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Eee) 32.07 22 ve Teo 50.94 13 Po] Fe S Ti V Al Hierro eave Titaini WET Tel te) Palio DE QUIMICA Come and join us to celebrate National Chemistry Week “The Sweet Side of Chemistry—Candy" SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2014 1:00 — 4:30 PM PASEO DE LA PRINCESA SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO This community event coordinated by the ACS-Puerto Rico Section will join the efforts of hundreds of volunteers that through demonstrations will emphasize the importa nce of chemistry in daily life in relation to the themes of candi es, nutrition and: food. The activity will include the participation of Puerto Rico: ACcS- Section, ACS Student Chapters from public and private institutions, ACS High School ChemistryClubs, ACS-Younger Chemist Committee, members of AAAS-Caribbean Division and Colegio de Saliccs. NATIONAL CHEMISTRY WEEK % Tho: Sweet Side of Chamishny ela es Le Chemistry for Life®