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December 14, 2014 Volume 1, Issue 1

Publication designed by: Michaela Borja

The Program
Simple health begins with simply replacing bad habits with two or
more healthier options from Evolv. No matter what your Formula,
consistency is the key to success. Weve found that when you add in a
component of service, people are more likely to stay committed. That,
combined with our commitment to our core vision of helping others,
inspired us to include a charitable giving component to the HOPE
Pledge. Anytime anyone completes a Pledge, a donation of
10% of the value of the product
orders is donated, in the form of
cash, resources, and mentorship,
to the charity of your choice
(select from our list when you
start your Pledge). Youll also
receive support in the form of
inspirational and informational
emails, access to our exclusive
Facebook group moderated by elite athletes, coaches, trainers, and
health care professionals, and the ability to connect to a community
and a cause to inspire you to stay on track and achieve your 84 day
health goals.
When you complete a Pledge, you not only achieve something of real
value for yourself and your family, you make a real impact on others
lives as well. We have partnered with several key charities to provide
on going support via Pledge donations that are automatically generated
anytime someone completes a Pledge (and we encourage people to
repeat Pledges ongoing to generate even more resources for those in
need). Read below to learn a little more about the incredible work that
is being accomplished:
Emilys place A faith-based ministry, residency, educational and
support program for women and children survivors of domestic violence. More than a shelter, it provides families with the skills,
knowledge, love, confidence, and time they need to truly rebuild their
Newlife Network A faith-based ministry serving a variety of areas
of impact, including humanitarian aid to third-world countries, discipleship training and housing for men and women suffering from addiction issues, and ministry and housing for victims of human & sex trafficking

Better Ingredients
FutureCeuticals is our primary development partner, and has
provided the following to Evolvs product lines: Endorsed Archaea ActiveTM with their trademark TargeTestTM Seal of Approval for the formulas confirmed bioactivity in humans (as

Inside This Issue:

Evolv Shake

Evolv Fix

Evolv Fuel


Product Guarantee

found in ex vivo testing). Developed the patent-pending

technology behind the active ingredient in Evolv LimitlessTM. Developed elevATP the active ingredient in
Evolv Fuel and Evolv Fix. Developed Calorie Control
Trim, ModCarb, key ingredients in the Evolv Shake.
FutureCeuticals is a family-owned company with roots
in agriculture and ingredient supply dating back over
130 years. They are a sister company to Van Drunen
Farms, one of the largest food ingredient suppliers in
the world. Since their founding, theyve been committed to providing the highest quality ingredients and cutting edge product development for the dietary supplement, functional foods and cosmetics industries. With
operations in Illinois, California, Wisconsin and Europe, theyve upheld their vision and their mission by
providing a comprehensive product line and nutrition
technologies that defines markets. Today, they offer an
incomparable scope of capabilities and a substantial
portfolio of nutritional products, including probiotics,
grains, and fruit and vegetable powders and extracts.
FutureCeuticals is a LEADER in the research, development, and manufacture of fruit, vegetable, and grainbased nutritionals, built upon deep agricultural roots,
vertically integrated from field to finished product, and
committed to discovery-based research in the name of
human health.

Lose Fat. Build Lean.

Managing weight and building muscle have never tasted this
great and been so good for you at such a low price.
Evolv Shake is one of the foundational products in the Formula
to Evolv, our program designed to support Simple Health.
Evolv Shake contains a tasty and healthy combination of 3
proteins, 18 amino acids, 6 organic ancient grains, plus vitamins and minerals-all in a great-tasting Shake that keeps you
feeling full longer. 100s of thousands of pounds have already
been lost with Evolv Shakes superior nutrition and flavor.
Look and feel great every day, whether your goal is to lose fat
or bulk up lean.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Organic Evaporated Cane
Juice, Pea Protein Isolate, Inulin [prebiotic chicory root
fiber], Calorie ControlTrim [oat bran with hydrocolloid oat beta-glucan soluble fiber], Cocoa Powder
(processed with alkali), Sunflower Oil Creamer, Natural
Flavors, ModCarb [organic oats, organic amaranth,
organic buckwheat, organic millet, organic quinoa, organic chia], BevGrad (Flaxseed), Dicalcium Phosphate,
MCT Oil Creamer, Magnesium Oxide, Cellulose Gum,
Salt, Rice Protein, Dipotassium Phosphate, Luo Han

Guo, Rebaudioside A 99%, Stevia Extract, Ascorbic Acid

(Vitamin C), dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Biotin,
Niacinamide (Niacin / Vitamin B3), Zinc Oxide, Vitamin A



Acetate, Electrolytic Iron, Copper Gluconate, Calcium Pantothenate

(Pantothenic Acid / Vitamin B5), Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamine Mononitrate
(Vitamin B1), Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), Folic Acid, Potassium
Iodide. Contains: Milk and Soy Lecithin.

Suggested Use
TO REPLACE A MEAL: Pour 2 scoops or one Shake packet into 10-12
oz of milk or non-dairy milk. Add ice or blend with fruit or other wholesome ingredients if desired. FOR A TASTY SNACK: Mix with water.
Add ice if desired. Stir and enjoy!

Replace breakfast for a nutritious and delicious start to your day

Replace high-calorie snacks or desserts to support healthy

weight loss

Drink before exercise to maximize workout, or after exercise for

nutritious recovery

Try drinking plenty of water throughout the morning to stay wellhydrated you comfortably through until your sensible lunch.

