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Jacob Vaught - (757) 645-6159

Radford University
Radford, VA
Biology BS Candidate; Minor in English, and Chemistry - May 2016
Overall GPA: 3.428 - Member of Radford University Honor's Academy and Scholar Citizen Initiative.

Recipient of Melva Lunceford Harris Scholarship, Jennie Teass Allman Scholarship, and Jeff & Laura
Stanley Scholarship covering total of tuition and fees.
Recipient of Radford Universitys 2013-14 Outstanding Student Award.
Member of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society


Member of the Pre-Medical Association

Member of the Honors Student Council for the RU Honors Academy
Co-Founder, Captain, and former President of Radford Men's Club Soccer
Former Inner Chapter Relations Committee Head and Rush Committee Head for Phi Sigma Pi National
Honor Fraternity
Former President of the RU Pre-Dental Club
Active member of Cru Campus Ministries.


Assisted Physicians, a Dentist, and Nurse practitioners practice free medical care on Haitians while
developing relationships with Haitians of all ages. Medical practice was in Cit Soleil, Haiti, spring break of
2015 and 2016.
Assisted three years on the development of the Run for Hope 5k raising ~$14,000 overall for free medical
care in Bolivia and Roanoke, VA. 2014 included 45 hours assisting in development, 2015 included 85 hours
of co-developing the entire race, including the communication with the Mission of Hope Bolivia in
collaboration with its physicians. 2016 included 45 hours assisting in development.
Completed 75 hours of volunteer work at Belle Heth Elementary, serving as a mentor and tutor of a special
needs child to develop appropriate social skills and academic goals.
Completed 50 hours of volunteer work with Beans and Rices after school program at Belle Heth
Phi Sigma Pi Volunteer opportunities including 40 hours of varied volunteer work including food drives,
Special Olympics, and dog walking.
Completed 20 hours assisting the Southwest VA Special Olympic Games and weekend practices.


Published - Vaught, J. 2015. A Haitian spring break. VCU School of Dentistry, The Probe, 8/3: 9
Published - Vaught, J. 2014. "Amyda cartilaginea" (On-line), Animal Diversity Web.
Vaught, J., Epperly, R., and Close, M., 2016. Comparative Histology of the Oral Mucosa of Snakes. 2016
Virginias Collegiate Honors Council, Lynchburg, VA.
11313 Winding River Rd

Providence Forge, , Va, , 23140 United States (757) 645-6159

Vaught J., and Sheng, B., 2016. Perceived Stress in Students vs. Tested IgA Levels. 2016 Radford Student
Engagement Forum, Radford, VA.

Radford University New Student Programs
Lead Peer Instructor

Radford, VA
Aug 2013 present

Radford University Biology Department

Teachers Assistant for Organismal Biology

Radford, VA
Jan 2015 present

Fords Colony Country Club


Williamsburg, VA
May 2015 present

D.O.G. Street Pub


11313 Winding River Rd

Williamsburg, VA
Jun 2012 Jan 2015

Providence Forge, , Va, , 23140 United States (757) 645-6159