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Q: How does the present day society measure the success of an individual?
A: Well, as far as I think, modern community rates individual positive achievements on three
parameters. First, it is the amount of wealth the person has, that is to say to which financialstanding the person belongs to. Second, the status the person holds, say for instance, whether
the person is a Judge, commissioner, pilot, manager, builder, MD, or is the person a peon, smalltime vendor, hawker, driver or someone not significant to the society. While the last parameter is
the life-style that the person flaunts. His bungalow, residential area, vehicle used, brands of
attire, foot-wear, mobile, category of credit-cards and so on. These inevitably create an
impression on the way people measure the success of an individual.
Comments: When you say 3 parameters, you are indirectly informing the examiner that you
are going to speak on three points, so your answer will continue till all the 3 are done with. So
you are allowed to speak unhindered till then, may be due to examiners curiosity also.
Q: How can we ensure that more and more people their aims in life?
A: The certainness of maximum people attaining their targets can be implied by informing them
the magnitude of their goals and thereby the rewards that await them to walk away with the
cake. But to do so, it should be emphasized, would be an uphill task that require relentless
efforts, patience and perseverance; a combination of hard and sharp work and still remaining
down to earth. It is always the job on hand that matters and they should not be deterred by
setbacks or get diverted to the easy and luring track of vice and luxury. It reminds me of arise,
awake and stop not till the goal is achieved because failures are stepping stones to
success. A motivation to reach out to the stars would do the trick, thats what I think.
Comments: When you paraphrase the question at the beginning of your answering stride, you
not only borrow time to think fast about possible answers, but paraphrasing also indirectly
informs the examiner of your command over the vocab and language.
Q: Would you rather be successful in your job or social life?
A: Given the option, I would prefer the former first; and once that is done, I feel that social
success would automatically follow. A
work-failure person may never open up to the community because of the stress and the weight
of being bogged down by ways of finding alternative paths to succeed. Once that is overcome,
the person affords too hold a high head and look around, and that is exactly when the society
responds. That is but just the beginning to social success.
Comments: Your tone should convey that your answer is complete. However, if the examiner
feels otherwise, he/she may prompt you by sign language to continue or speak more.
Q: Which is more important in sport, winning or taking part?
A: I would rather favor participation, because it is the first step towards keeping the spirit of the
game alive. Then follows the second step of the bravados striving to win the game by putting in
all they have got. By and by, if one does not take part, how does one ever expect to win? And it
is rightly said: Winners never quit, quitters never win.
Comments: Ensure to keep few of your answers short, but not too short so that the examiner
does not feel the monotony of listening to your answers for a long time. While doing this take
care to cover all the points asked in the question though.

Q: What makes some sports people take drugs to improve their performance?
A: As I see it, there could be three reasons for athletes resorting to stimulants. The first one
could be the pressure from the home country, second could be the other way round, that is the
participant wants his country to win as his sense of patriotism may overtake the morals of drug
taking or finally it could just be personal reasons which the sports person may be harboring.
Which means, the athlete thinks that if he wins the title, he would be a celeb overnight with the
name and fame and the dreams of glory, promotions, incentives and rewards or being a dignified
brand-ambassador may continue to loom large enough to make him overlook the fact that this
was achieved by unfair means; just this once to live happily ever after he simply ignores the fact
that though he has reached his goal, he has lost his soul.
Comments: Ending your answers on a thoughtful positive note creates a positive impact and
gives the impression of your being well read.
Q: Why are some countries more successful than others in events such as the Olympics?
A: Again as far as I can see, there could be three reasons. To begin with, the first can be wealth.
It is a prerequisite to get the participants trained and even host the extravaganzas. The second
could be the existence of infrastructure to systematically and comfortably accommodate all the
participants and their staff and looking after their facilities, welfare and security. While the last
yet equally significant, the pivotal role played by advanced technology cannot be underestimated
which the world has witnessed in the fabulous opening and breath-taking closing ceremonies in
such mega international events. Economically weaker or under developing nations may however
be willing to, but just cannot make it up to even the lowest criterion of success.
Comments: Do not mention names of countries/persons while exemplification, especially if the
examples pertain on to the negative side.
Q: Why do many people their home while they are still quite young?
A: Numerous people living in and around the world are often seen departing from home at an
early age due to several factors. The foremost could be the educational one. Youngsters are
compelled to migrate to avail themselves of superior educational needs. Either their home-town
does not have facilities or seats or could be even that they are offered an admission to an
educational institution in another city or country. Another factor could be job opportunities. May
be their dream job lies in another city or are offered transfer in the existing job itself to outstation branches. People also are seen to leave homes to settle abroad, may be because their
efforts are not rewarded and recognized or may have family problems, so they seek migration at
an early age. Finally witnessing the success of their already migrated friends or relatives and
seeing the difference in what they were and what they are, tempts them on a path to bold
ventures alone.
Comment: You need to learn by practice keeping a track of time and judge the length of your
answers. If you think they are too long, avoid that will do without being said.
Q: What contributes more to the success of modern singers and bands: their music or their
appearance and image? Why do you think so?
A: As far as laudable achievements of current music maestros are looked into, both can be
termed as being sacrosanct. However, music takes away the lions share when it comes to
authentic success. The image and appearance are like, for instance, um advertisements that
attract the masses just the way a smartly wrapped product does. The amount spent on the
packing indirectly informs the buyer that the product inside will also live up to their expectations.

Thats how the image creates an impression. The same holds good for this topic too, but what
actually matters is the quality of the product itself. In the same way if the outer image and
appearance manages to be a crowd-puller, the music served to the audience will prove whether
the crowd is for the keeps or not. In such events word by mouth publicity makes or mars the
game. People who have knowledge of music and have arrived with same expectations, may have
nothing to do with appearance for the very simple reason that ears have no eyes and ears have a
direct line to the heart sans eyes. Mood less people suddenly start bubbling with cheer and
energy on hearing their favorite song or music. A lot has been heard and said of talented musical
wizards or genius. Doing easily what others find difficult is talent, but doing what is
impossible for talent is genius. Thats where music lovers flock to: a genius, not a
fashion parade.
Comments: On dicey topics like music or arts, profuse your voice with confidence and conviction
as if you are the authority on the subject.