prom
dresses to more than 1,200
girls in San Diego. This year,
their goal is to serve more than
1,500 girls. It only takes $25 to
get a girl to prom!
Last February, the Princess
Project held a fundraiser at
Liberty Station, featuring a
fashion show using looks from
FIDM Fashion Clubs Prom

Dress Fashion Show Competition. Students designed out-ofstyle dresses into current classics, presenting them in front
of a panel of judges, including
JoAnn Jack, a retail consultant, Miss California 2015, Bree
Morse, and Vanessa Balli, a local fashion blogger. All proceeds
benefited the Princess Project.
The project is made possible
by volunteer staff, donations of
and money, as well
as community
They trust
that the
girls who
come to
them are the ones who are truly
in need of financial assistance.
They have locations in City
Heights, Vista Library, South
Chula Vista, and El Cajon Library. To book an appointment,
Everyone can be a part of the
Princess Project. If you have a

Paying for a dress can

mean lots of limitations
for many girls.

formal dress that no longer

fits your style or that you no
longer need, you can drop is
off to have it be re-used for
someone in need.


Dear Donna

Dear Donna,

you. Most importantly, detach the negative connotaQ: Any tips on how to tion that comes with failure
deal with rejection?
and instead, choose to see
rejection through a growth
A: Well, first off, there are mindset.
many different forms of
No matter how devastatrejection, such as getting ed you may feel, life will go
turned down on a date, on, so grab yourself a coffee,
not making the sports watch your favorite show,
team, and getting denied and find humor in lifes misfrom your top college. fortune.
However, you can deal
with all forms of rejection Q: What are some ways to
in similar ways.
improve happiness?
One thing you could do
is try something new. For A: In my opinion, two of the
example if you dont make biggest contributors to hapthe football team, try soc- piness are the people you are
cer or if you get denied surrounding yourself with
from one date, ask anoth- and positive self image.
er person. Fixating yourFind out who in your life
self on one goal or person makes you the most hapinhibits you from seeing py and then hang out with
the possibly great oppor- those people more. Toxic
tunities right in front go relationships can be hard to
spot sometimes especially if
Second of all, believe that the other person is manipueverything happens for a lative or if ending a relationreason. Everything that ship with that person would
has happened to you in create a large social stir.
your life has led you to the
If you dont want to creplace you are now and to ate an unbearable social dythe people who surround namic then you do not have

April 15, 2016

to cut the other person out

completely, just realize that
the relationship does not
bring you joy and put less
time and energy into that
person and more into the
people who make you feel
Once you have established
who/what is important, put
up pictures and posters of
the things you love to remind yourself of all the wonderful things you have when
you feel like you have nothing. As for self image, find
something that makes you
feel purposeful, like writing
poetry, shooting baskets, or
even making jokes.
Finding your niche makes
it so that when everything
feels like its crumbling
down, you will always have
a place you know you can
find yourself. As a challenge, try to say something
positive about yourself and
someone else every day. You
never know what someone
else is going through and
good vibes make for good
Love, Donna

Oregon Mom Sues School District

to Protect Gay Son
By Asha Alagiri
Staff Writer
In Portland, Oregon a
mother is suing the Hillsboro School District because of the harassment
of her gay son by some of
the staff. Shawna Dicintio,
claims that Brett Trosclair,
a Century High
School teacher said
to the student that
he would kill him at
a school assembly.
The student is
openly gay and is
also a special education student. One
day during a school
assembly, J. Dicintio (the
student), told his friend
that he thought another
student was cute.
Trosclair (the teacher),
then turned around to
the students and allegedly told the boys to shut up
and he then threatened to
kill them and throw them
down the stairs.
Both J. Dicintio and his
friend complained to the
school and the teacher was
then placed on administrative leave by district of-

ficials. Other students claim

the teacher was joking and
was trying to rally support
for the social studies teacher.
In support to J. Dicinto, some of his peers have
walked out of the class.
Trosclairs supporters have
joined a Facebook group of
approximately 600 asking to

Century High School

Photo courtesy of Wikicommons

reinstate Trosclair. This support has turned into threats

for the student, says J. Dicintios mom.
Some students wrote on
twitter that Dicintio is a bully and others threatened violence to him as well. Classmates of J. Dicintio have
started a hashtag, #TeamTrosclair, to backup the teacher.
The student had been harassed in the past by other school teachers and the

school dean refused to help

the student even though the
student was being physically
and verbally abused.
In September 2014, another teacher said to her
son, to stop being a diva
and a priss. After Dicintio
complained the school district had training sessions
for staff to learn about
LGBTQ and gender issues.
Dicintio says her son
emotional distress, embarrassment, humiliation,
anxiety, stress and
fear while attending
school with the other
students and teachers.
Dicintio is asking for the
school district to pay for
past and future medical bills,
and for the school district to
allow her son, who is now
taking online classes, to be
able to return to school, and
for his safety saying even if
it requires a police escort or
security guard.
She also wants all of the
district teachers to attend
8 hours of training on sexual orientation and gender


April 15, 2016

Every year the United

Nations sets out a World
Happiest Report where they
list off the top ten happiest
countries based off of factors such as equality, GDP
per capita, social support,
life expectancy, perceptions
of corruption and freedom
to make life choices (
The World Happiness Report of 2016 has come out
recently. This years third
happiest country is Iceland.
This country has the sixth
highest GDP per capita in
the world, along with the
highest birth rate in Europe
and the highest percentage
of women working outside
the home. They are the only
country in NATO with no
armed forces. The money
they save helps with their
banking system.
Despite the fact that they
have the highest divorce
rate, Icelandic societys
main priority is the rearing
of happy and healthy children. This parenting style
may also be attributed to
the non-stereotypical gender roles, where women and
men are both seen as equally capable of keeping the
household together while
working hard in a career.
The second happiest
country is Switzerland. According to a Swiss citizen,
Switzerland has immense
amounts of organic food,
public transportation, and
high education levels. Swiss
workers also receive more
paid vacation time. Switzerland also scored number
one for healthiest citizens
on the grading Index.
The happiest country in
the world, according to the
UN, is Denmark. Two of the
largest factors that are said
to contribute to Denmarks
happiness is their progressive public policies and their
strong labor movement. The
country has a high GDP and
its minimum wage is twenty
dollars an hour.
Bicycling is big in Denmark and composes half of
Copenhagens urban travel,
this means less pollution
and less traffic. Some researchers have deemed a
major component of Denmarks happiness is the low
expectations people have
about the country.


