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William Shakespeare wrote his plays

Williams Shakespeare wrote his plays. The trouble is that there is no evidence
whatsoever that he didn't write his plays, and quite a lot that he did. He is mentioned by
several contemporary writers as the author, for instance by Ben Johnson, who calls him
Sweet Swan Of Avon, and he is referred to as the author of the plays by the Master of
the Revels to James I.

Shakespeare's plays have a large number of scenes set in locations outside of

England. Anywhere from the Italian city states to Athens in Greece. Only an aristocrat
could have traveled to all these places. The fact is though that Shakespeare didn't need
to travel to these places to write about them. Evidence exists for the amount of money
spent on costumes in theatres back then, and for the amount of money that was spent
on costumes they could definitely afford to buy books and to hire tutors if they were
needed (and there is evidence that they did hire tutors when writing play.Just because
he didnt travel to the countries that doesnt mean that he couldnt write about
it.Shakespeare couldn't even write his own name, how he could write some of the best
plays in the English language? The evidence given for this is that Shakespeare signed
his name differently, sometimes as Shakespeare, sometimes as Shakespeare etc, but
the thing is spelling wasn't standardised back then, and neither was printing, and all the
other so-called candidates signed their names differently at different times

Shakespeare the son of a glover, wouldn't have had the education needed to
write the plays, only an aristocrat could have written the plays. Grammar school
education (which shakespeare went to) was good, and he would have learned latin, so

he could read old books, so there is that one scratched off. Grammar could teach a
person a lot it could teach them how edit papers and spell and how became a better
writer . Shakespeare would have learned latin from grammar school and maybe learned
how became a better writer from there.The Shakespearean plays were performed by a
company of actors variously known as the Lord Chamberlain's Men (1594-96), Lord
Hunsdon's Men (1596-97), Lord Chamberlain's Men (1597-1603), and finally the King's
Men 91603-42). Shakespeare was a central member of this company.

The plays could have been written by anyone growing up in an aristocratic

environment surrounded by tutors and classical books. Its also inconceivable that they
could have been written by anyone growing up in an urban environment. They could
have been written only by someone who was surrounded by countryside and knew it
intimately. And more specifically, the Warwickshire countryside,where Shakespeare grew
up. So this is another reason why shakespeare wrote the plays.

Shakespeare wrote His plays. Why was shakespeare mentioned by famous

people, because he wrote them. Why would people waste their time mentioning
someone who didnt even do the wrote. The bottom line is that Shakespeare was well
known in his time, as both a writer and an actor. Only someone who really wrote the
plays would be known has this.

Lastly if Shakespeare didn't write the plays, why didn't some of the other famous
playwrights of the time mention it? However they do talk about Shakespeare.
Shakespeare also wrote some plays with other writers, for example Timon of Athens is
co-written, considering a playwright was considered a low occupation back then, you
can't really see an aristocrat mixing with a playwright. Also Shakespeare wrote lots of his

parts for actors that he knew, he would scrawl the name of the actor beside certain lines
as if he is thinking this is for this guy an aristocrat wouldn't have mixed with actors, who,
were considered the lowest of the low back then. This all proves that Shakespeare did
write his plays.