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Hobvello’s Original Octavo Crition | MOZART’S i: e Pitawias { Di Venevabile Altaris. > ONE SHILLING & SIXPENCE. 5S Hondon Sacred Music Wlarchouse : s NOVELLO AND CO., 62, DEAN STREET, SOHO, AND 35, POULTRY. i Anthems by Modern Composers, Published by NOVELLO AND CO.. LIEN, GEORGE B., tn the beginning was the Word. For Ghestmas, Vocal store, is. dita, sve, 1 Yocal parts, 9 ‘Now is Christ risen from th dead," Fully ve Vooatscore, folio, i, ditto, sve, fd. 5 woeel parts, 6d. "Rincon Anthems. "Ta one volume, 21s. ‘Or singly, thus sa - Anil there was War tn Heaven. Verso, 42.0... 2 0 hy the Waters of Babylone Verse, Lo Ditio, avo. on 1 Dvd alway give Thaiiks, “Wersey4 v, 16 Lani, whatlove have I. Vers, O38 5: O Lord, Thy Wont endureth forever. Verse, ® 0 Is'a food thing to give thanks. "Vorse,4'¥. + 2 0 Lon is my shepliord. Verso, ve. cs LO Ogive thanks inca the Landy Velsey4 16 Ani to, Teeld the dead. Verse, 4. 13 I Let my’ complaint, Verso, To8 Hace merey spon me, 0 Wai Verse, dv. Zl LO 2! Obejoyfal in Gade "Verse, dere eS 28 0 Ged, who bast proparet.” Fuli,i'e. lo6 21d Prt ive tramker Fully 4 ef olral 15, Aluizhty ant everlasting Gon. Bala’. 20 6 ASRS WAL, Traber ay neteas ere =, — Thy God hath commandod thy stronsth, 4 voles. 35. 6d. ARNBY, JOSEPH The Grace of God that bringeth Salvation ‘Verse,'s. and ehoros for Chrlstinas, ‘ita, octavo, Uhl; Vocal paris Th AAs ee have “borne the linage of the Barthy. | Easter ‘Anthem for Ssat-m Vosal sours folio sias Gl, tio, 80%, 1d. woeal pars, 6d, thawing kee." Put, ¢ voces. TS Let tho Wonls of my huouth. Fully 4 voloes.5 voeal seore, Gi. atin, Ho Uh Vocal parts, bat your tightso'tnines Hull, 4 voices. 25, — realli, up mine yes. Full, «voices. ‘oat yatt, 6 Have meroy upon me, Ful, &y eis igh time to aveake on Teviene, | Voeal scone 7 ‘sleep. “For Advent. Fall, Vocal parts ENEDIGT, JULES., Try me'O Gul.’ Full, & voices. Voeal Score, Gi. vocal pats, NNETT, WM. STEENDALE, Mus, Prof, Cantab, ‘The fool B wath sald in is hear. ‘oeal parts, 1s, SSI, W. ‘Ty Praise the Lord eall upon His Name, ‘Vocal seote, 2, oi: voea parts, 1. i Twill magnify Thee, O God ny King. Verse tam ‘horus, ani organ. Voral scare, 2s. Voeal parts, a ‘eatin Slo. Full, «Yoieem Vocal 3070, 2.5 ershepherds watched thelr docks by night. For Christ. Tmasiay for a bust votes, with chorus "and organ. Vocal ora, 15.5 Toon! parts Od LARKH, J. HAMILTON, ‘Thoro wore shophoris abiding In the field, For Chriattns. 4 voices, ‘Vocal soore, lo-svoeal parts 1 OLBORNE, LANGDON, Oui of the Decp. Full, 4 volets: "Toeal seate, 6d; vocal part, 6 Ponder my words, O Lon. ‘ite Seon thd. ILVEY, Dr. J., O give thanks unto the Lor ‘vocal score, 3 was clad win they sald unto me, Full, volees. Voeal seoer, 1s. Separate Focal paris af the above two anthems, 15-8 ‘Arisey shin for thy Ugh is enme, Full, 4 voices. For Christnas. Vosal soore, Toll, eu; lito, 8x0. 140.3” vocal itis, Gl ae down thine ear. 6 votes, — Ghvstiariaea fos the den v0, Tht: voral paris, €d enn ‘cing rained fom the dead, For Easter. "vocal parts, 6, Se fio Tie ve rid. Full, € voloes.” Vocal store, ts. 61. Verse, 2. with ‘Troble solo, and ehoras, 6a; Pull, 4 voecs. 28.6 ‘Yoeat sor, fio, 3.5 A vofees. 1s. 94, ‘Day appointed for a Geueral ‘Thanksgtving’ to Almighty God for the suppression of the Rebellion In Her Majesty's Endian Giominions, and dedicated by permission to Heer Most Grasiots ‘Majesty the Queen, Vocal sede, sy vocal parts, 8. Kd. NESCA, I will praise Theo, Lani.” 9th Paaim, Woes! se0r638.5 ‘Vocal parts, 1s. 6d. Oruhesiral parts, 103, (QAUNPIETE, De, H.3., ‘thon wit keep hin in pete peace, TRUll, 4 voloes, Vocal score, 66.5 vooal pa, 6 O88, JOUM, Bates th ast gone nie un, ‘Soln fr aa if chorus, “Composed for the Festival of the Sone of the Clergy, sl int. Pan's Cathedral May 171208, Vooa soir, 2s "Ld, Jet ine know snine ends Sols for ads, and Chorus. ‘Arranged from the abore Anthem, Yoeal score, 25.60.; vocal party each 6 —Silear, 0 Lord, and have morey. Full, 4 voles, oes! seore, 8d. — - se - Torn. —<—_—$_ and hear. . us, we will reno - = bis, => 4y- 7 ay ; = 3 —— 5 i praise thee for ty Figh » tcous ~ next . re - re, mi-se -Te-re no - . = =— = SSS = = praise thee for thy righ” teous = ness? ~ re-e, mi-se - re-~re no = = SS 2 == == iS ‘praise thee for thy righ» teous - ness sake, - re-re, ‘mi-se -re-re no - - bis. eH = P= = to? SSS j] ‘praise thee for thy righ - teous = ness) sake. . re- re, mi-se -re-re no - - bis. guar aay JF, f ‘Mozart's Litany (in B fat) —1 rolle's Octavo Edition. No. 2. Auureno 9 PANIS VIVUS. ' 4a) sett le fers E ile I will praise thee, I will praise thee among the people, and sing Pa - nis vi-vus, qui de co - lo — de-scen-dis-ti, ami- se = CPG a te | = 1 fee. bh SP a alo tag sie = SeaSeeete arene et Mozart's Litany (In E flat).—Novello’s Octavo Edition. NR Np. ee - soe == Seteerteye # == ESS =f praises unto thee. . . . a-mong the na > tims, - re = re, mi - se-re-re no - bis, Ee = ise... the Tord wih my wl + di-tus etosal-va - -) - Hee foe fig dt in the con Jn the-as-sembly of the up~ right and. « mi- se - re - re no > bi, = mi - K < = i > ga = tion. no - bis. be : bbe Ota a eae a l= sttirigtet eS = Mozar’s Litany (in B flat).-Novello's Ociavo Edition. y He hath made his teon-drous works vin - um ger + minans vir- gi- nes ee ee mi > se~ he Se = Tons nahn to hie re- re ono - gear ~ name, Glo ~ - - = norwi- to his name, + dis,” mi- se : 65-28 te = “ep —— 7 er im F FP ~ 7 rf—@—@_@__@_« ee hele tibet KOpantetsea ate tte a eet oe ——— ‘Mozar’s Litany (in E flat), —Novelo's Octavo Edition. ob- la - ti- mun = da a N . ee = Ss ee =p f ot wel pret i iy whole heart in thasttmlly of the ° — P eee a Ne , : SE f= freee up > right and... in the a... Wassenbly ofthe no - bis; ag - mi - so res ro i=} : — —— ; = } ae = Fea ft Ad E _ — = ga = tion og ee ee na praise thee, T will Mozart's Litany (in E fat.—Novello's Octavo Biltion, tr } ‘mong the ‘will praise se-re = ee ie inthe con ~ gre ~ ga-tion, - 2 sso re + Fe no - bis, ge a a rrmrinni ==== IF py tn Ss aro T oe Sete Mozart's Litany (in E fat.—Novello's Octave Ealtion, He hath made His won - drous works ae me > mo-ti-a omi- ri - bi - li- um, to be had in re fp ee a. | ed TS OTS pe, — Mozart's Litany (In B flat) —Novello’s Octavo faition, B glo - ry und ho ~ mi = se - - re = nor un-to his name, glo ~ = vis) mi Spe Aats 54 perce bier == a rend 3s. == ave VERBUM CARO. Soprano, me in + + tum, ha + bistans in the day of me, hear me, hear me in the day of Ver - bum ca - ro fac - tum,ha - — bi-tans in ‘Trxon, (60 lower.) Hear me, hear me, hear me in Ver = bum ca - ro fae + tum, ha —— = Hear me, hear me, hear me in the day of Ver - bum ca - ro fac - tum, ha ~- bi-tans in oe Accour, a ; t SN 7 = = 7—s SS - look up ~ on ma, ear me, me, mit- se - re = re ver - + bum ca - + - 0 trout no - bis, Took mi - up on me, se - re - rey hear me, ca - ro == = me, 0 oF trou-ble, look up - on me, Hear ‘me, hear me, no-bis, mi - se - re - re, ver - bum ca = ro . 2 —— fs. ae E SSS - Mozart's Litany (in I fat). —Novelo's Octave Baton 18 es ee ee SSF SS FSF = hear me in the day of trou-Wle, look up ~ on me, fac + = tum, ha - bi- tans in no bis, mi- se - re - re, = e gee a hear mein the day of trou-Ble, ook up = on me, fac - tam, ha - bi-tans in no - bis, mi- se - re - re ——P. — a hear mein the day of — trow-Ue, took up - on me, fac + tum, ha - bi- tans in no - bis, mi -se - re - re, — : P. = bee es eS a = [ ¥ 2 E hear = mein day of — trou-ble, look up- on the fa fac + tum, ha no- bis, mi = se + re - re tans i ~~ ‘Mozart's Litany (in E fat}.—Novello's Octavo Editon. = “be “x SS See Dat in the day of trou in the day of trou Ble, trou mi - se + re-re no - bis, mo. - be=Ps: pe NS > = Sa = in the day of trow~ Ue, in the day o tou 2 eee mi-se-re-re no- bi, mi-se - re - - re mo - eee Pgs: = =; E = = SS Se 5 E ie a fe - ao = E in the day, the “day f on ial fo relent le teoe | roles noe pee p. Px =P E ts ao Sas Ca - lix be - nee Bethouex - alt-ed in thine ‘Mozart's Litany (in E flat).—Novello's Octato Edition. 20 own strength, so will we sing... and praise thy — pow mer, o = nis, mys-te-2-um fi- de- i, mi ~ se-re-re no~ bis; Ex. tol ex tal him, pre-cef - sum, ex-tol him, for pre-cel-sum et ve - = ne him, pracel - sum, Se ee Ex-tol him, ec - tol him, ex-tol him, for he hath pree-cel - sum, pre-cel - sum, pre-cel-sum et ve - - ne . De = ae = Sst = a = f iz Ex- tol him, extol him, ex-tol him, for he hath pre-cel - sum, pra-cel - sum, pre-cel-sum et ve - - ne Tort. cs bs = e- La =e ee S- —— Ex-tol him, ex- tol him, ex-tol him, for he hath, pre-cel - sum, prme-cel - sum, pre-cel-sum et vest ue : = S—— ea ‘Moran's Litany (in E fat).—Novello's Octavo Batition. Pi —- ae $s = E v lift ‘me up, and hath not made ny mos bic le savera = omen = tum, © sa-eh = fl ci -um pos = ————— z = ————— a 5-# ip + ed me up, and hath not my rao: bi - le sa-cra - men - tum, sa - cri i - un = oS ee —- J===E ao = te ee me up, and hath not my ra + )=«(obi-le sa-cra = men - tum, sa - cri + ci- um Up, men + and tum, 7 hath not | made sa-cri - fi - ci- um my Fe foes to tri ~ umph 0 - ver me. om -ni-um sane - tis - simum, + have mer = cy, - se = re- re, =} SSS=—5 fos to tri = umph 0 = ver me. om -ni-um sane = tis ~ simum, foes to tri ~ wmph om-ni-um sane - = Lord, .« have mer- cy, Se foes to tri ~ umph om -ni-um sane - tis - si. ‘Mouatt’s Litany (in E flat)—Novello's Octavo Edition, ea: as thank thee, will tank — thee, — we will re + re tes re + 1 i z= = Be thank thee, wwe will thank thee, Gee ret mlset ree te ae. = = ———_—_—— a —— 2 thank — thee, we will thank — thee, — we w re + 1 mi-se - re - re mi-se - Pre = Spe thank — thee; wwe will glowri-fy thy name, we will thank thee, we — will = te = - re, mi-se-re-re no - - ~ bis, mi - se -re-re, mi - se Ie tank — thee; we will glo-ri-fy = re + - re, mi-se-re-re no - eee will thank thee, we — will + se - re- re mi - se & = f thee; we will thy — name, we — will thank thee, = te ++ te mi-se-re-re no - - -bis, mi - so-re- re, mi - se - will thank thee, we se -re- re, mi - se - Mozart's Litany (In E fat),Novellu’s Octave Edition, an pee to = —— SSS f glo -ri - fy thy name. + teste no a ae glo = ri = fy thy name. - re-re no - bis. —f, 1 4 SSS == SSS SSE SSS = glo -ri= fy thy name, > re -re no - - bis. glo-ri- fy thy name. > re- re no . > bis. == eee SE —— — —— pee Be thou ex - alt - ed, be Ve- re pi- tiva - pro - et de - func - tis, 2 will we les- te an - poe So in thine own. strength, ti - do-tum, pee = ea - tis prie-ser- va mur, Ex-tot him, stuepen -dum, Dorr. SE: et E too Ex-tol him, stu-pen -dum, Ex-tol him, stu-pen -dum, S paz f= tyes tS extol him, extol him, for he hath not made my foes to triumph stu-pen-dum, —stu-pen-dum su - = = pra om. = ni-a mi- NoN SS SS. = SSS SS = SS eae os ane f extol him, ex-tol him, for he hath not made my foes to triumph stu-pen-dum, stu-pen-dum ‘st om + + ni-a mi - Se extol him, ex-tol him, for he hath not made my foes to triumph sto-pen-dumn, stu-pen-dum su = = pra om - + ni-a mi- gt fe. = i ex-tol him, ex-tol him, for he hath not made my foes to triumph stu-pen-dum, stu-pen-dum su = = pra om - = ni-a mi- { 4 es 5595 Qe Tr SSS Js o + wer me Lord, .. have mer -cy, + ya + cu-lum, mi = se > re- re aaa : 0 + ver me, Lord.» have mer = ey, - ora - cu-lom, mi - - se = re. re, o + ver me, = om + cu-lum, ‘Mozatt's Litany (in B fal). —Novello'e Octave Baltion, will thank thee, wwe will thank thee, se + re - re, mi-se-re -~ re SSS SS SS sot 3 we will thank thee, we will Len thee, mi-se-re = re, mi-se -re - re, we will thank thee, we will thank thee, we will mi-se - re - re, mi-se - re = re, i TP = =] = Wank thee, wewill glo-ry in thy name, we will thankthee,we will + re + re, mivse-re-re no - bis, =o mi_-= ge = te-4e, mi - se - FP = = SS TE 2——s- tink — thee, weil glo-ry in thy name we will thank thee, we ill > re + re, = mi-se-re-re no - bis, = mi. - se = te~ re, mi - ge - = fa SaaS i = SASS — 2 thank — thee, wewill glo-ry in thy name, we will thank thee, we will 7 re = re, mi-se -re- re no - bis, B + se - re -re,mi - se- {P —— Seep —0 be 0 Se er wwe will glo-ry in thy name, we will thankthee, we will i. re-re no : bis, mi - se - re-re, mi - se = = = seat re = So E TP eS E t— Morart’s Litany (in E flat—Novello's Octaro Eatin, name, we will thank thee, we will bis, mi - se-re-re, mi - se- P P = See name, we will thank thee, we — will bis, mi - se-re- re, mi - se- P x y ty SSS = = = name, we will thank thee, we will bis, mi = se~ re - re, mi - se P. es - re-re glo-ry in no ty name, we will thank thee, we will bis, mi - se- re - te, mi a8 es ‘Mozart's Litany (In E at)—Novello's Octave Edition. i ‘good-ness which thou hastlaid up for them that fear thee, mi - ni-ew pas-si - o-nis comem-o - ra - ti-o, ee Js and that thats hast pre - pa~ red for them that puttheir trust in thee, for thems that do = num en = dens om - nemple-ni-tu - disnem,me- mo-ri - Sou0. = Fir them that me- mo-ri + >. Io fee pI ae ——=3 thou hast — pre = pa-redforthemthat trust tn thee, for them that seen - dens om-nem ple-ni-tu- di-nem,me- mo-ri - Sox. 2 E tran ~ EE for them that me + mo- ri - Mozart's Litany (in & Mat),—Novell's Octavo Edition put their as le pre trust, that put their - cispi-um di - pe put their a le pre = -iepicum di - trust, that put their eat F=f "J put their ale pre trust, that put their + ci pi-um pul their a+ le pre di -vi- ni = == = =— = E @ so will we mi- - se- Be thow ex - alt - ed, 0 Lord, in thine di... viene af-flu - en-ti-alar-gi ‘oun strength, $0 = ta = tis, mi - Fe tee will we se - ‘Mozart's Litany (In Fst) Novello’ Octavo Edition, = mi — praue thy pow -er ; = se-re-re no-bis; = aa sing and praise bay” poorer Por thou hast not - te + rey mi - se-re-re no-bis; sa-cro sane = = tum Torts. = = = eee For thot hast not sacra sane = = tum For thou sa-cro-sane = = to tri-umph - simummys-te - Sarees — 10 triumph 0 = ver me, ~ simum mys-te =~ ri-wm, SS Ee = Va 2 = SE == to triumph 0 = ver me, = simum mys-te + = ri-am, Sa pe a ee eee to Gieumph 0 ~ — ver'me, simum mys-te = - rie um, Mozart's Litany (in E flat).—Novello's Octavo Edition, Uy} Se CRE ae = macum “an pas have onus, maeum im - 2 = $e se [oe thank thee, thank thee, we will glo-rify thy name. Lord,have mer - cy - re + re = re - re, mi-se-rereno - bis, mi-se- re = re, thank thee we will thank thee, we will glori-fy thy name, Lard, have - re = re, mi-se- re - re, mi-se-re-re no - mi - 80 - SSS Se 3 SS SSS =e TH thank thee, we will thank thee, we will glori-fy thy name, ford, have - re = re mi-se -re - re, mi-se-rereno ~ bis, mi - se = ee See Bes = = fF —=- — i == thank thee, we will thank thee, re wild sre - 1 meses re = re, mi et = mer cy onus, and we will glo-ri-fy thy = SSS EE f will glo-ri-fy thy => = ——— a = f f—E ‘mer = cy on us, and we will glo-ri-fy thy —— ‘Mozart's Litany (in E fat).