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. . . INTO THE SPRAWL . . .

The following section includes descriptions and plot seeds

for eight distinct sprawl sites that may be used for a number of
different scenarios. Maps for these locations are provided. These
adventure seeds represent a variety of short adventures, adventure
scenes, or adventure starting points utilizing these maps. The last
seed in each section is titled Frame Job. This seed strings together
scenes and adventures in each location into one longer campaign.
The Frame Job scenes also focus heavily on utilizing NPCs and
archetypes from the Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition
rulebook to simplify running this adventure. Additional information on Frame Job is located in the Frame Job sidebar.

Incoming Message ......

Every city has its barrens, blocks of rundown buildings that
have been turned into squatter hovels, runner hideouts, drug
houses, gang bases, and hundreds of other more questionable
things. This little stretch has a smattering of everything. A warehouse holding a myriad of possibilities, a market that could sell
anything from black-market missiles to expired Nuke-It Burgers,
a circle of dumpsters that could be a lodge for an urban shaman or
just a street-kid hangout, an old gas station that might be home to
a makeshift market, a hidden entrance to an underground lab, or
just a lot of fumes and garbage. This block has stories to tell.



This adventure takes the characters through a series

of connected events leading up to a terrorist attack. The
runners actions leave a group of innocent nobodies to
take the blame. The adventure has a number of references to Seattle groups and locations but can be adapted
easily to any campaign city. As this adventure deals with
a terrorist attack, the plot gets darker near the end,
so the money might need to get bigger as the jobs test
the moral flexibility of the runners as they set up some
unwitting patsies to take the fall for an anti-corporate
bombing that targets a large number of civilians.
The adventure is spread around the different locations, listed alphabetically in this book. The order of the
scenes in Frame Job does not follow this pattern, so a
scene order list is below. The Gambling Den is not only
the starting location but also where Mr. Johnson wants
subsequent meetings held so runners return there often,
possibly walking into other adventure seeds as they do.

Gambling Den

Barrens Blocks, Lone Star Station, Luxury Hotel,

No-Tell Motel (any order)

City Hall

Trideo Studio

Shopping Mall

Ha and ha.

Makeshift market structures are built from whatever was
lying around at the time that was man-portable (Armor 3,
Structure 3); most can barely stand up to a stiff breeze. Security
in the market is based on what each individual can discuss and
provide training for. Most of the merchants have commlinks
(Device Rating 2) for transactions, but many simply work in certified cred or through barter.
Gas Station
This relic from an age where petro ran the world died long
before the neighborhood surrounding it. The building has only
stood this test of time because of its cinder-block construction and
structural integrity (Armor 12, Structure 11). The internal walls
separating the bathroom, back office, storage, maintenance, and
cooler are all just as sound. The windows and door are long gone,
replaced by whatever the current residents have handy to close
the place up, usually wood (Armor 2, Structure 4), plastic sheets
(Armor 0, Structure 1), or thin metal sheets (Armor 4, Structure
4). Security is bring/make your own, though the building is still
pre-wired for a closed-circuit camera system. The pumps are long
gone, and the tanks are dry.

Sprawl Sites North America

Empty Lot
What can I say about an empty lot? Not much. Open to the
public and the elements, it usually hosts gatherings of squatters
around burning garbage drums, open-air brawls, or the occasional
cock or dog-fighting match.
Dumpster Fort
A circle of garbage dumpsters could play host to many
things. The dumpsters themselves are sturdy metal shells (Armor
8, Structure 10) with hard plastic covers (Armor 1, Structure
3). Security is bring-your-own (natch) and based on the current
occupants. Ganger kids have no security, but occasionally the
dumpster circle turns into the hangout for some urban shamans
with spirit guards (Force 4 spirits of man, 3 services apiece)
Makeshift Shelters
Hovels are better than homelessness especially when you
have the rats to keep you warm. These buildings are all thrown
together from whatever was handy. They come in three varieties that would make the little piggies proud, wood (Armor 4,
Structure 8), thin metal (Armor 6, Structure 8), and thick metal
(Armor 8, Structure 8). Some of the locals may be armed or have
cheap commlinks (Device Rating 1), but this place has no other
security measures present other than a lack of anything valuable.
Scrap Metal Pile
One mans junk is also another mans junk. This pile of scrap
metal may have some other valuable goodies and garbage that has
been collected by the resident of the shack out front, but probably
not. The shack is a metal shed (Armor 8, Structure 10) built from
some of the best scrap in the pile, and it is remarkably sturdy due
to the construction material. There is no real security except what
the occupants provide for themselves.

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Old Warehouse
This building has seen better days. The external walls are
sturdy enough to keep out the elements (Armor 8, Structure 9).
The building had four large bay doors (Armor 8, Structure 9) on
the Findley Boulevard side (one is now gone, along with the structure around it) each with a standard door (Armor 6, Structure 6)
next to it. There are also standard doors (Armor 6, Structure 6)
on the Taylor Street and Scott Avenue sides as well. Inside the
building is a raised office area with washrooms and a small security
office below the structure. The security office and washrooms are
constructed from cinder blocks (Armor 12, Strength 11) that
provide the support for the office. There are no doors on the
washrooms, but the security office has a reinforced door (Armor
8, Structure 9) with a key lock (Rating 2) and deadbolt (Rating
4). The upper office is made of framing and drywall (Armor 3,
Structure 3) and consists of a central office with a cheap door
(Armor 2, Structure 2), a managers office with a similar door, and
a break room open to the central office. The building still has all
the wiring for cameras over the entrances and at each corner of the
internal ceiling. There is no wiring for cameras in the offices. The
cameras have long been broken or stolen but could be replaced.

Converted Storage Building

Previously used as public storage, this building can now serve
other purposes. When originally constructed, the outer walls of
this three-story structure were plasteel (Armor 8, Strength 12) and
reinforced concrete (Armor 8, Structure 12). The building had a
central elevator bank with six large service elevators, and stairwells
at the corners. The front stairwells access the first and second
floors but not the third. The storage cubicles are constructed with
three security levels. Security level 1 storage boxes are made of
wood (Armor 4, Structure 8) and locked with a key-based padlock
(Rating 3). The entire locking hinge can be removed from the door
with a Strength (1) Test. The doors are wired to a central control
booth where a light goes on if the door is opened. Security level 2
boxes are more solidly constructed with a combination of wood
and metal (Armor 6, Structure 10). The locks are of similar quality
to those in level 1 (Rating 3) and also key based, but this one
bolts into the metal doorframe and requires a Strength (4) Test
to be overcome. These doors feature a wireless version of the level
1 system, and the hallway where they are located has a wireless
camera (Device Rating 2). Security level 3 storage is all on the
top floor. This level can only be accessed with the proper RFID
passkey (Rating 3) and associated password (Rating 3) through
the two stairwells at the rear corners of the building or the two
central elevators. This floor has wired cameras at each intersection
(Rating 3) attached to the central security system on the main
floor. This building is pre-Crash, and all of the systems are old
and rather simple. There are no nodes for the cameras or the wireless systems. Accessing these old systems will require some extra
programming (Software + Logic (6) Extended Test) to create a
specialized program to decipher the signal.
Junked Cars
Left to crumble in the elements, these cars have seen their
last days on the open road. They are used as beds and short term
housing for both two- and four-legged critters. Due to the rust,
the vehicles dont have much structure left to them (Armor 3,
Structure 3).


Squatters, gangers, mobsters, fixers, and just about anyone

else who can be out slumming could end up on this block. The
rich and the powerful, of course, avoid such area like the plague
they fear they would catch there.