Living in a
Vacation Destination

Worlds Happiest
By Jade Moujaes
Staff Writer


By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer

Is there a science to finding

a dream vacation? According
to Money Magazine, San Diego fits the bill for Best Domestic Spot.
So why is San Diego the best?
Aside from the 263 sunny
days a year, abundant beaches, and endless burritos. San
Diego is the best combination of outdoor attractions,
cultural landmarks, great
weather and affordable hotels
in the country.
Exploring one of San Diegos 30+ beaches or hiking
Torrey Pines may appeal to
the outdoorsy traveler, as will
renting a sailboat for a day on
Mission Bay.
La Jolla native Grace Kennedy says, The best part
about San Diego is that everything is walking distance
from the ocean, you can al-

ways got to The [La Jolla]

Cove or Windansea.
If you prefer to see the sea
from the land, visiting SeaWorld is a must, especially
before the famous Shamu
shows cease to exist.
If land animals are more
your speed, the World
Famous San Diego Zoo,
which was also ranked #1
by Money Magazine, is almost always open, and
youre sure to find something new every visit. Balboa Park is another beautiful place to explore, with its
1,200 acres making it larger
than Central Park.
For those in the mood
for entertainment, the San
Diego Padres play at Petco
Park throughout the spring
and summer baseball season.
The San Diego Chargers
can also be found at Qualcomm Stadium for one

more year this coming fall.

If you want a break from
the heat, the San Diego
Gulls Hockey Club plays
throughout the winter at
historic Valley View Casino
Center, formerly the San Diego Sports Arena.
If you prefer the musical
type of entertainment, you
can always catch a concert,
big or small, at venues such
as SOMA, House of Blues
San Diego, Valley View Casino Center, Viejas Arena,
Sleep Train Amphitheater,
and even bayside Humphreys Concerts By The Bay.
Civic Theatre also has World
Class Broadway Touring
companies year round.
Whether you prefer Taylor Swift or Tom Brady,
swimming with dolphins or
watching them jump, San
Diego has something for
everyone, its no wonder its
the #1 tourist destination.

Autistic Research Improved by Monkeys

By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
Animal therapy is a type of
coping mechanism mostly
associated with stressed out
students spending time with
their pets.
However, at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
in Shanghai, Zilong Qui is
working to genetically engineer monkeys to exhibit
some of the behavioral tactics associated with autism.
This includes repetitive
movement, increased anxiety, and inhibited social reactions. The students, under
Quis leadership, are hoping
to learn what sort of therapy
works best on the monkeys,
believing that transferring
the most successful tactics
will result in more answers
about the human version of
this disorder.
Quis team also works to
identify the portion of the
brain that results in autistic
behavior. To engineer the
monkeys, the researchers
used an inactive virus to send

the human gene to female

eggs artificially.
They implanted the eggs
in a female monkey, and
she gave birth to eight
monkeys with the gene in
their cortex and cerebellum.
The difference for the primate carriers was that they
lacked a second copy of the
gene, but had more of the
gene in general.
This research has appeared
as the most advanced in
the field of autistic study,
specifically studies involving monkeys. Before monkey research took off, most
scientists had been using
mice engineered with autistic behavior.
However, this proved to
be inaccurate, due to the
fact that mice are not close
relatives of humankind,
therefore do not react the
same way humans do.
Quis team has not yet
discovered the cause of autism, but it has been linked
to around 100 mutations,
both inherited and sponta-

neously developed.
The monkeys carrying this
gene were observed to be
more likely to run in circles
in their cages, more stress,
more defensive behavior,
and less social with their
cage-mates who were unaffected by the gene. Just like
the human version of the
gene, male monkeys show
more of a social connection
than females.
While genetically engineering monkeys is more
costly and time consuming
than mice, because the experiment took off well in
China, which has an abundance of monkeys and a lack
of animal rights activists.
UCSDs Dr. Sebat confirms
that monkeys are better candidates than any other animal, for both therapy and
drug-testing experiments.
For now, the U.S. will
continue to use the mouse
for their own testing, and
wait for what is sure to
be groundbreaking information from Quis lab in

Mountain Lion Main

Suspect in Zoo Death
By Nora Becker
Staff Writer
On March 3, 14-year-old
koala, Killarney, was found
mauled to death outside of
her exhibit. A young mountain lion known as P-22,
is believed to have killed
Killarney the koala, who
was living at the Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park.
While P-22 can be seen
on the zoos surveillance
footage in the night-time
hours between March 2 and
March 3, there is no conclusive evidence that P-22
should be held accountable
for Killarneys death.
In order to execute this
crime, the predator had to
have jumped an 8 foot wall
to gain access to the koalas,
which P-22 is certainly capable of doing, but so is any
other large predator.
P-22 is a 3-year-old male
mountain lion living in
Griffith Park in Los Angeles. After being captured
on cameras, the National
Park Service managed to radio-collar him.
Biologists know that P-22
was born in the Santa Monica Mountains, and crossed
I-405 and the 101 Freeway
to end up in Griffith Park.
By using the GPS on his collar, biologists are able track
his whereabouts. However, they found a two-hour
gap in the tracking data the
night the koala died.
After the incident, the zoo
has been moving vulnerable
animals inside at night.
Griffith Park is one of the
worlds most urban natural
parks, offering hiking and
equestrian trails, as well as
the Griffith Observatory
and the Hollywood sign.
It receives millions of visitors, and yet P-22 is rarely
seen. Some LA residents
are concerned about P-22s
presence, but a National
Park Service official stated
that pets should be inside or
in a safe enclosure at night.
Despite any fears, many
have also pointed out that
P-22 was simply being a
mountain lion and killing
to eat. The LA Zoo seems
to be an advocate for P-22,
with their spokeswoman
April Spurlock saying, It
is the zoos hope that P-22
remains in Griffith Park.
We will continue to adapt
to P-22 as he has adapted to




