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Time line

1. Feb
a. 15-19
b. 22-26
c. 29
2. March
a. 1-4
b. 7-11
c. 14-18
d. 21

Find resoureses to use

Check to make sure they work
Begin to format some of the paper
Find a few more sources
Add more to the paper
Have the paper checked
Start the works cited
Add more to the paper
Create the title page
Finish the works cited
Add more to the paper
Have it checked
Add last few details to the paper
Come up with intro
Make a conclusion
Reread the paper to make sure it makes sense
Make sure proper grammer is used
Have the completed rough draft checked
Make sure properly formatted
Make sure works cited in alpebetical order
Finish the title page
Have other people read it and give feed back
TURN IN PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out Line
1. Intro
2. Body
a. Anti socialism
i. Social media
ii. Need for face to face interaction
iii. Communication skills
iv. Staying in instead of going out
v. Socially awkward
b. Cyber bulling
i. Easier way to bully
ii. Easier to spread rumors
iii. Harder to get rid of
iv. More and more common
v. Effects of it
c. Robots taking jobs
i. Less and less jobs for humans
ii. More accurate and precise
iii. More reliable
iv. Longer hours and less pay
v. Unlimited possibilities
d. Lack of understanding
i. Dont fully understand what it can do
ii. Dont know how to control it
iii. Dont fully know how to communicate with it
iv. Think we understand it completely
v. Feel like we are in control
3. Conclusion

The massive explosion of technology that has been seen in the last few years has
had some negative effects on the current generation and will have even more destructive
results on future generations. The negative effects that this explosion of technology are
having are anti socialism, cyber bullying, taking over jobs, and degrading research and
reading skills. People are having less and less face to face interactions and are more
worried about what they can say or do on social media. People do not want to interact
with the person next to them because they rather put it on social media for less
interaction, but for more responses. With social media sites being an easy way to get
information around to everyone, it has become a very big breeding ground for a new way
to bully. The expanding technology has led to robots that can do many of the same things
as humans but they can do it hundred times more accurately, for a lot less money, and for
longer periods of time. The internet has new ways to find research materials, but people
have not changed fast enough to be able to tell the difference between a good source and
a bad one. Also people have not been able to adapt to the new language for when they
want to search something. When someone goes to google search something they will type

how they talk into the search bar to search for their needs, but google search will not
necessarily understand what it is being asked to search. The internet has changed people's
reading skills by not being able to comprehend or analyze what they have read. People
cannot see between the lines like they used to. Now people only see the words in front of
them and not the deeper hidden meaning that lies just beneath the surface. I believe that I
am qualified to do this type of research because I am going for an engineering degree that
will allow me to understand how technology works and how people work with
technology. This type of research has been done before but I feel my approach will be
different in that I will be showing how it has effected humans and how well we really
understand it.