A loyal contact, a squatter named Squiggy, needs the runners help after witnessing a murder. One of the runners gets
a frantic call from a wounded Squiggy asking if they can pick
him up and get him to a street doc. He has an eye-recording
of some serious blackmail material to pay them with or hell
pay cash and forgo his normal Nuke-It burger payments for a
few months, whichever one the runners prefer. Problem is he
witnessed the murder and then got spotted. He fell and got
a nasty chunk of rusty metal through his side, which is now
infected. To make matters worse, the hitman who spotted
him is now trying to clean up loose ends. Squiggys infection
is causing fits of delirium, and he doesnt quite know where
he is. The team will need to search through a few blocks of

Sprawl Sites North America

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

the barrens after narrowing

down his commlink signal,
since it loses power when
they get close and is of no
further use in tracking him.
Squiggy recovers, and hes
been keeping his eyes peeled
for interesting tidbits of
information in his neighborhood. He saw a pair of
guys carry a large crate with
military markings into the
Converted Storage Building.
They came back out without
the crate and got gunned
down in a drive-by before
they got back to their car.
That crate is now inside, with
no one to ever come back for
it. Squiggy calls the runners
to contract a job for which
he would like ten percent of
the street value of whatever
is in the crate. This could
be as easy as breaking in and
having some trouble locating the exact storage unit or as difficult as the crate having a tracker or some group on their way
to pick it up at the same time as the runners. Whats in the
crate is up to the gamemaster.
The runners are contacted by a street shaman who operates
out of one of the makeshift shacks. He offers free services to
the runners if they can help him take care of a little problem. It
seems a free toxic spirit of earth has taken up residence in the
scrap pile and does not appreciate any magical activity going on
near his domain. He has claimed this area of the barrens as his
own, and every time the shaman tries to cast a spell or summon
a spirit, the spirit of earth attacks him. He needs the runners to
hold off the spirit long enough for him complete a banishing
ritual. The spirit can be whatever Force the gamemaster desires,
with additional powers to fit its toxic nature and metallic home.
Aurora Warrens, UCAS Sector, FRFZ (Denver): This little
patch of blight is nine square blocks of fun and excitement
in the Aurora Warrens. Centered on Hardy Market, named
in honor of the first merchant to set up shop here (also the
first to defend, be shot here, and die here depending on who
you ask), Hardy Market and the surrounding few blocks
has recently become the territory of the Alley Cats, a wizzer
gang with some serious territoriality issues. The Alley Cats
all take on names related to cats; the current leader is a dwarf
named Tom. The runners enter this picture when they need
to make a delivery and pickup at Hardy Market. The Alley
Cats have been keeping a keen eye on the market to see what
kind of squeeze money they can get. They see the runners
deal going down and decide to step in for a closer look by
dropping a couple stunballs into the market and then rummaging through everyones goods. After the team wakes up,
the package is gone, and the recipient demands they get it
back from the Alley Cats main hangout, the Old Warehouse.

If the team is reluctant they can be missing a few key pieces of

their gear that they may want to retrieve as well.
The runners are contacted to head to the Makeshift Shelters
and relieve a security detail until further notice. The team is
contracted to protect Soda Seven, a rocker on her way to the
top but currently in transition from one label to another. The
security detail is battered and beaten and ready to leave when
the runners arrive. They reveal very little about what kind
of trouble theyve seen, only that it was a tough extraction
but the location is low-key enough to be safe. Problems arise
when Seven makes a call using her technomancer abilities
that she has kept quiet. The other team took away her cover
commlink but was unaware of her abilities. She has called her
boyfriend, Johnny Star, who is actually a loyal company plant
pretending to be her boyfriend. Star has informed his bosses
and they have sent another team of runners to get Seven back.
The runners are contacted by a fixer or mafia contact for a
quick job. Joey the Hammer Scarpone got pinched back in
64 right as the Crash was rocking the world. He ditched his
car full of goodies in the barrens and then got picked up a few
blocks away. The car was never recovered, and Joey got sent
to the clink on unrelated charges. Now hes out and wants
his goodies but knows the Feds are watching him like a hawk.
He contacts the runners either directly or through a fixer to
retrieve a car from the barrens. The car has been stripped of
the wheels and most of the running parts, the windows are
shattered, and the electronics have been thoroughly stripped.
Joeys valuables are still present, though, sitting on the seats.
The runners are not alone on this trail. Joey had plenty of
rivals, and the team can run into interference from Feds,
gangers, or other mafiosi.
Frame Job: The Market sells a lot of things, and today they
have brought in a few special packages for Mr. Johnson that
the runners need to pick up. The runners are sent to the

Sprawl Sites North America

City Hall, site of political backstabbing since its doors
opened no matter what sprawl youre in. This municipal building
has enough space for any medium-sized sprawl. Each of Seattles
districts would have an office about this size. The building
contains everything needed to run a city into the ground while
taking bribes, doing drugs, and bringing in joygirls. From back
room political deals to off-the-books bodyguarding and assassinations, this building has tons of adventure options.
For richer locations (Bellevue, Downtown, Snohomish, etc.)
everything in this building screams of government overspending.
In poorer areas (Redmond, Puyallup, etc.) the overall look is
there but usually very rundown, and anyone who looks closely
can see the flaws in the marble and recognize the slightly cheaper
construction used for everything.


City Hall has a MAD and chemsniffer (Rating 5) arch

at the main entrance, and only law enforcement (federal and
local) can carry weapons on the
premises. Individuals who are
detected carrying weapons are
given an AR warning to return
their weapons to their vehicle,
assuming their ID has the proper
permits. If no permit is detected,
security detains the individual
while contacting local authorities.
All standard internal doors (the
mayoral offices are different, as
detailed below) look like wood
but are actually reinforced (Armor
9, Structure 9) and equipped with
a maglock system (Rating 4)
wired into the security node.
The external walls are thick
ferrocrete (Armor 16, Structure
13) with ballistic glass (Armor
8, Structure 9) for the windows.
Internal walls are thinner but still
dense structural materials (Armor
12, Structure 11). For poorer areas

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

market to talk to Elmo (please feel free to have him talk in

a high pitched squeaky voice) and pick up four heavy boxes.
Elmo has already been paid and wont say whats in the boxes.
He hands them off to the runners and then starts to close
up his booth while the runners take the boxes. All of this
is smooth sailing until two packs of six Halloweeners (use
Halloweeners Street Gang, p. 282, SR4A), each lead by two
of their psychotic lieutenants (use Halloweener Lieutenant,
p. 282, SR4A), and their hellhound pets (p. 300, SR4A)
come out of the Old Warehouse and the Abandoned Gas
Station. Both groups converge on the runners, sending the
hellhounds in first to soften the targets and going absolutely
berserk if any of the beasts gets injured or killed.

the materials are slightly lower grade (Armor and Structure ratings
should be reduced by two throughout the building) though their
appearance is generally similar. Most of the time the only way this
difference can be discovered is during another construction project
within the facility or by getting access and analyzing the records of
the construction companies that did the work (which could be run
in and of itself ).
The entire facility is outfitted with wired surveillance
cameras (Device Rating 3) with low-light and thermographic
vision systems. The cameras feed data to displays in the security
offices and to the security spider. To increase security inside and
outside the building, all of the interior walls are painted with WiFi
inhibiting paint (Rating 3), and the buildings node is protected
by a biometric (fingerprint and voice) passkey (Rating 4). Also,
the buildings wireless public Matrix node is not connected to the
buildings security and administration nodes, both of which run
in Hidden mode for increased security.