—Novello’s Octavo Edition. — py 9 =e? *: SES Se thy mame, we will thank thee, we will - + + bis, mi-se-re - re, mi-se- JP. ar name, we will thank thee, we will glo~ - bis, mi- se- re - re a se oe LP oP “—=SP = IRE eae} = Sas SSS 6S name, we will ark tes Sey ee eee = bis, mi-se-re-re, mi-se-re-re no - - - bis, mi-se-re - re, mi-se- SP SP St FP. ad sia i E Se SS name, we will thank thee, we will glo-ri-fy thy name, we will thank thee, we will + bit, misse-re- re, mi-se-te-re mo - = - bis, mi-se-re - re, mi-s0~ wP. (a Pye se» —» pb» See Eee ea SSE name, wewill thank thee, we will glo-ri-fy fy mame, 0 wilt hank thee, we wil = bis mi-se-re~ se, mi-se-re-re no Vis, mi-se-te - re, mix te - ee See: am = glo-ri-fy thy name. = rere no - = bis! == = == i ; glo-ri-fy thy name. eee Both == E E =|] glori-fy thy name, fees is! fe 4 glo-ri-fy thy name. -re-re no - - bis! ‘Musart’s Litany (ju B at).—Novello's Octavo Edition 34 Ss Ee i a na + tions shalltrem = = Bie, shalltrem = = Ue, Tre - men - dam, tremen > dum, tremen = = dum Auro. ——?: = = = SE I = SS a re a oe re = All na = tions shall trem = = Ble, shalltrem = = Bley Tre - men - dum, tremen = + dum, tremen - © dum ‘Taxon, (ove ower) Z. 2 pe E SS = rss SS E ee sa he % Al na - tions shalltren = = ble, shall trem = = Ble, ‘Tre - men - dum, tremen > > dum, tremen - - dum Bass. < ee ~ SP sae Pop a =p ee aE al na - tions shailtrem ~~ le, shalltrem ~~ ‘Ble, Tre - men - dum, tremen - _- dum, tremen = = dum Ee f $= a= ry peo = pleshatlbow be ~ fore thee ac vi- vi = ficumsa = cra = “men = = = = = tum, ~ = = tos, tremen = dum 2. LX . : Nw | esbe a = ——— % f f= a and thy — burn ~ ing an O spare us, ver - bi ca - 10 fac - + tus, tremen = dum bee ——_ | = =e he E ———! — = =he —c E spare tly ser = vans in the day g fee erat eng econ mi - se - - Fe = = PE = ie bat = z= —" es spare ty ser ~~ vants in the day of ee ray meng eas mi se - re - Te = : = oe ae = — Tie oo ty ser se ‘Mozart's Litany (in E fat).~Norello's Octavo Edition. = RR = = Se + 4 - - Thou hast pour'd out thine in - dig ee era emma et = = —~ ——— E E 2 = ¢ Thou hast pour'd out thine in - dig = in - cru - en - tum sa-crl - SS SSS SSE trow Thou. hast pow'd off thine in = dig ~ mo =e in - + ecru - en-tum = sa-erl - = — — = s = : ! oe E 5 = eS trou - ble, Thow hast pour'd out thine in ~ dig - no - > bis; in - . ecru - en- tum 8a + eri aE WN | me NAL =e NW ‘Tremen - = dum Fx } be {= aS ae = = = a 0 spare Meza’s Litany (In F flat) —Novello's Octavo Edition. - bus et cn + vi = vy - e+ 3 =p fe SSF oO = vants ine iat ay) | = bus - va, mi + se - re = re P < * TSE E spare, 0 spare thy ser, = vats in the dy of ci = bus et con = vi - = va mi - se - re - re p ; = z= % tS SS * —pe= z= = 7 Se Se spare, 0 spare thy ser, = wants Cay ci - bus et con -vi = = va mi + se + re - re (Mosart's Litiny (io E flat),—Wovello's Octavo Edition. tre-men. - dum, =e We zs =EAS =— shallirem = Ble, fremen = dum, f- shall trem = fremen + Sy — === Ue, dum, fee a, ASL. I va — —— ry peo = pleshallboo be - vi - vi = S-cumac vie SSS ry peo ~ pleshallbow be - vi - vi - fi-cum,ac vi = === shalltrem We, eo peo = pleshalltoo be tre-men_ dum fs vi - vi = fi-cum,ac vi + oe e——be. == = f v a shall trem dle, eo - ry peo = pleshallbow be - tre-men dum ac wis vi + fircumac vi Trt ‘Mozart's Litany (in E flat) —Novello's Octavo Eaition. ht 41 — er rn SS =e Ss = fore thee, shallbow be - fore . . thee, wo. i+ fi-cumsa - cra - men = - - tum, mi + ote - nae P. SSS = = =: 2S EE = fore thee, shallbow be ~ fore thee, wo. oy > vi- fi-cumsa -cra- men = + - tum, om - see i F SSS = = Se = fore thee,shallboro be = fore thee, wo - oy - vi - fi-cumsa - cra- men - . - tum, mi - se - ox an be. - a aes ———_ FF - fore thee,shallbow be - fore thee, wo. oy - vi - fi-cumsa - cra- men - + ~ tum, moe se - ‘Mounts Litany (in E fat)—Novello's Octave Eaitlon, 42 No. 6. DULCISSIMUM CONVIVIUM. Axpawtino. Sornaxo Soro. SSS SSS ce. a == — Make sweet me ~ ~ londy, Dul - + cis = simum apt me = = loedy, make... . sweet me-lo- dy ome = = + eee svi + vium cul sl as ~~ sis = tnt oan SSS put be a ee | SS = SSeS ~ oa : CSS SS tet 1 un > to the Lord, mi-ni-stran = tes, eS daugh ~ ter of Zi- on, sing withthe voice of glad - ness, = + men tum_pize- ta - tis, vin culum cha-ri ~ "ta- tis, —— Z 1 === £ — ‘Mozart's Litany (in E fat) Novell's Octave Eaitio 43 : Fé te = + =e — with... the voice of gladness, mi- - ‘no-bis, daugh - ter of + fe-rens et of = ab 2 = 25% P| r (é el Se pe tion; sing, O sing, «and bis, mi-se- re -"- rey eee f EE = = = et aaa make. . sweet in pro = prio daughter feo = ti-o a- with the voice... of gladness, a -nie ma - "~~ rumsaneta-rom, pa Se oN a definate ~ oad G9 — 0 0 oot ee | Se SSE Mozait’s Litany (In B fat)—Novello's Octavo Edition, = SS ae with the voice of gladness, and re - joice mi-se- re- re no - bis, mi- se - re - - . pene eee, = ae} GG gy ot; ; be pe aor atts Sea a his sal- va =~ -te-re ono - ‘Sing, daugh - ter of mi = se = re-Fe SS ——s Ss = et + e+ 2 BE? Le oo {tl i TF) u Mozart's Litany (in B at-—Novello's Octsvo Eaition, ee SEE in his sal - VIATICUM IN DOMINO MORIENTIUM. sper bese ebs Pn PinP A Soraawo, Torts. a ee ee Vi - a . Mozart's Litany (in E fat)—Novello's Octavo Edition, mn No. 7. Sornano, ‘exon, (ave lower.) ‘Aoooue, 43 PIGNUS FUTURA GLORLE. Porm. * ee et all peo - mi-se-re = ‘Torr, rr a ae Lord God, Pig - nus, z to thee be glo-ry, and pow'r, and majesty, pig-nus fu-ta-re, fu tu-re glo-riee, let alt mi e = ——— SS no thee. Hal ~ le - lu ~ jah, A~ men. bis, mi - se = re - re no- dis. thee. bis. i thee. bis, =e thee. Hal-le~lu-jah, A - bis, mi-se-re-re, no - bis, ‘men, Hal - le mi - se-re- re Moratt' oy (in B fat), —Nerelle's Oetaxo Faltion. 49 mi- se + re = to thee beglo - ry, and pow'r, andma ~ jes-ty, pig-nnus fata - re, fu-tu-re glo + ri-w, 3S Ha - le- tu ~ jah. Let allipo =~ mi-sere- s+ rs oh : yfae y See —— E faeries men, Let all peo - - ple Gea Praise thee, no - - bis, a i ———E thee, Hal-le - lu - jah, A - men, Let all = dis, mi-se - re - te no - bis, mi - se - - ed AT. Mozart's Litany (In E fat). Novell's Octavo dition, <—s to thee be glo = 7y vigenus fata ey sand pow'r, andma = jes-ty, fu-tu-re glo - ti-w, SS praise thee. Hal no-bis, mi ore “E+ lu = jah, Hal - Ye - tw jah, -ro no - bis, mi = se- te - 3, ‘peo ~ ple praise thee, reno - bis, SSeS Hal-le-lu mi-se-re - = jah, A= men, re no = bis, thee. Hal-te~tu-jak, A ~ mi-se -re - re no + bis, mi-se-re-re_ no - nt, — ! z — = — o—- e- = SSSI ee let all. peo ple praise thee. Hal = le ~ lu «jah, i bis, mi - se - re - re Mozart's Litany (i B fat) —Novello's Oetavo Ealtion, Lord God to thee be glo - ry, and pow'randma - pig - mus, pignus fu-tu = rey fu-tu-re glo - ti-@ = men, Hal - le ~ lw-jah, = bis, mi = se- rere lu = jak, Hal ““le-In- jah, re - re, mi- se-re-re Et t = — —+—— == = thee, Hal-le-lu-jak, A = sevre-e no = peo- ple praise re + re noisy mi SS Pea = ple praise thee. Halle - lu jah, - + re no - - bis, mi-se = re - re =i bee = (Mozart's Liveny {in E fat).—Novello's Octavo Esition. A-men Hal - te ~ mi-se = - | ple praise thee, Hal - - le - tu - jah, no = bis, = men Let all peo - bis, mi+se-re + - re no-bis, mi - - se-re-re ate — ————————— 7 & A+ men, Let all peo = ~ plepraise thee, Hal-le-lu - ~ jah, 0- bis, mi - se - re - = re no - bis, mi-sere = - re Hb: — = Bp: E —— = = : = SS Lord God, to thee be glo - ry, pignus fu-tu = ra, 5! A = men. Let all peo ~ ple mi - se-re - re no- = praise praise and pow'r,and ma jes ty, Tet alt peo ~ ple fu -tu-re glo- ri- 2, mi -se- re - re no = = — fen t=e 2 be = Se QY ‘Mozart's Litany (in E flat.) Novello’ Octavo Edition. = wee — a ei — ee 5 - = - : eS ze s Ea pe = mo thee, Hal - le - lu - jah, A-men, Hal-le~lu- jah, A. = = + diy mi - se - re mi-se-re-re no - thee. Heal te~ lu-jah, A = + bis, mi-se-re-re no eee Hal-le - lu ~ jah, misse-re = re, Hale le - lu = jah, mi -se- re - re, Halle - tw mi- se-re ea SS = =F fp eee SS Hal -le - lu jah, Hal-le - lu ~ jah, Halle tu - jah, aot = 45 — 2 7 (a= Hal-le~lu - jah, Hal -le- tu ~ jah, Hal-le- tu ~ jah, anit se - re - re, mis se = re - Tey mi-se-re- - re, a (2 Se A-men, Halle - lu ~ jah no- bis, mi-se- re - re iS A-men. Hal-le - lu ~ jah, no-bis, mi-se- re- re A-men, Halle ~ lu ~ no -bis, mi-se re - Mozat’s Litany (in E flat) Novello Jetavo Edition, 54 ah PRS — E = — —=— Halele = ts mi-te-re = re ono = bis ——— =SGhe === e Yeo E Halele- tu - jah, A= men, Lord God, to mise-re + re ono = bis, Pig - nus fu - See Hatle-tu + jak, = men, mi-se-re = ‘re no - bis. Re | A-men, Hal-le ~ no-bis, mi-se - Hae SS u = == == E =a ate ma jes-ty, Hal. le - - tiem, mi - se ~ == to thee Be glo « vy, pignus fu-tu - re, are ‘Mozaft's Litany (in E faty.—Novello' Octavo Edition, Let all peo misse-re = = fe no - = = bis Let all peo ple re praise thee. no = bis. EE and pou'r, and majes-ty, let all peo - ple ‘Fraite thee, Halle-t pow, and maj rr fu-tu-re glo-ri-w, mi-se-re- re no = bis, mi-se-re-re no - Shae f Let all peo - = plepraise thee, Hal-le ~ lu - jay mi ~se-re Dis, mivse - re- re ere no God, to Pig - mus fu-tu - + re glo - = - Lord Sa men, Hal -le- Iu = + jak, A-men, bis, mis ses ve = + re . ‘Mozart Litany (In E fat.) Novello Octavo Edition. Hal - le - mi- se- re = te, to thee be glo - ry, and pov'r, and max} pig-nus fu-tu = re, fu -tu-re glo-ri-w, —— t = = oe — pF —— Let all peo = = ple praise thee, Halle - Iu ~ jah, Hal ~le ~ tu ~ jah, mivse-re = = + re no - bis,mi-se- re - re, mi-se-re - ro, p. SS ws e Let all peo- ple praise thee, Hal-le-lu-jah, A - men, Hal-le- tu =~ mi-se-re- re no = bis, mi-sere-re no- bis, mi-se-re ~~ a be: ae Fo = ES Se praise ‘Mozart's Litany (in E flat),—Norello's Octavo Eoition. oT ae Halte-tu-jah, A ~ men, Hal-le-lw = mi-se-re-re no = bis, missente-re no = bis, mi-we-re = - oo ek, A + men, Halle-lu-jah, A = men. = “re no = bis mise-te-re no - bis, N- e God, tothee be glo - ry nus, Pig-enusfu-tu = ra, + jah, Lord God, Hal-le-tu jak, Hal - = les - - = re pig + onus, mi-se-re-re, mii = + se-te = - re- re, mi i SSS a - lu -jah, Hal -le- lu jak. Lord Sorerr oo miso-re—m, Pig == eI geal God, tothee be glo-ry, Hal-le~lu- jah, Hal-le - Iu - jah, nus, mi - se-re = re, mi -se - re - re, mi-se re - re, ‘Mozart's Litany din E fat), Novello's Octavo Faition, Nop: = ———— = +. jah, Hal ~ le - tu = jah, Amen, Hal + - le -lu~ jah, - re, mi- se - re - re no-bis,mi - - se -re - re Fm Rae Te - jakA - men, Hal-le -tu - jah, + re - reno - bis, mi-se-re - re — — | thine is the ma -jes-ty, fu-tu-re glo - ri-w, Amen, Hal no-bis,mi = + se -re - re no - bis, mi -se - re - re a cS Lord God, - + nus \ tage = ‘Mozart's Litany (In E flat)—Novetlo's Octavo Edition, 59 ER ee eee Ba E Halle ~ tu- jah, Amen, Hal le-lujah, Amen, — Hal - le-Iujah, Amen, mi-se-re- re no-bis, mi - se-re-re no-bis, mi - se-re-re_no-bis. = + = men, Hal + le-tu-jah, Amen, Hal - le -lujah, - bis, mi - se-re-re nobis,mi - se -re-re = = =e Lord God, Lord God, to Pig - nus, pig - nusfa - Se a tte i Se SS to thee be glory, and pow'r, and majes-ty, pig-nus fu-tu - ry fu-tu-ree glo-ri-w, God, to thee ge = omsfu-tu + re gle - = _—— to thee be glo ~ ry, pig-nus fast. ~ rey, Mozart's Litany (In H 1.1) —Novello's Octaro Eaition, co =7y,Hal = le + ri-e, pig-nus mi fu + jahy A = men. God, to thee be glo - - ms fu-tu- re glo- - so Lord God, thine is the pig - mus fu -tu-ree and pow'r, and ma. fu-tu-re glo - rie, God, to thee be pig-pus fa - glo tu a - 1% re, ao and pow'r, and fu -tu-re + eeu = jah. ri-w, mi + se-re - re, a HH = Lord God, to thee de Mozart's Litany (In E fat). —Novello's Oetavo Eaition.. Goa, to thee be = mus, pig-nus fu - = Lord.. God, to thee pig - nus fu- tu - ice mi+ se + ve-re no - bis, God, to thee + onus fu-tu and pow'r, and ma- jes-ty. Lord. fu- ture glo - rhe, pig - s+ God,to thee = onus fasta = God, to thee be nus, pig-nus fa - to thee be glo - ryy pig-nus fu-tu - re, and pow'r, and ma, fu-tu-re glo- tie, aries = [oR re. t Mozart's Litany (In B st) —Novello's Octavo Eaition. Hal - le ~ mi- se > re - re. glo - ry, ta - re, and pow'r, and ma - jerty, fu - tu-re glo- ri-w, tt ™ - ti-w, mi jee men, Hal-le-tu = jah, A ~ men, bis, mi-s - re no - bis, SSS SS Let all mi - se- = SSSEpo ae = =f 4 = 7 to thee le glo - ry Pig-nus fu- tu = ree, and pow'r, and ma ~fes-ty, fa+tu- re glo-ti-w, ‘Mozart's Litany (In E fat)—Novell's Octavo Baltion. 63 Tm wf SSS | = 2 thee, Hal = le - lu ~ jah, A~ men. bis, mi - se - re - re no - bis, SSSI thee. = a thee. Lord God Dis. Pig - mus te men, Hal = le = lu~ jah, bis, mi - se -re~ re Sas God, to thee be nus, pig-nus fu - Sa == Sse aaa Set to thee be glo - ry, and pow'r, and ma-jes-ty, Hal - le=lu ~ jah, pig-nus fu-tu - re, fu-tu- re glo- mi + se-re - re, t= men, Hal -le~lu = jah, bis, mi - se-re - re ot Soe A= men Hal = le ~ no - bis, mi = se- = —— oJ +E Mozart's Litany (in F at),—Novello's Octavo Balti. z GB peat Epes z Lord God, to thee be glo - ry, and powe'r, and ma- jes- ty. Pig - - nus, jig-nus fu-tu - re, fu -tu - re glo- ri- ae. g Pig: 8 glo = ry, and pow'ryand ‘mae jesty, tu - ra, fu-tu- re glo- rive, 5 Sy {: = = E SS ——SS Ss 2 -s - ——— Hal-le -Iu - jah, A~ men, Lord . mi-se-re - re no = bis, Pig - - es = tema * E - — ; == A ~ men, Hal-le - lu - jah, Lord God, to 0 = bis, mi-se - re - re. Pig - - + nus fu- God, to nus fu thee tu E i yy Geta are «+ God, to thee be = = ryyand pow'r, and majesty. + mus fu-tu - - re - - - = + rhe, ee thee be glo ta - re glo ‘Mozart's Litany (ia E Aat).—Novello's Octavo Balition. ie - - Lord God, thine is the oe pig-nus, pig - = nus fu ~ tu rae ts — —— SS eS awe = SS SS Sf thine is the ma-jes-ty, Lord .. God, to thee... be fu-tu-re glo-ri-w, pig - + nusfu-tu - - re : a # Sy SS “ Lord to thee be ma jes-tyand glo ~ ry, Pig - fa-tu-re glo- ri-@, pig - nus eb SSS SSE <= Se Sra ee Lord God, to thee be glo - ry, and pow'r, and majes- ty, Pig - + nus, pig-nus fu-tu - re fa- tu-ra, glo-ri- @, glo- ri-w, Ts == pene oe = go - sy a Let all peo-ple praise les mi - se-re-re no - = + ple praise a - rm + - — fee f om ee Mozart's Litany (In E fa.) Novello’ Octavo Edition. 66 #. ere me Ghee Hal-le-lu.jah, A - men. Hal -le ~ ta mi-se-re-re no- bis, mi - se-re - = aS + bisini - se = re- thee, Hal - te = lu - jah, re no-bis, mi no - bis, ees See E v= thee, Hal-le-lu.jah, = bis, mi-se-re-re, A- men Hal - le - lu jah, Amen. Hal ~ le i= se-re= re no-bis, mi- se- no - bis, lbw. me + jah, Hal ~ le -lu =" remi - se-re = jah,A ~ men. Halle - "reno = bis, mi- &. = le-lu = jah, Hal- = se-re = re, mi - ~ 1 jak, Hal = le- lw cs =a tw oe Se E (2 jak, A ~men. Hal-le - lwzjah,A- men, Hal-le-lu - jah, Hal = = emi - se-re - re no ™bis,mi-se - re-re no- bis, mi - se-re - re, mi - bo} Saag — =e ee Z Se 2S pa SEE - lu - jah,Hal- le-lu- = jah, Hal-le - lu-jah, A-men. Hal ~ le-lu ~ jah, - re - re,mi - se-re- - re, mi-se~ re-re no- bis, mi - se-re- re, x = eS Se aoe = lw + jah, Hal - SF ire) reall le-lu- = jah, Hal-le - lujah, A- men. se-1e- - re, mi-se - re-re no- bis, Hal - le-lu - jah, mi - se-re = re, Mozart's Litang sin E fat).