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Digital engagement framework version 3

Reach is about connecting with your audience for the first time. Advertising, PR, social buzz. Where do you
reach your audience, and how do you make this happen?

Refer to the Engagement phases framework for a deep dive into reach and engage.






What are your assets?

How do you create
value for your

What data, content and

information do you need for your

What infrastructure (IT, platforms,

services) do you need for your

What ways of working do you

need to make your activities

E.g. your content strategy, statistics.

E.g. a website, app and social media.

E.g. hire a new content producer.

Who are your audiences

(both those you reach
and those you dont).
What are their objectives,
interests and values?
What are their

Refer to the Value creation

model for a deep dive
into assets.

Engage is about developing the relationship between you and your audience, through content and
interaction, into one where you both get value out of your work together.

Refer to the Value creation

model for a deep dive into

Refer to the Engagement phases framework for a deep dive into reach and engage.


Co-created value


What are your KPIs and when are you successful?

What is the value you want to create for all

stakeholders involved?

Which trends and developments aect your

organisation and its activities?

Refer to the Value creation model for a deep dive into value.

E.g. Increase in mobile usage, changing audience


E.g. Increase trac to website, improve conversion, build a

database of email addresses.

Workshop 2: Reach, Engage,

and Objectives

2015 Jim Richardson & Jasper Visser, available under a Creative Commons By-SA license

Max and Jordan




Programs and Events

Research and Expertise

Formal/Informal Education



Digital Presence




Visitor Perception







MSU Community


Local/Regional K-12 Schools

Special Interest Groups

Event Visitors

Online Visitors

Not Reached

Those who know the museum, but do not visit

K-12 school groups

Diverse/underserved/disabled visitors

MSU Community

Co-Created Value
Social Media (Diverse Audiences, MSU Students, K-12 Teachers)

Staff social media accounts reach and engage larger and more diverse audiences and connect
visitors to museum research and expertise.

MSU student driven museum social media efforts attract MSU student engagement with the
museum and provide students with identities as museum collaborators.

An MSU facilitated online teacher group increases K-12 school group visits to the museum and
creates a resource for classroom teaching.


A digital community group will extend engagement for exhibition collaborators beyond the life of
exhibitions, and will create a vibrant community of MSU museum supporters.

Exhibition and Program designs and updates include opportunities for disabled visitors to
engage in content, making the museum a place for all and diversifying the museums visitor

Co-Created Value
Donor program

A virtual membership program attracts an expanded and vibrant donor base, cultivating and
connecting ongoing community engagement that provides resources for audience, asset, and
strategy development.


Files of 3D scans of collections are accessed by MSU students, K-12 students, and Families
providing visitors the opportunity to engage with hands on experiences in any location that there
is a 3D printer, and broadly extending object-based learning.

Diverse groups help to identify and catalog unknown objects in the MSU Museum collections
making collections accessible, and creating an activated community of museum collaborators.

Natural history collections and external collaborators establish a digitized reference collection
that provides research students with a much needed learning and research resource in the
region, expands the museum audience, and provides a new application for collections

Trends: Know Your Own Bone

Which is More Important For Cultural Organizations:

Being Educational or Being Entertaining?

Facebook is Pay to Play

The Hidden Value of Millenial Visitors to Cultural

Organizations (DATA)

Visitation to Increase if Cultural Organizations Evolve

Engagement Models

Trends: Pew Internet

The share of Americans with broadband at home has

plateaued, and more rely only on their smartphones for
online access. (Dec. 21, 2015)

21% of Americans now report that they go online almost

constantly. (Dec 8, 2015)

65% of adults now use social networking sites a nearly

tenfold jump in the past decade (October 8, 2015)

Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015 (August 19,


Trends: NMC Horizon Report 2015 Museum Edition

Short-Term Impact

Expanding the Concept of Visitors

Increasing Focus on Participatory Experiences

Mid-Term Impact

Increasing Cross-Institutional Collaboration

Increasing Focus on Data Analytics for Museum Operations

Long-Term Impact

Expanding the Boundaries of Creativity

Trends: Trendswatch 2016

More Than Human: extending the spectrum of ability

Me/We/Here/There: museums and the matrix of placebased augmented devices

Capture the Flag: the struggle over representation and


Other Trends to Consider

K-12 visits declining

Older visitors engaging in technology in exhibits, while

younger visitors are not.

Rise in stories/storytelling across platforms and channels

Rise in digital citizen science initiatives

Engagement phases framework



The Engagement phases framework helps you to develop the activities needed
to take your audience from merely reached to sustainably engaged. All
stakeholders - internal and external - need to move through all four phases
before they actively co-create value.

1. Reach
How will you connect with your audience? Usually, this happens outside the
confines of your own channels. Reach includes advertising and PR.
2. Interest
How will you interest your audience and keep their attention throughout the
activity? This includes a detailed content strategy.



3. Involve
How will you initiate the value exchange between your audience and you?
Involve is the simplest, most accessible level of engagement (likes, ratings, etc.).
4. Activate
Finally, how will you turn low level engagement into the high(er) level
engagement needed to co-create the value you are aiming for?

To co-create walking routes that start or end at your venue you create a platform where your
audience can create these routes. You reach your potential audience with ads on walking websites,
SEA and sponsored content. Interest is achieved with periodic curated walking tours. Visitors of the
platform are involved with a rating system and ultimately asked (activated) to share their own tours.

2015 Jim Richardson & Jasper Visser, available under a Creative Commons By-SA license


3-5 year outlook



1 to infinity

What we accomplished today.

Next steps.