The standard daytime security detail for City Hall consists
of the Security chief (use Elite Private Security, p. 157, Jet Set), a
security spider (use Professional Spider, p. 207, Unwired), seven
security officers monitoring the cameras (use Corporate Security
Unit, p. 281, SR4A), three security officers in the lobby, and four
security officers on patrol. At night those numbers change to five
officers monitoring the cameras, two security spiders, two officers
seated in the lobby, and six officers on patrol. The building has
numerous administrative staff present during the day. The various
departments share twenty-eight regular staff (use Corporate
Receptionist, p. 140, Corporate Intrigue). There are seven
councilors (use Corporate Manager, p. 5, Contacts, Adventures,
Sprawl Sites, change all Corporate skills and specializations to
Government, or adjust them individually) each with one personal
assistant (use Corporate Secretary, p. 6, Contacts, Adventures,

Sprawl Sites North America

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sprawl Sites, change all Corporate skills and specializations to

Government). The maintenance staff is present between 7 a.m.
and 6 p.m. and consists of the main building engineer (use Janitor,
p. 8, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites, change all Corporate skills
and specializations to Government, add Mechanical Engineering
3) and his two assistants (use Janitor, p. 8, Contacts, Adventures,
Sprawl Sites, change all Corporate skills and specializations to
Government, add Mechanical Engineering 1).
Overnight the numbers drop. There is no departmental
staff, no councilors, and just one assistant engineer. Cleaning
staff (use Janitor, p. 8, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites, change
all Corporate skills and specializations to Government) are
also present overnight, unless the building uses cleaning drones
(use Renraku Manservant-3, p. 121, Arsenal, add vacuum and
cleaning modifications).
Mayoral staff members consist of the mayor, his chief of
staff, an administrative assistant (use Corporate Secretary, p. 6,
Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites, change all Corporate skills and
specializations to Government and increase by 1), and five administrative aides (use Corporate Secretary, p. 6, Contacts, Adventures,
Sprawl Sites, change all Corporate skills and specializations to
Government). Their hours vary; they are usually not there at night,
but crazy things happen and the mayors demands can be odd.
If the mayor is present, he has his staff and two bodyguards
(use Bodyguard, p. 4, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites) with him,
as well as one bodyguard in the lobby.
If the mayor is out of the office, only four of the administrative aides are present (one is out sick).
If it is election season, the aide staff doubles as campaign
staffers, and security increases by two additional guards stationed
near mayoral office.
When the city council is in session the councilors, their personal
assistants, and two administrative aides are also present. On any
regular day one member of the councils staff is present from 8:30 a.m.
to 5 p.m.; the others are out of the building, either with the councilor
on business or actually working on other city business.


The city treasurer has been taking regular payments from

Ares Macrotechnology in order to make sure the department keeps passing all the zoning clearances and land sales
for smaller Ares subsidiaries and startups. Problem is, Ares
is sick of paying a city for permission and wants to send a
little message to the treasurer. They hire the runners to break
into the treasurers office after hours and leave a little present
in his desk draweran Ares Arms Mk. 50 high-explosive
grenade. The rest of the work will be done by a phone call the
next day when an Ares representative calls the office and has
the treasurer check his drawers. Message sent.
The runners are contracted as bodyguards for a councilman
in the Redmond District of Seattle. The first few days are
pretty quiet, but on the fourth the councilman is strolling
across the main foyer when he suddenly screams and points
at a man standing at the information desk. He yells that the
man is here to kill him and sends the runners after the man.
The man is not really a man, but is instead the western dragon
Kalanyr in a human disguise. Kalanyr is not a great dragon
and doesnt have a metahuman form; instead he sustains a

few spells that make the form possible, but if he is attacked he

drops the spells and defends himself from the runners.
Well kept even though much of the district is not, the
Redmond Civil Center acts as the city offices for the district
of Redmond. Located only a stones throw from Bellevue
in the Redmond area known as Touristville, this building is
where the crazies work. Because anyone who gets into politics
in Redmond is crazy (the building is often referred to as the
Sanitarium by locals). Current District Mayor Sonja Scholl
tries hard to create order from the chaos of her district with
a big government mentality despite her small government
budget. The problem is some folks arent a big fan of her latest
suitor and funding source, the western dragon Kalanyr. The
runners are hired to infiltrate the offices of the mayor and send
a clear message to any future mayors who might cavort with a
dragon. They want Sonja dead in her office with a nice little
message in blood on the wall about dealing with dragons, and
the runners are just the folks to deliver it. Due to the budgetary restrictions of Redmond, their security systems are a little
weaker (1 to all device ratings) and there is a smaller guard
staff on duty (twenty percent reduction in guard staff ).
Ares hold on Detroit is unquestioned, but neo-anarchist movements are all about shaking up the big guys and trying to get
the little guys to open their eyes. The runners are hired to make
a special delivery to the city council, who are a bunch of Ares
yes-men. Mr. Johnson wants the team to set up a series of pranks
inside the chamber to go off and disturb the next city council
meeting. To keep it non-violent Mr. Johnson supplies the team
with time-tested pranks like glass-vial stink bombs, exploding
confetti bags, and exploding invisible ink pens. The neo-as will
be protesting that day and hope it chase the council out of the
building and into their waiting questions, tirades, and beratings.
Frame Job: Mr. Johnson needs a government employee to wrap
up in his little plot. He wants the runners to kidnap one of the
regular employees who works on corporate licensing. It doesnt
matter which one, but the team is on a short clock and needs
to grab someone from city hall so they can be sure he works in
that division all the time. The runners need to go in and talk
to someone to figure out who the regulars are in corporate
licensing, since the hall moves people around all the time in
the licensing office (mainly because bribes are better in certain
areas and they need to keep all their people happy). Problems
are abundant here because the hall is in the middle of election
season and the place is hopping. The mayor and most of the
council are in town and at work trying to drum up votes. That
will make the job tougher, since the runners need to keep a low
profileideally, no one will know the person was kidnapped.

Even though everyone knows the house always wins,
gambling is still a popular way to give away money. Blackjack, slot
machines, craps, and private games (usually poker) are all available here to deliver hours of gambling thrills and chills. Between
bets or when waiting for a table to open up, gamblers can spend
a little time in the sports bar and gamble on live games currently
taking place around the world. From betting on the next pitch in

Sprawl Sites North America


Gambling isor at least is often thought of asa rich mans
game, and casinos generally work hard to look the part. That appearance, though, only needs to be skin deep. Keep the synthwood
polished and the gold shining and no one is going to make a fuss.
The outer walls of the building are standard construction materials
covered in a thin veneer of class (Armor 12, Structure 11). Internal
walls are slightly lighter standard construction material (Armor 8,
Structure 9) but they are soundproofed (4 Audio perception tests
attempted through the walls) to help keep the noise inside.
Back in the day when there was actual cash on the premises,
casinos were a popular spot to rob. With electronic currency
as the modern standard the payoff just isnt there anymore, so
most of the security at the casino is focused on different kinds
of thieves. The cameras are high-end models (Device Rating 4)
with low-light, thermographic, vision magnification, and vision
enhancement (Rating 3) to keep an eye out for cheating.
Matrix security is run from a dedicated central security node
with each game run on its own node with an IC program (Rating
4, loaded with Analyze 4, Blackout 4, and Browse 4) present to
look out for intrusions and tampering.
Astral security to avoid unfair advantages like aura reading
in poker is provided on a game-by-game basis. Usually an off-site,
astrally projecting mage is present and manifests in the security
office if they need to inform security of possible cheating or rules

During normal business hours (which are 24/7) the
gambling den has a house manager (use Club Owner, p. 5,

Sprawl Sites North America

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

a baseball game to placing money on which urban brawler will go

down next and even sweetening the payoff with bets on how it will
happen, the gambling never stops.

Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites,

add Gambling Odds 4), security
manager (use Beat Cop, p. 289,
SR4A, increase Charisma to 4),
two security spiders (use Security
Consultant, p. 207, Unwired), four
security guards (use Corporate
Security Unit, p. 281, SR4A),
twenty dealers/table managers (use
Gambler, p. 6, Contacts, Adventures,
Sprawl Sites), two bartenders (use
Bartender, p. 289, SR4A), between
six and twenty waitstaff/kitchen
staff (use Bartender, p. 289, SR4A,
reduce Charisma to 2) depending
on how busy it is, and four accountants (use Corporate Secretary, p. 6,
Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites,
add Accounting 4). The patrons
present can vary greatly in number;
there are usually at least twenty
people playing some kind of game,
but during peak times the place is
packed with two hundred or more
gamblers filling every table or waiting for an opportunity to lose
money to the house.


The runners are hired to act as security for a gambler in town for
a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play at the Big Boys Table, a high
stakes game of Texas holdem that is THE game to be invited
to. On the way the gambler takes an unlucky round from a goganger drive by, but before he dies he gives a case of chips and an
invitation to the runners, making sure to emphasize the need to
impersonate him. They get a chance to take a seat at the Big Boys
Table. During the game one of the other players is accused of
cheating and calls on their old friend to back them up. Problem
is, they call on the runner who in truth is no ones old friend. The
cheater has to know that and might be playing to get the runner
in trouble, or he might be able to clear the runners name, and
then the two of them can team up and work together to work
the table. But can you ever really trust a gambler?
Nothing like a good old-fashioned smash up. The runners are
hired to come into the gambling den, rough up the place and the
customers, and leave a message that the Yakuza runs gambling in
this part of town. Problem is, this place is run by the Yakuza. The
team could just see their work done or could get wrapped up in a
deeper plot to determine who hired them and why they wanted
the runners to bust up the place. Other organized crime, corporate interests, or disgruntled employees could be behind the plot.
The prize of a high-stakes poker tournament is a small black box
that the runners are hired to protect while the game goes on. The
gamblers have all brought their own personal protection, and
each one of them thinks theyre the toughest guy in the room.
Lots of posturing goes on until someone makes a grab for the
box. The whole place turns into a free-for-all, and the runners
find themselves at the center of a massive shadowrunner battle
royale where they are the only ones on the defensive.

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

For the past four days straight, Sally Lucky Strike Filter has
been winning, winning, and winning some more. No one is that
lucky, and the runners are hired by the house to find out what
makes Sally so lucky. The truth is she is a particularly skilled
technomancer and is not working alone. She has another three
members of her tribe helping her win while hiding as losers in the
club. If the runners try to bust the group or Sally, they unleash a
horde of sprites to wreak havoc on the gambling den, the runners
gear, and anything else the mischievous techno-imps can get their
little digital paws on.
The sun never sets at the Silver Sun Saloon. Located in the former
Ute, now PCC Sector of the Front Range Free Zone (Denver), this
gambling den has been through some rough times. Originally it was
one of the few successful businesses wholly owned by a Ute tribesman who wasnt laundering money for the Chavez family. His name
is Argon Brighthorse. When the nations merged, Brighthorse did
the same thing as many of his fellow Utes by purchasing as many
residential shares as possible. He leveraged himself so badly that he
had to sell part of his casino to the PCC. The PCC gladly took a
chunk of the operation, but after they grabbed their piece of the
pie they never put any additional investment into the establishment.
The place started to crumble as Brighthorse enjoyed his new PCC
citizenship and lost much of his Ute zeal. The Silver Sun almost
set in 2071, but the arrival of a new private (a.k.a. secret) investor
willing to buy the whole operation outright saved the day. The new
investor is none other than Henequen, the great feathered serpent
ousted from Denver, now based in Cheyenne. His reasons for reinvesting in the FRFZ are his own, but he needs to tread lightly and
continue business as usual to prevent Ghostwalker from putting
the kibosh on his covert reinvestment activities. This gambling den
becomes the target and focus of intrigue and espionage in the free
city of Denver.
Frame Job: This is the location where the team of runners is hired
by and meets Mr. Johnson between operations. Mr. Johnson
wants the team to come back and get new instructions and payments between each phase of the adventure. The meeting occurs
in the back room where they usually play poker; instead if playing
a game, Mr. Johnson is betting on the skill of the runners. The
operation is actually a series of runs that Mr. Johnson is putting
on the plate of one runner team. He doesnt explain the why right
off the bat (and never will) but the overall operation is a bombing
and a frame job on some unwitting patsies. The jobs start with
recovering a series of objects from locations around the city. Four
packages, located at the following spots: the market in the barrens,
the evidence room at a Lone Star precinct, a wall safe at a luxury
hotel, and a vending machine at a no-tell motel. After they have
the packages they need to bring them to Mr. Johnson and he hires
them to kidnap a government official from city hall, then take
him to the trideo studios for a recording. The final piece will be a
strange pair of events where the runners need to record the shopping mall and then make special deliveries to the a store in it. The
initial meeting here at the gambling den is interrupted by an unexpected visit from a group of Triad enforcers (use Triad Posse, p.
284, SR4A). This encounter could also lead to some side work for
the runners. If they fight well the gambling den, the owners could
ask them to help deal with the triad troubles. Payment amount
and the names of the locations are left up to the gamemaster to fit
into their campaign.


Common in any city where they hold security contracts, the
standard Lone Star station has a distinct appearance that combines
form with function and security. These stations are corporate
designed and built so the land they sit on and the property around
the building is extraterritorial. With the ever-changing field of
security contracts some of these buildings have been sold to other
security companies when they take over large city contracts. An
excellent example is Seattle, where Knight Errant has gained the
contract along with dozens of these Lone Star-designed precincts.


Built to be used in the toughest neighborhoods, their

ferrocrete walls are tough to crack (Armor 24, Structure 15)
and the front door requires pneumatic hinges because it is so
heavy (Armor 12, Structure 12). The other entrances are not as
heavy but still solidly constructed (Armor 10, Structure 10) and
secured by maglocks (Rating 4). The interior walls on the other
hand are a lighter construction of wood and drywall (Armor 7,
Structure 8) and were designed for versatility, with the exception
of the captains office and the holding cells. This versatility has led
other security companies to alter the design of the station interior
to prevent disgruntled former employees from selling plans for
the layout. Because the design is pre-Crash, all of the security
features in the building are hardwired in the original construction. Remodeled buildings may have switched to a wireless system
during reconstruction.

The captains office is constructed of heavy materials (Armor 12,

Structure 11), giving it both durability and sound proofing. The door
is also reinforced (Armor 10, Structure 10) and locked with a maglock
(Device Rating 5).
The holding cells are bare cinder blocks (Armor 16, Structure
12) and solid metal doors (Armor 20, Structure 14). The doors all
have hard wired maglocks (Rating 4) that are controlled from the
security room.
All of the camera systems (Rating 3) in the building are wired to
the security node but can be accessed with the right passkey by any
officer in the precinct on their Lone Star issued commlinks. To insure
signal limitation, the exterior of the building is painted with WiFi
inhibiting paint (Rating 4).