—Novello's Oetavo Edition 7 a ey Bis pte N sas Ss ee - + dele = jah, A= men, Hal-le~lu-jah, A - men. Hal - le~lu- jah, Hal- te - ps os = + se-re = re no - bis, mi-se-re-re no - bis, mi- se-re- re, mi -se - - e P. tp ST ee ———as : 2 ee a men. Hal - le ~ lu ~ jah, Hal - le - Se Oo Oo bis, mi -se-re- re, mi- se - SSE 4 Jah, Hal-le~lu- jah, A ~ men. Hal ~ le~lu~ jah, Hal- le - re, mi-se-re-re_ no - bis, mi -se-ro-re, mi-se - = = lu- jak, A = men, Hal - le - lu- jak, Hal-le~ lu - jah, A - men. = +re-re no - bis, mi- se = re-re, mi-se-re-re no - bis, ob LP. SN Rp =— =e ee ee fa = = lu- jah, 4 = men, Hal - le ~ tu ~ jak, Halle - lu- jar, A - men, = + te-1e no - bis, mi - se -re- re, mi-se-re-re no - bis. === SS = lus jah, A = men, Hal ~ le = tlu- jah, Halle ~lu- jah, A ~ men, -re-re no = bis, mi - se- re-re, mi- se-re-re no - bis, ree, FP aa ——————" = = lus jah, A = men, Hal - le ~tu~ jah, Halle - tu jah, A = men, - -re-re no - bis, mi - se- re-re, mi-se-re-re no - bis, Ts, au fees = ¥ SoS Moratt’ Litany (a E fat) —N vell's Octaro Edition, 68 No, 8. _ _AGNUS DEL righteous re - joice be - De -i, qui ‘tol-lis pee -"ca - - ta, SS =e beets is ho Do prais un = = to his ce, par-ee no - bis = ly name, = mi -ne, Mozart's Litany (in E fat),—Novello's Oetavo Bition, : ~ SS == sF SSS ——— — eo he (eee ae es os un - & his ho - ly, his ho - ty name. ? —— par eee ee Bi Doe alae coe f, eS iS 5 See et ¥ Let. «= them be joy * ful, 0 let the righteous _—_re-joice be - mo - = bis Do-mi-ne; Ag - nus De- i, qui ‘tol -lis pec - ‘Mozart's Litany (in E dat).—Novello's Octavo Fitton, meses, = let them sing prais - to his fo~ly qu... tol ~~ lis_pec = ca-ta mms - pee praises Sau di = lyname, + mi-ne, > ly his au- dijex - au = div nos them be = di - nos = oe ee ee merry, be aud) nos Mozatt’s Litany in E fat).—Novello’s Octavo dition. , be mer = ry jc fal. tate ree oat + ai, gui re ai stee ‘bed eee peep eeeeeE Mozart's Litany (In E flat —Novello's Octave Euition, 73 No. 9. MISERERE NOBIS. Andante Moderato. be ba Bove. ae ; Ss ; Sorsano 2 ae —e Hear = our sup cartionwhen we ery to thee, Mi - se - re - mi-se-re = re no - = bis, Soto. Auto. — - Hear our Mi - w - Soro. ‘Texor, t — Hear our sup - pli. = cartionwhen we Mi - se - re - rey mi-se- re - re sonata ea { SSS SS Bas, ee See Hear owr—ssip, = —pli. =~ ca-tionwhen we Mi - se - re - re, mi-se-re- re Andante Moderato. ‘Accoxe. ss will praise thee for thy good - ness and = mer ~ map ere (rep ml tele sree ect re 00 2—le =s-aF J ee oe ee EP SoS and we will praise thee for thy and mer = mi - se - re-re, mi-se- re - - 9e no oo Se and we will praise thee for thy and mi - se - re-re, mi-se ~ = aS and we will praise thee for thy mi- se - re- re, mi-se - — + SSS ‘Mozart's Litany (in ¥ at.) Novello's Octavo Ealtion, ty a = = : — —s Sa ear, and hear us when we call on thee, and we will re - = ve, mi-se- re - re no - = bis, mi - b: —— = — = + a zr * _— 4s a =? praise “thee for thy Fight - am mea — sake, - es te, mi-se - re-re no - = bis, > = praise thee re - Tey Mozart's Litany (In E fat,)—Novello's Octavo Edition, Mozart's Litany (hy F fst)—Novell's Oetavo Kaltion. name, e - _ ear - bis, moe - 0 - 2 pre = scree us + re no - bis, Ss aay SS i ‘Mozart's Litany (In E fat).—Novello's Octave Edition, PF) Fe Bow thine car, ee] J - = ho = = nor of thy name, Bow thine car, and. - ws + + re no - bis, mi - = =e hear us when we ery _—to_—‘thee, and we will praise thee for thy mi-se-re - re no - = bis, mis se - re - re mi-se = SSS will praise thee for thy se = re - 1 mi-se - aS — hear us when we cry to _— thee, and’ wwe will © praise thee for thy mi-se- re - re no - - bis; mi = se - re - re mi-se - praise thee for thy reo- + re no - - bis, mi - se - re~ re, mise - Mozart's Litany (in F fat). —Novelio's Octavo Edition, 78 right ~eous - ness’ Fight eous ~ ness’ right~ cous ~ ness! righteous ~ ness! SSS Lit 1“ p1p41t4 ‘Mozart's Litany (in B fat).—Novetio'e Octavo Edition. iP Tie > I Aovello's Part-Song Book. (SECOND SERIES.) A COLLECTION OF FOUR-PART SONGS AND MADRIGALS BY MODERN COMPOSERS. PUBLISHED IN VOLUMES, OCTAVO SIZE, ELEGANTLY BOUND IN CLOTH, GILT EDGES, PRICE 5s, EACH, OR IN SEPARATE NUMBERS AS FOLLOWS :— VOLUME I. ConTaINs— ‘Rook I.~SIX FOUR-PART SONGS BY JULES BENEDICT. Price Ws. 4duy 00. size, Veen Yooal Vocal ‘om atau aa Beore, Score, Parts, Gerard. Poller Octave. STOWMay Day,mA (urs) 08 19 08 138 Invocation to Sleep ( 1 98 A Night Song ( 2 40 Dirge for th faithful Lover (3.ay ° 41 A Drinking Song ( 1 442 Sylvan Pleasures ( 1 ‘Book Il.-SIX SONGS BY HENRY SMART.—Is. 1 1 1 1 1 43 Consolation aw. (ara) om 10 04 48 Good Night, thou glorious San ,, 0 3 0 06 45 Honting Song we 08 0 06, 45 Lady,rite,aweetMorn'eamekiog,, 0. 8 0 06 47 Sommer Morn 08 ie 48 The Sea King 5 00 0 06 Book INL, —1s.42., 800, SEVEN SRAKSPERE SONGS, BY'G. A. MACFARREN. 49 Orpheus with his ute (s.42-0.)'. 03 10 0 © Whoalacletangbytewalicaroye 3 8 8 51 Como away, Death ( 0 10 04) 52 When Daisies pled 65 00 0 53 Who is Sylvie. fae) to. ol 54 Fearno morethe heat o'theSun,, 0 3 10 0 85 Blow, blow, thou Winter Wind, 0 3 10 0 Book IV.—SIX SONGS BY J. L. HATTON.—1s. 44, 80, Se The Belty Tower = (BATH) 04 20 © 08 Br Eoglnd we OB COG 53 Como, celebrate the May, «=O 1h «OO so SogtoPn .. mw 88 10 06 60 Tho Indian Mf ee ie se ol ThePewt divers OO OB VOLUME TI, CONTAINS— Book V.—SIX SONGS BY @. A. MACFARREN. €2 Robin Goodtellow —..(2A2H) 0 8 {63 Break, break on thy cold grey stones 0 3 Gt Echoes (TheSplondour‘alls) ,, 0 3 65 Song of the Rallroads ww, SCukoe 8t Adieu, Love, Adlon mos Book VI.—SIX SONGS BY 0. A. 68 Sir Knight, Sle Knight (. 69 The Wounded Cupid 10 Women's Sante 11 Avtolyeus' Song. 12 Footsteps of Angels i 15 Tho Sun shines fair on Catlisle Wall 0 3 Book, VIL-SIK SONGS BY HENRY LESLIE. 60, 1 The Pligrims yo Teton TeaywultoGoiyay heriiotey 09-1806 16 Awake,awake,the Flow'sunfold,, 0 8 10 06 11 Hom sect the Moonlight sleeps ,, 0 4 10 0 4 78 Land Ho pi iGiae tre) ne) ‘19 Up, up, ye Dames ei Ose ie 20 ‘Book VIII.—STX MADRIGALS BY VARIOUS COMPOSERS Includin e ol Prize Madrigals,—1s. 4d., 800. Felin th ried Pre Met 4 eye igt ae 0 10 wavindeneassac jos 1884 rinbateasiy iz}! s 4 OM VOLUME IIT. CONTAINS— Book IX.—S1X 80ONGS BY HENRY HILES—1:. 600. 86 When twilight dews (ann) 01) 06 04 ST AFinland Lovesong yO MOOK 88 Brening yo 08 8 $9 Tothe Morning Wind) 0 8 1608 20 To Daffodils. B08 10 OF 91 Summer Longings es ae oe | Book X.—8IX SONGS BY FRANCESCO BERGER.—'+..¢ro. e2 Nght, lovely Night. (sar0) 01 06 0 4 #3 Esay, my Heart vos 10) 06 84 Cito aalasy 2 om 09 O84 $5 NOW now 2 os 10 06 a6 Sunt ely ee oe 97 Arte, the Sunbeams tally, «08-16 OE ‘Book X1.—81X SONGS BY J. BAPTISTE CALKIN.—1r, «0. #8 Night Wade tat weeny fo" Yo yy 1 0 04 29 Dreathosoftye Winds (Ave). 012 10 04 100 My Ladyissowondross hie G@ava.j0 I 10 0 4 Ol Chivalry of Labour (gaan) 04 16 0 6F 102 Come, il my boys (anna) v0 8 16 0 8 103 Kehoe (4 ha a 00 Book XIL—EIGHT SONGS BY J, BARNBY, — 1s. 42.51 100 Phabus wn Cs Hh oio O04 105 Dna on 10 04 106 A Wifes Song oi 09 04 101 Home they brought on 06 08 108 Annie Les . Om 08 08 1a Starry Crows of Heaven, «0 E0604 110 The Wind B03 10 O84 111 The Skylark moos 10 06 s | Book XIMI.—SIX SONGS BY G. A. MACFARREN,.—Is. 6:0 The Words by the Rev. Charles Kingsley. 112 TheSandsof Deo... (sat) 08 10 06 118 Alton Locke's Song |.) | OD Lt The starlings. sO LOO Us The Three Fishers. g, «6 0 BLOG 1G The World's Age yOu ie) 012 oa 10 06 117 Sing helghhe! sy NOVELLO’S PART-SONG BOOK—(continued). YOLIMNE IV. CONTATNS— ‘Book XIV.-SIX SONGS BY AGNES ZIMMERMANN, 1s 4d, Bo. Yocat Vos! —Yoeal ox smote ava: Boore, Parts, Fullo’ oviavs. 8 Fairy Song c ago) one 119 Good night : ° os 04 120 Gone for over Bo 00 90 OO im Flowers me BOO 129 To Datfoaita ‘ ou os 04 128 Good Morrow o 03 10 o¢ Book XV.—s 4d, 800. ‘EIGHT SHAKSPERE SONGS BY G, A, MACFARREN. 124 Bigh no more,ladien Gare) 02 10 06 15 You spotted snakes os 10 08 326 Tako,Ohtakethovellpreway,, 9 Th 06 0 4 227 Kewasaloverandhisias , 0 4 16 00 13 Omistres mine ow | OF 1 1129 Under the greenwood treo y, «99 1h 09 04 10 Hark, thelark os 10 086 41 Tellme whereis fancy bred, 0 OS Book XVI—SIX SONGS BY HENRY LESLIE.—Is. 44.22 187 The Violet. Ll 185 One morning net In May yO ier 01) mag oem 18 88 16 Dowainapretiy valley = =O S10 1196 Tho Primrose .. » Om oa o8 BI Arisesweotlove wo 0 8 BOO ‘Book XVIL-SIX SONGS BY HENRY SMART.—ts, 80. 18 'Tis breakofdey ww (2Ata) 02 10 06 159 My truplove hath my heart» = 0 2-10 OF UO Dothnot my indy come =, «6 8 2 CLO OOF M1 Spring Song Oo 0 12 The Curfew aj Oe ao) 0a 148 Hoar ewoct split » 02 10 04 Book XVILI.—SIX SONGS BY SAMUEL REAY —11.4¢., = 1M Spring Volos... (42H) OS 10 06 US Wakon, ordsand indiengey yy, 0 3 10 06 M6 Asitfolluponaday . on 98 10 06 17 Huntsman,rest wy 0 8 LO OG MS "Tis May upon the mountain 5, 03 10 06 4p Take, oh take, thoselipsamay,, 0 1h 0 9 04 VoLUmE V. CONTAINS — ‘Book XIX.—SIX SONGS BY A. 8, SULLIVAN.—1, fro. 160 Tho Rainy Day. ou 10 04 161 Ob, bush thee, my bale yy, = 0 SLO CO U2 Evening ww oy OTRO OL US Joy tothe Vietors my 60 BLO OF 164 Parting Glams =) |= OHO 156 Echoes; ow = oh 08 10 06 Book XX.~8IX SONGS BY W, MACFARREN.—Ih, 8. 5A Spring wGate) 08 10 06 wi Summer me OO 358 Autumn 5 os 10 O86 159 Winter ne a 08300) O70) 1160 You stole my love ose) 00 16 Daintytove ww OOO Book XXI.—S1X SONGS BY J, LEMMENS.—Us. 44, sev. 162 Dropsof Rain ow (FATE) OS 16 07 163 The Fairy Ring ~~ = 08 164 The Light of Life ~ 08 10 06 165 Ob, weleome him os 10 o8 466 Sunshine ttsough we Clouds, = 0 3-1 87 167 TheComFild =~ oy 6 BE OO Book XXIU.—S1X SONGS BY HENRY €MART—1s, 8:0. 168 Wake! tothe hunting (Sara) 03 10 06 169 Dost thouidlymk .. =, 08 10 086 110 A Palm of Lite yO 30 08 M1 Only Thon : on 40 oF 379 Iprithecsend mebickmyheart, 0.2 10 04 178 Tho Moon 103 10 08 Book XXIII.—SIX SONGS BY CIRQ PINSUZL.—1-44. 0. Vocal oe ee ee Pole! oa 17E A Spring Song Gara) 0's Lo OO 375 An Autoron Song » 08 10 06 136 The Two Spirits 08 10 06 U7 The Crusaders » 08 10 086 Ww theCarvan =, OHO Wy Smdella.. Youunis vr. “coNTARNS— THIRTY-FIVE SONGS, BY J. L, HATTON, FOR SATB. "Vocal Score, "180 When evening's twilight oS sist Absence . 1182 April showers "183 The red, red roe 7 °o o 164 Beware, beware "186 The Sailors Song 208 Good night. ” Let Biytheisthebird ae 188 Stars of the summer MgbE w ao 169 The hemlock too ow "190 Jack Frost .. 191 Tloved her 182 The Vilage Blaskamith 188 The Batt (Come live with me) 194 Softy fall the shades of evening 195 Auburn (weet vill860) mw 196 Bird of the wilderness 191 The summer gale 198 met ber ia the qulet lano 199 If thon art sleeping = 200 Spring song 201 Good wishes 202 Parting and Meeting 203 Whether kis'd by sunbeams. 206 The roses are blushing: 205 The Rivals 208 ‘The villago dance ‘20 Song of the Gipsy maidens 208 The Waterfall 209 Over hil, over dale 210 Lovo me litle, ove me Tong 211 Golng a-tmay ing 1212 Seo, the rooks ere homeward Slog 213 Sweet Lady Moon 214 Hark, the Convent tea are singing "Arranged by the Composer for milzed voloea. ‘VOLUME VII. CONTATNS— TWENTY-FOUR SONGS, BY J. L. HATTON, ‘MEN'S VOICES, 215 When erentng's twilight. 216 Warrior's Soa 211 Absence ESEERESEREZERSERESESEBRRELER EERE RE RSS 218 April showers we meme meas Se 219 The red, red rOs@ awe 220 Beware, beware ae ne 221 The happiest land. ee aa 222 The Sallor’s Song an ow cae Se 229 Busy, eurlous, thirsty dy ea 1224 Good night, beloved 2. 225 Baedianalisn Song aw a 226 Stars of the summer night Ss at 227 King Witief's drinking horn oom 208 Tare song a 4a 229 The hemlock tree ewe waa 200 Jack Frost a ee ot 21 The Lye - at 282 T loved het a we 203 The Village Blacksmith. ‘i Mu. = oe ts 236 ‘The wiy Y bald boat, of Task’ opinion a. 231 Tov # last far on ors on 238 ‘The Liveboat (ip be continued) ™ LONDON: NOVELLO, EWER AND 0O., 1, BERNERS STREET (W.), AND 85, POULTRY (B.0,). The Musical Times. ‘ms Journal 1s now enlarged to 32 articles, contains roviews on hew mule. (Ghassd teparaiely, til) be as before. 1d. he price Ie taiset om 1H (four timer {ts ovizinal size), and, in addition to. th I extensive cirealation renders xt Published on the lat of every month, Price 24.; post free, 21d, rsical notices an musteal Dit the mis fe published ln each suniber. wher jake rst desirable medium for alvertisers; evi {sibald to 2h eremenvered that, toensure terion io the etzrent number, adrervsements must be sexs aif, ‘The wittal aubcription w tbe ‘MusioaL, Tiss willbe 2s 64, including postage. SECULAR MUSIC (PRICE THREE-HALFPENCE EACH). GLEFS, MADRIGALS, or PART-SONGS, for Four Voices (8.4. T.B., unless otherwise expressed.) 238A Canadian bost song (@ voice) 1, Moore | yoy {Now spring in all her go S06 te A Christmas maaripat = Tetons] {Sonetcr tte masa : UT Alwerone of thatifainas Gea). "J Pamy| 60 ‘Sympivol theforet (nen) = 7 = 181 Allamong the brie = 7s e/Btining 157 Or Scterepiaine and tushy meena = Hip Absietion of Fie Canes "| "7 areas |b On eho rast bent fod Hagan 3 Amlastthe myries Glee, .anza) - "= Batten [254 Oli Mayeday = = =a. Beneatet ot Adleg.yestrons acess 7. 7 Atterbury | OT Once syan my cheek = ~ 7 Dr Calcot 83 Apriisim my mlatrecs' taco - =”. TMorley [300 O. my lave fike red, red rote =” Dr. Ge bi Gursett sng. A¥intage anng (Lory) 2) Menielena |'13 0, Naony, wile thou gang with me? Hare 7% Aeaks, Zolien re S ‘Danby [313 O'sing neain that eile song GM. Garret Mun D 2h Awake! my love, awake” J. HL Walker (loghy) [154 Partant pour ia Syria fT Awake wes ote «TA Sonm Doufeta [79 Pleasures of Innocence 68.2) = = Weber age fBrenins soft ye winds (any ~ “Willa Paxton 42 4:43" Popular Oue to Pops Plas IX Ep Rowint [ie Bloc eilvo Srtnnd” =” = WU Reihard [178 “tose ae Powers a) - 0.) Bai tet “Breathe soft yewinds «7 Samuel Wenbe) 92 Rule: Brianna we 7 vowel zea {Bris eke hae (oto and Chores)” Pureal| 86 Seethechworat band” = 7 We Hora (Oy were T Duta drop of dew ‘W.H. Cuimnings| 38 Ste the congaing here comes” - ant 150 By Callas arbour (arn) wih We Horsley | 126. Bee cur cars + (ses. senton 180 Calms the wnsy ean (@ Solo and Chores) Mow 81 Sieh no more, Indies sa) - ‘SCateh en tobueco Dr Aldrich | 218. Sigh no more, ade + 7G Amacarres A Chats = GA’ Master | “73. Since fir | au fon face B52 Chiowand Corinne |" Baward J flop |248 Seep, while the sot evening breeaas~ ish Comeagsin.sweet love "=" - John Dotland 218. Srom-tuken $3 Goma folding =” |= We Horley | 1B Slr, brave and gullan be (8.4.9) 280 Come, gentle sophys A.0 - W. Boia | Sone rang Fraseosce Berget 49 Gone f you dao Sioa Chora)” "Boom aa I crcl - : Peace 281 Come eon te merry (Cee Right Yong) BR 1e de Pearal| 45. Springs deliges (ear. : aMuller 263, Come let us fin theroundelay (aoa) | - We Beale) MG Springs delights (etna) = Muer all fathom Sve (Solo and Guoras)"= =~ “"Boroel| 6 Sprivgtime (etbe) ==> = Meathoved {Come unto these yellow sands dx : Fitcll| 98. Stioan ie sree or Treble Gently ouch te Wasting lyre (a2) "= Gomintant | °7 Sweat enlaver Cound for 8 vole 3 Aterbory M6 “Dulce Domus ona Heading | 270 Sweste lowers, ye wore to faire eaa.ra.) A. Walmiley 284 Brwntide ‘GGegdbat | is 20831 wert honey sucking bees (ances) ‘Wore A Fur Flora decks (a2) - Daaby | 88 Sweet peace descending =, Mozart 122 Fair and noble indy (Noble hata) ~~ -@. ossini [202 Sweetin iow = = 3,Bomby 329 Flr Katie = 3.Webliot [226 Take care ~ ab puna Bathe 388 Five times by the tapers light - "= Starman 288. ‘Tell me, whero ls fancy bred? Beale 34. lore gave me falrest wars (@AAT3) Wilde | oy {The Angels vente ca flowers = ail Porthenew year = ‘Menaaar My Sea : 2 Four rounds for three votoos 122 “Th . 