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Presented to
The Graduate Faculty of
Masters in Business Management
Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology
Iligan City

In Partial Fulfilment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Masters in Business Management


December 2015


I hereby declare that the case study is based on my original work except for quotations and
citations that have been duly acknowledged. I also declare that this case study has not been
previously or concurrently submitted or published from any other degree in Mindanao State
University Iligan Institute of Technology or any other existing institutions.
Date: December 22, 2015

*For the purpose of this case study, the true name of the company has been changed as requested
from the owner to protect the identity of the organization.

The Company

The Services Offered

The Campaign

The Problem

Problem Identification and Diagnosis

Alternative Options an Evaluation






The ABC World Visa, located at Iligan City, Philippines, is a visa consulting firm that offers visa
services in Northern Mindanao for those who wished to travel abroad. A visa is an endorsement
on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave or stay in a specific period of
time in a country. They offer three main services: student visa, tourist visa and immigration
(residency) visa, with student visa as its primary service offered.
ABC also offers processing of work permits and travel assistance through trainings such as
partnering with TESOL (Teachers in English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc) in Vietnam.
The founder, owner and manager, said. We are often mistaken as a recruitment agency but in
reality we are not offering jobs; we simply provide an alternative option for Filipinos who
wanted to pursue their dreams of traveling, studying and/or immigrating to other countries.
ABC World Visa was established in 2008. They started with offering student visa to only one
country, United Kingdom. In 2010 and 2011, they added more partner schools and additional
courses offered. After seven years of operations, they are able to offer additional visa services to
seven countries: New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and
Vietnam. They plan to include Australia in 2016.
In the beginning, our biggest challenge was finding out who our target market is. He said.
Although we have inquirers from all over the country and even customers who are already
abroad who wished to transfer to other countries, our demographics shows that we mostly leaned
towards Filipinos who lived in Northern Mindanao, from middle to upper income with an
average age range of twenty to thirty five years old. Most of them are college graduates and
young professionals in the fields of nursing, teaching, business and psychology. The most
popular courses our clients applied to are: Business, Health and English.
Company Vision
A God-Centered Company committed to becoming a gateway of opportunities for Filipinos and
becoming a leader in the student visa processing market in the country with a large network of
local and foreign partners.
Company Mission
The company endeavors to assist Filipinos in bridging their dreams of professional and personal
advancement by offering the most affordable and effective student visa assistance service with a
passion to be successful in every application thereby ensuring clients total satisfaction.

Corporate Values
The company is committed to serve clients with the highest ethical standards anchored in the
corporate culture that values customer satisfaction, confidentiality, accountability, trust and
General Goal (Since 2011)
To do a massive orientation all over Mindanao and the Philippines areas not reached by the other
agencies so that more students may know about the programs we have in order to give them a
brighter future
Tag Line
Bridging your dreamsWe make ways
Visa processing isnt a common knowledge to the community. ABC World Visa needed to invite
inquirers and/or potential clients to orientations to educate and inform them of the visa processes
and an overview of the country they are interested in.Figure 1 illustrates in the countries the
agency has available for their services.

Figure 1
The student visa they are offering are for Filipinos who wished to pursue vocational, college
and/or graduate degrees abroad. They usually dont start processing the visa until the student

submits the application to the school. Since this requires assessment and acceptance from the
school itself. The processing will start when the student receives its acceptance letter from the
However, student visa was frowned upon by many because of its nature that you can only go to
that country just to study which means the student will require large financial funds to support
their schooling abroad.
But some countries like New Zealand and Australia provides foreign students a chance to work
a certain amount of hours a week while they are studying. He said. This allowed the student a
chance to not only support themselves but also support their families who remain in the country.
They even provide work and/or residency permits when the student graduates from their school.
Table 1 illustrates the different courses available on the schools they are affiliated to per country.
(Note: These are the courses heavily promoted by ABC and their affiliated schools, other courses
are available depending on query)
United Kingdom