Cops and lots of them. During the day the precinct is staffed
with one captain (use Police Chief, p. 143, Runners Companion),
two lieutenants (use Lone Star Lieutenant, p. 282, SR4A), one
desk sergeant (use Lone Star Police Squad Member, p. 282,
SR4A), four investigating officers (use Lone Star Lieutenant, p.
282, SR4A,), between six to twelve regular officers (use Beat
Cop, p. 289, SR4A), one security spider (use Professional Spider,
p. 207, Unwired), one evidence officer (use Beat Cop, p. 289,
SR4A, increase Logic to 4), one holding officer (use Beat Cop, p.
289, SR4A, increase Charisma to 4 and Intimidation to 4), two
security Officers (use Beat Cop, p. 289, SR4A, increase Strength
to 4 and Unarmed Combat to 4 and add Subdual specialization),
and the captains personal assistant (use Beat Cop, p. 289, SR4A,
increase Charisma and Logic to 4, add Computer 2). There are

Sprawl Sites North America


Holding cells and shadowrunners just dont mix. Your fixer

needs a favor when another member of his stable of runners
gets pinched on a run. The runner is new to the biz, and the
fixer doesnt trust her to keep her mouth shut or not sell out
to the Star. The job is a not-so-simple extraction from a Lone
Star precinct holding cell. Once shes out, the runners get the
second call from their fixer telling them its too latehes
already busted. Do they take the newbie runner under their
wing and teach her the ways of the street, or do they exact
revenge for her transgressions?
The runners are contacted by Mr. Johnson because his

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

also usually a myriad of witnesses, detainees, and civilians present

during the day.
After hours the staff drops to one desk sergeant, three lieutenants, four investigating officers, four to eight regular officers, one
security officer, one holding officer, and one evidence officer. The
number of witnesses, detainees, and civilians is usually half the
number of those during the day, though many precincts have more
detainees in their drunk tank.
Criminals in the holding cells are only there for a short stay;
they can be anyone the gamemaster needs to fit the story and the

employer needs a few files to disappear from a

Lone Star precinct before they are backed up to the
corporations database. This is a quick job since the
backup occurs at 1 a.m. and the team gets the call
at 8 p.m. Mr. Johnson needs the file deleted from
their system and any hardcopy pages taken and
destroyed. The file is an arrest and investigation
report for a young woman with an Ares SIN. She
was arrested for prostitution. If the runners look
over the file they will see that the arrest is totally
bogus, but if they look deeper they will see that the
girl is the daughter of a Knight Errant executive
looking to grab Lone Star contracts around town.
The team wakes up in the holding cells

after a particularly crazy night of post-run partying. Even the normally straitlaced team members
are in the hoosegow sleeping it off after partying
with a satyr shaman of Bacchus, the god of wine
and revelry, and getting caught in the range of
his mood manipulation spells. The runners have
whatever they would be carrying when off duty,
minus any obvious weapons. The cops just tossed
all the partiers in a couple of Citymasters and then
dumped them at the precinct. The holding cells
are packed with over twenty individuals. The real
fun starts when a dozen of those partiers wake up
almost simultaneously and start attacking the other
prisoners in the cells with them. The partiers are
actually shedim (p. 154, Street Magic) who were
attracted to the energy of the party. Now they are
full of energy and ready to cause some carnage. As
soon as the cells open the shedim turn on the cops.
When the cops come in they consider everyone
a threat including the runners. Fight or flight
which will it be?
Seattles switch to KE still has the security world buzzing
about other potential major city losses and changeovers by
the big boys. This is nothing special as KE and Lone Star just
shift assets between companies and around the world, creating grudges everywhere they go. But this minor bit of chaos
has some of the smaller fish in the security pond looking to
grab a big contract; all they need is the right opportunity.
Since that opportunity is not appearing on its own fast
enough, they decide to force it to emerge. In a mediumsized city (100,000 population), the policing contract has
gone back and forth between KE and Lone Star five times in
the past ten years. Mr. Johnson contacts the team on behalf
of a smaller security firm. The job is simplesteal some KE
uniforms, storm the Lone Star precinct, and execute the
station commander. They want all of it recorded, and at the
end they want the runners to make a statement about how
weak the Lone Star security is and that KE could keep this
town controlled. The video is an obvious set up, but it should
instill enough doubt that the smaller firms looking to grab
the contract will get the city councils ear. Whichever firm
can then fill the most pockets might be the next police force.
Precinct 50 follows the standard design for Lone Star precincts all over the globe. Located in downtown Seattle, this

Sprawl Sites North America

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

precinct wasnt turned over to Knight-Errant when the contract changed and instead became an area office for local Lone
Star contracts. As property of Lone Star Security Services,
the building has all the extraterritorial rights of its parent
corporation. This station also has the dubious distinction of
being the storage site for all of Lone Star Seattles digital data
backups. All the files from their stint as the Seattle police
force are stored here on a mainframe. This fact is not public
knowledge. LSSS also has copies of all of the data at their
corporate headquarters but they left a backup source of the
information close at hand in case they were to ever need it,
or if they got the contract back, or if they somehow felt the
need to cooperate with KE. Rumor has it this place has some
files that KE might want to get a look at. The runners are
hired to break in and gain access to the mainframe. There is
too much data to download while they wait, so they need to
set up a wireless connection so their clients can gain access
to the files over a period of time and download the contents.
While the hacker sets up the connection, the rest of the team
may need to make a distraction somewhere else to keep the
station personnel occupied. Most runners may suspect they
are working for KE but in truth their ultimate client is Aegis
Cognito, an information brokerage.
Frame Job: The runners need to get a box marked Alabaster
Maiden: Case 9653-70v3-Riggs from the evidence room at
a local Lone Star Precinct. They are told not to break the
evidence seal on the box and look inside even though Mr.
Johnson expects them to be complete professionals. The
evidence room is small and located next to the captains
reception area (unmarked room next to 5 on the map). Inside
the box is an explosive device that has been deactivated by
bomb disposal and is awaiting analysis from the lab. For standard officers in the precinct, use Lone Star Squad Member (p.
282, SR4A) and for the captain, investigating officers, and
the desk sergeant, use Lone Star Lieutenant (p. 282, SR4A).
Its bad enough for a group of shadowrunners to be breaking
into a Lone Star precinct, so this scene doesnt require any
added problems, though getting recognized by some street
punk when theyre in disguise could be troublesome.

Designed with space and comfort in mind, this establishment has a variety of room options, all of which share the hotels
signature feature: an amazing view through floor-to-ceiling


Exterior glass (Armor 12, Structure 12) can vary its opacity
for guest privacy or security and can display images either from a
pre-programmed selection in the hotels system or from a selection
uploaded by the guests. The ends of the building that house the
stairwells and vending machines as well as the external walls of the
bathrooms and the interior walls are reinforced ferrocrete (Armor
24, Structure 15) and provide the primary support structure for
the building. This limits the arrangement of the rooms to the
initial design but means guests know exactly what to expect.

The room doors (Armor 8, Structure 9) are secured with wireless maglocks (Rating 4) connected into the hotels security node.
Stairwell doors (Armor 10, Structure 9) are also have maglocks
(Rating 3) but automatically unlock in the case of a fire alarm.
All of the cameras (Rating 3) on the floor are wireless and
connect directly to the hotels security node. The security node
acts as a choke point into the hotels administration and guest
regulation nodes. Security staff are issued hotel commlinks
(Device Rating 4) that require a biometric passkey (Rating 4, voice
and thumbprint) and can directly access the hotels security feed
and gain entry to all the rooms. Administrative, custodial, and
housekeeping employees are all issued hotel commlinks (Rating
3) with no security feed access but they can access all the rooms
using their biometric passkey (Rating 4, voice and thumbprint).


