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Lisa Anderson

Topic Proposal
Research and Techniques
February 8, 2016
Topic Proposal
Question: Does sexism in athletics cause an increase in physical and psychological problems in
female athletes?
The purpose of me researching this topic is to try to understand it more and to answer the
question of if sexism in sports causes an increase in physical and psychological problems in
women? The Significance of this subject is that women sports are breaking boundaries every day.
There is more pressure on women now than there has ever been. There are just as many who
cause adversity as there who support women. My intended accomplishment would be to educate
the general public about what female athletes go through today just to be successful in their
sport. This topic has been researched before in great detail. The thing that I will be doing
differently is analyzing physical and psychological problems other than focus on how they are
treated differently. For examples I will be talking about how preconceived images can cause
eating disorders. You would usually see people talking about how women do not get enough time
on television or enough playing time on a males team in high school. I feel as if I am entitled to
do this research because I am a Physical Education major. In the future I would hope to be
teaching a large amount of girls and just having that base knowledge of what they might be going
through in a sport may help me relate to them differently in class or when teaching mental

soundness in a health class I could bring this topic up and educate others on ways sexism effects
women and the things they can do to prevent physical and psychological issues in women sports.

Does sexism in athletics cause an increase in physical and psychological problems in female
Overview of controversy
Author approach to this problem
Listing of sub-headings or themes

First Subheading: Sexism
1. What is sexism?
How does it affect sports?
Second Subheading: Physical problems in female athletes
1. What sexism causes physical problems in women?
How serious this problem is
Third Subheading: psychological problems in female athletes
How does sexism cause psychological problems in female athletes?
Types of psychological disorders that could appear

Fourth Subheading: How can this be prevented

1. Ways of prevention


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