Vocational Degree
College Degree
Post Graduate Degree

New Zealand

Vocational Degree
College Degree


Post Graduate Degree

Training Course

Business Management and Health
Business Management, Health and
Tourism, Computing, English
Marketing, Tourism, Information
Technology, Accounting
Business, Health and Entrepreneurship
English Teaching to Non-English

Table 1
They were able to extend other visa processing from other countries; however, they require
assistance from other affiliated agencies that has more experience and knowledge in immigration
visas for the countries of Norway and Canada. Unlike student visa that is available anytime,
immigration visas will depend on season.
For the countries of U.S.A., Germany, Denmark and Sweden, ABC assists on the processing of
the countries student exchange program (also known as AUPAIR visa or Inter-cultural student
exchange visa for the European countries and J1 visa for U.S.A.). However, this will vary on the
countrys availability to open such visa and the agency only promotes this whenever the country
supports acceptance of foreign exchange students and isnt a very popular visa service offered by
the organization.
Vietnam is their newest available country promoted this year (2015). Since Vietnam is part of the
ASEAN, it does not require a visa. TESOL is a school/English training centre in Vietnam and the
agency facilitated application by sending the student as a tourist to attend the training and get a

work permit to teach English to Vietnamese students once the training is complete. Table 2
summarized their visa services offered and when they introduced it to the market.


Student Visa
Student Visa


United Kingdom
New Zealand
Increase affiliated schools and courses in United
Increase affiliated schools and courses in New Zealand
Canada and Norway
Germany, U.S.A., Sweden and Denmark



Immigration Visa
Student Exchange Visa
(J1 and AUPAIR)

Table 2
The challenge with the services they offered is the international laws, economic and political
conditions as well as currency exchange. Also the visa processing varies per season and could
take months or more than a year though the agency tries to reduce processing periods since the
longer the process, the higher chance of clients to cancel their application.
ABC World Visa only has one competitor currently offering student visa services in the same
city. Their competitor New World Visa* offers student visa and immigration visa to New
Zealand, Canada and Singapore.
When ABC was first established they mainly used word-of-mouth (networking) to spread the
word about their services. This is why the owner hires marketing personnel to bring clients
commission based. We did try radio advertisements and TV ads but we found out that they dont
bring in as much leads and clients as our networks so we stopped using it, he said.
However, with the limited financial capital the business has, maintaining personnel is a
challenge. Back in 2008 Facebook wasnt very popular yet, he said. And they increased the
number of marketing personnel in Cagayan de Oro, Pagadian and Ozamis.
In 2009, they established a network of coordinators and marketing agents in Cebu, Albay and
On 2010, the owner created their own Facebook account. The first step was to get as many
friends in their account. It started by joining groups, inviting people to events (orientations),
tagging people with its advertisement. Using Facebook helped break down geographic barriers
and by asking the customers to send them a CV or resume, they were able to assess clientele
demographics. They also add marketing agents in Davao.