Anyone can be a guest on this floor. Hotel cleaning staff

(use Janitor, p. 8, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites) are usually
finished cleaning the rooms by noon and only return to the floor
to bring fresh linens and towels for special guest requests. Security
staff (use Corporate Security, pg. 281, SR4A) do regular patrols
of every floor. A single officer patrols the halls and greets guests. If
trouble is spotted they contact the security office. If its an irate or
loud guest they attempt to defuse the situation while waiting for
backup. If the situation looks dangerous they wait for backup to
arrive before directly engaging.
Administrative (use Corporate Secretary, p. 6, Contacts,
Adventures, Sprawl Sites) and custodial staff (use Janitor, p. 8,
Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites, add Mechanical Engineering
2) could be on the floor speaking with guests, inspecting rooms, or
doing repairs during the day. Repairs done at night are limited to
emergencies and quiet jobs to avoid disturbing other guests.
Guests tend to be well-to-do corporate types, though the
occasional touring musician or trideo star can add variety (and
occasional room destruction) to the area.


Hilton Hotels Blackhawk Spire Hotel and Casino, known

to most people simply as the Blackhawk, is 111 stories of
black glass and chrome. This obsidian monolith stands out as
the crowning glory of the Hilton corporation in Cheyenne,
Sioux Nation. This is the spot to stay for corporate executives who are in town and looking to be at the center of the
action. Located in the heart of Cheyenne, the Blackhawk
has a casino on the first sub-level (Use Gambling Den, p. 6)
and a restaurant, shops, and cafe on the ground floor (Use
Elysium, p. 25, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites, for ground
floor). The rooms are all nicely appointed with a fantastic
view of downtown Cheyenne. The restaurant, also known
as the Blackhawk, serves classic Americana but caters to the
wealthier crowd with real meat options. Soy versions can be
prepared and brought by room service but are not served in
the restaurant itself. The trouble here comes in the form of a
hostage situation and terrorist threat against the hotel. The
runners are trapped on the inside with security looking to
clear the building, but not before they conduct a thorough
scan of every guests ID and SIN. The runners need to figure
out how to get out without getting caught in the security net;

Sprawl Sites North America

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

alternately they could end the hostage situation so everyone

can go home.
The runners are hired to recover an extraction target that is
currently being held in room 4703. Their fixer does the hiring
and doesnt have any other information, but with a little bit
of digging the runners can discover that the 47th floor of
this particular hotel is booked year-round by the same client,
Mitsuhama. This place is actually a Mitsuhama safe house
where the extraction team dropped off the target. He is
already in the hands of his new employer. In this scenario
increase the ratings on the security features by 1 each and add
a few extra Corporate Security Units (p. 281, SR4A).
The runners are hired to make a pickup for a known fixer.
Their fixer tells them he was doing some work at the hotel
when the fire alarm went off. He had to leave, and on the way
out he spotted some other runners watching the place. He
knows the group, and he also knows they would like to see
him harmed. He left something rather valuable in his safe in
the room and needs the runners to recover it. Sounds like a
piece of cake, but the other runners have gotten information
on the room he was staying in and will be waiting for his
return. Or in this case, waiting for the runners.
The runners are hired by Mr. Johnson to do some wetwork.
He wants the targets death to look like and accident or

suicide, just not murder. The target is a married

Aztechnology middle manager who is sleeping
around on his wife. In fact, any time he is at the
hotel he is there with a mistress. The money behind
Mr. Johnson is actually the wifes lover who wants
the cheating husband out of the picture completely
but doesnt want the wife to realize what her soonto-be-former husband was up to.
The runners are hired as extra security by

a regular Johnson during a deal. The first set of

runners Mr. Johnson hired are looking for the
double-cross so hard they push to the point of
making the Johnson suspicious, and he calls off the
deal. The other team thinks that the runners are the
Johnsons double-cross team and that Mr. Johnson
is calling off the deal so he can get out and the
runners can ambush the team. Suspicious natures
and itchy trigger fingers make this scene either a
mess or a long conversation on professional shadowrunning vs. what you see on the trid.
Frame Job: The target package in the luxury

Hotel is in the wall safe of one of the rooms. Other

than overcoming the standard security of the hotel,
the runners must also overcome the rooms current
guest, a Tr Ghost Combat Hacker (use Tr Ghost
Lieutenant, p. 283, SR4A) working undercover
in the city. He isnt working alone but the rest of
the team is not in the same room. Depending on
the timing of the break-in (and the whims of the
gamemaster) the team can be in the room next
door, on the next floor, or out in the city. Use the
Tr Ghost (p. 283, SR4A) for the rest of the team.
The object that was left in the safe is a thick manila
envelope with a large red biohazard stamp on the
front and back. The envelope has been wrapped in
plastic, and anyone handling it can see a powdery substance
has leaked out of the envelope and is moving around in
the plastic. The stamp and plastic are red herrings to deter
anyone else from opening or handling the envelope. Its
contents are actually quite mundane and include an optical
chip with schematics for a bomb, a book about structural
engineering, and ten doses (little baggies) of novacoke, one
of which has broken open.

I cant tell youcant you read the name? These rundown
fleabag motels can be found in and around every sprawl in the
world but are especially prevalent along the highways of the old
United States. Most of these places offer short staysusually four
hours minimum, but some go by the hourto accommodate their
most common clientele: joygirls, joyboys, and truckers.


These structures are rarely modern marvels of architecture

and construction. The outer walls are sturdy enough to hold up
the roof (Armor 10, Structure 8). The windows are standard glass

Sprawl Sites North America

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .


You can find all walks of life in the no tell

motel. Slumming Senators, hookers with a heart
of gold, businessmen working on the cheap,
runners on the lam, and so many more. The place
is usually operated by a manager (use Slum Lord,
p. 11, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites) on duty
at all times and two cleaning staff (use Janitor,
p. 8, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites, modify
for ork metatype) constantly trying to keep the
place ready for the next guest. Some locations
use drones (use Renraku Manservant-3, p. 121,
Arsenal, add vacuum and cleaning modifications)
instead of living cleaning staff because they can
run them 24 hours a day and they dont have
to pay them during the downtime. The drones,
however, are often targeted for theft by various
neighborhood scrap merchants.


(Armor 1, Structure 1) and usually look pretty new (because they

are replaced so frequently). The interior walls between the rooms
are thin and poorly soundproofed (Armor 2, Structure 2). The
interior walls of the office are more reinforced (Armor 7, Structure
7) as a relic of days gone by when cash was king and these places
were robbed rather frequently. The room doors (Armor 2,
Structure 2) still use keys in the locks (Rating 3) at most locations,
though some use plastic electronic keycards (Rating 2). All of the
locks and most of the devices on the premises are not wireless.
The only exceptions are the microcameras often hidden in the
rooms by the hotel operators for a cheap thrill or good blackmail
dirt. The office doors are reinforced (Armor 6, Structure 6) and
have standard locks (Rating 3) and deadbolts (Rating 4). Some
lobbies are open, but in seedier neighborhoods (which is where
you generally find these joints) the lobby counter has ballistic glass
(Armor 8, Structure 9) with a small sliding drawer for key, cash,
and credstick exchanges.
The motels node is nothing special (Rating 3) and provides
access to a number of pay trid channels (mostly porn). The microcameras are usually slaved to the personal commlink (Device
Rating 4) of the manager or owner usually operating in Hidden
mode while on premises. Most of these places have a scattergun
(Defiance T-250, DV 9P(f ), AP +5, SA, RC , 5(m)) behind the
counter to chase off troublemakers, though most of the staff is not
trained in its proper use.

