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Brandon Underwood

UWRT 1102
Reading Response #1
A personal essay is a short piece of writing that can have a lot of the author's intimacy, as well as
having a personal tone of voice. Personal essays are useful for authors to explain a situation that
has happened to them. This also lets the author of the personal essay recollect on their history
and form conclusions about the subject. One advantage of personal essays is the fact that they
depend solely on the authors history. Another advantage of a personal essay is the fact that you
do not have to do much research on the essay if you have a vivid experience with the subject.
A journal is a daily record of news and personal events, or a diary. Journals are simply
something that authors like to do, as they choose themselves to write down their day to day
experiences. Journals tend to be much less formal than an essay, there is not much of a format
when it comes to journals. If i had to respond to reading response 1 as a journal then i would
compare and contrast journals and essays. It would be essential to highlight what each type of
writing is better at displaying. After a comparison it would be clear to see what type of writing
would be more appropriate.