The individual marketing personnel also create their own accounts under the ABC name to
maintain and interact with clients through Facebook and emails. However, when the employees
resign the problem lies in maintaining the accounts. Often times, they would lose some of the
records due to some marketing personnel not fully submitting the right reports or they could not
access those accounts over time.
On 2011, a new policy in Facebook eliminates multiple accounts. Due to the nature of the
business to open multiple accounts under the same name, many of the Facebook accounts were
banned by the site and business pages were required to open Facebook Pages that allows
customers to like the page and get constant updates from their page in 2012.
With the problems of maintaining marketing agents, the owner hired interns from different
colleges in the city, preferably with backgrounds of marketing to accommodate their lack of
personnel. The presence of interns has helped bring inquirers into the office for orientation.
Said the administrative aide of ABC, However, when the internship period is over. The office
will once again be silent and we will have difficulty in bringing inquirers or tracking leads. Of
course, this also left us with accounts we have to call and follow-up on our own which can be
time consuming with only two active members in the agency.
When asked about the contents placed in the social media, the owner answered, Normally we
just post flyers and posters in our pages and try to get as much tags their friends who in turn
share and like the images. I admit I lack the skill of graphic design so I normally hire someone to
do it for me. I did have a client who informed me that my font style, font size and even the color
combination are often wrong or difficult to readwe also engage our customers through chats,
emails and even comments.
Currently in 2015, ABC, have only two regular active employees (including the owner), one part
time employee and four active agents. They just started using Facebook Pages in November and
tried the FB online advertisement program. This actually helped reduce the need to track down
leads as the program was able to limit the ads to only the necessary people. In just two weeks
we were able to get 300 likes, 2 reviews and invited 60 people for an orientation in one day. It
did reduce our work from providing orientations every afternoon to at least once a week. The
owner said.
The agency, being a small company, has been using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy.
Facebook has helped them reduced cost such as hiring too many marketing personnel and even
allow them to promote the services individually through social media.
In the beginning of using Facebook they managed to send 100 clients successfully to both UK
and New Zealand. But conversion rate is low on 2014. The owner insinuated that they have
difficulty following up inquirers due to lack of time and/or personnel assistance. Table 4
illustrates the number of clients who managed to apply for visa application since 2011 along with
the conversion rate. The successful clients are the customers who they managed to send abroad.



Table 4


Using interns to help assist them in the promotion have helped keep some of the Facebook
accounts active and bring in inquirers in the office in 2012 and 2013. However, in the 2014, they
stopped using internship due to the preference of most college students to do internship
somewhere else. In November 2015, they opened an FB page and used the FB ads. They
managed to invite an average of 60 people to attend their orientation every Saturday.
Table 5 illustrates the number of clients they managed to send abroad by country successfully
since 2011.


New German Norwa
Table 5





The table shows that they dont have successful clients sent on the U.S.A., Sweden, Denmark
and Canada. There were some changes in the policies in Canada that provided unsuccessful
immigration processing. The owner said but the table also signifies that U.S.A., Sweden and
Denmark who are offering student exchange visa were not successful. Its because the student
exchange program was not found appealing to the market than immigration, tourist and student
visa. The agency also promotes a particular country aggressively on a particular time period that
often times; they forget to promote the others. They managed to send many clients to Vietnam
due to the fact that the fee is less than the other countries and the processing time is less than a
Despite using Facebook for five years, the agency has not fully utilized the use of social media.
They also lack well defined goals. Even though the owner could dictate what goals should be
achieved such as increase inquirers, attendance or sales, it is not clearly written and only implied
during meetings. We mostly rely on what the owner has to say. Said one of the staffs.

They also allow the agents to create their own Facebook accounts under the same name. The
marketing agents were simply informed of the basic use of Facebook. As there are multiple
accounts under ABC, most of them are inactive due to previous marketing agents and the owner
have no access to them.
When asked about how they use Facebook, the owner is unfamiliar about contents, stats and
rarely update on announcements. They mostly focused on congratulatory posters to the
successful clients and promotion posters about the country. They do use pictures of their
successful applicants but they continuously post the same poster in their website. He also does
not spend a lot of time in the social media tool.
And they currently used FB advertisement by inviting potential clients to an orientation.
However, unlike the previous campaigns, using FB advertisement allows them to target
individuals in Facebook specifically and with cost. Even though they managed to get 300 likes
and increase number of attendees in the orientation, the market still lacks awareness about their
services and the company itself. We only have four active agents available. Two are in Iligan,
two in Cagayan de Oro. Said the owner.
More and more companies use social media to promote their products and services. Most use it
because they know it works while others use it because they are afraid if they wont use, they
would get left behind. Social media has become a growing industry in both business and
consumer markets.
There are many types of social media such as blogs, social media networks, forums, video
sharing sites and review sites (Ranade, 2011). A social media network is the most popular and
out of all with Linkedin as ranking top one in quality and Facebook with the most users
There are a few models developed to analyze the use of social media and its impact on
performance of the company. One of it is the BCCP model developed from Vlachvei and Notta
(2015). The model was created by reviewing previous academic and industry literature on ROI
and social media.
The BCCP model aims to further understand, implement and measure social media effectiveness
or ROI for the firm involved and is mostly focused on its use in SMEs (small and medium
enterprises) when most of the models were created for large industries. The model starts its use
with the setting four primary goals: Brand Building (B), Community Building (C), Customer
Satisfaction and Loyalty (C), and Economic Performance (P). Figure 6 illustrates the BCCP

