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Dylan Bowles

Ms. Amanda Amstutz

English 219-041
22 April 2016
Social Media Marketing in 2016
As of 2016, the global business world has dramatically changed with the introduction of
social media marketing. Millionaires at the top of the game in business right now will agree that
social media has tremendous influence and could be the defining factor of success for businesses
of today. The question that comes up then is how did social media emerge? Where did it come
from and how has it evolved? How has social media statistically helped businesses? Can
businesses survive without using social media? The research will show the irrefutable numbers
that make social media an outstanding method of marketing all over the world. The focused
business research question will be about social media marketing and advertising. The question
is: How has social media marketing changed the business of 2016? This is a significant question
in the business world right now and is absolutely essential for success.
Methods of Research
In order to succeed at writing this research report, I am going to use the internet to help
me find the information. There are free PDFs, articles, and emails I have access to that give
case studies and relevant information as to how social media has impacted business of 2016.
These sources are full of relevant and important information that is going to be the foundation of
this report, with further discussion of results and conclusions towards the end.
It is important to discuss the origination of social media marketing to really understand its
importance. The first image (Fig. 1) shows a timeline of the biggest leaders in the social media
marketing world. In an article titled Brief History of Social Media Advertising written by
Douglas Carr, there are a lot of important statistics about the origin and development of the

Dylan Bowles
Ms. Amanda Amstutz
English 219-041
22 April 2016
leading social media platforms. First, stumbleupon, one of the earliest leaders in social media,
was founded in 2002. Shortly after that was LinkedIn in May 2003. After that Facebook in
2004, YouTube in 2005, and Twitter in 2006. Facebook ads were also first introduced in May of
2005. LinkedIn introduced advertising in 2006, shortly before Tumblr was created in 2007 and
YouTube ads emerged. In 2008, FourSquare was launched and Facebook reached 100 million
users. In December 2009, Facebook ad revenue reached $764 million. In 2010, Twitter
introduced promoted tweets and trends, while Facebook reached 500 million users and $1.8
billion in ad revenue the same year. By the end of 2010, Twitter had also reached $44.6 million
in Ad revenue. By March of 2011, LinkedIn reached 100 million members, FourSquare reached
10 million users, Twitter grew to over 100 million active users and $139.5 in ad revenue, and
Facebook hit $3.2 billion in ad revenue. 2012 was a huge year for Twitter and Facebook; by the
end of 2012, Twitter had reached over 200m active users and $582.8 million in ad revenue.
Facebook introduced mobile ads, hit 1 billion active users, $1.8 billion in ad revenue in the first
quarter of the year. (a third of that being mobile ads). During this same year, LinkedIn grew to
100 million active users and introduced mobile ads. FourSquare brought in $2 million revenue,
and Yahoo bought out Tumblr for $1.1 billion. From 2013 until now, social media ad revenue
has increased from $6.1 billion to $9.7 billion, and is expected to reach $11 billion by 2017. All
of this displays the importance of the article by Carr on the history and development of social
media marketing that is relevant for this report.
Secondly, the next important feature on the list is who the leaders of the game are in
2016. In Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites, an article from lays out
the top trending social networking sites as of April 2016. The top 10 in order are Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Flickr, and Vine. Facebook has

Dylan Bowles
Ms. Amanda Amstutz
English 219-041
22 April 2016
around 1.1 billion active users while Vine has only around 42 million. The other networks
fluctuate in between these numbers. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are at the top of the game
right now and are being utilized every day by businesses from Fortune 500 to small local
businesses. Knowing which sites are dominating right now is relevant to this report and will
help display the top sites that businesses should utilize considering that there are so many social
media sites now.
Another important factor is the actual affect social media marketing has had on marketers
and business owners. An interesting PDF from, edited by Michael A.
Stelzner has listed some facts that cannot be without discussion. This report showcased a study
of around 3700 marketers, and how social media was used to grow their businesses. Twitter,
LinkedIn, and YouTube are the three social networks that 66% of marketers plan on using in the
future as their main lead generator. An interesting statistic shows that 93% of social media
marketers are using Facebook. Video is becoming increasingly significant, as 72% of marketers
plan on using video more in the future or learning more about it. Podcasting is growing fast
because 43% of marketers want to know more about it or plan on using it in the future. Another
statistic showed that if they could only use one social media platform, 52% would use Facebook,
and a high 21% chose LinkedIn, therefore reinforcing the fact of Facebooks significance and
LinkedIns potential as a lead generator (Stelzner, 5).
Furthermore, there are some very important statistics that reflect just how relevant social
media marketing is in 2016. A vast majority of 96% of the marketers surveyed stated that they
use social media marketing for their businesses (Stelzner, 7). This is a huge number and further
reflects the importance of social media marketing in this day and age. Another stat indicated that
they have at least two years of experience in social media marketing (Stelzner, 8). This indicates