April 15, 2016

North Korea The Panama Papers: Exposing Corruption Town in

of the Worlds Top Officials
Japan Hires
ists where there are known tax tion.
U.S. Student ByStaffJimmy
havens and very loose finanSome of the politicians named
cial regulations. This allows a in the papers are Icelands
to Hard
As if the FIFA corruption wealthy person or company prime minister (who has since By Austin Iverson
scandal last year, and presiden- to shield their money from resigned), Syrian President Staff Writer
tial candidates accusations of financial reporting and taxes Bashar Al-Assad, ArgentiniBy Maia Pearl
Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 16th
2016 was not a good day for
Otto Warmbier. After being
arrested in January, the 21
year-old was sentenced to
15 years of hard labor after
a 1 hour trial in Pyongyang,
North Korea.
Otto Warmbier is an undergrad student at the University
of Virginia. He was in North
Korea on a trip organized by
Young Pioneer Tours. He had
been staying at the Yanggakdo International Hotel, when
he attempted to remove a
political slogan from a wall.
Warmbier claimed the United
States administration manipulated him into committing
the crime. He begged for the
North Korean governments
forgiveness, saying he was
used and manipulated and
had made the worst mistake
of his life according to ABC
Despite Warmbiers protests, the judge found him
guilty of subversion, part of
the US hostile policy toward
North Korea. Warmbiers
family is looking to former
governor Bill Richardson,
for help. Richardson affirms
Warmbier simply made a
mistake, and that his sentence
is blatantly inflamed. He also
adds that anywhere else in
the world, this would be considered a minor misdemeanor. Richardson declared
that, hopefully now that he
has been sentenced, negotiation for his release will start
on humanitarian grounds.
Since 2009, about a dozen
American tourists have been
placed behind bars, although
all of them were eventually
Warmbier admitted to stealing the poster, then professed
that the church member who
convinced him to steal it had
offered him a used car worth
$10,000 in exchange for the
poster. According to the NY
Times, The charges against
him claimed that the C.I.A.,
a secretive American university organization and a member of a church in Ohio had
encouraged him to commit
the hostile act of stealing a
political poster from a wall in
his hotel.
However, it should be noted
that it is possible that Warmbier was persuaded into proclaiming this by the North
Korean government.

each other taking money from in their home country. This is

wealthy donors this year were advantageous to the wealthy,
not enough, there is a new because it allows them not to
scandal rocking the world, and pay taxes on all of their holdit is called the Panama Papers. ings, without formally evading
This group
of documents
with a catchy
name is the
most recent
scandal rocking the globe,
and it may be
the most farreaching we
have seen in Countries Implicated
a while. The All Photos Courtesy of Wikicommons
papers are a
collection of 11 million docu- them. Furthermore, the world
ments leaked from the servers of offshore banking has long
of the Panamanian law firm, been rumored to be secretive
Mossack Fonseca.
and shady in their dealings,
According to USA Today, which allows the identities of
The Panama Papers show people depositing money offhow 140 politicians from shore to be shielded.
more than 50 countries, inThere are are times when
cluding 12 current or former holding funds in an offshore
world leaders, have links to account can be legal. HowevMossack Fonseca. The law er, it is when those who are
firms records show that many depositing the money (and
of these politicians are asso- helping them do so) start to
ciated with offshore banking create fake companies to hide
and tax evasion. Offshore is the money, that the legality of
when a banking institution ex- it all starts to come into ques-

an President Mauricio Macri,

Ukranian President Petro Poroshenko, and, perhaps most
significantly, Russian President
Vladimir Putin. They are all
accused of,
in one way or
another, using offshore
obscure their
personal financial holdings.
listed include
Arabias current
king, several
high-ranking FIFA officials,
and the father of the British
Prime Minister.
Though none of the people
mentioned in the papers have
been officially indicted, the
files stand as powerful evidence of the opacity that surrounds the highest levels of our
worlds ruling elite. The coming
weeks and months will without
a doubt produce more concrete
accusations. They stand as a reminder that even some of our
highest-ranking politicians are
not immune to greed

U.S. Addresses Actions of ISIS as Genocide

By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer
On March 17th, after months
of careful reviews and investigations, U.S. Secretary of State
John Kerry declared that the
atrocities committed by ISIS
in Iraq and Syria amounted to
According to various reports,
it was just the second time in
history the executive
branch has ever attached that designation
to an ongoing crisis. The
first came in September
2004, when then-U.S.
Secretary of State, Colin Powell, labeled the
atrocities occurring in
Sudans western region of Darfur as pertaining to the characteristics of a genocide.
Directly following Kerrys
speech, came a senior State Department officials claim that
Kerrys declaration placed no
new obligations on the United
States in its ongoing campaign
against the terrorist group.
Many people are being left
confused as to why the government has labeled ISISs actions
as constituting a genocide, all
the while maintaing the U.S. as

having no new responsibilities

to act against the terrorist organization.
However, there are some
who have chosen to view the
designation as a good first
step. Cameron Hudson, the
director of the Simon-Skjodt
Center for the Prevention of
Genocide at the U.S. National Holocaust Museum (one
of the many groups who lob-

