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Casual leave is not a recognised form of leave and is not

subject to any rules made by the Govt. of India. An
official on C. L. is not treated as absent from duty and
pay is not intermitted.


C. L. can be combined with Special
C.L./Vacation but not with any other
kind of leave.
It can not be combined with joining
Sundays & Holidays falling during a
period of C. L. are not counted as part
of C. L. and the same can be prefixed
/suffixed with C.L.
C. L. can be taken while on tour, but no
daily allowance will be admissible for
the period.


It can be taken for half-day also. The dividing line will be
the lunch break. If the leave is for the forenoon, the
official can attend office immediately after the lunch
break and if it is for the afternoon, can leave office at
the commencement of the lunch break.
LTC can be availed during C. L.
Essentially intended for short periods & should not be
granted for more than 5 days at any one time, except
under special circumstances.
Individual appointed and joining duty during the middle
of a year may avail of C.L proportionately or to the full
extent at the discretion of the competent authority.