320 Gentle winds around Nor over = Z.Bimanael| 5 The Bearechend col (ux, and », Sols, with Shore itz Glpey choruy in Prec = weber “Azranged by EF. 1k Gleroa Apsioara) > 8, Webbe | 524 : "bray Mba God save the = Ve Novello | 212 : ‘o Roaial BE Go faithless Clon (Pertdn Clone) "= “Guerabin | 102 a !Geodbas 208 Good morrow tomy lady bright’ =” G. A. Matrone | 49 astoa) 7 Revens 186 Good nigh, beloved! (rn Dr, Ge Mons | 179. ‘Tho dream, tnd Red leaves = Buaapoty Siting 193 Grea Beit Baten Sori Wisc Refitetieata) aed meatier gees ait alt hall! thou merry mouthof May (28:2) Wabar| 72. ‘The Fisherman (a keel row (om AML HAM ashing godens (Ode wo Spring)”. Paxton [108 ‘The Power greeting ean) farschenann 289 Hall baliow’ fane = Lard Moraington | 110. ‘The Poreser = 7 euzabeth Surting 3. Halt walling morn Be Byoforh [338 The las alte CA May Garo = "RH, Walket 208, Happy ousolder band Beta vita mit) Morar |30 The ust nightottheyaar = "= apt Bulan 7 Harkt the bonny @ equal Yolces) Doan Atdrcs | los The Lataby =~ = Bioraee at ¥, Novia ef Hrs) te at = De. Cooke | 40 The May Oy 5 De. Gatiott 385 Htc Hort theta st enren's gateningy.- F.Bhorme| 61 The Nights S ‘Thomas Baten Ser Hark Goths roling drum @ voices) Sir Bishop [317 The parting ena = : oe oo ae SENSI "The hed Choe ght 5 Haste thee, nvm, (Golo and Chorus) ~ “Fiandel | $8 he ever swan Garr) 1B Her Bay power @azza) = The sleep of the Newest = Here in cook gro ‘Fhe tog ofthe popplen . aa Heal unto Hs Mafenty (aa e Sprieg = 2G o> {forte tain na) 305 The Swallow = 1314 “How gently thetmoomight ie . 186 How sleep ine brave 7 Dr Cooke | 298 7 7 Hantematiechoror (esas) - Weber | # - 40 Hurrah for erry England) < "~~ &. Berger 182 This plenant month of May (ona "25. In good trath, when fondly loving <7 Phin |208 TW Worle alle et ow = T In Gene delphi, lonoate groves armani ang footw the moon rine clears oo ‘rey tomb Ginza)” [Ok forthe swords of lormer time therry meeting Cats) 81 Taly Solo and Choris) =» SY, Novello| 142. To Home's immoral leadet M Joliteire Davy and V. Novello | 7 To he od long fe ual voles) ~ 2B Let up alt tothe fel cries non mt sacears tas)” Ferran [BH To the redbrest, te. Tignely trending, enward creeping (Zit seth mr.) Romin| | 28 To Wosen's hall tao {Esely treads allow's yee “TF scotland | 1 Twelfth Night Song (Chorus, with Bolos {Lie Gu the pleasures of mania, = Gr Stokes| 98 Up, brotheny up (for Chrstiaa) 104 “Koray gallant tn) Callen, and Round by 7 Gaodban| 119, Vala vied qua (sting Trio 8 B85 Lave me lite, love mo long TH. Lanee, | 215. Venetian Soatians ening song ‘99 Latzow's Wild Chase rma) ~ % Hite: (388 Venedian tontmen's e eulng 208 3 Maidous fair of Mantua ety (aga) ~~ Gusto | 87 a a7 Vocal udiments 2 Marc of fh Mano Hae" farmentaed oy. 3, Bary |i Wate thes, my dean _ i'd you her eye (Duet at, & Chern, a3) Splfort | 201 What mourafl thought (aa - 326 Math the merry elven (oa) ‘Gatco | 390 When then sinks forest nes = J. Padarck Seiden 42 Mey dxy are) ‘lier |"1¢ ans When winds breathe soll az.) ted’ on Sicneincin (2.09 = Fesetnalder| 18 “Who comes bo dark? (aed S 35 Moni or velo roter gual Yolo 36 Who i yivia AL Mylove' like the red rose Kayret: [326 Who aba be Weotoat (Relcad) (Trebles) 198 Now Autumn stews on evry plata” = B.Suiing| Wind, yentie vergroas (@ eqaa vole) 3 Row isthe month of Maying waren) - Morieg | €2 Wind: gently whlaper (26 oF 223) 285 Now, O nowt nada at past dann Deland] Fetpoteduikeg eee = fw pray me for our country = "Elia Power | 242 Ye Shepberde, tel me (Tele) 2 Now bie bright morning star Gaze) "= Greville LONDON: NOVELLO, EWER AND CO, 1 BERNERS STREET (W.), AND 25, POCLTRY (H.C) CONTENTS OF THE MUSICAL TIMES (Conrmvzp). SACRED MUSIC (PRICE THREE-HALFPENCE EACH). ANTHEMS, CHORALES, and HY MNS, for Four Voices (8.4.7. . unless otherwise expressed.) 308 AHymnof Faith | = ited by J. Baraby 28. ha hg tina to wa oto leep (Advent) J. Bar 165 Alter bites (9 coma, yo atttury "Amoy/ V Rovede2¢ T'whaway pve than” 2 apa Ca 89 Aisin ay mou sige Naat 88 wud aie dort avo for 3 vices) ey Bs eat 1 ‘Alfpeoie nat on ear =o ‘Talis | 62 Twill arise - 7 MGanpgtien 283 Ill iar me down in peace = © Mker i Smmetus; and Kye Gi . vn diately ‘and merciful id He spall purty Sepant Wefan Geass.) air 147 Jubilate and Keele Beeson Gx 8) aw, Jackson, Aide anes for ty git ts Some (Christmas) Dr GJ. Eley | 99. Kyrie ieoon (Non Tio) ~ "Various Compost Ase have bore the image or Earter)saartndBamby| Locales praivethe bord =” =" Mendaleoha ‘Ave verum (Saviour, source of ev'ry Dlessiug) Mozart | 244 Lat the words of my mouth (SeAtza) - de Barby mana tans (ike as thei}. |= Viteant Novels | 4 Lat us ow qo vet tno Betbehen (Ohtstoas) J, opens ‘Ave Verum.Jeou, Word ot Ged Lacaraate "Ch, Gouna | 41 Lard ofall power and might. ‘iesen BBufore Jehovah's etal throne ow, Madan | 29 Lord for Thy fonder mettes sake = Fartant 24 Rebold, {bring you glad tditgs (for Christmas) .W. Smith | 65 Lo. may Shepherds hand divine (fr 5 voices) Havin fs Benold; 1 bring you good tidings (Christmas) Jobin Goss| 68 Lard, ice me know ming end ee 90 Bobold, I bring you good:idaig aaren) "Tada Vittoria | 213 Lord: who shall dwell = Dr. B. Rogers 253, Babold, [bring you glad logs (Chvitaes) "~"~"'G. Croce | 49 Martin Lather® flyran («or x. Solo and Chora 185 Bebold; how good aud joyful" -- Dr. larke Whitfeld| 42, My God, look upon ine a olds 74 Bobold'uow, praise <7 leyeton| 65 Mecions hou? Gas, with chorus) « “br. Groteh 283 Behold now praae the Lord > DreRogers [211 Not unte us, O Lord A. Walmistey 235 Benodicte omnia Opera = "Various Corepimers (255 Not unto us’ O Lord . ‘Laverand Farrant 4300. Blecood nro the ~ * = “SBarotdfoure "21 Nowpray we for our comtry = "Elian Puwer 21 Blessed be the Lord God - ene, Naves|2it Now ly Chisriven or Base) ~ "George, allen Ho Bleted be he Lavd Got (Antien for Givstnas)S,. Wale | 8 Nano damit in - Ebdon 512 Blewel are tho meraial = "He Hlles, Men, [135 Ogee thanks (asa) Tacker 7 {ilesred ie Ttovehe eoieth Baste) (asx) ” Gounod | 266 O faly Gow avo ot minds (Whitsuntide) G, A. Mactaren {keyrte, Nos. 1 and 2 =. Gounod) 148 @ fiow amiable are Thy dwelings = Os Richardsn 46 “Bicased isthe people ~ = > ¥.Novello 214 0 Lerd'Gud, Thou strat of my Neath = cons 0 Blea is be thatconsidereth (cars) ord, how mane are Thy wor (or Harves), J, Bary - ik © Tord my God - '5.5, Westey E atios) are {0 ary oa a 2 pev. 6. Malan 5 She [77 {Reed your bart, and not jour garents J. maple Can ing and glory De ye |g 40 kort my Gt = far Jbrightont and best Sound the oud tab) “Azizon [225 {Come, oly Ghost {feath me Thy way = = Groce | 165 OE: sr ‘Butthe Lord lotmindfal of His own" - _ “Mendelsohn | gg 4 Lord, wo trast slo i - 188 By the watery of Babylon - ” Gearge Allen] % {Latdate momen Domint 'S Cailto remembrance Farrent| 207 ‘O'hord, Whoa taignt us (Golles) ~~ 538 Call remembrance (slo and chorus) ~ __V. Novello| 82 O praiso Gol in iis holiness =~ ‘2 Charity Anthem Gor trees) =” De. Wallosce| $6. O praise the Lord S26 148 Gharity, "La Cutea” or 3 ttbles) "= osm [168 0 Praise the Lord = ek UAL Ghrlet ingrained (Easter Antoun) - ~~. Miebbe 264 O brave dhe Lard all yoneatien - "Ean of Wilton 194. Christ being tained (Easter Artem) Dr. G. J. Elves |288 0 pray for the peace of Jerussiem © > “Dr. B, Rogers Be Gir abttron ne dead (ester Antem)Be, GJ ives |g Raga Land CAscmtan) 385 Christ i risen from the dead 0 (0a) = BL Tha 1B cate and soe low gracias the Lord is 169 Garis our Passover (Anthem for Buster) - J, Goss [351 Qutof the deep m= “A Christmas Anthem. C= cpu, ¥: Mowelg|381 Ponder my words, Q Lard" - Langdon Galpore 390 Gome, Holy Ghost (2 or x solo and chorus) ‘Thomas Attwood {112 Praise the Lord, © Jerusslom =" - Je Seatt 235: Gone ant af at ntwar =" J'Staord Sath | 46 Dray Tors peice - 7. 7 vy Novelis 520 Comfort-0 Lord, the soul of Thy servant” Dr. Crotch he Lard, O my soul Gvotew) - "= Creygbias St Gry aloud rnd bout Gor Svotem) =” — "Bye Groft 208 Prue the Lord O my taut "= © = Brew Child suo {augtters of Sarason ~DeGF Bivey| 22. Praise thou the Lord (or soprano snd alto) ” ‘Mendelsohn + Terestee - Jpaptote Cakia and J. Barby | 246 Profet ue rough he coming night aa) Curschmana ry? : 1 Baking | 7 4Sun of my soul 23 Deivo ae fom ye morta fon = =X Noval | yy {Hein 0 yo zeple viimay) “$0 aster Hymn (ool, dust rio, and quartett)| —-V. Novello | "7 {Hoty the Heraa an Gs Easter Asiheny tho Lord ls my sbangah ~ V. Novello 92 Remember, O Lord (@ trebles) BH Bnter not = “phomas Att - i award Mummatt pons | 1881 will ltt up mine eyes Goss [113 Twill ig ut mocey (for 3 treble : Hundal| 89. der, eted Word of God G. nolo and chore): Quod Dr. Chacke Whiefela Y, Novella tar JPrslaed be the Lard dally ‘Thorass Ebdon ev, He Jenner 213. esponect tothe Commandments W. T. West & Mendelsain nial | 44 See what love bath the Faker = Meadelsrohin 7 De. alleott | yy7 {See the morning star - DR E.G. Monk a Dr. ent ey sd Thy mercies glen J. Eancaster| 17 {Havk the herald angels wing Kyrie Eisison (Nos Landa) Mendelssohn and Weber [9 ‘Blog and rejoice (for Ghristias) = 3. Band 26 "Four Hymna for Christmas = Warfous Cor a2 {SI04 he Date sharp And glorious Web Glory to God in ehe ighest ~~ == ergoteat | 19? {Jesus Christ In risen to-day 4105 Glory be to God on high - ~~ veNGvelfo| 4 ‘Sing unto the Lora (Christi Anthem) | = 86 God,my King, == : ‘Bach| 70 Sleepers, wakes Te God o pts To Thee O Lora Menten 35 Grant, O Lord (Gollesty "== Mozart |*78 {hades of silent night dividing (Christmas Carol) ‘aswel Coo SGReiMoeniMirat., ” wittg| deem ged “|” mca ot Hallelujah! Halletajan - 'V. Novella | ?21 {0 God, who in ‘Thy heav'siy hand = Handel Fe eee semi saess |p eames we ee | oat sia eee eee oa 2 Hear my prayer, O at Hie saga] 18 ote Se wasakton ffs} es eee auriancsry tM) He SE eine ore of gi et array 8 ot tna cor a] Betta ert Fe Aiewe oe se anya] NEE Got Gor hrm) ~ 7 Ye 0 Hunt Bachlsne fmgneas| a Tastee dueSomeagtige” = SRY Seine. wloimicora) - 'HAE|s Hebetiesiimpte Base” atbenle BAU ner ester See ee rset er aaanem) ” -“WeNttae BoM usin) melieee (aol Me ioamagtemen Garis. “wile ey Hershel ege Chemrmceees) > Bp Bure |S) ies nt aac 2 SS eee er eseaimity "oni | etn ine ToT eee 2 jor Nee mec ORIN MS cTdienogen " - 4 a hvela ‘fer jaun gro eek arth 2 ee ay came © BASES] ME TRENT Ge aaneny “i et Be ordecwetipcamae Prous [Bb Bonide asec a tar tans Yh Se eee wanda’. “Wine |Mt Resrmativaarereauters’ Gian Be acre Ae ee ay omaneens Hache] at Peace Grats edetal on” - Ses Bh eeu aeeh th ene 27 att S Betts Gretta fae more tel Se reece ten cease see gone | tl tun ie oe eg Tana ti sinner Caran _ Brahe | 1 Vas Gece thas = al ae ere Geet ar Chisinan) H,8i Heoe| Wb Vesna Farmjnivel by NUE ah de a erases tether er rious) saat | lt We met cry and Th dy pata ove YB ee ees Bel tora) tna | re sh ne clng™* EPMA, ee teeter oo em ead Ras ey -, Hee, Sh RRSASAN SAG Giai PSG |int Unpue itetving ans tn a Gasi Mopls Vote, 1 dt TI (Bos fo 48). Vole IIT & IF (Hes. 49 to 96) Vote Vb V1 (Nos 97 oN). Vola, VET & VIDE (Not. 145 10192). ie ana i 38040 Fst, XT and KUL Mou 440280. ol XILT ahd XLV (Ne. 2891p 098) Bach Bound Cad, "Tadez, Te. Vous. 11, 1¥, V, or Vi, may be ad separaiay, stitched in paper cover, . each, LONDON: NOVELLO, EWE AND CO, }, BERNERS STREET (WW, AND 85, POULTRY (BO). Hovelle’s Octao CGhoruses. TO CHORAL SOCIETIES.—To remove the heavy taxes upon musical knowledge which had for so long a period prevented the possibility of the dissemination of the works of the great composers amongst the people of this country, Mr. J. Alfred Novello, in the year 1846, commenced the issue of those cheap editions of the standard oratorios and other sacred compositions, which are now ¢oo well known by all clastes to need a word of recommendation. For some years the choruses in the octavo editions of these works have been published separately, with an organ or pianoforte accompaniment, at an exceedingly cheap rate. Messrs. Novello, Ewer and Co., however, believe chat the time has now arrived when they may still farther help forward the good work which has already produced such glorious results; and they have resolved, therefore, upon reducing the price of the whole of the octavo choruses fully ffiy per cent. HANDEL. a HANDEL. aes HANDEL. a " Anashe gory ofthe Lora Means |64 Hay mighty Josnen x. Jounin S| Ig (Row a aternt messaro ait Vy, yA Dupes Tito” LG Howeccrounowting Vopes ate 1 [19° {Siakedtedome we Gite ot Ante purty. itis ia| © dow mretke wigniy fae tog stheproudehiet “2 pet'tan! p 1 Ata ttuakoep? “ditto 48 fare ‘Fineral Anthea} 2 Jing thee gevetheword ewlsy E Andthecnhdvenot savaet “Toraet 2°] ene desvored the poor dito f° {108 ‘Theiraoun ie goneout dito «(iat GT Jag fioware ily aon SO} HE Fhe ated tg ines haal ane hte Htecrighteourstal beled dite f14|108, Tho'trampets oul cangour “Ode, 1 Aeieoy Gods, Gite} _ [ane “How eseaiem thy mame, Seat) 3)| jog {Thy Haut nant, O Lord : efned'ahyerai nim’ Gite |] tievouth mpi ss da anh nibs gratthere Vive doptistave covers Giuo J *\220 {Qurdalstingautage. dito a (120 “Thou snded forth thy went dit 1p 1 And win ela ito” 14] Ueweseelencs Hancijan dito)” [250 sWhotwitnounto thee? ats BART Wretchedareet “dun |g, {Moves andthe sutdcen -"" tera, g [UI {the each swallowed them Sita SAlileesthss “ipetdngen, 45] Ui angus the Lord “ait ® [112 The people sallnearne alto) ee iceatesgeta “aie 1) gp Urging Me A |L1E food yreat God aucas vo ‘Aratetv net's Sausoo? a}| GF knits’ Debora 2/1 To tueeChersbin "Dettingen, ty . Almiyrteratesign ser | 88 ig duets word imone™. 