Mr. Hudson also took the

chance to compare the current
situation to that of the Holocaust and persecution faced by
European Jewry. This hearkens back to the Holocaust
where the idea of saving Jews
was not part of our war strategy in World War II. To the
extent that we were going to
save European Jewry, it was
by winning the war and in the
time that we made those
statements, the Holocaust
Remaining now, is the
question of what to do
next. While the declaration of ISIS and its actions
as being genocidal has
convinced some to push
for stronger measures against
the terrorist organization, there
are still others who believe that
the labeling implies no greater
obligation to ending the threat.
It should also be noted, now
that the actions of ISIS have
been given the classification
of genocide, that the United Nations can be expected to
become more involved in the
combatment of ISIS because
of the the Genocide Convention instituted on January 12th,

...the United Nations can

now be expected to become
more involved in the coming
conflicts against ISIS...
bied for the classification)
said he believes, the designation is significant because
were acknowledging not just
the suffering of people on the
ground, but were acknowledging that ISIS is more than
just a terrorist group. Its now
a genocidal group that poses
a national security threat to
the United States, of course,
but poses an existential threat
the people who are trapped in
their crosshairs and who are
in the areas that they control.

The Japanese territory of Aichi is searching for six ninjas

to join its team. Its a rare opportunity for anyone between
the ages of 18-30 to don traditional Japanese uniforms
and participate in high octane combat and espionage.
Traditionally, the purpose of
the ninja is to be invisible on
the battlefield and spy on the
enemy, like a fourteenth-century special agent.
Unusually though, Aichi
is looking for talkative ninjas who enjoy performing on
The campaign for recruiting
ninjas is actually a way to garner tourism in anticipation
for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Local Aichi governor even
posted a photo of himself online in a full ninja costume in
attempt to draw more attention to the search.
In Japanese culture, the
ninja is seen as one of the
ultimate symbols of a warrior., along with the Samurai.
Because of this, ninja training is not to be taken lightly.
Ninjas were trained in ninjustu, a strategy that focuses
on unconventional warfare.
Overall, this means a focus
on stealth, espionage, and assasination. Today, there are
multiple schools in Japan that
teach ninjustu.
If youre interested in moving to Aichi to become a full
time ninja, they are looking
for anyone between 18 and 30
willing and able to start the
three-month training process
this April. Signing up for the
position offers a one-yearlong contract and 180,000
Japanese Yen, or about $1,585
a month. The pay might be a
little on the weaker side and
you might have to move to a
rural town in Japan, but how
could you pass up the opportunity to be a ninja?

Ninja in Japanese

April 15, 2016


in Greece

From Brussels to Baghdad, jihadists keep striking

By Maia Pearl
Staff Writer
On March 18th, a deal was
made between the European
Union and Turkey, to try and
hinder the amount of refugees entering Greece.
Many refugees take dinghies
or small boats to the Greek
Islands. From there, they
are taken across the ocean
on a ferry and enter Europe
through the Athens port,
then continue into Germany
and other parts of the country.
Recently, however, many
borders north of Greece
have closed, leaving refugees
from Syria and Afghanistan
stranded in Athens.
Many of the first refugees to
arrive in Greece were forced
to set up camp at the Athens
They pitched tents on the
dock and lived off of food
handed out to them by American volunteers.
This has become a large issue, because the more refugees to enter Greece, the less
space there is to have people
living there.
The new arrivals are not
permitted to live on the port,
and are put on buses and taken to refugee camps around
The situation has become
so severe that the refugees are
being taken everywhere from
bankrupt hotels to the decaying Olympic park in Athens.
There are many makeshift
refugee camps just outside of
the Macedonian boarder, in
Idomeni, Greece.
None of the refugees know
why they are not being allowed in, or what is going to
happen to them.
As part of the deal made
by the EU, Greek authorities
will detain and return newly
arrived refugees to Turkey.
This, however, cannot start
happening until Greece declares Turkey a safe country.
Greece is nearly bankrupt,
and on the verge of becoming
a refugee prison.
Greeces debt will be subject again to negotiation at
the IMFs spring meeting on
April 18th after provisionally
ending on April 12th.
As of March 21st, there were
50,000 refugees stranded in
Greece, with about 12,000
still living in makeshift camps
on the Macedonian border.
The EU is having a meeting on the 24th, about how to
handle the refugee situation.
Hopefully some good will
come out of this.



Islamic State Attacks

By Ariana Dennis
and Khalil Eley
Staff Writers
People all around the world
are mourning the many innocent deaths of the victims
struck by the continued ISIS
attacks. Tragedy struck Ankara,
Turkey in late February with a
car bombing that killed 28 and
injured at least 60. Television
footage portrayed an intense
fire surrounding a burned-out
bus. Emergency vehicles rushed
to the scene as the loud explosive incident brought local
residents to their balconies in
panic. According to The Guardian, President Erdogan issued
a statement saying, We will
continue our fight against the
pawns that carry out such attacks, which know no moral or
humanitarian bounds, and the
forces behind them with more
determination every day.
A wave of bombings killed at
least 31 and injured under 200
people in Brussels on March
22nd. The Islamic state claimed
to have used explosive belts and
devices to massacre passengers
checking in at Brussels airport
and on a Metro Train. The attack was specifically targeted at
Belgium for the supposed reason of their participation in the
international coalition against
ISIS. However, the country only
carried out a limited bombing
campaign confined to Iraq before stopping all air strikes in
June 2015. The Belgian police

union warned in an open letter that there are at least 50

ISIS supporters working at
the Brussels Airport. Republican Presidential candidate
Ted Cruz made the controversial statement after the attack of suggesting to monitor
Muslim neighborhoods in

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack at the stadium

where a ceremony was being
held to mark the championship of a popular local soccer
team. The bomb exploded
at the al-Shuhadaa stadium
in the Babil province city of
Iskandariya south of Baghdad.

the area.
On Wednesday March
23rd, two bombers attacked
a Mosque killing at least 22
worshipers inside according
to Nigerian rescue officials.
The attack occurred just outside the northeastern city of
Maiduguri. Abdul Mohammed of the State Emergency
Management Agency stated
in a brief interview with The
Associated Press, that in addition to those killed, at least
another 17 Muslim civilians
were wounded in the attack.
On Friday March 25th, a
man wearing a suicide belt
walked into an Iraqi stadium and blew himself up. He
killed at least 25 people and
injured at least 90 more according to officials.

