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Padilla 1

Estevan Padilla
Gail Richard
Composition II
23 April 2016
Proposal Reflection
While writing my Proposal I focused on a solution that could fix the Affordable
Healthcare Act. I did this by using information that I gained from my annotated bibliography,
and my logical argument paper. One thing that helped me when writing my Proposal was the
WPA outcome statements. The WPA outcome statements consist of Rhetorical Knowledge,
Critical Thinking, Reading, and Composing, Processes, and Knowledge of Conventions.
When writing my Proposal one of the first things that I used from the WPA outcomes was
Rhetorical Knowledge. I did this by analyzing the sources that I used for my annotated
bibliography and logical argument, and found a solution to help fix the problem with the
affordable healthcare act. Another thing that rhetorical knowledge helped me with was taking the
knowledge that I gained in Composition I, and applying the correct way to organize and write a
Proposal to a problem.
Critical thinking, reading, and composing helped me while writing my Proposal because I
was able to use the sources that I found in my annotated bibliography and use it in my paper. The
reason this helped me, is because I was able to take a source and find a problem with the
affordable healthcare act, and figure out a solution. When critically composing my Proposal I
had to make sure that I had a clear Proposal, so the audience could understand what could be
done to fix the affordable healthcare act. Another thing that I did while critically composing was
make sure that I aimed this proposal at a specific audience.

Padilla 2

When using processes I was able to go through multiple drafts with my Proposal. One of
the big things that helped me write my final draft was the peer review we had during class. The
peer review helped because I was able to get feedback on my proposal, and it also helped me
with some in text citations and a few grammar mistakes. After the peer review I was also able to
go through and make sure that there were no grammar issues. Another thing that also helped me
was using the sources that I collected from my annotated bibliography. The last thing that helped
me while composing my proposal was talking to one of my classmates in class, and getting a
little extra feedback on my paper.
The last thing from the WPA outcomes that I used was the Knowledge of Conventions.
While using the knowledge of conventions I made sure that my logical argument was
written properly. I made sure that I used the MLA format, and I corrected grammar throughout
the Proposal. I also made sure that all the information that I used was properly cited. One of the
last things that I checked was to make sure that I had the proper tone for a proposal paper. I was
able to use the handout that was given in class and use it to figure out the tone of a proposal.