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Lesson Plan Template

Number of students
18- April
Second kindergarten
15 students
section: 1
Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

To have, create good, strong relationship with my students or any students I

train with or teach them.
To achieve in classroom management.
To arrive the information to the children in the right way they can understand
Create learner-centered lesson and classroom.
To establish good relationships with school staff and preschoolers.

Learning Outcomes:
(Link to the MOE curriculum document)
Students will be able to (Write the
outcome word for word)

Understand the meaning of tight'

and wide.'
Create, sentences with this word.
Write these two words.
Distinguish between these two
Discover the meaning of the two


PowerPoint (to show the pictures).


Whiteboard markers.

The differentiate activities.

Lesson Introduction
Whole group activity: Time: 8:25 am
Question (Blooms Taxonomy)
Opening/Introduction: (Bullet points)
What will you do to introduce the
concept to the students?

Engaging part: I am going to play

with them the basic game. I will
write random letters on the white

Remembering (low level):

They will try to combine words to create
words. Here they may remember words
they know or try to remember what
does words means?
Understanding (low level):
They will try to understand the new

board, and I will ask them to

create words and guess which
word we will take it today?

word from the pictures that I describe

them. After I ask them "what does this
word mean?"

Exploring part: Preschoolers will

explore the meaning by them self
by the pictures. I will describe
each picture also use the new
word on it. I will ask them after
that what does it mean?

Applying (low level):

They apply what learn through the four
activities and after the extend part by
tell them to write the word on their
white boards and ask them to generate
sentence have this word.

Elaborating part: I will extend the

concept by explaining more about
this word, how we can write it?
Give them examples or sentences
have this word.
Evaluating part: first I will ask
them to make a sentence about
this word.

I will repeat the same steps with

the second word then we will start
the differentiate activities.

Active Engagement: (Bullet points)

After youve modeled the concept, what
activity will you have the students
perform while on the carpet to ensure
that they understand it?
After showing the pictures,
describe them. I will ask
them what does means?
Here I make sure if they
understand then I will
elaborate on it.
They will also use their white
boards as a group, whale
activity to write the word by
Link: (Bullet points)
Remind the students in kid-friendly
language how they can apply what they

Analyzing (high level):

They will analyze the words through
writing it by the spell the letters it has.
Evaluating (high level):
I will ask them about meaning. I will also
assessment them by giving the
Creating (high level):
They will create sentence has this new

did the whole group in their independent

learning centers

I will show them the independent

activities and then ask them to go
to their places to work.
Learning Center Resources or Materials
Learning Center 1 Learning Center 2
Learning Center 3

Learning Center 4

Small Group Learning Centers: Time: 8:35 am

Learning Center 1 Title: Read and write
Low-level activity:
Explain step by step what the students
will do
Pupils will read the words in cards.
They will also write the two words
three times for each.

Learning Center 3 Title: Draw and Write

Medium- high level:
Explain step by step what the students
will do
They will match the picture with
the right word and color it.

Learning Center 2 Title: Find and Color

Low-medium level:
Explain step by step what the students
will do

Pupils while try to find the two

words in the tables with other
random words. They will choose
colors they like and colored the
words they found,

Learning Center 4 Title: write the

missing word.
High level:
They will complete the sentence
with the right word by writing it.

Closing activity: Time: 8:45 am

Allow children time to discuss how what they did during their learning centers and
how it relates to the lesson outcome
"Remember that." (restate outcome using kid-friendly language)

Assessment for Learning: How will you determine if the students understood the
learning outcome? What evidence will you show to prove this?
By watching and see what they did in the activities.
The difference in how to do the activities and in using mental abilities. Each
activity has the different way to do addition different mental level, but all of them
has the same learning aim, which is evaluating children's understanding. The low
level will read and repeat the words while the low-medium level will read and find
the words and so on every level has the different way to apply what they learn.

Notice: my MST wants to me to be like her in teaching, so I use here what she
usually use.
Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus
The areas that I need to develop are:
Focus in managing, become real in punishing not just use threating.
(because some children wont stop the bad behavior even if I threat them, so
they need punishment to reduce this bad attitude.

Done by: Nour Obaid