3 us (Reg eesoencoray- aa Te AMM c power or Ode 8, (60 Ringsshalfterhy nursing ainers 14|428 {thine hunowrabiererse’ dito Js Aeeraiee Cetin Xion sFeut 1] 68 Lerieclrecesdatsoncerte samme 1}|116 (Ehou atthe Ring “Miso 2 Hf Ansturluas wileeds. Delorah Hf] 69 Liceppourtends, c<” Mesth AE(117 Then sallthey tow 2- Sammon i Je ere ttaingameaueaure’s Le | it Lacateeammaeot Gea “alto” L(g henromdabouttestary throne 16 Bebold in Lamba God 1] H Letasgeit Gatvonds “ule 1/18 Zodueiegiory - teman Tf Behuds Dace Alorenaeredeans 4 | HL Lat iaimstheus gilt H]Lo toiman Gedeuiverssiiae Shs ty Hi BeMupktnbsotsicey aus 1] 4s Landon leaden ss Snday 21a Themesublime "ss "Depheta If B Bitaetotiezeona ” Citat 16{ io dato aes beetnise Dart, 2p Roane od dency aot 4B iowa snerwocendito. B] 7 lated unger atte) | {he fame mori go eh M Stat sare Tey sing rita 28 Gitte 8 fuse “The prtces epnimad Ales’s Feme x 1" Diet) Measan| 15a et tidhhand Ugatroneibencd’” 7 xg hat Tune your espe suas ty utthanke be to God”” “tino [Sea Let jsece and fedgurent PUES Theda tnttana “solves HE ‘Guocuband Seraph Jephiha 2 ("tg Mover yortiicied’ ce Judes 4)|ta8 Thovitingwargearise die ‘Come and trip it we L'Allegro 1) 19 Mourn, all ye Muses ws Acik 1 ‘The name of the wicked ditto 2 Genbaclical-s Jeni 14), cbood anche" ZI Baal | [aa Fotengpostenty” Soman dy Biuktnttt danger 2 ""Buans, [228 feouha toreelimourn "dts Retaseonmas Ne Ht a {bap beansninngety Detingeay | ap “Most ny Alana binge Aca” 14/9 The Greatdehoras’ te jake fiom iobeaumbered ate f? | SL Mayaortsnineuders Solomon flat helisoning crowd Alex's Feast 1h 26 raw thetase "Solomon 1 | §2 Mediceprend thy voles “aluo" Hf|132 Ahemany reid heater ita. 2 se{beaiaileound iia DeStay iy} $3 Mayne tegh "ot, Jonhen 1 ]s00 She wane ot iogdomorn By Rihale aide} H]aa¢ NehenrtisindlingtiZinesepent 3} lap thats bode aro bared It ay tuvntinas Gd iniaetinEgyrt” 1] sl NomorctsAmmonts God deqnine 44/ {Bueaueienamelivethes ato }1 REELS been RGN" Wait ow da evornag Seg" tgp flaqgamiewibeatn =: $Me y HE EXtialnetgidshaittebs OS" Shoe 13/282 {and theconpregstion. Gite $0 Foran sehid’ o, "Mosalah 2 |, (Doteat tidings a Debosahy 1423 “boy saiteccere "> Gato ap Bt iene heioo | Z MGuuae 19195 {R0C'intproudtosaitnd ioe dive f [det Fhetenititgonness” dite 52 Ber Sion mentation ake “hte” t| a6CO dou weiclden ‘sepa! y|3at ‘Bremahty power. Ala, 3H Aitosin esrerustne tat’ 11] Qtineceated bam Atmwon fly (theron tet kings Veta HL Romiibecmnercnting ‘eiomon | 8) Ounowiherehest tla Ghoran) 119° {Deleurings ee, alo Se eae eee eae reread Boaiigeny f | cong aneredciguielf ton cet give} Sy Forall thets mercies “Joshua 1| T{o'ont in then geet 2 [2 i Altcgro fA 39. Faover of merey sito" | ap 'Q eh any, 3 “Voshua 2s Thm aay tes ge 4 Forbeuriup ocbta “. Deborth 1 | $3 Oinepleseureoftne sine Acie If Sito} 11 Eorovertoste votce <2 aio" 1, | % (0 bad'stin hy teomendoan sy | 255 mmoa hast preventea him Sn ag Be dey teetes’ AS Hy ag f° Seba a ca iran y(A08 Torantgne ge Heri Giicpiny ews. Bau ext iy lowly sorvdate prayer} #2 |390 Gpon tmp gue an “ BETES ee, QS Hl (omltfncy urna)» et RR = oo Gloroo fee! SeUKE ) a5 9 aa menrenrsug ain te |e? So i oy 2 Ga eulah 1 |28F Qletalcomequenec of age aot Votoms, mighty King’ ‘Su 4 Giory t dod Joshua 2 (7 Pagles weresioesoswift®” ditioy 2/22 {Dat nis cen thousand slew dttco} 1 & fines rks 4 Jano fitkeectcttarmy iy aisha Wecome beh ary "Suet $2 MaDby pale ST atoxataecsveant |" UG fontday oe Se dies #138 Ween ais BRE exiy Sica [sor “bret the ery balls” Walegro™ 1p] 192 Wenerer wllbow dowa dito St Hetiotedis Boa Sines 43/356 Ponwlows eee Ane? T/L Wepmethee, Got" Detuinyen } 42 towarhyO yond Sr depiha 2 | ie Peivee tora giomon, 8! [359 (Whee thouhuiaoverome “ul 3 Ve aeobe God. Bamon | % ciardat Biemity ) Devoran [Wesievetoe pray thee do & uc oa {peace hin for te gio Ta Wideibigersomeg <> Rasta § 55 Hespake the word 2 205 {Pere aang RY aiuok 44/331 Weep, leteel Seep ‘io 2 BF He eae ate halt ais Ging’G geleavens “Dusshaasar’ 3 (tia Wikplowtewe” “Z, Sokamen 2 2 dis feather danke T(E shupotdn rigueotanest 1 |1G Weis veusibied ngs “Sotun 1 We Surdyghohatomne’ss) Meath 1 [Lit Weotmediover "Acie sp fUstebuted re eden” ito zy] 80 Since an cane desia “ito. 3/323 When tecarheardaée © UES iciikee ough te deep Niof 4 os gliwLace sha tegn orwell {14S Yourharpeand-eyaiais Soliton 3 to ‘ears 8 tard rinse? uy |100 {aieteete theo Hp Your cultene alent 1s 300 Hota tho lovely youth Theodora 14|_ a8 ‘Beebe congu'ting bord 1|1f Yesuns st Tsuat Sone Ml Hatt Suuea re? OS™ Sees 1 iat Sine unten ee Lye Yohouse of Gilead 2 Jepanhe Db SF Huijane ies “ae 2 Lop Swett taevaitetorae 2° gotomon’ ila Zadock tbe Priest 3 For further numbers, see neat page. CONTE NTS O'F NOVELLO’S OCTAVO CHORUSES, (HAYDN’S FIRST MASS. | Kyre—Hearus, Lord Slorecsingte the tora “wu Td Gratins—Lord, we adoro 2 Quoniam—Praleetse Lard” aw 2 Credo—0 be joytal Etincarnatui—O Lord, ghvs et. Et rovurrexit—Thow hast mais tained 207 Etvitau—Lord,thinebethepower 1) 288, Sanction Ully holy 1 299 Benedicaus—He: a 2 G00 Agnus Del—God our Father” 1d WL Dona nobls—Sing the prai uy HAYDN'S THIRD MASS. 160. yrie--Hear our prayor. Tet Garemlerioas ibe Ring” Yi 8h Qui “Lard, why ae thea forsaken. 1 168 Quonismn—Sing with foy y Gredo—Lord, thon hast made BE incarnate Lordy rebate ‘me not Rt 'resurrexit—Ton ast giuin- raed vr (SST aaa” 1? 168 {Denese done}? HAYDN’S SEASONS." 2 SSR fan ieee aes * z, her lovely charms eye “Duct and Chorus) 1) we cwegigy este O°? ERS + we aunt een 3G Noweensothecontict(triog Ghos) 1} 34 ‘Thoeastare, ever kind ditto. 2 He Hak! the sountaaresound) 2 HE opfalintiqeorfows vem 3 27 Let the wbed move, 3 eeealty lord 8 BSlotaa Chon if $8 Atemastinanv ios Chow 2 HAYDN'S “CREATION.” 160 Awake the harp. In eaten ao iaved J the gloss woe ee ce Ist Choras) 1 153 itt Gad Chora) TB nytoeswihsite deers Ohon) Hg Blningscuningsege id 188 Bing the eo WG BE Tov marvions i 1b Tushmcnseetaling 3 i) Tielotiegren Sb othe Lard 9, Lord, at G Gredo—Nations shall de himserviee 1 (Br fncarnatas Bow’ down’ and 19a chuems -}! 204 ‘Sanctus—Holy, holy sore 1 30s BenedicroscHo ts Glesed "a be Agnon Del—Lard vavemerey “" 1y 07 Dona nobis—Praiae the Lord an 9 MOZART’S FIRST MASS. 285” Kyvle—Merlfl and gracious Lard. 1i 286 Glorla—Glorio ,GOUNOD'S MESSE SOLENNELLE, 28 Sanctus and Bonedieius 32 Grasp nets 2251 Benedietas a CComarition Service}. omtunton Service}? In Vocal Score. WEBER'S MASSINE FLAT. Son Sanctus—Hol, holy, hol 622 Benelicna do ie Caneel MOZARTS LITANY IN Yistioum—0 Lord, hear our er 00 {Figneefavora Sine te Jehonsh MOZART'S. LLATANY IN 210 Pie tara kea ttt IOZART’S REQOEM MASS, Requiem stermam—Give unto the auf at an Christe Fleisoo—Shew tay mere 2g. Bieta Day of venuoate He Ribs irene tat riremende-—King,tremnendat 16 {Recirdare dems—Aindiy desu}? ‘Confatstie malodtetasWhan tho anf a “ie curved LLachrymost~Day of tournin 18 Domine ders Christe Lord Jesus Curise 4 219 HostiaseiProres—Oteringof prayer If Sanetas—Holy, holy, ufo ‘tux Eteme=Shew thy favoot ce ee 208. 0 God, when thon appesrest First Motett 3 209 Splendento Te, Dene wu. tts 3 212 Glory tonoar, praise ‘Third Motett 3 BACH'S PASSION. iy Saviour Jerty on soe (Helen tn tides 457 In tears grit ‘ OSSINI’S “ STASAT MATER.” o" (FRIBULATION,. J cpap on (Rat aga cto} fetitacrcnt |, igen, a (RRR toat eh ys Wm ees aca ef ean een SPOHR. 267. Pralse the Lora our God ond. 234 u aes {Hob by ely “Saipand Choy 269 'Q.Lord, thou aft God alone (Ait) ‘Blessing, Power, Honour, Glory. ‘Soto and Chorus) Hall, Lord Almighty « ‘the Lord an. ition s fallen on Babylon foreverarethey that dic Greatand wonderful art thon. God thou artGreat Qn savement) ‘Thou oarth, walt aweot eens HUMMEL. 08 Quod inorbe—I willezaltthes 4 CHERUBINI'S REQUIEM MASS IN C MINOR, Requiem etomam—Give unto the an {Pee tee }2 822 ‘Dior ira Da Ssh Plo deou—God of vengeance of meney. a 40. MENDELSSOHN. 72 {Alle al rane thou 10 Ap the Hart penta 100 {I edie for tho Lord (Duet stand Chorus) ditto Bega Laser ie ora ogiy dito" 14 Ba, we-ry th ‘Eiijan 4 Bo Baha Blah 314 Be not‘atra ta ditto SUL Bieseedare the men “" ditto 4 AT ButourGedabideth St.Paul 1b BH Castthy burden... Ellah 2 251 Come, Torus sing a Po y u 2 (fh, Bold a Ch u S15 He watching over eel Ejah & 18. Heat sal ed enditto 2 a6 “is Goa ante 4 i lay ay en are tay Be Pas Tk (ow lovely are the mesevngers da 178 (Thus salsh the Lord ae aitoy 174 I pratte te 0 tora (B. Solo Ches.) aitte 14 ans {18 thie Ne? ne me alto) ay O tot, the ue and onan ait 178 Lora, thou alone 2 Ut Eatellmon praise “Lobgesane 18 Nowthieman . SePaul 1 2 Natonly unto bim ditt 2 10 Qereatintse depth. “aike 181 O be gracious sw aitte 1 250 O co, lett wivanip (Tr. Solo & Chos.)" 8th Peatm 1} aig Promised Joye ae Harts feel that fove Theo 182 Reo up, atl a Sleepers wake a roSToGod on high. To thee, 0 Lord” a, 388 “Stone bim to death 44 Seo whit Tae s Temple. ...ditto 185 (Fare it from tay pach “ain se “Thonsgnt ia departing Lob 313. Thanks be to doa Asta Bit And'hen shal Sour tight 181 Why, my soal ¥ 188 Why! mysosl dast Chorus) ditto 383 Yenstions ofr Lobgosung 3 ioe Yeroonthetora Sef BEETHOVEN'S “ENCEQL.” {MOUNT OF OLIVES.) 195. o pratse Bio alt ye ncdous 10 Blielgf D BEETHOVEN’S MASS INC 1° Ene ie Lad ony on {gies orn a ee erent wfc rate Eanes) 198 {Bnedicaeiiote blessed 04 f WEBER’S MASS IN CG. so (Er att Ae son {Sew avor uns ete {Look with favor on thy people Landon Noverso, Ewes & Co., 1, Bemers Street (W.), and 35, Poultry (I.C.). REDUCED TO 2. (WED EACH BOOK. Voice parts separately, Sixpence each, net. Orpheus; A couLEerion oF Glees, or Vocal Ouartetts, BY THE MOST EMINENT GERMAN COMPOSERS, ‘WITH ENGLISH WORDS. Lhe First 86 Books may be had, handsomaly bound, in 15 Vols. and 3 Cases, price £6 0 0 ‘Tams Work has been Jong known aud appreciated as the only Collection of German Part-Songs in England. Moderate as the price has hitherto been, however, the new Propriotors have resolved to place these imired ‘Compositions still further within the reach of all who love Choral Part-Musio; and it will in future be issued ‘therefore, at 2 ‘each Composition, is contained in every Book. ‘Those marked with an Asterisk are for mixed voices, the others for male voie: First Series, ‘BOOK I. 1 Drlghaword oferty _v. Weber 2 Yerthfl fowar Blan 2 Silent Rieht “Weber 4 Oe moor and monmtsin. Spobr 5 Come, boys Marschner @ Merry aul free 1) HL Werner BOOK Il. 1 The Sabbath Call. Kremteer 4 Bening Deca 9 Plane, Piano Seyfried 10 Banish ob! malian Zorene 11 Liteows Wild Hant ©. v.Weber 12 Boldier's song ‘Womer BOOK III. 1B Hark! above us Kreutzer’ 1M In thetwilight —..¥. Weber 1 Lovely night... Chwatal 16 The two ros 1. Werner 17 Tho toper's glee. Zeltor 18 Hronting choras Weber 28 Tategor vite... Flemming BOOK IV, 20 The three hantsmon ... ©, Kreuteor 31 Parting oF. Otto 3901 axnetissima, ‘ao. 28 He who trasts ") Bisenhofer 24 Maying co MUller 3 Adeence F, Schnetder wer Kalliwods, Poblente 27 ORI oral maid 26 Twine, yo roves ‘39 Tho San ts gone Bergt 30 Deh con me ¥. Soyfrioa Dear maid... Catt 2 Thesnertfce |. Pus BOOK VI, 38 Lill thes, boy Grassint 4 Boldters' chorus Werner 136 Tho indies Rolcbardt 36 Mariners’ song. 2M, Haydn 81 Tosong ow ¥. Weber 238 King Joy Werner BeLadl serous chy Seyfried ‘BOOK VII, 40°The Vesper Hymn... Beathoven 41 The Miners’ Song. Annnoker 42eInfelles ase Nauman 45 Wave high your hats... Baur 44eThe swallows Poblentz 45 Harold Harfager HL. Werner 48 Dr.St. Paul... Zelter 87 Oft when night has rest estowed = De Call ‘BOOK VIII, 48 The twelee @. W. Fink 49 Libera me, Domine! .. Kalliwoda 50 The Chapel a Krouteer 51 Under every tree-top Kuhlau 1% The Rifeman.. — F. Otto 23 Pleasing pain De Call 14 Thro’ woods and fields Kreutzer SeeAh! tell me not -Mendelasohn ‘BOOK Ix. 56 The Cuckoo. Le Spohr BT Life's docats Stetnacker G. Krentzer C.F Adan 18 Huntsman's Joy 158 Malden, listen {60 Beauteous clouds P, Werner Sl parting = vB Otto BOOK X, e2eTho frst day of spring Mendelssohn @ Warsong. HL Werner 64 Sorenada So Blsenhofer 85 Bacchat Pohlentz Hoesler Pohents (66 The Marino's Return, 67 Huntaman’s Song 68 Spring time .. v= Kreateer GoeFiope and faith sv. Weber BOOK XL TWeTHG Equinox... we Krenteer Th Hllarity ou Deb 72 The Recompense 1 Mendelssobn Bertelamann Suter 78 Tue Request 1A The Wood Nymph instead of 38. 6d. a Book. A separate Part for each voice, and’a condensed Pianoforte Scare of BOOK XIL. ToeHinr, hark! the lark. F. Koken ‘ToeLord, have mercy. Mendatsvohn Hope and fear F. Otto 78 Bost Song B, Schubert 79 The dying child 3.4. Vitis 80 Soldier'slove.. v F. Kileken F.Otto F. Schubert 81 The Complaint {82 Gondoliers Serenade Second Series, ‘BOOK XIII. LeTHe Woods ae 2Spring is come BeDeparture wed. 4*The Nightingale eda 5eThe Vate of re a seRunting song.. mao. ‘BOOK XIV. 7 Tarkish drinking song... do 8 The hunter's farewell... do. 9 Summer song... ao. 10 The Voyage ao. M1 Love and wine ao. 12 Spring's journey ao ‘BOOK XV AtOnthesen ed. Mein the woods. ado. 15 Hie theo, shallop Kicker. 16 Warsong awe IT Tho millers daughter... Mitel ‘ROOK XVI. 18 Go, speed thy sight. Otto 19 Let us be Joyful Schneider 20 Tho trooper's song... Weber 1 Not aspoton earth... Winter 92 Shall eer my hoart do. 28"May song. Mendelssohn 24°The morning walk. Gade 25 Che bel contento Seyfried CONTENTS OF THE ORPHEUS (Contmvep), BOOK XVII. 25 The merry Wayfarer .. Mendelssohn 11 Farewell meeting do, Serenade. ao. 29 Eastern drinking song... do. BOOK XVIIL 50 Song of theworthy man Mendelssohn 51 The Raine ao. 82 Tisthesongwhosespirit do. 3 Stndents parting song do. ‘BOOK XIX. a4 The slstof May. Motique a5tLove 5 Cherubint 86 Where's the gain’ 1. Ly Do Call ST Convivial Song... Molique 38 Evening eomes Beleke BOOK XX, S0eFor the New Year... Mendelssohn 40°The happy lover @o., ‘s1#Tho Shepherds! Son do. 42¥The Wood Minstrels «do. s5*The Viotors’ Return... do. ‘MMeThe Wandering Minstrels do. BOOK XXI. 45 Tell mo on what holy ground. Fass 40 When the huos of day- Light fade .. What is life? 48 think and dream of theo =» Sutor 49 Old Bacchus Ackers 50 Serenade Basse ‘BOOK XXII. 21°Remembranco Mendolseoln s2¢Pral of Spring do 58°8pring Son fo, ‘4¥In the Forest ao. BOOK XXII, ‘S5°Life's bright dream... Fs Goyer (A Cantata for mize voices with Planotorte BOOK XXIV, 36 The Young Musleians.... Klicken 87 The Rhine oe dou 38 O wort aS Third Series, BOOK XXV. YAnvla Romance, three movements Mendelssohn 21 would that my sorrow Relsiger ‘B°The Brook a 4 Winter Song Dor BOOK XXVI, 5 Love beareth patiently Ries 6 The time of song has come ao. 17 Good night Kilcken S#The Secret Reissiger 9FTt is decreed Mendelssohn | BOOK XXVII. 10*T he unknown land iin Autuma| 12*orning’s greetings, 18¢The Woodland Valley | Mende! LM*ThoWoodsare glowing Fanny Hensel ch ‘BOOK XXVIII, 15 Love and Courage. Spobr 18 Toast S Zillner 17 Sorenade + Ricken 18 Hard Times Dirrner ‘BOOK XXIX, 194The deep repose of night Mendetssobm 20°Antuma Song. do. 21°The Lark's Song ae, 22°The Primrose cs ‘2¢Homage to Spring &, BOOK XXX. 210 world, thou art ‘wondrous fair Hiller (opr. Solo & Men's Choe) 25 The Imago of the Rose, Reichardt (Ten. Solo & Men's Chos. 2% Canzonetta, Tears of Anguisn ef (Bass Solo & Men's Chios) 27 Serenade (Bass Solo & BOOK XXXI. 26¢Song of Night ‘Mendelssohn 2*An old Love Song. do, 20¢Alone te s1-Gresting to SaSpring Song... BOOK XXXII, 33*TTome ve Benedict BeeFalth Franz BrSpring Muller 25*0n the water Curry ‘37°The Waterliy Gade BOOK XXXIUL 36¢5wits Volkslied ‘Kiloken. 3peVolislled wabien) AoeTyrolose Volkslled |, Kicken aieFarewell Bwobian) ‘BOOK XXXIV. W2How can a bied help BngIng aan ABE 494In Spring time doe 4*The Rover's joy ao. 5"Bvening Sor odo 40°The Flowers review |. a0. BOOK XXXV, 41 Laura's Prayer. A. Diabellt 48° The Morning Stroll, H. Eeeer (oth with Planoferte ‘Accompaniment 1 ‘BOOK XXXVI. 40 0 Fatherland... “Abe, 50 Merry Bay (with Tenor Solo) do, 51 Thuringian Volkalied.. do 52 Farewell, thou lovely Forest Glade, 158 Evening(ith Bass Solo) ao, ae, Fourth Series, BOOK XXXVI. 1 Masten tothe Gent... Mozart 2Union Marachner 3-The Battlefield 2-H, Werner 4 The United Band 5. Os 5 On the March. Becker BOOK XXVIII, 6*Thy Goodness spreads... Beethoven 72G0d is my song, ao. BeLlovemy Goda. 9Swiftly fades my life do, 10"Tko Heavens prociaian Him do. 10"God my help + Hauptmana B2Look up to God ao, TaePrayer ao. BOOK XXXIX, WeALament Votkstied 15¢To the Sunshine ao, 16+Annie of Tharaw ao. ITPA Spring Lament fo, 18*Farewell 0. 