Ideal Carb-to-Protein ratio to support muscle recovery or building




Evolv Fix

Calm, Cool, Collected

Improve mental clarity, reduce stress, and fight high-calorie snacking
when you Drink The Pink.

Natural berry flavor Evolv Fix featuring ElevATPTM and SensorilTrimAC may help your body:

Reduce cortisol levels

Increase resistance to stress, fatigue, tension and irritability

Enhance satiety and reduce stress-induced cravings

Control stress-related weight gain

Balance blood sugar

Enjoy more restful sleep

Improve mental focus and clarity

ElevATPTM is a cellular energy activator that works with your bodys

own energy pathways to increase ATP production up to 64%, giving you
an energy boost at the cellular level.

SensorilTrimACan adaptogenic (stabilizing) herbal
formulationhelps reduce the stress hormone cortisol.
Excess or prolonged cortisol in the body causes many
negative side effects, including carb cravings, an inability
to focus thoughts, irritability, and anxiousness.
Suggested Use
Take one stick pack as desired. Pour contents into a bottle of
water (ideally, 10 oz of liquid or more). Shake vigorously until
dissolved, and enjoy!



Energy and calm will improve within minutes and last for a
few hours

Proprietary non-caffeinated formula fights stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol

No jittery effect at the beginning and no crash at the end

Great after workouts, too! Take one Fix after exercise for a
calming recovery

Evolv Fuel

Stay Pumped. No slump.

Evolv Fuel powers you up with the proven results of ElevATP TM,
keeping you energized naturally, with no jitters and no crash afterwards.

Evolv Fuel contains a cellular energy activator that works gently with
your bodys own energy path-ways to give you a boost right where it
all begins: at the cellular level.
Our formula also includes green tea extract, natural lemon
flavor, and has zero artificial sweet-sweeteners, flavors, and colors,
unlike other so-called energy drinks out there. And it tastes great!
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is called the unit of currency for
energy transfer in the body, and is produced naturally within your
bodys cells. Whether youre priming for a workout or just trying to
get rid of that mid-afternoon slump, Evolv Fuel helps increase your
bodys own ATP naturally, to give you the guilt-free energy you
ElevATPTM, the active ingredient in Fuel, was shown to increase
blood ATP levels as much as 64% with no increase in lactic acid and
no increase in free radicals (oxidative stress).

Palatinose, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Natural Lemon
Juice, Calcium Silicate, Swerve, ElevATP, Xanthan
Gum, Cellulose Gum, Caffeine (from Green Tea), Rebaudioside A 99%, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sodium Citrate,
Salt, Niacinamide (Niacin), Turmeric Powder, Green Tea
Extract, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Thiamine Mononitrate
(Vitamin B1), Methylcobalamine (Vitamin B12).
Contains 82 mg of caffeine per serving from green tea extract.

Suggested Use
Take one stick pack as desired. Pour contents into a bottle of
water or over unsweetened iced tea (ideally, 10 oz of liquid or
more). Shake vigorously until dissolved, and enjoy!
Athletes know the value of increased ATP production without the
corresponding lactate increase, but it also impacts all of us as we age.
Since launching the product in February 2013, we are extremely
pleased with the results we are seeing from Evolv Fuel and we are
thrilled to make this study available to everyone. -Anne Bodak
Smith BS, DC, Chief Science Officer, EvolvHealth LLC

Energy and focus will improve within minutes and last

for a few hours

Naturally caffeinated from Green Tea extract for extra

energy and antioxidant support

No jittery effect at the beginning and no crash at the end

Great before workouts, too! Take one Fuel about 15

minutes prior to exercise for added energy

Two Capsules. Unlimited Potential.

A proprietary concentration of betalains from pure beet root extract
shown to reduce inflammatory markers up to 47%.

Evolv Limitless contains a targeted concentration of beet root extract
with natures anti-inflammatory, betalainsfound to reduce inflammatory markers by up to 47%.

100% beet root extract (ProLain). The active ingredient
in Evolv Limitless was extracted using a new, patentpending technology that extracts the betalains, while leaving out the nutrient-damaging sugars. Evolv Limitless
bears the exclusive TargeTest Seal of confirmed bioactivity in humans, awarded by FutureCeuticals, a leading
biotechnology and research company. The Seal is in indicator of the highest standards of research and testing

Suggested Use
Take two capsules daily on an empty stomach: one in the
morning as you wake up, and another in the afternoon with
a glass of water.

Extracted using a patented process that leaves out all the nutrientdamaging, high-calorie sugar, the active ingredient in Evolv Limitless
gives you a zero calorie, high-powered way to reduce or eliminate the
body aches and discomforts associated with many inflammatory conditions like injury or even chronic issues so that you can live life to the

Fight fatigue

Fight free radicals

Promote joint comfort

Support flexibility

Improve mental alertness

Promote healthy aging

Some feel the beneficial effects within hours, some

take days or weeks of regular use. Everyone is
unique! Take regularly to get the most benefits

Try to take Limitless on an empty stomach, ideally 20

minutes before a meal

We stand behind our products, and now you can, tooriskfree, with our Evolv New Customer 28 Day Money Back
Guarantee! Read below for details.

Our Guarantee
Try our products for 28 days. If youre not completely satisfied with your results, you can get your money back on
your first months order (less shipping). We stand behind our products, and now you can, tooriskfree!

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