The motels owner wants the runners to do

something really simple for him, and in return
hell give them one hundred free nights at the
motel. His building is part of the Sleep Eazy Motel
chain, and the local kids like to break the lights on
the eep portion of the sign. The owner wants the
runners to wait in hiding and scare off the kids
when they come to break the lights again. Theres
a small problem with this thoughthe kids arent
breaking the lights for fun, theyre doing it for
profit. The motel is being used as a drop point for
a local smuggler who breaks the lights to signal
his presence and that goods are ready for pickup
or sale. The kids will break and reveal that they
are being paid if the runners put a little scare into them, and
then the owner will double the offer to the runners to have a
conversation with the smuggler about using his motel to set
up shop and not giving him a cut of the action. The smuggler
is well established but really doesnt want to give up a cut
to the owner. But he will offer the runners a healthy fee to
dispose of the man and help him transfer ownership of the
fleabag motel. Decisions, decisions.
Runners are hired by an upstanding city official new to the
shadowrunner-hiring game. He wants the runners to break
into the motel and steal video footage that the motel owner
recorded of him and one of his constituents in a rather
compromising situation. The job is straightforward until the
owner turns out to be connected to the Yakuza. Who do the
runners want on their side, the government or the Yakuza?
A bad nights sleep on an uncomfortable bed is interrupted
by a knock on the door and the motel manager asking for
access to the room with a Lone Star officer in tow. The officer
starts to search the room and discovers a body, wrapped in
plastic wrap under the mattress, half in the box spring underneath. Questions will be asked, arrest will be threatened, but
in the end the officer gets a call from his boss, telling the
officer to keep the scene secured until he arrives. This leaves
the runners to wait uncomfortably for the boss arrival. The

Sprawl Sites North America

Everything the shopping sheep could need all in one place.
The malls of the world arent just for shopping. With restaurants,
stores, and so much more they are hangouts for teenagers, peaceful
places away from home for families, nice spots for a quick meeting
or catching up with an old friend, wide expanses for gangers looking
to terrorize consumer sheep with only mall rent-a-cops to stop them,
and the perfect place to frame someone for a terrorist bombing.

These places range from brand-spanking new shopping

meccas full of the latest in fashion and technology all the way to
relics of days gone by barely holding on to the three or four stores
that are still open while chasing out the squatters every night. Take
the layout, place the stores you need and tell your tale of shopping
bliss or Furby-hunting fury.

Incoming Message ......

Store names are often a bit risqu in nature. Here
are a few possible names of stores, some that push the
limits of decency, to use in any shopping mall around
the world. Many of the stores are chains, others are
boutiques unique to a specific location. For other stores,
and some fashion lines and accessories available in the
Shadowrun universe, check out the In Their Face chapter
in Attitude (p. 150)

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

boss will give the runners two options. Work the case from
the street side and help catch the killer, or get arrested and be
brought in to have their fake SIN tested and see how many
charges they can hit them with before the morning. The killer
is actually the motel manager who brought the officer to the
door. Awkward!
No tell motels are just creepy. The runners are hired by a
female contact to escort her to a meeting at the motel. The
meeting can be for whatever the gamemaster desires as the
trouble occurs when a group of drunken gangers show up
thinking the woman is a joygirl and wont take no for an
answer. The gangers are a bit more persistent than one would
expect, and the runners discover why when the meet goes
south and their employer has disappeared along with the
man she was meeting. The hunt is on, after they get rid of
the pesky gangers.
Its another Sleep Eazy Motel, and once again the local
kids think its funny to break the lights on the EEP. This
particular dive is located on the western edge of the Noose
inside what was once the Chicago Containment Zone and
serves all kinds as long as the moneys good and the trouble
stays out of the office. The owner of the motel, Julio Vasquez,
keeps the place running and patched up with a little extra
help from Ares. Hes had a problem with a resident who
isnt paying his rent anymore and everyone hes sent to talk
to the guest hasnt come back. This is Chicago, where you
have to bring your own law enforcement to the table, so
the manager now has to move from street punk gangers to
shadowrunners to get the eviction to stick. Hed prefer they
not trash the place, but the problem is bigger than Julio
realizes. The guest is an ant shaman who is developing a
colony beneath the motel. The colony actually connects to
a lab on the next block owned by Universal Omnitech, and
the colony is part of a research project backed by Ares. Oh
what a tangled web.
Frame Job: A package has been dumped in the back of the
vending machines at the motel. It was an intentional drop
so its not just sitting on the ground behind the machine;
its actually inside. Problem is the drop was not secure, and a
five-man security team (use Corporate Security Unit, p. 281,
SR4A), lead by a CorpSec Lieutenant (p. 282, SR4A) in a
GMC Bulldog Stepvan (pg. 351, SR4A) is waiting to recover
the package. They are hoping to arrest whoever comes for
it and get the name of the initial thief from their company.
Extra trouble could come from the occupants of the rooms
or an over-zealous kid at the desk who really wants to try out
the Remington under the counter.

A Passion for Fashion (clothes, shoes, purses)

Under Where? (undergarments)
Orgasmic Skin Care (skin care products)
Gamers Paradise (toys, games)
Ancient Lore (books, spell formulae, foci)
The Bare Minimum (clothing, skin care goods)
Skimpy to Blimpy (revealing clothing and
Schroth Art (art supplies and lessons)
Rock Hard Glock (firearms, accessories,
Mines Bigger (large and above clothing)
Say it with a Thong (underwear)


All of the department store walls and the malls outer walls
are standard construction materials (Armor 12, Structure 11) and
plate-glass windows (Armor 6, Structure 8). The inner walls were
designed to be a little more interchangeable (Armor 4, Structure
4) with the occasional steel support pillar behind the drywall
(You glitched? Bullet hits the wall and ricochets.). Stores with
glass fronts use plate glass (Armor 6, Structure 8).
Each store is in charge of its own locking mechanisms and
doors. Glass doors (Armor 5, Structure 6), wooden doors (Armor
4, Structure 4), metal gates (Armor 6, Structure 7), and the occasional metal door (Armor 8, Structure 8) are usually locked with
a key (Rating 3), keypad (AR or standard) maglock (Rating 3),
or a combination of both, though ratings will vary (from 2 to 6)
depending on the value of the goods in the store.
Each store and restaurant will have their own node (ratings
vary but usually match the locks) to spam the masses and ring up
transactions and possibly to monitor and internal security system
with cameras and RFID scanners to track tagged items. The mall
itself has a directory node with up to the second sales and hours
information for every store and restaurant in the mall and a security node to monitor the wireless cameras (Rating 3) located in
the parking lot, over each entrance, and covering the storefronts
throughout the mall all connected to the security office in the mall.

Sprawl Sites North America

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Each store and the security

office for the mall is equipped
with a Panic Button system to
contact mall security and local law
There are eight security
Officers (use Corporate Security
Unit, p. 281, SR4A) and a security manager (use Corporate
Security Unit, p. 281, SR4A, add
Leadership 2 and Etiquette 2)
on duty during the day and four
officers at night. During the day
two officers and the manager are
stationed in the security office
and six officers are on patrol in
the mall. At night the security
office has two officers and the
other two are out patrolling. The
department stores often have their
own security details that range
from half the main malls force up
to one and a half times that level.
Stores that sell high-value items (jewelry, electronics, high-end
clothing and shoes, etc.) often have one or two private security
officers (use Bodyguard, p. 4, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites)
on duty during store hours.


Store clerks (Use Corporate Secretary, p. 6, Contacts,

Adventures, Sprawl Sites, modify knowledge skills as necessary) are present in most stores even if its just to monitor the
automated selling system. The number of store patrons present
depends heavily on the time of day, day of the week, and time of
year; increasing at night, on weekends, and during holidays. The
number of store clerks also tends to vary at these times as well.


