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Lesson Plan Template

Teacher: __Mrs. Alexis Spina / Mr. Aaron Dugger___ Subject: Music___
Musical Theater definition, general facts
about Leonard Bernstein, Music
composition techniques.

Duration: ____50 min ___

DATE: April 6th 14 April 12th, 2016

Students will understand that a musical tells a story and
that Leonard Bernstein was a composer for this type of
music. They will be able to depict a scene from their
experiences and write / compose a short musical
describing this scene.

Essential Question(s): (examples given) Can you
identify characteristic of what makes a musical unique?

1. Define Musical
2. Describe the life of Leonard
5. Actively respond to On the
Town (Musical by Leonard
8. Develop and perform a brief
musical depicting a story from their
own experience using instruments

Introduction/Anticipatory Set Introduce a musical and Leonard Bernstein - Play excerpts from ON THE TOWN or WEST SIDE STORY
Learning Experiences:

Musical Recordings and

1. During listening / viewing of On The Town, have students write down or draw their own interpretation of the
musical. (set, characters, music, etc)
Worksheet for development
2. Introduce Leonard Bernstein as an influential American composer. Discuss his role in musicals and transition of story being depicted.
to discussion of what a musical is and how it is developed.

3. Split students in to groups depending on ability level of class.
Orff Instruments
4. Students develop a story line and compose rhythmic or melodic accompaniments to create their own

5. Perform numbers or present the ideas in front of the class.

Additional instruments
(triangle, tambourine,
rhythm sticks)
Closure: Review Bernstein and Musicals. Discuss the compositions made by the class.
Post-Assessment Student progress will be assessed throughout the class by observing group interactions and assessing the performances at the
end of the lesson.
Revised - July 21, 2010