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Paracale, Camarines Norte
2nd Periodical Test
Name:_____________________________________ Section:_____________Score & Equivalent
I. Multiple Choice (Music)
Choose the item that will best complete the sentence or answer the question.
Write only the letter of your choice in the blank. Choose the letter of the correct answer.
1. A Japanese drum that comes in various sizes and is used to play a
variety of musical genres is ______.
a. Odaiko
b. Taiko
c. Tsuridaiko d. Tsuzumi
2. What are the distinguishing colors of Ming porcelain and ceramics?
a. Blue and Green
b. Blue and White

c. Blue and Brown

d. Blue and Red

3. The art of writing in China, Japan and Korea is called _______.

a. Calligraphy
b. designing c. Lettering d.
4. A fluck string instrument that is is similar to that of guitar is _______.
a. Biwa
b. Koto
c. Shamisen d. Tsuzumi
5. What is the most favourite subject in Korean Painting?
a. Bamboo and Birds
b. Human images

c. Mountain and Water

d. Temples

6. A double reed Japanese flute used as one of two main melodic

a. Hichiriki
b. Nokan
d. Sho
7. A short necked fretted lute, often used in narrative storytelling.
a. Biwa
b. Koto
c. Shamisen d. Tsuzumi
8. The most famous flute made from bamboo which was imported from
China for gagaku.
a. Hichiriki
b. Nokan
d. Sho
9. The most important art piece of Palawan is _______.
a. capiz shellb. malmag
c. manuggul jar
d. marmol
10.East Asian temples and houses have sweeping roofs because they
believe that it will protect them from the elements of ________?
a. creditors b. Sunlight
c. Thieves d. Water, Wind and
11.A wiind instrument that is also called as takebue.
a. Ryuteki
b. Shakuhachi
c.Shinobue d. Sho
In Korea, decorative knot work is known as __________?
a. Knot Tyingb. Hanamusubi
c. Maedeup d. Zhongguo
13. A Japanese flower arrangements that is famous worldwide for its
simplicity and beauty is called _______?
a. Ikebana b. Assemblage
c. Calligraphy
14.A wrap around piece of cloth worn by women is called _______.
a. ambalad b. patadyong
c. raffia
d. salugin
15. The smaller hourglass shape drum is called ________.
a. Biwa
b. Kotsuzumi
c. otsuzuni d. Tsuzumi
16. A traditional Japanese art of paper folding is called ________.
a.Caligraphy b. Kabuki
c. Origami d. Origano
17.A large hanging barrel drum is called ________.
a. Odaiko
b. Taiko
c. Tsuridaiko d. Tsuzumi

A 13- string zither about two meters long and made of
Paulownia wood is _____
a. Koto

b. Shamisen c.Shinobue

d. Sho

19.A free reed musical instrument that was introduced from China is
a. Ryuteki
b. Shakuhachi
c.Shinobue d. Sho
20.A classical dance drama is called _________?
a.Caligraphy b. Kabuki
c. Origami d. Origano
21.The best known and most popular style of Japanese art is _______.
a. guan -ju b. huang pang
c. lianpu
d. ukiyo-e
22.A percussion instrument that is commonly known as big drum is
a. Odaiko
b. Taiko
c. Tsuridaiko d.
23.A parallel bamboo flute that is used in noh is _______.
a. Hichiriki
b. Nokan
d. Sho
24.A color of face painting that is red indicates devotion, courage, bravery
is called______?
a. Guan Ju
b.Huang Pang
c. Zhang Fei d. Zhu
25.A wind insrument that is literally known as dragon flute, is called
a. Ryuteki b. Shakuhachi
c.Shinobue d. Sho
26. Basketball was invented in December 1891 by the Canadian
clergyman educator and physician named ______________.
a. Alexander Cartwright
c. Walter Hakanson
b. James Naismith
d. William Morgan
27. It allows you to move around the court while you are in possession of
the ball.
a. dribbling b. passing
c. rebounding
d. shooting
28.The most practiced skill in the game wherein the players spend a good
deal of their practice time.
a. dribbling b. passing
c. rebounding
d. shooting
29.A skill that maximizes the involvement of all players in setting up a
play to earn succesful shots is called ________.
a. dribbling b. passing
c. rebounding
d. shooting
It is your ability to jump with power to gain possession of the ball
as it bounces to the rim after a failed shot before it touches the floor.
a. dribbling b. passing
c. rebounding
d. shooting
These skills are developed through regular batting practice and
must be balanced when standing at the plate and drive their hands
through the ball with all the strength and momentum.
a. base running
b. catching c. hitting
d. throwing
32.There are nine players on each side, the goal is to score more runs
than the opponent which is achieved by one circuit of four bases that
are placed on the diamond.
a. Basketball b. Sepak takraw
c. Softball/Baseball
33.Baseball players must build the strength in their arm by practicing
regularly with the proper technique and must get their momentum
travelling toward their target.
a. catching
b. hitting
c. running
If the batter hits a pitched ball into play, and the defense
chooses to tag or force-out another base runner instead of the batter,
then it is considered.
a. base on balls
b. defensive error
c. fielders choice
d. hit by pitch
The name softball dates back to 1926 was coined by ________
of the YMCA at a meeting of the National Recreation Congress.
a. Alexander Cartwright
c. Dr. Luther Gulick
b. James Naismith
d. Walter Hakanson
The state of being completely carried away by unreasoning
passion or love is _____.

a. attraction

b. infatuation

c. love

d. Marriage
37.A social activity which involves two or more people assessing each
others suitability for a potential relationship is called _______.
a. dating
b. going steady
d. marriage
A stage of testing the compatability between two persons and
thebackground of each other.
a. courtship
b. engagement
c. going steady
d. marriage
The process of birth wherein the doctor removes the baby from
the womb.
a. Caesarean section
c. Surgical operation
b. Normal delivery
d Painless delivery
The best and ideal form of infant feeding is through _____.
a. Breast feeding
c. Mix feeding
b. Bottle feeding
d.All of the above
Why do people marry?
a. for economic security
c. for social status
b. for love
d. all of the above


Which among the statements given below upholds the

responsibility of parents to their children?
a. Choose their course in college
c. Teach them religion
b. Choose their husband or wife
d. Teach them the values in the

ABCs of life


Why do couples want to have children?

a. children are considered wealth of parents c. religious institutions
require it
b. society expects couples to have offspring d. strengthens the bond
of the couple
Which is the ingredient of a happy
married life?
a. commitment
b. love
c. sincerity d. all
of the above
45.A family structure that are made when to families combine.
a. adoptive
b. blended c. extended d. nuclear
46.A family that include memmbers such as grandparents, aunts, uncles
and cousins.
a. adoptive
b. blended c. extended d. nuclear
47.Families that include one or more children who where born into other
a. adoptive
b. blended c. extended d. nuclear
48.Which is NOT an effects of family size on health?
a. good nutrition
c. risk behaviors
b. morbidity
d. utilization health services
49.The process od deciding how to choose our partners, when to form
families, when to have first child, child spacing and how many
children to have is called _______.
a. Child parenting
c. parenthood
b. Responsible parenthood
d. family life
50. Which is NOT the proper way of taking care the pregnant woman?
a. Accompany her in daily exercise.
b. Makes her relax by listening to music.
c. Gives her salty and high in acidic foods.
d. Gives her lots of water.

** Goodluck**