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M ITELMAN 949.235.4173

Ability to engage all learners through critical thinking and project based learning
In depth understanding of lesson design as it relates to differentiation, adaptations, and modifications necessary
to meet the individual needs of all students
Effective communication skills with an emphasis on collaboration and grade level teamwork

University of California, Irvine
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (SB2042) with ELL Authorization (June 2016)
Master of Arts in Teaching (June 2016)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Behavior (2015)
Member of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Student Teacher Taft Elementary, Santa Ana Unified School District


Supports English Language Learners through strategic scaffolding and various opportunities to use the language
Promotes social development and responsibility in a caring classroom, where non-academic life-skills are taught
through conflict resolution, character education, and respectful collaboration
Communicates with and involves parents in their students overall classroom achievement and areas of need

Student Teacher - Brywood Elementary, Irvine Unified School District


5th grade, APAAS (Alternative Program for Academically Advanced Students)

Innovated new methods to reach students at all levels and instills a passion for continuous learning through the use
of rich tasks, critical thinking and problem solving activities, and cooperative learning
Incorporated technology cross-curricula to drive students towards becoming 21 st century thinkers and global citizens
Planned, prepared, and delivered learning objectives aligned with Common Core and curriculum standards
Collaborates with administrators, colleagues, and the greater school community
Field Study - Brywood Elementary, Irvine Unified School District
Kindergarten, 1st/2nd Special Education, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade APAAS

Tutored students in small groups and one-on-one as a follow up and reinforcement of learning objectives
Worked in partnership with classroom teachers and administration to create a safe learning environment for students
After-School Tutor and Support (Kindergarten 8th Grade Students) Irvine, CA
2010 to 2015
Developed and administered schedules to optimize homework completion while balancing learning with playtime
Waitress - Chilis Restaurant, Mission Viejo, CA
2010 to 2015
Provided excellent service with attention for details and created a great dining experience in a fast paced environment
Youth Group Counselor
2007 to 2011
Conducted community-based programs, provided guidance counseling, and maintained a friendly environment
30-Day Emergency Substitute Credential
Google Certified Educator, Level 1
Orange County Mathematics Council
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Launch Point, Irvine Unified School District Focuses on the most effective teaching behaviors and strategies which maximize

student learning
Enhancing Classroom Instruction by Creative Use of Your Tech Device!, Corona Unified School District Exploring practical
and creative ways to use technology in the classroom