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Lesson Plan

Student name: Masouma Mohamed Murad

ID#: H00216536

Students grade: 11

Date: 6th of
March 2016

No. of students: 24

Learning Outcomes
- Ss will ask their partners questions related to the passage

Time: 9:00 9:45 am

Lesson Title/Reference:
Junk food.
School: Al Bahitha

secondary school
Target Language

and discuss together.


- Ss will listen to each others discussions and answers.

Do you wear uniform in Albahitha

What is the main idea in paragraph 1?
What is the main idea in paragraph 2?

- Ss will read the passage individually.

- Ss will read the meanings of the new vocabulary.

- Ss will read the questions given to them.
- Ss will write notes while reading the passage.
- Ss will write the affirmations on the sticky notes.
calories inevitable presistent nutrients.
Phonological features
Correcting pronounciation mistakes throughout the entire lesson.
Other (e.g. affective domain)
- engage the learners in group work in order to enhance their communication skills.
- Boost learners confidence and self-esteem through engaging them in group activities.
- Using the affirmation strategy to build a healthy mindset regarding food.
Rationale: (Why am I teaching this? Place in teaching sequence?)
- This lesson will allow the learners understand the concept behind junk food. It also gives the learners the
chance to think comrehinseively while coming up with the main ideas and discussing them.
Resources and Materials:
Characters, flash card, definitions of the new vocabularies on paper, sticky notes, microphones, whiteboard
Anticipated Concerns and Plan of Action: (e.g. Classroom Management; Appropriateness of Goals;
Suitability of Activities etc.)
The teacher needs to give clear instructions and guide the learners throughout the activities, especially
when they are not following the instructions.


Whole class

Teachers Activity and language


junk food and discusses with them

15 min

T shows the learners pictures of the

Students Activity
Ss discuss with the

During this stage, it is necessary that


teacher keeps the learners engaged and

about their side effects.


T gives the learners the KWL table and

activate their cognitive skills and schema

asks to fill out the first two columns.

T gives each group a new word with its

meaning and other words without their

Ss will write what they

through keeping them excited.

know and want to

Young minds need active methods of

know on the table.

learning, teaching them the vocabulary in

Ss will follow the

an authentic way will install the new


words in their subconsios mind for a very



T asks one learner from each group to


long time.

Ss will learn the new


visit the groups and get the meanings

for the other new words from them.

T asks one learner from each group to

Ss will share their


Ss read the passage.

During this stage, it is highly

Ss will discuss the

recommended to encourage the learners

share the new word and the meaning in

front of the class.


15 min

them to read individually.

(building knowledge

T gives each learner a passage and asks


T asks each group to discuss their


passage together.

T asks the learners to write the main

idea of the passage on a sticky note
next to the passage.

to work independently and scaffold them

Ss will write the main


when needed after giving them clear


T asks the learners to share their main

Ss will share their ideas.

Ss will write down what

ideas with the rest of the class.

15 min


T asks the learners to write down on

the KWL paper what they had learned


they had learned.

from their friends.


T gives every two learner a piece of

paper that has an opinion question and

Ss will share their


asks them to exchange parts.


T gives each learner a sticky note and

Ss write their health

asks them to write an affirmation that

affirmations and stick

would help them start eating healthy

them on the affirmation

food and stick it on the health


affirmation board.

During this stage, teacher expands

learners comprehension of the passage
and the true meaning behind it. Learners
are given the freedom to share their
opinions and use the affirmation strategy
to build a healthy mindset about eating