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The Literature of the Pre-Colonial and Colonial Period: The Literature

of Discovery, Exploration, and Colonization

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506): Diario of Christopher Columbuss First Voyage to
Elio Antonio de Nebraja (1444?-1522): Gramatica de la Lengua Castellana
Native American Side of the Story: Samson Occom (1723?-92): Sermon Preached at
the Excution of Moses Paul, an Indian
European Side of the Story: Spanish and French Literature of Undetermined
Encounter: Michael de Montagne (1533 -92) Of Cannibals; Bernard Diaz de Castillo
(1492-1584): The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico (1517-21); Francisian Fray de
Niza, Alver Cabeza de Vaca, Pedro de Castenada, Samuel de Champlain, Hornordo
de Soto
Anglo-American Side of the Story: Captain John Smith (1580-1631): A true
Relations of such occurrences of note as hath happened in Virginia since the first
planting of that colony, which is now resident in the south part thereof, till the last return
since thence.; A Map of Virginia; New England Trials; The True Travels, Adventures, and
Observations..; Avertisments for the unexperienced Planters of New England
Other important voices: Michael Wigglesworth, John Winthrop, Anne Hucheon, Roger
Williams, Thomas Hooker, Thomas Shepard, William Bradford (History of Plymouth
Plantation); Cotton Mather.
Colonial Poetry: Anne Bradsteet (1612-1627): The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung in
America, (1650, John Woodbridge); Edward Taylor (1642?-1729); Preparatory
Meditations; Gods Determinations - (1937, Thomas H. Johnson).

The Literature of the Revolutionary Period: Am. Answers to Enlight. &

Revolution (1765-1820)
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790): Autobiography; Dogood Papers, Poor Richards
Almanach; The Way to Wealth
Thomas Paine (1737-1809): Common Sense; The Raights of Man; Thomas Jefferson
(1742-1826): A Summary View of the Rights of the British America; Samson Occom,
Phyllis Whitley.
Poetry: Philip Frenau (1752-1832): The British Prison Ship; A Poem on Rising
Glory of America; The Dying Indian; Lines Occasioned by an Old Indian Burying