10*The Lurley fo BOOK XL, 80 Vinee a Fab, 21 The Three Chafers... Trubs 22 The Northman's Song... F. Klicken 28 The Dance FOuo ‘BOOK XLI. 240The Inconstants Schama 25*The Heath Rose do, 204The Recralt 4 27#The Highland Lassle to BOOK XLII, 28¢Rattin’ roarin’ Will. Schumann 29°Fellow Passenger. do, 3U¢The lovely Adelaide. Vottsied. BISTo the wood welll gow. de, Hovellos Glee-Hide, A Collection of Glees and Madrigals, in Vocal Score, with ad lib, Accomp. for the Pianoforta COMPLETE IN THREE VOLUMES, Handsomely Bound in Cloth, Gilt Lettering, price 5s. each Volume. PREFACE ro THIRD ayy LAST VOLUME. Iw the Three Volumes of Novello’s “Gl Hive" are stored Eigurr-Tnze of the best Glees and Madrigals; they are presented in a convenient and portable form, at a price to place them within the power of every Glee- lover who thie sele presence of Novello’s ‘ Gles-Hiv 4s better produced by some fami reheareal, than by some less-well- extensive, but if, in the course of t wish to possess well used, 1, & further extension 2 All oreatares now (Madrigal, s.s.a.1.3.) J. Benet Sd. 81 Are the white hours for ever ed (Glee, a.t.7-2.) Dr, Callcott 28, T. Morley 2a. 44 Ariao, awake (Madrigal, s.s.a.7-3.) 7 As it fell upon a day (Glee, 8. Earl of Mornington 8d. {58 Ason a Summer's Day (Glee, J.S. Smith 3d. 9 As now the shades of eve (Glee, } Dr. Cooke 2a, 28 As Vesta was (Madrigal, s8.a.t-r.0.) T. Weelkes 4d. 66 Boauties have youseen 4 Toy (Gieos-n-7.2.) eg Bvane 28, 12 Blest pair of Sirens (Giles, J. Stafford Smith 8a, 5 Blow, blow, thou winter wind (Glee, s.4.1.».) Red. S, Stevens 2a. 79 Come, shepherd swains, (Madrigal, a.r.0.) Join Wibye, 1609 14d. 60 Cold Winter's Ice is fled and gone (Madi. .s.4.7.8) ‘Thomas Weelkes 1}. 6 Come, bounteous May (Glee, Spofforth 2d. 8 Come, shepherds, follow me (Mad!,s.a.t.n.) Benet 134. 61 Come live with me(Glee, 4.17.2.) Samuel Webbe 13a. 60 Come, Fairies, trip it on the grace (Glee, 1.1.0.) Join Parry 84, 61 Crabbed Age and Youth (Glee, a.2.1.3.) ms 69 Come, bind my hair (Glee, a.r.0.) itt 84. TL Come, see what pleasure (Ge 2a. 14 Cynthia, thy song (Madrigal, 2d, 86 Dainty fine bird (Madrigal, s. aya. 49 Desertor’s Meditations ( ia. 26 Die not fond man (Madi ‘J. Ward 84. 20 Discord, dire sister (Glee, 2.7. 14a. 88 Due beg’ occhi lucente (Madi on 17 Fair Orian (Madrigal, 6.s.a.1-t.2.) Join Milton 8d. 62 Fair Nymphe(Madtigal,,) J. Farmer 3d. 86 Father of herves (Glee, Acr-t-a.n.) | Dr. Calleet 3d, 10 Fire, fire, my heart (Ballet. s.s.a.7.8.) 7. Morley 2d. 4 Floranow ealleth (Madrigal, ss.a.t.8.) J.S. Smith 8d. 1 Krom Oberon, in Fairy Land (Gies, s.a.t.s.) RJ. S. Stevens 8a. 22 Go, idle oy (Glee, Artor.b.) ae Dr. Calleott 2d. 84 Grace before and after meat. "Various authors 84. 87 Great Apollo, strike the lyre (Glee, s.s.7.2.) ‘uuel Webbe 2d, 24 Hand in hand (Glee, 9.8.8. & chorus, - Cooke 9a. 45 Hlark the curfow's solemn sound (s.a.n.) Athoood 2d. 75 Hail, smiling morn (Glee, atst-B.) R Spojforth 14a, 74 Health to my dear (Gloe, a. BR. Spofiorth 1a. 41 Henoe, all ye vain delights (Glee, 88.1.-".2.) Webbe, 8a. 83 Idler; gaze not on beauty! (Madrigal s.s.a-r..) Giovan Pizzoni 2d. 19 follow, lo, the footing (Mad’, s.s.ame,) Morley 24, them, Classes will be enabled to select many programmes of sufficient v 3 and it is hoped that, many a summer-ramble and picnic will be made It should be remembered that the effect on these latter occasions F favorite, courageously trolled forth by those who feel at ease by frequent rated novelty; it is, therefore, deemed that the present collection is muficientty . [17 Stay, Corydon (Madrigal, ity from ‘most musical” by the ‘should be needed, the weekly iseue ean be then resumed* 49 Ioadly thinking, and spirits sinking (leo, 4.72) 40 In pride of May (Madrigal, s.s.a.7.8.) T. Weelkes 1d. 42 I sigh, as sare to wear the fruit (Madrigal, F. Pilkington 14a. 83 It was a lover and his lass (Gileo, ss 4.1.8.) 4 R. J. 8, Stevens 1p. 65 In going to my lonesome bed, (Mad igal, a CRibiand beards 192, 16 Let me careless (Madrigal, s.a.1-3.s.) 46 Lady when I behold (Mad! 87 Lightly she tripped (Mad al, 8.8 Ae ‘Join Mundy, M.B. 34, 21 My bonny lass she smileth (Ballet, s.4.7.7:2.) Horley 2, 55 My Dear Mistross had a Heart (Glee,,) Reginald Spoforth 14d, 18 0 Happy Fair (0, 18 O snatch me avitt. (Glee, s.a.r. W. Shield 14a, 30 Oviana’s Farewell (Madrigal, 88 Old May Moming (Glee atts.) V: Nowlin Ad. 59 O chat the learned Posts (Madrigal, s..4- ‘Orlando ‘Gone 2d, AT Peace to the souls of the heroes (Giles, A.T.8.) Br. Calict 28. 29 Queen of the Valley (Glee, ar-1.8.8.) Dr. Calleott 8d. 27 Return, blest days (Glee, acrvr.n.) J. S. Smith 1p 48 Round about her chariot (Madrigal, s.s.4.1-7.».) Ellis Gibbons 32. ) Giovanni Foretti 24, rman.) Marensio 3d, 2) et Uf. be 2a. 82 Siat avortiti (Madrigal,s.a.7, 6 Sovaith my fair (Madrigal, 80 So lovely is thy dear self (G 3 Swiltly from the mountain's brow 7B In the lonely vale of streams (Glee, a-7.2.) ‘Dr. Calloot 3a. 62 If love and all the world (Glee, a.r-7.8,) 8. Webbe 14a | 89 Strike the lyre (Glee, 4.t-7.».) T. Cooke 8d, 85 The mighty conqueror (Glee, arct-n.) S. Weble 134. 38 The Lady Oriana (Madrigal,s.s.a.1.7.2.) Wilige 8d. 72 Thyra, sleepest thou (Madrigal, s.a.t.e.) Benet 1}d 43 To all you ladies now on land (Gi ) Dr. Calleott 14a, 4 The Sisters of the Sea (Glee, 6.4 “Jackson 44. | 63 Tho Friar of Orders Grey (Glee, Calleot 14 70 ‘To love I wake the silver string (Double chorus) S, Webbe Ty 81 Wanton Gales (Glee, a.7.7-8.) v4. 8, Webbe 78 Weep, silly soul (Madvigal, A.A.r.p.) Jolin Benet 28. 11 Where the bee sucks (Glee, 81.8.) Jackson 3d. 23 While fools their time (Glee, acr.t.2.) J. 8.Smich 24. 32 When all alone (Madrigal,s.8.a.r.3.) @.Converso 1}a. 87 When shall we three meet (Glee, s.s.2.) King 24. 76 When tlow'ry meadows (Madrigal, s.a.1-8.) Palsrna, 1590 14d, 64 With sighs sweet rose (Glee, avt-r.o.) Calleott 24, 88 While the bright sun (Madrigal, e.a.2.3,) | dyrd Ifa. 13 Ye Nightingaies so pleasant and so gay (ladrigal, sar.) 2. Orlando di Lasso 2d. 82 Young men I warn you (Madrigal, Giovanni Foretti 24. London: Noveuto, Ewen and Co,, 1, Bemers Street (W.), and 83, Poultry (E.C.), LESLIE’S CHORAL MUSIC. % Collection of Part-Songs, Madrigals, otetts, Brthems, &e., for Four, | Fibe and pices. EDITED BY HENRY LESLIE. Complete in One Volume, folio size, whole cloth, price Ten Shillings, or singly, as follows : 16. My bonny lass sho smileth, Madrigal, sap. - = Thomas Morley 0 No. ® {{. How soft the shades of evening, Part Song, sanz. - - - Henry Smart 0 2. In going to my dreary bed, Madrigal, save. - - = Richard Edwardes 0 3. Now fie on love, Paré Song, s.a.n.b. - = + GA Macfarren 0 4. Flora gave me fairest lowers, Madrigal, - - - John Wilbye 0 5. Ave Verum (Holy Jesu), Motett, s.a.7.B. - = = = = Mozart 0 6, Here in cool grot, Glee, s.a.n.n.- - - = Earlof Mornington 0 7, Songe of praise the Angels sang, Choral Song, aatu.- - - Honry Leslie 0 8. In these delightfol pleasant groves, Madrigalian Chorus,s.ans, - | H.Pureell 0 9. The parting kiss, Part Song, s.a.n.8. - = Giro Pinsuti 0 10. When all alone my pretty love, Madrigal, ss.amp. - ~ _@Converso 0 11. Love me little, love me long, Part Song, s.AnB. - + Leigh Wilson 0 12) Hail, smiling morn! Glee, sann. = - - RB. Spofforth 0 1g, {All creatures now are merry, Madrigal, ss.ap.- - ohn Benet} 9 Flow, oh, my tears! Madrigal, sap. = - = 7 : 14, Where art thou, beam of light, Chorus, s.A.73.- . Sir Henry R.'Bishop 0 15. Softly fall the shades of evening, Part Song, 8.40.3. ~ - + ESihs 0 17. Lord, for Thy tender mercies’ sake, Anthem, - -R.Farrant 0 18, Hark! the lark at Heaven’s gate sings, Part Song, SATB. - -Dr.Cooke 0 9, { Come, let us worship, Anthem, - -__ ~ Palestrina Ave Maria (Give ear unto my prayer), Motett, san. - Tacques Arcadelt } 20. Bird of the wilderness, Part Song, samp. ~~ - J. Hatton 0 = Thomas Morley 0 Thomas Weelkes Thomas Ford Jules Benedict” 0 W. Horsley 0 J. Battishill . Stevens 21, Now is the month of Maying, Madrigal, s.amrp. 29. { Welcome sweet pleasure, Madrigal, s.s.4.n2. | Since first I saw your face, Madrigal, samp. 23, Summer is nigh, Part Song, 8.47.3. ~~ |. See the chariot at hand, Glee, same.- — - 95, { Amidst the myrtles, sanz. =~ = The cloud eapp'd towers, Glee, sar. lot LY lb WY NY WHA A VONAWYNYNNNNNF B. 26, { The Waits, sans. - - J, Savile} 5 The silver swan, Madrigal, - — - - Orlando Gibbons 27. ° How sweet is summer morning, Part-Song, 8.3. = - Henry Smart’ 0 28. Fire, fire, my heart, Madrigal, as.anp. - - = Thomas Morley 0 29, { Ladye fair, thou hast my life, Choral Song, sans. - From the French "This morning, at the dawn of day, Part Song, s.a.n-, - 80, " Song for spring, Part Song, ~ -" B Silas g1_{ When peaceful night, sata. = = Brening Hymn of of the Moravian ‘Monks Hail, blessed Trinity (Alla Trinita), samp.- — - 82. “Ye spotted snakes, Glee, s.a.1.B. - - - -R J. s. Stevens 33, Winds of Autumn! chill and lonely, Part Song, s.a.0.3. - 0. Oberthiir 34, What saith my dainty darling ? Madrigal, o.0.4.0.n. ‘Thomas Morley 85. ‘Tho summer gale that gently blows, Part Song, 8.4.02. - = J.L, Hatton 36. In pride of May, Madrigal, ss.a.7.5. ~ Thomas Weelkes + Ciro Pinsuti -_ Mendelssohn G@. A. Macfarren Thomas Morley 87. Good night, good night beloved, Part Song, 88. Farewell my home, ite Song, S.A.0B, 39. The last wild rose of the season, Part Song, 8.4.12. ao, { Sing wo and chaunt it, Madrigal, - Dainty, fine, sweot nymph, Madrigal, 8.8.4.r.5, 41, The Curfew, Part Song, 42. Tell me, Flora, Part Song, ann, =~ 43. ‘The morning breaks, s.. 44. Inmet her in the quiet lane, 8.4.7. 45. The Owl, Part Song, 46. Gently falls the evening shade, Madrigal, s.r. mB. Ciro Pinsuti Mendelssohn J. L, Hatton . Silas - Luca Marenzio Constantius Festa - Anderton ecooccoess S SoSoSoooS S MOLL NNWIOED W IORWRONIOI to Nw 47, ’Twas a May-time morning, Madrigal, s 5 a 48. Come again sweet days, Madrigal, sap. - = = = John Dowland 49. Whore Scop the willows, Madrigal, sap, 9 - = Hubert Waelrent 50. Now May is here, Part Song, stm = - = = Henry Smart LONDON: NOVELLO, EWER AND CO., 1, BERNERS STREET (W.}, AND 85 POULTRY (£.0.), Tast Published, targe Demy Quarto size, (12 inches by 9 NOVELLO'S Stara Glee Pook, BRING A COLLECTION OF THE MOST FAVORITE GLEZS BY ENGLISH COMPOSERS; AN ACCOMPANIMENT (AD LIB.) FOR THE PIANOFORTE. ‘REVISED 3 J. BARNBY ‘This Collection of Standard Gloss Is published in One Volume, ‘bandsomely bound In cloth, with gilt edges, prloe 4. éd. Also 1 each. "And'ia Thirty Numbers, each con 4} Ye Spotted Snakes §} Bly ois O Harmony.) ease Gh Forgive, best sade. s.r. 5 a} Uigniy teas allowed grouad,"aa.2, 3) Hata en a5} Sienna mere, tade sca 1} When winds brsthe wi eaczaa, 13} Breaths sot yo winds 4. PART II.—Price Sixpence. 19) Blow, blow, thou winter wind. a. B,J. 8, Stevens 14} Comé see what ploasure, “s a de Elliott 15) Sinoe frst Taam your fae. s 7 "p,Ford Is} As now the siades of eve. 8.5 Dr. Cooke 1) Fron Oberon in iryant" sates, "3 evra is} Od ofeve, sat. Lord Mornington 18) Switly tom tne mounts 5 Webbe 20} Awake, Aoian lyre. 84.7.0, wf” gS. Danby ‘Aste til upon day- a. “Lora Moraingtoe 22} Londiy gallants, sx. ‘Dr. Calleott 23) In the lonely vale of steams. a..73. Dr. Galleott, 24} You Gentlemen of England. 47-3. De: Callcatt PART III.—Pric Sixpence, 25) When shall we threo mect again, 953. m= MP. King 26} When shall we toe meet agains San, W. Horsley. anu pet a! Waineright 2e} Ohappy far (Tho Loadstars).” gp.” a.” We Shield 29) Hark th eurfw's solemn sound “ssn Attwood Vs a health onto His Majesty.” ar, 5. Savi shepherds tell me (The Wrealh), the May By. 8.8 35} The Hed ight, SS. 34} How moray walle, “nn. 1, Este B} Re pea gra Oa w= 7 Dr. Gaileott 34} Toall you ladles now ow land. 3.2, Dr. Calleott PART 1V,—Price Stxpmes. 31) How swoct how fresh 8, Paxton 3 RL Spottrth 33 te De, Calter a 3 a Webbe 41) Go, idle boy. aetsbe De, Calleott 42} Crlbted age and youth, ax'za. J. 8, Stevens & rite hours forever ded. Aeais. .. Dr. Calloott a ato "3, Webbe 48) Come, boumteous May. A.ara.m, B. Spofforth 4} By Call's Arbour.“ W. Horsley (7) The clond eapt towers. A-tcrn3. BJ. 8.Stovenn G3} Matted you ber eye. aan. ve OR Spofforth PART V.—Price Sixpence, 1 “42 Queen ofthe Valley A.n30.2, Dr, Catlett 50} air Fora decks. 2. "3. Danby 51) ao comes dues Dr. Calleott '53} Peace fo the souls of me Dr Galleott £5) Me he meer gre Dr. Calleatt 4} The Balls of Bt Michael's Tower, Ssbs ww W. Knyveth 5) How sleep te reves sare So} Her hot eta Bh Sissons ancl” at Bre A eating 3) Whee fo} Thebe "Dr. ho mined, tae ‘TWO GLEES FOR ONE PENNY. Price 4a, FIFTY OF THE MOST POPULAR OF MOORE'S IRISH MELODIES HARMONIZED AS VOUAL QUARTETTS (8,4-T.B.) BY M. W. BALFE. In octavo size, bound in whole eloth. A. lange edition of these Quartetts, price 16s., uniform ‘with the volume of Songs and dueta, is also published. Each Quartett singly at 1d, or @d, each. No. CONTENTS, 100 As a beam o'er the face of the waters 125 Avenging and bright M11 Beljexe me, if all those endearing young charms 125. By that lake, whose gloomy shore 183 Come o'er the soa 188 Come, rest on this bosom 140 Dear Harp of my country 92 Erin! the tear and the smile in thine eyes 103 Eveleen’s bower 182, Farewell, but whenever you welcome the hour 21 Go where glory waits thee 185 Has sorrow thy young days shaded? 104 How dear to me the hour 106. How oft has the Benshee eried! 139 T'd mourn the hopes that leave me 122 Taw thy form in youthful prime MIT eis not the tear, at this moment shed 115 Lesbla hath a beaming eye 108 Let Erin remember the days of old Ng Cove's young dream 124 Nay, tell me not, dear 12 Night clos'd around 154 No, not more weleome 93 Oh! breathe not his name 97 Oh! think not my spiritsare always as ight WOL Ob! haste and leave this sacred isle N19 Ohi the days are gone, when beauty bright 125 Ob! the Shamrock (Thro’ Erin's ile) 127 Oh! had we some bright ite isle of our own 137 Ohi where's the 181 One bumper at parting ‘94 Remember the glories of Brien the brave 98 Rich and rare were the gems she wore ‘She is far from the land Silent, oh Moyle! be the roar of thy water St, Senanus and the Indy Sublime was the warning ‘The harpthat onee thro" Tara's halla ‘The meeting of the waters ‘The young May moon ‘The Minstret-Box ‘The time I've lost in wooing ‘Though the last glimpse of Brin ‘Thro’ grief and thro’ danger “Tis believed that this Harp "Tis the last roee of Summer ‘Weep on, weep on ‘We may roam thro' this world ‘When he, who adores thee ‘When in desth I shall ealm recline ONE PENNY EACH LONDON; NOVELLO, EWER AND CO., 1, BERNERS STREET (W.}, AND 95, POULTRY (E.C.). Rovello’s Edition, with the words generally used. Price 82, MENDELSSOHN’S Twenty-four Four-part Songs, Fog singing in. the open ait (oles only)... he] = English Words Translated and adapted hy” Sana Noveuto. Price in Paper Cover. 