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Aldridge 1

Mary Aldridge
Dr. C. Silver
UWRT 1102
10 February 2016
Effects of Drug Abuse
n.p. "Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction." Gateway Foundation, 11 May
2011. Web. 27 Jan. 2016. <>.
This article has been created to raise an awareness not only to substance abusers, but to
their loved ones as well. It begins by explaining what drugs are and the type of chemicals they
release into a persons body. We then read about how these chemicals attack the reward system
and create a type of pleasure that makes user keep coming back. It also mentions the different
ways of taking the drug and how one way such as injecting, differs from ingesting. As the article
goes on it begins to go into more detail about injuries such as deaths, illnesses, and disabilities
caused by these drugs. Health problems, effects on the brain, birth defects, and behavioral
problems are also mentioned with details as to what they may lead to.
The information in this article is relevant to my issue because drug abuse seems to be
becoming more and more prevalent in todays society; having articles like this one available to
the public can help spread the awareness. Gateway Foundation has found a way to get hard facts
across as well as showing drug abusers and their families that there are ways to find help for this
serious illness.

Aldridge 2
This is a credible source because the article belongs to a facility called Gateway
Foundation. This foundation is not just a website that has facts about drug use on it. It is also a
treatment center that has programs available for drug addicts. At the end of the article, there are
sources that explain where the information has stemmed from. Extremely credible sources such
as Schneider Institute for Health Policy, and Brandeis University for The Robert Wood Johnson
Foundation have been used to provide information.