Figure 6
According to the model, if companies use the metrics mentioned on brand building, community
engagement and customer satisfaction and loyalty, they have a significant impact on economic
performance such as leads, earnings, savings and sales. Also the model is created for the use of
social media in business in general not on specific social media sites and types.
Brand Building
According to Hollaman (2014), brand awareness may not be responsible for sales leads but it is
the way for companies to create a gateway for consumers. It is mostly focus on increasing traffic
(which is measured through page views, unique visitors, total visitors), improve search ranking,
gain visibility, improve reach, positive press and eWOM, blog comments, time on the site and
employment applications.
Using the brand building metrics of BCCP in social media for the case of ABC, in terms of:
a.) Increasing traffic, so far, they are gaining progress with their FB ads. Facebook analytics
will allow ABC to know how many has viewed their page, how many are unique visitors
and how many visitors in total. They can also provide basic demographic of each of those
visitors but the owners lack of use of the tool has not been helpful in increasing traffic in
his page. The company was too focus on how many people who are liking the page.
b.) Improving search ranking, has been difficult for ABC due to its multiple existing
accounts, most of which is inactive but still available to be viewed by users. When tried
to use the search engines in Facebook, their previous accounts would be first viewed by






the consumers and not their official page which reduced their traffic, credibility and
reduce their ranks in the search engine.
Gain visibility and improving reach is too general and in terms of its use in Facebook,
ABC has not fully gain visibility and improved its reach. Its reasons are mainly discussed
because of low search rank, traffic and not taking advantage of the Facebook analytics
Positive press and positive eWOM. The company is doing well in this area by posting
congratulatory posters for their successful clients, tagging them and their friends and
hopefully in return their clients and friends have positive feedback to their own friends
and families but they should have done more. Such as testimonials from their clients.
More blog comments, Facebook isn a blog but it does have comments as well. The
company if based on the case study, have a few comments. However, based on the study
of Sonnier, et. al (2011) is not about the number of blog posts but the valence of social
media content (including comments), a positive comment or eWOM can have a positive
impact on sales while a negative reduce sales.
Time on site, refers to the amount of time the company spends on using social media.
Many of studies from Cox (2012) and Merckaert (2013) has recommended increasing use
time of use in social media to have a significant impact on company performance such as
Employment applications. ABC has problems keeping employees, especially marketing
agents, so they may have negative impact on the working community.

Community Building
The idea of community building is that the firm and can support others while those in the
community can support the company as well. The social media platforms have allowed the
consumers a chance to exchange information with each other and know the experience from
other consumers.
a.) Friends/Followers/Fans. Even though in the past, they have many friends in Facebook but
it was divided between the different accounts and with many of their accounts banned,
their community of friends has deleted as well. In their current official page, they have
300 likes in their page. Those likes are their community, though it is still small.
b.) Respond to criticism. The owner was too focus on engaging the consumer through what
their services are but it was not mentioned how he responds to negative criticism to his
company. In fact, knowing how to respond can have a potential impact on their company
especially when that negative criticism was posted in publicly instead of sending
c.) Call to action. They are doing well when inviting people to orientations.
Customer Services
Almost all firms around the world aim to keep their customers happy. Social media is an
excellent two-way conversation for firms to their existing customers. Based on the metrics in the
model, ABC has limited customer services. There werent any indication they were handling
consumer complaints in social media, not did it lead them to customize their products based on
consumer preferences. They are engaging the consumer through messages and invitations.