According to CNN, the special representative of the U.N.

Secretary-General for Iraq
Jan Kubis condemned the attack, The evildoers are aiming their wrath at the innocent
and vulnerable civilians,...Today, Daesh (ISIS) committed
yet another atrocity, targeting
families who were enjoying
their weekend attending a
football game in their hometown. This abhorrent act deserves the strongest condemnation. He urges the Iraqis to
unite against the terrorists.
Despite the attention Europe
has received from the West,
the bulk of ISISs brutal attacks
remain in the Middle East.
On another note, this attack
is influencing Europes stance
on immigration. Poland has

The Associated Press that she

plans to use the prize money to create scholarships for
students who plan to become
teachers themselves.
The Global Teacher Prize is
funded by the Varkey Foundation. According to the
foundations website, it works
to improve the standards of
f o r
u n derprivileged
T h e
was held in Dubai, with the
United Arab Emirates Sheikh
Mohammed bin Rashid Al
Maktoum there to offer the
reward. Pope Francis, Joe
Biden, Prince William, and
Bill Clinton all created video messages congratulating
the 10 finalists and al-Hroub,
who said, I still cant believe

that the Pope said my name.

Al-Hroub recognizes that her
win is monumental during a
time of high tensions between
Israelis and Palestinians. She
told The Associated Press, For
an Arab, Palestinian teacher
to talk to the world today and
to reach the highest peak in

refused to take in any more

refugees. Unlike Western Europe, the Polish were not enthusiastic to take in refugees
initially, and after the attacks
in Belgium are even less like
to do so. Before the attacks,
the previous Prime Minister of Poland, Ewa Kopacz
agreed to take in 7,000 of the
160,000 refugees being spread
throughout the EU.
The current Prime Minister,
Beata Szydlo and the ruling
Law and Justice party initially agreed to honor this agreement when they took power,
but these attacks have toughened Polands position.
A spokesman for the Polish
government told reporters that
Until procedures to verify the
refugees are put in action, we
cannot accept them, and that,
The priority of the government is the safety of Poles
We understand the previous
government signed commitments which bind our
country. We cannot allow a situation in which events taking
place in the countries of Western Europe are carried over to
the territory of Poland. This
decision also has strong support from the people, with a
recent poll stating that 64% of
Poles support closing the border to refugees. This sentiment
is not new, as last year thousands of people participated in
street demonstrations opposing refugees.

Palestinian Teacher Wins $1 Million

By Nora Becker
Staff Writer

Palestinian teacher Hanan

al-Hroub was presented with
the $1 million Global Teacher
Prize on March 13th, 2016. alHroub, a second-grade teacher
at the Samiha Khalil Secondary
School in the Palestinian city
Ramallah, beat out
of applicants
from around
the world.
grew up in a
Pa l e s t i n i a n
refugee camp,
and became
a teacher after her own children witnessed
a shooting on their way home
from school. Her personal slogan is No to Violence, which
has led to a decrease in violent
behavior in her school. She has
also written a book called We
Play and Learn, emphasizing
the importance of trust, honesty, and respect. al-Hroub told

teaching could be an example

for teachers around the world.
Palestinians in the crowd
cheered and waved flags when
al-Hroub was announced as
the winner, and she was met
with crowds and banners proclaiming her excellence upon
her homecoming.

I still cant
believe that the
Pope said my

Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons




April 15, 2016

Ruling in Suit Over Gawkers

Register to Vote in the Presidential Primary Election
Intimate Hulk Hogan Tape
Who Can Register to Vote?
How Do I Register to Vote?
When Do I Register to Vote?


A U.S. citizen who is:

A resident of California

At least 18 years of age by

June 7, 2016
Not in prison or on parole
for a felony conviction
What if Im Already Registered?
You only need to re-register only
when you:
Change your name
Wish to change your political party affiliation

Complete a registration
form online at
(A valid CA Drivers License is required to submit
online; otherwise you will
need to print, sign, and mail

You can also pick up a Voter

Registration Card at any
DMV Location, U.S. Post
Office, Public Library, along
with the Registrar of Voters
office or a City Clerks office.
Request one by mail by
calling (858) 565-5800.

The last day to register and be eligible to vote for the June 7, 2016
Presidential Primary Election is
May 23. However, early registration is encouraged.

Call (858) 565-5800
Michael Vu, Registrar of Voters
5600 Overland Ave. Suite #100
San Diego, CA 92123

*This content is from a notice provided by the San Diego Registrar of Voters Office, adapted
to fit in the Hi-Tide. It has been voluntarily included without payment.


Professor Solves Math Equation; Wins $700k

By Alexa Kideys
Staff Writer
British professor Andrew
Wiles at the University of Oxford
earned $700,000 as of this March
for solving what was thought to
be an unsolvable 300-year old
math problem. The math problem, otherwise known as Fermats Last Theorem, was first
proposed by a French mathematician named Pierre de Fermat in
1637 and had stumped even the
greatest of minds for centuries.
Although it was solved in 1994 by
Wiles, he was awarded the Abel
Prize, a prize given out to one or
two mathematicians by the Norwegian government, this year for
his triumph along with the prize
money of $700,000.
The prize is similar to the No-

SANDERS (cont.)

