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Branch Brook Elementary

Blue Ribbon and Beyond

228 Ridge Street
Newark, NJ 07104-1204
Ph. 973-268-5220
Newsl ett er 03/ 01/ 10

Vol u me 1 , Issue 6
B r a n c h B ro o k B u g l e
After School Programs This Week’s Highlights
There will be no After School  Four 3rd grade girls received
Program during March and April. certificates for participating in the
There will only be NJ ASK
NHA essay contest.
“Eagle Academy” for 3rd and 4th
 4th graders had a live teleconference
Grade. with a scientist from Antarctica.

Upcoming Events
March 1st through 5th – Learnia Testing
Reminders to Students March 14th – Daylight Savings, set your
clocks forward one hour
 Wear your uniform each day! March 22nd and 23rd – NJ ASK 3rd and 4th
 Read a book for fun! Grade Practice Test
 Do you best and show respect! March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day – No School
for Students, Staff Development Day
March 20th - Spring Begins
March 25th – 4th Grade Spelling Bee at
Rafael Hernandez School
Reminders to Parents March 29th through April 2nd – Spring
 Lost and Found articles will Recess – No School
be outside the Main Office
March 1st – 5th. Th a nk Y o u H o m e Sc h o o l A sso c i a ti o n!
 Thank you for a successful Celebrity Read was a huge success!
Parent/Teacher Conference. Dr. Janey, Superintendent, visited
each class and we had readers from
the community who also shared our
love of reading.

 Dedicated to Academic Achievement