Economic Performance
The economic performance is mainly focused on the financial outcome of use of social media.
They focus on earnings, savings and e-commerce results. The use of social media for ABC
increased sales on a particular country on a year but may have less effect on some of the other
countries whose sales are going down. ABC has not been specific on what areas of measure of
performance they are focusing on. Also they were too focused on orientations and increase
attendance and inquirers.
Other Problems:
Its Focus on Marketing Agents and Orientations
In the beginning, it shows how the agency is expanding well with the number of agents they
were able to establish in different areas, especially in Mindanao. However, the case shows that
over the years, the number of agents declined. The owner has already insinuated that they are a
small company that has limited budget. According to Kotler and Armstrong (2007), Personal
Selling is the most expensive form of promotional tool in marketing. So if the company has
limited budget, it shouldnt have focused too much on adding too many marketing agents but it is
obvious the company was following their goal to established massive orientations all over
Mindanao. Also, the owner is too focused on orientation attendance than conversion rates of
applicants and successful clients sent abroad.
Too General, Unrealistic and Lack of Well Defined Goals
They dont have a definite and written goal. The goal they have is too general and unrealistic
such as stating that they want to establish massive orientations all over Mindanao and other
areas in the Philippines not reached by other agencies. This explains why they were establishing
coordinators and marketing agents in different locations.
If we use the SMART tool to analyze their general goal, it is not specific enough to show what
they really want to be and where they are going, doesnt have any statement of how to measure
their success, too unrealistic and unattainable for an average small enterprise and doesnt have a
deadline to increase that sense of urgency. According to Feinstein (2014) in her article, an
unclear and immeasurable goal can lead you anywhere but you dont know where you are
going. Also a goal is the basis for the companys strategy and well defined goal can be a
companys can impact a companys success (Hess, 2015)
Too many Facebook accounts in the site
Having too many Facebook being opened under the same name will make it difficult for the
market to find the company page, especially if they clicked the page that is no longer active. Also
multiple accounts could reduce the credibility of the company to the eyes of the market and if
there is lack of credibility, there is lack of trust within the market and that could bring negative
perception to their brand. Also, allowing too many Facebook accounts in the hands of a


marketing agents without following-up or communication except during orientation could

confused the market or could take the wrong people to the orientation which could be the reason
of why they have less applicants over the number of inquirers they have and it would be wasting
much of their efforts.
Lack of knowledge and use of Facebook.
Despite using Facebook for five years, the owner and his staff lacks the knowledge and use of
social media for business purposes. He does not know how to use those different tools. Even
though he willingly invests on the Facebook ad, even if it is too late, he might not be able to use
it efficiently if he lacks the knowledge on how to use it.
Lack of content
The owner is too focused on congratulatory posters and posters about the country. It is also
observed that the company repeatedly posts the same congratulatory posters and services in the
page. The advertisement also lack content and creativity that it strikes less interest to the market.
The banners and posters posted in the website were too repetitive.
Redefine Vision, Mission and Establish Goals
The company should first establish where they want to go, how to do it and what they want to
accomplish during a time period. It is important for the company to have a clear vision, mission
and goals before they create a strategy.
A vision statement is concern about where the company is going and mission statement is
concern about who the company is, what they do and how to achieve their vision.For their goals,
they can make use of the SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and time-bound) as
guide. Once they are well defined and established, they become a basis on the strategy to be used
in their strategies and for this case, their strategies to be conducted in Facebook. (Kotter, 1996;
Burke, 2011 and Hess, 2015).
Focus on Well-Functioning Services Offered
Even though the company wanted to offer as many services to the market, they should focus on
their primary service that offers the most sales and income to the company. They could use the
Growth-Share Matrix (Boston Consulting Group, 1970) to analyze the services offered for the
company. This can assist the company to distribute their resources so they can also remove the
service offered that does not fit in their company goals or does not bring in as much revenue.
This will also assist them to focus on which services they should offer and promote.