Dylan Bowles
Ms. Amanda Amstutz
English 219-041
22 April 2016
that social media marketing has been around for some time and could also show that it is not
going away anytime soon. To add on, 72% of marketers stated that they regularly check their
social media platforms (Stelzner 10). If business owners are constantly checking on their
accounts this definitely shows the importance of social media in advertising. Furthermore, 64%
of all marketers spending at least 6 hours a week on social media marketing, and 41% spent over
11 hours a week (Stelzner, 14).
Another important factor is analyzing peoples opinions on this subject, why its
important, and what is being done about it. According to Figure 1, 90% of the people
interviewed agreed that social media marketing has given them increased exposure, 77% said
increased traffic, 69% developed loyal fans, 51% said this improved sales, and 58% said it
improved search rankings for their websites (Stelzner, 17). These are very important statistics
because it shows just how essential social media can be. The importance of marketing really
comes down to increased exposure and traffic, and helping to convert a sales prospect into a
buying customer. It is definitely harder to concentrate in the modern world of 2016 with how
visual and digital everything has become, and this is another reason why social media is more
effective than print advertisements. When users from around the world can find advertisements
through social media platforms on their phones, this dramatically changes the game of business.
This idea was never even heard of 20 years ago. Figure 3 shows some statistics on businesses
social media use and what practical impacts their posts and ad campaigns have. The future of
business is changing rapidly in terms of marketing and advertising and social media is one of the
driving factors.

Dylan Bowles
Ms. Amanda Amstutz
English 219-041
22 April 2016
After researching the statistics on social media marketing, anyone should agree that it is
significant for businesses in 2016. Figure 2 shows some of the reasons additional reasons why
social media marketing is wiping out other forms of marketing. Social media marketing allows
businesses to reach customers almost instantly, as well as reaching a more targeted audience, and
being able to reach a larger quantity of customers compared to traditional newspaper ads, T.V.
ads, radio ads, billboard ads, etc. Businesses who are not using social media right now without a
doubt are losing out on potential customers. It is almost certain that businesses who are not
using social media marketing to find and acquire new customers are making a big mistake. What
other medium allows someone to send their message out so fast and so easily? Especially with
e-commerce businesses, social media marketing can allow them to put a link directly to the site
to make a purchase.
This topic is relevant to my field of study because I currently use social media daily, and I
know that I am going to use it to advertise my businesses in the future. Social media marketing
is a new phenomenon that has emerged in the 21st century and is completely changing the game.
Im sure when I take marketing classes in the future, I will learn more about social media
marketing just because it is so relevant to business in this day and age. For the future, there are
three recommendations I would give for businesses. Number one of importance, if they are not
using social media, they are losing money. Second, Facebook and LinkedIn generate more leads
than any other platform, so these should be utilized above any other social media platform.
Finally, I would just recommend businesses to seek out tutorials and self-help books,
articles, etc. on how to successfully execute social media marketing campaigns. There is so
much information out there now from successful business people on how to run social media

Dylan Bowles
Ms. Amanda Amstutz
English 219-041
22 April 2016
campaigns, and it is not very hard to find with Google. These three recommendations are very
important for businesses of 2016 and cannot be dismissed.
In conclusion, the importance of social media marketing for business in 2016 is
tremendous. Although many businesses can slide by without it, they are really missing out, and
their competitors who are using it are sure to be doing better than them. Social media marketing
generates more leads, more traffic, and increases sales better than any other form of marketing.
The ability to send your message out to potentially millions of people around the world for them
to see in the palm of their hand is astounding. Social media is an important tool and businesses
who are not using it should really look into how effective it really is.


Dylan Bowles
Ms. Amanda Amstutz
English 219-041
22 April 2016


Dylan Bowles
Ms. Amanda Amstutz
English 219-041
22 April 2016


Dylan Bowles
Ms. Amanda Amstutz
English 219-041
22 April 2016

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