dential candidate Donald Trumps

denouncements about Mexicans
last summer. When Mexico
sends its people, Mr. Trump said
during his presidential announcement, theyre not sending the
best theyre bringing drugs,
theyre bringing crime. Theyre
rapists and some, I assume, are
good people, but I speak to border
guards and theyre telling us what
were getting.
What is not accepted is for
the Donald Trumps and others
to insult our Mexican and Latino
brothers and sisters, Sanders said
amidst chants of Si se puede (yes
we can). Most attendees belonged
to the Latino community.
One of the spectators, who
identified himself as Jason, shared
Sanders views about the Mexican
immigration conflict. These are
our neighbors, Mexico, these are
our friends, he said. Theyre our
families, refugees and whatnot
and we need to be treating them
as people, not just a number or a
The crowd also erupted into
a roar when Mr. Sanders spoke
about the criminal system. [This
campaign] is also a broken criminal justice system [that we are going to reform], it is not acceptable
to me that we have more people
in jail than any other country on
Earth. According to the World
Prison Brief, the US prison pop-

bel prize in mathematics and

includes an official ceremony
in May 2016, where the Crown
Prince Haakon of Norway is to
grant the prize to Wiles. According to CNN, Wiles, 62, first became fascinated with the theorem
as a 10-year-old growing up in
Cambridge, England, after finding a copy of Fermats Last Theorem at his local library. While
at Princeton University, he spent
seven years working on the problem in secret, finally cracking the
formula by combining the three
complex mathematical fields of
modular forms, elliptic curves,
and Galois representations.
Upon hearing of the award,
Wiles said, It is a tremendous
honor ... Fermats equation was
my passion from an early age,
ulation is the largest in the world
with 2,217,000 inmates, second
only to Chinas 1.6 million detainees.
Mr. Sanders went on to offer
his condolences to Belgium after the Brussels attack that ISIS
claimed earlier that day. We will
stand as a nation with our allies
in this world and we will together
crush and destroy ISIS, Sanders
said. More than 300 people were
injured in the attacks at Brussels
airport and metro station and the
death toll reached 35 people, including the 3 attackers.
The senator emphasized that
the major difference between his
campaign and Hillary Clintons
was how [they] raise the funds
[they] need to run the campaign.
This referred to Sanders accusation of Clinton giving speeches for
large sums of money to fund her
campaign. According to Forbes,
Clinton received $9,680,000 in
2013 for speaking engagements
Mr. Sanders also spoke about
the Native American community.
The way Native Americans have
been treated since day 1 is a national disgrace, he said. We will
begin treating our Native American people with the respect they
The Sanders campaign will host
a live broadcast and voter registration drive on July 29th, 2016 at
the North Park Observatory Theatre.

and solving it gave me an overwhelming sense of fulfillment

[I] hope that my solution of this
age-old problem would inspire
many young people to take up
mathematics and to work on the
many challenges of this beautiful
and fascinating subject.
The Abel Committee explained
their reasoning behind granting
Andrew Wiles the prize by stating, Wiles is one of very few
mathematicians -- if not the only
one -- whose proof of a theorem
has made international headline
news. Wiles lifelong motivation
to find the answer behind Fermats Last Theorem has opened
up a new door for those in the
field of math and granted him
a place in the history of great

ANALYSIS (cont.)

constant string of blunders has

left many supporters or potential
supporters distancing themselves
from the candidate.
His campaign was not buoyed
by the news that campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had
been charged with simple battery of a reporter after a Florida
campaign event.
Even with his recent losses, Mr.
Trump is polling at 54% in New
York. He recently cleared his national campaign schedule and returned to his home state, ostensibly to handle business.
Many speculated the candidate
was attempting to reset his campaign in anticipation of harder
contests ahead. Rumors of turmoil among Mr. Trumps top
campaign staff have surfaced.
In the Empire State, Gov. John
Kasich is expected to win 22%
of the Republican vote. Mr. Cruz
is polling at only 15%, likely as a
result of his repeated insinuations
about Mr. Trumps liberal New
York values.
Mr. Cruz has seen virtually no
effect from the article published
by the National Enquirer alleging
that the candidate had extramarital affairs with five women.
Mr. Cruz and the women who
have been identified have vehemently denied the claims.
Mr. Cruz has denounced the
article as a smear job by Mr.

Questions over free speech and privacy

By Jimmy Irwin
Senior Reporter
Hulk Hogan was recently
awarded $140 million in a lawsuit
against the gossip website that
posted his sex tape online. Mr.
Hogan, a wrestling icon who took
on the likes of Andre the Giant
and the Iron Sheik in the 1980s,
scored an important victory over
his most formidable foe: Gawker.
The legal battle has been going
on for years. It started in 2012
when Gawker posted a sex tape
of Mr. Hogan and the wife of one
of his close friends, who had previously encouraged Mr. Hogan to
sleep with his wife.
The tape, which was filmed in
the mid-2000s, was obtained later
by Gawker. A.J. Daulerio released
in a post on the site about 2 minutes of footage from the 30-minute long tape.
Mr. Hogans lawyers argued
that the decision to post the tape
violated his right to privacy. They
appealed to the jurors morality,
attacking Gawker for publishing
gossip and arguing that the site
does not operate under the same
standards as other journalists.
Jurors proved sympathetic to
this argument, awarding Hogan
$115 million in damages and later
an additional $25 million in punitive damages.
In a statement, the Hogan camp
said, We think it represents a
statement as to the publics disgust with the invasion of privacy
disguised as journalism. The verdict says no more.
Gawkers team of attorneys realized that they likely wouldnt

win over the hearts of the jurors,

so they based their argument
largely on the First Amendment.
They argued that their post containing the video was protected
free speech, and that they had the
legal right to publish the tape.
What we ask you to do is very
hard, but ultimately it is right.
The Gawker legal team is al-