BCCP Model as Guide

The BCCP model (brand awareness, community building and engagement, customer satisfaction
and performance) developed by Vlachvei and Notta (2015), is a conceptual framework proposed
by the researchers to study the use of social media in SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and
what benefits they can received from it. Figure 6 reflects the BCCP model:

Figure 6
Vlachvei and Notta (2015) proposed conceptual framework indicates that if SMEs are able to
build brand awareness, engage customers through shares, mentions, call to actions and followers
and listen to customer conversation and complaints it will help improve performance such as
increase sales, reduce cost and have a positive return on investment (ROI).
The model can be used as a guide for the owner to establish metrics on what to do with his
Facebook usage and what measurements should he focused on to measure the effect on the
performance and effort of his promotion. However, not all the metrics are used since the model is
focused to all social media platforms. Since ABC is only using Facebook, based on the model we
can focus its efforts:


Brand Building
Increase Traffic
Improve search rank
Gain visibility
Improved Reach
Improved positive press
Improved positive eWOM
Improved positive comments
Spend more time on site

Increase Leads
Increase Sales per Country

Community Engagement
Increase FB friends/fans
Respond to criticism
Improved Shares
Improved call to action

Less cost in advertisement
orientations and spreading

Customer Service
Listen to conversation
Handle consumer complaints
Online information

E-commerce Sales
ABC is not selling online but
measurement of increase
online sales could not be
measured but engagement that
might affect the total sales of
the company

Hoffman and Fodors Brand Awareness and Engagement Use in Social Media
According to Hoffman and Fodor (2010), stated the that agencys social media use should match
the companys objectives. They listed social media medias metrics used for businesses and
marketers to increase performance and the metrics mentioned can easily be measured.
Since Facebook is a social media network (Ranade, 2011), Hoffman and Fodors stated that in
social media network to increase return on investment (ROI), they should increase brand
awareness, brand engagement and positive word of mouth.Figure 7 illustrates what the owner
could to in social media networks to increase its ROI (return on investment). This model is useful
for SMEs.
Brand Awareness
Brand Engagement

Figure 7


Spend more time on Consumer Engagement to Increase Brand Awareness

According to NEMODE (New Economic Models in the Digital Economy), the company needs to
spend time to support advertising strategies. The owner who handles most of the social media
activities should spend more time in engaging consumers instead of waiting for them to react on
their post. According to Balachadran and Ragel (2014), the more time they spend on engaging
consumers mainly interacting with consumers through commenting, sharing some of their post,
messaging them and even establish relationship through handling complaints and questions can
increase brand awareness and in social media compared to traditional media, brand awareness
isnt about recall, its about positive word of mouth and can influence consumer buying behavior.
Also, according to Watson (2011), spending more time in social media also increase sales in
Increase Advertising Value
The company has been currently using the Facebook Advertising Program. According to the
study of Gaber (2014), to increase advertising value to the consumers, the advertisement should
be credible, entertaining and informative including inputting the right demographic variables of
the target market. The demographic variables should not be too narrow, nor should it be large
(Hess, 2015). The advertisement should also be agreed upon the goals and the target market and
the company should refine ads when it isnt working and if its not working, go back to the
drawing board. The company should also include testimonials from successful clients instead of
just congratulatory posters to increase credibility of their services offered.
Trying to increase leads and visibility may not work for the agency if its advertising value of the
company isnt considered high. A good advertisement can have effects on consumers attitude
and buying behaviour. The company should not focus on repetitive congratulatory posters alone
but also add other content that can increase the advertising value based on the demographics of
its target market.