8. | Price in loth, itedges rice Gloit Bonrds x fa | Fen Numbers'Oe Peony tach, “vided ay tated below No. oP.dl. (e470) No. OP. 69, (7x32) 1 tn a wood 2 Oh ty with me 14 Tho Hunter's farewell 3. Acold frost came 15, Sumner song 4 Over her grave On tie wat 5. May 20 and wine 6. Onalake 13. Wanderers 200g OP. 48. (2.4.72) OP. 59. (san) 7, The grat spring day 19, The open sie § The Primnuse 20, Barly Spring 9. Celebration of spring BL Farewell fe forest 10, The Lark ‘The Nightingale AL Moraing prayer x ‘The Vale of rest 32, Autumn dong. | ak Banting song MENDELSSOHN’S Gen Four-part Songs, IF motunindrakingtng y (sa.r3.) Op. $8 and 100, Price 1s, oF singly, 14. each, = 2 se teen yur : bo RapPy lover Xo, 30. Tho wandering minstrel BU, Remembrance 52! The praise of spring BS Spring aong BL In te forest MEN DELSSOHN’S four-part Songs, For s.avto., with the Original words by Wma Bantnovonew and others, In one volume, folio size, cloth 21s., or singly; also in getavo size,’ paper cover, 8s. Separate Vocal parts 1s 6d., each, octavo, ‘The separate Vocal parts may be had of each tong singly. Op. 41. 1. Ta the woods ‘Anold Romence—in May song Ont sea or. Tye fen day of aprig—tn ine arts 48, . The Larksang. “Caron . The deep repose of ulght : Autumn song Op, 59. Behold the woods Pha kd Spring ts come CPi Ores ‘The Nigwtinge’ When the west with ening glows Hunting sng leasare 2 Ramamtrance 22. Praise of sexing 22 Sprig song 34 nthe for “ Tho single numbers, folio size, are sold at half price. LONDON: NOVELLO, EWER AND CO,, 1, BERNERS STREET (W,), AND 2, POULTRY (B cloth elegant, 8s Part-Songs, Madriguls, €e., BY VARIOUS COMPOSERS, OCTAVO SIZE, AncHER, FRED, « Requted ove” BRENEY Susten, Sent yeti pated oh ie isin tne s itbp (Gere sang : GROTEH DR Lovie i MOUNSer., “rare Fours? BAKTHOLONEW, Mrs. Songs for mined voles, “Compressed Score and Voeal pacts vee 8. lum, low, thon winter wind” gees, Rourpart Sotigs {UF male voices, Compress ‘eore and Vocal parts ar No.4. The 5. Golden siumbere” 6, Homeward" BRIDGE, J. FRED. | Loose tho gall rest tho oar” ua. ELLAUTS, 2. W., sing on with chert stato” arranged fram Mehdelasobn 3. JGADE, NIELS W. “Spring's message’ a Gorpscumrpr, ort GUENOD, CH, aoe tThe Chase MARGIT CHARLES J.” Thee Bots othe gud of oid Gath” elcome, Kuyal Charlo" “Gfome, sweet home "harmonized EE LAND, EDwanb. svat lang agne Swehery pee MARNCMICUARD, St vite thal tana ing” MARENZIO. LUCA, “Tales white eims00 ron MOMLEY, THOMAS, = Those danty datos TS Sisot alse ove. Teare not” Dainty fine 3 a MACFARKEN,G, Ar ifue Hants up (Stay Day) ‘At fet the moantaln Fill" (Jessy Let) “Atliesai Sethe iiter Cuckoo sn MACPARREN, WALT SSrngged a torn, sid true "a welipey tyherd sual” Mare, “Goat SEnUERLLPR. UO, VINCENT.” arrangement, Sol ie Britannia? i PUtde aS, six Sweaish Song for Bei’ vot ie, ome away. come away Polka Serenade Onward roaisluy, never weary ‘Yoeal parts of Now Land’, 8, Keogh, «Have! tho merry drum ia sounding ” (Phe “Drum March Psat ea a) Vocal pats, 18. save the Q: & Yornetana Dest laid of my fathers ull amid old Swaden's youth" Vocal parts of Nos. 4,5, aid 6, 2s. PEARSALL, RT. sin duel jubilo™' PIERSON, HL AL,” “Ye mariuetsof Engiasd™ 1. Wool patts, _—“ Horrah for merry Engiant™ aw de ‘oral parts, 6d. REAY, 8. “The elouss that wrap the stting sun" 2 ew rhe Dassn of dag” HoDWEUL G.ieRBeRT, ven orth, yes SCHUMANN. “Gipsy life Chorus eal par SMART, HENRY, nd “the shepherds farewell” = s crm Jw The foya of spring J “hignin to Cyne ete land of wonders” =e Yellitle bids that at ana gli Ss Srare ofthe vumaer night” aie e SULLIVAN. a. om int aay closes," Men's atecs 7 Waumisery, SWALEY, 5, W WEBER!" Giory to the Caliph ght as fairy foot can fall [Tip arene yma, ‘The words translated by 1, ‘DuLows, NOVELLO'S PART-SONG BOOK. FIRST SERIES), A COLLECTION OF CHORUSFS AND OTHER PIECES IN HARMONY, For three, four, and five voices, with accompaniment. Eiited by Eoway Groncs Moxx, Mus. Doe., Oxon. In one volume, handsomely bound in cloth with] ‘luminated lettering, demy quarto, price 8s. The Separate Vocal paris, demy octavo, 1s. each Part, “set | on SINGLY as FOLLOWS: se. Foent Focal Score. Parte, 1 Oar native land, seem. , Reichardt “2d 2 Crleketers’ song (Beatir ye). 722. € A. Mucfarren 2a 3. Boating ong (The Sun is gh) ‘ean 6. Monk 4. Song of the Rallroads, sa, @. A. Macfarren 3 ood morrow, fair ndles (Canzonel). se Bitorty ran, Winter ir Julius Boudict ‘Binbante she 3a, aap @ The Home fairy (Quartets aa 7 The Wreath, 653 & Countryman’ 9 Thestudente greotiug. z2:09- 30. Magdalen College soag (Lily, sweet Is), I BS 8 dont Integer Vite. 2: enn 2 (Gipfecs wit we ite” ex, 7 6A. aacforrnS "Wc: Mactarren Doeland “| ‘Harvest song (Prize). a ihetman’s songe s.s4'2- Ronbaste ‘a thy need. 3.877 Dowland 3 U1 Allamong the batiey (Prize): s.r! Blicabeh Stirling 9 18 When eloles hang by the wall. GA. Macfarren 1B The jolly cricket ball, s 57 20 An Emigrants song (Prize). sn. eC. Macfarven Ge llonk 21 Shepherd's song (Fur Amarilla), 3.4.78. “a at 2a, ‘Brewer a on. Doutund 23 Fairies’ song (From grassy blades). s2-8 ‘Sin Hi Di Jane (She i coming), Prize sa Ping Dun ‘Awakot the starry imidaight hour (Serenade) Bana. Mendebooka 26 the fair Flower of Northumberland ead. 70 rh vet (Bal ato 27 Obappy he who liveth (Ballet), ieee (ete aga ron eaves (Prizo), nace. Blank Tagan Ding Cite glee of our bah), ea. Bway 2 29 ‘The Angler's Trysting Tree. at, 01h Cove A Riedie (engo.) aaa eg wat 4a 35 Haymakers' Song (Prize). 28 Come away, death. NINE CHORAL SONGS, th Ui, decomp for he Pare ELIZABETH STIRLING. Price, complets in one book, 1. the same, follo size, 58 of, alogly, th " R. P, Siewart ok Kage 3. : ’ 7 7 7 i i af Postry by Folio, Sv Timamong nevater. sare, TKR Te Sh Co ty sn Speer. 2 Thedem serps AT 8 ut “Dream the dca tt sat 3 Wee a Mix Hans 62.8 ass of Fridon land. 4 The Hemi eee. fir W. Ravwiom G2. 148 ‘Shall 7 tke a hermit dae 5 The carly wotlers, 88t>. ‘How eirange a dream i coms to ‘Mrs. Newrow Crostaxo ue. 2 men BG. Le aa 7 AnEnlgrants ong.” sn. Air N, Crosaxo ua 0 space for ws, § Eaeranin Tove, md trath. nxn, Morroowrar 3%. 14 9 Parted Friends, "es, CG. Taoxveos 62. 14d. ‘tWENTY.FOUR CHORAL SONGS AND MADRIGALS ‘COMPOSED BY THE LATE ROBERT LUCAS DE PEARSALL, Es JAuthor of «Phe Hardy Norseman,” and“ O! who will o'er the downs so free,” de." With an ad lib. [Accompaniment for the Pianoforte by JOHN HULLAH, Price in One Volume, Folio sive whole doth, 16s; Set af a. on swsour, mavs:— ovat Yocat No. Voices, Sore. Pure T'Laugh not, youth, stage == re “0% 2Douninmygardenfar - + gaze 10 0 8 3 Adieu! my aative shore - fare Po 04 4 Purple glow the forest mountains - " satis 10 0 4 § Capat Apri dofero - sare 10 04 © A'Cnletiain co the ighands pound- "ATR. 1 0 0 4 2 A King there was in Thule - sari 0 6 04 SComeietusbemerny — - = sam 10 0 8 9 Mitt est propositum = - aren 08 08 10 Lightofmyroul + - ggarnn 10 06 ULayagatand - "=. gsaaraae 10 08. 12 Summer iay"comingin ~~ “"SSanp, 10 0 6 13 Why shod the Cutkoostunstulnoie “sara. 16 0 3 HL Why weeps, alas! S Ssire 10 0 5 1g Mere is - 7 SXxER lo 0 7 16 OF alt ye Ladi ~ Aree 06 04 17 War Song of the Norman Baron Talleter Sars. 1 0 0 4 [18 Why do theroses = = earn 06 04 inMay - " - "gare 06 0 4 20 The praise of good Wine” - gran 0 03 21 Wechman'ssong == Tae Rents OG 0 G 2 Waters of Bile =" seare 06 05 3 No, No, Nigella” Double Ghoras 0.6 0 ¢ 24 SirPatrickSpons (A Ballad Dialogueintenparts) 20 1 4 GLEES, MADRIGALS AND PART-SONGS, | FOR 4, 6, AND & VOICES, ourosep ar 22 name Stor | ‘ROBERT LUCAS DE PEARSALL, Esq... ¢?., No. Voter Sears. Part, L' Song of the Frank compantes = gare, 30 1-0 2 How brightio the Mesto” => Gare $0 1 o 3 The + kere 26 10 4 2 o> sre 26 ro is Doe F 2G 1G 8 26 10 7 aio at: 8 5 Bo 16 5 s Bo 16 30 > seas 26 10 n 4 28 10 i yeand.chaunb it, © == aes aco 13 hehe fase tovas Fearemot > 26 10 ‘The River Spire Son lo ‘Tho abave soldat hall-pric. REDUCED PRICE, 6a, JAMES TILLEARD'S PATRIOTIC PART-SONGS. For the use of the Army. Nevy,* and Volunteers. In one Rock, ples 64,0 to separate numbers ‘Fon anired Volecs (8-2-0. 3 a8 under, pies Ox Pex etch, Gud save the Queen The tind om Wel England's Heroes Reichardt. 2 -Ark of Freedom Haydn. 3 Wellington (Was blasen die Trompeten?) 2 oats lyn ae masian eer 3 Yorreecborn sons. 3. Tiller, 9 Dunols the brave (Partant Pour Is Syrie) 10. Rule Britannia. v= Dre Arma. ML Danish Nations} Song” Hastmen, ‘For Men's Voices (2.0.0), unless ctherwise marzed. 1p {lod save the Queen. England's Heroes, Rotehardt, 1g “Mfeligton (Was blasen de Trompsten?) 4 The Bria Volunteer 15 ‘The British Grenadiers (r 1G Ye Mariners of Howland (= Tha gran ship atte of Tratalgar en ot Harlech Swiss Votistied Dr. Callott, * Grdeced by the Lords’ Comiieatoners cf the Admiralty Yo bo supplied to Ships Schools, LONDON: NOVELLO, EWER AND CO., 1, BERNERS STREET (W.), AND 85, POULTRY (&.C). In on Volume, Qoaria pre 7s, 62 cloth THE ROUNDS, CATCHES AND CANONS OF ENGLAND; A collection of specimens of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Bighte-nin Centaries, adapted to ‘moderd asa,” ‘Te words revised, adapted or re-written by the ‘REV. J. POWELL METCALFE. ‘Tho marie selected and revised, and tn introductory Es ‘the tise and ‘progress. ofthe Row, Catch and. Can Dlographieal notices of the composer. Written by ‘EDWARD F, RIMBAULT, LL.D. NOVELLO'S SCHOOL ROUND-BOOK; Accollestion of Fifty Rounds and Catches, arranged according to| ‘hale relative dificuliy. ‘EDITED BY TUE REV. J. POWELL METCALFE, ‘Also, a mecond set of Fifty Rounds, price 64.5 or the two sets ‘ound im eloth, 1. 6. No one, who, in instructing children in mast, 2g Dott rounds and hermoaized airs, can doubt which style is more easily taught; and even whore there is uo experience to guide, reason tlone can determing the matter. ‘Price 64. In paper cover, oF Is. wiolo Gath. NOVELLO'S ANALYSIS OF VOCAL RUDIMENTS BY QUESTION AND ANSWER. ‘e* Contains, the gamut; the soprano, alto, tanor, and bast stale; duration of sound; times mhythm; intervals; the scale; ‘words and signe; Gregorian notation and cathedral masle ‘Trust begin wit radimencs of art ‘go teach you Gamut in'a briefer sort, ‘More pleasant, pithy, and effectual, ‘aan hath besn aught by asy of my trad And there iris in weling, fly draw ‘steps our severa editions of this Bnalyals are printed With a th Semple tn thelr proper clot ‘A MANUAL OF SINGING, or he wo of Choe Talnors and Sehoolmastrt, ‘By RICHARD MANW, rgusit at Tan Abbey Chueh Ciehestr, 8s, ‘contents: he theory of oune explained tn «con swith the une of ta fow tonal terms as possiba, together with Tal alrectans wo he tain a0 th ode tencingt +eres at prograaive exeraes for cus, two, and tree ween, anerleh {PIE calivaton of to von nh of aay saced abd wnclae mule ac hb ns offers othe clergy and ober amateus she tealners ayes ad single couru'at traction, by wach Shey aay IESEURE puns fad ue wet inh coopeeioy et London: Novello, Ewer and Co, ‘Siper-royal Octave, price SILCHER'S SUCCINCT INSTRUCTION FOR THE GUIDANCE OF SINGING SCHOOLS & CHORAL SOCIETIES. ‘Translated from thé Original German by SABILLA NOVELLO, ‘Saper royal Ostavo, price Ta, FETIS' TREATISE ON CHOIR AND CHORUS SINGING. ‘Transiated from the Prench by the REV. THOMAS HELMORE, M.A, Bupartoyal Ovavo, in paper cover, Bs, Bios Cloth, Sa NAGELI AND PFEIFFER’S EIGHTY-ONE PART-SONGS & CHORUSES; In progressive order for the cultivation of Part-Singing, with “nstructions for forming snd improving male choral angers. ‘Translated from the German by |ABILLA NOVELL REDUCED PRICE, is. A COLLECTION OF SACRED MUSIC, For the uve of School By JAMES TILLEARD. Containing 48 Peal and Hymn Tunes, harmonized tn three pasts, ‘and arranged to appropriate words principally selected fro thé poeme of Ann snd Jane Taylor, Dr. Ws ber, Adaison, ‘ad ‘Biehop Kenn; Morning and Evening Services by: Wagstat! i ouey Abtnom by Dr, hares; and fuer plots. REDUCED PRICE, 1s, 4 COLLECTION OF SECULAR MUSIC ‘For the nse of Schools ‘By JAMES TILLBARD, 6, Rounds and 46 Songs, by native and foretga com povers, for 2 and § yolees. Super-Royal 8 fis not Intended that the use of these works should bo cousned to the teacher, nor to thote wcholary coly who are taught the sents of Yecal manic, but that 8 copy shemia be placed im the hands of every cing tn ihe School mis suficlently advanced to Soanle torend the morda with duency. The Bator'sforprive at the Account given of the Germans and Swisato sing al sight mas much iesegned when he Tearaed that, even fp thone echoes where the Jehidren are taught by ear, the music te Invariably placed before ‘hem, either ont blael-bosed or im manvscripes and printed Books Cnivien thon become fariiar with musical characters aud in part repated for the mote developed insircton which hey" ate Starwards tn acevo: The price ofthese volumes has geeordlagy von Sxod oo uw that Slenugers of Sooke wit be tabled, wit 7 eh vary alight. outs ‘hey are atong ro, Nove wal naive suo, in rogutd to wich the Ealtor'® expectations have ot. been disappointed. ‘The Collections are now ‘used tn. the Liverpool ‘Collegia's Institution the Manchester Commercial Schock, “Queenwood College, and many others ofthe Principal Schools tn the nike’ Kinstom, betes are bumber of el mentary schools ‘They may be obtained, with th usual Alscoumy, sf the Depot ofthe Nationa) Soi, “ie Home and Colonial Sebool Soeety, and the Congregational Doardot Bducktion. ‘hte works, ough ecaly adapted 1 ewe of Seas are eta fon Pos Siping ai ae CHORAL HYMNS, By JAMES TILLEARD, ocravo. H Christas Consolator .... }* Star of morn and even mt + Lord God of morning and night... + © Light of life, O Saviour dear * The City of God ... * Lost and found “vs vansussoeem Lo: He comes with clouds descending "Purough the day Thy love has spared iis... San of my soul, ‘Thou Saviour dear ...... Great is the Lord our God .. Lamb of God, whose dying iove. ‘See the leaves around us failing ‘Deus Misarestur ey God, who madest earth and heaven ‘Lead, kindly Light .. Rock of Ages Nearer, my God, to Rejoies for evermore ‘Hear our solemn Litany’ Brightly gleams our banner ‘Phough nature's strength decay ‘Phy will be done . Onward, Christian Soldiers ct... © Lord God eternal (Choral Litany Onward and upward. ‘The shadows of the evening hours. So rest, my Rest! ‘Thou ever blest 7 * The words of theas Hymns aro by Francis, Palgrave, a col~ tected Battion of whose Hymns io published by Means, Macastan, and Co, Price 18 “0 Light of Life” is remarkable for a bold transition into the subdominant; of the rent except “Christus Congolator, nothing fueed be said but that they are one and all ‘and original, while of the 1at-named, “hristue Coneclator, we do ot hesitats to aay that nothing more boastful of te Kibd "han come before 3. the Church iy 1, 1887. "SThough wature's strength decay la’ perfech pan of Ja vary string exultant melody, which to one can help folning in, eis very simply and smootny harmootzed, and bas a great deal of aignity.” ‘Certainly it leone of Sr. Tiloced’s best efforts in thin tite, aot hla ry Dstt Zierary Orsonan, O3to- to" empioy them In the manner proposed. eapest musical works that have issued even samen The price Waa ealealated fora SIR HENRY R. BISHOP’S Glees, Trios, Quartetts, ke. In Voeal Score, with an aecompantment for the planoforte, octavo, tn THREE VOLUMES, WHOLE CLOTH, 3s, 6d, EACH. Or, én 65 muambere a follwes— Contents of Vol. I. 6-—Come o'r the brook Whos Sylvia She fox Jompd over the tiger couches a —Whereare thou? A Staye peyton B—Padk flout te botae Contents of Vol. II, 28.