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13 April 2016

Graf Wein, Ltd

Irvine, California 92603
To Whom It May Concern:
It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Miss Lena Oh. She was a student at Woodbridge
High School in Irvine, California from September 2005 to June 2009. I was Lenas teacher for two classes at
Woodbridge: 9th grade Honors Coordinated Science and 12th grade Marine Science (Oceanography). Since
Lenas graduation we would correspond, on the average once a year, regarding her progress in college and
post graduate plans.
While I have not had the recent opportunity to observe Lena as an instructor in the classroom, I did have
direct observations of her progression as a student in the various settings that occur in the typical Laboratory
science class. Lena had numerous opportunities in science to be a team leader on group projects; in that role
she directed, supervised, and presented data to the entire class. She did her own individual research project
and had to prepare an oral presentation of her results. Marine Science was a senior-level laboratory science
elective that met the U.C. requirements for a laboratory science class. Please note: this was a yearlong class
and was NOT just on Marine Biology. All branches of Oceanography were studied in detail with weekly
laboratory experiments. The class emphasized critical thinking, interactive lecture participation, oral
presentations, and research papers.
I found Lena to be a highly motivated student who worked well with others, both peers and supervisors. Her
presentations were well organized showing planning in visuals and data explanations. She was an outgoing
student who had no problem speaking up and contributing positively to the class discussions. Her work was
well written with the ability to cut to the chase and her analysis of data reflected content knowledge of the
problem. She continued to work well in a team setting, often taking the leadership role for her groups. Lena
had no problem with oral presentations or contributing to discussions, often showing the confidence to take
a divergent opinion from her peers. She was a pleasure to have in class.
I believe that Lena would make an excellent teacher either at the elementary or secondary level. She is well
organized and has no problem with public speaking or being in front of a crowd. I sense that her students
would see her as a role model who shows intelligence, strength, and spirit.
William C Bell
My educational & professional background is as follows: Three years active duty as an Officer in the
Marine Corps, 30 years teaching secondary-level laboratory science, currently a wine Sommelier.