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Elinor Hannum

1291 Garden City Road Apartment 104C East Lansing, MI 48823 Phone: (978) 289-7994

My vision as a teacher is a classroom that fosters meaningful relationships, collaboration,

thoughtful consideration of others viewpoints, and personal ownership of learning.
Meaningful relationships extend beyond the four walls of the classroom. Only will
learning begin when relationships are formed. My goal is for students to know that I care about
their wellbeing and success not only in school, but outside as well. By sharing my own life with
student I become more relatable and approachable to all students. Taking the time to speak with
every student about their own life is a vital step to show students you are interested and engaged
in their interests. In my experiences as an intern in a 3rd grade class, and also as a co-teacher for
Precalculus at Northfield Mount Hermon I have come to discover the impact these relationships
have on the students ability to excel. The moments where I have been open with students are the
moments where I have seen the most growth, and buy in from my students.
Collaboration is wildly important in a classroom setting. I believe that by giving students
the opportunity to work with other students as well as adults in the classroom you and enabling
them not only to learn, but to grow as individuals. Collaboration provides students with the
opportunity to become better learners, teachers and peers. Not only is this an important life skill
necessary for all students to be successful, but it creates meaningful and worthwhile tasks that go
beyond lecture and worksheets.
By expecting respect among students and adults in the classroom I am creating a safe
environment for learning. Teaching students to thoughtfully consider one anothers viewpoints I
give them the opportunity to become empathetic, and also to be actively engaged and well
rounded members of the classroom. In my own teaching the moments where I have shown
students the other side of an argument are when they become most passionate and involved in
difficult issues.
Finally one of the most crucial pieces to a students education is their ability to take
personal ownership of their learning and advocate for themselves. It is my vision as a teacher
that I will help instill this state of mind in each of my students. In my own experiences as a
teacher I have found that students become more engaged and involved in the class when they feel
as though they have a steak in what we are doing. Students are successful when they advocate for
themselves and ensure they are as successful as possible.