Trump due to the real estate moguls close connections to David

Pecker, CEO of the Enquirers parent company. The tabloid has endorsed Mr. Trump for president.
Media industry rumblings indicate that both Breitbart and
the Rubio campaign were at least
vaguely aware of the allegations,
but chose not to go to press.
The Democratic race has so
far been less confrontational, although Mr. Sanders and Mrs.
Clinton have exchanged their fair
share of barbs.
New York will prove a more
crucial battleground for the duo.
Recognizing this urgency, Senator Sanders has pledged to run
like a candidate for state governor, holding frequent rallies, escalating his rhetoric against Mrs.
Clinton - specifically her links to
Wall Street - and demanding a
debate before the April 19th primary. (The debate aired yesterday,
after the Hi-Tides press deadline.)
With 247 delegates available,
Mr. Sanders needs a win to finally start eating into Mrs. Clintons
delegate lead.
Success in his opponents adopted home state would also give
him much-needed leverage with
superdelegates and potentially
propel him to the nomination.
A loss in New York, on the other hand, would greatly set back
the Sanders campaign and perhaps seal Mrs. Clintons nomination despite the senators success

in recent caucuses.
The Real Clear Politics average currently shows Mrs. Clinton
with a 14-point lead on Mr. Sanders: 54% to 40%.
The Clinton campaign has recently made several comments
that may not sit well with some
New York demographics.
Chief strategist Joel Benenson
told reporters that Mrs. Clinton
will campaign like a senator
while Mr. Sanders campaigns
like a Brooklynite; Bill Clinton
unleashed a tirade against Black
Lives Matter protesters last week
that was widely panned.
Mr. Sanders also seeks to benefit from the endorsement of Erica
Garner. The death of her African
American father, Eric Garner,
at the hands of an NYPD officer
spawned nationwide protests in
Mr. Sanders formidable fundraising - $44 million in March
- may not be enough to reverse
Mrs. Clintons large lead among
pledged and super delegates.
The Sanders crew has been
working overtime to persuade
superdelegates across the nation
that they should support the Vermont senator in states where he
won the popular vote.
After New York, Mr. Sanders
and the other candidates will
sharpen their efforts on the West
Coast to capture as many of Californias 475 pledged delegates the most of any state - as possible.

Gawker founder Nick Denton

at NYU in 2010.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Mager

ready formulating an appeal. A

$140 million payout would likely
shutter the media group, which
operates other online sites such
as Gizmodo (technology), Jezebel
(feminist), Jalopnik (automotive),
and its Kinja public publishing
If the court upholds its decision, it would set a precedent that
greatly curtails what media outlets are permitted to publish about
celebrities. Many others argue it
would allow powerful celebrities
and politicians to withhold other, more important information
about them from the public.
Nick Denton, who founded
Gawker in January 2003 with
Elizabeth Spiers, has pledged to
create a softer tone at the website.


April 15, 2016




35 Saturday Night Live Skits to Watch Before Youre 35

By Nessie Navarro

With a total number of episodes reaching into the 800s (and

counting), it was mildly difficult to pick just 35 of my favorite
SNL skits, but here they are.

1. Matt Foley, Motivational

Speaker (with Chris Farley)
2. Delicious Dish: Schweddy
Balls (with Alec Baldwin, Ana
Gasteyer, and Molly Shannon)
3. Nick the Lounge Singer:
Nick at the Powder Room
(with Bill Murray)
4. Chippendales Audition
(with Christ Farley and Patrick
5. Lazy Sunday (with Christ
Parnell and Andy Samberg)
6. Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton Address the Nation (with
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler)
7. Behind the Music: Blue
Oyster Cult [More Cowbell]
(with Will Ferrel, Jimmy
Fallon, Christ Kattan, Horatio
8. The Lawrence Welk Show:
Johnny Prosciutto (with Jon
Hamm and Kristen Wiig)
9. Short Shorts for the USA
(with Rachel Dratch, Will
Ferrell, and Seann William
10. Weekend Update: Adam
Sandler on Hanukkah (with
Norm Macdonald and Adam
11. A Song From SNL: I Wish
it Was Christmas Today (with
Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan,
Tracy Morgan, and Horatio
12. Two Wild & Crazy Guys:
Computer Dates (with Dan
Aykroyd and Steve Martin)

13. Mr. Robinsons Neighborhood: X-Mas (with Eddie

14. The Love-Ahs with Clarissa and Dave (with Rachel
Dratch, Jimmy Fallon, Will
Ferrell, and Winona Ryder)
15. Weekend Update: Opera
Man on Mafia Trial, Ivana
Trump and Bill Clinton
(with Kevin Nealon and Adam
16. The Californians: Stuart
Has Cancer (with Fred
Armisen, Josh Brolin, Bill
Hader, and Kristen Wiig)
17. Weekend Update: Stefon on
Halloweens Hottest Tips (with
Bill Hader and Seth Meyers)
18. Waynes World: 1991
Summer Events (with Dana
Carvey and Mike Myers)
19. Target Lady: Meets her
First Lesbian (with Vanessa
Bayer, Bobby Moynihan,
Kenan Thompson, and Kristen
20. Sprockets: The Insane
Academy Awards (with Will
Ferrell and Mike Myers)
21. Total Bastard Airlines
(with Helen Hunt and David
22. Celebrity Jeopardy! With
Sean Connery, Minnie Driver, Jeff Goldblum (with David
Duchovny, Will Ferrell, Darrell
Hammond, and Molly Shannon)
23. Consumer Probe: Irwin
Mainway (with Dan Aykroyd)

24. What up with That?:

Robert De Niro and Robin
Williams (with Bill hader and
Kenan Thompson)
25. Debbie Downer: Happiest
Place on Earth? (with Rachel
26. The French Chef (with
Dan Aykroyd)
27. Samurai Delicatessen
(with John Belushi)
(with Ryan Gosling, Kate
McKinnon, and Cecily Strong)
29. Weekend Update: Garth
& Kat Sing Christmas Songs
(with Fred Armisen and
Kristen Wiig)
Drunk Uncle on New Years
Resolutions (with Bobby
Moynihan and Seth Meyers)
31. Mom Jeans (with Rachel
Dratch, Tina Fey, Amy
Poehler, Maya Rudolph)
32. Mens Synchronized
Swimming (with Martin
33. Weekend Update: The
Girl You Wish You Hadnt
Started a Conversation With
at a Party on the [2012] Election (with Seth Meyers and
Cecily Strong)
34. The Nerds: Nerd Prom
(with Jane Curtin, Buck Henry, Bill Murray, and Gilda
35. Inside Socal Newer One
(with Beck Bennett, Jonah
Hill, and Kyle Mooney)