Create Engaging Content to drive Interest and Information to the Target Market
Since the companys services isnt just about the service but also to educate their market about
their process, they should also add some engaging content about the student and immigration
visa market, trivia information about the countries, share and add other FB pages that relate to
the site to also increase visibility. This includes text, images, video, audio, and presentation and
is incorporated with branding and void from promotion. It attracts attention and encourages


readers to share it across their social media networks. (Cohen, 2013; Odden, 2013, Trattner and
Kapper, 2013).
According to NEMODE (New Economic Models in the Digital Economy) quality content is
important for consumers because they not only see good content as innovative and networking
but as well as gaining knowledge.
Having a good content will increase information to the market about the visa market and the
services the company offers even though the content is not mainly promotion but to spread
Study and Learn how to use Facebook Insights Tool and Analytics
One of the problems in the owners use of Facebook is the lack of knowledge and use of
Facebook Tools. Using Page Insights in Facebook allows the owner to know how many they
have reached in a time period. The Facebook Analytics which is available for free and accessible
to the owner, can help track fan growth, which content is effective based on number of shares,
comments, mentions and hashtags and what content is best shared. It also shows the owner, the
demography of the people they have reached, the measure of engagement and traffic
( These data are already graphed, charted and is useful for decision
making, especially on the campaigns and advertisement of social media.
Focus all social media marketing activities in one Facebook page
There is a lack of visibility of their page due to the number of Facebook page. The owner should
remove previous accounts and focus solely on one Facebook page. The marketing agents could
use this basis to share the content and advertisement to their own clients. The owner should also
add other pages that are related and are also liked by the target market to gain visibility in those
pages as well. Focusing all activities in one page can help reduce confusion and increase
credibility of the company.
Train, communication and monitor marketing agents
The owner should train the marketing agents how to use Facebook in promoting their
advertisement. He should also monitor and communicate with them regularly to keep them
motivated and also assess on their problems and activities. This can help spread consistent
messages to the market and avoid multiple accounts in the social media environment.
Study and/or Benchmark on Facebook Marketing Strategies and Campaigns from
Successful Companies
The owner should also looked into companies who have successfully use Facebook in their
campaign. The owner can also benchmark on their campaign strategies on his business. This will
give the owner an idea on how to use the Facebook tools and how some companies were able to
achieve their targets. An example would be the case with GoNuts, a Sri Lanka Company, used
the Facebook Ads, increase connections and engagements by 750% in two months and join
groups also joined by their target market, they were able to increase sales, traffic and awareness
of the their company. Also, by engaging their already exiting fans were able to grew


their fanbase in two months from 300 to 34000 and they also noticed that 72% of those who
clicked on their ads were sponsored stories. All these 105 case studies are available in Facebook
Advertising Marketing Case Study.
Based on the discussion and evaluation of each option, the company is recommended to
1. Have a clear goal. One way to create a specific goal is to use the SMART tool. Their
goal should be specific on what they wanted to happen and do, have metrics to measure
their progress, must be attainable and possible to be done by a normal human being,
based on realistic situation and must have a deadline. But it isnt just about the goals but
to follow-up on the progress as well. They should set themselves targets every year and
should follow-up on their progress.
2. They can use the BCCP model to study and use the metrics used to target measurements
for their goals as well as study the impact of their social media use on company
performance such as impact on sales, leads, etc. Also using the BCCP model, they should
focus on brand building and community engagement as priority goals in using social
3. Spend more time on engaging consumers in Facebook. They must have a specified time
every day when engaging consumers through adding groups relevant to the consumers
demographics, add content, comment, share, add other pages or affiliated schools page
and even interact with their comments, queries and complaints.
4. Schedule. Know when to schedule they should interaction with the consumers. What time
do they mostly logged in the site is the best way to schedule the time to engage them in
social media.
5. Continue on the use of Facebook Ads but also add engaging content to create information
to the market as well as increase traffic and likes.
6. They should not just focus on congratulatory posters and pictures but as well as add
positive word of mouth through their successful clients comments and even testimonials.


Alhadad, A. A. (2015). The Effect of Advertising Awareness and Brand Equity in Social
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