—Merry boys, away, 24 Spirtsadravos , 39.—Rontlda — lana aad rashy moors" fat 40.—sleep, gentle nay Sleep, gentle lady ‘eiStnotigh ne benowa grey. ‘Brey tra Carros Contents of Vol. III. 2a. a a Pa a aa, 3a a aa, 2 4 24, 54— Brent 2a. So—lar ait 59.—Joy, Joy, raise the shout o 60.—in tears the heart oppressed 8-7 GL—U gave my harp se Rat at (62.—With bawrk and hound Whe seat wil tre cr os ark! hark! each Spartan hound ® fat “Aza G5—Queen of oor Isle ww fat BSE pEeeeteter! Lovo: NOVELLO, EWER AND 00., 1, smaexs stan (W.), an 35, rovLeaT (E.C.). |. | *ATHALIE... Hobvells, Etwer and Co.'s OCTAVO EDITION MEN DELSSOHN’S VOCAL WORKS. oELITAR PAUL ‘HYMN OF PRAISE (LOBGESANG) SLAUDA SION (PRAISE JEHOVAH) canisTus AVE MARIA (SAVIOUR OF SINNERS), for 8 voicos HEAR MY PRAYER (Soprano Solo and Chorus). AS THE HART PANTS (42x PSALM), COME LET US SING (@5ru PSALM) WHEN ISRAEL OUT OF EGYPT CAME disru PSALM) NOT UNTO US, 0 LORD aitra PS) JUDGE ME, © GOD (isan PSALM) WHY RAGE FIERCELY THE HEATHEN (xo PSALM). MY GoD, WHY, 0 SAKEN ME ‘SIX ANTHEMS, composed for the Cathedral at Borlin, for 8 volees, arranged in 4 parts, by Dr. Stegall FESTGESANG (HYMNS OF PRAISE) .. ” ” For Male Voices MAN I8 MORTAL (Eight-Part Choral). *THREE MOTETTS FOR FEMALE VOICES, with ‘Latin and Englah Text Bach Motet, singly, Is, SON AND STRANGER (Operetta) ‘LORELE ‘SWALPUROIS NIGHT SANTIGONE (Mate Voices) EDIPUS AT COLONOS (Bale Voloes) =. TOTHESONSOF ART =, ‘TWENTY-FOUR VOCAL QUARTETTS “THIRTEEN TWO-PART SONGS SSEVENTY-SIX SONGS (For Contrato or Bartone). Bois, exch WHY HAST THOU FOR- © andvomely Yound in Cloth, with red or git edge, at Two Shikings extra, per Volume, LONDON: NOVELLO, EWER AND CO., 1, BERNERS STREET (W..», AND 85, POULTRY (E.0.), Novello’s Original Octavo Editions of the Oratorios, Cantatas, Odes, Masses, &c. For the use of the Auprence who assist at their Performances. Complete—In Vocal Score, are already published— Whole Whore SIR J, BENEDICT. Gi? uclisnt ave i ST. PETER : moore MENDELSSOHN (See pege 15). _ CHERUBINI. REBEKAE . 3.0 50] REQUIEM MASS (in O Minor), with Latin and English words 20 36 HOLE. GOUNOD. NALA AND DANAYANTT 4060 |icpscy SOLENNELLE, Latin THE PASSION (6. MATTHEW) 5 © fords only Ge oe 6. 3° s$oloouMUNION SERVICE, ” HAYDN, (Messe Solennelle) ° 36 THE OREATION (Pocket edition, Irie SEVEN WoltDs Oi OUR ~ demy 8vo.) 10 20] SAVIOUR ON THE OROSS (Snper-royal 8v0.) 20 30) (Filis Jerusalem)... 10 HR SEASONS os 3° 5 0 |DAUGHTERSOF JERUSALEM, Each Season may be had separately, in paper cover, 1s. | Anthem for Lent = 10 HANDEL. ROMBERG. MESSIAH rocket eltin deny seo) 4 2 6 | pH LAY OF THE BELL 16 30 (Super-royal 8yo.) 20 40 IsRABLINEGYED ‘WEBER. (Pocket edition, demy 8vo.) 1 0 o | MASS IN G, with Latin and Eng- (Super-royal 8vo.) 20 40 | _ lish words i O26 gubas macoabalus MASS IN E FLAT Ditto 16 30 {Pocket edition, demy 8.) 10 20 Do. (Super-royal 8v0.) 2° 40! gar vaRy SPOHR, 26 40 SAMSON... os 20 4°/THE PALL OF BABYLON 30 50 SOLOMON . v.29 4°] Lasp JUDGMENT... z0 40 JEPHTHA ... ” 20 4°) THE CHRISTIAN'S PRAYER 16 30 JOSHUA 20 4°) GOD, THOU ART GREAT 10 DEBORAB ... . 20 40 SAUL 7 ze 40| MOZART, HAYDN, & BEETHOVEN. E ree Favorite Masses, with the in wort ut eters ee es ee an English adaptation by R. G. Lonaive, Eeq. a MOZART'S TWELFTH MASS 20 36 ‘The CORONATION & FUNERAL HAYDN'S THIRD, or ANTHEMS, in one volume 5°) IMPERIAL MASS 20 36 THE KING SHALL REJOICE 0 8 BEETHOVEN'S MASS in ©... 20 36 ZADOCK THE PRIEST... 0 43 ‘The above Three Masses, bound in one volume, whole MY HEART IS INDITING scarlet cloth, 78. LET THY HAND BE MOZART'S REQUIEM MASS 20 36 8 STRENGTHENED a 06 MOZART’S FIRST MASS .. 16 30 THE WAYS OF ZION 16 HAYDN’S FIRST MASS — ‘To these Masses are added Mr. E, Horan 0 Essays, extracted from the Musical Times. ALEXANDER'S FEAST ... hs AQIS AND GALATEA +6 7 § | MOZART'S LITANIA DI VENE- 16 30 ODE ON 8T. CECILIA'S DAY RABILEALTARIS (in E flat)... 16 © 3 0 ‘The last three, bound in 1 vol., wholescarleteloth, 63.64. | MOZART’S LITANTA DI VENE- L'ALLEGRO, IL PENSIEROSO, RABILE SACRAMENTUM (i xv IL MODERATO... 30 $0 |B fat) 2 SACRAMENTUM (in 50 ROSSINI, BEETHOVEN'S MASS in D 36 STABAT MATER, with the BEETHOVEN'S ENGEDI; or, Latin words, and’ an. English David in the Wideraow (Mont adaptation by Wirt1am Bat 16 3.0 | of Olives). 16> 30 ANTHEMS BY MODERN COMPOSERS (continued.) ESLIE, HENRY. 0 have merey upon me. ooal sory Gi ;"voeal parts, 6 [OReHORSE Weal Le ate thas, vers 1s. i. 5 Vocal parts, 10}. A Great nthe Lon, "Pall, 4 voises, Veal sooey Full, € voices 5. Vocal score, 94,5 Yoeal Full, € volees, Vocal score, 6d. 5 vooal Full, voices. Vocal score, 94; Wo eve mee thanks, 0 Lon. M y y or Tritt Teri ps Lon rth “Tio Lord my stongth. oat pars Terid ato the Lod. Sworn, 28, {Gran nas, Londwe bese Theo! Fuld wie, 1, RGN Pas “Te ia lf ai. un, votes. Vou serene oval pris, 18 Aa Gola, Sisit ave givonyosevety rb, Pall, Aoi, Toe Harvest" Voca seorey sy vod party a le ‘hit Vice, Binge oat se ear oy Ghat ino oir minds Pull 4 voles, or Whit Feat, Voce! ooes io bt, ri 1A pat ASieTIGHTARD. "Gras we tescbo the, ‘Almighty God. Fall vies" Woos! smrey sy toe art, AICTHN, Gs, Forako me’ nods Ful, Protests, ONK, Ds. G.. Gren an marretons are thy works. Full, "vies, Wood! soe, vor fara 6 Dire ar'all shop iat foe tho Lote Poll Anthem for sie or he eatin uF Holy Matton" West soe, fered vocal arts a OMIA IE Bleed are they thst atray Keop jadgement aleve Woeat wer, Ss real tart 6 Pies of Onertory Sentences in he Ofes f the oly Common. te ye love oy Kop my eomeandmonis, Pall, & vice. Wout Sere, focal ar, 6 ‘Sow aponthg sist day of te week. san InGorts wont wil Later, Satan i, ok Mateajaht"Porunto tv's chi born, “Pal, 4 ics, ‘Vou sett ity Sy ls Yat yt =e°Fe Lory strength, Beh 4 vole’ Wooal sore es itt svon dep esa pa, ad Tike te art aed th watestroks OWELLO, VINCENT. Diese isthe people ‘Vocal sor, 8; vocal ari Od Bray forthe pice of Seroaiom, Ful a rowat yarty el ‘rive ir ftom os the mortal fs. From the Hymn for Witautte Come, Holy Ghost, ull «otcs, "Vocal sere, Big ehy ito avon a Hear ie, O'Lori, ‘ers, & Vora scores 8.21. warts aD pice te ont Folly «eles, with vrs ors Dalnng of ary an jadgtnts Verse, ions), Sig alt seo tdde inlaw ide Lon year Tosi sere, 144 Yell yt 6 fine in She Lords ers and chorus, 4 ylces coon eS. vol gas 1 Sing ints ine eat Short Anthem for Christies. ¢votny with verse ford Rrblea Vota Bote, sg veal sir, all _ Song Shoal pts, "Pheltnd dreat’ see, x24 an choros. al par iielohd n'my. strength, Anthem for Bast Day. Fall, Trcits, Vocal Wore Bey woes! arts, Wt ease Copy com AKULEY, 1.8.0 God, who has prenarot Collet. 4 ves heel. 2 oir Short Moreing Anthows. Full, wees 1, ech Wor 110 pnie te bande No. hin tetas a Godt ar retare, Oh, reining God, 2 fstoli'v0w, pte tho Lond ail yesermats ef the Lord ut goles "Voea score, Sel tary I USHLEY, te Rew: Ste PREDEMIOK A On Bates MA and Mas icy Oxon. Hoholl nowy praise the Lor,” For ode oseand extn chor, Compact forte rest meiig of As” fine Chere n BeterborbgglCaheira, Jane, 1263 Viet oe, Sevel. soot farts, ey esta hora sre 2G usp i00? Sing, O'Daenteret on Pal for Gand svoless Vow eons Ss sopaata veal jars ty 34 2 "Bleseilte' Thom, Lord ‘God of Heel, For double ehie. Compose forthe "eopectg. of Horetond Cathode, 263, ‘Goat Soro, 6h; elo pat ve ame even to fans flee pening of icheld Cutie Te. sey 82. Trt magaity thes, ll, waist. Voeal score, 18.2.5 recat pathy 20 Ee e'batec theo. eon fs Sveti, 0 God. Fon, voi = Beef unto us. seo, —— "Bless thomn, Ful Aves, Vocal eon 2 = Inicoit for & Full, 4 voles. 8. Vocal score, chorus 2.08, from the Verse and chorus, 4 volees. Voeat Vocal scare, Composed for the re. ‘Vocal seore, 2. ; Yoeal Pull, €volees, Vocal Voea! parts, Vocal <20re, 6 ‘Folly 4 woices. Vocst USELBY, the Rov. ‘Mus. Bae,, Oxon, Vocal 30% 3 FREDERICK A. G., Barley Mao and The Lord is my Shephen. Full 4 yoiess, ‘eth parts, Gl EEE NU thee, Oylonds Pull, 4 voices, Voeal seore, 6a.) Vocal —— To the Lint our God,” Full'4 voices, Vocail parts, So ed ST il give thanks. vocal parts, 15.1) Thy merey, O'Lord, Fall, & "voices. Score, 6. Full, § volees, Vocal sodre, Is: 6a. oes! 5 i ptt a Thy goodness. Pu votes. Yow vou ere me LOPE Rt ae tons greats Fat, wiew. f Foal re ee Seetuetie ie fall yeti Vora sor a8) Vora ations ah Se, ember ak) esa wore fe 'O" Alimighty and most mereifal God, Full, 4 Folge. Woealsoge, ae, Vocst ow Tong wilt Tow forget me, Fela voices paris vocal cory 6 i O love the Lord. Pull, 4yooes, Vacs? sore, 9. O Gut, where areidousbeenét “Pal, voles), ‘Vocal score, at. Vocal “ow sosly ae thy tents, Voea seore, 6d. ditty FC ‘eo, tht ETHAN, J. ‘The Lord Ss King. Full, & volees tor Bator. "Vora sr fllo, 6 tt, Sf. 3 Veal patsy 6d. (EWELL, JOHN, This is the day which the Lond hath mades Tull, voles.» Vocal soore Ge cal pats, Biel are the ancefledn the way. Tati t voices. Boor Ise; vocal parts, 6 Brea forth ito fo eer ing roca! partis MART, HENRY. 0 Gar, the King of Glory. Pott, 4 woes, SP cote for Suny ater Ascension Day. Vocal sours, 1 30c} ooal parts Is. MUTH, 'G, W. (Liverpool), Behold I bring you glad tidings. or Christin veeee” Vota! sare folocal Siti etanos oot For Christmas, Por ¢ votess, Voeat S ty, SiTH, G. TOWNSHEND. Do well, O Lord, SS Vocal score, 6. vocal paris, 6 MITH, MONTEM. ‘Thenight i far spent. Pult,4votoes, for ‘Aavint,. Voral score, folio, Gd jie 80 1] QPARK, De. W. O God havo morey upon ie,” Full, 4 voices. ‘Voral seom, i. 5 woeal paris, 6d. QTAINER, JOHN: “Tsavt the Lord. ‘and 8 voles, Voeal scar Sey TEGGALL, Dr. C. Have mercy upon mer Full, & voles. "Voss soote ie: Voeal parts, Si —Memombor now thy" Creator, "Voeal parts, 18 UriWAHT, Re By Max D, Inthe Lord put I my trust. Fore oles, wlth sopfano solo, Voea! store, Is. si; goeal yar ULLIVAN, AUTHUR 8. O tose the Lon Fully & volee. Vocal seore, 6d. sees) parts, 6d ‘We have dean with our ears, © God. Full, $ voices, Yoeat ‘one, 8:1 ooal Tarts, Ie 2. MORNE, E, H. Beholt the day's eome, ‘Got 80 loved the work "Voeal parts i both, 2s. —~= 0 east thy burden opon the Lo eons, 25-5 vocal parts, Ia. NCKERMAN, De. 8. P. Turn thy fo from my alnss with ‘Eight Double Chants. is. ERRINDER, C, G. Grant to os, Lord, we beseech thee. Verse fan Choruse, 2 "0 Lord, raise up, we pray Thee. Fall, &volees, 18, 62. ALMISLEY, THOMAS ATTWOOD, ‘Behold, 0 God our ‘defender. Full, 6 Volos.” Vocal storey 18 Gd; Yoea) parts, Is: =O give’ thanks unto the Lord. - voices; ‘and Responses, ‘Voeat Scot, 18.84, ; vocal paris 1s. 6 Hear, O thou Shepherd of Israsl. Verso, 4.3, oes! soore, Ts. fey vocal paris, 10}, SO Gol, Se Ring oF Gig, Pal, votes. Voc acre 185 ‘roe parts, Th Putter of Haven, Tarts, 6a Not ato us, O Lord, Full, & voices Git. Ou 14} woesl pats, da "Ponder my words. Trebies, parts, 62. Tif the Lord himself. « voiees. Vooal sere, 25, 60.5 parts, 1s, 6d. ‘Blessed is he that eonskereth the poor. Full, 8 votees. Vocal ‘seores Is Pocal party 18-1 fl The" Lont shall eomtbet sy woes pars, 2s Reniember,"O Lord. Verse, sin. Tarts JILTON, EARL OF. O praise the Lord, all yo heathen. Full, ‘ian’ Voeal sears, fll, Ia ditto, 8¥0., es Woeal pars, Gus Fall, 4 voloes, ‘ For Trinity Sunday. Socal peel For For 4 solees, Vocal score, ull, 4 yoloes. -Voeat Ful), 4 foices. Vocal score, 18.5 voea! Vocal soorey 64. 5 ‘Vocal score, 18,5 vocal Verse, 6.8. Vocal score, Woes score’, vooat Lorvdon : Novello and Co., 69, Dean Street, Soho, and 85, Poultry. Novello’s Original Octavo Editions of the Oratorios, Cantatas, Odes, Masses, &c. For the use of the Auprence who assist at their Performances. Complete—In Vocal Score, are already published — who wrote HAYDN, tol*oaitih CHERUBINI, ‘ONE aoheh: THE CREATION (Pocket edition, REQUIEM MASS (in 0 Minor), demy 80) 10 20] ‘with Latin and English words 20 3 6 Do. (Super-royal 8v0.) Biot taa WEBER, THE SEASONS 7 30 50 Pater Bach Season may be pea in paper cover, 18. ee eee Eng- a oe MESSIAH (Pocket edition, demy 8vo.)1 4 = 6 SPOR, Do. (Super-roya 8ve.) «20g 0 QALVARY ee 6 40 ISRAEL IN EGYPT tHE N30 50 (Pocket edition, demy 8v0.) 1.0 20{ LAST JUDGMENT... 20 40 Do. (Super-royal 8v0,) 2.0 4 0 | THE CHRISTIAN'S PRAYER 16 30 JUDAS MACCABAUS GOD, THOU ART GREAT 10 (Rocket edition, demy 8vo.) 10 20 MENDELSSOEN, Do, Reprise) 20 4° | Mexppussons’s PSALMS, com- SAMSON... 7 oo pletein one volume. 50° SOLOMON o we 20 40 Or singly, thus:— JEPHTHA ... 20 40/AS8 THE HART PANTS : as ae (42nd Psalm)... lo are 2° #2) coms, Ler US SING DEBU] ea 4 (95th Pealm) - 10 SAUL aD s+ 20 40°) WHEN ISRAEL OUT OF DETTINGEN TE DEUM 1d 30 EGYPT CAME (114th Psalm), The CORONATION & FUNERAL 8 voices os 2 ANTHEMS, in one volume 5 o| NOT UNTO US (116th Peal) «0 Or singly, thus :— ST. PAUL : my a0, 40 THE KING SHALL REJOICE o 8 HYMN OF PRAISE... zo 40 ZADOCK THE PRIEST... 0 43 ‘The Hymn of A on ey eae pants, bound in CER RTOS DTT 1 ‘one volun, whote soarlet cloth, Tae THY HAND BE Ee MOZART, HAYDN, & BEETHOVEN. SERENGTHENED "96 | Te Tiga anes wh an rod ard THE WAYS OF ZION DO Mozaer's TWELFTH MASS 20 36 MOURN .. 0. 16 Hayy's THIRD, or IMPERIAL ALEXANDER'S FEAST ... 20 40/ MASS 20 36 AQIS AND GALATEA 16 30 | Bemtover’s MASS in O 5 OO 40 ODE ON ST. CECILIA’S DAY 1.6 3. | Thesbove Three Mawes, bound in one volume, whole ‘The last threa, boundin 1 vol., whole scarlet cloth, 65. 6d. F scarlet cloth, 76 L'ALLEGRO, IL PENSIEROSO, = GRAND REQUIEM oe IL MODERATO = 3° 5°! sicranrs FIRST MASS”. 16 3.0 ROMBERG. Havvw’s FIRST MASS 20 36 THE LAY OF THE BELL 16 30 To these Masses are added Mr. E. Houans’ Critical ROSSINI, Essays, extracted irom the Musical Times, STABAT MATER, with the BEETHOVEN. Latin words, and an English ENGEDI; or, David in the Wil adaptation by Wizttam Baty 16 = 3.0! derness (Mount of Olives) ...16 30 J. Auenep Novsxxo believes that the Public, who have watched the progress of these Hand- books, and their influence upon the diffusion of Art, have seen with disgust the bald imitations put forth, with unscrupulous assertions, by publishers who are not ashamed to appropriate to themselves the ideas of the originator. He feels most grateful for the steady support his pub- ications have continued to receive from all grades of Musical Society throughout Great Britain, the Colonies, and America, ‘*s* Each Work is complete, and printed in the some stvle as formerly, and on the SAME QUALITY OF PAPER ‘as that hitherto used for Novello’s Octavo Edition of Oratorios, Sgecimen pages and lists of the works in Novello's Octavo Series may be had gratis on application, or sent post free for ‘one stamp.