The runners are hired to cause disturbances in the mall that

would create doubt about the security and safety of the mall.
The intention is to get the mall to seem dangerous so shoppers will go elsewhere. This plot is being funded by either a
consortium of store owners at this mall looking to create a
strong bargaining point when renegotiating rent rates or by a
rival mall looking to drive sales toward their mall. Either way
its an interesting cakewalk for a team of runners looking for
something a little different.
The runners are hired by a grassroots group looking to raise
the moral bar for the youth of today. They have targeted the
mall as the local site of teenage moral turpitude where store
names and the morally objectionable clothing they sell are
corrupting the youth. The runners are hired to shut down
the nodes on a number of questionable stores while the
protesters handle blocking the doors to halt patronage. The
presence of so many protestors has mall security on alert and
local authorities are in the vicinity to hassle careless runners.
After being hired to protect the son of a Renraku executive,
the team finds the kid missing from his room. They track

him to the local shopping mall where he is meeting with his

girlfriend, an Evo execs daughter, and planning to escape the
world of corporate solitude and loneliness as they run off into
the shadows together. More problems arise when they find the
couple at the same time as the team sent to recover the girl, and
the second team thinks they are trying to kidnap her.
The hot new Fairlight Commlinks are coming into
Everything Electronic, and Mr. Johnson needs the runners
to switch out some chips. A local opinion shaper will be
picking his new Fairlight up from this location, and the
money behind Mr. Johnson wants the commlink to come
up wanting in a number of areas. The break in can be obvious
but the switch needs to be very discreet and thorough. The
shop is receiving six Fairlight Excelsiors, and the chips need
to be switched in all of them. Along with payment the
runners are allowed to keep five of the six chips to do with
as they please. As this is the newest thing, the chips provide
a Response of 7 to any commlink they are installed on for
two months before they are no longer SOTA.
Frame Job: The runners are contracted for two jobs here.
The first is pretty simple if a little strange. They are hired to
record various customers and mall workers going about their
work and shopping. The recordings need to be discreet. The
second phase is also fairly easy as the runners need to put on
certain clothing and deliver a series of packages and bags all
over the mall. The outfits are mundane, everyday clothing
or uniforms, and astute runners might notice (Memory (4)
Test) that their outfits match those of people they recorded.
The mall is currently abuzz with people. There is a protest
going on against excessive corporate control of the mall
while at the same time Lola Davies is signing autographs
for throngs of her adoring fans. Extra security is on hand to
hassle the runners and Lola has two special security personnel (use Street Samurai, p. 110, SR4A, and Weapon Specialist,
p. 113, SR4A, pg. 113).

Sprawl Sites North America

Everybody wants to be famous, and this is the place where

dreams are made and sometimes come true. Three soundstages,
reception, storage, control rooms, and security offices make
this place a dichotomy of spartan simplicity creating worlds of
complexity and beauty. Designed to favor function over form, this
is the kind of studio where trid actors and actresses dread their
jobs. No audience adoration, limited dressing facilities, and a lot of
imaginary green screen work make the rich and famous appreciate
shooting on location or in front of a studio audience.


With function over form in mind, the outer walls are

soundproofed ferrocrete (Armor 16, Structure 12) while the
inner walls are soundproofed plascrete (Armor 12, Structure 11).
Outer doors are standard materials (Armor 4, Structure 4) with
maglocks (Rating 4). Studio doors are soundproofed (Armor
4, Structure 4, 4 perception to hear through the door) with
maglocks (Rating 3) that are only used when valuables are stored
on set after hours. Storage room doors are slightly heavier (Armor
5, Structure 5) with maglocks (Rating 4) and are locked at all
times. Security doors are reinforced (Armor 8, Structure 8) with
biometric maglocks (Rating 4).
The wireless camera system feeds directly to the security node
(Rating 5) that is wired to the studios control rooms. The security
spider (use Hacker, p. 105, SR4A,) handles building security and
controls security on the trideo recordings as well. A spider is on
duty at all times. The security officer has three levels of protocols:
No Recordings, Recordings, and High-Value Client Recordings.
When there are no recordings, there is no one at the reception
desk, the outer doors are locked, and there are two security officers
(use Corporate Security Unit, p. 281, SR4A) on duty. Both are
in the front security office. When
there are recordings, the doors are
locked, there is a security officer in
reception, and there are four security officers split between the front
and rear security offices. When
high-value clients are recording,
the front door is unlocked, the
reception desk is manned by an
above-average-looking professional (use Blogger, p. 289, SR4A,
change Etiquette specialization
to Media, increase charisma to
4), there are two personal protection specialists (use Red Samurai
Detachment, p. 283, SR4A) in the
front security office, four security
officers and one personal protection specialist in the rear security
office, and a second off-site spider
in the system.


Besides security and reception detailed above, the only

other people regularly in the studio are the trideo techs (use Trid
Pirate, p. 13, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites), set builders (use
Janitor, p. 8, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites, add Construction
2, change Cleaning Supplies to Theatrical Productions) and the
tridstars (use Stripper, p. 12, Contacts, Adventures, Sprawl Sites).
When filming is going on, this place is constantly abuzz with
activity. Between shoots the trideo studios are often used to build
larger set pieces, and the cameras are moved back for safety. The
set builders can be found in the studios. Most smaller set pieces are
built in the storage rooms. The storage rooms are also rearranged
on occasion to act as dressing rooms for the stars.

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .



Brilliant Genesis Studio 111 is famous as the home of

Connie Stalwart, soy-cooking guru. The team gets hired by
a Horizon Mr. Johnson to steal her from her cooking show.
The runners need to grab not only her but also her recipe files
from the studios node and get the six hardcopy cookbooks
in which she keeps all her best recipes. Connie is considered
a high-value star, so this is definitely no cakewalk.
Truman Technologies contracts the runners to break into
rival Brilliant Genesis studios and make sure some of their
latest footage doesnt make it to the public. They need the
runners to get all the copies of the footage, including the
ones on the cameras that record backups of all the footage
they take. The team needs to break in before the studio
uploads the footage to the main corporate storage node. If
the runners take a look at the footage, they realize it shows
a well-known Truman star who was working with BG at
the time.
The runners are contacted by their fixer to have a meeting
with a street artist who needs some help from folks of the

Sprawl Sites North America

SPRAWL SITES NORTH AMERICA. . . . . . . . . . . . .

runners caliber. The street artist, a sim-slinger, wants access

to a trideo studio after hours. He has recently made some
inquiries and found out that one of the sets in this particular studio would be great for his latest piece. He wants the
runners to get him and three of his actors into the studio. He
doesnt want the runners to kill any of the studio personnel,
so he adds that as an addendum to the contract. He and his
stars are also rigged for sim recordings and will be using their
emotional tracks to overlay some other exciting footage from
their recording. Problem is the runners might be uncomfortable being recorded during a job.
The teams regular fixer gives the team a job that seems really
simple at first. The runners need to halt all recordings going
on at a Truman Technologies studio. The problem is Truman
has increased security to the point where they have mages
sustaining spells on and around the building, drones in the
air, and more guards on duty. Whatever they are recording
inside the building must be very important, and the runners
are being paid to stop the show.
Frame Job: After the runners have kidnapped the government
official from city hall, they are instructed to bring him to a
nearby trideo studio for a trid recording. Not only do they
have to sneak an unwilling subject into the studio, but they
also have additional security to deal with because a big-name
star is recording in studio 3. The team is on a tight schedule
from Mr. Johnson so they cant wait until the other session
is done. Luckily they only need to record a short speech by
the official about opposing corporate control and how the
corporate masses will pay with their flocks. Mr. Johnson
expects all evidence of this recording be erased before the
runners leave the studio.

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