The Toxic Avenger

By Jade Moujaes
Staff Writer
This spring, La Jolla High Schools
Drama Department will present The
Toxic Avenger, written by Joe Dipietro and David Bryan. This rock n roll
comedy takes place in New Jersey.
Melvin, the protagonist, played by
Robert Mackey and Daniel OHaire,
falls into a pit of toxic goo that turns
him into a super mutant freak with
a mission to save New Jersey from
its immense amount of pollution.
This zany cast features many unique,
over-the-top characters that are sure
to make you laugh. Melvins journey
as he turns into Toxie the mutant is
both endearing and hilarious. Cierra Agrella, a senior, who is playing
the blind librarian Toxie falls in love
with, says, The Toxic Avenger is just
so much fun. The family in theatre is
one thats so inclusive and exciting,
and the amount of talent on stage is
crazy to be a part of.
Desha Crownover is directing this
piece and Marjorie Treger, La Jolla
High Schools drama teacher, will be
producing it.




Nathan Hacker:

Dawn of Justice:

Student Videographer

The Dawn of DCs Cinematic Universe

By Austin Iverson
Staff Writer
Watching Smallvilles
All-American hero square off
against Gothams dark knight
is nothing short of exciting.
Batman V Superman: Dawn
of Justice is the first movie to
kick off the DC cinematic universe. Its a continuation of the
story to 2013s Man of Steel,
which shows Kal-Els transformation from Kryptonian baby
to Clark Kent and his fight
against General Zod to save
the Earth.
Batman V Superman picks
up during the end of Man of
Steel, but from Bruce Waynes
perspective, showing the repercussions of Supermans battle with General Zod in downtown Metropolis.
The film deals with the lives
of civilians and how they are
affected in Supermans wake,
something not touched on often in this kind of blockbuster
comic book movie.
Batman V Superman is directed by Zack Snyder, known
for directing 300 and Man
of Steel. It stars Henry Cavill
reprising his role as Superman,
Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal
Gadot as Wonder Woman, and
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.
It opened March 27th, Easter
weekend, and pulled in $166
million in the US, compared to
Man of Steels $116 million,
and Marvels The Avengers at
$207 million.
Comparisons of Batman V
Superman to The Avengers

April 15, 2016

are inevitable, as both are comic

giant Marvel and DCs beginnings of a cinematic universe
where they can showcase their
biggest heroes working together
on the big screen.
Despite the similar concepts,
Marvel and DC took very different approaches. Marvel released Iron Man in 2008.
Due to its good reception,
they started to release sequels
to Iron Man, and other movies
like Thor and Captain America to establish a franchise for
all of their characters, until finally having them all meet in
The Avengers.
Christopher Nolan wrote and
directed The Dark Knight trilogy for DC, but Nolans world of
Batman isnt what was used in
the DC universe.
Instead, Man of Steel is the
universe chosen for the Justice League to exist in. Man of
Steel was the only solo movie
for a hero so far in the DC cinematic universe.
Batman V Superman also
reveals Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as the Flash,
and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.
The Justice League movie is
set to come out November 17th,
2017, and Suicide Squad, the
DC villain equivalent of the Justice League, will be released this
Marvels next superhero movies include Captain America:
Civil War to be released on
May 6th, X-men: Apocalypse
on May 27th, and Doctor
Strange on November 4th.

By Sara Espinosa
With todays technology, everyone can post videos on the
internet, but only a few can
say they have more than 6,000
subscribers on YouTube.
Nathan Hacker, a sophomore at LJHS, started posting
videos in his YouTube channel close to three years ago for
Shackerboards, a fingerboard
company he and some friends
It feels pretty unreal, to
imagine that 6,000 people
clicked that subscribe button, Hacker said, Its just really cool that people want to
watch your stuff.
His starting videos included fingerboarding tutorials,
as well as reviews of different
type of boards.
His most popular video,
How to Make a Paper Fingerboard, has acquired more
than 500,000 views.
It was just a random fingerboard video and people started subscribing and I started
building a base and then I
started doing new stuff that I
liked, Hacker said.
Art has always been a part
of Hackers life. His dad, Paul
Hacker, is a Native American
His work includes pottery,
knives, ledger art, and native
flute music. He has won over
170 Native American awards,
including an award with the
Smithsonian institution National Museum of the Ameri-

Photo Courtesy of Sara Espinosa

can Indian.
[My parents] always
encouraged that [creative] side. My dad was
like, Ok, just do what
you want to do. And I
think thats what pushed
me and motivated me.
Hacker recently collaborated with the LJHS
Drama Department to
participate in the 2016
Wellness Through the
Arts Student Essay/Video
Contest. Drama students explained how the arts contribute to a students well-being.
Their video won Top High
School Theatre Department
Group Video Project.
He has also produced videos
for Paul Mitchell, a hair care
products company.
That was a promo for one of
their behind-the scenes [videos], Hacker said.
Hacker will participate in the
La Jolla Film Fest this year.
Im going to make some-

Taken from Hackers video,

Desk Nightmare

thing special for that and just

keep going, Hacker said.
As for the future, he plans
to apply to the USC School
of Cinematic Arts when the
time comes and someday participate in the Sundance Film
Make movies as much as I
canthats what I want to do,
Hacker said.
You can subscribe to Nathan
Hacker on YouTube at www.

April - May







James Bay
Concerts by
the Bay





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Opening night
Parker Auditorium

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