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Literature Review:

The idea of the beauty parlour is not a new one. In fact, going back to ancient civilizations, we
can see that hairstyles and the people who loved them have been setting fashion trends for
thousands of years. The web definition of beauty parlour is “an establishment dealing with
cosmetic treatments for men and women”.

The first beauty parlour in Dhaka with formal setting and crew was established in 1965. The
name is May Fair and a Bangladeshi born Chinese woman Carmel Hsieh founded it. There was
no Bangali salon up until 1977. In that year Zerina Asgar and her parlour Living Doll appeared
on the scene. She is the first Bangladeshi woman to become a beautician and own a beauty salon.
She was trained in Pakistan. The image of women we see today, the association of beauty in
Bengali women was to some extent fashioned by this lady. The salon first opened at the Naya
Paltan area but later on it changed location. (The Daily Star, volume-3, issue28, February21,

For our study, we focus on sylhet region. The first beauty parlour in Syhet is Saj beauty parlour
established by Minara Begum in 1987(according to the beauticians of the parlours in sylhet).
Now there are beauty parlours in Sylhet (Sylhet City Corporation).

Since beauty parlour is a service-sector, so the success of beauty parlour depends on the
satisfaction of customer. Definition of customer satisfaction has been widely discussed from the
view of many researchers & organizations who increasiningly desire to measure it. The study of
Social policy (2007) conceptualize that satisfaction is based on custpmer’s experience of both
contact with the org and personal outcome. The researchers defined satisfaction as a “highly
personal assessment that is greatly influenced by individual expectations”. Boulding et al (1933)
and Yi and La (2004) conclude satisfaction into two general conceptualizations; Transaction-
pecific satisfaction and cumulative satisfaction. Transaction-pecific satisfaction is a customer
evoluation of her particular experience and reaction to a particular service encounter (Croning &
Tailor, 1992; Boshoff & Gray.2004). Cumulative satisfaction refers to the customer overall
evaluation of the consumption experience to date (Jones & Suh, 2000).
Customer surveys with standardized survey questions insure that we will collect the same
information from everyone. Remember that few of our customers will be interested in "filling out
a questionnaire". It's work for them without much reward. By launching a customer survey as an
attempt to find out "how we can serve you better" -- our customers will feel less put upon.
Here are a few of the possible dimensions we try to measure:

• quality of service
• speed of service
• pricing
• complaints or problems
• trust in your employees
• the closeness of the relationship with contacts in your firm
• types of other services needed
• your positioning in clients' minds