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Nolan Nadasdy

Mrs. Henry
Service Learning
26 April 2016
Statement of Intent
My time as a student at Buckingham Charter Magnet High School has helped me
discover and explore countless different fields of education. It has opened my mind and given me
samples of many different educative fields to consider as I reach my senior year and prepare to
graduate. Coming in to High School I had very different intentions for my life than what I have
now. Thanks to many classes, some of the most notable being anatomy, AP psychology, and
philosophy, I have been able to narrow down my future to a career in the field of medicine which
I will begin to accomplish by attending Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.
My attendance at Buckingham has given me countless opportunities to prepare for my
post secondary education. I have been able to have an extremely flexible schedule and assistance
from the staff to help me enroll in college courses at the community college to get a taste of the
next level of education. I have also had the privilege to take multiple AP classes taught by some
very talented and kind people who have played a large part in helping me decide my future and
excel in High School. Thanks to the preparation from these classes I was able to do considerably
well on multiple AP exams, letting me gain a foothold and even a headstart in my college
Aside from Buckingham, I have been able to learn real world skills through multiple
other experiences in different environments outside of school. During my four years in High
School I have taken up two different work opportunities at different times which have both given

me valuable experience. Not only have they assisted in preparing me for a self-sufficient
lifestyle, but they have also helped connect me to other people including some amazing friends
and references. These experiences helped me decide my career and education path and have
given me many valuable skills I will be able to apply in university and my life as a whole.
Perhaps one of the most valuable experiences that has helped me prepare for a postsecondary education during High School has been my time volunteering at the Solano County
Genealogical Society. Beginning as an outlet to accomplish my service learning project, it has
evolved into an invaluable experience that has given me knowledge and exposure that has helped
me make the important decisions in my life and education. This experience is without a doubt
one of the most influential and valuable ones I have had the privilege to engage in during my
time at Buckingham.
In conclusion, my time at Buckingham and the experiences surrounding it have given me
invaluable preparation that has helped me make decisions regarding my education and life as a
whole. More specifically, they have helped me decide to undertake an education in medical
studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. I am excited to be able to apply the
skills and knowledge that I have gained in my life to exceed in everything I do, and at this point I
believe I am properly equipped to be able to do that and more.