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Internship in Bio-Pharmaceuticals Analysis & Quality Control

Module I General Lab Procedures: Test of Physical structure of proteins, Buffers, Acid-Base Equilibrium, pH, Buffer
System, Charge, pI and pKa, Value, Quantitative determination of pharmaceuticals .
Module II Biopharmaceutical Assay: Qualitative assay of carbohydrate: Molisch, Fehling, Benedict, Barfoed, mucic acid,
Iodine, Seliwanoff, Bial, Osazone Quantitative determination of carbohydrate , Determination of disaccharide, Lactose ,
Sucrose , Determination of Lipids; triglycerides , Test of Fatty Acids , Determination of Vitamin C , Determination of Vitamin
E , Determination of serum phosphate
Module III Microbial Analysis: Microbial Analysis for different Pharma / Food / Chemical Products , Biochemical
Characterization and data analysis , Pathogen Detection through PCR ( 16S rDNA)
Module IV Analysis through Spectroscopy: Test of Quantitative & Qualitative analysis of pharmaceutical / Food / Chemical
ingredients ; : Test of aspirin, Test of paracetamol , Test of Diclofanac Sodium etc.
Module V Moisture Content Analysis in Formulations through Karl Fisher
Module VI End Point Detection of different Formulations
Module VII Analysis through chromatography Techniques: Thin Layer Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid
Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography (GC)
Industry / Research Oriented Elective: Participants may choose one area of interest 1. Pharmaceutical Analysis
2. Food Analysis
Eligibility: Students / Scholars from Life Science / Biotechnology / Forensic Science / Nanotechnology etc.
Duration: 30 to 45 Days
Service Charges:

Rs 10,000 /- (4 Weeks Training)

Rs 12,000 (6 Weeks Training With Project Work)
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